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An Anonymous Track Contributed

Here's the email I recieved on this one in it's entirety....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another NEW release": 

Hi scott, since you knowMUSIC what do you think of this. ? any good? http://www98.zippyshare.com/v/tMy4c2U0/file.html 

Well. I wish the contributor would have included the band name......or the song name......or where they got the idea that I "know music".......BUT this track is pretty fair (badly recorded, but the music/vocals sure rock)....it's about 20 minutes long, lots of time/tempo shifts and plenty of loud guitar. In another email, "Anonymous" stated that this waw from one of the bands he plays in just wanted to see what I/we think, I'd invite everyone to check it out and encourage them, it really would be pretty good if the sound were cleaned up a bit.

Love contributions like this, too, but you'd be ahead should you post the band name or song title. Anyway, pretty good, let's see what others think!


Late edit, this is from Steve, the drummer for the band Freedom's End. They are a garage band from somewhere whom have never played on stage.He says he has more stuff to send, if I want. Many blogs would not welcome them, but THIS ONE does, I wish every fucking garage band in the country would send me tapes.......THAT'S real rock n roll, 
I'll listen to some drunked up twenty year olds over some crap like Hoobastank or some shit anytime!

Last Call-Vancouver Independent Music 1977-88

This is an extensive two disc set of Vancouver music, most of it highly obscure....the tracks on the first disc are pretty much "punk" stuff, ("Fucked Up baby" by the Skulls, "Slave To My Dick" by Subhumans, "UJ3erks" from Eisenhower and the Hippies, Pointed Sticks, Active Dogs, plenty more. Haven't done anything like this is a little while, this one just turned up while I was looking for something else, but I carpet bombed and found it most enjoyable, hell who DOESN'T love long, obscure regional punk collections?

Disc 2 goes off in a few different directions, more in the what some may call the "alternative" direction, going so far as to include a few "better known" bands such as Slow, Nomeansno, and a few others, much more variety of style on this disc.

Basically the whole package is worth your time, check em out!

LAST CALL DISC 1-01 THE FURIES-What Do You Want Me To Be/02 SKULLS-Fucked Up Baby/03 DOA-Disc Sucks/04 STIFFS-Fuck You/05 GENERATORS-I Wish I Was a Girl/06 DISHRAGS-I Don't Love You/07 ACTIVE DOG-Nothing Holding You/08 BIZ-I Don't Give a Shit/09 SHADES-New Clientele/10 POINTED STICKS-Real Thing/11 PRIVATE SCHOOL-Science Fiction/12 SUBHUMANS-Slave to My Dick/13 YOUNG CANADIANS-Hawaii/14 FEMALE HANDS-Divided By Three/15 UJ3RK5-Eisenhower & the Hippies/16 MODERNETTES-Barbata/17 INSEX-Off the Deep End/18 AKA 634 Dog/19 SECRET V'S-Waiting For the Drugs to Take Hold/20 TIM RAY-Seen a Fight/21 CORSAGE-Shame I Feel/22 POPULAR FRONT-Synchronized Swimming/23 54-40-Yank/24 SCISSORS-Mystery Movie/25 LOS POPULAROS-Can't Come Back/26 MORAL LEPERS-Music Is Your Body/27 ENIGMAS-Teenage Barnacle/28 ACTIONAUTS-Party Dog

LAST CALL DISC 2-01 FAMILY PLOT-The Crush/02 NOMEANSNO-Self Pity/03 WORK PARTY-Work Song/04 BOLERO LAVA-Inevitable/05 I, BRAINEATER-Edge/06 GO FOUR 3-Just Another Day/07 ANIMAL SLAVES-Learning To Live/08 BRILLIANT ORANGE-Happy Man/09 SLOW-Have Not Been the Same/10 SHANGHAI DOG-American Desert/11 NO FUN-Be Like Us/12 CANNON HEARTH DOWN-Bone of Contnetion/13 LOST DURANGOS-Evil Town/14 HERALD NIX-Dirty Ol Town/15 POISONED-To Tell the Truth/16 BOB'S YOUR UNCLE-Talk to the Birds/17 RHYTHM MISSION-King Blood/18 SCRAMBLERS-Solitary Man/19 OVERSOUL SEVEN- 1+1 Is Three/20 Hip Type-Darker Than This


(Scott)-I did a huge 'mats post several years back, I had several boots in mine, and yes, Jon S is
ABSOLUTELY correct, 'mats boots, in general sound like shit, so much so that I am not about to go dig them out again.....however, the 'mats were one of THE great bands of te 1980's, no question, and I am thrilled to see these releases in duluxe-expanded versions! Tremendous!

Oh, the head reels......"Here Comes a Regular" is one of the best songs ever written by ANYONE, "Waitress In the Sky", "Gary's Got a Boner".......what a fun and great band!

Also can't wait to read the fuckin' BOOK! Thanks Jon S for continuing to submit stuff that is near and dear to my heart!

Just found this book after reading about it and figured I'd pass it along, even though I haven't read it yet. And, then I thought "Fuck it, I'll pass along the rest of The 'Mats stuff I have." Only one boot; most I've heard are shit. I know some don't think much of them after a certain point but either you're a fan down the line or you're not, its up to you. Most of these are expanded sets, in case you don't have em already.

Trouble Boys.epub

I'm In Trouble (single)

All Shook Down

01 Merry Go Round/02 One Wink At A Time/03 Nobody/04 Bent Out Of Shape/05 Sadly Beautiful/06 Someone Take The Wheel/07 When It Began/08 All Shook Down/09 Attitude/10 Happy Town/11 Torture/12 My Little Problem/13 The Last/14 When It Began (Demo)/15 Kissin' In Action (Demo)/16 Someone Take The Wheel (Demo)/17 Attitude (Demo)/18 Happy Town (Demo)/19 Tiny Paper Plane (Demo)/20 Sadly Beautiful (Demo)/21 My Little Problem (Alternate Version)/22 Ought To Get Love/23 Satellite/24 Kissin' In Action

Don't Sell Or Buy, It's Crap

01 When it Began/02 Kissin' in Action/03 Ought to get Love/04 Satellite/05 Like a Rolling Pin

Don't Tell A Soul
01 Talent Show/02 Back To Back/03 We'll Inherit The Earth/04 Achin' To Be/05 They're Blind/06 Anywhere's Better Than Here/07 Asking Me Lies/08 I'll Be You/09 I Won't/10 Rock 'N' Roll Ghost/11 Darlin' One


01 Hootenanny/02 Run It/03 Color Me Impressed/04 Willpower/05 Take Me Down To The Hospital/06 Mr. Whirly/07 Within Your Reach/08 Buck Hill/09 Lovelines/10 You Lose/11 Hayday/13 Lookin' For Ya/14 Junior's Got A Gun (Outtake - Rough Mix)/15 Ain't No Crime (Outtake)/16 Johnny Fast (Outtake - Rough Mix)/17 Treatment Bound (Alternate Version)/18 Lovelines (Alternate Vocal)/19 Bad Worker (Solo Home Demo)

Inconcerated Live

01 Talent Show (live)/02 Answering Machine (live)/03 Anywhere's Better Than Here (live)/04 Another Girl, Another Planet (live)/05 Here Comes a Regular (live)/06 Achin' to Be (LP version)

Let It Be

01 I Will Dare/02 Favorite Thing/03 We're Comin' Out/04 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out/05 Androgynous/06 Black Diamond/07 Unsatisfied/08 Seen Your Video/09 Gary's Got A Boner/10 Sixteen Blue/11 Answering Machine/12 20th Century Boy/13 Perfectly Lethal (Outtake)/14 Temptation Eyes (Outtake)/15 Answering Machine (Solo Home Demo)/16 Heartbeat - It's A Lovebeat (Outtake - Rough Mix)/17 Sixteen Blue (Outtake - Alternate Vocal)

01 I. O. U./02 Alex Chilton/03 I Don't Know/04 Nightclub Jitters/05 The Ledge/06 Never Mind/07 Valentine/08 Shooting Dirty Pool/09 Red RedWINE/10 Skyway/11 Can't Hardly Wait/12 Birthday Gal [#][_][Studio Demo]/13 Valentine [#][_][Studio Demo]/14 Bundle Up [#][_][Studio Demo]/15 Photo [#][_][Studio Demo]/16 Election Day [_]/17 Alex Chilton [#][_][Alternate Version]/18 Kick It In [#][_][Studio Demo]/19 Route 66 [_]/20 Tossin' N' Turnin' [_]/21 Can't Hardly Wait [#][_][Alternate Version]/22 Cool Water [_]

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

01 Takin' A Ride/02 Careless/03 Customer/04 Hangin Downtown/05 Kick Your Door Down/06 Otto/07 I Bought A Headache/08 Rattlesnake/09 I Hate Music/10 Johnny's Gonna Die/11 Shiftless When Idle/12 More Cigarettes/13 Don't Ask Why/14 Somethin To Dü/15 I'm In Trouble/16 Love You Till Friday/17 Shutup/18 Raised In The City/19 Raised In The City (Demo)/20 Shutup (Demo)/21 Don't Turn Me Down (Demo)/22 Shape Up (Demo)/23 You Ain't Gotta Dance (Studio Demo)/24 Get On The Stick (Studio Demo)/25 Oh Baby (Studio Demo)/26 Like You (Outtake).mp3/27 Get Lost (Outtake)/28 A Toe Needs A Shoe (Outtake)/29 Customer (Alternate Take)/30 Basement Jam (Rehearsal)/31 If Only You WereLONELY

The Ritz, NYC 7/27/87

01 I.O.U./02 Nevermind/03 Hold My Life/04 I Will Dare/05 Loveliness/06 Can't Hardly Wait/07 Little Mascara/08 Swingin' Party/09 Bastards Of Young/10 Within Your Reach/11 The Ledge/12 Waitress In The Sky/13 Sweet Home Chicago/14 Favorite Thing/15 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out/16 Unsatisfied/17 Go/18 Nightclub Jitters/19 California Sun/20 Another Girl, Another Planet/21 Kiss Me On The Bus/22 Skyway/23 If You WereLONELY/24 Color Me Impressed/25 Takin' A Ride


01 Hold My Life/02 I'll Buy/03 Kiss Me on the Bus/04 Dose of Thunder/05 Waitress in the Sky/06 Swingin' Party/07 Bastards of Young/08 Lay It Down Clown/09 Left of the Dial/10 Little Mascara/11 Here Comes a Regular/12 Can't Hardly Wait (Outtake-Acoustic)/13 Nowhere Is My Home/14 Can't Hardly Wait (Outtake-Electric)/15 Kiss Me On The Bus (Studio Demo)/16 Waitress In The Sky (Alternate Version)/17 Here Comes A Regular (Alternate Version)

A Black Sabbath Tribute/Cover Project

First of all, I have not the slightest doubt that Brian could have done this up WAY better than what we have here, just saying, and giving a shout out to Brian's skills at this type of thing.....in general, I hate slavish tributes/slavish cover projects,  I thought that w may have that on this Black Sabbath tribute, but, really, there are some legit interperataions of some of the Sab's great tunes here!

OK, this here is a two disc set, obviously plenty of modern metal owe a debt to Black Sabbath......so what have we here? Well, Disc 1 Biohazard leads off with a good "After Forever", Megadeth rip up "Paranoid", 1,000 Homo DJ's infamous version of "Supernaut" is here (it's fab), Sepulturea turns in a fine "Symptom of the Universe", and Faith No More turn in a good live "War Pigs".....just the highlights, but I thought it was MUCH better than I had expected.

The second disc has a few gems also.....Godsmack comes through with "Sweet Leaf", Slayer turns in a "Hand of Doom", Monster Magnet CRUSHING "Into the Void", other stuff too (Bustah Rhymes? oh well)....

I think there have been a few other Sabbath tributes over the yearas, I may (or may not) have posted some here......I think this one is the best, so dig in!

NATIVITY IN BLACK DISC 1-01 BIOHAZARD-After Forever/02 WHITE ZOMBIE-Children of the Grave/03 MEGADETH-Paranoid/04 1000 HOMO DJ's-Supernaut/05 OZZY OSBOURNE W/THERAPY-Iron Man/06 CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-Lord of This World/07 SEPULTURA-Symptom of the Universe/08 BULLRING BRUMMIES-The Wizard/09 BRUCE DICKINSON WITH GODSPEED-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/10 UGLY KID JOE-NIB/11 FAITH NO MORE-War Pigs (Live)/12 TYPE O NEGATIVE-Black Sabbath/13 CATHEDRAL-Solitude

NATIVITY IN BLACK DISC 2-01 GODSMACK-Sweet Leaf/02 MACHINE HEAD-Hole In the Sky/03 STATIC X-Behind the Wall of Sleep/04 MEGADETH-Never Say Die/05 SYSTEM OF A DOWN-Snowblind/06 PANTERA-Hand of Doom/07 PRIMUS W/OZZY-NIB/08  SLAYER-Hnd of Doom/09 SOULFLY-Under the Sun/10 HED (PE)-Sabbra Cadabara/11 MONSTER MAGNET-Into the Void/12 BUSTAH RHYMES- Iron Man (This Means War)

Talking Heads Part 6

Five more discs woth of Talking Heads shows, these are from 1982-3, the significance of which is
that after "Remain In Light", the Heads expanded their onstage concert lineup significantly to work in the African textures and rhythms that Byrne/Eno and the rest of the Heads were working with at that time.

I havae from 9/3/82 the infamous "Us Festival", wonder if you remember but it was absolutely savaged, and I mean brutalized (the festival, not the Heads portion) in Creem Magazine.....Van Halen came off as the biggest assholes (hard to imagine THAT huh?), but I remember a story about the festival confiscating all food, INCLUDING BABY FOOD, at the gate, a practice that magically ceased when it was reported on thee evening news....for a show that featured The Clash, Bowie, U2, The Heads, and a BUNCH more great acts, it sounded like about as much fun as a root canal festival.

Anyway, I do have a few sets from that show, The Clash's, in particular, is smoking, and the Heads is as well......they venture a bit from their normal setlist, including "Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)""Slink", and "My Big Hands", as well as plenty of "Remain in Light material ("Houses In Motion" scorches in particular).

Two more shows for today, both are double disc sets.....from 8/3/82 comes a great show from the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York. The first disc, while great, does share something of a similar setlist to the US show, (although "Panic" is a fairly "new" adition) , disc two leads off with a blistering "I Zimbra" and never lets up. Very good show.

Finally for today, another double disc set, "South Yarouth MA, 8/20/83".....they change up the set quite a bit for this one, disc one including "Making Flippy Floppy" and "Slippery People", while disc two includes a good version of "Girlfriend is Better" which incorporates a version of "Take Me To the River" into it, 15 minutes or some, and closes with a brain bashing "Burning Down the House"

Still got a few more of these sets to present to ya, look for them later in the week....VERY few bands were as great as the Heads, and when it came to taking the stage.....well, witness these sets!

US FESTIVAL-01 Sit Down!/02 Psycho Killer/03 Love Goes To a Building On Fire/04 Cities/05 Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)/06 Once In a Lifetime/07 Mind/08 My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)/09 Slink/10 Big Buisness (intro) I Zimbra/11 Swamp/12 Houses In Motion/13 What a Day That Was/14 life During Wartime/15 (fade into) Take Me to the River

SARATOGA DISC 1-01 Psycho Killer/02 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/03 Cities/04 Big Blue
Plymouth/05 Once In a Lifetime/06 Change Your Mind/07 Fall Through the Cracks/08 Panic/09 Big Business

SARATOGA DISC 2-01 I Zimbra/02 Houses In Motion/03 What a Day That Was/04 Life During Wartime/05 Take Me To the River/06 Still Waiting

SOUTH YARMOUTH MA DISC 1-01 Heaven/02 Thank You For Sending me an Angel/03 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/04 The Book I Read/05 Slippery People/06  Cities/07 Big Blue Plymouth/08 Burning Down the House/09 Life During Wartime/10 Making Flippy Floppy/11 Swamp

SOUTH YARMOUTH MA DISC 2-01 What A Day That Was/02 This Must Be The Place/03 Once In a Lifetime/04 Big Business/05 Houses In Motion/06 Girlfriend Is Better (Inc. Take Me To the River)/07 Crosseyed and Painless/08 Burning Down the House

Jon S submits an Iggy Pop video

(scott)-Iggy continues to dominate this blog, hell, i have LONG AGO posted all MY iggy/stooges stuff, but there's always room for more Ig, at least the readership seems to think so, so here is a video performance, submitted by Jon S, this being a 2016 show.....I don't often post vidoes here, but really have no good reason for that, so enjoy the hell out of it!

Iggy Pop - Canal+: La Musicale Live 2016 [HDTV 1080i]
Size 6.99GB
Format .ts

Lust for Life
Sister Midnight
American Valhalla
In the Lobby
Some Weird Sin
German Days
Mass Production
The Passenger
China Girl
Break Into Your Heart
Fall in Love With Me
Repo Man
Chocolate Drops


An Excellent Studboy submission

Studboy has been coming through of late with some good stuff, this one is of serious interest to me, first of all, it goes along with yesterday's Black Sabbath tribute, and, more importantly, it is performed by Melissa Auf der maur, who has always ben ONE SEXY GODDESS-type (I posted her solo efforts long ago)....never heard this, BUT Melissa  Auf der mauer performing Black Sabbath covers? Well, we can hardly go wrong with THAT can we?

Again, let me sate how much I love ALL my guest submitters, YOU are the reasons this blog is "what it is"......


Live in Los Angeles Hand of Doom

1Iron Intro
2Hand Of Doom
3Fairies Wear Boots
4War Pigs
6The Mob Rules
8Black Sabbath

Clear Light-some fab vintage psych rock from John N!

(Ssott)- pretty sure I have this one shelves but I don't think I have posed, John N sends to me with plenty of info regarding, so seems like a great time to post it.....take it away John N, and thanks for this submission!

Clear Light's eponymous 1967 album is one of the jewels of Elektra Records' 1960s catalogue. A short-lived, much-loved Los Angeles aggregate, the band is best known for including sometime Doors bassist Doug Lubahn and future CSNY and Manassas drummer Dallas Taylor, but ClearLight's blend of quirky songwriting and psychedelic arrangement has helped make their record become a cult classic. Produced by Paul Rothchild (the Doors, Love), the record was intended to showcase the dynamic double-drumkit sound of the group. Previous reissues have sounded flat, but this definitive remaster gives the record the punch it deserves. A major bonus are several excellent, recently uncovered outtakes from the June 1967 sessions for 'Clear Light', which are featured alongside the non-LP side 'She's Ready To Be Free' (in both mono and stereo mixes) and a rare single by Clear Light precursors theBRAIN TRAIN. In addition to the expanded contents and sonic upgrade, in-depth liner notes by Clear Light biographer Gray Newell and some rare illustrations help make this Big Beat release the last word on Clear Light's legacy.

Think Again: Ace Revisits, Expands Elektra Psych Rock Classic “Clear Light”

MAY 3, 2016  BY 
Clear Light only released one album, but the psychedelic rockers’ 1967 album remains a definitive statement of the genre as well as a highlight of the classic Elektra Records catalogue.  Featuring future CSNY drummer Dallas Taylor, future Utopia keyboardist Ralph Schuckett and Doors session bassist Doug Lubahn, Clear Light left behind a small but vibrant discography of pure California rock.  Ace’s Big Beat imprint has recently revisited the self-titled Clear Light in an impressive new edition adding eightBONUS tracks, five of which are previously unreleased.
Like so many bands, Clear Light went through a number of transformations before coalescing, including stints as The Garnerfield Sanitarium and The Brain Train.  Artists like The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Doors, Lowell George and “Mama” Cass Elliot figure into their story, recounted by official biographer Gray Newell in exemplary fashion for the new Big Beat release.  The turning point came when Elektra Records signed The Brain Train – drummers Dallas Taylor and Michael Ney, bassist Doug Lubahn, guitarist Bob Seal, and guitarist-vocalist Robbie Robison – in January 1967 to join an illustrious roster already including The Doors and Arthur Lee’s Love.  Newly rechristened as Clear Light, the band was ushered into the Sunset Sound studio in April 1967, with Doors veterans Paul Rothchild and Bruce Botnick, and earned aPRIME SLOT appearing in the Paramount film The President’s Analystsupporting Barry McGuire.  The band was also persuaded to accept Rothchild as its manager.
Soon, singer-guitarist Robbie Robison departed, to be replaced by Cliff DeYoung on lead vocals and Ralph Schuckett on keyboards.   Live appearances, including a contentious gig at New York club The Scene East, helped spread the underground word about Clear Light.  In August, the band returned to Sunset Sound with its new members, and the earlier material was discarded. HAPPILY, you can hear these early recordings on this expanded edition of Clear Light.  These early tracks show a more harmony-pop approach than the band would later take, with “Dawn Lights the Way” and the shimmering “The Susan Years” having the lush style of a Bones Howe production for, say, The Association.
The sessions with Rothchild were strained, but the producer did bring in a couple of songs by other Elektra artists to supplement the band’s originals.  Both Tom Paxton’s “Mr. Blue” and Steve Noonan and Greg Copeland’s “Street Singer” were wholly transformed by Clear Light.  The band’s debut album was finally released in October 1967, showcasing the band’s heavy two-drummer sound courtesy of Taylor and Ney and a deft blend of hard rock, psychedelia, jazz, folk and pop.  Van Dyke Parks can be heard adding a baroque touch of harpsichord on Ney’s “A Child’s Smile,” a brief yet memorable track on the 11-song LP.  A twelfth cut, “Bye Bye Boogie Man,” was dropped from the LP reportedly at the behest of Elektra honcho Jac Holzman, but it’s among theBONUS material here.
In early 1968, Rothchild maneuvered the replacement of Bob Seal, who had contributed three folk-rock-oriented tracks including the melodic “How Many Days Have Passed” to Clear Light in addition to co-writing three other tracks, with Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar.  In February, Kootch joined Lubahn, Schuckett and Ney as session musicians for The Monkees’ immortal Head track “Porpoise Song,” giving Clear Light a bit of extracurricular immortality; the same month, the new line-up debuted onstage.  The revised Clear Light line-up attempted to record a second album with producer Frazier Mohawk, but only two recordings were completed before the album was abandoned.  The group continued to splinter amid personnel and creative squabbles over the course of the year, and by September, Clear Light broke up.  Many of the members continued to have productive careers inMUSIC, however.  Schuckett and Ney joined The Peanut Butter Conspiracy to record that band’s 1969 LP For Children of All Ages.  Ney then briefly joined Kortchmar in Carole King’s The City, though he was replaced by Jim Gordon.  Schuckett and Kortchmar also played together in Jo Mama, and backed King on her Writer LP.  Schuckett would go on to join an early line-up of Utopia, Kortchmar became an in-demand session pro, and Taylor hooked up with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
Though one might hear hints of Love, Buffalo Springfield or The Doors, Clear Light stands as a document of a truly original band.  Ace’s reissue, produced by Alec Palao and remastered by Nick Robbins, features – in addition to the session outtake “Bye Bye Boogie Man” – two rare single sides from TheBRAIN TRAIN (“Me” and “Black Roses,” the latter which was re-recorded for the album), stereo and mono versions of the non-LP single “She’s Ready to Be Free,” and the early tracks “Dawn Lights the Way,” “The Susan Years” and “Eastern Valleys.”  The 20-page color booklet boasts not only Newell’s copious notes but numerous memorabilia reproductions and photographs.  Clear Light is available now from Big Beat Records, and can be ordered at the links below!
Clear Light, Clear Light (Elektra LP EKS-74011, 1967 – reissued Big Beat CDWIKD 330, 2016)
  1. Black Roses
  2. Sand
  3. A Child’s Smile
  4. Street Singer
  5. The Ballad of Freddie and Larry
  6. With All in Mind
  7. Blue
  8. Think Again
  9. They Who Have Nothing
  10. How Many Days Have Passed
  11. Night Sounds Loud
  12. Bye Bye Boogie Man
  13. She’s Ready to Be Free (Stereo Mix)
  14. Dawn Lights the Way
  15. The Susan Years
  16. Eastern Valleys
  17. Me – TheBRAIN TRAIN (Titan single 1738, 1967)
  18. Black Roses – TheBRAIN TRAIN (Titan single 1738, 1967)
  19. She’s Ready to Be Free (Elektra single 45622, 1967)
Tracks 12-16 are previously unreleased
All tracks stereo except Tracks 17-19 are mono.

The Rugbys

John N, master of link-dom, submits another late 60's great/unknown effort, this one a bad-ass Blue
Cheer sort of sounding slab, with plenty of fuzz guitar, just the ticket for fans of this type of thing (you know, like ME).......I listened to this one a day or two ago, YES it is worth your time....rockin shit here, enjoy!

HOT CARGO-01 You, I/02 Judith Gina/03 Song To Fellow Man/04 King and Queen of the World/05 Stay With Me/06 The Light/07 Rockin All Over Again/08 Lines of Thought/09 For a Love Gone/10 Whendegal the Warlock

A 'placemats supliment

A reader named Daniel Corsca submits another Replacements album, the expanded edition of "Don't Tell a Soul", the first album on which Slim Dunlap replaced Bob Stinson......certainly not their best moment, but it IS more 'mats......this extended version includes some demos and stuff, not to mention a bizarre cover of Slade's "Gudby t'Jane"....

DON'T TELL A SOUL-01 Talent Show/02 Back to Back/03 We'll Inherit the Earth/04 Achin to Be/05 They're Blind/06 Anywhere's Better Than Here/07 Asking Me Lies/08 I'll Be You/09 I Won't/10 Rock N Roll Ghost/11 Darlin One/12 Portland/13 Wake Up/14 Talent Show (demo)/15 We'll Inherit the Earth (mix 1)/16 Date to Church (with Tom Waits)/17 We Know the Night (Outtake)/18 Gudbuy t'Jane (outtake)

More Garage Rock from Freedom End

(scott) Yesterday this guy sent a track from a band he played in, fine by me, I wish every garage band
in the world would send in a tape.....short on sound quality, long on energy......today he sends several links of sound/video (I haven't had the chance to check them yet), and I'm going to try and piece his story together from the emails I've gotten from him:

drummer of freedoms end, more songs coming your way within the hour or so.. more info,,,last recording featured me on drums, anthony lead guitar, ruben lead guitar frank bass this one coming up only feature me drums anthony lead guitar ruben is replaced with big mike lead guitar no bass was available, all live all loud all raw all original this one is heavier, mikes influences slayer, anthonys influence king diamond mercyful fate , me john bonham ,psychedelic rock 

rubens main influence el tri (three souls in my mind) metallica 


which you prefer this one or the other one. 2 different sounds anthony used different gear on this one, not as psychedelic perhaps pantera was a influence on anthony not on me thats for sure. but its heavier, anthonys voice is more blown here not up to his usual high standard. deep purples ian gillan comes to mind. glad I can give something back to you for all you do on this web site, lets you know im grateful. thank you steve I may give up metal anyway and join a country band , were see. I go deaf sometimes 

ruben sadly has moved on to a new band fz10 a pretty famous mexican band, he does have some level of fame and is friends with the leader of el tri. rest of us are nobodys.. but tomorrow I will have a special treat. me drumming with fz10 on 2 songs black sabbaths and ted nugent stay tuned... 

fz10 roadhouse blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-4Sx-VEvsQ ruben is with the hat, the recording with ruben from yesterday was a old recording were not in our twenties, this one here is a more recent recording of a semi reunion of the original band. like I say we never played a gig, all garage gigs and some studio sessions 

but honestly this recording gives me a headache somewhat now. the heavy tone in it, but I think it rocks certain parts.. what do you think of it scott? a review? 

thats not a great video of my friends band, he has played some pretty big places long beach arena for one, tomorrow also I take out my two man band me drums/lead vocals ruben lead guitar this one really rocks. and its a bit different as well and were hear the 2 unreleased fz10 tracks I play on. only recordings I made with them. have a good day thanks for listening 

I wont take up any more space, but I also should add, yesterdays recordings were from 1988ish maybe 1989 we were on drugs at that time, thats why on this one anthonys voice has lost some of the gusto is more recent. I never shopped these recordings to anyone, I have 100 or so of these in my collection of freedoms end. some sound better than others. we formed in 1985 but were too fucked up to ever get anywhere. 

in a sense then we were at that time in our twenties and you were correct in that assumption in 1989 I was 24 anthony 22. this recording were old men on .. take care steve G 

Wellll, OK then.......ya certainly can't say we don't give a fair chance to ANY submissions here.....rock on steve!

Jon S with Parquet Courts

(scott)- was unfamiliar, watched some of their UTube videos last night, pretty impressive, it'll be on
my Ipod tonight for further listening....until then, thanks as always Jon S

If you don't know Parquet Courts, they are a band from New York cCity and they sound like New York City band. You can hear the NYC DNA in their music and singing. If you like that kind of thing, here you go.

American Specialties

01 Her Boyfriend's Band/02 Food Stamp Office/03 Mezzanine/04 American Specialties/05 Other Desert Cities/06 Squares States/07 College Chess Circuit/08 Nation Of Islam_ Nunavut/09 Largish_Dominant/10 A.M. Reprise (Rebellious Outtake)/11 Tidal Hiss

Light Up Gold 

01 Master of My Craft/02 Borrowed Time/03 Donuts Only/04 Yr No Stoner/05 Yonder is Closer to the Heart/06 Careers in Combat/07 Light Up Gold I/08 Light Up Gold II/09 N Dakota/10 Stoned and Starving/11 No Ideas/12 Caster of Worthless Spells/13 Disney P.T./14 Tears O Plenty/15 Picture of Health

285 Kent, Brooklyn, NY 11/16/12 (from nyctaper.com)

01 Tears O Plenty/02 Master Of My Craft/03 Borrowed Time/04 [banter]/05 Donuts Only/06 Yonder is Closer to the Heart/07 Mezzanine/08 Light Up Gold II/09 Yr No Stoner/10 N Dakota/11 Stoned and Starving

Tally All The Things That You Broke (EP) (as Parkay Quarts)

01 You've Got Me Wonderin' Now/02 Descend (The Way)/03 The More It Works/04 Fall On Yr Face/05 He's Seeing Paths/06 Smart Aleck Kid/07 Free Ice/08 Pilgrims To Nowhere/09 Tic In My Brain/10 This is Happening Now

Bowery Ballroom 3/7/13 (from nyctaper.com)

01 Racing Through the Dark/02 Stoned and Starving/03 Donuts Only/04 Yr No Stoner/05 [banter1]/06 Careers In Combat/07 N Dakota/08 Yonder Is Closer to My Heart/09 Light Up Gold II/10 [unknown1]/11 Master of My Craft/12 Borrowed Time

Sunbathing Animal

01 Bodies/02 Black and White/03 Dear Ramona/04 What Color Is Blood/05 Vienna II/06 Always Back in Town/07 She's Rollin'/08 Sunbathing Animal/09 Up All Night/10 Instant Disassembly/11 Ducking & Dodging/12 Raw Milk/13 Into the Garden/14 Black and White (7-Inch Version)

Content Nausea (as Parkay Quarts)

01 Every Day It Starts/02 Content Nausea/03 Urban Ease/04 Slide Machine/05 Kevlar Walls/06 Pretty Machines/07 Psycho Structures/08 The Map/09 These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/10 Insufferable/11 No Concept/12 Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth

Palisades, Brooklyn 2/9/15 (from nyctaper.com)

01 You've Got Me Wonderin' Now/02 Bodies Made Of/03 Black and White/04 Instant Disassembly/05 Always Back In Town/06 Ducking and Dodging/07 [unknown1]/08 [banter1]/09 Everyday It Starts/10 Master of My Craft/11 Borrowed Time/12 Careers In Combat/13 Dear Ramona/14 [banter2]/15 What Color Is Blood/16 No Ideas/17 Pretty Machines/18 Psycho Structures/19 Content Nausea/20 Light Up Gold II/21 Sunbathing Animal

Live At Third Man Records

01 Duckin'& Dodgin'/02 Bodies/03 Black and White/04 Vienna II/05 Always Back In Town/06 Dear Ramona/07 Descend (The Way)/08 Instant Disassembly/09 Raw Milk/10 Into The Garden/11 SBA

Human Performance

01 Dust/02 Human Performance/03 Outside/04 I Was Just Here/05 Paraphrased/06 Captive Of The Sun/07 Steady On My Mind/08 One Man, No City/09 Berlin Got Blurry/10 Keep It Even/11 Two Dead Cops/12 Pathos Prairie/13 It's Gonna Happen/14 Already Dead

Nona Hendryx

Been looking around for this one for a while, of course John N had a link to it.....a very underappreciated rock/soul effort from big-voiced Nona Hendryx, late of LaBelle....this album was a critical favorite in 1977 but sank like a stone as no one could figure out how to market it......but it's a good one and still stands up well today. Hard to find, if you're intersted.

NONA HENDRYX-01 Winning/02 Everybody Wants To Be Somebody/03 Tax Exile/04 Tout de Suite Mam'selle/05 Take a Chance/06 Problem/07 Once Again/08 Too late to Run/09 Will You be There/10 Leaving Here Today


A fairly difficult to locate, at least for me, band from Australia which is certainly one of the "Sons of Kyuss", making it a bit MORE difficult is that there are multiple bands that use this moniker. I have some stuff here from one of the "other" Wrench's, maybe at some point we'll host a battle of the Wrenches?

Anyway, here's what I have (not as much as I'd like) from the Wrecnh that I'm focusing on right now.....singer Nigel Ryan, bassist/keyboardist John McNichol, drummer Chris McNichol, and guitarist Craig Elliott......obviously they've heard a Kyuss record or two before, but there isn't a damn thing wrong with that. What I have is a fine album "Oscillator Blues" (2001), which features plenty of loud slamming numbers: "Gravitorn", Humanoid" and most every track here....

They have a few more albums that I don't happen to own (help, anyone?), but I do have an ancient internet creation that I grabbed YEARS ago, "Fuzzbox Finest Series", which featured about 7 or 8 great stoner bands, of which Wrench was one......there is a BIT of overlap with "Oscillator", but I really can't be too picky here.....good stoner band, If mark Eveleigh is still out there, he'd be a solid bet to have their other 2-3 albums. Mark?

OSCILLATOR BLUES-01 Gravitron/02 Humanoid/03 Twenty Times/04 Oscillator Blues/05 Free Ride/06 Drive On/07 Aloha Mama/08 Sleepy John/09 Avalanche/10 Headlight/11 Lights Came Down/12 Green Mars

FUZZBOX FINEST SERIES-01 Gravtron/02 Byproduct/03 Aloha Mama/04 King B/05 Thirty Mile Hop/06 Melt It/07 Green Lantern

Anyone for Crow Redux? Thank John N for it!

Remember my Crow post from last month (1969's "Crow Music", which is a damn fine album, check it here lazy ass:  http://growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/05/crow.html)....anyway, THAT album is rare enough, the two followups I've never seen/heard, until the LinkLord  John N dropped them in my mailbox.....again, this is another case of "haven't heard em yet", likely tonight as I'm working a boring-ass night shift, but here are their two follow up efforts, if they are anywhere near the quality of the debut, I'm stoked.

In 1970, they released "Crow By Crow", and the following year they gave us their final release (I think) "Mossaic"....I'll withhold comment until I hear them, but as always I try to bring you a variety of stuff.

"Crow Music" was fairly popular, I'm interested in what the follow-ups garner.

CROW BY CROW-01 I Stand To Blame/02 Colors/03 Smokey Joe/04 Medley (Death Down To Your Soul-Get Yourself a Number-Annie Fannie-The Last Prayer)/05 Slow Down/06 Heading North/07 Cottage Cheese/08 Gone Gone Gone

MOSSAIC-01 (Don't Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie On) The King of Rock N Roll/02 Easy Street/03 Yellow Dawg/04 The Sky Is Crying/05 I Need Love/06 It Keeps Me Running/07 Watching Can Waste Up the Time/08 Satisfied/09 Watch That Cat/10 Let's Not Say Goodbye

Odds and ends from here and there today

Well, didn't post yesterday, let's clean up s few of the emails I have here and get to some geuest submissions......I put out the call for garage bands and got a couple of them, should be a thrill....but the first thing I need to point out is a link sent by Phil In NJ, who says there are a TON of Replacements boots at this site....I haven't checked yet, because I haven't had time AND because, as aluded to before, most 'mats boots sound fairly shitty......ya never know though, some huge 'mats fan go there and bring us back an unknown gem!


Horrible Snack

(scott) Well, I asked for em......I got an email from a band from Italy with the strange moniker of
"Horrible Snack"......I'll let you see the email....
Hi,please promote our musicTHANKS 
Horrible Snack-Rancid AmoebaDOG (2016) 
alternativeART punk noise punk rock garage rock math rock post punk power pop 
Edo Omezzolli: voice,guitar
Gioele Maiorca: voice,bass
Seba Omezzolli: voice,drums
First album release date 04-06-2016:
Horrible Snack-Rancid AmoebaDOG (2016) 


OK, couple of things here...normally I wouldn't post this. I want to expose new bands, but I want them to provide a free download link......the exposure will follow, as will the sales, but this is a SHARING site, not a selling site. I did listen to it, it's pretty good, but I would ask the band as a favor to provide a zippyshare or other link so that my readers can at LEAST get a sample....that is what we are doing here. Exposure is everything, and we DO provide that....PLEASE at least a few songs as a taste for the readers.

01 What's Above the Coluds/02 A Lighthouse Near the Olive Trees/03 Boudaries/04 I Follow the Light/05 So Crazy/06 Bad Short Song #1/07 Radio Voking/08 Empty Wallet

OK, guys help us out.......SHARE your music, and it will benefit you MUCH more than it does us! Be well!


Now here's a band from Salem Mass., who DOES get it......they provide a free download link to there
work, which is pretty damn good, rocking stuff......here's the email & the link:

hey man im Tim iDOWNLOAD music a lot from your blog and saw your recent post about accepting submissions for music and I'd like to toss my hat in the ring. Our band is Poweranimal a three piece punk/alt/garage band from salem ma and we'd love it if you gave our demos a listen and talk about it on your site if you dig it. Either way thanks for all the awesome music.


The Steppes

(Scott) So, now, let's get back to a regular contributor, Studboy, whom of late has had one badass
submission after another....today, he's gonna get all tricky and send me a band i don't know, The Steppes, BUT I will be checking them out as I trust this guys taste......since I know so little, I provide his email description:

In the days raiding Vinylshops in Copenhagen in the  late 80' early 90s, I found a record with a really ugly cover. The Steppes - Stewdio, cover and name of the album intrigued me to buy it. At home the LP went on the player, first number sounded like lost Beatles tune, the next sounded like ....I realised this LP combined almost everything from the 60' into one record. 

The Steppes' influences include: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Neil Young, Donovan, Chicago Chess Records blues, Vivaldi, Handel, Irish folk music, and loads more

Here's the album I have


REALLY looking forward to these, sounds great........I'm rushing so I haven't checked the links yet, I hope they are good because I want to hear them tonight........thanks Studboy, and thanks for your other post (see next post) as well!



Another GREAT Studboy post

(Scott)-Pink Fairies have ALWAYS (at least since I was a 10 year old or so) been one of my very favorite bands....LOVE all thier shit, posted their whole discography long ago, but once in a while another vintage boot slaps my face! Studboy sends a 1971 show from Finland which I have never heard, the band was about at the peak of their powers at the time, I KNOW I will be listening to this one tonight at work. PINK FAIRIES fucking RULE!

FINLAND FREAKOUT-01 Tomorrow Never Knows/02 The Snake/03 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout/04 Walk Don't Run

Thanks so much for this I LOVE ME SOME PINK FAIRIES!