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And one more from Freedom End

Steve of Freedom End has sent us a few links.....yes, rough but THAT my friends is rock n roll, not crap like Foreigner or Journey, get the pictcha? Freedom end has sent me sveral links, and I hope you at least listened to them, I'd rather have 100 garage bands send me shit than have to listen to 21 Pilots of some nausea-inducing stuff like that.....hey, her's another link from Freedom End, check it out if you wish, REAL rock n roll comes from the garages and basements, not from the radio consultants and focus groups!


Talking Heads Part 7

Somehow my chronology got fucked up here, thanks to ANOTHER PERSON WHO LIVES IN MY
HOUSEHOLD AND WAS FUCKING WITH MY DISCS......anyway, shouldn't matter, I still have a stack full of primo Heads boots for you lovers of one of the greatest of all bands!

Let's return to 1979, BigScott's senior year in high school and the Heads were HUGE! No specific date but we  have a (rather short, I wonder if they opened for someone) set from Sydney Australia (in-the-loop joke: YAAAAAAAY says this HUGE fan of "Lost", TV's greatest show ever.....they shoulda worked this set into the show along with the "house" rock bands, Geronimo Jones and Oil Change)

Anyway, good breezy set, first three albums all get hit upon, "Psycho Killer" and "Take Me To the River" get pretty raved up at the end.

Staying in 1979 we will move to the LA Stardust Ballroom.....9/29.....this setone is fleshed out a bit more, they open with a fab "Artists Only", meld into a LOT of "Fear of Music" material, my fave "Love Goes to a Building On Fire", and the final four "Found a Job", "Psycho Killer", "Life During Wartime" and "take Me To the River" are exceptional, wish I coulda been there! (NOTE: I have another disc with the same date and same set list, labeled Las Vegas....not sure which is the corrct venue for this show.)

So, I will wrap this up for today with a set from 1980, Rome Italy.....Me, I always like to hear a live "I Zimbra" and "Houses in Motion".....they're here and so are the other great tracks on "Remain in Light", (with a stunning encore of "The Great Curve" (unsure if that is Adrian Belew slamming that crazy psych guitar on this one, but it should be of it ain't!)

Got a few more for part 8, we'll see if anything else pops up after that.....there are only a handful of bands that I really LOVE......Nirvana, Roxy Music, Sleater Kinney (coming up yet today!), The Clash, Talking Heads, Los Natas........a few more.....I get carried away with them but they were all great and influential in my life, so I'd likely post a tape of them sneezing......what I'm saying is that anyone who has any T Heads stuff I haven't touched on, time to bring that shit OUT!

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA 1979-01 Whiny Announcer/02 The Book I Read/03 Paper/04 Mind/05 Found a Job/06 Memories Can't Wait/07 Psycho Killer/08 Take Me To The River

STARDUST BALLROOM LA 9/29/79-01 Intro/02 Artists Only/03 Stay Hungry/04 Cities/05
paper/06 Mind/07 Heaven/08 Electric Guitar/09 Air/10 New Feeling/11 Love Goes to a Building On Fire/12 Found a Job/13 psycho Killer/14 Life During Wartime/15 Take Me To the River

ROME 1980-01 Psycho Killer/02 Stay Hungry/03 Cities/04 I Zimbra/05 Drugs/06 Take Me To The River/07 Crosseyed and Painless/08 Life During Wartime/09 Houses In Motion/10 Born Under Punches/11 The Great Curve

The Doors Part 14 (Of many)

On and on w go with this Doors series, I guess SOME could complain, but the Doors wree one of the most important of American bands,  and I think it's cool that I happened to find this gigantic torrent of damn near every note they ever recorded. This one is huge, NYC, SEVEN discs, hey, I don't do shit half assed! Knock yo selfs out Doors lovers!~This is SEVEN DISCS, enjoy/destroy/whatever!

As I said, SEVEN discs here, typical Doors shows (1970), lets make a QUICK investigation of each disc......Disc 1, is a VERY standard show, nothing wrong with it, but nothing specacular here. DISC 2 Jim seems a little more "out of it", maybe that is just me, but he seems a good bit incoherent...nothing wrong with that, he was the definition of  a fuck up......

Disc 3 offers more of the same, Jim seems wasted and is telling joke, etc.....there is a quite good version of "The End" here......Disc 4 is apparently a later show, again, standard Doors live set, glad to hear "Moonlight Drive", which doesn't turn up all that often.

DISC 5 gets pretty crazy with a frantic "Peace Frog", and an insane version of "When the Music's Over to (nearly) close the show.......no matter what ANYONE says, the Doors were a TREMENDOUS live act, it comes through on ALL these discs, and I hope everyone appreciates EXACTLY what I am trying to accomplish herer.

Disc 6 rocks out as well, standard stuff but sounds like Jimbo may have ingested an intoxicant or
two....it's a good set, good disc, and HEY, who ELSE is reconstructing the Doors legendary career?

Disc 7 is the real gem here, it features but three tracks: "Going to NY Blues", a fine "Maggie McGill", and an alternate version of "Rock With Me".......Doors fans, you can't be without it!

DISC 1`-01 (Start of the Show 1)/02 Roadhouse Blues/03 Ship of Fools/04 Break on Through/05 Tuning, Breather/06 Peace Frog/07 Blue Sunday/08 Alabama Song/09 Back Door man/10 Love Hides/11 Five to One/12 Tuning/Breather/13 Who Do You Love/14 Little Red Rooster/15 Money/16 Tuning-Breather/17 Light My Fire/18 More More More/19 Soul Kitchen /End of Show

DISC 2- 01 Start of Show/02 (Jim How Ya Doin')/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 break On Through/05 Ship of Fools/06 Crawling Kingsnake/07 Alabama Song/08 Back Door Man/09 Five to One/10 Pretty neat, Pretty Good/11 Build Me a Woman/12 Tuning/breather/13 Who Do You Love/14 Tuning/Breather/15 Wild Child/16 Cheering/Tuning/17 When the music's Over

DISC 3-01 Tuning/Breather/02 Light My Fire/03 (Hey Mr. Light Man)/04 Soul Kitchen/05 Jim's Fish Joke//06 The End/07 End Of Show

DISC 4-01 Start of Show 3/02 Roadhouse Blues/03 Ship of Fools/04 Break On Through/05 Tuning Breather/06 Universal Mind/07 Alabama Song (False Start)/08 Alabama Song/09 Back Door Man/10 Five to One/11 Tuning/Breather/12 Moonlight Drive/13 Who Do You Love/14 Calling Out For Songs/15 Money/16 Tuning/Breather/17 Light My Fire/18 More More More/19 When the Music's Over/20 Good Night/End of Show

DISC 5-01 Start of Show 4/02 Roadhouse Blues/03 Peace Frog/04 Alabama Song/05 Backdoor man/06
Five to One/07 (We Have a Special Treat)/08 Celebation of the Lizard/09 (Alright Let's Boogie)/10 Poontang Blues/11 When the Music's Over/12 (More More More)

DISC 6-01 01 Soul Kitchen/02 (For Fear of Getting Too Patriotic)/03 Petition the Lord/04 Light My Fire/05 (Only When the Moon Comes Out)/06 Close to You/07 The Encore Begins/08 Rock me/09 (What to Do Next)/10 Going to NY Blues/11 Tuning/Breather/12 Maggie M'Gill/13 Tuning/Breather/14 Gloria/End of Show

DISC 7-01 Going to NY Blues (alternate)/02 Maggie M'Gill/03 Rock With Me (alternate)

A Sleater Kinney request/trade.

OK, here's the story.....my favorite (current) band? NO QUESTION, Sleater Kinny....they have been
the greatest band in the world, imo, since thier debut, they took a long break, and came back as wonderful as ever.....very, very few bands go their entire career and never make a bad album, but thusfar, Sleatear Kinney has done exactly that......

Anyway, years ago, I poseted ALL my Sleater Kinney Boots on this site...it wsa popular, hit a lot, but it WAS a while ago......Oh, My God, I finally got to see them with my son in December 2015, and they were everything I ever expected, meaning, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, whatever adjective one could use....

Anyway, a reader named JD Milner told me he has some stuff from the 2015 tour......I don't happen to have any, so I'd LOVE to make a trde for whatever he requests.....he wants the BBC sessions, which I have, and some boots from the "All hands On the bad One"/The Hot Rock" era....I think I can hook him up, and then we can enjoy a couple of NEW (to me at least) Sleater Kinney boots......

OK, first HIS stuff.....well, he has the KEXP set which I have posted here before, no problem, other than it's hooked onto the end of one of the discs I aim to post here, not THAT bit a thing though....because he DOES have a couple of sets I don't have, from the 2015 tour......I wish he had the Columbus Ohio set from December, but you can't have it all......anyway, here are HIS links, and wonderful they are!


The first link is for the KEXP set which I have, have posted before, and actually will turn up again in THIS post.......the second is a short set from NPR radio, ealy 2015, which includes an interview, and, finally, the third is a near full-show in Spain, may 2015......DYING to hear it!........

So thanks MD Milner for these, Here is how I am "paying you back" I guess......
BBC SESSIONS-01 One More Hour/02 I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone/03 Turn It On/04 Banned From
the End of the World/05 Words & Guitar/06 End Of You/07 Not What You Want/08 Get Up/09 Words & Guitar/10 Good Things/11 Ballad of a ladyman/12  The Professional/13 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/14 Fortujate Son

WASHINGTON DC 8/3/06 DISC 1-01 One Beat/02 Not What You Want/03 Wilderness/04 The Fox/05 Jumpers/06 #1 Must Have/07 Steep Air/08 Rollercoaster/09 Burn Don't Freeze/10 Nightlights/11 End of You/12 What's mine is Yours/13 Modern Girl/14 Let's Call It Love/15 Entertain

WASHINGTON DC 8/3/06 DISC 2-01 Little babies/02 Iron Clad/03 Get Up!/04 Buy her Candy/05 Turn it On/06 Dance Song '97/07 Words and Guitar/08 Sympathy/09 Dig Me Out/ BONUS-SLEATER KINNEY ON KEXP, Interview and live performances of Wilderness/Jumpers/Entertain/What's Mine is Yours

MIDDLE EAST CLUB 6/1/99-01 Get Up/02 One Song For You/03 Hubcap/04 The Day I Went Away/05
Tapping/06 The End of You/07 Maraca/08 Heart Factory/09 Was It a Lie/1`0 Banned From The End of the World/11 God Is a Number/12 A Quarter to Three/13 Start Together/14 Wipers/15 Dig me Out/1`6 Banter/17 Buy Her Candy/18 Anonymous

VANCOUVER 9/2/00-01 Intro/02 Ballad of a ladyman/03 ironclad/04 Words and Guitar/05 All hands On the bad One/06 Milkshake and Honey/07 Dig me Out/08 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/09 The Professional/10 One Song For You/11 Was It a Lie?/ 12 The End of You//13 Turn It On/14 Fortunate Son/15 I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

Hey, I probably have 100 Sleater Kinney boots......I posted them all before, and will again, provided you contributes something cool for the blog. All hail Sleater Kinney, one of the greatest of ALL American rock bands!

From Studboy.......The missing Nebula .....OHHHH Yeah!

(Scott)-I love Nebula, always have, and have posted a bunch of their stuff here......my man Studboy
has some MORE Nebula stuff, which I am thrilled to post here because Nebula is FUCKING GREAT (even saw them once!)


Dos EP

  1. "Rocket"– 3:42
  2. "Long Day"– 3:32
  3. "Bardo Airways"– 2:37
    • Previously Unreleased
  4. "Anything From You"– 3:56
  5. "Rollin' My Way to Freedom"– 5:12
  6. "Fall of Icarus"– 4:11
  7. "Smokin' Woman"– 5:28
  8. "Fly On"– 6:54
  9. "Full Throttle"– 4:08
  10. "Sun Creature"– 3:34
  11. "Back to the Dawn"– 4:17
  • Tracks 4, 6, 9 and 11 are from Nebula/Lowrider Split EP. 5, 7, 8 and 10 are from Sun Creature EP.
  • Tracks 5, 7-8, and 10-11 were remixed for this release.
BBC/Peel session (2008)

Radio 1 / Clearlight
Tracks 6, 7, 8 & 9 recorded 22nd August 2001 for Radio 1 Peel Session
Tracks 3, 4, 5 & 11 recorded 19th March 2004 for Radio 1 Peel Session
Tracks 1, 2 & 10 recorded 14th November 2003 for Radio 1 Rock Show 


FANTASTIC STUFF here, Studboy, as I say to y other contributors, don't ever leave me!......great stuff here, BEYOND great stuff, Nebula was nothing but BAD MOTHER FUCKING ASS!

Jon S: These Heads Were made For Talkin'

(Scott)-A magnificnet submission from Jon S......the Talking Heads studio albums done up as deluxe
editions, with bonus tracks and lots of other great stuff.....so you have a choice between these, and mine which were vinyl rips (ALWAYS better for sound quality!)........also more live stuff here, you'd think we had a core of Talking Heads fans around these parts.  Anyway, I can't wait to get at the bonus material here, as should you, but ALSO you should investigate my tasty vinyl rips.....it's not "either /or"...both are 100% essential!

Studio albums with extras (alternate takes, extra tracks, etc.)

Talking Heads: 77

01 Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town/02 New Feeling/03 Tentative Decisions/04 Happy Day/05 Who Is It?/06 No Compassion/07 The Book I Read/08 Don't Worry About The Government/09 First Week, Last Week... Carefree/10 Psycho Killer/11 Pulled Up/12 Love → Building On Fire/13 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That/14 Psycho Killer (Acoustic)/15 I Feel It In My Heart/16 Sugar On My Tongue

More Songs About Buildings and Food

01 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel/02 With Our Love/03 The Good Thing/04 Warning Sign/05 Girls Want To Be With The Girls/06 Found A Job/07 Artists Only/08 I'm Not In Love/09 Stay Hungry/10 Take Me To The River/11 The Big Country/12 Stay Hungry (1977 Version)/13 I'm Not In Love (Alternate Version)/14 The Big Country (Alternate Version)/15 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Country Angel Version)

Fear Of Music

01 I Zimbra/02 Mind/03 Paper/04 Cities/05 Life During Wartime/06 Memories Can't Wait/07 Air/08 Heaven/09 Animals/10 Electric Guitar/11 Drugs/12 Dancing for Money [Unfinished Outtake]/13 Life During Wartime [Alternate Version]/14 Cities [Alternate Version]/15 Mind [Alternate Version]

Remain In Light
01 Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)/02 Crosseyed and Painless/03 The Great Curve/04 Once in a Lifetime/05 Houses in Motion/06 Seen and Not Seen/07 Listening Wind/08 The Overload/09 Fela's Riff [Unfinished Outtake]/10 Unison [Unfinished Outtake]/11 Double Groove [Unfinished Outtake]/12 Right Start [Unfinished Outtake]

Speaking In Tongues

01 Burning Down the House/02 Making Flippy Floppy/03 Girlfriend Is Better/04 Slippery People/05 I Get Wild_Wild Gravity/06 Swamp/07 Moon Rocks/08 Pull Up the Roots/09 This Must Be the Place [Naive Melody]/10 Two Note Swivel [Unfinished Outtake]/11 Burning Down the House [Alternate Version]

Little Creatures

01 And She Was/02 Give Me Back My Name/03 Creatures Of Love/04 The Lady Don't Mind/05 Perfect World/06 Stay Up Late/07 Walk It Down/08 Television Man/09 Road To Nowhere/10 Road To Nowhere (Early Version)/11 And She Was (Early Version)/12 Television Man (Extended Mix)

True Stories

01 Love For Sale/02 Puzzlin' Evidence/03 Hey Now/04 Papa Legba/05 Wild Wild Life/06 Radio Head/07 Dream Operator/08 People Like Us/09 City Of Dreams/10 Wild Wild Life (Extended Mix)/11 Papa Legba (Pops Staples Vocal Version)/12 Radio Head (Pops Staples Vocal Version)

12x12 (remix album)

01 The Lady Don't Mind [Extended Version]/02 Television Man [Extended Mix]/03 And She Was [Extended Mix]/04 Wild Wild Life [Long E.T. Mix]/05 Love for Sale [Extended Mix]/06 Hey Now [Milwaukee Mix]/07 Radio Head [Extended Mix]/08 Blind [Extended Mix]/09 (Nothing But) Flowers [Lilywhite Mix]/10 Ruby Dear [Bush Mix]/11 Blind [Deaf Dub_Blind Mix]/12 Love for Sale [Love Dub]

... and, the live stuff...

Ocean Club, New York 1976

01 Artists Only/02 New Feeling/03 Happy Day/04 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That (Minus Beginning)/05 The Girls Want To Be With The Girls/06 Jerry Harrison Intro & Tuning/07 Love → Building On Fire/08 Psycho Killer/09 First Week_Last Week...Carefree/10 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel/11 The Book I Read/12 I'm Not In Love

CBGB 12/21/76

101 Artists Only/102 Let's Work (A Clean Break)/103 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That/104 With Our Love/105 Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town/106 New Feeling/107 I'm Not in Love/201 Love → Building On Fire/202 First Week _ Last Week... Carefree/203 Questions for Lovers/204 Who Is It?/205 I Feel It In My Heart/206 No Compassion/207 Pulled Up/208 Psycho Killer/209 Love is All Around/210 1-2-3 Red Light

Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam 12/11/80

01 Psycho Killer/02 Warning Sign/03 Stay Hungry/04 Cities/05 Band Intro/06 I Zimbra/07 Drugs/08 Once in a Lifetime/09 Animals/10 Houses in Motion/11 Born Under Punches/12 Crosseyed And Painless/13 Life During Wartime/14 Take Me To The River/15 The Great Curve

Sun Palace, Tokyo 2/27/81

01 Psycho Killer/02 Stay Hungry/03 Cities/04 Drugs/05 Once In A Lifetime/06 Houses In Motion/07 Born Under Punches/08 Crosseyed And Painless/09 Life During Wartime/10 The Great Curve/11 The Book I Read/12 Girls Want To Be With Girls/13 Mind

Werchter Festival, Belgium 4/7/82

01 Psycho Killer/02 Cities/03 Big Blue Plymouth/04 Once In A Lifetime/05 Mind/06 My Big Hands/07 Big Business/08 I Zimbra/09 Swamp/10 Slink/11 Houses In Motion/12 Life During Wartime

Leiden, Holland 7/1/82
01 Psycho Killer/02 Love → Building On Fire/03 Cities/04 Big Blue Plymouth/05 Once in a Lifetime/06 band intros/07 Mind/08 My Big Hands/09 Big Business/10 I Zimbra/11 Swamp/12 Slink/13 Houses in Motion/14 What a Day that Was/15 Life During Wartime/16 Take Me To the River/17 Crosseyed & Painless

Sarasota Springs 1983

01 Psycho Killer/02 Heaven/03 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel./04 Building On Fire/05 Book I Read/06 Slippery People/07 Cities/08 Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)/09 Burning Down The House/10 Life During Wartime/11 Making Flippy Floppy/12 Swamp/13 What A Day That Was/14 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)/15 Once In A Lifetime/16 Big Business/17 I Zimbra/18 Houses In Motion/19 Genius Of Love (Tom Tom Club)/20 Girlfriend Is Better/21 Take Me To The River/22 Crosseyed And Painless

Death Valley Girls

(Scott) certainly I love my guest contributors, where would I be without them?.....John N, link-dictator -of-this-part-of-the-universe, sends this one........listened and it's a good one......it's also a 2016 release, so, you know that can go two ways......some bans LOVE the exposures, and of course, some want FEWER listeners to their stuff, not more....I'm happy to oblige either, if this band wishes removal, simply ask.

Anyway, a fine effort......"Glow In the Dark" is a fine album that wears it's influences quite proudly, (punk, glam, psych, disco).......I like this one a good bit, end of year lists? we'll see, but for now, this is a good one......you might want to hurry, cause, you know........

GLOW IN THE DARK-01 Glow In the Dark/02 Disco/03 Death Valley Boogie/04 Seis Seis Seis/05 Pink Radiation/06 Im a Man Too/07 Love Spell/08 Horror Movie/09 Summertime/10 Wait For You

Steppes, Redux

(Scott) Of course Studboy sent us those Steppes files the other day, it was one I was pretty much
unfamiliar with, but what I listened to I thought was pretty damn good. Anyway, along comes reader/friend of the blog Phil Goff with a bunch more Steppes stuff......amazing that I know so little about this band, but here are four more slabs, hope you dig em!


Kathy Maguire

I Think I'll Go

Young Johnny Jones

To Carry On

It's The Real Time

Nobody's Fault

Take Heart, My Love

No Names Yet For Henry

                                                                                      ALIVE ALIVE OH (1991)

A Play On Wordsworth

Master James

Its Te Real Time/Sailing The Silver Cloud

Sky Is Falling

Lazy Ol' Son

Bad To Worse

1812 Overture

Holding Up Well

If Wed But Care

Living So Dead

Tourists From Timenotyet

A Loney Girl

Make Us Bleed

No Names Yet For Henry


Headin' Down
Drama Queen
See The Changes
All I Want Is Everything
I Can't Trust You
Who Needs More Love
In This World
I Shed The Light
You Just Don't Care
Leave It All Behind


History Hates No Man
Mary Mary
Trilogy Of One
Cut In Two
All You Wanted
Bigger Than Life
Sky Is Falling
Lord Of The Trance
Rockin' Chair
Land Of Hope
No Names Yet For Henry
People People
Kathy Maguire
3rd Love Song
Nothing Really Nothing
Now You Know
Man On The Moon
Time Goes By
In Touch
Almost 21

Links in Comment section, Thanks Phul!

Keith West's Tomorrow

Some pretty fair acid psych from 1968....I had a friend growing up named Keith West, he wasn't the
sharpest tool in the shed and never did get it when we would reference this album...oh well, anyway.....

Some pretty great psych here, the best known track is "My White Bicycle", but the entire album really needs investigation if you are into psych......Steve Howe turns in some fine guitar work on the album, and it's a true and wonderful period piece.......always liked this one, give it a listen and see what ya think, NOT  the "hard psych" of that era that I love so much, but a lighter, spacier acid sound......this is a good one!

1. My White Bicycle - 3:18
2. Colonel Brown - 2:53
3. Real Life Permanent Dream - 3:17
4. Shy Boy - 2:27
5. Revolution - 3:50
6. The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase - 3:18
7. Auntie Mary's Dress Shop - 2:46
8. Strawberry Fields Forever - 3:59
9. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs - 2:28
10.Now Your Time Has Come - 4:53
11.Hallucinations - 2:43
12.Claramount Lake - 3:02
13.Real Life Permanent Dream (Alternative Early Mono Version) - 2:24
14.Why - 3:59

MD Milner with another recent Sleater Kinney boot

Once again, there is no question as to whom my favorite (current) band is, Sleater Kinney is, for my
money, the Beatles/Stones/Clash/Nirvana of this era.....it has been a blessing and a privlege to enjoy their albums, their live recordings, and to see them live again after their energizing layoff in Columbus last December. Spectacular, NEVER made a bad album, never played a bad live set (that I havae heard).....so, that's why, ANYTHING submitted here from this incredible trio, will be shared here.....I have 100+ of their live shows etc.....posted them all once and MD Milner shipped me a cuople of fresh ones from the "No Cities To Love" tour (2015) evidently, he has located another one, and I'm more than happy to post it, unheard.

In case it has escaped you, I love Sleater Kinney, truly, and am ALWAYS on the search for new shows of theirs.....for some reason, I can't get Dime A Dozen to work anymore, but if any of you can, I'd bet that perhaps some more of their 2015 shows may be there (Columbus?!?!) if any of my little helpers would search out that site for any 2015 shows I don't have, you'll make me very happy and receive a special prize which will be beyond your imagination.

OK, this show is dated 7/18/15, from Chicago, unsure of what venue......also, having not listened to it yet, I am unsure of the source (soundboard, FM, audience) or quality......but I do know this, this is Sleater Kinney. My favorite band. Love you Carrie, Corin, and Janet!

SLEATER KINNEY 7/18/15-01 The Fox/02 Jumpers/03 Bury Our Friends/04 Oh!/05 Surface
Envy/06 No Cities to Love/07 What's Mine is Yours/08 Ironclad/09 One More Hour/10 Fangless/11 All  hands On the Bad One/12 Price Tag/13 A New Wave/14 Sympathy/15 Words and Guitar/16 Entertain/17 Dig Me Out/18 Modern Girl/19 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/20 Little Babies

What a great set list.....of course it's easy when you have no bad material to have to consider. I don't get all "fan like" on more than maybe ten bands, but, for certain, this is one of them. On occasion, I guess, the inner teenager sneeks out of all of us!

John N sends some killer stuff today, more than usual....Zombies BBC Sessions

That John N is an amazing piece of work......he sends me links by the truckload, saying if I wish to use them go for it, if not, no big deal......A LOT of the stuff he sends me fits in here perfectly well, and a lot of it fills in gaps in my collection that i thought I'd never fill ( Jack & the Bearded Fishermen, Love Sculpture, more than I can name), AS WELL as fills requests for stuff I'd been seeking (Busboys, Rubber City Rebels, Nona Hendryx), just does amazing work helping me out with this stuff, and ultimately getting it to you......I speak often, and highly, of my contributing staff, but I'd like to throw a special nod to John N this evening, just for the volume of work he does. Believe me, my friend, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

So, let's come out punching......I did a post on the Zombies a month or two ago, always thought they were one of the better British Invasion bands, their singles were edgy, different, and ahead of thier times. I think I may have used to have had a copy of this, or perhaps not, I've heard a lot of it, perhaps on latter-day radio broadcasts. Really, really fine stuff, the singles are here (a stellar "She's Not There", multiple versions of "Tell Her No") lots of good, well done cover material from some fine writers (Curtis Mayfield, Carole King, more)
.....A TON of  most interesting and enjoyable interviews (which I enjoyed nearly as much s the music, sometimes the BBC was wonderful at between-song interviews and the like.

Highly recommended, if you are a Zombies, or of the fine "BBC Radio Sessions" series....this is a fine example of both.

DISC 1-01 Road Runner/02 You make Me Feel Good/03 Wee Baby Blues/04 She's Not There/05 Interview: The Zombies find America/06 What More Can I Do/07 Interview: Before They Were the Zombies/08 Tell her No/09 I;m Going Home/10 For You My Love/11 Interview: Different Instruments/12 Tell her No #2/13 Soulville/14 Rip It Up/15 Interview: The Zombies Go to University/16 Can't Nobody Love You/17 Tell her No #3/18 You Must Believe Me/19 Interview: Globetrotting Zombies/20 Whenever You're Ready/21 Just Out of Reach/22 Just a Little Bit

DISC 2-01 It's All Right/02 Interview: The Zombies Talk About America/03 Will You love Me Tomorrow/
The Lovelight Starts Shining Through Her Eyes/05 If It Don't Work Out/06 Just a Little Bit/07 Interview:
Pop Profile-Colin Bluestone/08 Gotta Get Ahold of Myself/09 Interview:Colin talks About the Continent/10 
Goin' Out of My head/11 This Old Heart of Mine Is Weak For You/12 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever/
13 This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You)/14 Friends of Mine/15 The Look of Love/16 Kenny Everett 
Interview & Jingle

The Animated Egg

(Scott) Another John N submission, "Guitar Freakout" By The Animated Egg has been a fave of mine and some of my bros for a while......kind of hard to explain what this is all about so I'm going to do a cut/paste thing which explains it much better than I ever could. Guitar freaks rejoice, if you are unaware of Jerry Cole, certainly time to change THAT!

The late L.A. session guitar genius Jerry Cole has long been worshipped for his work with everyone from the Beach Boys and the Byrds to Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and by surf fans as the leader of the Spacemen. But unbeknownst to many, Cole was also the driving force behind the Animated Egg, a fictitious band whose lone, self-titled 1967 LP is one of the greatest psychedelic exploitation records ever to hit the budget bins of U.S. chain stores—and eventually the want lists of big-spending DJs and collectors. 

Comprised of splashy, fuzz-drenched “Now Sound” instrumental groovers,  The Animated Egg easily lives up to both the eBay hype and the promise of its evocative track titles: “Sure Listic,” “Sock It My Way,” “Sippin’ and Trippin’,” and—yes indeed—“I Said, She Said, Ah Cid.” In addition to the rare self-titled LP by the Animated Egg, this collection also includes cuts by other related Cole projects: the Projection Company, the Generation Gap, T. Swift & the Electric Bag, and the Stone Canyon Rock Group. Sourced from the original analog masters, Sundazed’s glorious CD and high-definition double-LP vinyl editions of this hallowed prize are a must for turntablists and brain-trippers alike.


So, get the idea? How are you gonna pass on something called "I Said, She Said, Ah Cyd"........this is something of an unknown semi-classic, honestly like to know what newbies think of it, it's REALLY worth your while!

GUITAR FREAKOUT-01 A Love Built on Sand/02 Inside Looking Out/03 I Said, She Said, Ah Cid/04 "T"omorrow/05 Sure Listic/06 Slippin' And Trippin'/ 07 Dark/08 Down Down and Gone/09 Sock It My Way/10 That's How It Is/11 Fool's Luck/12 What's Your Bag/13 Boil the Kettle/14 Light Show/15 Expo In Sound/16 Free Form In 6/17 Our Man Hendrix/18 Red Eyes/19 Hard Times/20 Tune Out of Place/21 Kimeaa

The Plastic Cloud

(Scott) this has been something of a fave of mine for a while as well, pretty certain I've not posted this one either (in case I didn't say so, John N sent me this one today as well......it's some good light Canadian psych rock, and, I think, the review I located of it seems to sum it up well, so why not another cut/paste evaluation (trying to hurry getting ready for work, also)

The Plastic Cloud were a psychedelic rock band based out of Bay Ridges, Ontario.  Had their homebase been located elsewhere (San Fran, NYC, or LA) things may have been veryDIFFERENT for the Plastic Cloud but instead this sole album has languished in obscurity.  Psych fans and collectors remain divided, however: collectors consider Plastic Cloud one of Canada’s best psych albums (or indeed the best from anywhere) while some jaded day-trippers merely find it just ok/NOTHING special.   All lyrics were written by guitarist/vocalist Don Brewer but other members were drummer Randy Umphrey, bass player Brian Madill, and guitarist Mike Cadieux.
At first listen I was not impressed with the Plastic Cloud’s only offering.  After reading all the hype about mind-jarring fuzz guitars and John Lennon-like vocals I found the disc rather mediocre and unimpressive.  After several more spins I began to appreciate the band’s intensity and lysergic charm: this disc truly does deliver the goods if you’re into hardcore, late-night psych sounds.  Two of the tracks (“Civilization Machine” and “You Don’t Care”) comeCLOSE to or exceed the ten minute mark and both are repetitive but also very good.   “You Don’t Care” features nasty eastern style fuzztone and powerful drum work that never bores despite its 10.5 minute length.  Other tracks like “Epistle To Paradise” and the superb “Bridge Under The Sky” show a dreamy, softer folk-rock side which is equally appealing.  These tracks have a nice trippy production and attractive ringing guitars.  Another gem, the “Dainty General Rides Again” sounds like a lost British psych pop nugget and features a nice brief fuzz guitar break.  While not a major classic, Plastic Cloud is surely one of theBETTER Canadian psych albums and is consistently good throughout.  The guitarists’ tones vaguely remind me of Jorma Kaukonen’s work with the Jefferson Airplane: these guitar tones coil, uncoil, and burrow deep into your head like all great psych guitar solos should.  Once again, if you enjoy great, ripping fuzz guitar and sinister vocals (check out “Shadows Of Your Mind”) this album isDEFINITELY for you.
Originals came out on Allied in 1968 and are very expensive.  TheGROUP also released a single off Allied in 1968 (“Shadows Of Your Mind” coupled with “The Dainty General”).  The best and only official cd reissue I know of is by Pacemaker (from 2005) although it offers nothing in the way of liner notes, just a couple of photos.  If Canada produced acknowledged, underrated classics like Spirit Of Christmas’ Lies To Live By (prog), The Guess Who’s It’s Time (garage/beat), The Sinners Vox Populi(psych pop/garage) and Kensington Market’s Aardvark (psych pop) then Plastic Cloud is just a notch or so below theseRECORDS but still a great album.


Pretty accurate, I'd say, but I think maybe I like the album a bit better than does the reviewer.....psych fans, this has all the elements of the stuff we love, fuzz guitar, 10 minute songs, Eastern-style dabblings......not a "classic" so to speak, but I find it a damn solid, and not that well known album. See what you think, I like this one a good bit.

PLASTIC CLOUD-01 Epistle to Paradise/02 Shadows of Your Mind/03 Ain't A happy Man/04 You Don't Care/05 Bridge Under the Sky/06 Face Behind the Sun/07 Dainty General Rides/Civilization Machines

Nick Drake Peel Session 1969

I'm making the assumption that this is fairly rare in that I have never known of it's existence, it's
another of the amazing slew of links sent today by John N......this is Drake just starting out, should be interesting as hell......I'll hold judgement until I hear it, but ya gotta admit it SOUNDS interesting!

NICK DRAKE PEEL SESSIONS-01 Time of No Reply/02 River Man/03 Three Hours/04 Bryter Later/05 Cello Song

Part 2 of Jonder's Collection of Iggy Collaborations

(Scott)-Once again this evening, I am planning on posting quite a bit of good stuff for you, my plan of
slacking off once I returned to work didn't quite go anything like that, for a variety of reasons. In the lead off slot ala Rickey Henderson (it's a BASEBALL reference for gawd's sake!) is one of our splendid regulars, following up his previously posted set of Iggy Pop collaborations with this, which spotlights Mr. Osterburg taking on various other genres......things are about to get strange.......
There is a sophisticated side to Iggy Pop.  He is fond of jazz, and speaks French.  He has recorded readings of William S. Burroughs, Walt Whitman, and Edgar Allen Poe.  He has done voice work for the film Persopolis, an opera about the Manson Family, and the TV show Lil' Bush.   And he has lent his rich baritone to a surprising variety of other artists' songs.

Thanks to my Grow Bored bro Brian for "We Have All The Time In The World",  part of Brian's cool James Bond compilation, which you can still download here:growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/03/brian-strikes-back-with-james-bond-007.html.

Thanks to left-and-to-the-back.blogspot.com for the Upholstered Eldorados track.  A commenter suggested the Raindogs track, and ihatethe90s.blogspot.com found it for me.  Thank you both!  "Dance Of The Freaks" starts with a verse from a "pimp toast" of the same name, which Iggy repeats mid-song.  If you want to know more about the oral tradition of toasts, here is a link to the book "Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me":  tinyurl.com/GitchaA

I shortened "Nothin But Time", a painfully long Cat Power song from her breakup album, Sun.  She wanted David Bowie to sing on it, and she was clearly going for a "Heroes" vibe, but the Ig got the gig.  

Iggy has also appeared on records by the reunited New York Dolls, Kesha, The Cult, Jemina Pearl, Was Not Was, Joe Jackson, Hole, Bill Laswell, Mogwai, and (of course) David Bowie.  This is my second set of Iggy guest spots.  The first was posted here:  growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/06/jonders-iggy-collaborations-post.html

IGGY SWINGS:  tinyurl.com/1gSw1ngz

01 Stray Dog (with New Order)
02 Risky (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
03 We Have All The Time In The World (with David Arnold)
04 I'll Be Seeing You (with Françoise Hardy)
05 La Dernière Pluie (with Emmanuelle Seigner)
06 Initial BB (with Lulu Gainsbourg)
07 La Uva (with Le Butcherettes)
08 Daw da Hiya (with Ofra Haza)
09 My Love Is Bad (with Les Rita Mitsouko)
10 Well, Did You Evah (with Debbie Harry)
11 Evil California (with the Low Note Quintet)
12 In The Deathcar (with Goran Bregovic)
13 I Wanna Talk Like Iggy Pop (by the Upholstered Eldorados)
14 He's Frank (Slight Return) (with The BPA)
15 Punkrocker (Squeak E. Clean Remix) (with Teddybears)
16 Nothin But Time (with Cat Power)
17 Dance Of The Freaks (with the Raindogs)
18 Milk Cow Blues
19 Asshole Rules The Navy (with A Hack And A Hacksaw


Thanks again to Jonder for another highly imaginative, informative AND entertaining creation......as always, I hope it inspires others to strive for similar creations. Thanks to Jonder, a great contributor!

Barry & the Remains

I've posted this album (the lone effort by Barry & the Remains, noted for "Don't Look Back", one of the "Nuggets" singles of them all), but had no idea it existed in this expanded edition with TEN bonus tracks.......don't know how much you know about them other than maybe "Don't Look Back", they opened for the Beatles at one point and apparently were an absolute legendary act in Boston, if you read about their live shows, it sounds like the stuff of legend.....to be totally honest, this album doesn't really reveal a whole lot of that, other than "Don't Look Back", however, it isn't "bad" and certainly this amount of bonus material makes it worth our while.

01 Heart/02 Lonely Weekend/03 Don't Look Back/04 Why Do I Cry/05 Diddy Wah Diddy/06 You Got a Hard Time Coming/07 Once Before/08 Thank You/09 Time of Day/10 Say You're Sorry/11 Mercy Mercy/12 I Can't Get Away From You/13 But I Ain't Got You/14 Me Right Now/15 My Babe/16 I'm Talkin Bout You/17 Ain't That Her (outtake)/18 Baby I Believe In You (Outtake)/19 When I Want to Know (outtake)/20 All Good Things (outtake)


Really (and I checked), how the hell has this blog went on for so long, with it's semi-theme of stoner
rock, and NOT have, at anytime, a full feature on Swedish greats Dozer? (Fu Manchu, either, but that's another matter).......well, anyway......once they create the Stoner rock Hall of Fame, Dozer will be admitted, with their loud, brutish, crucnching- kick -in -the-guts rock.

Formed in 1995 in Borlange Sweden, from vocalist/guitarist Fredrik Nordin, guitarist Tommi Holappa, basasist Johan Rockner, and drummer Olle Marthens......there have been changes in the rythem section since, but the band's sound is based around the roaring guitars of Nordin and Holappa, as well as Nordin's growing, snarling vocals.

The first release, 2000's "In the Tail of a Comet", while very rough, still shows the potential of what was to come......allegedly it was recorded for less than $1000, and I could likely believe that....still it booms out power with blasters like "Lightyears Ahead", "Supersoul", and "High Roller".

The following year they would unleash "Madre de Dios", which spaces/psychs out the sound a bit in lieu of the straight up pounding rock of the earlier album......this is a good one, flows right through from start to finish....."Let the Shit Roll", Octanoid", "Earth Yeti", "Thunderbolt".......perhaps their best album, one of the essentials of the early 2000's stoner scene.

Album #3, "Call it Conspiracy", is nearly as good if not better......."The Hills Have Eyes" hits like a slap in the face, "Blacklight Revolution" and "Lightning Stalker" are as good as any stoner rock of the era......these guys were NOT exactly "Sons of Kyuss", thier sound owed a bit more to the Five Horse Johnson/Spiritual Beggars sound (a BIT less spacey, a bit blusier)....something wrong with THAT?

"Through the Eyes of  Heathens" continues the trend, good, solid, hard riffing heavy ended stoner rock, THE sound of the early 00's.......I'm unsure, I think there is some "concept" at work here, it's not something most of the stoner bands did real well, that "conceptual" thing.....but, anyway, it still rocks like fuck, "Until man Exists No More", "Omega Glory", "man of Fire"......it's good stuff, and to these ears it SORT OF fits together in some kind of cohesive manner....

The most recent release from these bad boys came from 2008, "Beyond Colossal", fine album as well,
making them basically 4/5 if you don't consider the debut to be great.......their lyrical themes continue to get more "out there' (HEY, STONER ROCK MAAAAAN), but, seriously, great stuff, "The Flood", "Message Throught the Horses", lots more.....guys you done damn good.

But, as Blue Oyster Cult would say, wait! There's more......how about the TWO DISC Dozer Rarities, which contains ALL KINDSA cool shit, from various splits (Demon Cleaner, Los Natas (one of my faves, remember?), Brain Police), also demos  and B-sides, not to mention and oddball cover of Devo's "Mongoloid".

Also a couple of other things, Dozer contributed a disc to the "Fuzzbox Finest Series" (as did Wrench the other day) which contains a handful of tracks that are not on any of the other discs here.....also, I KNOW I have a couple of their EP's, etc, around here, just not finding them right now, but hopefully this can get you started!

IN THE TAIL OF A COMET-01 Supersoul/02 Lightyears Ahead/03 Speeder/04 Inside the Falcon/05 Riding the Machine/06 Cupola/07 Grand Dragon/08 Captain Spaceheart/09 High Roller

MADRE DE DIOS-01 Let the Shit Roll/02 Freeloaded/03 Soulshigh/04 Octanoid/05 Earth Yeti/06 Full Circle/07 Mono Impact/08 Early Grace/09 tx-9/10 Thinderbolt

CALL IT CONSPIRACY-01 The Hills Have Eyes/02 Rising/03 Feelgood Formula/04 The Exit/05 Spirit Fury Fire/06 A Matter of Time/07 Man made Mountain/08 Way to Redemption/09 Crimson Highway/10 Black Light Revolution/11 Glorified/12 Lightning Stalker

THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS-01 Drawing Dead/02 Born a Legend/03 From Fire Fell/04 Until man Exists No More/05 Days of Future Past/06 Omega Glory/07 Blood Undone/08 The Roof The River The Revolver/09 Man of Fire/10 Big Sky Theory

BEYOND COLOSSAL-01 The Flood/02 Extoskeleton part 2/03 Empire's End/04 The Ventriloquist/05 Grand Inquisitor/06 Message Through the Horses/07 The Throne/08 Fire For Crows/09 Two Coins For Eyes/10 Bound For Greatness

RARITIES DISC 1-01 Typhoon (Nerve! Compilation 1997)/02 Mammoth mountain (Nerve!
Compilation 1997)/03 Twilight Sleep (Coming Down the Mountain 12" 1998)/04 Tanglefoot (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner 7" 1998)/05 Certerline (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner 7" 1998)/06 Silverball (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner Hawaiian Cottage EP)/07 Hail the Dude (Dozer vs Demon Cleaner Domestic Dudes EP)/08 She (Graven Images-A Tribute to the Misfits)/09 Phantom (The Phantom 7" 2000)/10 Sub Ethena (The Phantom 7" 2000)

RARITIES DISC 2-01  Rings of Saturn (madre de Dios 12" Bonus Track)/02 Day of the Rope (Day of the Rope 7" vinyl 2002)/03 The Electrocutioner (Day of the Rope 7" Vinyl)/04 Sonic Reducer (Los Natas split)/05 The Wreck (Rising Single 2003)/06 Southern Star (Call It Conspiracy 12" Bonus Track)/07 Star By Star (Rising Single 2003)/08 Vinegar Fly (Demo 2005)/09 Mongoloid (Devo Cover-Sucking In the 70's 2nd Edition)/10 Extoskeleton (Brain Police Split 2007)

IN FULL EFFECT EP-01 In Full Effect (Original Mix)/02 In Full Effect (Radio Edit)/03 Drop the Bomb (Original Mix)/04 Drop the Bomb (Radio Edit)

FUZZBOX FINEST SERIES-01 Let the Shit Roll/02 Calamari Sidetrip/03 Supersoul/04 Captain Spaceheart/05 Drawing Dead/06 Full Circle/07 Orange/08 Two Ton Butterfly

The Doors Part 15 (Of Many)

On and on we tredge, hey, I promised you more Doors than you can stomach, and you ARE gonna get it.....HA!.....tonight we have a 2 disc set, live in 1970 from Philadelphia, and if you think we are close to bing done with flogging Jimbo and the boys, guess another time, Hector......this Torrent was/is HUGE, and I am going to impress the internet world with my resolve and my determination to bring (nearly) every note ever recorded by the Doors to the blogosphere world!

Anyways, two discs live in Philly (My fave American city, which I am sure means not a thing to any of you pogues), lets see what we got here....

Well, let us see.....looks, to me, like a fairly standard Doors set, Disc 1 although it contains nothing unusual, really hits hard, opening with "Roadhouse Blues" and ending up with "Light My Fire", while also including "Break On Through" and "When the Music's Over", a really good set.

Disc 2 is something of a throwaway, actually, although "Been Down So Long" rarely turned up in thier live sets........

Hey guys, I'm in it to win it.......ALL this Doors stuff is on my hard drive, time this is over, it's gonna be on yours, too!

DISC 1-01 Announcer-Sit Down/02 Tuning/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 Break On through/05 Back Door man/06 Ship of Fools/07 Universal Mind/08 When the Music's Over/09 Mystery Train/10 Wake Up!/11 Light My Fire

DISC 2-01 The Concert Continues/02 Maggie M'Gill/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 Been Down So Long/05 The Music Capital of the World Philadelphia/06 Carol/07 Soul Kitchen

And there is still a LOT more, just beware, young'uns!

Brian: Thou Shalt Not Covet

(Scott) I'm not going to say much here, except that I find this piece heartfelt and well written.....many of us, if not all have "been there".......please, take the time to read AND listen, this guy has poured his heart into this and that is fantastic......I support him in his time of sadness, and please, if you read this, you will feel the hurt as well.

"If I could stick my pen in my heart
And spill it all over the stage,
Would it satisfy you?
Would it slide on by you?
Would you think the boy is strange?"

- The Rolling Stones

I've written and deleted this post several times, never sure if I was gonna put it up or not. It gets rather personal. My head hasn't been in the best place the last month or so. I will now try to describe why in as simple a fashion as I can....

There is a couple that I've worked with the last 2 years. We're all good work buddies. The clincher is: I've had a bad crush on the girl for a long time. She's sweet, a little shy, fiercely intelligent, and very pretty. I make her laugh quite a lot. We make work a little more tolerable for each other. And the kicker of it is: I'm 38, the guy is 28, and she just turned 21. You can kinda guess how this feels...

Anyway, learned months ago they were gonna be married. Was surprised at the depth of my feelings regarding that. Wasn't gonna reenact the final scene from The Graduate or anything, but it did affect me. I've been leading the single dad life now for many years. I haven't had anyone else to really care about outside of that, and I find myself genuinely enamored with this girl, this child who was born a few weeks before I graduated from high school. That'll put a fucking zap on your head, Jack...

Anyway, several things have come to a head in the last month. She celebrated her birthday weeks ago, and I got her several presents. Realized a little too late I had gone overboard. Mind you, it was just a cool t-shirt and a necklace, but it was very unexpected, I could tell. I knew she was leaving our job after their wedding, and I just wanted to get something nice, you know? I also made the mistake of writing a bit on a card. (Dumb). I didn't use the "L" word, but I did say how much I cared about her...

"Love is just a four letter word..."
- Dylan

And BAM! I put all my cards on the table. Not with any hope of achieving anything, but just wanting to be honest with someone for once. And then I find out a few days ago that they had gone through the presents and read my heartfelt card together. Not maliciously, but still: both of them. I'm mortified. She reads it and throws it away, that I can live with. But not sitting with the fiancée and going through it. It's like somebody spell-checking your diary.

Anyway, it's all said and done. They even had me at their wedding. They're married now and on honeymoon in Germany, where he's apparently trying to pump a baby in her already. And work gossip being what it is, I've discovered a few things regarding someone's fidelity in the days leading up to their wedding. It's become toxic in a whole bunch of ways. I'm backing away from this thing like my clothes are on fire. I'm determined not to be the odd guy pining away for the girl, been there too much already.

The point of all this is, during the last year or so, as I was assembling different projects and collating favorite songs, I was slowly compiling songs that made me think of her. Many of them I played at work, and quite a few of them I remember her liking. I decided to upload this comp, mainly as a way of compartmentalizing and abstracting my feelings. I'm perfectly fine, but I know this whole thing is done. What this comp is a tribute to is what she made me feel. It snuck up on me, it really did. Maybe it's just a work crush and nothing more. I'm living with that and leaving her alone. But I am glad I thanked her, whether or not she fully understood it.

Maybe this comp will mean something to you; maybe you'll just want to get back to live boots and psych band rarities. But here it is: my heart, 90+ minutes. And regarding the cover art and these pics, she likes penguins. And I wouldn't be a creep and post it, but I wish I could show you all a picture of her. You'd understand.

"I saw thee on thy bridal day,
When a burning blush came o'er thee.
Though happiness all around thee lay,
The world all love before thee."

- "Song", Edgar Allan Poe

1. A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras                                                               
2. Michelle Branch - All You Wanted
3. SWANS - 1000 Years
4. Melissa Etheridge - Nowhere To Go
5. Bob Mould - Life and Times
6. Jennifer Warnes - I Know a Heartache When I See One 
7. M - Crazy For You (Remix)
8. Jack Downing - Queen Jane Approximately 
9. Matthew Sweet - Smog Moon
10. SWANS- Breathing Water
11. Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
12. Adam Sandler- Like A Hurricane
13. P - The Beautiful Ones 
14. Foreigner - Until the End Of Time 
15. Laura Pausini- En Cambio No
16. Cleo - Poison (acoustic)
17. The Flaming Lips- Do You Realize?
18. Scorpions- Send Me An Angel (orchestral)
19. Jennifer Warnes - I'm Dreaming 
20. This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren
21. NIN - Something I Can Never Have 

I'll get back to some regular type posting eventually.

A PJ Harvey show from a couple of days ago

(Scott) From Jon S, of course, comes a live show from PJ Harvey, 6/14/16, Tuesday by my count......

PJ Harvey - Les Nuits de Fourvière, Lyon, FR 2016-06-14

Format: .ts
Size: 2.1 GB

Chain of Keys
The Ministry of Defence
The Community of Hope
The Orange Monkey
A Line in the Sand
Let England Shake
The Words That Maketh Murder
The Glorious Land
When Under Ether
Dollar, Dollar
The Wheel
The Ministry of Social Affairs
50ft Queenie
Down by the Water
To Bring You My Love
River Anacostia

Working for the Man
A Perfect Day, Elise