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The Doors Part 12 (Of Many)

Tried to get the rest of the X post ready for this evening, but not quite there yet, same for the next part of
Talking Heads.......maybe a hot dog or two too many on the grill right now, but it's all good, I'll catch up! Hope to have the next part of X done tomorrow (I decided it will be three parts, I may as well go ahead and post the studio albums I have from them), and perhaps some Heads as well.....got some other stuff lined up for the weekend as well, but when I hit a delay/snag, well there's ALWAYS more Doors!

Presenting the two-disc Live In Detroit 1970, I think fairly hard to locate, not sure, but here it is in all its glory (hey, I coulda put up the NYC live set, SEVEN discs, it'll be here one of these days!)....couple of unusual selections in the set list I guess, "People Get Ready" and "Away in India" on the first disc, "Carol", "Mean Mustard Blues", and (wait for it) "Heartbreak Hotel" on the second.....so, anyway, if you seek to own EVERY note the Doors ever created, here's the next link in the chain. Have at ya!

DISC 1-01 Tuning/02 Roadhouse Vamp/03 Hello to the Cities/04 Dead Cats Dead Rats/05 Break On Through/06 Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)/07 Back Door Man/08 Five to One/09 Roadhouse Blues/10 You make Me Real/11 Ship of Fools/12 When the Music's Over/13 People Get Ready/14 Mystery Train/15 Away In India/16 Crossroads

DISC 2-01 Tuning #2/02 Carol/03 Light My Fire/04 Been Down So Long/05 Love Hides/06 Mean Mustard Blues/07 Carol (Reprise)/08 Close to You/09 I'm a King Bee/10 Rock Me Baby-Heartbreak Hotel/11 The End

As I said, I should have "The X Collaboration, part 2" done tomorrow, and hopefully "Talking Heads part 4" both done by tomorrow....if not, well, life can be cruel.....

Part 2 of a Jon S/Big Scott X collaboration

Took me a bit longer to prep my part of this, I hope (I know) that you enjoyed Jon S' cool series of X
bootlegs posted a couple days ago......I have a handful of older boots from the band, who always were one of my favorites....VERY soon, also, I'll get around to posting the studio albums that I have as well as the TREMENDOUS "X Anthology" which is a major gem in itself.

So, I'm really not going to describe each of these shows......I loved X's unique punkabilly, LOVED Exene Cervenka's one of a kind vocals, which she traded off masterfully with John Doe, who was slamming out those one-of-a-kind X -riffs.....and a perfect rhythm section of Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake (HELL yes!), X was one of THE great American bands of the late 70's/early 80's.....my favorite album was BY FAR the masterpiece "Wild Gift", followed by "Los Angeles", both of which are well represented on each of these sets....the latter albums were not as great, but, the songs still translate well on stage......yet ANOTHER one of those bands I wish i could have seen, but these boots could be the next best thing I guess....

I'll have to check, I think I am missing a couple of their later studio albums, when I do THAT post, I'm sure someone (Jon S?) will help me out! Til then rock these boots, they fucking rule!

UNKNOWN VENUE, LOS ANGELES, 12/28/78 (Date uncertain)-01 You're Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not/02 We're Desperate/03 Beyond N Back/04 It's Who You know/05 The Unheard Music/06 Year 1/07 Soul Kitchen/08 The World's a Mess (It's In My Kiss)/09 Universal Corner/10 I'm Coming Over

CLUB 88 LOS ANGLES (EARLY SHOW) 1/10/81-01 Hi/02 Some Other Time/03 We're Desperate/04 Sex and Dying in High Society/05 Universal Corner/06 Beyond and Back/07 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/08 Nausea/09 The Once Over Twice/10 Back 2 the Base/11 Year 1/12 In This House That I Call Home/13 Los Angeles/14 You're Phone's Off the Hook (But You're Not)/15 Sugarlight/16 It's who You know/17 Soul Kitchen

THE CATALYST SANTA CRUZ CA 10/26/82 DISC 1-01 Under the Big Black Sun/02 You're Phone's
Off the Hook (But You're Not)/03 Real Child Of Hell/04 Blue Spark/05 Los Angeles/06 We're Desperate/07 The Once Over Twice/08 The Have Nots/09 Some Other Time/10 Because I Do/11 Back 2 the Base/12 A Little Blues Vamp/13 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/14 The Unheard Music/15 The hungry Wolf

THE CATALYST SANTA CRUZ CA 10/26/82 DISC 2-01 Beyond and Back/02 nausea/03 It's Who You Know/04 The Worlds a mess (It's In My Kiss)/05 How I (Learned My Lesson)/06 Sugarlight/07 Motel Room In My bed/08 Riding With Mary/09 Year 1/10 Soul Kitchen/11 In This House That I Call Home/12 White Girl

THE AGORA WEST HARTFORD 2/21/83-01 (Intro)/02 Sugarlight/03 Real Child of Hell/04 Some Other Time/05 The have Nots/06 Sex and Dying In High Society/07 How I (Learned My Lesson)/08 White Girl/09 Unheard Music/10 Los  Angeles/11 Back 2 the Base/12 I'm Coming Over/13 The Hungry Wolf/14 Nausea/15 Year 1/16 True Love/17 Universal Corner/18 Beyond and Back/19 We're Desperate/20 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/21 Because I Do/22 Encore Break/Banter/23 We're having Much More Fun/24 Motel Room In My Bed/25 Soul Kitchen

THE WHISKEY A GO GO 1988 DISC 1-01 Los Angeles/02 In This House That I Call Home/03 The New World/04 Around My Heart/05 Surprise Surprise/06 Because I Do/07 Burning House of Love/08 My Goodness/09 Blue Spark/10 The Once Over Twice/11 Devil Doll (includes Excerpt of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues")/12 The Hungry Wolf

THE WHISKEY A GO GO 1988 DISC 2-01 Just Another Perfect Day/02 Unheard Music/03 Riding With Mary/04 The World's a Mess (It's In My Kiss)/05 True Love/06 White Girl/07 Skin Deep Town/08 So Long/09 The Call of the Wreckin Ball/10 Year 1/11 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline

L'AMOUR BROOKLYN 11/26/85-01 Intro/02 We're having Much More Fun/03 Real Child of Hell/04 Year One/05 Make the Music Go Bang/06 White Girl/07 True Love/08 The Hungry Wolf/09 Beyond and Back/10 Poor Girl/11 Nausea/12 The New World/13 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/14 Los Angeles/15 Blue Spark/16 True Love Part 2/17 Breathless/18 We're Desperate/19 Soul Kitchen/20 Motel Room In My Bed/21 Devil Doll/22 Some Other Time/23 It's Who You Know/24 Because I Do

MY FATHERS PLACE 11/12/83-01 True Love part 1/02 In This House That I Call Home/03 The Hungry
Wolf/04 More Fun In the New World/05 Universal Corner/06 True Love part 2/07 Beyond and Back/08 Los Angeles/09 Make the Music Go Bang/10 Some Other Time/11 Hot House/12 Soul Kitchen/13 Breathless/14 Medley/15 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/16 Motel Room In My Bed/17 Poor Girl/18 Devil Doll

Hope you all enjoy them, look for the studio discs in a day or three, they rule as well!

Some cool stuff from Walden Rekords

(scott) This was sent to my email for review from Copenhagen Denmark, a spilt CD of (allegedly, haven't listened yet) good stoner rock (Danish stoner stuff is often QUITE good!).....if they didn't want me to share it, they shouldn't have sent it to me, please feel free to check this out and enjoy, I LOVE when labels/bands send stuff to this site, THAT is how you get heard...the bands in question here are Hjortene and President Fletch.....here's the info as it was sent to me.....

None og these bands are wet behind the ears on Denmark’s stoner/punk scene. No, Hjortene and President Fetch have big ol’ hairy balls when it comes to rockin’ solid in the underground.  

President Fetch is in fact the oldest still existing punk band in Denmark, and have shredded since 1987. Hjortene has been in a consistent trio line up since 2004.

Hjortene did a very well received debut album two years ago, which featured VALIENT HIMSELF from VALIENT THORR, LORENZO WOODROSE (BABY WOODROSE). Hjortene supported VALIENT THORR on their German tour, and have toured intensely in Scandinavia - especially Norway.

President Fetch have played all over Europe and are frequent guests and vodka drinking in Finland, and have toured Germany, Holland and Switzerland. They were the first band from the west to play in Poland, after the iron curtain fell. This is their 8th release.

Everything is mastered by the great Flemming Rasmussen (METALLICA) in Sweet Silence Studio.

Live video from Hjortene’s recording session (the track Mand I Sort): 

The split-LP will be out in 500 individually colored vinyls on the 3rd of June, and will be available on these bandcamp sites:


RELEASE: 6/6 2016

PRODUCER HJORTENE: DR. HANSEN (Baby Woodrose/Spids Nøgenhat)

MAND I SORT (6:03) 
BAD MOON (3:41) 
TANTRA (to be continued…) (1:46) 

President Fetch

Jonder's Iggy collaborations post

(scott)-Lots of folks have weighed in on Iggy here, seems on right that blog regular Jonder comes up with an
original concept, a series of collaborations that Mr. Osterburg has done with others, as well as a handfull of covers.....great stuff, this needed to be documented somewhere, personally I've always thought his collaboration with Peaches ("Kick It") was fab, and Black Flag, Buckethead, Boss Martians, and basically everyone here seems like a perfect compliment to Iggy.....keep in mind this is only part ONE (of two) and all thanks to Jonder for this fine piece of work!

Iggy Pop has collaborated with a surprising range of artists during the past 25 years.  Here are some of his guest appearances, as well as tracks from tribute albums.  I've got another set of Iggy collaborations coming, which will feature Mr. Pop's forays into jazz, blues, electronic and world music.  

Today's set focuses on the rock songs.  They're not all great, but if you're an Iggy fan you gotta hear "Mars Is For Martians" and his wicked version of  "Sookie Sookie".

We Are The Lilies is a project that involved Sergio Dias from the Brazilian group Os Mutantes.  The BPA is another alias for Fatboy Slim, and "Superfrank" is a remix of a Monochrome Set cover ("He's Frank"). 

I combined Iggy's two songs with At The Drive In:  his surrealistic spoken intro to "Enfilade" segues into the blistering "Rolodex Propaganda".  I also shortened "Post Office Buddy" (sorry, Buckethead fans).

IGGY ROCKS:  tinyurl.com/1ggyRox

01 Mars Is For Martians (with the Boss Martians)
02 If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up (Betty Davis cover with the Zig Zags)
03 Kick It (with Peaches)
04 Miniskirt Blues (with the Cramps)
05 Punkrocker (with the Teddybears)
06 Superfrank (BPA remix of Monochrome Set cover)
07 Why? (with We Are The Lilies)
08 Let's Boot And Rally (with Bethany Consentino from Best Coast)
09 Sookie Sookie (Don Covay cover)
10 We're All Gonna Die (with Slash)
11 Fix Me (Black Flag cover)
12 Post Office Buddy (with Buckethead)
13 Enfilade intro/Rolodex Propaganda (with At The Drive-In)
14 Black Sunshine (with White Zombie)
15 Aisha (with Death In Vegas)
16 Supersonic (with the Nymphs)
17 Pain (with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse)
18 Lonely Boy (Black Keys cover with Ginger Baker)
19 You Better Run (Junior Kimbrough cover with the Stooges)
20 Nobody's City (Jeffrey Lee Pierce cover with Nick Cave)
21 C'mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran cover)

Talking Heads Part 4

OK, here is the first batch of my Talking Heads boots....always a tremendous live band, NONE of the
shows I feature here will disappoint......

My favorite, actually, is the first one, from 1977, before they even "were" talking Heads, a VERY short set from the mecca that was CBGB's.....just four songs, and every one of them will nail your ass to the floor.

Next up for today, I have a 1977 San Francisco set. The T-heads run through a fine set of material from their first two classic discs , and throw in a bizarre encore (as they were known to do on occasion), with "1-2-3 Red Light".

Also from 1977 comes a fine set from Syracuse NY.....again, no real "surprises" in the set list as all their songs were pretty much classics anyway, but kind of an odd encore with "Love Is All Around".......

We'll wrap up today's Talking Heads cluster with a 1978 set from Renssalaer NY. Still, a fairly standard set list, but the set still smokes, in particular the set opening "Take Me To The River" and the closing "Found a Job"........what I am saying is the Heads were one of the great stage bands of them all, please take advantage of this chance to hear them at their absolute peak!

CBGB 5/31/77-01 Don't Worry About the Government/02 Take Me To the River/03 Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town/04 Psycho Killer

SAN FRANCISCO 12/03/77-01 Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town/02 With Our Love/03 The Book I Read/04 Artists Only/05 Stay Hungry/06 The Big Country/07 New Feeling/08 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel/09 Who is It/10 Psycho Killer/11 No Compassion/12 1-2-3 Red Light

SYRACUSE 1977-01 Radio Intro/02 Love Goes to A Building On Fire/03 Uh Oh, Love Comes to Town/04 Don't Worry About the Government/05 Take Me To the River/06 The Book I Read/07 New Feeling/08 A Clean Break/09 Stay Hungry/10 Thank You For Sending Me an Angel/11 Pulled Up/12 No Compassion/13 Psycho Killer/14 I'm Not In Love/15 Love Is All Around

RENSSELAER NEW YORK 3/4/78-01 Take Me To the River/02 The Book I Read/03 The Girls Want
To Be With the Girls/04 With Our Love/05 Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town/06 Don't Worry About the Government/07 The Good Thing/08 Artists Only/09 New Feeling/10 Psycho Killer/11 No Compassion/12 No Compassion (reprise)/13 Found a Job

The Lotus Eaters

(Scott) A contribution from John N, I THINK I recall this band, not certain, but why the hell not add  some
1980's new wave type stuff on a Friday? I love ALL of my guest contributors, they are all fantastic with the huge variety of stuff they send for YOUR enjoyment......thanks to you ALL. I love you!

They weren't New Romantic, but they were certainly romantic. The Lotus Eaters were an integral part of Liverpool's second wave of post-punk youth, arriving a few years after Echo & the Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes unleashed a psychedelic revival in the Beatles' hometown. Fresh-faced and fragile, the Lotus Eaters formed in 1982, essentially the duo of yearning, soaring vocalist Peter Coyle and guitarist Jeremy Kelly with three sidemen (bassist Michael Dempsey, keyboardist Gerard Quinn and drummer Steve Creese). The pair crafted what would become their debut single, "The First Picture of You," in Kelly's bedroom studio. A year later, the record hit the British charts. The group's debut LP, No Sense of Sin, came out a year later. One of the most underrated albums of the '80s, it is essentially the neo-acoustic blueprint employed by Travis, Keane and Badly Drawn Boy two decades later. On stunningly beautiful songs like "Love Still Flows,""Two Virgins Tender" and "Out on Your Own," Kelly's cinematic riffs are caressed by Coyle's haunting lullabies, weaving a hypnotic spell. "German Girl,""Set Me Apart" and "You Fill Me With Need" showcase their versatility, shifting to more upbeat tempos but retaining the lush textures and introspective, melancholic emotions that make this a truly special record. The 1985 single "It Hurts" unveiled the band's artistic evolution in Kelly's agonized, gloomy guitars; the poetic sunshine of "The First Picture of You" is bruised and ripped, and Coyle wails plaintively about a failed relationship. It is a gritty, wounded performance.

[Michael Sutton]

The Finale of the X Collaboration, somewhat lacking.......

WOW, don't know what happened to the rest of my X studio discs, I was pretty sure I had most all of em, I
seem to be lacking "Under the big Black Sun", "More Fun in the New World", "Ain't Love Grand", and "Hey Zeus!"......I'm certain someone will come up with them, and at least I have the most important pair, "Los Angeles" and the masterful "Wild Gift", as well as "See How We Are" and the two-disc "X Anthology", which combines studio tracks, rarities, demos, and live tracks into as good an anthology as has ever been created on ANY band!

"Los Angeles" was an immediate classic upon it's release, capturing the spirit of that city's scene  with a 4-star effort, including the staggering title track, "Sex and Dying In High Society", and plenty more.....no "one hit wonder" status for this crew however, "Wild Gift", the follow-up, is a TRUE classic, a five-star effort all the way......every track is amazing, as John Doe and Exene Cervenka trade vocals in rapid fire succession..."Beyond and Back" is my personal fave ("Now it's five to twelve, shut up and smoke!"), but there are TONS more great songs here, "White Girl", Back 2 the Base""Year 1", "The Once Over Twice"....tremendous album.

"See How We Are" came along a few years later, we have a vinyl rip at least ("Wild Gift" is a vinyl rip as well), to me it was a "playing out the string" effort, worth a listen, but it's the first two albums that matter.

As for the "X Anthology", this is no typical "Greatest Hits" effort.......stellar live versions (check out "Beyond and Back" /"Back to the Base", stellar!), demos, tracks exclusive to this set, the odd-ball single "Wild Thing" (why it was used in the movie "Major League" rather than, say, ANY other version, I'll never know), and LOTS more....this is essential, and I rarely say that in regards to this type of release.

As far as the missing titles, I'll look around a bit more, I was pretty sure I had them, if not, I will almost guarentee someone comes through with them. For now, though, I hope we have presented one of my fave bands up to your satisfaction!

LOS ANGELES-01 You're Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not/02 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/03 Soul Kitchen/04 Nausea/05 Sugarlight/06 Los Angeles/07 Sex and Dying in High Society/08 The Unheard Music/09 The World's a Mess It's In My Kiss

WILD GIFT-01 The Once Over Twice/02 We're Desperate/03 Adult Books/04 Universal Corner/05 I'm Coming Over/06 It's Who You Know/07 In This House That I Call Home/08 Some Other Time/09 White Girl/10 Beyond and Back/11 Back 2 the Base/12 When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch/13 Year 1

SEE HOW WE ARE-01 I'm lost/02 You/03 4th Of July/17 In the Time It Takes/18 Anyone Can Fill Your
Shoes/19 See How We Are/20 Left & Right/21 When It Rains...../22 Holiday Story/23 Surprise Surprise/24 Cyrno de Berger's back

THE X ANTHOLOGY DISC 1-01 Los Angeles/02 The World's a Mess It's In My Kiss (from the film "The Unheard Music")/03 Yr Ignition (rehearsal)/04 Year One (demo)/05 Hungry Wolf/06 We're Desperate(single)/07 Beyond and Back (Live)/08 Back 2 the Base (Live)/09 Blue Spark (remixed outtake)/10 Some Other Time (unreleased track from the film "The Unheard Music")/11 Sex and Dying In High Society (Demo)/12 Motel Room In My bed/13 Heater (rehearsal)/14 The Once Over Twice (Live)/15 Because I Do/16 In This House That I Call Home/17 Soul Kitchen (demo)/18 Universal Corner (live)/19 Delta 88 (demo)/20 Real Child of Hell (remixed demo)/21 I'm Coming Over (live)/22 White Girl (single mix)/23 Nausea (live)/24 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline (demo)/25 Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not/26 Riding With Mary (single mix)

THE X ANTHOLOGY DISC 2-01 The New World (demo)/02 Breathless (Single Mix)/03 Poor Girl/04 What's Wrong With Me (rough mix)/05 How I (Learned My Lesson) (Live)/06 The Have Nots/07 Someone Like You (demo)/08 The Stage (demo)/09 See How We Are (demo)/10 Surprise Surprise/11 4th of July (demo)/12 Arms for Hostages/Country At War (demo fragments)/13 Wild Thing (single edit)/14 Burning House of Love (From the Infidelity Records Release "Unclogged")/15 Devil Doll (demo)/16 True Love/17 Call of the Wreckin' Ball (From the Knitter's Slash Records release "Poor Little Critter On the Road")/18 In the Time It Takes (demo)/19 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (1997 mix)

The Aerovons

(scott) John N sends me this, sounds interesting, although I am unfamiliar with it......I'll attach an Amazon customer review which also includes the tracklist.

Ahh good ol' Cherry Red Records has done it again. This album was released on RPM, a division of theirs, and with it's release continues a great trend of putting hard to find/forgotten music within us fans' hands. /golf clap 

The Aerovons lived a dream that quite a few American bands who were their contemporaries would have killed for. They were on the Beatles label, worked in the Beatles Abbey Road studio and were touted as a possible "future" Beatles of sorts. Having heard this record I can see where people would have gotten that idea; their talent is very evident, and the production and song writing is all very good.

The record was engineered by Geoff Emerick, Alan Parsons and Jeff Jarratt... all gifted engineers during their time. The production is excellent; they successfully captured the aesthetic feel of The Beatles' Abbey Road-Era sound. Everything is crisp, the music is tight and the orchestration brings to mind some of the Beatles' best work. Sped up violins, horns echo here and there, etc. There are also the occasional sound effects, (like birds and ocean waves), which I personally don't care for too much. Still, it isn't terribly done.

Vocally they also do a good job... though they don't attain Lennon/McCartney's level of excellence they come close here and there. I think their vocals are more comparable to a "lighter" sounding Harrison then any of the other Beatles. Lyrically, some of the songs could have been in the Beatles' cannon, while others were most definitely derivative and not entirely original. (Resurrection is basically an "Across the Universe" send-up while Say Georgia bears a striking resemblance to "Oh Darling").

The album feels like an amazing "skeleton"; they got everything down that a great (nei' legendary) record needs but for some reason didn't add enough meat and potatoes to get it over that last hurdle. What I mean in simple terms is if they had the funding and clout that their idols the Beatles had, then it isn't too hard to IMAGINE what this record could have ended up being. Still it isn't bad by any stretch, especially if you're a Beatles fan looking for a musical fix.

Track by Track:

1. World of You - With piano, catchy backing orchestration (that sounds like something Jeff Lynnes ELO would have done) and an echo drenched vocal... the album opens on a good note. A decent song that is sung very well.

2. Resurrection - An obvious Across the Universe derivative track... even the chorus coincides with that Lennon song. Still, it isn't a bad song... just unoriginal.

3. Say Georgia - Again, an obviously derivative track... this time of the Beatles Oh! Darling. Again, it isn't a bad song, just unoriginal.

4. With Her - Sounds like a Chad and Jeremy track, or maybe an early Beatles McCartney ballad. Decent, but not great.

5. Quotes and Photos - A bluesy song accentuated with some nice bass playing and lead guitar break. The music also goes from side to side with the stereo mix.

6. Words From A Song - Another song that reminds me of something Chad and Jeremy could have done during their "Distant Shores" era... if they had consistent amazing production, that is. Vocally the band does a great job on this track.

7. Bessy Goodheart - Ditzy little track that bounces along with a "Sgt. Pepperish" feel to it. Very "period piece" of music; I think every band during that era did a song like this.

8. Something of Yours - Very McCartneyish ballad type song with nice little oohs and ahhs in the background.

9. She's Not Dead - Great song that has a similar feel to some of The Moons' tracks. The chord structure to the song is quite interesting and the band does a good job with it.

10. The Years - Chad and Jeremy part 2? Give this song a listen and then go give some of their stuff a listen and you decide.

11. Everything's Alright - Has a catchy melody and some nice counter-vocals. It sounds what the Beatles might have sounded like had they tried to recreate some of their 1964 pop songs with Abbey Road-era production.

12. The Children - Is setup like 2 songs in one. The first part is a pop/psychish number that segues into a poppy and jangly ditty about children. It then goes back into the psych tune, highlighted by some Beatle-esque "la la la's" that remind this listener of the long chorus at the end of "Hey Jude". Well done track.

What did I tell ya? The X completer!

(Scott)-I told you someone, happened to be the legend that is Jon S, would step forward with the X albums
that I either don't have or can't find......so now, you have got it ALL! X was one of the greatest, so enjoy, and if they are new to you, Junior, look at what you missed! (Also, see very cool epub (I've read it before) of "Under the Big Black Sun", which is quite a good look at the entire scene).

John Doe and Tom DeSavia - Under the Big Black Sun - A Personal History of L.A. Punk (epub)

Under The Big Black Sun

01 The Hungry Wolf/02 Motel Room In My Bed/03 Riding With Mary/04 Come Back To Me/05 Under The Big Black Sun/06 Because I Do/07 Blue Spark/08 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/09 Real Child Of Hell/10 How I (Learned My Lesson)/11 The Have Nots/12 Riding With Mary (Single Version)/13 X Rewrites _El Paso_ (Rehearsal) - Because I Do (TV Mix - Instrumental)/14 Universal Corner (live)/15 Breathless (Single Mix)/16 How I (Learned My Lesson) (live)

More Fun In The New World

01 The New World/02 We're Having Much More Fun/03 True Love/04 Poor Girl/05 Make theMUSICGo Bang/06 Breathless/07 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts/08 Devil Doll/09 Painting the Town Blue/10 Hot House/11 Drunk in My Past/12 I See Red/13 True Love Pt. #2/14 Poor Girl (Demo_Remix)/15 True Love Pt. #2 (Demo_Remix)/16 Devil Doll (Demo_Remix)/17 I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (Demo_Remix)

Ain't Love Grand

01 Burning house of love/02 Love shack/03 My soul cries your name/04 My goodness/05 Around my heart/06 What's wrong with me/07 Watch the sun go down/08 I'll stand up for you/09 Little honey/10 Supercharged/11 Wild thing/12 I will dare/13 My goodness/14 All or nothing

Live In Los Angeles

01 Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not/02 In This House That I Call Home/03 We're Desperate/04 Beyond & Back/05 White Girl/06 The UnheardMUSIC/07 Los Angeles/08 True Love/09 I'm Coming Over/10 Blue Spark/11 The New World/12 Nausea/13 Johnny Hit And Run Paulene/14 Motel Room In My Bed/15 It's Who You Know/16 Because I Do/17 Devil Doll/18 The Hungry Wolf/19 Year 1/20 The World's A Mess, It's In My Kiss/21 Soul Kitchen/22 How I (Learned My Lesson)


Here's another one that popped up on my IPod during my hectic work day the other day, haven't heard
THIS one in quite a while....from 2005, Brazil, comes this quite amusing album (Cansei De Ser Sexy") from indie-electro rockers CSS.....somewhat like an expanded Chicks on Speed being fronted by Peaches (and, yes, C.O.S. did collaborate with Peaches on a track once), CSS were: vocalist Lovefoxxx, multi-instrumentalist Adriana Cintra, multi-instrumentalist Carolina Parra, guitarist Ana Rezzende, guitarist Luiza Sa, bassist Iracema Trevison, keyboardist Maria Helena Zerba, and backing vocalist Clara Ribiero...I think I got em all, they appear in various combinations on different tracks, the centerpiece being the vocals of Lovefoxxx.

Please don't leave your sense of humor at home, as I find this album quite hilarious, as well as quite listenable. "Let's make Love and Listen to Death From Above", "Fuckoff Is Not the Only Thing You Have to Show", "Meeting Paris Hilton" (not that positive of an experience, apparently), and my fave "Art Bitch" ("Lick my art tit, suck my art hole" (?!?)) give you an idea of what you are in for here. Actually this was one of my top twenty albums of 2005, and I have forgotten all about it until yesterday.

The followup, "Donkey", is imo not nearly as good, as a good bit of the novelty had worn off. "Rat Is Dead (Rage)" and "Left Behind" aren't bad, but nothing here is as good as anything on "Cansei De Ser Sexy".....as far as I can determine they made a couple of other albums that I haven't heard, but I kind of get the felling that this is a one album wonder all the way. Could be wrong but certainly fit the mold.

CANSEI DE SER SEXY-01 CSS Suxxxx/02 Patins/03 Alala/04 Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above/05 Art Bitch/06 Fuckoff Is Not the Only Thing You have to Show/07 Meeting Paris Hilton/08 Off the Hook/09 Alcohol/10 Music is My Hot, Hot Sex/11 This Month, Day 10

DONKEY-01 Jager Yoda/02 Rat Is Dead (Rage)/03 Let's Reggae All Night/04 Give Up/05 Left Behind/06 Beautiful Song/07 How I Became Paranoid/08 Move/09 I Fly/10 Believe Achieve/11 Air Painter/12 Hollywood/13 I Wanna Be Your J Lo/14 So lora, So Burra (Disk Putas)

Switchblade Jesus

Don't want to stray TOO far away from some bone-crushing stoner metal, as far as I know this is the only release from Corpus Christi Texans, Switchblade Jesus. Skull-bashing riffs, fuzzed-up amplifier frying stoner jams, might put one in mind of Orange Goblin/Fu Manchu stoner greatness, or even a bit skuzzier stuff like Viking Skull. Honestly, if you like this kind of thing, every track gets it done, but the best is the closer, "Oblivion" which is nearly seven minutes in length and builds to a positively ear-splitting climax. Good album for fans of stoner/metal, and if you AREN'T one, well......

SWITCHBLADE JESUS-01 Into Nothing/02 Bastard Son/03 The Wolves/04 Sick Mouth/05 Equinox/06 Renegade Riders/07 Copperhead/08 Oblivion

Talking Heads, Round 5......

Five more shows from the Heads, finding the band right on top of their game, 1978-79 (actually they were
pretty much ALWAYS on top of their game).....first we have a show from 1978, unsure of exact date (note: don't really care that much either), all fine sons from the first two albums, plus the non-LP but concert staple "Love Goes To a Building On Fire"......this is an audience recording, evidenced by the fact that a couple seconds at the start of "Psycho Killer" are missing due to a tape flip.....can't have EVERYTHING.

Staying in 1978, we move to Dallas Texas, November 12, a VERY similar setlist to the Chicago show with a few minor changes, still a good set though.

Out of chronology here a bit, this San Francisco show is from 9/16/78, a good sounding Pre-FM recording, again, a similar setlist....."Pulled Up" is here in a energetic version, one that (it seems to me) they didn't perform live all that often.

The next show I have I doubt is complete, 3/15/79, from Cleveland......my senior year in high school, why I didn't make the trip to Cleveland (4 hours, NOTHING for a high school kid with a van and a love of Talking Heads) I'll never know, but I kind of doubt the heads in 1979 would have done a 7-song set.....anyway, still sounds fine, fine song selection, and a GREAT "Psycho Killer".

Finally, we have another (no specific date on this one
either) 1979 show, this one from Berkely CA....quite a bit of "Fear of Music" material is creeping it's way into the set by now, all of which worked well onstage, "Air" in particular......

Honestly, what a great band......there aren't a lot of bands that I'd listen to basically the same setlist over and over just for listening pleasure, rather than for comparison, but this was one......Sleater Kinney, Nirvana, Roxy Music.....there have been a few but not a hell of a lot.

I have a bunch more of their fine live shows to come, hope you guys like them as much as I do!

CHICAGO PARK WEST 1978-01 Warning Sign/02 The Book I Read/03 Stay Hungry/04 Artists Only/05 The Girls Want To Be With the Girls/06 Don't Worry About the Government/07 The Good Thing/08 Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town/09 Love Goes To a Building On Fire/10 Psycho Killer/11 Thank You For Sending Me an Angel/12 Take Me To The River

DALLAS 11/12/78-01 The Big Country/02 Warning Sign/03 The Book I Read/04 Stay Hungry/05 Artists Only/06 The Girls Want To Be With the Girls/07 The Good Thing/08 Who is It/09 With Our Love/10 Love Goes To a Building On Fire/11 Electricity/12 New Feeling/13 Psycho Killer/14 Take Me to the River/14 I'm Not In Love

SAN FRANCISCO 9/16/78-01 The Big Country/02 Warning Sign/03 The Book I Read/04 Stay
Hungry/05 Artists Only/06 The Girls Want To Be With the Girls/07 The Good Thing/08 Love Goes To a Building On Fire/09 Electricity/10 Found a Job/11 New Feeling/12 Pulled Up/13 Psycho Killer/14 Take Me To The River/15 I'm Not In Love/16 No Compassion

CLEVELAND 3/15/79-01 The Big Country/02 Warning Sign/03 Artists Only/04 The Good Thing/05 New Feeling/06 Psycho Killer/07 Take Me To the River

BERKLEY 1979-01 Artists Only/02 Stay Hungry/03 Cities/04 Paper/05 Mind/06 Heaven/07 The Book I Read/08 Electric Guitar/09 Air/10 Warning Sign/11 Love Goes To a Building On Fire/12 Memories Can't Wait/13 Psycho Killer/14 Life During Wartime/15 Take Me To the River

For Studboy, forgot I had this, live Sungrazer

Forgot all about having this one, senility is coming on quickly, but if you've not heard this, Studboy, you're
gonna freak.....a Sungrazer set from 6/10/11 (my son Grant's 14th birthday!)....it's called "Duna Jam, Somewhere in Sardinia", it's pretty damn good (as are their studio efforts) with the same combination of riffing stoner rock/hypnotic psych......I really hope you see this after the cool Sungrazer studio stuff you sent me the other day. Great band!

DUNA JAM SOMEWHERE IN SARDINIA-01 If/02 Somo/03 Octo/04 Mirador/05 Zero Zero/06 Common Believer/07 Behind

Sorry I forgot about this one, I would have given it a proper placement with the rest of their stuff, this is a great band......hope everyone checked out the post the other day, as well as checking out this rarity!

Love Sculpture (early Dave Edmonds) redux

And another one I had forgotten about......I posted the first Love Sculpture album a few weeks back, and
John N sent me some additional stuff, which I forgot about until this second. What we have here is a remaster of the first LP (the one I already posted, with bonus tracks ), as well as the second release, "Forms and Feelings", a somewhat similar release, quite good though for lovers of rocking-blues.....thanks again to John N, honest to God, this blog has taken on a different form since all the guest contributors began with their wonderful submissions....I love you all, trust me, with the state my personal life is in, this is something I NEED.

BLUES HELPING-01 The Stumble/02 Three O'Clock Blues/03 I Believe To My Soul/04 So Unkind/05 Summertime/06 On the Road Again/07 Don't Answer the Door/08 Wang Dang Doodle/09 Come Back Baby/10 Shake Your Hips/11 Blues Helping/12 Morning Dew (Take Me For a Walk)/13 It's a Wonder/14 River To Another Day/15 Another Woman

FORMS AND FEELINGS-01 In the Land of the Few/02 Seagull/03 Nobody's Talking/04 Why (How Now)/05 Farandole (from L'Arlesienne)/06 You Can't Catch Me/07 People People/08 Mars/09 Sabre Dance/10 Think of Love/11 Seagull (mono single version)/12 Farandole (from L'Arlesienne) (mono single version)/13 In the Land of the Few (mono single version)/14 People People (mono single version)/15 Sabre Dance (single version)

The Doors Part 13 (Of Many)

I'm going to to get through this Doors thing, eventually, if it kills me......tonight (hey, I have nothing BETTER to do, putting out a call to ALL loose women in the 35-55 age range in the southern Ohio area, I know there have to be a few of ya out there) we have a 1970 "Live in Boston" 3-disc set......OK, haven't even listened to this one yet, have to be honest, but I'm trying to put as much stuff out there as possible while my personal life goes to fucking shit.....anyway, as I peruse the track list of the three discs, I notice:

Disc 1, pretty standard Doors set......Disc 2, (remember, I have not listened to this yet), has some stuff I am not familiar with, "I Believe  in Democracy" (it's only a few seconds long), "The Spy", "Astrology Rap" (also only a few seconds).

Disc 3 sounds the most intriguing, as "Light My Fire" is turned into a lengthy medley (see tracklist), which was kind of out of character for the boys, that's likely the only one I'm gonna listen to (kinda sick of The Doors and there is a LOT to go yet)....anyway, here we go with another installment......Doors fans, rejoice! Doors haters, there is plenty of other stuff here, rock on!

DISC 1-01 Start/02 Alright Alright/03 Roadhouse Moan/04 Roadhouse Blues/05 Ship of Fools/06 Alabama Song/07 Back Door Man/08 Five to One/09 When the Music's Over/10 Rock Me/11 Mystery Train/12 Away In India/13 Crossroads/14 Prelude to Wake Up/15 Wake Up/16 Light My Fire

DISC 2-01 Start/02 Break on Through/03 I Believe In Democracy/04 When the Music's Over/05 Roadhouse Blues/06 The Spy/07 Alabama Song/08 Backdoor Man/09 Five to One/10 Astrology Rap/11 Build Me a Woman/12 You Make Me Real/13 Wait a Minute!/14 Mystery Train/15 Away In India/16 Crossroads

DISC 3-01 Band Intros/02 Adolf Hitler/03 Light My Fire/04 Fever (Light My Fire continued)/05 Summertime (Light My Fire continued)/06 St. James Infirmary Blues (Light My Fire continued)/07 Graveyard Poem (Light My Fire continued)/08 Light My Fire (reprise)/09 More More More/10 Ladies and Gentlemen/11 We Can't Instigate/12 They Want More/13 Been Down So Long/14 Power Turned Off

Fire Escape

Strange album here. Fire Escape were apparently a bunch of session musicians assembled by Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd, to cover a batch of 1960's standards (title track, "96 Tears", more).....the thing here is we are uncertain as to whom the performers were on this one, at all.....it is rumored that Fowley performed, also Sky Saxon of the Seeds and some others, but basically its been shrouded in mystery. However, listen to this, it's actually quite a find selection of good cover versions of good songs of the era.

To the best of my knowledge, there was never again a recording credited to (this version, at least) of Fire Escape.

Trust me on this one, a historical curiosity that is ALSO worth a couple of listens, these are obviously songs that translate well to cover versions.

PSYCHOTIC REACTION-01 Psychotic Reaction/02 Talk Talk/03 Love Special Delivery/04 The Trip/05 96 Tears/06 Blood Beat/07 Trip Maker/08 Journeys End/09 Pictures and Designs/10 Fortune Teller

The Eyeliners

Wish I had more, but only have a pair of albums from this New Mexico pop-punk girl trio, you know what a
sucker I am for THAT kind of stuff....anyone help with their other albums? If not, these two are pretty damn good listens.

Something like a cross between a not-as-serious Sleater Kinney and the aching little-girl vocals of Nikki Corvette or the Junior Varsity, The Eyeliners were sisters Lisa Baca (bass, vocals), Laura Baca (drums, Vocals), and Gel Baca (guitar, vocals)....they got it going in about 1997 or so, releasing four albums on the "Sympathy For the Record Industry" label.....pretty hard stuff to find, perhaps one of my team has copies of these, in around 2000, they switched over to Lookout/Panic Button Records, and released these two gems that I have here:

"Here Comes Trouble" was released in 2000, and is filled with those awesome chick/pop/punk blasts that give me such shivers, the title track, "Rock N Roll baby", "Punk Rock Planet"....a bunch more. I recommend this one.

A year or so later they came up with a somewhat similar album, "Sealed With a Kiss", which is also a pretty good one for your listening pleasure, if you liked "Trouble" I predict you'll like this one as well.......

They've also released an album since "Sealed", don't have it and haven't heard it, I'm up for it, should anyone have it, but for now, I think these two albums are sufficient to give you a pretty good look at a somewhat unknown/overlooked band.

HERE COMES TROUBLE-01 Here Comes Trouble/02 Party til the Break of Dawn/03 Johnny Lockhart/04 See You Tonight/05 So What/06 Stuck On You/07 That's the Way It Goes/08 Rock & Roll Baby/09 Don't Go/10 I Don't Like You/11 Punk Rock Planet/12 Do the Zombie/13 If I Were You/14 Nothing Left To Say

SEALED WITH A KISS-01 Sealed With a Kiss/02 Play It Again/03 It Could Have Been You/04 Too Good To Be True/05 I Could Never Hate You/06 Bad Luck Charm/07 Something To Say/08 When Will I See You Again?/09 Wishing On a Star/10 I'd Do It All Over Again/11 Everything's Alright/12 Finished With You

Crack Whore Society

Yeah, like I'm gonna pass on a band called "Crack Whore Society".....this one's been sitting on the shelf for a while, seems like about time to drag it out. This crew is from Germany, as far as I know, this self-titled release is their one and only, a nice blend of hardcore punk/stoner riffing......

Crack Whore Society were (are?) singer Patrick Schauer, guitarist Mario Bender, guitarist Kai Mohr, and drummer Marco Haas.

Well, with a moniker like this, they are going to attempt to "shock" obviously, so be sure and check "Heroin Youth", "Crack baby", and "Sweet Gasoline"........actually this is a pretty fair album, kind of a curiosity, but still a rocking effort, quite enjoyable.

CRACK WHORE SOCIETY-01 Caught By the Light/02 Lowrider/03 Sickness Kills Our Blues/04 The Grindking/05 Goodbye/06 High on the Heels of Love/07 No Pleasure/08 Crack baby/09 Neptun/10 My Friend/11 Same Old Song/12 Ain't No Track/13 Heroin Youth/14 Sweet Gasoline

Young Flowers submitted by Studboy

(Scott)-we featured this band not too long ago, but here, thanks to my buddy Studboy, are some mono radio broadcasts.....not much more to say, I'll let Studboy do the talking, but this is a fantastic submission!

Lets get some danishMUSIC

Danish legendary psychedelic rock band from the 60;s /early 70's here with CD full of sessions taken from the bands own archives. The recordings are live from DenmarksRADIO 1969-1970, and in Mono, which was all we had at the time. Some of the songs has never been out before in any way. The Track 'The Pusher' recorded in 1969 at the Beat & Jazzbeat Concert. Other track 'Turn me on' recorded in 1970 at the Beatconcert with Bent Hesselmann (Maxwells/Rainbow Band) and Peter Thorup (Beefeather).

01. The Pusher- 13:38
02. Come Along — 10:20
03. I Want You To Know — 9:28
04. What Went Wrong — 8:07
05. Looking For Fun — 6:30
06. Turn Me On — 5:28
07. Pioneer / Leave Me Cryin’ — 11:20

01 — recorded July 22, 1969
02 & 03 — broadcast February 7, 1970
04 to 07 — recorded March 13, 1970

Peer Frost — guitar, vocals
Peter Ingemann — bass, vocals
Ken Gudman — drums

Another NEW release

(scott) John N sends me new releases often, which is great, other than the fact that if we are going to get complaints, that is where they will originate......I personally will never understand the sentiment, we are trying to HELP these bands get exposure, NOT hinder them at all....as always, if there is an issue here, I will remove the post, not that I think it's a great idea for anyone involved, but just to make people happy.

This submission is from psychedelic rockers Psychic Ills, thier fifth full length.....first one I have listened to, and I found it quite enjoyable, actually, and i WANT to expose it to as many people as possible. So, there you go...it'll be here until it's not here anymore, is all I can say. But, for now, Please don't miss out, this is a good one, likely a Top-20 year end list album.

INNER JOURNEY OUT-01 Back To You/02 Another Change/03 I Don't Mind/04 Mixed Up Mind/05 All Alone/06 New Mantra/07 Coca Cola Blues/08 Baby/09 Music In My Head/10 No Worry/11 Hazel Green/12 Confusion (I'm Alright)/13 Ra Wah Wah/14 Fade Me Out

You never know about these new releases, so if this sounds of interest to ya, I'd work fast, just in case you know?