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Give Em the Boot (Part 1)

I'll ride this groove a little while longer and put up a pretty good series, "Give 'Em The Boot", which features bands from Hellcat Records......Hellcat is headed by Tim Armstrong of Rancid, thus the name of the series (From the lyrics of the kick-ass Rancid song "Roots Radical". Again, fairly obscure stuff here (although there are appearances by Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, maybe a couple of other fairly well known acts).....Volume 1 was released in 1997, Volume 6 was released ten years later 2007.....apparently there is a Vo7, released in 2009, I do not have it, have never heard it, and cannot find it on Pirate Bay.....CALLING ALL FRIENDS OF THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll put up Volumes 1-3 tonight and Volumes 4-6 tomorrow, hopefully one of you kind souls has volume 7 that you will share with the rest of us. Interesting how much things have changed/remained the same on the scene over the ten year period. Volume 1, besides the aforementioned Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, has killer cuts from Voodoo Glow Skulls, Choking Victim, Skinnerbox, and Union 13's own version of "Roots Radical". Volume 2 adds Leftover Crack (just GOTTA love that name!), The Distillers (whom you should know!), and lots more, while Volume 3 adds a track from Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros. This is a very good set, fans of Rancid will flip over these somewhat-Rancid like acts, just listening to some random tracks from these (first three) discs today, and this shit rocks out as hard as I remember. Give 'em the boot, ya know I'm a radical!

VOLUME 1-RANCID-The Brothels/02 THE SLACKERS-Watch This/03 HEPCAT-Can't Wait/04 THE PIETASTERS-New Breed/05 THE BUSINESS-Spirit of the Streets/06 VOODOO GLOW SKULLS-Los Hombres No Lloran/07 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Barroom Heroes/08 SKINNERBOX-Does He Love You/09 THE UPBEAT-17@17  10/STUBBORN ALL STARS-Open Season/11 THE GADJITS-Beautiful Girl/12 UNION 13-Roots Radical/13 US BOMBS-Jaks/14 SWINGIN' UTTERS-Fifteenth and T/15 THE SKATALITES-Latin Goes Ska/16 THE SILENCERS-Policeman/17 PRESSURE POINT-Heart Like a Lion/18 CHOKING VICTIM-Infested/19 F-MINUS-No Time/20 THE DAVE HILLYARD ROCKSTEADY 7-Playtime

VOLUME 2-01 INTRO/02 DROPKICK MURPHYS-The Gang's All Here/03 HEPCAT-Riding the Region/04 RANCID-If the Kids are United/05 TIGER ARMY-Nocturnal/06 THE PIETASTERS-Can't Stand It/07 NOCTURNAL-Tell Me What You're Feeling/08 US BOMBS-Goin' Out/09 THE GADJITS-Bad Gadjit/10 THE DISTILLERS- LA Girl/11 BUJU BANTON-Misty Days/12 DAVID HILLYARD ROCKSTEADY 7-The Fool/13 BUCCANEER-Bruk Out/14 THE SLACKERS-Have the Time/15 CHOKING VICTIM-Crack Rock Steady/16 F-MINUS-Forget Yourself/17 LEFTOVER CRACK-Crack City Rockers/18 MOUTHWASH-Fools Gold/19 INDK-Rent For Sale/20 VANITY 5-Flight of the Phoenicians/21 RANCID-Life Won't Wait

VOLUME 3-01 THE DISTILLERS-Sick of it All/02 DROPKICK MURPHYS-The Legend of Finn
MacCumhail/03 US BOMBS-Die Alone/04 RANCID-Golden Gate Fields/05 LARS FREDRICKSON & THE BASTARDS-Skunx/06 F-MINUS-Suburban BLight/07 AGNOSTIC FRONT-Liberty/08 THE NERVE AGENTS-The Poisoning/09 DUANE PETERS & THE HUNNS-Amera Nights/10 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Give em the Boot/11 LEFTOVER CRACK-Athiest Anthem/12 NEKROMANTIX-Who Killed the Cheerleader/13 TIGER ARMY-Power of Moonlite/14 DEVILS BRIGADE-Vampire Girl/15 THE SLACKERS-Information Error/16 JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS-Global a Go-Go/17 KING DJANGO-Precipice/18 THE PIETASTERS-Nothing Good To Eat/19 MOUTHWASH-We Evolve/20 THE GADJITS-One Stone's Throw (From a Riot)/21 HEPCAT-Beautiful

Links be up when they be up, PLEASE if any of you FRIENDS OF THE BLOG are in posession of Volume 7 and are in a position to share it with the rest of us, please notify me in the comments section or via email......

Give 'em the Boot Part 2

Volumes 4-5-6 of "Give Em The Boot", featuring bands from Hellcat Records, once again, I will say that ALLEGEDELY there is a Volume 7, I cannot seem to locate it if it does exist. Anyway, a lot of the bands better known (Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Distillers), and lesser known (Hunns, Slackers, Tiger Army) that peppered the first three discs appear throughout these volumes as well, along with new additions, such as Westbound Train and Los Difuntos......a good set, in particular fo fans of Rancid and bands influenced by them to varying degrees. Should have something else tomorrow, don't know if another obscure punk comp or not, really no idea, so just check and we shall see.

VOLUME 4-RANCID-Killing Zone/02 THE AGGROLITES-Dirty Reggae/03 TIGER ARMY-Atomic/04 THE SLACKERS-Propoganda/05 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Kiss Kiss Kill Kill/06 US ROUGHNECKS-Lost Paradise/07 F-MINUS-Caught In Between/08 THE HUNNS-Marshall Law/09 DROPKICK MURPHYS-I'm Shipping Up to Boston/10 LARS FREDERIKSEN & THE BASTARADS-1/11 BRAIN FAILURE-That's What I Know/12 CHRIS MURRAY-Let There Be Peace/13 NEKROMANTIX-Dead Bodies/14 TRNSPLANTS-Romper Stomper (Remix)/15 JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS-Junco Partner/16 ORANGE-No Rest For the Weekend/17 REZUREX-Dia De Los Muertos/18 THE UNSEEN-Wasted Time/19 DUCKY BOYS-Break Me/20 HORRORPOPS-Where they Wander/21 SOUTH CENTRAL RIOT SQUAD-SCRS/22 MERCY KILLERS-Trauma/23 12 STEP REBELS-Skinwalkers/24 THE ESCAPED-Wasted Life/25 PRESSURE POINT-Rise Up/26 WESTBOUND TRAIN-Room To Breathe

VOLUME 5-01 RANCID-Tattoo/02 DROPKICK MURPHYS-The Warrior's Code/03 TIME AGAIN-Cold Concrete/04 TIGER ARMY-Swift Silent Deadly/05 THE UNSEEN-Act the Part/06 THE SLACKERS-Crazy/07 THE SINNER-Left Alone/08 THE AGGROLITES-Funky Fire/09 HORRORPOPS-Crawl Straight Home/10 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Another Generation/11 THE HEART ATTACK-Widowmaker/12 MERCY KILLERS-Pamint De Mort/13 WESTBOUND TRAIN-I'm No Different/14 LARS FREDRICKSON & THE BASTARDS/15 ORANGE-I'm a Cxxt/16 NEKROMANITX-Driller Killer/17 STATIC THOUGHT-Victim of Hate/18 LOS DIFUNTOS-Day and Night

-Freaks In Uniform/03 THE AGGROLITES-Reggae Hit LA/04 STATIC THOUGHT-Corruption/05 TIME AGAIN-Soon It Will Be/06 THE UNSEEN-Talking Bombs/07 WESTBOUND TRAIN-Please Forgive Me/08 THE SLACKERS-Rider/09 THE HEART ATTACKS-You Oughta Know By Now/10 OPERATION IVY-Here We Go Again/11 ORANGE-Get the Fuck Out of My Way/12 LOS DIFUNTOS-Born, Raised, Passed Away/13 TIM ARMSTRONG-Inner City Violence/14 SOCIETY'S PARASITES-Who's On Your Side?/15 NEKROMANTIX-Voodoo Shop Now/16 LEFT ALONE-City to City/17 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Citizen CIA/18 TIGER ARMY-Afterworld

Should get the links up with no problem, unless of course there is a problem.....Enjoy a weekeend filled witht he year's best sporting event, the NCAA basketball tournament.....it is odd that I am not nearly as big a fan of college hoops as I am of say, the NFL or MLB, but the NCAA hoops tourney just works so perfectly, it is thrilling television......GO BUCKEYES!


Quite a rare LP (double LP actually), not a lot of rare music on it......but a rare find nonetheless. Back in the 1970's, if you loooked on the dust sleeve of Warner Brothers/Reprise albums, they would advertise what were called "Loss Leaders", which were 2 record sets of absolute mishmashes of stuff from the lable.....I still have a couple of em, man......you could slip one on and hear (this is without looking it up) Black Sabbath, Martin Mull (really), Flo and Eddy, T Rex, Bert Jansch, Seals and Croft, the Faces......ANYONE on the lable could pop up. The price at the time: two mere US dollars....I used to get em, and I did discover some interesting stuff on them. Quite a bargain, 2 discs for 2 bucks, postage included, as long as you understood you were just receiving a handful of random tracks.

Then, sometime in the 1980's they released "Troublemakers"......raising the price to THREE bucks, they attempted to put together something of a "cutting edge" sampler.....for the price, you can't argue, most of this stuff is readilly available in better company, but there are some unusual tracks.......it opends with a live Sex Pistols cut, which I don't THINK is available anywhere else, "Anarchy in the USA"....sound quality poor, the reason for the title change is the intro: "This one's called "Anarchy in the UK......we mean in the USA".......anyway, I don't remember seeing it on any other comps, so completists (good ol' Sex Pistols "completists") will want this one.....next comes a VERY good track from the Urban Verbs "Subways"....I have searched the web for years for ANYTHING by the Urban Verbs, and have turned up not a thing. They have another decent track on the comp as well, CALLING FRIENDS OF THE BLOG, would LOVE to hear the entire album they released (I assume they had just the one). Anyway the set has some very good, but easy to find tracks by Wire, Gang of Four, Devo, Public Image Ltd, Pearl Harbour & the Explosions, the Buggles ("Video Killed the Radio Star").........also stuff from Marianne Faithful, Nico, Robin Lane & the Chartbusters......pretty much a mishmash like the earlier "loss leaders", closes with some more live (and I think elsewhere unavailable) live Pistols, excerpts from their endering of the Stooges "No Fun".......

Worth it, maybe, for the live Pistols and the Urban Verbs stuff, nothing else really unusual here, basically I'm putting it up there as bait, hoping someone has the Urban Verbs (please please please, very good, very Talking Heads-like)......anyway, these are taken from the original vinyl, this is really nothing special, just remembering the Warner "Loss Leaders" (they really WERE doing a good thing, exposing us to some new stuff for pennies), making available these rare live Pistols cuts, and also hoping SOME "friend of the blog" has some  Urban Verbs.

DISC 1-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy in the USA (live)/02 URBAN VERBS-Subways/03
ROBIN LANE & THE CHARTBUSTERS-Until Tomorrow/04 WIRE-Map Reference 41 N 93 W/05 MARIANNE FAITHFUL-Working Class Hero/06 JOHN CALE-Temper/07 URBAN VERBS-The Only One of You/08 GANG OF FOUR-Damaged Goods/09 WIRE-I Should Have Known Better/10 MODERN LOVERS-I'm Straight/11 DEVO-Social Fools/12 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Public Image

DISC 2-01 THE BUGGLES-Video Killed the Radio Star/02 PEARL HARBOUR & THE EXPLOSIONS-You Got It (Release It)/03 NICO-Only Child/04 MODERN LOVERS-Government Center/05 ROBIN LANE & THE CHARTBUSTERS-Kathy Lee/06 BRIAN BRIGGS-Nervous Breakdown/07 MARIANNE FAITHFUL-Broken English/08 PEARL HARBOUR & THE EXPLOSIONS-Busy Little B-Side/09 THE BUGGLES-Clean Clean/10 GANG OF FOUR-Anthrax/11 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Swan Lake/12 THE SEX PISTOLS-No Fun (excerpts)

Not my greatest post, I know, just was thinking about the Urban Verbs for some reason (they've been on my "wanted" list for some time now), we'll see what we can come up tomorrow.

Urrrgh....A Music War

Don't see this one too foten anymore, not sure if it was ever issued on CD. This is the soundtrack album to the film "Urgh....A Music War", which was filmed and released in the ealy 1980's...lots of fave bands of the era, a real hit or miss project. This original vinyl version features four sides which hs its ups and downs.....the first side begins with a farily lame Police track, followed by Wall of Voodoo's great "Back in Flesh", somewhat ruined by censoring the word "FUCK".....still a good version of that great song. XTC turns in a fairly rote "Respectable Street", great song, not as good a
version as the one on the original LP IMO.

Side two of the first record is MUCH better....The (Great) Members "Offshore Banking Business", a smoking "We Got the Beat" from the Go Go's, perhaps the entire set's highlight with Athletico Spizz '80's great "Where's Captain Kirk" (TREMENDOUS song, also a great performance), and also Steel Pulse's phenominal reggae "The Ku Klux Klan".......it's a good side.

Devo leads off side 3 with a positively smoldering version of "Uncontrollable Urge", about 5 times better than the studio original. We get a good track from Echo & the Bunnymen, and a fantastic perfromance from the Au Pairs ("Come Again", great song and a great performance of same). Joan Jett turns in an energetic "Bad Reputation" which, again, is somewhat diminished by the word FUCK being censored.

Side 4 has some fairly lame performances from Gang of Four and 999, but the great X turn in a smoldering version of (already a great song) "Beyond and Back".

This is a decent album for fans of the era/genre, as I said I don't know if it's ever even been released on CD.....the film is pretty good as well. Nothing world changing here, but some pretty good tracks, career highs, maybe, even, for Athletico Spizz '80 and The Members. The Devo track also shows how rocking surprisingly, they could be on stage.

Hope you enjoy it guys, milking  the era for all it's worth!

DISC 1-THE POLICE-Driven to Tears/02 WALL OF VOODOO-Back in FLesh/03 TOYAH WILCOX-Dance/04 OMD-Enola Gay/05 OINGO BOINGO-Ain't This the Life/06 XTC-Respectable Street/07 THE MEMBERS-Offshore Banking Business/08 THE GO GO's-We Got the Beat/09 KLAUS NOMI-Total Eclipse/10 ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80-Where's Captain Kirk/11 THE ALLEY CATS-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore/12 JOOLS HOLLAND-Foolish I Know/13 STEEL PULSE-Ku Klux Klan

DISC 2-01 DEVO-Uncontrollable Urge/02 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-The Puppet/03 THE AU PAIRS-Come Again/04 THE CRAMPS-Tear It Up/05 JOAN JETT-Bad Reputation/06 PERE UBU-Birdies/07 GARY NUMAN-Down in the Park/08 FLESHTONES-Shadow Line/09 GANG OF 4-He'd Send in the Army/10 JOHN OTWAY-Cheryl's Going Home/11 999-Homicide/12 X-Beyond and Back/13 MAGAZINE- Model Worker/14 SKAFISH-Sign of the Cross

Man, how I loved this album back in the 1980's, at least the good parts......if you run across the DVD version on line, I recommend it.......but I think you'll enjoy, at least the highlights of these discs, Devo, the Go Go's and the Members never sounded better, maybe we could say the same for Wall of Voodoo and Athletico Spizz 80.......the 1980's are LONG GONE folks, but SOME of the music, sort of, lives on!

You know the drill.....links will be up when i get them up! Hopefully on MOnday Morning, Zippy willing.....again, "Welcome to the working week, I know it don't thrill ya I hope it don't kill ya".....it won't come August because I will be at least eligible to retire......we shall see what happens!

Gonna take a breather

Gonna step back for a little while, I've got some bigger fish to fry on my table (?) right now......not sure how long I'm going to be away for, just have to get a few things straightened out. Enjoy all the stuff that is still avaialble, and please leave any requests that you may have. I'll be back soon. Me and Vida have some stuff we gotta get worked out.

Peace, Love , and Poetry Part 1

Phenominal series of psychedelia from all cornres of our globe, 5 today, 5 tomorrow (or so).....if you are a fan of pscyh-rock, this is one of the better series EVER released in the genre (sometimes the more obscure psych bands kind of, well, you know, suck)......there is a LOT of good stuff here, a lot you probably haven't heard before, mixed in with a few well known acts. It's a GREAT series, don't know if fans of all the recent punk comps will agree, but all ya need to do is DIVERSIFY your tastes
so that they are as broad-based as my own!

OK, there are ten volumes in this series, give ya the first five today I guess and the second five tomorrow or over the weekend sometime....First up we have a set of acts from the good ol' US of A.....Damned obscure stuff, maybe you are familiar with Victoria, or Hunger, of Hickory Wind......but everything here is fairly unknown and fairly un-comped elsewhere. Volume 2 focusses on Latin America, Again, you may know Los Dug Dugs (in fact I profiled them on this blog a while back) and of course Kaleidoscope is moderatly well known, but dig into the REST of these unknown gems as well.

Volume 3 features "Asian" acts....yet another winner with the Mops (I'll HAVE TO profile THEIR brilliance sometime), Erkin Koray, Yuya Uchida & the Flowers, and lots more. ALL these volumes come highly recommended by myself (I guess it would be best to give credit to series creator Thomas Hartlage before I forget).....next, Volue 4 gives us a bunch of Japanese stuff, the Mops appear again, as do the fab Speed, Glue, and Shinky......you'll not wish to miss this one either. Volume 5 will round out today with Britain, Dark's legendary "Maypole" (one of my VERY favorite tracks in any genre) is the standout, but Dogfeet, Pussy, and Red Dirt all also make appearances.

This series is no joke and if you are a fan of 1960's-70's psychedelic rock, RUN, don't walk, to collect them all.....the next installment of the blog will feature acts from Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Turkey, and Chile, and, to my surprise, according to Wikpedia, there are MORE planned volumes in the series (Scandanavia, Italy, Germany)....personally can't wait (if true).....this is a FINE series, one of the best EVER of obscure psych and I recommend it HIGHLY to any lover of that great genre.

By the way, the model on ALL the covers is Cheryl Shrode, who appeared in Playboy in 1967.

VOLUME 1 USA-01 ARTESIA-White Panther/02 DARIUS-Shades of Blue/03 NEW TWEEDY
BRO'S-Danny's Song/04 VICTORIA-Ride a Rainbow/05 DAMON-Song of a Gypsy/06 JUNGLE-Slave Ship/07 HUNGER-Colours/08 TRIZIO 50-Graveyard/09 THE MUSIC EMPORIUM-Nam Myo Rengek Yo/10 BRAIN POLICE-I'll Be on the Inside, If I Can/11 MICHAEL ANGELO-Oceans of Fantasy/12 ZERFAS-I Need it Higher/13 LAZY SMOKE-There was a Time/14 HICKORY WIND- Mister Man/15 NEW DAWN-Dark Thoughts/16 SIDE TRACK-Wild Eyes/17 PATRON SAINTS-Reflections on a Warm Day

VOLUME 2 LATIN AMERICA-01 ALMENDRA-Trema De Pototo/02 LAGHONIA-Someday/03 TRAFFIC SOUND-I'm So Glad/04 KALEIDOSCOPE-Colours/05 WE ALL TOGETHER-Tomorrow/06 LOS GATOS-Cuando Llegue El Ano 2000/07 KISSING SPELL-Yellow Moon/08 TRAFFIC SOUND-Virgin/09 ALMEDRA-Obertura/10 LAGHONIA-Trouble Child/11 LOS MAC'S-El Evangelio De La Gente Sola/12 LOS VIDRIOS QUEBRANDOS-Oscar Wilde/13 SOM IMAGINARIO-Super-God....ok, upon popping this disc in, I see that it is incomplete for whatever the reason........I have only tracks 1-13 on an 18 disc CD. NO IDEA why.....calling on "friends of the blog" for possible help with these last 5 tracks.....hoping so, maybe I can find them too.....but I will list them nonetheless.....14-LADIES WC-People/15 MODULO 1000Lem-Ed-Eclag/16 LOS MAC'S-Degrees/17 THE PEPPER SMELTER (ST THOMAS)-Betty Boom/Little Monster/Doggie and Peggie at the Witch's Castle 18 LOS DUG DUGS-It's Over

VOLUME 3-ASIA-01 3 HUR EL-Gonule Sabryele Sabreyele/02 BARIS MANCO-Deluxe/03 CAMBODIAN ROCKS-A2/04 CONFUSIONS-Voice From the Inner Soul/05 REKIN KORAY-Istemen/06 JUNG HYUN & TE MEN-Korean A2/07 JUSTIN HEATHCLIFF-You Know What I Mean/08 MOGOLLER-Katip Aezv Halim Yaz/09 SAN UL LIM-It Was Probably Late Summer/10 TEDDY ROBIN & THE PLAYBOYS-Magic Colours/11 THE FENTONES-Simla Beat Theme/12 THE MOPS-Blind Bird/13 THE QUEST-26 Miles/14 YUYA UCHIDA & THE FLOWERS-Greasy Heart

VOLUME 4-JAPAN-01 HAPPENINGS FOUR-Happenings Theme/02 FOODBRAIN-Liver Juice Vending Machine/03 APRYL FOOL-Tomorrow's Child/04 SPEED, GLUE, AND SHINKY-Run and Hide/05 YUYA UCHIDA & THE FLOWERS-Hidariashi No Otoko/06 BLUES CREATION-Brane Baster/07 SHINKY CHEN-Freedom of a Mad Paper Lantern/08 JACKS-Gloomy Flower/09 TOKEDSHITA GARASUBAKO-Kimi Ha Darenada (Metal Glass Box)/10 JUSTIN HEATHCLIFF-You Should All THink More/11 SPEED, GLUE, AND SHINKY-Keep It Cool/12 APRYL FOOL-The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)/13 MASAHIKO SATO & THE SOUND BRAKERS-A White Dove in Disguise/14 KUNI KAWACHI & FRIENDS-Kirikyogen/15 THE MOPS-Asamade Matenai/16 THE BEAVERS-Koishite Aishite/17 HAPPENINGS FOUR-I Want You

Woman/03 ANDWELLAS DREAM-Felix/04 DARK-Maypole/05 DOGFEET-How I Know/06 TONY CARO & JOHN-There Are No Greater Heroes/07 PUSSY-Comets/08 CANDIDA PAX-Reach Out/09 MARK FY-Mandolin Man/10 LEA MOTHERLIGHT-On a Meadow/11 LIGHTYEARS AWAY-Yesterday/12 BODIN-Three Days After DeathPart 1/13 FORVER AMBER-The Dreamer Flies Back/14 OLIVER-Telephone/15 PARAMETER-Harrington Hill

Really good set, I'd advise ya to grab it!

Peace, Love and Poetry, Part 2

In many ways similar to the punk "Bloodstains" series, this fine set of psychedelia gives "flavor" to each individual corner of the world that it takes on. Yesterday we saw the first 5 albums of the set, today the remaining five.......Lots of tracks to list so commentary at a minimum.

Volume 6 features acts from Brazil.Not a lot of TERRIBLY familar names, you should, I guess, know Sound actaory and Os Brazos, lots of other unknown gems here though. Volume 7 goes for music from Mexico, Los Dug Dug's (featured n an earlier edition and once profiled on this blog) check in, as well as Kaleidoscopeafter those, these are fairly unknown to must but the HARDEST CORE psych fans out there. Volume 8 is possibly my favorite album in the set, (and I like them all), psychedelia from AFRICA! Featuring of courses the tremendous Otis Waygood Band (I should profile them sometime they really are great), Suck, and of course Chrissy Zebby Temb & Ngozi Family.....I really love the sounds on this one. VOlume 9 takes us to Turkey, where of course Erkin Koray gets a turn, he's the only REALLY well known one, but this has as unique a sound as any on the set. Finally, we have Chile.....Agaturbia is likely the best known band here, but it is a good set as well. Links probably not until sometime on Saturday.

BRAZIL-ON BANDO-E Assim Falava Mefistofeles/02 OS BRAZOS-Tao Lounge De Mim/03 A BOLHA-Razao De Exister/04 LIVEROOL-Voando/05 BANGO-Inferno No Mundo/06 BUTTONS-Birds In My Tree/07 ASSIM ASSAADO-Lunatica/08 O TERCO-I Need You/09 SPECTRUM-Trilha Antiga/10 MODULO 1000-Animalia/11 OS LOBOS-Miragem/12 RUBINHO E MAURO ASSUMPCAO-Quero Companheira/13 SOUND FACTORY-Lets Go/14 TERCO-Iagoa Das Lontras/15 PAULO BAGUNCA-Mensagiero/16 LULA CORTES E ZE RAMHALLO-Maracas De Fogo/17 MARCOS VALLE-Revolucao Organica/18 HUGO FILHO-Quero Voce Voce/19 MARCONI NOTARO-Fidelidade

AFRICA-01 mMCULLY WORKSHOP IHC-Shame/02 OTIS WAYGOOD-TeN Light Claps and a Scream/03 BIO-Chapter One/04 ABSTRACT TRUTH-Cool, Sounds For Heads/05 FREEDOM CHILDREN-Glactic Vibes/06 SUCK-Time to Suck/07 THE THIRD EYE-Awakening/08 FREEDOM CHILDREN-Astra/09 MACK SIGNS PORTER-Peace on You/10 OTIS WAYGOOD-Ten Light Claps and a Scream/11 RIKKI LIONGA-Sunshine Love/12 CHRISSY ZEBBY TEMBO & NGOZI FAMILY-My Ancestors/13 QUENTIN E KLOJAEGAR-Fantasy/14 ABSRACT TRUTH-Silver Trees/15  FREEDOMCHILDREN-Battle Hymn of the Broken Hearted/16 THE THIRD EYE-Brother/17 OFEGE-Try An Love

MEXICO-01 LOS DUG DUGS-Lost In My World/02 KALEIDOSCOPE-Hang Out/03 LA FAE PEIDRA-Roaming/04 EL TARRO DE MOSTAZA-El Rudio Del Sileno/05 LA VIDA-Touch Me/06 LA LIBRE EXPRESSION-Joven AMonte/07 FLYING KARPETS-Behind  a Young Girl's Smile/08 LA REVOLUCION DE EMILE ZAPATA-=En Luvis Dell Luvizuviz/09 SPIDERS-It's  You/10 THREE SOULS IN  MY MIND-Lenon Blues/11 TONCHO PILATOS-Tommy Lyz/12 RENAISSAANCE-I'm Dying/13 EMAN ROCH-The Train/14 GRUPO CIRUEA-Nada Nos Detrende/15 LOS OVNIS-Cusando Era Nio/`6
SURVIVA-The World Is A Bomb

CHILE-01 KISSING SPELL-Yellow Moon/02 LOS JAVIAS-Foto De Primera Comunion/0-4 AGUATURBIA-Erotica/05 BLOPS-Los Momentos/06SACROS-La Realidad//07 LOS MACS-La Muerrrrrtr De Mi Hermano/08 BLOPS-Pisandose La Cola/09 EMBRUJuio-Canto SIn Nombre/10 LOS BEAT /11 Agiturbia-I Wonder Why/12 TUMULTO-Tu, Yo Y Nuestro Amor/13 BLOPS-Piromano/14 ESCOMBROS-Magnetism/15 LOS BEAT 4-Civilizacion/16 CONGREGACION-Cuantos Que No Tienen Y Merecen/17 EL CONGRESO-Asi Seras

TURKEY-01 SELDA- Bundan Sonra/02
OZDEMIR ERDOGAN-Uzin I Nce Bir Yoldayim/03 ALPAY-Kirpiklerin Ok Ok Eyle/04 MAZHAR FUAT-Sur Efem Atini/05 ERKIN KORAY-Yugmur/06 ERSEN-Kara Yazi/07 EDIP AKBAYRAM-Yakar Incedeni Inciden/08 HARDAL-Bir Yagmur Masali/09 SELDA-Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar/10 EROL BUYUKBURC-Hop Dedik/11 CEM KARACA-Tatli Dillim/12 UC HUREL-Aglarsa Anam Aglar/13 BARIS MANCO-Kirpiklen Ok Ok Eyle/14 MOGOLLAR-Halicte Gunes In Batisi/15 BULENT ORTACIGL-Sen Varsin/16 ERKUT TACKIN-Citmek Dus Tu Bana

U-Spaces Psychedelic Arceaology

Well, haven't been able to put up daily posts with some other issues going on, but the "Peace, Love, and Poetry" series was quite well recieved. , if obscure psych comps are your thing, I have more of them than I'd probably be able to put up in my lifetime.......might as well put a few up until I get bored with them.

This series, released by U-Spaces (You may recall U-Spaces from the classic "Psychedelic Radio Spots and Promos" series I put up so very long ago), is quite good, lots of totally obscure stuff mixed in with some semi-well known tracks. Really good set, 10 discs and not skimpy, each disc is crammed (always irritates me when a ten disc set would have fit on six discs)......

Five discs today, I'll TRY to get the other five up tomorrow. To touch briefly, Disc one has the little known and WAY cool "The Lottery" by (wait for it) Rochelle Rosenthal & the Kickball Queen...Kim Fowley's track is sufficiently well known as that it could have been omitted, but the less-known-than-they should-be Neal Ford and the Fanatics add a fine track. Perhaps you are familar with Aphrodite's Child, Sound Sandwich, or the Gregorians, among others, from other comps of this ilk, but the overlap between them is inevitable.

The second disc features tracks from Aorta, American Zoo, Cyrkle, Fenwyck, and Pendragon  mixed among a lot of stuff that I had never heard of, other than this set. Disc three features Whatt Four, another from Neal Ford, Alexander Rabbit, and Sweet Smoke. Disc Four brings us tracks from Medicine Mike, Sagittarus, The Raves, Shane, and The Collectors (ya know, when stuff like this is the MOST WELL KNOWN on a set, you are guarenteed some super-obscurities). Finally we have Disc Five, which brings us a selection from Sheb Wooley (!), also some semi-well known stuff from Ronny & the Daytonas, Giant Crab, Thorndike Pickledish, and Future.

The track lists below should make obscure psych-
addicts slobber. We'll see how well this goes over, but if obscure psych is in high demand, I have Rubble, Pebbles (most of it, maybe some Friends of the Blog can help fill in some blanks if I do it), Boulders, Hen's Teeth, Circus Days, Chocolate Soup For Diabetics, Fuzz, Flakes, and Shakes, Cicadelic 60's, Psychedelic States, LSD Connection, We Can Fly, and LITERALLY hundreds more series and single or double disc comps of this stuff. Let me know, either via comment or make me figure it out myself from download numbers, if this is a direction in which we wish to go for a while. Obviously, I have a passion for this stuff and checking over my shelves I literally cannot beleive how much of it I posess. Take time to comment if any of the above listed series is something you've been for (and honestly they are just the tip of the ice berg, if there is another series or comp you've searched for there is a GOOD chance I have it). So we'll see what happens. I'll try to have these up tonigh, yet, and the other five discs by tomorrow (Zippy willing of course)

DISC 1-WEST COAST NATURAL GAS-A Favor/02 ROCHELLE ROSENTHAL & THE KICKBALL QUEEN-The Lottery/03 SANDALS-House of Painted Glass/04 KIM FOWLEY-Strangers From the Sky/05 AORTA-Strange/06 AMERICAN BLUES-Say So/07 MARY MAIDEN-The Scarlet Letter/08 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Mary Wanna Marry Me/09 THE DAVID-People Seeing, People Saying/10 THE CHOSEN FEW-The Earth Above, The Sky Below/11 THE MASS-Raining Sorrow/12 HOT WATER-Reaction/13 WEST COAST NATURAL GAS-Go Run and Play/14 NATURAL GAS-Sunny Days/15 JEFFERSON LEE-Pancake Trees/16 SOUND SANDWICH-Zig Zag News/17 GROUNDSPEED-I-12 East/18 APHRODITE'S CHILD-Magic Mirror/19 GREGORIANS-Dialated Eyes/20 CHAPTER IV-Oracle/21 STONEHENGE-Desiree/22 MIND GARAGE-Asphalt Matter/23 THE RAK'S PROGRESS-Why Did You Rob Us Tank/24 LAYNE MARTIN JR-Suburban Lament

DISC 2-01 LYNX-Just a Friend/02 WHATT FOUR-Dandelion Wine/03 HARDTIMES-They Said No/04 LYTE-It's Gonna Work Out Fine/05 THE MISSION-Calmly/06 TIDAL WAVES-Seacrching For Love/07 PENDRAGON-Never Gonna Go Back/08 AORTA-Shapes of Things to Come/09 SHE TRINITY-Climb That Tree/10 ORACLE-Don't Sy No/11 THE NEW PHOENIX-Give To Me Your LOve/12 JOYRIDE-Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine/13 THE FREE-What Makes You/14 AMERICAN ZOO-Magdalena/15 LONDON PHOGG-The Times to Come/16 BARRY MANN-Young, Electric Psychedelic Band/17 LEXINGTON AVENUE LOCAL-Along Comes Mary/18 LYTE-I Don't Beleive You/19 SHADES INC-Sights/20 CYRKLE-The Words/21 THE MISSION-Gailing Made It/22 UNDERGROUND SUNSHINE-Nine To Five (Ain't My Bag)/23 FENWYCK-I Cry/24 MOONPARK INTERSECTION-I Think I'll Just Go Find Me/25 SUNSHINE-Dream Selection/26 STONEYBROOK PEOPLE-There's Tomorrow

Wantin' Ain't Gettin/04 OWL-Spirits/05 DAVE HEENAN SET-Alice in Wonderland/06 YOUNG CALIFORNIANS-In a Garden/07 OWEN B-Nowhere To Run/08 ECLECTIC MOUSE-Where Do the Hounds Go/09 WHATT FOUR-You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else/10 FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH-Day Don't Come/11 ROGUE SHOW-Make Me Over Again/12 SWEET SMOKE-The Great Evacuation of Haight Ashbury/13 DAVE TRAVIS EXTREME-Last Night The Flowers Bloomed/14 GRANNY's INTENTIONS-The Story of David/15 THE ROCK GARDEN-Sweet Pajamas/16 FAIR EXCHANGE-Out in the Open/17 THIS GENERATION-The Children Have Your Tongue/18 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Movin' Along/19 RUMBLE-Rich Man Poor Man/20 CUPS-Good as Gold/21 EXCALIBUR-Dreamin'/22 AVENGERS-Strange Faces/23 SUBURBAN 9 TO 5-Elevator Operator/24 CALIFORNIA BEAR-In My Dreams/25 ALEXANDER RABBIT-Malaguania

DISC 4-01 SOUND VENDOR-Mr Sun/02 LYNX-Look at Me/03 THE COLLECTORS-Ring the Bells/04 THE COLLECTORS-Uncle Wiggly/05 ACCENTS-Friendly Stranger/06 BEAUTIFUL-Shadows In the Sun/07 SIXTH DAY CREATION-Cherry Pie/08 VELVET HAZE-Last Day on Earth/09 ACT OF CREATION-Yesterday Noontime/10 EAST RIVER DRIVE-Hard Way to Go/11 ENEMYS-Mojo Woman/12 ALUMINUM DREAM-Strangers Calling/13 BENJAMIN CARRY LTD-Old Man/14 MEDICINE MIKE-I've Never Been So High/15 MERLIN-Dirty Woman/16 ROSE GARDEN-Here's Today/17 SAGITTARIUS-Virgo/18 SAWDUST-Sunbeam/19 SHANE-Woman Don't You Go/20 TURQUOISE-53 Summer Street/21 THE CELLAR-Think About Now/22 THE RAVES-Mr. Man/23 HUGH MCCRACKEN-You BLow My Mind/4 ACT OF CRATION-I've Just Seen You/25 CHATEAUX-Reference Man Pt. 2

DISC 5-01 BUMPS-Ode to a Toad/02 COSMIC BROTHERHOOD-Sunshine World/03 DELICATE
BALANCE-Night Is Almost Gone/04 CROWD +1-Try/05 T.I.M.E.-What WOuld Life Be Without You/06 BAD BOYS-Black Olives/07 RONNY & THE DAYTONAS-Brave New World/08 POPS MERRILY-Help Me Down/09 GIANT CRAB-Listen Girl/10 CONCEPTION-Babylon/11 FUTURE-Shape of Things to Come/12 SECOND HELPING-Floating Downsteam on an Inflatable Rubber Raft/13 LE CIRQUE-Land of Oz/14 CHANGING COLOURS-Da Da Da Da/15 SHEB WOOLEY-The Love-In/16 5X5-Good Connection/17 SECOND HELPING-On Friday/18 BUMPS-Shining/19 MESSENGERS-Must We Always Live For Tomorrow/20 EPIC SPLENDOR-Cowboys and Indians/21 WRONG BLACK BAG-Wake Me Shake Me/22 RONNIE JAMES REINCARNATION-Is This the Only Life You've Ever Had/23 GIANT CRAB-ESP/24 BILL SODEN-My Mermaid and Me/25 CROWD + 1-Don't Hold Back/26 UK BABY-Michael's Daughter/27 THORDIKE PICKLEDISH-SF Bound

U-Spaces Psychedelic Archeaology Part 2

The second five discs of this ten disc set, loaded with obscure psychedelia.....this is a good set, as I
said before we'll see what the reaction is before I continue with some of the MANY other psych comps I have, overlap gets to be a problem when I continue piling them on, but when you tak about a genre where SUPER-obscurites abound, only 1970's-80's punk (see some of the recent punk comps) can compare with late 60's/early 70's psych (and, as is the case with punk, quite often "obscure" does not necessarily equate with "listenable", but "obscure" is always fun for fans of a genre, listenable or otherwise.

As we pop in Disc 6, most of the better known stuff here are acts that popped up in the first 5 discs of the set, (West Coast Natural Gas, Flower Pot, etal), newcomers of interest include The Human Touch's weird cover of the already weird "Sally Go Round the Roses", The Ravens, The Dave Miller Set, among lost of other stuff that I had no knowledge of prior to this set. The Wailers turn up on disc 7, as well as unknowns (well, to me, anyway) such as City Zu, The Fringe, and Grant's Blueboys whom I list here simply as a tribute to my son Grant. Disc 8 plunges off into TOTAL obscure-o land, I don't even (at a glance) think it includes anyone from the earlier discs)....I knew of Crotchfield Doughnut Ring from other comps, but
Ipsissimus? Biddu? Guardians of the Rainbow? Out there, which is what we're looking for.

Disc 9 has another Neal Ford track, this time as Neal Ford Factory (Ford probably appears more on
this set than anyone else), and the set continues the trend of strange, quite obscure stuff such as Frisco Mint, Lightmyth, The Roosters........unknowns except to the most fanatical of obscure psych junkies.....the final disc is more of the same, lots of acts that are new to the set such as Dr T & the Undertakers, Baron Daemon & the Vampires, and Chicago Loop.

Let me know what you think of these and where we want to go from here, because if you wan MORE of this type of thing I can literally bury you with it.

DISC 6-01  TONY & THE VISITORS-Saturday's Son/02 FLOWER POT-Black Motto/03 AMERICAN EXPRESS-When the Cith Sleeps/04 MCDONALDS FARM-Between the Lines/05 EMERGENCY EXIT-Maybe Too Late/06 THE RAVENS-Calamity Jane/07 WEST COAST NATURAL GAS-Jumping Frog/08 THE SUN-Soul Sync/09 EPITOME-Sleep/10 THE HUMAN TOUCH-Sally Go Round the Roses/11 5X5-15 Going on 20/12 THESE VIZITORS-Rippling Road/13 MAD JOHN FEVER-Breathe & Thunder/14 FLOWER OF PURPLE-Luv's So Free/15 WEST COAST NATURAL GAS-A Favor/16 ZEKES-Leaving You/17 CARETAKERS-Epic/18 SHY LIMBS-Trick or Two/19 TROYES-Morning of the Rain/20 THE PAPER TRAIN-Brother/21 DAVE MILLER SET-Bread & Butter Day/22 BLACK NARCOSIS-Land of Stone/23 GRAYLOCK MANSION-Over My Shoulder/24 HIGHER ELEVATION-Summer Skies/25 SECOND SUMMERS-Sad Vibrations/26 THE ELECTRIC DUCK-Most People Get Happy/27 GOOD HUMOR BAND-The Man

DISC 07-01 THESE VIZITORS-Reacher Teacher/02 CITY ZU-Too Much Too Soon Too Fast/03 MC2-My Mind Goes High/04 FOOTPRINTS-Mama Rand's/05 ILFORD SUBWAY-A New Song/06 RY COOPER-The Game of Life/07 BEL KANTO- A kind of Breakdown/08 THE LAST WORDS-It Made Me Cry/09 TOMORROWS KEEPSAKE-Elevator Operator/10 GENTLE SOUL-Tell me Love/11 FOURTH DIMENSION-Mr. Blair/12 GOSSIP-No One's Standing In Your Way/13 GWB-Butterball/14 THE FRINGE-Plastic People/15 SWEET ROLLE-Squares and Triangles/16 FLOWER PEOPLE-Stop! Check It/17 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Pain/18 MC2-SST/19 GASLITE VILLAGE-I'm Afraid/20 GENTLE SOUL-You Move Me/21 FOOTPRINTS-Never Say Die/22 GRANTS BLUEBOYS-Love Is Such a Game/23 GOSSIP-Whispering Wind/24 GRASSFIRE-Aunt Marley's Wheatcakes/25 EASY CHAIR-My Own Life/26 MEDDYS PEOPLE-Fantasy World/27 LUV LITES-Born In Chicago/28 FEELIES-Happy/29 THE WAILERS-I Don't Want TO Follow You/30 RY COOPER-1983

DISC 8-01 IPSISSIMUS-Lazy Woman/02 MADE IN SHEFFIELD-RIght Satisfied/03 THE TRIXONS-Sunny Side Sam/04 A NEW GENERATION-Sadie & Her Magic Mr Galahd/05 TEN FEET-Losing Game/06 ADAM MIKE & TIM-A Most Peculiar Man/07 PETER B'S LOONERS-Jodrell Blues/08 RANEE AND RAJ-Rainbow Land/09 TIMES-Think About the Times/10 GENE PIERSON-Oh! Sweet Love/11 VILLAGE-Long Time Coming/12 MAC RYBELL-The Lantern/13 THE MIRAGE-You Can't Be Serious/14 ACID GALLERY-Right Toe Blues/15 MERRIDAY PARK-Went Home Today/16 THE CEDARS-I Don't Know Why/17 THE MARIANE-As For Marionettes/18 BIDDU-Look Out Here I Come/19 NOW-The Hands On My CLock Stand Still/20 UGLYS-Real Good Girl/21 THE NERVE-It Is/22 ANGEL PAVEMENT-Tell Me What I've Got to Do/23 THE CEDARS-I Like the Way/24 CROTCHFIELD DOUGHNUT RING-Get Out Your Rock N Roll Shoes/25 ELCORT-Searchin/26 GUARDIANS OF THE RAINBOW-What Do You Do When Yo've Lost Your Love/27 HIGH BROOM-Percy's on the Run

DISC 9-01 THINK-It's a Good Thing/02 TODAYS SPECIAL-Krista/03 FROSTY-Organ Grinder's
Monkey/04 FRISCO MINT-Which End Is Up/05 MOURNING DAYZE-Fly My Paper Airplane/06 LIGHTMYTH-Across the Universe/07 STONEHENGE-The Inferno/08 MORNINGSTAR-If I Didn't Want To See You Anymore/09 PIPE DREAM-Why Can't We Live Together/10 JEFFERSON LEE-Book of Love/11 THE LOREYS-Goin Downtown/12 JACK & THE BEANSTALKS-Mood For Hurt/13 THINK-California (It's Getting Heavy)/14 CROSSFIELD-Take It/15 UNDERGROUND SUNSHINE-Mr Soul/16 BLACK RABBIT-Free/17 ROTATION-Rotation/18 STONEHENGE-King of the Golden Hall/19 DUST-Gone/20 THE REVELATION-Wait and See/21 STRAWHORSES-I'll Follow You/22 THE US MALES-Open Up Your Heart/23 EPIC SPLENDOR-She's High on Life/24 THE ROOSTERS-Love Machine/25 THE NEAL FORD FACTORY-You Made Me a Man/26 MORNINGSTAR-Virgin Lover

DISC 10-01 THE RAVES-Think of Your Love/02 TIDAL WAVES-Little Boy Sad/03 POWER
PLANT-She's So Far Out She's In/04 SOUND 70-There Is No Reason/05 MAGIC RING-Yellow Horses/06 THE ROOSTERS-Ain't Gonna Cry Anymore/07 FANATICS-For You/08 DECADES-I'm Lovin You/09 THE SAPIENS-Ask Yourself Why/10 DEAD OR ALIVE-Run Hide Get Away/11 DR T & THE UNDERTAKERS-Blue Blue/12 FANATICS-Woman/13 FOUR SPEEDS-Why Did You Leave Me/14 THE HEARD-Itchin In My Heart/15 BARON DAEMON & THE VAMPIRES-Ghost Guitars/16 BAROUE BROTHERS-So Glad Was I/17 SAPIENS-Love Aint Makin It No More/18 DICKENS-One of a Kind Woman/19 FANATICS-Good Men/20 MISSING LINKS-They Say You Lie/21 THE FUGITIVES-The Fugitives/22 DECADES-Thinking of You/23 THE AVENGERS-When  It's Over/24 CHICAGO LOOP-Richard Corey/25 THE CREATURES-Turn Out the Light/26 THE FASTEST GROUP ALIVE-Bears/27 THE TEMPESTS-Miguel the Organ Grinder

Children of Nuggets

OK....I am sorry, I CANNOT get Zippyshare to upload Discs 7.8. and 10 of U-Spaces Psychedelic
Archaeology....CANNOT. Been trying for days. I have FOUR Zipyshare accounts, in general, when one of them won't upload something, another will, but in this case it seems destined not to happen. I'll try to upload SOMETHING ELSE and then GO BACK and see if I can get the "problem" discs to upload. I'm truly sorry, really I am, hopefully eventually we can get this resloved so everyone can have the full set.

Got a magnificent set today, very underappreciated, the four-disc "Children of Nuggets" set....fully titled "Children of Nuggets, Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era, 1976-1996" it picks up where the original "Nuggets" left off. I'll touch on some highlights but this is as great a set of modern day psychedelia as one could hope for. I REALLY don't think it was appreciated much at the time of it's release, but how on earth could you NOT lov this?

Disc 1 kicks off with a fab track from Andy Partridge's Dukes of Stratosphere, includes the Bangles, The Soft Boys, Flamin' Groovies, Lime SPiders, the Pandoras, and the Swingin' Neckbreakers.....those are just the highlights, there are 27 tracks in all, beleive me YOU WANT THIS.

Disc two brings us such stallwarts as Dream Syndicate, The La's, Mickey & the Milkshakes, Teenage Fanclub, as well as a bunch of holdovers from Disc 1 (Dukes, Soft Boys, Lyres).....another great disc (24 tracks).....on disc three we are treated to The Fuzztones, Bangs, Screaming Trees, Tell-Tale Hearts, Miracl Workers, and Plasticland, how is THAT for an all-star lineup? Finally disc four brings us the Chesterfield Kings, StiRays, DMZ, the Mummies, the Barracudas and a WHOLE LOT more.

Can't say much about how great this set is, read the track list below, and you'll see what I mean. TONS AND TONS of (as of now) rarely comped stuff, you're gonna want this one (Lord I hope Zippyshare is willing)

DISC 1-DUKES OF STRATOSPHERE-Vanishing Girl/02 THE LYRES-Help You Ann/03 THE BANGLES-Real World/04 THE BARRACUDAS-We're Living In Violent Times/05 NASHVILLE RAMBLERS-The Trains/06 WATERMENLON MEN-Seven Years/07 THE SMITHEREENS-Strangers When We Meet/08 SOFT BOYS-Wading Through a Ventilator/09 FLAMIN GROOVIS-I Can't Hide/10 THE FLESHTONES-The Girl From Baltimore/11 THAT PETROL EMOTION-It's a Good THing/12 STEMS-She's Fine/13 POINT-All My Life/14 THE CREEPS-Down In the Nightclub/15 THE SPONGETONES-(My Girl) Maryann/16 THE SALVATION ARMY-She Turns to Flowers/17 RAIN PARADE-You Are My Friend/18 THE INMATES-Mr. Unreliable/19 CHRIS STAMEY & THE db's-(I Thought) You Wanted To Know/20 THE LAST-She Don't Know Why I'm Here/21 BIFF BANG POW!-There Must Be a Better Life/22 LIME SPIDERS-Slave Girl/23 THE POSIES-I May Hate You Sometimes/24 TIMES-I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape/25 THE PANDORAS-It's About Time/26 SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS-I Live For Buzz/27 HOODOO GURUS-I Want You back

DISC 2-01 THE GODFATHERS-This Damn Nation/02 DREAM SYNDICATE-Tell Me When It's Over/03 THE PRISONERS-Whenever I'm Gone/04 THE CRAMPS-New Kind of Kick/05 THE LONG RYDERS-And She Rides/06 REVILLOS-Motorbike Beat/07 THE VIPERS-Tears (Only Dry)/08 DUKES OF STRATOSPHERE-25 O'Clock/09 THE LYRES-Don't Give It Up Now/10 CHRISSTAMEY & THE db'S-If and When/11 THE UNTAMED YOUTH-Pabst BLue Ribbon/12 THE LA'S-There She Goes/13 VIBRASONIC-Kingsley J/14 THE CRAWDADDYS-I Can Never Tell/15 GREEN TELESCOPE-Make Me Stay/16 THE PLIMSOULS-Everyday Things/17 THE SOFT BOYS-I Wanna Destroy You/18 MICKY & THE MILKSHAKES-It's You/19 THE POSIES-Apology/20 THE BEVIS FROND-Lights are Changing/21 DROOGS-Ahead of My Time/22 FUNSEEKERS-Welcome to My Love/23 REVOLING PAINT DREAM-Flowers In the

DISC 3-THE CHURCH-The Unguarded Moment/02 THE BARRACUDAS-I Can't Pretend/03 DIED PRETTY-Out of the Unknown/04 THE LAST-LA Explosion/05 FLAMIN GROOVIES-I'll Cry Alone/06 JULIAN COPE-Sunspots/07 LIPSTICK KILLERS-Hindu Gods of Love/08 GREEN ON RED-Death and Angels/09 SINNERS-Barbed Wire Heart/10 THE CHILLS-Pink Frost/11 CHESTERFIELD KINGS-She Told Me Lies/12 THE SMITHEREENS-Beauty and Saddness/13 THE MUMMIES-Test Drive/14 DMZ-Busy Man/15 STEMS-Love WIll Grow/16 THE SPONGETONES-She Goes Out With Everybody/17 THE PLIMSOULS-Hypnotized/18 THE UNCLAIMED-No Apology/19 TEENAGE FANCLUB-God Knows It's True/20 HOODS-You Keep On Lyin'/21 THE STING RAYS-Don't Break Down/22 THE FLESHTONES-The World Has Changed/23 CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/24 LAIKA & THE COSMONAUTS-Psycko/25 THE JIGSAW SEEN-My Name Is Tom

DISC 4-01 PRIMAL SCREAM-Gentle Tuesday/02 THE THREE O'CLOCK-With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend/03 HOODOO GURUS-Like Wow-Wipeout!/04 THE FUZZTONES-Bad News Travels Fast/05 SUN DIAL-Plains of Nazca/06 THE BANGS-Getting Out of Hand/07 MICKEY & THE MILKSHAKES-Please Don't Tell My Baby/08 RAIN PARADE-One Half Hour Ago/09 THE AARDVARKS-You're My Loving Way/10 SCREAMING TREES-Transfiguration/11 UNITED STATES OF EXISTENCE-A Scandal In Bohemia/12 THE NOMADS-Where the Wolf Bane BLooms/13 THE VIPERS-Cheated and Lied/14 THE DENTISTS-Stawberries Are Growing In My Gardn (And It's Wintertime)/15 TELL-TALE HEARTS-Won't Need Yours/16 IMPERIAL CARPETS-Weakness/17 MIRACLE WORKERS-You'll Know Why/18 THE UNKNOWNS-Not My Memory/19 PRISONERS-Far Away/20 THE OPTIC NERVER-Ain't That A Man/21 PLATICLAND-Mink Dress/22 RAYBEATS-Tight Turn/THE VES-One Way Ticket/THE WONDERMINTS-Tracy Hide

(Assuming I can get it uploaded of course), let's here your thoughts on this set.....I think that it is a timeless piece that is a "future classic" if you will. I have the Nuggets II set as well, with "Nuggets" from other countries, and the eight-disc internet creation "Mega Nuggets" that is beyond awesome...."Love Is the Song We Sing" was another box set installment, featuring all West Coast acts......name your poison, really, I love this stuff and who wouldn't. But, I think that while MOST of the rest of ALL of the "Nuggets" comps kind of fall into line, this one, to me, is a unique standout......I think it's a brilliant work, let me know if I am right or full of shit.

AGAIN, I apoligze for Discs 7, 8, and 10 of "Psychedelic Archaeology"......I'll try it again after I get THESE up......you also may try the Torrent link I posted in the comments section of that post, personally, I ahve no idea if it is live or not, but I am spinning MY wheels with the thing, so give it a whirl.

Until next time, I love you all of course!


Since little Josef has made his displeasure with the Nuggets series clear, I think it's only fair that the next direction I take this blog in is to UPLOAD EVERY GODDAMN NUGGET COMP I HAVE, and maybe little Josef will hold his breathe until he turns blue. And, I have a BUNCH OF THEM:

Today, I am trying to make one last swing at getting the final three discs of  Psychedelic Arcaeology up, so no new post today, but if you LOOOOOVE some Nuggets, here is what is in store for ya in the near future (sorry Little Josef)......well, we could begin with the original Lenny Kaye Nuggets (I bet Josef can't STAND Lenny Kaye), actually the expanded, four disc box set......we could follow THAT up with the fab "Nuggets II, Original Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond" (note to Josef, this means countries OTHER THAN the USA), which is also 4 discs......maybe after that, I put up a couple of discs I made myself from the Rhino Nuggets vinyl series, featuring tracks from those albums that didn''t make the box sets. And THEN, what about the internet creation (I THINK it was created by the legend that is Chris Goes, someone sent it to me long ago, an unofficial 8-disc mammoth that myself and my friends have always called "Mega Nuggets". Certainly wouldn't want to forget the four disc "Love is the Song We Sing" (San Francisco Nuggets), or "Where the Action Is" (Los Angeles Nuggets, also four discs), and then, AFTER THAT, if Josef is still suffering in agony, perhaps we'll get to the THIRTY SOMETHING DISC "Pebbles" set, the "Rubble" set, the "Boulders" set, maybe "Psychedelic States", "Acid Visions", "Chocolate Soup For Diabetics", "Cicadelic 60's", "Circus Days", "Couloured Sites and Sounds", "Echoes in Time", "Elecric Lemonade Acid Test", "Endless Journey", "Exploiting Plastic Inevitable", "Fading Yellow", "Fuzz, Flakes, and Shakes", "Gathering of the Tribe", The "GS Japanese Psych-Garage Collection", "Hen's Teeth", "Highs in the mid-sixties", "Incredible Sound Show Stories", "Lost 60's Delights", "Mayhem and Psychosis", "Nederbeat (DUTCH Nuggets!)", "Never Ever Land", "Nightmares From the Underworld", the enormous "Prae-Kraut Pandemonium", "Project Blue", the fine internet series "Psych Crackle Pop" (19 Discs), "Psychedelic Crown Jewels", "Psychedelic Disaster Whirl", "The Pschedelic Experience" the "Psychedelic Instrumentals" series, "Psychedelic Microdots", "Psychedelic Pstones", "Psychedelic Schlmeils", "Psychedelic Unknowns", "The Calico Wall" series,  another fantabulous internet creation, "Sir Psych Presents"(Currently around 50 discs), "Side Trips", "Tekites", "Texas Flashbacks", "The Perfumed Garden", "The Psychedelic Years Revistied", "Tobacco A Go Go", "Turkish Delights", the many MORE U-Spaces comps such as "California Love In" and "San Francisco Nights", among others, maybe a re-post of that 8 disc U-Spaces "Psychedelic Radio Spots and Promos" set, ANOTHER cool internet creation, the 25-disc "Vinyl Garage Underground", "Visions of the Past", "We Can Fly", and maybe after we get past all THOSE multi-disc sets, we can get around to some single disc Nugget/psych stuff such as "My Mind Goes High", "Journey to a Higher Key" (SITAR psych! yeah!), "Growing Slowly Insane", and oh, I don't know, I'd estimate maybe 3 to 4 hundred more......so, ya see, Josef, old boy, I do know a TINY bit about the music of this genre.....and the fact that my posting it irritates you is, in itself, "music" to MY ears.....

Will I post ALL of those comps listed above? Probably not likley, unless, 1) I am overwhelmingly URGED by the minions to do so, or 2) Josef continues to complain that the bands HE likes aren't on the albums I post (IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, I HAVE TO point out that Josef ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT I PERSONALLY programmed/created "Children of Nuggets!" Let's all put on out thinkin' caps and ponder THAT one.

Anyways, in all seriousness, Josef aside what do ya think? Do ya WANT for me to go in this direction for a little while? There is some great stuff on these albums, lots of overlap of course, but a lot of hard to find gems as well......I deliberatley tried to be tedious/monotonous while listing all of them (to irritate Josef) but all of those ARE available for upload, as well as the 3-4 hundred that I didn't mention......I know, also, that this stuff is kind of divisive, you either can't get enough (me), or you really aren't THAT much into it, and prefer my posts of great punk, or great metal, stoner, glam, whatever....and either way that is fine (UNLESS you complain about it, ala our buddy)......

So, rant over, (well, not quite, ONE MORE TIME: THIS GUY THOUGHT I PERSONALLY PROGRAMMED AND CREATED "CHILDREN OF NUGGETS"!!!!!!!!!), I THINK I may have at least temporarily resolved the upload problems, and personally, I'm up for some Nugget-rock for the next week? Two weeks? Month? You guys tell me......pick from the list or come up with your own, I think I AM going to do some of it for a while, so PLEASE let me know what you want, and also when it starts to get excessive and you're ready for my MAMMOTH "Complete Story of the Clash" post I've been working on (it will be awesome, probably two weeks of virtually every note they ever recorded).....see ya tomorrow with

HERE are the remaining links for Psychedelic Archeaology...

I'll put em here rather than with the original post since it's been such a long time.....I'm sorry it took so long, but here they are at least. Hope you enjoy them.

Nuggets, Nuggets, Nuggets

All kidding aside, NOT an attempt to irritate anyone (I've beaten that dead horse enough, and IF the
offended party will just drop it, I will as well), "Nuggets" the original two disc set compile by Lenny Kaye in the early 1970's, was probably THE most important, infuential, and significant compilation ever.....it brought into focus the wonderful amatuerish sounds of my childhood, sounds that I loved even as a small child, and continued to influence my tastes now that I am in my 50's. When Rhino re-released the original two disc set on CD, along with three OTHER CD's of more of the same greatness, it was a wonderful service that they did the world....now, I am assuming that most of you who are fans of this genre already have this. I am guessing VERY little interest in this set, actually, for that reason.....but I AM feeling a bit of a "Nuggets" trend coming on with me for the next week or so, and this is the logical starting point......if you are NEW to "Nuggets" please share youthoughts, positive or negative.

Well, let's touch on a highlight or two, more like a list of personal favorites because highlights are many and vary from person to person......over four discs, there is obviously stuff that you an I an everyone else won't find terribly appetizing (The Nazz, geez), but everything that is here is here for a REASON, that is the main thing. If pushed, (and really without thinking much about it), I'd call this the most essential of all CD box sets.

Disc one, which consists of the tracks from the original two disc vinyl (I am tempted to use my vinyl copy, but not going to.....would be even more appropriate if I did, though)....wow. Great stuff. The Electric Prunes "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night"....I remember the first time I heard it at about the age of 7, being freaked out by it and thinking the lyric was "too much to DRINK"......anyway....."Dirty Water" by the Standells is an all-timer (did ya know the "frustrated women" lyric allegedly refers to the curfew instituted by Boston College?....and how about that reference to "the Strangler"?)......"Lies" by the Knickerbockers is perhaps the most perfect Beatles cop EVER, and we could say the same about Mouse's "A Public Execution" and Bob Dylan. "Liar Liar" by the Castaways is a classic, as are "Don't Look Back" by the Remains, "Psychotic Reaction" by Count Five, " "Tobacco Road" by Blues Magoos....and, really, that's about a fourth of it.

The subsequent discs are not QUITE as great as the original (how could they be?), but disc two leads
off with the classic "Talk Talk" by Music Machine (unbeleivable that Kaye missed that on the original), includes great tracks like Kenny & the Kasuals "Journey To Tyme", "Action Woman" by the Litter, Chocolate Watchband's snarling "Sweet Young THing", "Steppin' Out" by Paul Revere & the Raiders, and another should-have-made the original set "Little Girl" by Syndicate of Sound. Again, I have barely scratched the surface.

More excellent stuff turns up on disc two, "Let it Out" by the Hombres, "Psycho" by the Sonics, Unrelated Segments "The Story of My Life", The Amboy Dukes "Journey to th Center of the Mind".....lots more, but after a while I'm just listing tracks, and the COMPLETE track list will appear below, so I'll keep it to a minimum. The final disc includes the tremendous "Are You Gonna Be There" by Chocolate Watchband, "Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen, "Complication" by the Monks, Other Half's essential "Mr. Pharmacist", and tons more.

There is nothing here that is difficult to find. These are among the MOST comped tracks of the genre, with few exceptions....however, the programming is brilliant, and the enormous cultural significance of the set (in particular the "original") cannot be understated.....there are local "legends" here (The Remains from Boston, 13th Floor Elevators from Texas, Shadows of Knight from Chicago, as examples), and future greats before "their" time, such as Leslie West in the Vagrants, and Ted Nugent in the Amboy Dukes.

If this stuff is not for you, it's not for you. It IS, however, for ME, and I'm going to put up a good bit of it over the next week or so.......as I said, I don't expect a HUGE response to THIS one, as I'd expect most people who are interested would already own it, but you never know. But, it seemed like a logical starting point (actually my "starting point", I suppose, was "Children of Nuggets", but like most everything else I did it ass backwards.)

Feedback, please and see YESTERDAY'S post for a partial list of the HUNDREDS of "Nuggets"-
like comps that reside on my shelves....if anyone of them, or any group of them sound appealling or are something you've been seeking, please let me know, I'll do this kind of thing for a while until I/you/we get tired of it..........

DISC 1-01 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)/02 THE STANDELLS-Dirty Water/03 THE STRANGELOVES-Night Time/04 THE KNICKERBOCKERS-Lies/05 THE VAGRANTS-espect/06 MOUSE-A Public Execution/07 THE BLUES PROJECT-No Time Like the Right Time/08 THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Oh Yeah/09 THE SEEDS-Pushin' Too Hard/10 THE BARBARIANS-Moulty/11 THE REMAINS-Don't Look Back/12 THE MAGICIANS-An Invitation To Cry/13 THE CASTAWAYS-Liar Liar/14 THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/15 COUNT FIVE-Psychotic Reaction/16 THE LEAVES-Hey Joe/17 MICHAEL & THE MESSENGERS-Romeo & Juliet/18 THE CRYAN SHAMES-Sugar and Spice/19 THE AMBOY DUKES-Baby Please Don't Go/20 THE BLUES MAGOOS-Tobacco Road/21 CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Let's Talk About Girls/22 THE MOJO MEN-Sit Down, I Think I Love You/23 THE THIRD RAIL-Run Run Run/24 SAGITTARIUS-My World Fell Down/25 THE PREMIERS-Farmer John/27 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-It's a Happening

DISC 2-01 MUSIC MACHINE-Talk Talk/02 THE DEL-VETTES-Last Time Around/03 THE HUMAN BEINZ-Nobody But Me/04 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey to Time/05 THE SPARKLES-No Friend Of Mine/06 THE TURTLES-Outside Chance/07 THE LITTER-Action Woman/08 THE ELASTIK BAND-Spazz/09 THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Sweet Young Thing/10 THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK-Incense and Peppermints/11 THE BROGUES-I Ain't No Miracle Worker/12 LOVE-7 and 7 Is/13 THE OUTSIDERS-Time Won't Let Me/14 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/15 THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-I'm Gonna Make You Mine/16 KIM FOWLEY-The Trip/17 THE SEEDS-Can't Seem to Make You Mine/18 THE REMAINS-Why Do I Cry/19 THE BEAU BRUMMELS-Laugh Laugh/20 THE NIGHTCRAWLERS-Little Black Egg/21 THE GANTS-I Wonder/22 THE FIVE AMERICANS-I See the Light/23 THE WOOLIES-Who Do You Love/24 SWINGIN MEDALLIONS-Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)/25 THE MERRY-GO-ROUND-Live/26 PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Steppin Out/27 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND-Diddy Wah Diddy/28 THE SONICS-Strychnine/29 SYNDICATE OF SOUND-Little Girl/30 BLUES MAGOOS (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet/31 MAX FROST & THE TROOPERS-Shapes of Things To Come

DISC 3-01 THE HOMBRES-Let it Out (Let It All Hang Out)/02 THE GOLLIWOGS-Fight Fire/03 NEW COLONY SIX-At the River's Edge/04 THE DAILY FLASH-Jack of Diamonds/05 LYME & CYBELLE-Follow Me/06 THE CHOIR-It's Cold Outside/07 THE RARE BREED-Beg, Borrow, And Steal/08 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET-She's About a Mover/09 THE MUSIC EXPLOSION-Little Bit O' Soul/10 THE "E" TYPES-Put the Clock back on the Wall/11 THE PALACE GUARD-Falling Sugar/12 THE GESTURES-Run Run Run/13 THE RATIONALS-I Need You/14 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock/15 THE GROUPIES-Primitive/16 THE SONICS-Psycho/17 THE LYRICS-So What!/18 THE LOLLIPOP SHOP-You Must Be a Witch/19 THE BALLOON FARM-A Question of Temperature/20 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Maid of Sugar Maid Of Spice/21 THE UNIQUES-You Ain't Tuff/22 THE STANDELLS-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/23 THE MOJO MEN-She's My Baby/24 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-The Story of My Life/25 THE THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/26 WE THE PEOPLE-Mirror of Your Mind/27 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Bad Little Woman/28 THE MUSIC MACHINE-Double Yellow Line/29 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/30 THE AMBOY DUKES-Journey to the Center of the Mind

DISC 4-01 THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Are You Gonna Be There/02 THE LEAVES-Too Many Peple/3 THE BRIGANDS-(Would I Still) Be Her Big Man/04 THE BARBARIANS-Are You a Boy or a Girl/05 SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS-Wooly Bully/06 THE STRANGELOVES-I Want Candy/07 THE KINGSMEN-Louie Louie/08 THE KNICKERBOCKERS-One Track Mind/09 THE WAILERS-Out of Our Tree/10 HARBINGER COMPLEX-I think I'm Down/11 THE DOVERS-What Am I Going To Do/12 THE CHARLATANS-Codine/13 THE MYSTERY TREND-Johnny Was a Good Boy/14 CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-Stop-Get a Tickt/15 THE MONKS-Complication/16 THE SONICS-The Witch/17 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-Get Me To The World on Time/18 THE OTHER HALF-Mr. Pharmacist/19 RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS-Open Up YOur Door/20 PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Just Like Me/21 WE THE PEOPLE-You Burn Me Up and Down/22 THE LEMON DROPS-I Live In the Springtime/23 FENWYCK-Mindrocker/24 THE RUMORS-Hold Me Now/25 THE UNDERDOGS-Loves Gone Bad/26 THE STANDELLS-Why Pick On Me/27 THE ZAKARY THAKS-Bad Girl/28 GONN-Blackout of Gretely/29 THE BEES-Voices Green and Purple/30 DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS-Blues' Theme


OK, continuing down this road........this is an eight disc set, an internet creation. Someone sent it to me years ago under the name "Mega Nuggets", which is at least fitting if not the "official" title, ifit even has one. I THINK, could be wrong but if my memory serves me, this was a huge torrent created by internet music LEGEND Chris Goes Rock (in the days before he created some of the VERY best music-share blogs to ever grace the web.....if I'm right, thanks Chris, you are damn near a GOD to me, if I have it wrong, well, Chris is STILL damn near a God to me, and why not patronize his latest (great, as all the rest of them were as well) blog right HERE http://dirtyfunky.blogspot.com/, his blog has featured MANY MANY great, rare albums in many genres, and his knowledge of music is to a five-star gourmet restaurant as mine is to a Health Department casualty White Castle. So I HOPE I'm
right and this was originally HIS creation, I give him full credit.

OK, the stuff on these discs isn't TERRIBLY rare, some of it actually overlaps "Nuggets", some no doubt overlaps the "USA Garage Greats 1965-67" series (see posts of last winter).....in th type of compilation, unfortunatley, overlap is inevitable. Anyway, four discs today, four discs tomorrow, hopefully, if you are a Nuggets-lover, MAYBE there will be some stuff here that is not currently among your collection......enjoy, guys, I'm in a "Nuggets" kind of mood, at least here for a while......

Disc 1's more obscure tracks come from (at random, there are 33 tracks) The Bad Boys, The Buddahs, The Daybreaks, and the Dave Heenan Set, among better known stuff from the (Nuggets overlapping) Golliwogs, We the People, Zakary Taks, and Kim Fowley, does include a couple interesting radio promos including one with the Electric Prunes.

Disc 2 brings us Granny's Intentions, Kubla Kahn, Illwind, even Dino, Desi, and Billy....agains, some Nuggets-overlap, but not much, and most is sufficiently obscure as to be treasured.

On Disc 3, we ge The Mickey Finn, The Jaguars, Lexington Avenue Local's version of "Along Comes Mary", Shane, and Turquoise, among the frequently-comped Zakary Taks and Blue Things, again, a potential treasure chest for Nugget archeaologists.....and on Disc 4, The Koobas, John's Children, The Mojo Men, and more......even the more frequently comped acts here are, in general, represented by less than their most well-known efforts.

OK, feedback please, minions, as I've said before I can keep em coming as long as there is a demand.....four more discs completes THIS set tomorrow, and if you enjoy it, please thank Chris Goes Rock at his blog, linked above, I am ALMOST certain he created it (if he DIDN'T, you will still enjoy his wonderful blog!)

DISC 1-01 Radio Promo Spot/02 BRAIN TRAIN-Black Roses/03 THE SPATS-Bottom Of It All/04 SOUND VENDOR-Mr. Sun/05 Radio Promo Spot/06 THE GOLLIWOGS-Fight Fire/07 THE BOY BLUE-You Got What I Want/08 COSMIC BROTHERHOOD-Sunshine World/09 THE BAD SEEDS-I'm a King Bee/10 THE THINGIES-Mass Confusion/11 THE ELECTRAS-Action Woman/12 THE ZAKARY TAKS-Won't Come Back/13 THE THINGIES-Rainy Sunday Morning/14 DELICATE BALANCE-Night Is Almost Gone/15 THE SOUND SANDWICH-Apothecar Dream/16 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-Radio Promo Spot/17 KIM FOWLEY-Strangers From the Sky/18 THE ZAKARY TAKS-Face To Face/19 ROSE GARDEN-February Sunshine/20 LYME & CYBELLE-Follow Me/21 THE MOVING SIDEWALKS-I Want To Hold Your Hand/22 DAVE HEENAN SET-Alice in Wonderland/23 T.I.M.E.-What Would Life Be Without It/24 WE THE PEOPLE-In the Past/25 THE LYRICS-So What/26 THE BAD BOYS-Black Olives/27 THE ILLUSIONS-Try/28 THE RARE BREED-Beg Borrow And Steal/29 THE DAYBREAKS-Psychedelic Siren/30 THE BUDDAHS-Lost Innocence/31 THE OUTLAWS-Fun Fame and Fortune/32 THE ECLECTIC MOUSE-Where Do the Hounds Go

DISC 2-01 THE EVIL-Love Conquers All/02 THE SUN-Sound Sync/03 THE MUSIC EXPLOSION
-Little Bit O Soul/04 CRYSTAL CHANDALIER-Suicidal Flowers/05 RANDY ALVEY-Green Fuz/06 LIBERTY BELL-Something For Me/07 THE E TYPES-Put the Clock Back On the Wall/08 THE CHOSEN FEW-The Earth Above/09 THE EXOTICS-I Was Alone/10 PALACE GUARD-Falling Sugar/11 ROGUE SHOW-Make Me Over Again/12 THE EXOTICS-Hymn to Her/13 BIG BOY PETE-Cold Turkey/14 ALUMINUM DREAM-Strangers Calling/15 THE NOMADS-Situations/16 THE BONNEVILLES-96 Tears/17 2OYRIDE-Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine/18 THE EXOTICS-Queen of Shadows/19 ILLWIND-An Ill Wind/20 MAD JOHN FEVER-Breath and Thunder/21 BENJAMIN CARRY LTD-Old Man/22  HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock/23 SONS OF ADAM-Feathered Fish/24 AMERICAN ZOO-Magdalena/25 GRANNYS INTENETIONS-Story of David/26 KUBLA KAHN-Revolution II/27 JEFFERSON LEE-Pancake Tree/28 SHEB WOOLEY-The Love In/29 DINO DESI & BILLY-I'm a Fool

DISC 3-01 WES DAKUS & THE REBELS-El Ringo/02 THE MICKEY FINN-Garden of My Mind/03 THE CHOIR-I'm Going Home/04 KUBLA KAHN-Help Yourself/05 ROSE GARDEN-Here's Today/06 BARRY MANN-Young, Electric, Psychedelic/07 FAIR EXCHANGE-Out In the Open/08 THE JAGUARS-Dancin Baby/09 5X5-Good Connection/10 SUNSHINE CO.-Back on the Street Again/11 AVENGERS-Be a Caveman/12 SAGITTARIUS-Virgo/13 LEXINGTON AVENUE LOCAL-Along Comes Mary/14 THE NAZZ-Lay Down and Die/15 -THE BLUE THINGS-La Do Da Do Da/16 THE ZAKARY TAKS-Green Crystal Ties/17 APHRODITE'S CHILD-Magic Mirror/18 THE MORNING DEW-Look at Me Now/19 SATAN & THE D-MEN-She'll Lie/20 RUMBLE-Rich Man Poor Man/21 MORNING DEW-Be a Friend/22 SHANE-Woman Don't You Go/23 TURQUOISE-53 Summer Street/24 CYRKLE-The Words

DISC 4-01 THE CUPS-Good as Gold/02 MORNING DEW-Go Away/03 THE UNIQUES-You Ain't
Tough/04 QUID-Crazy Things/05 WRONGH BLACK BAG-Wake Me Shake Me/06 THE MISSION-Galling Made It/07 EXCALIBER-Dreamin/08 AVENGERS-Strange Faces/09 MIND GARAGE-Asphalt Mother/10 BLACK NAROSIS-Land Of Stone/11 MORNING DEW-Then Came the Light/12 THE MOJO MEN-She's My Baby/13 HUGH MCCRACKEN-You BLow My Mind/14 THE CHANTS-I'm Your Witchdoctor/15 MORNING DEW-Sing Out/16 LAYNE MARTIN JR-Surnbian Lament/17 ACT OF CREATION-I've Just Seen You/18 GOOD HUMOR BAND-The Man/19 THORNDIKE PICKLEDISH-SF Bound/20 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION/21 WIMPLE WITCH-Save My Soul/22 SYNDICATE-Crawdaddy Simone/23 JOHNS CHILDREN-A Mid Summer Night's Scene/24 JOHNS CHILDREN-Desdemona/25 EPISODE SIX-Love Hate Revenge/26 THORS HAMMER-My Life/27 ACID GALLERY-Dance Around the Maypole/28 THE KOOBAS-The First Cut is the Deepest

Mega Nuggets, Book 2

Continuing on the path of the obscure and the semi obscure, I give you the second four discs of the internet-only comp, titled (by me) "Mega Nuggets"....as I said before I beleive this was originally a Torrent creation of Chris Goes Rock, whose latest of his great blogs can be found here....
http://dirtyfunky.blogspot.com/, please check it out and patronize it, it is stellar as were all of his previous blogs. Anyway this set, contained 8-discs total, a BIT more obscure, for the mot part than
the "standard" "Nuggets" but still worthwile 100% for Nuggets fans.....

Disc 5 brings us some repeaters like Kim Fowley, Blue Things, and the Thingies, all of whom have made multiple appearances here, as well as Cuby & the Blizzards, Yesterday's Children, Bob Seger & The Last Heard, and plenty more......Disc 6 has a bunch more tracks by the Morning Dew who I think dominate this comp more than anyone, also the Nickle Bag, The Continentals, The Outer Limits, and the Headstones.

Disc 7 gives us The Lemon Drops, the Lemon Fog, The Pagens, Smokin' Bananas, and Carol's Mood (by now we are pretty far away from "original Nuggets" turf and into the land of true obscuritos, some may like (I hope) and I fear some may not......often, more historical curiosities than something you'd enjoy listening to repeatedly.......anyway, the finale, Disc 8, brings back a bunch of acts from earlier discs, sucsh as Barracudas, Lemon Fog, The Kreeg, Nickle Bag, and a bunch more.

A LOT of people requseted this set, I know their are Nuggets junkies who would want and accept
ALL my comps of this variety, and we will see.....I'll do a FEW more anyway. There is some good stuff on this set as well as on the others, the overlap is inevitable, but search and ye shall find a gem or two......

DISC 5-01 DANTALLONS CHARIOT-The Madman Running Through/02 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Your Body Not Your Soul/03 CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/04 KIM FOWLEY-Reincarnation/05 FANTASY-Stoned Cowboy/06 CRYAN SHAMES-Rainmaker/07 THE SATANS-Making Deals/08 CHAPTER IV-Oracle/09 MASS-Raining Sorrow/10 THE LEGENDS-Fever Games/11 KIM FOWLEY-Underground Lady/12 THE BLUE THINGS-You Can't Say We Never Try/13 YSTERDAYS CHILDREN-Love & Things/14 MISSING LINKS-You Make Me Feel Good/15 THE BLUE THINGS-Pennies/16 THE STUMBLIN BLOX-It's Alright/17 THE MISSING LINKS-The Crowded Part of the Towers/18 THE US BRITTONS-I'll Show You a Man/19 THE CHEVELLE V-I'm Sorry Girl/20 PENTHOUSE 5-You're Gonna Miss Me/21 PENTHOUSE 5-You're Always Around/22 BARRACUDAS-I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better/23 MARCUS-The Life Game/24 YSTERDAYS CHILDREN-Gloria/25 THE BASEMENT WALL-You/26 KING RICHARD & THE KNIGHTS-How About Now/27 THE BAD SEEDS-A Taste of the Same/28 THE THINGIES-I'm Going Ahead/29 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-Sock It To Me/30 THE ENEMYS-Mo Jo Woman

DISC 6-01 THE NICKLE BAG-It's a Hassle/02 MERLIN-Dirty Woman/03 THE DIFFERENT PORTS-Hey/04 SHEFFIELDS GATE-Tell Her No/05 THE LOST CHORDS-I Won't Have to Worry/06 SEEDS OF TIME-She's Been Travellin Round/07 THE CONTINENTALS-Continentals Jam/08 THE CELTICS-Times With You/09 TIER PARK-The Way/10 MICKY BUCKINS & THE NEW BREED-Reflection/11 RANDY & THE HOLIDAYS-Paul Revere 250/12 THE CHANGIN TYMES-Bye Tyme/13 MORNING DEW-No More/14 THE HEADSTONES-Bad Day Blues/15 MORNING DEW-Our Last Song/16 THE HEADSTONES-24 Hours (Everyday)/17 MORNIGN DEW-Flying Above Myself/18 MORNING DEW-Someday/19 THE MVIN MOFO MEN-What's Happened To Me/20 THE OUTER LIMITS-Walkin Away/21 THE BITTERSWEET-She Lied/22 THE OMEN & THEIR LUV-Maybe Later/23 THE DEBONAIR-Lonely is the Summer/24 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Tough He Was/25 THE OUTER LIMITS-The Waves

DISC 7-01 THE TEMPOS-You're Not Here/02 MARCUS-1983/03 SUNSET LOVE-Run to the Sun/04 SUNSET LOVE-Reach Out/05 THE FRANTICS-Relax Your Mind/06 SEOMPI-Summers Coming On Heavy/07 THE FRONTS-Catch a Thief/08 THE LEMON DROPS-It Happens Every Day/09 THE KREEG-For Your Love/10 THE PAGENS-Mystic Cloud/11 THE LEMON FOG-Summer/12 SMOKIN BANANAS-Will You Love Me Tomorrow/13 THE STING RAYS-I'm Back In Love/14 THE MAD HATTERS-Go Fight Alone/15 THE INTRUDERS-Temporary Insanity/16 THE COMETS-The Last Time/17 THE ENGLISHMEN-Summer Is Here/18 THE TREES-Do You Think About It Now/19 THE SHADES-Gingerbread Men/20 THE MARSADEES-Wipe Out/21 CARROL'S Mood-Out She Goes

DISC 8-01 SEOMPI-Slide Slide/02 SJ& THE CROSSROADS-London Girl/03 THE LOVE FLOWERS-Nirvana/04 THE MIXED EMOTION-I Lied/05 THE INNSMEN-Things Are Different Now/06 THE INNSMEN-I Don't Know/07 CARROLS'S MOOD-What You're Doing To Me/08 THE FRONTS-THe Hau/09 THE KREEG-I'm OVer You/10 THE LEMON FOG-Lemon Fog/11 SMOKIN BANANAS-Wait Wait/12 THE OUTCASTS-Something About You/13 THE MAD HATTERS-A Pebble In My Sand/14 THE BARRACUDAS-Not Fade Away/15 KING RICHARD & THE KNIGHTS-How About Now/16 NORTH ATLANTIC INVASION FORCE-I Won't Be/17 THE OUTER LIMIT-The Waves/18 THE NICKLE BAG-It's a Hassle/19 SHEFFIELDS GATE-Tell Her No/20 THE SMOKE-My Friend Jack

Couple tracks on Disc 8 appear twoce, do not ask me why......anyway, let me know what you think of this internet only series......I think, up next, will be "Nuggets II", which features "Nugget" bands from outside the USA and is a great four disc set....That's my thought right now, anyway, but for now enjoy this extensive set of somewhat-hard a-to-find treasures!

Links will be up when I can get them up.......still having problems with ZIppyshare, I am at their mercy!

Nuggets #2

Nuggets #2, or "Original Artyfactas From the British Empire and Beyound", if you prefer, was the
follow up to the "original" four disc box, "Nuggets", featured right here just a few days ago.....much the same concept, amatuerish, arty, somewhat-psychedelic singles, only from around the world, not exclusively the USA ala the original.....I must say, there is a good bit of overlap here with the "Mega Nuggets" set of the past few days, if you rpogram the whole thing yourself, you may be better off, depending on whether you want actual copies of the releases, or just pure, non-overlapping listening pleasure..

God, I remember this set for one huge reason.....it was in the pre-Bit-Torrent days and I had to put it together, basically a track at a time, from Winmx or AudioGalaxy or whatever of those ancient services I was using at the time......got it done though, anyway, and was always proud of that effort, recreating a four disc et one track at a time........those were the days? No, not really.....

Well, lets look at a highlight or two.....disc one, again, while featuring some overlap with "mega Nuggets", contains gems such as The Fire's "Father's Name Was Dad", The Move's "I Can Hear the Grass Grow", "Midnight To Six Man" by the Pretty Things, and "My Mind's Eye" by the Small Faces.......Disc 2 gives us "I Can Only Give You Everything" by Them, The Easybeats' "Friday On My Mind", and "Daddy Buy Me a Girl" by Golden Earring. A lot of good tunes, even dancing around the "Mega Nuggets" overlap.

Disc three brings us, among lots more, "Who Dat" by the Jury, Status Quo's fab "Pictures of Matchstick Men", "It's My Pride" by the Guess Who, and "Cry In the Night' by Q65......fianlly Disc four gives us the Pretty Things legendary "Rosalyn", The Mops (from Japan) "I'm Just a Mops" (I should do an all-Mops post sometime, it would be great), Blossom Toes "When the Alarm Clock Rings", Os Mutantes "Bat Macumba", and The Zipps "Kicks and Chicks"

This is a good set.....as long as we are muddling around this genre, overlap will be something of a
problem, but I'll do my best to keep it to a minimum.....please comment on what you think of these sets thus far, as I've said, if you wish, I could absolutely BURY you with them., let me know, more? Cease and desist? you make the call.

DISC 1-01 THE CRETION-Making Time/02 THE FIRE-Father's Name Was Dad/03 THE MOVE-I Can Hear the Grass Grow/04 THE SMOKE-My Friend Jack/05 TOMORROW-My White Bicycle/06 THE ACTION-I'll Keep Holding On/07 THE EYES-When the Night Falls/08 THE EASYBEATS-Sorry/09 THE IDLE RACE-Imposters Of Life/10 THE LA DE DAS-How Is the Air Up There/11 LES FLUER DE LYS-Mud In Your Eye/12THE MOTIONS-Everything That's Mine/13 THE MICKEY FINN-Garden of My Mind/14 THE SORROWS-Take a Heart/15 Q65-The Life I Live/16 THE PRETTY THINGS-Midnight To SIx Man/17 THE MARMALADE-I See the Rain/18 THE KOOBAS-The First Cut is he Deepest/19 THE MOCKINGBIRDS-You Stole My Love/20 THE HAUNTED-125/21 THE SMALL FACES-My Mind's Eye/22 LOS BRAVOS-Going Nowhere/23 THE THOUGHTS-All Night Stand/24 THE MASTER'S APPRENTICES-War Or hands of TIme/25 WE ALL TOGETHER-It's a Sin to Go Away/26 KALEIDOSCOPE-A Dream For Julie/27 THE TAGES-I Read You Like an
Open Book

DISC 2-01 THE MISUNDERSTOOD-Children of the SUn/02 WIMPLE WITCH-Save My Soul/03 JOHNS CHILDREN-Desdemona/04 THEM-I Can Only Give You Everything/05 THE TROGGS-Lost Girl/06 THE CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/07 THE BIRDS-Say Those Magic Words/08 CALEB-Baby Your Phrasing is Bad/09 GOLDEN EARRING-Daddy Buy Me a Girl/10 RONNIE BURNS-Exit Stage Right/11 TIMEBOX-Gone is the Sad Man/12 THE EYES-I'm Rowed Out/13 DAVY JONES-You've Got a Habit of Leaving/14 RUPERTS PEOPLE-Reflections of Charles Brown/15 THE MASCOTS-Words Enough To Tell You/16 THE POETS-That's The Way It's Got To Be/17 THE SYN-14 Hour Technicolor Dream/18 THE PRETTY THINGS-Walking Through My Dreams/19 THE PRIMITIVES-You Said/20 THE LOST SOULS-This Life of Mine/21 THE ACTION-Shadows & Reflections/22 THE EASYBEATS-Friday on My Mine/23 LOVE SCULPTURE-In the Land of the Few/24 THE MOTIONS-For Another Man/25 THE MOVE-Fire Brigade/26 THE BOOTS-Gaby/27 THE CREATION-Biff! Bang! Pow!

LES FLEUR DE LYS-Circles/04 THE MATADORS-Get Down From the Tree/05 Q65-Cry In the Night/06 LOS CHIJUAS-Changing the Colors of Life/07 THE BLUESTARS-Social End Product/08 THE SYNDICATS-Crawdaddy Simone/09 THE SOUND MAGICS-Don't You Remember?/10 THE GUSS WHO-It's My Pride/11 THE OPEN MIND-Magic Potion/12 THE MISSING LINKS-You're Driving Me Insane/13 THE JURY-Who Dat?/14 JOHNS CHILDREN-A Midsummer's Night Scene/15 THE SANDS-Listen to the Sky/16 THE MOCKINBIRDS-How To FInd a Lover/17 THE IDLE RACE-Days of the Broken Arrows/18 THE ELOIS-By my Side/19 THE FACTORY-Path THrough the Forest/20 EPISODE SIX-Love Hate Revenge/21 STATUS QUO-Pictures of Matchstick Men/22 THE VOICE-The Train To Disaster/23 THE (AUSTRALIAN) PLAYBOYS-Sad/24 THE SLAVES-Slave Time/25 THE RED SQUARES-You Can Be My Baby/26 SCRUGG-I WIsh I Was Five/27 THE DOWNLINERS SECT-Glendora

DISC 4 01 THE PRETTY THINGS-Rosalyn/02 THE ATLANTICS-Come On/03 DANTALIONS CHARIOT-Madman Running Through the Fields/04 THE CREATION-How Does It Feel To Feel/05 THE MOPS-I'm Just  a Mops/06 THE DOWNLINERS SECT-Why Don't You Smile Now/07 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-Nothin'/08 LOS SHAKERS-Break It All/09 TIMON-The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane/10 THE OUTSIDERS-Touch/11 TINTERN ALLEY-Vacuum Cleaner/12 THORS HAMMER-My Life/13 THE WHEELS-Bad Little Woman/14 PANDAMONIUM-No Presents For Me/15 OS MUTANTES-Bat Macumba/16 WINSTONS FUMBS-Real Crazy Apartment/17 THE SMOKE-No More Now/18 THE BIRDS-No Good Without You/19 THE ZIPPS-Kicks & Chicks/20 THE ACID GALLERY-Dance Around the Maypole/21 THE FAIRIES-Get Yourself Home/22 THE CHANTS R&B-I'm Your Witchdoctor/23 THE BOOTS-But You'll Never Do It Babe/24 THE MAJORITY-One Third/25 KALEIDOSCOPE-Flight From Ashiya/26 THE SMALL FACES-Here Comes the Nice/27 THE RATTLES-It's My Fault/28 BLOSSOM TOES-When the Alarm Clock Rings

Love is the Song We Sing-San Francisco Nuggts 65-73

Next four disc set we have fromm the Nuggets library features the sounds of San Francisco, some fair-to-good shit here, but the way-hippie stuff is a little outside my realm, in general......anyway, there
should be very little overlap withthe earlier sets (might be SOME), and enough bigger names and well known tunes to keep everyone interested, combined with enough obscurities to keep the coming back for more.

Disc one (sub-titled "Seismic Rumbles") feautres a pre-Grateful Dead Warlocks, pre-Jefferson Airplane Great Society, also the "real" Jefferson Airplane, tracks from Country Joe & the Fish, Quicksilver MEssenger Service, The Grass Roots, but also some dregs (in my opinion) of the era such as Sons of Champlain and Sopwith Camel.....all in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Disc Two ("Suburbia") brings us Nuggets overlap with Count 5's "Psychotic Reaction", also tracks from Chocolate Watchband and Syndicate of Sound (lesser known tracks from these, though), good stuff from Teddy & His Patches, Harbringer Complex, and Public Nuisance.

Disc Three ("Summer of Love") features the ridicuolously over-comped "Summertime Blues" from Blue Cheer , but also Moby Grapes magnificent "Omaha", a stirring live veresion of "Down on Me" from Big Brother & the Holding Company, Santana's "Soul Sacrifice", and Steve Miller's "Roll With it"......Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit appears here, too, and probably appears on as many comps as "Summertime BLues", but I guess they had a picture they wished to complete.

Disc 4 Four (Wait for it) ("The Man Can't Bust Our Music", TOLD YA it'd be worth the wait!) gives us the rather obvious "Evil Ways" by Santana, also the somewhat lame "White Bird" by It's a Beautiful Day, commonly available tracks like the Youngblood's "Get Together" and the Grateful Dead's "Dark Star".....but we DO also get some rarer stuff from Fifty Foot Hose, Kak, Seatrain, and the Flamin' Groovies.....

This is not my favorite set of the series......some good stuff, but a lot of hippie-dross and too much readilly available stuff....still, I'm sure, if you LIVED THROUGH this scene in SF during those years, this would serve as a perfectly wonderful life soundtrack. All in the perspective, I
guess......enjoy, and please comment......

DISC 1-01 DINO VALENTI-Let's Get Together/02 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Feel Like I;'m Fixin To Die/03 WE FIVE-You Were On My Mind/04 THE CHARLATANS-Number One/05 THE WARLOCKS-Can't Come Down/06 THE BEAU BRUMMELS-Don't Talk To Strangers/07 THE VEJATABLES-Anything/08 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-It's No Secret/09 MYSTERY TREND-Johnny Was a Good Boy/10 THE GREAT SOCIETY-Free Advice/11 THE GRASS ROOTS-Mr Jones (Ballad of a Thin Man)/12 BLACKBURN & SNOW-Stranger In a Strange Land/13 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE-Who Do you Love/14 THE MOJO MEN-She's My Baby/15 THE WILDFLOWER-Coffee Cup/16 THE FAMILY TREE-Live Your Own Life/17 SONS OF CHAMPLAIN-Fat City/18 THE FRANTICS-Human Monkey/19 THE TIKIS-Bye Bye Bye/20 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Section 43/21 THE SOPWITH CAMEL-Hello Hello


DISC 3-01 THE CHARLATANS-Alabama Bound/02 THE MYSTERY TREND-Carl Street/03 THE GREAT SOCIETY-Somebody To Love/04 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Superbird/05 THE BEAU BRUMMELS-Two Days Til Tomorrow/06 MOBY GRAPE-Omaha/07 THE SERPENT POWER-Up & DOwn/08 GRATEFUL DEAD-The Golden ROad (To Unlimited Devotion)/09 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE-Codine/10 BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY-Down On Me (live)/11 SALVATION-Think Twice/12 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-White Rabbit/13 STEVE MILLER BAND-Roll With It/14 SLY & THE FAMILY STONE-Underdog/15 BLUE CHEER-Summertime Blues/16 THE ACE OF CUPS-Glue/17 SANTANA-Soul Sacrifice/18 THE LOADING ZONE-The Bells

DISC 4-01 SANTANA-Evil Ways/02 FIFTY FOOT HOSE-Red the Sign Post/03 KAK-Lemonade Kid/04 THE SONS OF CHAMPLAIN-1982-A/05 DAN HICKS & HIS HOT LICKS-How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away/06 MAD RIVER-Amphetamine Gazelle/07 THE STEVE MILLER BAND-Quicksilver Girl/08 MOTHER EARTH-Revolution/09 MOBY GRAPE-Murder In My Heart For the Judge/10 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE-Light Your Windows/11 FLAMIN GROOVIES-I'm Drowning/12 SEATRAIN-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lady/13 IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY-White Bird/14 GRATEFUL DEAD-Dark Star/15 BLUE CHEER-Fool (Single Version)/16 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Mexico/17 JANIS JOPLIN-Mercedes Benz/18 THE YOUNG BLOODS-Get Together

Links tonight or tomorrow, as soon as I can get em going.....zippy been doing pretty good job of
late......how re you enjoying this massive NUGGETS overload? PLEASE let me know, beg for more or cry for mercy, either way.....I've sure been enjoying listening to (parts of) em again though this past week or so, I can take some more, can you? Gotta know what you want so I can deliver......If you're ready to move on to, say, the "Best Jesus Lizard Post, Ever" or something, I GOTTA know.....

Where the Action is (Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-68)

(NOTE) yes I know the SF links aren't up yet, I'm dong what I can......I promise you that the SF and LA links will BOTH be up before I continue on.....sometimes Zippy does me right, soemtimes I cannot figure out WHAT they are doing, but al in all, EVENTUTALLY all you guys get your links, and that is what ultimately matters.....thanks for your patience, and remember I really do love ya.....I'm not doing this for my health, but to try to spread some of the music that i have loved to a potential new audience. Youn/old/male/female/ doesn't matter. Rock n Roll is the universal, speaks-to-EVERYONE (everyone who GETS IT, that is) language, I there is so much of it out there that needs to be heard by the uninititated. Again, love you all, and TRY to bring you new/old and different things that will maybe make a similalr difference in your life that they have in my own. Love, BigScott1962

Well, here I think we have the last of the "official" Nuggets releases, although I'm certain I have some other internet-only creations ala "mega Nuggets" yet to offer. This one, as the title would lead you to believe, focusses on the City of Angels, and my personal preference only, I prefer it over the San Francisco set.....wonder if the future will release more sets? Texas? New York? Michigan? Regional rock of tha era is so VERY interesting, you kids would never beleive it but there was a time when different regions of the country had their own, unique sounds.....perhaps at the end of the Nuggets trail lies the vaery fab "Psychedelic States" set, which accentuates this point better even than
the Nuggets sets did.......

OK, four discs of neo-psych-garage-whatever from La La Land, much like the San Francisco set a LOT of this enjoys overlap with some of the other stuff I've put up, and a good bit more is so commonly comped as to wonder why they even bothered......still four discs, gotta yield SOME gems. Disc One (Subtitle: "On the Strip") kicks off with the Standells "Riot on Sunset Strip", as Standells tracks go not THAT frequently comped, tracks from the Byrds, Love (not an especially great one), Buffalo Springfield, Iron Butterfly (no, NOT THAT one!), .......we get the Seeds, Music Machine (as you know a fave of mine and it's a fairly rare track "The People in Me"), the underappreciated Peanut Butter Conspiracy, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Doors.....lots more, wow, that is some who's who of lat 60's LA rock, and for the most part, they are NOT represented by their best known stuff.......a real triumph, what it attempts to be, it acheives, at least for me.

Disc 2 ("Beyond the City"), tones down the "stars" approach a bit, some lesser knows such as Limey
& the Yanks, Deepest BLue, WC Fields Memorial Electric String Band, and Opus 1, mingled with the bettr known Turtles, Electric Prunes, Kim Fowley, The Yellow Payges, and Fapardokly, again, happily, NOT represented by their best known works. Disc 3 ("The Studio Scene") is even further out there, Yellow Balloon, Roger Nichols Trio, The Common Cold, Thorinshield, and The Moon.....mix that up with (again, happily) LESSER KNOWN tunes from Jan & Dean, The Monkees, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, and the Mamas and the Papas.......again, I really enjoy this ser MUCH more than the San Francisco set, due to the deliberate (seemingly) to stay away from well-established "hits".

Finally we have Disc 4, "New Directions", Love checks back in with the legendary "You Set the Scene", also some way out there stuff from the likes of Peter Fonda, Nono & April, Boyce & Hart, Tim Buckley, Everpresent Fullness, and the Dillards (the kick-ass Darlings from the Andy Griffith show, I beleive)......

I enjoy this set for the reasons that I think LESS of "Love is the Song We Sing".......MUCH of that comp is available elsewhere, often even in better company, this set works by itself, on it's own, giving us Buffalo Springfield and the Doors, and even Iron Butterfly, but NOT "Mr. Soul", or "Light My Fire", or "Inna Gadda Da Vida", but stuff that was (I assume) much more known among the locals who saw these guys play in the traverns of the day.

As I said the end of the "official" Nuggets releases, I think I have a few odds and ends to clean up tomorrow, and then it is up to YOU......you want more of these groovy psych comps? Say the word and I deleiver.......had enough? I'll take that into account as well......it's YOUR blog, I just supply the background noise!

DISC 1-01 THE STANDELLS-Riot On Sunset Strip/02 THE
BYRDS-You Movin/03 LOVE-You I'l Be Following/04 THE LEAVES-Dr Stone/05 BUFFALO SRINGFIELD-Go And Say Goodbye/06 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND-Zig Zag Wanderer/07 IRON BUTTERFLY-Gentle as It May Seem/08 LOWELL GEORG & THE FACTORY-Cand Cane Madness/09 THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND-If You Want This Love/10 THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR-Baby My Heart/11 THE PALACE GUARD-All Night Long/12 SONNY & CHER-It's Gonna Rain/13 THE GUILLOTEENS-For My Own/14 THE RISING SONS-Take a Giant Step/15 THE ASSOCIATION-One Too Many Mornings/16 THE KNACK-Time Waits For No One/17 THE DOORS-Take It As It Comes/18 KALEIOSCOPE-Pulsating Dream/19 THE SEEDS-Tripmaker/20 THE MUSIC MACHINE-The People In Me/21 SONS OF ADAM-Saturday's Son/22 THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-Eventually/23 PENN ARKADE-Swim/24 THE JOINT EFFORT-The Third Eye/25 SPIRIT-Girl In Your Eye

DISC 2-01 THEE MIDNITRS-Jump Jive and Harmonize/02 THE LIGHT-Back Up/03 THE BUSH-To Die ALone/04 THE PREMIERS-Get On THis Plane/05 THE ODYSSEY-Little Girl Little Boy/06 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-Hideaway/07 THE MERRY GO ROUND-Listen Listen!/08 THE SPATS-She Done Moved/09 THE TURTLES-Grim Reaper of Love/10 KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION-See If I Care/11 THE CHYMES-He's Not There ANymore/12 OPUS 1-Back Seat 38 Dodge/13 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Eternal Prison/14 THE OTHERS-Revenge/15 THINGS TO COME-Come ALive/16 THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Acid Head/17 LIMY & THE YAKS-Guarenteed Love/18 THE ROMANCERS (aka THE SMOKE RINGS)-Love's the Ting/19 KIM FOWLEY-Underground Lady/20 THE DEEPEST BLUE-Pretty Little Thing/21 THE WHATT FOUR-You're Wisin I Was Someone Else/22 THE WC FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND -Hippy Eevator Operator/23 THE MUSTANGS-That's For Sure/24 FAPARDOKLY (MERRILL & THE EXILES)-Tomorrow's Girl/25 THE HYSTERICS-Everything's There/26 THE YELLOW PAYGES-Our Time Is Running Out

DISC 3-01 KEITH ALLISON-Actiona ctiona ction/02 DINO DESI & BILLY-The Rebel Kind/03
THE KNICKERBOCKERS-High on Love/04 JAN & DEAN-Fan Tan/05 PF SLOAN-Halloween Mary/06 THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS-Somebody Groovy/07 THORINSHIELD-DayDreaming/08 THE FULL TREATMENT-Just Can't Wait/09 THE YELLOW BALLOON-Yellow Balloon/10 LONDON PHOGG-The Times To Come/11 THE LAMP OF CHILDHOOD-No More Running Around/12 THE GARDEN CLUB-Little Girl Lost and FOund/13 THE MOON-Mothers and Fathers/14 OCTOBER COUNTRY-My Girlfriend is a Witch/15 ROGER NICHOLS TRIO-Montage Mirror/16 PASTERNAK PROGRESS-Flower Eyes/17 THE COMMON COLD-Come Down/18 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-Jill/19 THE MONKEES-Daily Nightly/20 MODERN FOLK QUINTET-Night Time Girl/21 THE ORACLE-Don't Say No/22 HEARTS & FLOWERS-Tin ANgel (Will You Ever COme Down)/23 LEE HAZLEWOOD-Rainbow Woman/24 PLEASURE FEATURING BILLY ELDER-Poor Old Organ Grinder/25 THE BALLROOM-Baby Please Don't Go

DISC 4-01 STEPHEN STILLS/RICHIE FURAY-Sit Down I Think I Love You/02 JACKIE DESHANNON WITH THE BYRDS-Splendor In the Grass/03 PETER FONDA-November Night/04 DANNY HUTTON-Roses and Rainbows/05 THE DILLIARDS-Lemon Chimes/06 THE ROSE GARDEN-Here's Today/07 NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS-I Love How You Love Me/08 BOYCE AND HART-Words (demo)/09 THE MOTORCYCLE ABELINE (WARREN ZEVON & BONES HOWE)-(You Used To) Ride So High/10 GENE CLARK-Los Anglese/11 TIM BUCKLEY-Once Upon a Tim/12 THE EVERPRESENT FULLNESS-Darlin' You Can Count On Me/13 THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND-I'll Search the Sky/14 VAN DYKE PARKS-Come to the Sunshine)/15 THE BEACH BOYS-Heroes and Villians (Alternate Take)/16 JESSE LEE KINCAID-She Sang Hymns Out of Tune/17NILSSON-Sister Marie/18 RANDY NEWMAN-Last Night I Had a Dream (Single Version)/19 NOEL HARRISON-Life is a Dream/20 RICK NELSON-Marshmallow Skies/DEL SHANNON-I Think I Love You/22 THE BYRDS-Change Is Now/23 SAGITTARIUS-The Truth Is Not Real/24 LOVE-You Set the Scene/25 BARRY MCGGUIRE-Inner-Manipulations

Nuggets wrap-up

I'm still feeling "Nuggets" type comps for another week or so, but let me close out the official and
semi-official "Nuggets releases toay witht he remaining odds and ends that are contained on my shelves. First of all, "Michigan Nuggets"......I have no idea, doubt highly it was part of any of the "Nuggets" releases, but here it is, and brimming with goodies.....at least FIVE MC5 tracks, a couple of them which I'd heard no where else lots of Bob Seger stuff from before he was, well, "like a rock", plenty of Amboy Dukes psychosis, plus somewhat lesser known (not in Michigan) stuff like the Rationals (great, great stuff), Unreleated Segments (some "Nuggets" overlap), Underdogs (likewise), Terry Knight and the Pack (the seeds of Grand Funk), ? & the Mysterians, there is PLENTY of great sttuff here, WAAY enouh for the overlaps to not get in your way.......no idea where this came from, but it's a goodie.

Now, these others, I KNOW where THEY come from.....they are my own creations. Back in the 1980's Rhino released a BUNCH of LP's under the "Nuggets" moniker....."Punk Nuggets", "Northwest Nuggets", "Acid Nuggets"......bunch of em.....I bought the ones that were of interest to me. When the firts four disc set came out, I programmed and burned an "extra" disc of tracks that did not make the box......."Bonus Nuggets, Original Artyfacts Not on the Box Set"...HOWEVER, later on, after the discovery of "Mega Nuggets", there IS still some overlap, sorry, but still, to get the complete picture, you'll want this in all it's original, staticy vinyl wonderment......Includes the obvious (but strangely NOT on the other sets) "Gloria" by Shadows of Knight, a spectacular Music Machine track "Eagle Never Hunts the Fly", Black Pearl's great "Forget It", "Sookie Sookie" from Steppenwolf, as well as a bunch of stuff off the "Northwest Nuggets" album from The Wailers, Surprise Package, Daily Flash, Weeds, Floating Bridge, and more.......I think you'll like it. Finally, I transferrred "Acid Nuggets as a whole to CD, I don't think it overlaps MUCH (if any) and contains not-so-rare but essential tracks as "Eight Miles High" by the Byrds, First Edition's "Just Dropped In" "Magic Carpet Ride" From Steppenwolf, the very cool "Porpoise Song" from the Monkees, a mercifully pared-down "Inna Gadda da Vida" by Iron Butterfly, and the hardly obscure but still beyond great "Time Has Come Today" by the Chambers Brothers........very, very worthwihile stuff......

That will do it for anything officially OR unoffically called Nuggets, it's all I HAVE anyway......BUT there is lots more of this stuff to come, maybe for a week or so or until you beg me to stop......this stuff ALWAYS has an audience, and the simple reason is because it is so timelessly great, at least in my opinion.

MICHIGAN NUGGETS-01 THE WOOLIES-Who Do You Love/02 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-East Side Story/03 THE RATIONALS-Respect/04 THE MC5-Looking atYou/05 THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Where You GOnna Go/06 THE SHY GUNS-We Gotta Go/07 UNDERDOGS-Loves Gone Bad/08 TERRY KNIGHT & TH PCK-What's On Your Mind/09 THE HUMAN BEINGS-Because I Love Her/10 THE MC5-Borderline/11 THE TIDAL WAVES-Farmer John/12 BOB SEGER & THE LAT HEARD-Persecution Smith/13 ? & THE MYSTERIANS-Can't Get Enough of You Baby/14 SOUTHBOUND FREEWAY-Psychedelic Used Car Lot BLues/15 THE RATIONALS-Sing/16 THE WANTED-In the Midnight Hour/17 THE RATIONALS-Leavin Here/18 THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM-Lookin Back/19 THE MC5-I Can Only Give You Everything/20 THE AMBOY DUKES-You Talk Sunsine, I Breathe Fire/21 UNDERDOGS-The man in the Glass/22 THE MC5-One of the Guys/23 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-Chain Smokin/24 DR JACK VAN IMPE-An Important Message/25 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-Heavy Music/26 THE RATIONALS-I Need You/27 THE MC5-I Just Don't Know/28 TIM TAM & THE TURN-ONS-Wait a Minute/29 ORMANDY-Good Day/30 THE BEACH BUMS-Ballad of the Yellow Beret/31 BOB SEGER &
THE LAST HEARD-Sock It To Me Santa

BIGSCOTT62 PRESENTS BONUS NUGGETS-ORIGINAL ARTYFACTS LEFT OFF THE BOX SET-01 THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-GLoria/02 THE STANDELLS-Try It/03 THE MUSIC MACHINE-Eagle NEver Hunts the Fly/04 THE SPATS-She DOne Moved/05 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Where You Gonna Go/06 BLACK PEARL-Forget It/07 STEPPENWOLF-Sookie Sookie/08 THE GRASS ROOTS-Ballad of a Thin Man/09 THE SEEDS-Try to Understand/10 THE SONICS-Boss Hoss/11 PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Over You/12 THE WAILERS-Hang Up/13 THE INITIAL SHOCK-Mind Disaster/14 THE WEEDS-It's Your Time/15 THE WAILERS-You Weren't Using Your Head/16 SURPRISE PACKAGE-Out of My Mind/17 THE SONICS-He's Waiting/18 THE DAILY FLASH-Violets of Dawn/19 THE KINGSMEN-I Guess I Was Dreaming/20 FLOATING BRIDGE-Don't Mean a Thing

FIRST EDITION-Just Dropped In (To See WHat Condition My Condition Was In)/04 STEPPENWOLF-Magic Carpet Ride/05 THE YOUNG RASCALS-Wonderful/06 THE MONKEES-Porpoise Song/07 THE TURTLES-She's My Girl/08 THE SEEDS-The Wind BLows Her hair/09 VINILLA FUDGE-YoU keep me Hangin On/10 IRON BUTTERFLY-In a Gadda Da Vida/11 THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS-Time Has Come Today/12 THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND-I Won't Hurt You

I'm a couple days AHEAD typing and preparing, but a couple days behind getting zippy to upload the links in a timely manner.....so, you'll see this when you see it I guess.....Nugget-rock has always been a passion of mine, and if you share it PLEASE let me know.....this is literally the tip of the iceberg.....I have tons and tons and tons of this stuff, obviously SOME overlap but not enough to make it devoid of an absolute treasure very now and again......I've tried, really tried, to take this blog in many different directions since I began it, I love MANY forms of rock n roll, but have a special passion for some.....Nugget rock is one of those......if you wish me to continue the Nugget-rock monsoon, please llet me know, or, if you think it's time for some, hell, I don't know, Roxy Music or something ELSE that I share an incredible passion for, let me know that, too.....

By the way, if you are my age or slightly younger, catcah the film "This is 40".......it hits home,
Graham Parker portrays himself in it and looks like he could be my grandfather......I LOVE GRAHAM PARKER, but this film hits home on afew different levels, not least of which, is when did Graham Parker and mysellf turn into slobbering, doddering old men?

Psychedelic States Part 1

Well, I think the regionalism of rock in the 60's was interesting, how each region could have it's "own" sound, I know you kiddies can't comprehend that, but i the days before focus groups and radio consultants, I swear to you that it is/was true.....this series, is decent, NOT all the states are represented, unfortunately, but the ones that ARE are fairly well done so, PLENTY of obscure tracks (ie LITTLE overlap with the recent Nuggets sets)......hopefully some of you folks in, say, Alabama can share some memories of some of these "local legends" whom were unknown to those of us in the
rest of the country.......

Well, as a longtime and loyal Buckeye, my logical starting points are the Ohio discs (there are three).....this stuff is, in general, NOT "Nuggets" quality, but the grabber here is those of us scholarly/geekish enough to actually compare the music of the different parts of our country in that great decade of the 60's (somewhat similalr to comparing the various punk sounds round the world with the Bloodstains comps?).......hope you enjoy these, maybe they'll bring back a memory or two, and if so, please comment.......and as my home-girl Chrissie Hynde says, "Ey, oh, Way to go OHIO!"

PSYCHEDELIC STATES OHIO IN THE 60'S VOLUME 1-01 ALLARD & THE LOST SOULS-Looking/02 BEAU DENTURES-Don't Quit Now/03 BEAU DENTURES-Straight Home/04 BLUES INC-I Can't Live WIthout You/05 BLUES INVERSION-Mystery Man/06 CHECKMATES-Get IT While You Can/07 CHOSEN LOT-If You Want To/08 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/09 COOL HEAT-The Othe SIde of Us/10 CRANBERRY MOUSTACHE-Far From Home/11 DANTES-Can't Get Enough of Your Love/12 GREAT SOCIETY-She's Got It On Her/13 HUMAN BEINGZ-Evil Hearted You/14 JAGUARS-Two Can Play/15 KINGS ENGLISH-Toys In Her Attic/16 MYRECHENTS-Indefinite Inhibition/17 OTHER GUYS-Inside Looking Out/18 PANICS-You're My Baby/19 PURPLE PERSIANSOI-Hear the Word/20 RICHARD PASH & THE BACKDOOR SOCIETY-I'm The Kind/21 SHANDELLS-This I Gotta Know/22
SHILLINGS-Forgive Me My Love/23 TONY CHUIRCH & THE CRUSADE-Love Trip/24 TRAELLERS FOUR-A Message For You/25 US TOO GROUP-I'll Leave You Crying/26 WEEBLE FOX-I'm Your Fellow Man/27 WORRYIN KIND-Wild About You

PSYCHEDELIC STATES OHIO IN THE 60'S VOLUME 2-01 BARE FACTS-To Think/02 BAROQUE MONTHLY-You Are the Only/03 BITTEREVICH-Bigger Fool/04 BLUES INVNETION-The Third Side Of Life/05 CHECKMATES-Take Away/06 CHYLDS-Hey Girl/07 CLICHES-Save it For Me/08 DANTES-80-96/09 DIAMOND RINGS-Which End Is Up/10 ENDLESS-Preventing Darkness/11 FABULOUS FISH-Heat/12 JIMMY & THE STRANGERS-Walk On/13 JOHNNY'S UNCALLED FOUR-Please Say/14 KINGS ENGLISH-Could Be Bad/15 LAST TIMES-I Need You/16 ME & THE GUYS-Why Can't You Be True/17 ONION RINGS-She's Gonna Cry/18 OPERATIONS-Reincarnation/19 PANIKS-Treat Me Right/20 RUNABOUTS-I Need Time/21 SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Freaky Girl/22 TEMPTERS-It's Been a Long TIme/23 THEM-Don't Look Now/24 TOM & THE TEMPESTS-It's Over Now/25 TONY CHURCH & THE CRUSADES-Can You Picture Yourself/26 TRIUMPHS-People Try My Mind/27 UNKNOWN KIND-Since You've Come Back

Love/02 THE COUNTS-Now You're Gone/03 THE DANTES-Connection/04 THE BITTERVETCH-A Girl Like You/05 SALT-Long Way To Go/06 THE FIFTH ORDER-Goin Too Far/07 TONY & THE BANDITS-It's a Bit of Alright/08 THE SCHILLINGS-Yesterday's Dawn/09 THE BLUES INC-7 & 7 Is/10 THE PICTORIAN SKIFFULS-In Awhile/11 THE FABULOUS FISH-Scratch my Egg/12 THE STREYS-She Cools My Mind/13 KENNY & THE KASUALS-I Never Had It So Good/14 THE GROUP-What Could I Do/15 THE CLICHES-Why WHy WHy/16 THE BASKERVILLE HOUNDS-All You Had To Do Was Ask/17 THE PIED PIPERS-Stay In My Life/18 THE CHANDELLS-I've Told You/19 THE FOUR-GOod THing Going/20 THE ENDLESS-Tomorrows Song/21 THE DANTES-Satisfied/22 THE MERSEY MEN-I Can Tell/23 THE LAST TIMES-Don't Tell Me/24 THE CHYLDS-I Want More (Lovin')/25 THE WYNGATES-See What's Right/26 THE MISSING LYNX-Behind Locked Doors

Pretty obscure stuff, no, I'm from OHIO and I would only be familar with a handful of them other than from this set.......anyway, we are shooting for obscure, and we hit the target. The other sets in the series are Florida (3 discs), Georgia (1), Alabama (2), New York (2), Colorado (2), Illinois (1), Texas, Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Wisconsin......we'll touch em all I guess. Please leave a comment