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Psychedelic States Part 2

Well, why not sunny Florida today, three discs of regional psych as was my homestate of Ohio....I'll bet Floridians are familair with a lot of these bands, a few names jump out as somewhat "familiar", Rockin' Roadrunners, Clefs of Lavender Hill, Tasmanians, maybe a few more, but for most of us, I think, these are pretty much the only place we're going to hear these tracks.....so, enjoy, and let me know what you think.....

Just discovered that my Volume 1 contains only 18 of the 28 tracks that are supposed to be there, no idea why unless it was a vinyl original, I can't remeber....if anyone else has the CD and wants to share the remaining ten tracks let me know

DISC 1-THE CANADIAN ROGUES-Keep In TOuch/02 THE BERKELY FIVE-You're Gonna Cry/03 THE BURLINGTON SQUIRES-World/04 THE SHADES INC-Who Loved Her/05 DR T & THE UNDERTAKERS-Undertaker's Theme/06 MOUSE & THE BOYS-Xcedrin Headache #69/07 THE ECHOES OF BARNABY STREET-No Place or TIme/08 JOSHUA DYKE-Cheating/09 THE FEWDLE LORDS-Farewell to Today and Torrow/10 THE ECHO-Shadows/11 THE TWELFTH NIGHT-Grim Reaper/12 THE MAUNDY QUARTET-2's Better Than Three/13 BLUES MESSENGERS-High Wedensday/14 THE OUTSIDERS-She's Coming On Stronger/15 THE DARK HORSEMEN-You Lied/16 THE SQUIREMEN-Who In the World/17 THE DEAD BEATS-Can't Go On THis/18 THE RARE BREED-I Talk to the Sun .......missing tracks:19 THE ILLUSIONS-I Know/20 THE MAGIC CIRCLE-She Means all the World To Me/21 THE JACKSON INVESTMENT COMPANY-Not This Time/22 NEIGHBORHOOD OF LOVE-Miss Blue Three Quarter/23 FLOWER POWER-I Can Feel It/24 THE MEMBERS-I'll Get By Without You/25 THE MYSTERIES-Please Agree/26 THE SURPRIZE-I Will Make History/27 THE WAVE-Ain't it a Shame/28 THE UNDERTAKERS-Searchin'

DISC 2-01 THE TROPICS-I Want More/02 LOST GENERATION-I'd Gladly Pay/03 THE EPICS-Cruel World/04 ROCKIN ROADRUNNERS-Down/05 LITTLE WILLE & THE ADOLESCENTS-Looking For Love/06 SOULDIERS-Would You Kiss Me/07 PURPLE UNDERGROUND-Count Back/08 RAVENS-Reaching For the Sun/09 PLANT LIFE-Flower Girl/10 ME & THE OTHER GUYS-EverybodyKnew But Me/11 COSMIC CAMEL-The Suzanne Love Mirage/12 CHAIN REACTION-GYS/13 DEEP SIX-Last Time Around/14 ESQUIRES-Heartaches Stay the Night/15 MODS-Empty Heart/16 SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Nobody But You/17 MINDS EYE-Minds Eye Theme/18 MISSING LINKS-Run and Hide/19 BARONS-Reach For the Sky/20 BIRDWATCHERS-It's To You i Belong/21 SOUL TRIPPERS-King Bee/22 EMOTIONS-That's Not True/23 EMOTIONS-Sometimes/24 SHY GUYS-Blakc Lightning Light/25 BURGUNDY BLUES-I'll GEt You Back Again/26 HUSTLERS-My Mind's Made Up/27 RON & THE STARFIRES-Why Did You Cry

DISC 3-01 CAVEMEN-It's Trash/02 MODDS-Don't Be Late/03 MAUNDY QUINTET-I'm Not
Alone/04 COSMIC CAMEL-The Kings Winetaster/05 JESTER IV-She Lied (I Know Why)/06 DARK HORSEMEN-Girl Stand By Me/07 WE THE PEOPLE-My Brother the Man/08 CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-One More Time/09 DR T & THE UNDERTAKERS-Times Have Changed/10 POWERS UV PEOPLE-Miss Dove/11 2/3's-2/3 Baby/12 RARE BREED-In the Night/13 TAMANIANS-Baby/14 NOAHS ARK-Paper Man/15 INVADERS-Shes a Tiger/16 BURLINGTON SQUIRES-Back Up/17 DALTON GANG-Our Love/18 NOVAS-Please Ask Her/19 MINORITY-High Flyer/20 MONTELLS-Can't Make Me/21 PAINTED FACES-I Lost You In My Mind/22 FANTASTIC GROUP-Land of Lakes/23 TWELFTH NIGHT-I Don't Beleive You/24 ROVIN FLAMES-How Many Times/25 GENERATION GAP-Plastic Faces/26 SHADES-Sights/27 FEWDLE LORDS-I Know/28 HUGRY I'S-Half Your Life/29 INNER THOGUHTS-1000 Miles (Cheating on Me)

Interestingly, everything I can find on the FEWDLE LORDS who appear a couple times here indicates they were from Ft. Wayne Indiana...........?

Late edit.....Tracks 14-18 on Volume 1 are also defective......I have no clue what is wrong with the disc, if anyone wants to share it, please do, I will scour the web for a replacement. Truly sorry

Psychedelic States Pt. 3

Why not today venture to the land of the Rocky Mountains, The Rockies, the Nuggets (always loved
the Nuggets in the old ABA......"what was the ABA, Uncle BigScott62?", Never mind junior....), the Broncos, and of course, South Park.....again not a lot of real familiar names to this Buckeye, but I'm sure to Coloradians (is that the right term?) a good deal of these are probably semi-legends, Lothar & the Hand People were somewhat known, never really cared for their stuff to be honest.....Only two discs today, evidently Colorado didn't have the psych scene that Ohio and Florida (three discs each)
had.....or maybe that is just nonsense too.

DISC 1-01 THE MONOCLES-Psychedelic (That'sWhere It's At)/02 THE SOOTHSAYERS-I Don't Know/03 THE POOR-She's Got the Time (She's Got the Changes)/04 MAGIC-Stomach/05 THE POOR-My Mind Goes High/06 THE CHASERS-Unchain My Heart/07 WHITE LIGHTNIN-Leaves/08 BOENZEE CRYQUE-Candy Coated Lady/09 THE TEARDROPS-Sweet Sweet Sadie/10 THE OBVIOUS-Here I Stood Before You/11 THE CEEDS-Louie Come Home/12 THE FOGCUTTERS-It's My World/13 THE TROLLS-That's The Way my Love Is/14 THE DOPPLER EFFECT-God Is Alive In Argentina/15 THE TEENY TITANS-Don't Cry Girl/16 THE CHASERS-Beleive Me/17 OUR GANG-Rapunzel/18 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Please Don't Be Mad/19 THE CHANDELLS-We Are the Ones/20 THE TROLLS-I Don't Recall/21 EIGHTH PENNY MATTER-Moment In Time/22 THE MISIRLOUS-Barney Oldfield/23 THE SOUL-Have It All Your Way/24 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Black Nor BLue

DISC 2-THE ELOPERS-Music to Smoke Bananas By/02 THE OBVIOUS-I Don't Believe/03 JADE-I'm Leaving You/04 THE FLAMEOUTS-I Won't Cry/05 SUPERBAND-Acid Indigestion/06 THE MOONRAKERS-Ode to Miss Representation/07 LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE-TV Weatherman/08 BOENZEE CRYQUE-I've Never Known a Girl/09 PENETRATION-The Longer You Hang Around/10 GOLDEN GATE DOORKNOB-Grass Roots/11 EIGHTH PENNY MATTER-Rain/12 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Do You need Me?/13 THE CEEDS-Motherless Children/14 WHITE LIGHTNIN'-Blue Man (Peace of Mind)/15 COLLECTION-Face The Really/16 THE HIGHER ELEVATION-Odyssey/17 BIG BIRD & THE STEAM SHOVEL-(What's Happening at) The Psychiartist/18 THE FLAMEOUTS-Fun Girl/19 THE FANTASTIC ZOO-Light Show/20 THE CEEDS-Too Many People/21 THE FABULOUS RAINDROPS-People Need a Beat/22 THE FOGCUTTERS-That's Where I'll Be/23 THE MISIRLOUS-Who Killed the Goose That Layed the Golden Egg?/24 THE CEEDS-You Won't Do That

Psychedelic States Part 4

New York, New York.......never been there, for better or worse.....obviously some of the greatest of
American rock bands have hailed from the Big Apple, to name a couple, Blondie, the Dictators, the Ramones, Blue Oyster Cult, Talking Heads.......hell that is some great stuff.....obviously, not what we are talking about here though.......as we've been talking about the obscure psych bands of the 60's by region, New York's scene was (seemingly) pretty good......as this is New York and not, say, Alabama, there are obviously going to be a few more noticeable names here, Jelly Bean Bandits, Quadrangel, Mystic Tide, Ceasar & His Romans, the Majic Ship (who were REALLY good), and some others......I don't know, these MIGHT be my favorite discs of the series, harad to say, I really love them all, the differences in regional sound to me is VERY interesting, how I wish EVERY state was represented in the series, but I'm happy for what we have......two discs today and thye are very good.

Let me know how you are enjoying this series thus far, I really like it, both as a cultural "document" as well as just some damn good discs to pop into the player and groove on.......so, love ya New York, maybe one of these days I'll pay ya a visit!

Hmmmmmm, evidently there is a THIRD disc of New York stuff, I don't seem to have it......anyone help out? I'll scour the web for it, man I'm not rally delivering the goods on this one, given the problems with Florida set too.......sorry guys

DISC 1-01 THE MARK IV-Don't Want Your Lovin/02 PLASTIK PEOPLE-Wait/03 JERRY & THE GEMS-Last Stop/04 THE DARELYCKS-Bad Trip/05 THE RUSTICS-Can't Get You Out of My Heart/06 THE OFF-SET-A Change is Gonna Come/07 JELLY BEAN BANDITS-Superhog/08 THE SHADES OF DARKNESS-She Aint Worth All That/09 THE MISTICS-Why Baby Why/10 THE KEEPERS-She Understands/11 THE 3rd EVOLUTION-Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/12 THE DESCENANTS-Lela/13 QUADRANGLE-She's To Familiar Now/14 THE ESSENTIALS-Freedom/15 BAY RIDGE-I Can't Get Her Out of My Heart/16 THE SHAN DELS-Please Stay/17 THE BLUE CHIPS-Where/18 THE PRIMATES-Knock on My Door/19 THE MYSTIC TIDE-Stay Away/20 THE GO-NUTTS-Flower/21 THE LEMON SANDWICH-Give Me Love/22 THE NEW BRICK WINDOW-Little Girl/23 THE CONTINENTALS-Sick and Tired/24 THE DENIMS-I'm Your Man/25 THE AGE OF REASON-Diry Shame/26 SPORTIN LIFE-I Can Feel It (Servant to the Sky)/27 POOR RICHARDS ALMANAC-Baby Bring a Way/28 THE TABOOS-All My Life

DISC 2-01 THE CHAIN REACTION-When I Needed You/02 US STAMPS-Pull the Wool/03 THE
WEIRD STREET CARNIVAL-The Subterranean Edible Fungus/04 THE SCOUNDRELS-Up There/05 THE PRIMATES-She/06 THE CAVEMEN-All About Love/07 PB & THE STAUNCHMEN-Mean Willy/08 THE WEADS-Don't Call My Name/09 THE MYSTIC TIDE-Frustration/10 CEASAR & HIS ROMANS-Green Grass Makes It Better/11 THE THRASHING BUTTERFLYS OF DEVINE HAPPINESS-Poor Boy, Happy Boy/12 THE INNKEEPERS-Wanted/13 THE TIGERMEN-Close That Door/14 THE ACOUSTICS-My RIghts/15 THE OMEN-Once Upon a Taste/16 BROTHERHOOD OF SOUL-The Morning After/17 THE SHAKESPEARES-I Like You/18 THE EDGE OF DARKNESS-Mean Town/19 THE ROGUES-Secondary Man/20 THE HATCHET MEN-I'll Give You Love/21 TIDES IN-Trip With Me/22 HUMPHREY & THE PALOOKAS-Careless Love/23 THE GREAT LAKES-We'll Build Our Own Kind of Love/24 THE STINGRAYS OF NEWBURGH-Fool/25 THE MAJIC SHIP-On the Edge/26 THE OVERTONES-There's a Girl Down the Way/27 SOUNDPEACE-Strawberry
Pie Lounge/28 THE ASCENDORS-I WOn't Be Home/29 THE YO YOS-Crack In My Wall

OH AND BY THE WAY.....happy birthdays go out today to former folkie hottie Judy Collins, SUPER hottie Julie Benz, Football Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik, Jockey/Cokehead Steve Cauthen, Former Redskins WR Gary Clark, drop-dead gorgeous Judge Marilyn Milian (ooooooh Baby), also football HOF'er Ollie Matson, former Jets/patriots running back Curtis Martin, Rita Coolidge, and original Jeopardy host Art Fleming......and last and no doubt least your favorite well-mannered boy BigScott62, "celebrating" number 51 today........please send me cash in lieu of gifts!

Psychedelic States Pt. 5

think this is the last of the multi-disc "states", somewhat surprisingly it is from Alabama, hardly
what I would have guessed, if pressed, was exactly a hotbed of psychedelia......never know, though, maybe the U of A had a way-out there psych scene.....anyway, the rest of the States are single disc efforts, unless I am missing another one ala New York Disc 3......

So, OK, what have we here? The name "George Wallace Jr." jumps out as someone at the very least owning a sense of humor.......I'll mention The Vikings for absolutley NO reason other than my fandom of the Minnesota Vikings. The Mishaps turn in a version of "Under My Thumb", and the Distortions bring us their version of "Smokestack Lightning"......I do remember the track "Reflections of Charles Brown" by Mickey Buckins & the New Breed from I THINK "Mega Nuggets", and, frankly, always hated it.

Anyway, like most of the other states, I'll assume that while most of these bands/tracks are unfamiliar to MOST of the US, perhaps some Alabamian will fill us in on someone here that they consider a local "legend", I LOOOOOOVE hearing about stuff like that.

Two discs, 53 tracks, let me know your thoughts.......

DISC 1 01 THE VERSATILES-Cyclothymia/02
THE YARDLEYS-Your Love/03 DAYS OF THE WEEK-Home at Last/04 THE MOVEMENT-Green Knight/05 THE JERKS-I'm Leavin You/06 THE DEDICATIONS-Midnight Gray/07 THE RITES OF SPRING-Comin' On Back To Me/08 THE TORIES-Walkin the Dog/09 THE STOLEN CHILDREN-I Need You/10 THE CHANGIN TYMES-Bye Tyme/11 THE K-PERS-The Red Invasion/12 SHEFFIELD'S GATE-Tell Her No/13 THE JUDGES-The Judge and Jury/14 THE MIXED EMOTIONS-Can't You Stop It Now/15 THE BITTERSWEET-She Lied/16 RANDY & THE HOLIDAYS-Paul Revere 250/17 THE ILLUSIONS-Shadows of You/18 THE LOST CHORDS-I Won't Have To Worry/19 THE VERY-ATIONS-She Can't Be Won/20 THE K-OTICS-I'm Leaving Here/21 MICKEY BUCKINS & THE NEW BREED-Reflections of Charles Brown/22 THE SEEDS OF TIME-She's Been Travellin Round the World/23 THE MAD LADS-Come Back To Me/24 THIS SIDE UP-Why Can't I Dream?/25 THE 5-I'm No Good/26 THE ROCKIN REBELLIONS-By My Side/27 FOX & THE HUNTAHS-Funny Kinda
Day/28 THE 5C STAMP-Gotta Go Now/29 THE OMEN & THEIR LUV-Maybe Later

DISC 2-01 THE CHIMES-#38/02 THE VIKINGS-Come On and Love Me/03 THE MISHAPS-Under My Thumb/04 THE STOLEN CHILDREN-Set Me Free/05 THE "IN"-Just Give Me Time/06 GEORGE WALLACE JR-Think!!!/07 THIS SIDE UP-Sun Arise/08 THE DISTORTONS-Smokestack Lightning/09 THE OUTLETS-Love Doesn't Happen In a Day/10 THE MOVEMENT-Just-a-Driftin/11 THE TIKIS-Somebody's Son/12 STRING & THE BEANS-Come Back To Me/13 THE PREACHERS-Inspiration/14 THE CITATIONS-Better Stop Your Lying/15 THE SWINGIN' LAMP LITERS-Get Away/16 THE WC DORNS-I Need You/17 THE BASSMEN-I Need You/18 THE HACKERS-Keep On Running, Girl/19 THE K-OTICS-Double Shot/20 THE WEEJUNS-I Spy/21 THE MALE-You're Playing With Fire/22 THE LOST CHORDS-I Want to Be Her Man/23 THE STOLEN CHILDREN-I'm Alive/24 THE VERSATILES-Somethin' Like a Man

Psychedelic States Part 6

Well, we've moved through the "multi-disc" states (Ohio, Florida, Colorado, New York, and
Alabama (Alabama?)), so now we get into the states that evidently merit only one disc for whatever the reason.....let's do THREE states today, staying in the southern portion of our nation......how about Arkansas (home of my favorite US President ever, if you disagree, start your OWN blog and bitch about it), Mississippi, and Georgia.....once again, I am from Ohio.....most of these bands/traks I would have no clue of if not for this set.....I would LOOOOOOVE it if folks from these regions would check in with some tales of some of these bands that were perhaps "local legends", I love that kind of stuff......anyways, the Arkansas set doesn't really contain any "names" that jump mout at me, the Mississippi set doesn't really either, and the Georgia set includes a track by, of all people, Terry Knight and the Pack which anyone with two functioning brain cells knows hailed from Michigan......oh, well, anyway......this is some MORE great obscure psych, I hope you are enjoying this series and are APPRECIATING the regional differences......rock n roll is AWESOME, nothing (other than maybe fine women) is better.....so enjoy these discs and LEAVE A COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, which direction you wish for me to go in NEXT, and just say "Hi".......you know I love all you guys, apart from my blog, my personal life is something of a shambles at the moment........I LIVE for the kind comments you folks leave on the blog, honest to God, it's one of my reasons for living, as pitiful as that sounds.......so, by leaving a comment, you are
doing something more wonderful than you could ever imagine.......

ARKANSAS-01 THE LIGHT BRIGADE-Baby You DOn't are/02 THE ROMANS-You Do Something To Me/03 THE FONE BOOK-Plight of the Yearner/04 THE WIG/WAGS-I'm On My Way Down the Road/05 THE CHAPS-Tell Me/06 THE RUBBER BAND-Forever Friday/07 DUTCH MASTERS-The Expectation/08 THE ESQUIRES-Sadie's Ways/09 THE ROMANS-I'll Find a Way/10 THE EGYPTIANS-Steppin On Up/11 THE CULLS-Midnight to Six Man/12 THE SPIRES OF OXFORD-But You're Gone/13 THE MAGIC SOUNDS-Love Can Be So Fine/14 THE BAR BOYS-Hit the Road Jack/15 THE REKNOWN-It Ain't alright With Me/16 THE RUBBER BAND-Below Up, Above Down/17 THE MERCENARIES-Take It All/18 PAUL ALLEN-Cash For Your Trash/19 RICK DURHAM & THE DYNAMICS-I Got My Eyes on You/20 THE REKNOWN-Leave/21 THE VIPERS-In Vain/22 THE CHAPS-Remember to Forget Her/23 THE EGYPTIANS-Suzanne/24 THE SHADOWS-It Breaks My Heart/25 THE ROMANS-He Don't Love You/26 THE LIGHT BRIGADE-Lonnie's Song/27 THE MERCENARIES
-Things Found Here/28 FIVE BY FIVE-Apple Cider

MISSISSIPPI-01 RAVIN' BLUE-Love/02 THE LANCERS-Somebody Help Me/03 MISSING LINKS-Come Inside My Heart/04 SOULE SURVIVORS-Good-Bye/05 THE SAND PYPERS-I Wanna Be Your Man/06 THE STRAGS-Psychedelic Soul/07 THE KICKS-Go Away Go Away/08 JAMES & THE JAMES GANG-Hey Girl/09 RAVIN' BLUE-Colors/10 THE SOUL SHAKERS-It Really Works/11 THE HERDSMEN-Fed Up/12 THE KELTS-Don't Go Away/13 THE FLOWER POWER-Mt. Olympus/14 THE PHINX-My Baby Don't Care/15 SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE-Death ANgel/16 BOB MORRISON-I'm the Place/17 THE RIVIAIRES-Bad Girl/18 JOE FRANK & THE KNIGHTS-Can't Find a Way/19 RICK'S CONTINENTALS-You Can Live It Up/20 THE STRAGS-Seven Different Ways/21 THE BRIDGE-I Don't Think I'll Call You Again/22 SOULE SURVIVORS-Shadows/23 RAVIN' BLUE-It's Not Real/24 THE REETS-When You Brought Me/25 THE SOUL SHAKERS-Catch That Girl/26 THE CONTINENTALS-No Other Love/27 THE ONE WAY STREET-Yard Dog/28 THE LANCERS-You've Got To Forget her/29 THE KICKS-Love Is a Necessary Evil

GEORGIA-01 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up In My Mind/02 MALIBUS-I Want You To Know/03 YOUNGER BROTHERS BAND-Go Away/04 BEETHOVEN 4-Sets My Soul On Fire/05 BO ALLEN-I Hope You're Proud/06 GANG OF SAINTS-Yes, It's Too bad/07 FAMAN-Hurry/08 CHECKMATES INTERNATIONAL-Thinkin' About You/09 SOUL, INC-Ode to Girl/10 BITTER CREEK-Plastic Thunder/11 UNKNOWNS-Ballad of a Useless Man/12 CONTINENTALS-Continenetals Jam/13 CELTICS-Times With You/14 KING DAVID & THE SLAVES-I've Been Told/15 BANDITS-A Woman/16 TIER PARK-The Way/17 FUGITIVES-Reggie/18 APOLLOES-Laugh In My Face/19 SWEET ACIDS-That Creature/20 MACH V-If I Could/21 KNIGHTS OF DARKNESS-I Can't Look Down/22 DAVE & THE STALKERS-How Can I Tell Everybody/23 FLY-BI-NITES-Found Love/24 LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHT SHADOWS-So Much/25 ROGUES, INC-People Say/26 ROCK GARDEN-Starry Eyed Woman/27 RED BEARD & THE PIRATES-Go On
Leave/28 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-How Much More

Links probably not up until Saturday sometime......keep checking!

Psychedelic States Pt. 7

Well, unless I'm missing something I have four more discs,each with a different state on it, so to
make it ez on myself, we'll do two today and two tomorrow (or something).....grabbing at random I get Texas and Illinois, tomorrow a couple MORE members of the Big Ten, Wisconsin and Indiana....

What surprises me is that Texas, which had perhaps THE most legendary psych scene of ALL the states, merits only one disc in the series....I'm sure "rights" to different music, lables, et al has soemthing to do with it, but still fairly surprising......the Texas disc contains Neal Ford & the Fanatics, whom have turned up on some of these other Nuggets sets, also well-known acts Roy Head and Bubble Puppy, but, mostly, the stuff here is generally as obscure as most of the other states: Glass Kans? Electric Prism? Persian Market? Any Texans have any interesting stories to share about any of them?

The Illinois set doesn't have any really famous names that jump out at me at first glance, I assume Chicago-area acts dominate the set as I have heard that Chicago had a fine psychedelic scene during the 60's, interesting band names at the very least (Dalek: The Blackstones, Raindear Army, Poother, Unltd.)......again, lots of obscure stuff that I bet a lot of Windy-City-ites could share a fact or two about......anyway, working on the links, Zippy is what Zippy is......but we'll be wrapping this series up at least FAIRLY soon, and I think I want to pursure this scene a BIT further (if you're getting tired of it SAY SO please), but I'm having fun dragging out these comps I haven't listened to in a few years.

TEXAS-01 ELECTRIC PRISM-Time Change/02 THE GLASS KANS-Stick With Her/03
EUPHORIA-Oh, Dear, You Look Like a Dog/04 THE PASTELS-Yeah I Wanna Know/05 MICHAEL-Caretaker/06 THE COUNTDOWN 5-Candy/07 ELECTRIC PRISM-I Would Have Liked You Anyway/08 BUBBLE PUPPY-Secrets of the Golden Shrine/09 A-440-Marathelia Glows in the Dark/10 THE NOMADS-Situations/11 THE REASONS WHY-Don't Be That Way/12 AIRHEAD-You Knock Me Down/13 THE PERSIAN MARKET-Shine My Monkey/14 THE CRABS-Bye Bye My Little Girl/15 ROY HEAD-You're (Almost) Tuff/16 PURE JADE GREEN-How's He Gonna Find Me/17 BUBBLE PUPPY-Keep Your Mouth Shut Once In a While.18 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-She Is All There Is

ILLINOIS-01 POOTHER UNLTD-Tastee Freeze/02 THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS-She's Mine/03 THE NERVOUS SYSTEM-Make Love Not War/04 THE CHICAGO LOOP-Beginning at the End/05 THE UNTAMED-Someday Baby/06 THE TODDS-Things I Will Change/07 THE RAVELLES-Psychedelic Movement/08 THE TROLLS-There Was a Time/09 SUBURBAN 9 TO 5-Sunshine Becomes Me/10 THE WET PAINT-We Call Him a Man/11 GUY KRAINES TRIO-Come See the Way/12 HOLLOW STEPS-Hung Up On You/13 MOURNING DAYZE-Fly my Paper Airplane/14 DALEK: THE BLACKSTONES-Could Be In Love/15 THE SHADES OF BLUE-The Time of My Life/16 THE RAINDEAR ARMY-Subterranan Sunset/17 ONE EYED JACKS-Love/18 SOUND CARNIVAL-Dreams/19 THE WILD-Monkies/20 THE MH ROYALS-Old Town/21 THE ORPHUNS-IFOC/22 THE DAN-DEES-Think About It/23 THE INTRUDERS-Bringin Me Down/24 SQUIRES-Tomorrow/25 THE TILLS-One Sided Love/26 JERRY MUNDO & THE HOUNDS-Let Us Be/27 THE DAUGHTERS OF EVE-Don't Waste Me Time

The links will bu hopefully sometime tomorrow, probably not until evening, but you never know......there is but one more part (2 discs) to this series, and then we'll be on to something else, I really am not sure what, so we'll just all find out together

Psychedelic States, The Finale!

The final installment of this series of regional, spaced out amatuerish psychedelia brings us back to
the midwest, a disc apiece from Wisconsin and Indiana.....Again, no hugely famous names on the discs, at least to this Ohioan, but I'm sure a Hooiser or a Badger among us will remember fondly some of these acts. And they are every bit as enjoyable to listen to straight through as the other discs in this very fine set. Some of these most likley have turned up here or there, either on "Mega Nuggets" or on the "USA Garage Greats" series, or somewhere else, but I'm sure each disc is probably 90% non-overlap material. Not gonna comment much, just give ya the track lists.....not sure where I'm going next with this, I want to stay in "nuggets" mode for a while, there are some other regional type series, we'll see, I think I've promised to fill a couple of requests along this line, I'll have to check, but if I did I certainly will fill them.......back in a couple days or so with something else obscure, psychedelic, and fun. Enjoy......

WISCONSIN-01 GORDE'S HORDE-I Don't Care/02 MOTHER'S WORRY-Can't Seem to Come Down/03 THE DELCORDS-I Got Wise/04 SYNDICATE-Next 21st of May/05 PYNK PEACH MOB-Love Captured Me/06 THE SHAGS-Dance Woman/07 THE SANDMEN-World Full of Dreams/08 THE BLUE BOYS-Hey Ho/09 ZOO-Gonna Miss Me/10 THE ORBITS-Fuzzy/11 THE QUEST-Love/12 THE BACARDIS-Don't Sell Yourself/13 THE DYNASTY-I've Gotta Shout/14 THE RUBBER BAND-My Baby Left Me/15 THE SUNSTONE LOLLYPOP-Never Sad/16 THOSE LITTLE OL MUSIC MAKERS-Hitchhike/17 JOURNEYMEN-Realities in Life/18 THE NO NAMES-Take It From Me/19 MOTHERS WORRY-Funky Good/20 PYNK PEACH MOB-No Tears/21 THE SHAGS-Cause I Love You/22 ROAD RUNNERS-It's So Hard/23 ZOO-Sometimes/24 THE VOYAGERS-I'm So Lonely/25 JACK & THE BEANSTALKS-Mood For Hurt/26 THE BLUE BOYS-I Know/27 THE BACARDIS-This Time/28 THE QUEST-Last Days/29 THE CALIPHS-Today Tomorow/30 THE SANDMEN-You and I/31 THE VOAYGERS-Away

INDIANA-01 THE ENDD-Gonna Send You Back to Your Mother/02 THE MOURNING MISSED-I'm Not Your Brother/03 SANZ, INCORPORATED-I Just Want You/04 THE TIKIS-Show You Love/05 THE CHOSEN FEW-It Just Don't Rhyme/06 THE WILD ONES-Tale of a City/07 THE ESQUIRES-Run Babe/08 THE CHEVELLES-Just Once In Your Life/09 THE PICKWICK PAPERS-You're So Square/10 SIR CHARLES & THE DAZE OF OLDE-Baby Come Back/11 NOONEY RICKETT & THE NOONEY RICKETT FOUR-Bye Bye Baby/12 THE XL'S-Second Choice/13 THE BASSOOTIES-You Didn't Try to Call Me/14 CHRIS ALLEN & THE GOOD TIMERS-My Imagination/15 DAWN 5-A Necessary Evil/16 THE SERFMEN-Cry/17 THE SURF SONS-I Can't Stop It Now/18 THE ROGUES-I'm Not That Way at All/19 THE MOURNING MISSED-Burn Up/20 SANZ, INCORPORATED-I'm Gonna Leave You/21 BLUES INC-Get Off My Back/22 LORD & THE FLIES-You Made a Fool of Me/23 THE JADES-Come Back/24 THE CHOSEN FEW-Foolin Around With Me/25 THE ENDD-Don't It Make You Feel Like Cryin'/26 THE POORBOYS-Think of Livin/27 THE COUNTRY BLUES-All About Life/28 THE BLACK & BLUES-Come to Me

Links will be up as Zippy cooperates.......a while back I listed a BUNCH of my psych comps, if any of them sounded appealing to ya, now'd be the time to request it......even any that I DID NOT list, I probably have, let's keep the overlap to a minimum, but there is a universe of this stuff still to come.

U-Spaces California Love-In, or 4/5ths thereof

I know somebody (forget who, sorry) requested this series, checking my computer listing tells me I have all five discs, somehow I CANNOT locate Disc #1.......so I asked myself, publish an incomplete set, or wait until I locate the other disc (maybe a day, maybe a year, maybe never).....gonna go with the four discs, because, this is some VERY obscure stuff, and California for whatever reason was slighted in the Psychedelic States collection........and HOPEFULLY, as with those very Psychedelic States, a FRIEND OF THE BLOG will come through and rescue me with a copy of Disc #1.

So with as little commentary as possible, here are the FOUR discs (2-5) that I AM able to locate.....PLEASE contact me via comment section or email should you possibly have disc one so we can all have "complete" sets.....otherwise, enjoy
these tunes, very little overlap with anything I've put up previously.....

DISC 2-01 TRAVEL AGENCY-What's a Man/02 GALE GARNETT & THE GENTLE REIGN-Breaking Through/03 CALIFORNIANS-Nausea Beast /04 DAMON-Oh What a GOod Boy I Am/05 STONE COUNTRY-Love Psalm/06 HINGE-Now Let Me Love You/07 STAINED GLASS-Lonely/08 BOSTON TEA PARTY-Don't Leave Me Alone/09 WAPHPHLE-Going Down/10 UNWRITTEN LAW-Actions Speak Louder/11 INITIAL SHOCK-You've Been a Long Time Coming/12 FERGUSON TRACTOR-Desperation BLues/13 MOUNT RUSHMORE-Rough Rider/14 STONE COUNTRY-Life Stands Daring Me/15 CALIFORNIANS-Glass Disguise/16 LAUGHING WIND-BElls/17 THORINSHIELD-Family Of Man/18 BETHLEHEM EXIT-Walk me Out/19 TRAVEL AGENCY-She Understands/20 NEPENTHE-Good Mornign Baby/21 PETER FONDA-Catch the Wind/22 CALIFORNIA BEAR-Hang My Head/23 STONE COUNTRY-Time Isn't Here/24 INSTANT RALSTON-Mariposa Scepter/25 RANDY S & THE WESTWOOD PAPER-Haight Ashbiry Blues/26 CRYSTAL FOUNTAIN-Sensations

DISC 3-01 AGGREGATION-Maharishi/02 JOYRIDE-Crystal SHip/03 THORINSHIELD-Life is a Dream/04 CHOCOLATE TUNNEL-Ostrich People/05 ZONE 26-Chose to Walk the World/06 POWER-She is the Color/07 EARTH ISLAND-Doomsday Afternoon/08 MORNING GLORY-I See a Light/09 ELFSTONE-Beat the Clock/10 CANTERBURY FAIR-Days I Lve/11 LEWIS & CLARKE EXPEDITION-Daddy's Plastic Child/12 GALE GARNET-I Make Him Fly/13 REJOICE-Golden Gate park/14 LOOKING GLASS-If I Never Love Again/15 PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPNAY*-It's a Lazy Summer Day/16 KNACK-Pretty Daisy/17 FAMILY ALBUM-Get Together/18 CHRIS & CRAIG-I Need You/19 ZONE 26-As the World Turns Cold/20 CARMEL COVERED POPCORN-Suzie Q/21 PEOPLE-Riding High/22 YANKEE DOLLAR-Mucky Truckee River/23 KNACK-Banana Man/24 MEDIATIONS-
Transcendental Meditation/25 AGGREGATION-Sunshine Superman

* If I remember correctly (do NOT care enough to check), I think Peppermint Trolley Company performed the theme to the "Brady Bunch".......someone check on that and report back, por favor?


DISC 5-01 NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N-On Our Way/02 PALE FIRE-Eye Girl/03 THE STORYBOOK-Beads of Innocence/04 THE COSMIC BROTHERHOOD-Yentra II/05 ROD BAKER-Second Revolution/06 THE MOTHER LOVE-The Flim-Flam Man/07 MEDITATIONS-Beautiful Experience/08 NEW WAVE-Where Do We Go From Here/09 CALLIOPE-Wiser/10 AMERICAN ZOO-Back Street/11 PALE FIRE-Back Home/12 MARCIA STRASSMAN**-Self Analysis/13 MICHAEL BLODGETT-Clay People of Boxtown/14 WEST-Step By Step/15 NEIGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N-I Want Action/16 PALE FIRE-Never Hurt Again/17 NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR-Amber Waves/18 PENNY NICHOLS-Look Around-Rock/19 THE MOTHER LOVE-Sidewalks of My Mind/20 FAMILY ALBUM-Mind Beside Mine/21 WEST-Summer Flower/22 PALE FIRE-Ups and Downs/23 THE MOTEHR LOVE-Where Do We Go From Here/24 STORYBOOK-Psych Out

**This one I DO know without checking......Marcia Strassman played the highly annoying Julie Kotter on the equally annoying "Welcome Back Kotter", without question one of the worst sitcoms of the 1970's and having, not even close to, the camp value of the aforementioned Brady Bunch.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Friends of the Blog, if you have disc 1 of this fine series, please share it with the rest of us....and if you are one of those ladies of ill repute that have been to my home lately and STOLEN disc 1, please return it or so help me I'll never satisfy you again!

LATE EDIT: OK, this is kind of odd, but I received the following email today:

Hi friend, sorry for my bad Inglés (Google Translator)
I'm a big fan of your blog.
I I have available the first volume of "California Love-In". If you want, you sent him, "We Transfer" or "Zipyshare" without problem.
I have a blog similar to yours: "Tommentón en la CuadrA"
and your blog is included in my list of "Blofg Friends".
I await your answer.
Greetings from Spain
Jose Kortozirkuito
OK....evidently this guy has Disc 1, but my Spanish is MUCH WORSE than his Ingles......can anyone step in and mediate a settlement between Jose and myself? I tried to email him back and tell him to convert it to a Zippyshare link and just post ii in the comments section, not sure he'll get it though......if you speak fluent Spanish, contact me, I will give you his email addy and we can get this worked out, hopefully!

A "GS" Blowout Japanese psych, garage, punk (Part 1)

Forget where I got these, I've had em so long, don't know if this is a "complete" set or not, maybe yes, maybe no, but either way, there shou a BUNCH of new stuff for your ears on these. I think they are damn fine, and hope you think so too.....severeal acts turn up repeatedly across the set, but VERY few of em have made it onto many of the US mainstream sets......I've got (I think) ten discs of this stuff, so how's bout three today, three tomorrow, and we'll cap it off with four in the wrap up......as usual, PLEASE let me know your thoughts on these, I  know SOME dislike the foreign language stuff (persoanlly I LOVE it), but these, I think, are FAIRLY rare and for my money are


Wow, where to begin...the first disc mentioned features, The Outcast, The Rangers, The Spiders, The Cougars, Voltage......anyone ring a bell? No? PERFECT! Second disc has The Jaguars who are at least a LITTLE known, as well as a bunch of repeaters from Disc 1.....the third disc seems to be a singles collection by some of the (really) "MORE OBSCURE" (!) Japanese Garage Bands, such as Shin Saegusa & Days & Nights, Mickey Curtis & the Samurais, and on and on.......


SPIDERS-Dynamite/04 THE SPIDERS-Monkey Dance/05 THE BLUE JEANS-One More/06 THE TERRYS-Stop Dance/07 THE PLAYBOY-Shevidevi de/08 THE PLAYBOY-Keeltie Okune/09 THE SWING WEST-Kokora No/10 THE SWING WEST-Fire/11 THE RANGERS-Let's Go Rangers/12 THE NAPOLEON-Koi Okesun/13 THE COUGARS-Aphrodite/14 THE COUGARS-Suki Nande/15 THE SPIDERS-Wipe Out/16 THE SPIDERS-Fun Fun/17 THE BURNS-I Saw Her Standing There/18 DAYS & NIGHTS-Bero o Anikoni/19 THE OUTCAST-Let's Go To the Beach/20 THE OUTCAST-Bokuno Sobokara/21 VOLTAGE-Hold On I'm Comin'/22 THE COUGARS-J & A/23 THE SPIDERS-Seishun A Go Go/24 THE VAN DOGS-Hey Girl/25 THE TOYS-Omiyasan/26 THE OUTCAST-Long Tall Sally/27 THE OUTCAST-Kimaman Shelly/28 MIKI OBATA & OUTCAST-Jane Jane

GS I LOVE YOU TOO-01 THE YOUNGERS-Hanashyaku/02 THE JAGUARS-Dancing Lonely/03 THE CARNABEATS-Chu! Chu! Chu!/04 D'SWOONERS-Please Please/05 THE TEMPTERS-Hmitsu No Aiko/06 THE CARNABEATS-Sutaking Sandy/07 THE YOUNGERS-Zin ZIn ZIn/08 THE TEMPTERS-Tell Me More/09 THE JAGUARS-Seaside Bound/10 D'SWOONERS-Stone Free/11 THE SAVAGE-Space Express/12 LIND & THE LINDERS-Kidetta Anoka/14 THE BEATS-Give Me Lovin'/15 THE JAGUARS-Dancin Baby/16 THE TEMPTERS-Stop the Music/17 THE YOUNGERS-My Love My Love/18 THE TEMPTERS-Kone Mure Mi Dashimeir/19 THE CARNABEATS-Love Only For/20 LIND AND THE LINDERS-Yuhi/21 THE JAGUARS-Beat Train/22 THE TEMPTERS-Bokatachi No Te/23 THE YOUNGERS-Do the Whip/24 THE JAGUARS-Tryah Yaroh/25 THE CARNABEATS-Wasuke Emukmi/27 THE TEMPTERS-Kamasama Oregal

01 HIDEAKI EDA & THE BLAZE-Utukushi Ai no Kaneshuni/02
HIDEAKI EDA & THE BLAZE-Hajimite No Namida/03 HIDEAKI EDA & THE BLAZE- Sotsugyo No Kisersu/04 HIDEAKI EDA & THE BLAZE-Shiori Hana/05 MIKES-01 Noburn No Kamachi/06 MIKES-Ramblin Man/07 MIKES-(The Lights Went Out In) Massacheusets/08 MIKES-Yume No Makiba/09 MICKEY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS-Fusen/10 MICKEY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS-Ame No Promenade/11 MICKEY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS-Tayo No Pateiya/12
MICKEY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS-Nataso No Yome/13 LOVE-Icarus No Hashi/14 LOVE-Once Again/15 SHIN SAEGUSA & DAYS & NIGHTS-Namida No Tokyo/16 SHIN SAEGUSA & DAYS & NIGHTS-Hoshifuru Meich/17 SHIN SAEGUSA & DAYS & NIGHTS-Kumi No Ankona All/18 SHIN SAEGUSA & DAYS & NIGHTS-Kimi Ro Mita Yuhi/19 SHIN SAEGUSA & DAYS & NIGHTS-Oriental Eyes/20 SHIN SAEGUSA & DAYS & NIGHTS-Nakanaide Okure/22

AGAIN, a friendly warning, DO NOT MISS THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WILL IMPLORE YOU, DO NOT MISS THESE SETS, they are amazing.....these three discs are the tip of an iceberg, wait til the killer fuzz-guitar psych discs pop up tomorrow or so, ESSENTIAL...YOU WANT THESE. They are not only hard to find, but unique and wonderful! Links for this first batch probably in the morning, they are great but THE BEST IS YET TO COME with the incredible psych sets that contain versions of  things, "Hey Joe", "Sunshine of Your Love", "Fire" (Arthur Brown's version!), "Stone Free", and so VERY VERY MUCH MORE......YOU WILL WANT THESE, these first few are just to whet your whistle. This may be pound for pound my favorite post I've done (OK, maybe I stretch the truth a bit, but I've been listening to these the last few days after probably not hearing them in 5 years and I am simply bowled over.......hope you will be as well! Please please please please please please leave a comment and tell me whassup!?!

ISP problems

Have not abandoned anyone.....am having trouble with my internet service that it is all....hope to get it remedied today or tomorrow......sorry about the delay on the Japanese links, I am writing this from work (not supposed to be doing so)......please be patient, I have not forgotten about you, just some run-of-the-mill problems with my ATT service (VERY long story not worth recapping)! See you SOON, Big Scott62

WHAT an ordeal.....our national nightmare is over.....

Good Lord.....here is the capsulized version of why I haven't put up the links from the last post yet, haven't continued the series yet, etc........AT&T provides my internet service. We contacted them to remove our landline as we no longer use it, but wished to continue to keep out internet line, and actually upgrade our internet service a bit......this was Friday.......well, anyway, the geniuses in charge of these things managed to turn off the land line successfully, but ALSO TURNED OFF our internet service. We have spent HOURS on the phone Sunday/Monday trying to get this remedied, and it has JUST NOW (8:15 PM) been restored........at the time servie was stopped, I had managed to get both "Love You" and "Love You Too" uploaded, but was waiting on "The Complete Singles" before posting them......well anyway, I'm going to have to load "The Complete Singles" again, but here are the links for the others:

LOVE YOU-http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/86498438/file.html

LOVE YOU TOO-http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/86985345/file.html......if the other volume is up tonight I'll get it up there, and TOMORROW we will resume with this great (it REALLY IS great, believe it or not) series......I apologize for the delay, one guy commented that he thought I was getting out of the blogging biz and Jose from Spain will be a fine replacement for me.....no question, he'd be MUCH MORE competent than myself (few would not be), but I'm not going anywhere......

And, sorry to have missed Mother's Day.......my Mom passed away in 2010 and my Mother in Law exactly a year ago May 12 2012, I love and miss them both very very much.......so if your Mom is still with us, be grateful and hug her for me........as I certainly do with the current world's best Mother, my wife Carla the Mother of my son Grant (also of my daughter Victoria, in heaven with her Grandmas)

Sorry about all this, really.......

GS Blowout Part 2

Well, after all that, let me get back to this......three more discs, witht he following titles (not sure about the numbering system, kind of hard to follow)....."CULT GS #5 JAPANESE PSYCH"....this is the ONE you want if you only want ONE.....couple Mops trakcs, as well as The Beavers "Over/Under/Sideways/Down", Powerhouse's "Mister You're a Better Man Than I", The Golden Cups "Hey Joe", The Launchers "Stone Free" Swing West's version of Arthur Brown's "Fire" which I think appears on at least FOUR (if not more) of these 10 discs), The Wild One's "Sunshine of Your Love", The Tigers "Time Is On My ide", and a LOT more....."CULT GS #2 JAPANESE FUZZ GUITAR GARAGE BEATS" features another tune by the great Mops, Outcast's "Let's Go to the Beach", The Jaguar's "Dancing Baby"......loads more, and finally "GS CULT COLLECTION
TEICHIKU #2 60's JAPANESE GARAGE PSYCH RELICS" gives us "Long Tall Sally" from Outcast, "In the Midnight Hour" from the Voltage, and a somewhat hilarious "I Dig Rock N Roll Music" from the Wonders.........as I said before I was interrupted, these sets are NO JOKE, you WANT THESE! Here they are........

CULT GS #5 JAPANESE PSYCH-01 THE MOPS-Omar No Sublete Wo/02 BLUE COMETS-Psychedelic Man/03 THE MUSTANGS-Mustang Baby/04 THE BEAVERS-Why baby Why/05 THE BEAVERS-Over Under Sideways Down/06 POWERHOUSE-Mister You're a Better Man Than I/07 THE CORNABEATS-Cutie Morning Moon/08 THE MOPS-Atsuku Norenal/09 THE SPIDERS-Upside Down/10 THE GOLDEN CUPS-Hey Joe/11 THE TEMPTERS-Tell Me More/12 THE SWING WEST-Fire/13 THE CORNABEATS-Fukisusau/14 THE BUNNYS-Taiyo No Hana/15 LAUNCHERS-Stone Free/16 THE WILD ONES-Sunshine OF Your Love/17 THE TEMPTERS-Maude/18 THE TIGERS-Time Is On My Side/19 OX-Girlfriend/20 THE TEMPTERS-Namida No Ato Ni Hohemi No

Work Song/02 THE SPIDERS-SPI/03 BLUE COMETS-Linda/04 THE TIGERS-Red Jacket/05 THE TEMPTERS-Boom Boom/06 THE WILD ONES-Shiawase No Michi/07 THE GOLDEN CUPS-Haa Mata Noboru/08 THE CORNABEATS-Sutekia Sandy/09 THE JAGUARS-Dancing Baby/10 THE BUNNYS (yep, the BUNNYS!)-For Elise/11 THE MOPS-Ashai Yo Sarabn/12 OUTCAST-Let's Go to the Beach/13 ROUTE FIVE-Lili/14 THE SOMERS-Yet (I Don't Forget You)/15 SKELETONS-Find Somebody/16 THE LAUNCHERS-The Angry Man

GS CULT COLLECTION TEICHIKU #2 60'S JAPANESE GARAGE PSYCH RELICS-01 OUTCAST-You've Gotta Call Me/02 THE NAPOLEON-Koi Wo Kesunda/03 THE VAN-DOGS-Eh......Voi!/04 THE VOLTAGE-In the Midnight Hour/05 OUTCAST-Long Tall Sally/06 SWING WEST-Ajoen Ajoen/07 THE EAGLES-Seishun a Go GO/08 THE VOLTAGE-Mercy Mercy/09 OUTCAST-Kimamana Sherry/10 THE VAN-DOGS-Aishu No Caravan/11 THE VOLTAGE-Hold On I'm Comin'/12 OUTCAST-In the Sunshine Days/13 THE FINGERS-Zero Fighter/14 FIFI THE FLEA-Oy Aji No Rock/15 THE VOLTAGE-The Dog of the Bay/16 OUTCAST-Aisurukota Wa/17 THE VAN-DOGS-Lonely Night/18 THE WONDERS-I Dig Rock N Roll Music/19 THE VOLTAGE-Nancy I Love/20 OUTCAST-Be My Baby/21 THE SWING WEST-Kon Kon Konayuki Konbanu/22 THE VAN-
DOGS-Yukigoire No Chikas/23 OUTCAST-Hey Mister

Hopefully I get these up tonight, and tomorrow (MAYBE) wrap this set up with another four totally bitching, slamming, ass kicking discs! Until then, well, heard ya missed me, well, I'm back, and not Zippyshare nor AT&T nor rain nor snow nor gloom of night can keep me away......Now, say that Julie Bowen chick on Modern Family, say, her car breaks down in front of my house and she tells me she has nowhere to stay the night and she is sooooooo horny.........well, I think we'd all find that acceptable. But other than that, no!

GS Blowout/Wrap-up

Still no links for Part 2, show some patience, lotta stuff going on and Zippy just plain old being Zippy.....anyway thought I'd go head and wrap THIS series up, other than the links, ALL of which I hope you have by Thursday evening!

Got four discs left from this totally awesome and fairly rare series, hope you guys are enjoyin' em,

and didn't mind the earlier delay TOO much.....ok, as I said before I don't in any way understand the titles nor the numbering system that was used on these series, MAYBE there are MORE discs out there, but I think the ten I've presented ya with oughta be a failry representative cross section.....ok, windig this down, we have : "CULT GS COLLECTION TEICHUIKU 1 60'S JAPANESE GARAGE-PSYCH RELICS".......Once again we get to endure Swng West's "Fire", and a lot (most, perhaps all) of these acts turn up on the other discs, familair names by now should include The Van-Dogs, The Voltage, Outcast, and of course Fifi the Flea........"CULT GS COLLECTION CROWN 60'S JAPANESE GARAGE-PSYCH RELICS" features plenty of bands whom ALSO should be familiar by now to those of you whom listened to the other discs.....Cougars, Spiders, The Rangers (Check their version of "Mrs. Robinson", far more absurd and amusing than the version by the Lemonheads)....by now you MUST have the general idea, you DO want to hear these, ALL of them!
The only disc I can LOGICALLY sequence is "CULT GS CROWN 2 JAPANESE 60's GARAGE-PSYCH RELICS", lots the regular suspects on this one as well, don't miss the Burns' interpretation of "Sky Pilot" the original Animals version being one of my faves. Also the Spiders turn in a nothing-if-not-energetic "Wipe Out!".......Lots more stuff here, non-stop fun!
Next disc is "CULT GS #1 JAPANESE GARAGE ROCK", we've got a good bit f voerlap with some of the earlier sets here, you'll have to kind of dance around that, but there are a few tracks and artists (Sunflower, The Rubies, et al) that turn up only on this set.

I hope you've enjoyed this set, I have, it's been as much fun as anything I've posted here.....I think, at least that it is relatively hard to come by, always a bonus....anyway, with that one out of my hair, I have no idea in which direction I shall turn next, but as always, something great and daring and personal and mostly, something ROCK N ROLL!

CULT GS COLLECTION TEICHKU 1 60'S JAPANESE GARAGE-PSYCH RELICS-01 THE NAPOLEON-Aitai Aitai/02 THE TERRYS-Stop Dance/03 THE OUTCAST-Let's Go to the Beach/04 THE VOLTAGE-Man's Man's World/05 THE TOYS-Omiyasan/06 SWING WEST-Fire/07 OUTCAST-Everything's Alright/08 THE VAN-DOGS-Atsui Suna/09 THE VOLTAGE-Knock on Wood/10 THE FINGERS-A Dark Town/11 OUTCAST-Boku No Sobokara/12 SWING WEST-Koi No Jisabel/13 THE VOLTAGE-Today/14 THE TERRYS-Koisuru Hasizura/15 THE OUTCAST-Futari no Himitsu/16 THE VAN DOGS-Balla Balla/17 THE VOLTAGE-Today (twice? That's the information I have without listening right now)/18 SWING WEST-Those Were the Days/19 OUTCAST-Kimi To Ariku/20 FIFI THE FLEA-Change Your Mind/21 THE WONDERS-Aka Hanabita/22 OUTCAST-Tam Adach Ni Narol/23 THE VOLTAGE-My Girl/24 DAY & NIGHT-Boro No Akoka Ni/25 OUTCAST-Jean

RANGERS-Lets GO Rangers/02 THE COUGARS-Teku Teku Tengoku/03 THE SPIDERS-Fun Fun/04 THE PLAYBOY-Knelte Okune/05 THE COUGARS-J&A/06 THE BURNS-I Saw Her Standing There/07 THE SPIDERS-Dynamite/08 MICKEY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS/09 THE GENOVA-Itoshi Dochka/10 THE RANGERS-Mrs Robinson/11 THE BLUE JEANS-Memory/12 THE GENOVA-Daiya No Anmida/13 THE PLAYBOY-Sherry/14 MICKEY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS-Ame No Promenade/15 THE RANGERS-Sarry No Hitomi/16 THE TERMITES-Kokesi Ni Nattemo/17 THE SPIDERS-Cry and Cry/18 THE GENOVA-Omide No Mean Stone/19 THE BLUE JEANS-One More Please/20 AKI IZUMI & THE RANGERS-Koi Wa He

CULT GS COLLECTION CROWN 2 60'S JAPANESE GARAGE-PSYCH RELICS-01 THE PLAYBOY-Shevidieve De Yuko/02 THE RANGERS-Akaku AkakauHeirt Ga/03 THE GENOVA-Sharon No Hi Na Kiezu/04 THE COUGARS-Aphrodite/05 THE SPIDERS-Wipe Out/06 THE BURNS-Can You See Me/07 THE RANGERS-Koi Wa Furimukanai/08 THE PLAYBOY-Mairianne/09 THE GENOVA-Sayanora Sahoria/10 THE CUGARS-Suki Nanda/11 THE SPIDERS-Monkey Dance/12 MICKY CURTIS & THE SAMURAIS-Taiyo No Payata/13 THE RANGERS-Hoshizora No Kobito/14 THE PLAYBOY-Koi No Teashi/15 THE GENOVA-Wakareta Mituumi/16 THE BLUE JEANS-Hashi No Date/17 ISAO ICHEMISU & THE COUGARS-Kokoro Kobito/18 THE SPIDERS-Sehshun A Go Go/19 THE RANGERS-Sound of Silence/20 THE BURNS-Sky Pilot

PHOENIX-Koisurwa Ra Ra/03 THE MUSTANGS-Gelpin Rock/04 OUTCAST-Long Tall Sally/05 THE SPIDERS-Mella Mella/06 THE YOUNGERS-Hanahita Kunai/07 THE NAPOLEON-Koi O Kosunda/08 THE CARNABEATS-Sutkina Sandy/09 THE TERRYS-Stop Dance/10 THE SOMERS-Yet (I Don't Forget You)/11 OUTCAST-You've Got a Call me/12 THE VAN-DOGS-Eh!.......Voi!/13 THE PLAYBOY-Shevidevi De Yuko/14 THE SWING WEST-Lets Dance/15 BLUE COMETS-Linda/16 THE COUGARS-Aphrodite/17 THE TEMPTERS-Boom Boom/18 ZOO NEE VOO-Highway No Koduku/19 THE JAGUARS-My Dawn/20 THE NAPOLEON-Hikki Hikki/21 THE RUBIES-Bang Bang Bang/22 SUNFLOWER-Sunflower, Sunflower

Leave a comment if you like these.....leave a comment if you hate these.......leave a comment on the great potatoes/stove top stuffing debate which rages on yet.....

Girls in the Garage (part 1)

So, for another weekend, how about another somewhat expansive comp series of relatively obscure
acts, the "Girls In the Garage" series......a favorite of mine, as i have always loved me some chick singers, and this is some stuff that I doubt is "overlapped" with ANY of the recent "Nuggets"-type postings, highly obscure, and very great......by my count nine volumes, what say we do three a day till we knock em out?  Most of it is so unknown that I can probably limit most of my commentary to making offensive sexually depraved jokes about the names of the bands, but what ya expect, me to get like all creative or something?

Volume 1 does give us a familiar track or two, "Melvin" by the Belles is a very clever female take on the "Gloria" standard, "Nightmare" by The Whyte Boots I think I recall being something of a hit, both the Beattle-ettes and the Bootles were attempting to perhaps ride "someone else"'s groove, in particular check the goofy "I'll Let You Hold My Hand" by the Bootles......other than that, dig in, LOTS of obscure goodies here!

Volume 2 has nothing as recognizeable as even THOSE Volume 1 high points, so just overdose ont eh totally-unknown gems of the Cupons, Venus Flytrap, Tammy & the Bachelors, The She's, and a BUNCH more that you'd damn near need a degree in this stuff to be familiar with.

Volume 3 features another ridiulous (See: Bootles above) "answer" song, The Debs "Sloopy's Gonna Hang On", also out-there obscure-o's by The Liverbirds, Minnie & the Kneebones, Feebeez, tons more.........

Again, I love obscure shit like this, and of course I love women, so these go together quite well....as usual, please comment on them and let me know your thoughts.

VOLUME 1-DENISE & CO-Take Me As I Am/02 THE PUPPETS-Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart
Anymore (No, I'm gonna leave it alone, it's TOO EASY!), 03 THE MODELS-Bend Me Shape Me/04 THE CHYMES-He's Not There Anymore/05 THE BITTERSWEETS-Hurtin Kind/06 THE ID-Those Ever Lovin Baby BLues/07 THE BELLES-Comeback/08 THE BELLES-Melvin/09 LUV D ONES-Up Down Sue/10 KIM & GRIM-You Don't Love Me/11 LYDIA MARCELL-The Girl He Needs/12 THE CONTINENTAL CO-ETS-Melody of Junk/13 THE BEATLE-ETTES-Only Seventeen/14 ALETHA & THE MEMORIES-Worst REcord Ever Made/15 THE BLUE ORCHIDS-Ooh-Chang -a-Lang/16 THE GIRLS-Chico's Girls/17 THE LADYBUGS-How Do You Do It/18 THE BOOTLES-I'll Let You HOld My Hand/19 THE TERMITES-Tell Me/20 THE SNASHERS-Gonna Get That Man/21 THE WHYTE BOOTS-Nightmar/22 LYN & THE INVADERS-Boy Is Gone/23 THE CHYMES-Quite a Reputation/24 THE DAUGHTERS OF EVE-Don't Waste My Time/25 THE CONTINENTAL CO-ETS-I Don't Love You no More/26 THE CHIMES OF FREEDOM-Jungle Rock/27 THE STARLETS-You Don't Love Me

VOLUME 2-01 DARBY SISTERS-Go Back To Your Pontiac/02 LONNIE'S LEGENDS & THE CURRENTS-Lookin For Another Love/03 LINDY LANE-Low Grades and High Fever/04 KARI LYNN-Cleo Cleopatra/05 PAT DOWNEY & THE VISTAS-Real Live Lover/06 CUPONS-Turn Her Down/07 ELLAINE & THE SHANDELLS-Tell me That You Care/08 CRAZY GIRLS-Hey Hey Ha Ha/09 JONNA GAULT-I'm Never Gonna Cry Again/10 MILLIE ROGERS-There You Go/11 KARIN KOUGH & THE PUBLIC ENEMIES-Watermelon Man/12 FATIMAS-Hoochy Koo/13 KAREN VERROS-Just Gotta Know My mind/14 VENUS FLYTRAP-The Note/15 LITTLE FRANKIE-I'm Not Gonna Do It/16 THE LAWERENCE COMP-Moonbeam/17 THE WEEKENDS-Want You/18 TAMMY & THE BACHELORS-Summer Love/19 NAI BONET-Jelly Belly/20 THE UNCALLED FOUR-Come On Home/21 LORI SANDERS-Out of Your Mind/22 THE SHE'S-Fool/23 THE RIDER-Pussycats/24 GALE HANESS-Johnny Ande/25 MANUELA UND DRAFT-Take It Easy/26 JACQUELINE TAIB-7 Heures Du Matin/27 SANDY & THE MENN-You Cheated/28 THE INDIGOS-He's Coming Home

VOLUME 3-01 LIVERBIRDS-Why Do You Hang Around Me/02 LIVERBIRDS-Diddley Daddy/03 PATTIS GROOVE-It Won't Last Long/04 PLOMMONS-Last Train to Liverpool/05 MANDY & THE GIRLFRIENDS-Money/06 JENNY & THE STATESIDERS-Putty/07 TONE BENDERS-Little Black Egg/08 JACQUELINE TAB-7:00 AM/09 CAKE-Baby That's Me/10 MINNIE & THE KNEEBONES-Me & My Miniskirt/11 SURFER GIRLS-Draggin Wagon/12 KAY BELL & THE TUFFS-Surfer Stomp/13 JEAN ROBINSON-Weekend Blues/14 FEEBEZ-Walk Away/15 SHAM-ETTES-Big Bad Wolf/16 DEBS-Sloopy's Gonna Hang On/17 SOCIETY'S CHILDREN-Mr GEnie Man/18 PUSSYCATS-Dressed In Black/19 JEFF & THE ATLANTICS-I'll Be Back

Girls In the Garage, Part 2

I posted up yesterday's part 1, and THEN listened to some of em (usually I do some spot-listening
before posting, but this time the opposite) and WOW this is a gret, at least if the first volumes are much of an indication, MUCH better than I had really remembered.....even the schlock (the Bootles, Beattle-ettes, Whyt Boots) are at least fall down hilarious, and the "good stuff".....well, it's REALLY good, and, of course, fairly obscure too.

So three more discs today, must confess that I haven't listened to these in probably five years, hoping they are even close to as good as the fst discs.....Volume 4 seems to feature la Femmes de France (if that is not proper French I couldn't care less), and women with French accents always make me wanna, well, I just kinda "like em"......No names jump out at me other than Myriam Martin, who I recall for some reason, not even sure why, perhaps some other comps or something......I bet this is as enjoyable as hell though, and if I'm wrong, well, I'm wrong about shit every day, in general,
starting with getting out of bed.

Volume 5 gives us a few acts making repeat appearances from earlier discs, (Pussycats, Jeff & the Atlantics), as well as a whole new batch of obscure-o's (Electric Lollipop, Angel & the Devines, The Occasionals), also, in name at least, ANOTHER female-Beatles knock off, this one called the Beatle Maids (Miads, huh?), and by no means would ANY of us wish to live life without hearing Linda Gayle's take on "Maggie's Farm". Volume 6 gives us a few repeaters (Crazy Girls, Jonna Gault, Venus Flytrap),ome are the exact same TRACKS that appeared earlier, perhaps things were rearranged upon CD reissue as often happens, but I'll tell ya this, someone named ROberta Wolfson contributes a version of "Tobacco Road", perhaps the most MASCULINE song ever,  can't WAIT to give that another listen.....I'm assuming these later discs of the series can't match the silly innocence and bite of the earlier editions, but at any rate, ya GOTTA love some chicks tryto act "tough" and taking themselves "un-seriously" as musicians, in a "Nuggets" kinda way, territory previously reserved 99% by the dudes......Bon appetit!

VOLUME 4-01 LIZ BRADY-Un Garcon Dit A Une Fille/02 MYRIAM MARTIN-Le Blue Beat/03 LES INTRGANTES-Faut Savoir/04 CLOTHILDE-La Chanson Bete Et Mechante/05 LES GAMINES-Vis Ta Vie Mon Gars/06 SYLVIE-ANNE-Un TOurs Dehors/07 ANNA BELL-La Moustache A Papa/08 ROXANE CL-Je Prends Tout Mon Temps/09 GINETTE TALLION-Lorsque Je Frappe a Ta Porte/10 KARO-Un Garcon En Mini-Jupe/11 CAROLINE-Le Jeu Du Telephone/12 ANNIE-PHILLIPE-On M'a Toujours Dit/13 ARIANES & LES 10-20-Je Ne Sais Pourquoi/14 ARIANES & LES 10-20-Les Gemeaux/15 CHRISTINE PILZER-Ils Pataugent/16 GINETTE GARCIN-Cresoxipropanediol En Capsules

VOLUME 5-01 THE MARJORETTES-Let's Do the Kngaroo/02 THE BERMUDAS-Chu Sen Ling/03 THE OCCASIONALS-Sometimes/04 BENTE LIND & THE LUNICKS-Goodbye Jimmy GOodbye/05 THE PUSSYCATS-Dressed In Black/06 JEFF & THE ATLANTICS-I'll FInd Him/07THE WHAT FOUR-I'm GOnna Destroy That Boy/08 LINDA GAYLE-Maggie's Farm/09 GIRLS-Rocket For Girls/10 STACY'S 5TH-This Thing/11 MAVRICKS-Trains/12 TAMMY & THE SOUNDS-Story of a Tramp/13 BEATLE MAIDS-Who Can I Believe/14 ANGEL & THE DEVINES-Octopus/15 THE ELECTRIC LOLLIPOP-Lightning Bug

VOLUME 6-01 KARI LYNN-Cleo Cleopatra/02 PAT DOWNEY & THE VISTAS-Real Live Lover/03 DOREY PEYTION-Ringo Boy (yet ANOTHER Beatles reference, wow man those guys were like INFLUENTIAL!)/04 CUPONS-Turn Her Down/05 ELAINE & THE SHANDELLS-Tell Me That You Care/06 CRAZY GIRLS-Hey Hey Ha Ha/07 JONNA GAULT-I'm Never Gonna Cry Again/08 MILLIE ROGERS-There You Go/09 KARIN KROUGH & THE PUBLI ENEMIES/10 TRACEY ROBBINS & THE VENDELLS-My La/11 DONNA LOREN-So, Do the Zonk/12 FATIMAS-Hoochy Coo/13 KAREN VERROS-You Just Gotta Know/14 ROBERTA WOLFSON-Tobacco Road/15 VENUS FLYTRAP-The Note

Links tonight yet, hopefully, if not, well, there is always tomorrow!

Girls in the Garage the finale

The last three volumes of the "Girls in the Garage" series, everything but the kitchen sink is going to
be thrown at ya here, be prepared.....Volume 7 is VERY extensive, 34 tracks including a BUNCH that already appeared on earlier discs, I sus the reason being that some of these sets are from LP and some from CD reissue, really don't recall.....BUT it ALSO contains the legendary "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri-La's, a Holly Golightly track, and enough obscure tracks unique to this set that it is NOT worthless.

Volume 8 ALSO features some overlap, in fact, one of the two Liverbirds tracks appear on Volume 7, evidently they were TRULY running out of material, wittness Judy Carne (of "Laugh-In" fame) with the not-so-legendary "Sock it to Me".

Volume 9 is an "All Asian" special, unknown stuff to ME, but Nancy Sit, Rita Chao & the Quests, and Penny Lim & the Silverstones all sound pretty good to me. At least no overlap with the rest of the series.

So tell me what you though of THIS series.......something else tomorrow, unsure, as usual as to what, but SOMETHING! Be prepared.

VOLUME 7-01 DELPHINE-Le Fermeture Eclair/02 SYLVIE VARTAN-Ne
T'en Vas pas/03 MYRIAM MARTIN-Le Blue Beat/04 LES EMBERTHEMENTS-Berthe/05 GILLAN HILLS-Oubile/06 GILLAN HILLS-C'est Le Garcon/07 CHRISTINE PILZER-Ils Patugne/08 CHRISTINE PILZER-Dracula/09 VIOLAINE-J'ai Des Problemes Decidement/10 ALICE DONNA-C'est Pas Prudent/11 JACQUELINE TAB 7-Heures De matin/12 MONY-Schopenhauer/13 RITA PAVONE-Ge Ghe Ge/14 PANDORA & THE MALES-Kiddie a Go Go/15 TAPESTRY GAREN-She Needs Love/16 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-Never Thought You'd Leave Me/17 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-What a Way to Die/18 MAMA GUITAR-Someday I WIll Know/19 MAMA GUITAR-Hey Now/20 MAMA GUITAR-A Certain Girl/21 THE DELMONAS-I Feel Like Giving In/22 HOLLY GOLIGHTLY-Your Love Is Mine/23 THE SHANGRI LAS-Leader of the Pack/24 PATTY & THE EMBLEMS-Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/25 NOREEN CORCORAN-Love Kitten/26 THE PUPPETS-Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/27 THE BELLES-Melvin/28 THE BELLES-Come Back/29 THE BITTERSWEETS-Hurtin Kind/30MARILYN MATTSON-He Means So Much to Me/31 THE LIVERBIRDS-Shop Around/32 KAREN VERROS-You Just Gotta Know My Mind/33 JACQUELINE TAB 7-Heures Du Matin II/34 CARRIE THACOUER & DON WAN & HIS TROUBADORS-Tennessee

VOLUME 8-01 CLAR LANE-Frankie & Johnnie/02 BEAS-International Girl/03 LIVERBIRDS-Shop around/04 LIVERBIRDS-It's Got To Be You/05 MARILYN MATTSON-He MEans So Much to Me/06 SHAMMY & FAMOUS RUIS FAMILY-I'm Just a Little Girl/07 JOY SISTERS-Dear John/08 PLEETAS-The Wind BLows Hard/09 DIE SWEETIES-Die Schule Ist Aus/10 WHAT FOUR-Baby I Dig Your Love/11 NORMA TRACY & CINDERELLA KIDS-Skateboard/12 BIRDIES-THe Hucklebuck/13 LOVED ONES-Instant Night/14 MERRILEE & THE TURNAROUNDS-It's Alright/15 MERILEE & THE TURNAROUNDS-Party Song/16 LOS SPITFIRES-Ven Cerca/17 TONY & SIEGRID-Up Here/18 JUDY CARNE-Sock It To Me

VOLUME 9-01 PENNY LIM & THE SILVERSTONES-See/02 RITA CHAO & THE QUESTS-Hanky Panky/03 LARA & THE TRAILERS-Run For Your Life/04 LARA & THE TRAILERS-Sugar Town/05 NANCY SIT-Love Potion Number Nine/06 RITO CHAO-Yummy Yummy Yummy/07 UNKNOWN ARTIST-If Ever You Go/08 NAOMI & THE BOYS-As Tears Go By/09 NAOMI & THE BOYS-I'd Like To Know/11 NANCY SIT-Hanky Panky (such a "classic" tune they felt need to put it on here TWICE.....geez which version is your "favorite"?)/12 SAKURA & THE QUESTS-My Boy Lollipop/13NANCY SIT-Come Back When You Grow Up/14 NANCY SIT-Fever

Wrapping up another series, tell me what ya think.......I'm STILL thinking Nuggets-era obscurities, we shall see when the sun rises next.

Presenting "Highs In the Mid-60's" (part 1)

I think we can consider this something of a "companion piece" to the already posted "Psychedelic
States" series that were posted recently, these cover a lot of the same regions but with VERY little musical overlap between them.......there are 23 (!) volumes involved here, I happen to have only 22, so calling any Friends of the Blog, I am missing the most recent release, Part 23, "Texas Part 5".....if anyone has that one, please contact me or just post it in the comment section, if not, we'll have to get by on just FOUR discs of Texas stuff!

The first three discs (featured todayfocus on Los Angeles, without checking, I am going to assume there will be SOME overlap with some of the material on the Nuggets "Where the Action Is" set, but I'm thinking there is enough stuff unique to these sets to make them worthwhile.....even a fairly well-known and frequently comped band is, in general, NOT represented by their best known stuff on this set, opting for more off the wall selections, making for a fine set for fans of the genre.

The first volume, "LA '65 TEENAGE REBELLION", contains a good example of this with the
Standells, who are represeented not by the often comped "Dirty Water" or "Try It" or "Good Guys", but with the much lesser known "Someday You'll Cry"......The Spats, likewise are represented by a fairly obscure number as well, and the rest of what we have here is fairly obscure acts to begin with, Sean & the Brandywins, Gypsy Trips, Starfires......as with "Psychedelic States", I'd wager that some Californians regard some of these unknowns as legendary acts that could burn down a bar/club on a good night.....as I've said before I LOVE stories like those, so please share if you should have any.

Volume 2 is "LA '66 RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP" and the BEST known track here is "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" by the WC Fields Memorial Electric String Band, fairly regularly comped but still good, and the rest, well.....more coulda-been "legends", The Roosters, Opus, Grim Reapers, Tangents (the obligatory "Hey Joe", has there ever been an all "Hey Joe" album like the 3 disc "Gloria" comp I put up a while back, I wonder? The "Hey Joe" one would be falling down hilarious I would guess.

Volume 3 is entitled "MONDO HOLLYWOOD A GO GO", features an interview with Kim Fowley, and stuff from Giant Sunflower, Somebody's Children, Fantastic Zoo, and Hamilton Streetcar......

I'm gonna put up this whole set because I LOVE the regional sounds of the 1960's, but the wonder persists, IS THIS STUFF WEARING A LITTLE THIN FOR YOU GUYS? Time for a mega-Clash post, or some Roxy Music, or even some kick ass stoner rock ala Dozer or something? You guys make the call.......this stuff still seems pretty popular based on download numbers, so I guess SOME of you guys like this stuff, and as I've said, if you want more, I have barely dented the surface.

BRANDYWINES-She Ain't No Good/04 THE EPICS-Louie Comes Home/05 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Guarenteed Love/06 THE STANDELLS-Someday You'll Cry/07 THE SPATS-Tell Ya All About It Baby/08 GRAINS OF SAND-That's When Happiness Begins/09 GYSPY TRIPS-Aint It Hard/10 THE RUMORS-Hold Me Now/11 WARDEN & HIS FUGITIVES-The World Aint Changed/12 THE ROAD RUNNERS-Goodbye/13 THE 4 MAKING DO-The Simple Life/14 THE ANSWER-I'll Be In/15 THE STARFRES-Linda/16 THE LYRICS-They Can't Hurt Me

VOLUME 2-01 TERRY RANDALL-SOS/02 SANDALS-Tell Us Dylan/03 CHYMES-He's Not There Anymore/04 BEES-Trip to New Orleans/05 ROOSTERS-One of These Days/06 TANGENTS-Hey Joe/07 WC FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND-I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/08 SATANS-Lines and Squares/09 DIRTY SHAMES-I DOn't Care/10 NO-NA-ME's-Gotta Hold On/11 OPUS-Back Seat '38 Dodge/12 SECOND HELPING-Let Me In/13 GRIM REAPERS-Two Souls/14 NITE WALKERS-High Class

VOLUME 3-01 GIANT SUNFLOWER-February Sunshine/02 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Out of SIght Out of Mind/03 SEARCH-Climate/04 RESEARCH 1-6-12-I Don't Walk There Anymore/05 LYRICS-Wake Up To my Voice/06 KIM FOWLEY-The Canyon People (interview)/07 FLOWER CHILDREN-Mini Skirt BLues/08 SOMEBODY'S CHILDREN-I'm GOing Back to New York/09 HUNGER-Colors/10 FANTASTIC ZOO-Light Show/11 TIME OF YIFE-Ode to a bad Dream/12 HUMAN EXPRESSION-Every Night/13 HAMILTON STREETCAR-Invisble People/14 GRAINS OF SAND-Golden Apples of the Sun/15 PAINTED FACES-I Think I'm GOing Mad/16 LOVE EXCHANGE-Swallow the Sun (Dark On You Now)

Highs In the Mid Sixties Part II

And so it continues......three more volumes of great and obscure regionalized (and I cannot stress that
"regionalized" part enough......today there is NO regionalized music to speak of, for better or for worse, everyone in the US has access to everyone ELSE in the US if I'm saying that right......might not even be a bad thing that it is like it is now, but during the 1960's there were such BIG differences in the local sounds of the various parts of the country, that it is at least SOMETHING of a shame) psych/garage, today with a disc (Volume 4) from Chicago, and 2 discs (Volume 5/6 featuring the sounds of Michigan).....as before what I like about these sets is that even the better known acts are not represented by necessarily their best known work.

The Chicago set contains some names that we might (unless we are from Illinois) recall hazilly from some other of the many comps of this great music.....Little Boy Blues, The Group, Inc, Foggy Notions, but for the most part the buffet of relatively obscurities (The Todds, The Delights, Buzzsaw)
continues without mercy.

Michigan, of course, was a hotbed for this kind of stuff, along with Texas perhaps THE hotbed....well known are the Underdogs, but as per my example of why I like these sets, their best known "Love's Gone Bad" (a great track that is easilly available elsewhere) is nowhere to be found here, instead they check in with THREE of their other, lesser known singles....the legendary Rationals turn up also with a couple of tracks, but there is plenty of lesser-avaialble stuff too, including the Blues Company who close out both discs and evidently were from Bay City Michigan which I, for whatever reason, remember driving through on my way to the Upper Penninsula many times as a child.....

A quick glance at the lable tells us, also, that The Chosen Few, represented here by the very good "It
Just Don't Rhyme", were from MUNCIE INDIANA (?????)........well, ok then.........maybe someone from Michigan or Indiana can splain that one, just seemed kinda odd, but there ya go.

Hope you are enjoying this series, 23 discs in all and as pointed out yesterday I do not own volume 23, which is "Texas Part 5", calling all friends of the blog.......

VOLUME 4-01 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-The Great Train Robbery/02 THE OMENS-Searching/03 THE SHAPRELS-Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn/04 THE BOYZ-Come With Me/05 THE MISTY BLUES-I Feel No Pain/06 REASONS WHY-All I Really Need is Love/07 BUZZSAW-I Live in the Springtime/08 THE TODDS-I Want Her Back/09 THE GROUP INC-Like a Woman/10 THE FOGGY NOTIONS-Take Me Back and Hold Me/11 THE PATTENS-Say Ma, Ma/12 THE MALIBUS-La Da Da/13 THE DELIGHTS-Long Green/14 THE UNTAMED-Someday Baby/15 DALEK/ENGAM: THE BLACKSTONES-Never Feel the Pain/16 THE WARNER BROTHERS-Please Mr Sullivan

VOLUME 5-01 THE MUSSIES-12 O'Clock, July/02 THE ROADRUNNERS-Roadrunner/03 THE
UNKNOWN-Shake a Tail Feather/04 THE BOSSMEN-I'm Ready/05 UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/06 THE RUN A ROUNDS-I Couldn't Care Less/07 THE BOSS FIVE-You Cheat Too Much/08 THE RATIONALS-Turn On/09 THE QUESTS-Shadows In the Night/10 PETER & THE PROPHETS-Don't Need Your Lovin/11 THE JAMMERS-You're Gonna Love Me Too/12 UNDECIDED?-I Never Forget Her/13 THE RATIONALS-Little Girls Cry/14 LEGENDS-I'll Come Again/15 THE 4 OF US-Baby Blue/16 BLUES COMPANY-Experiment In Color

VOLUME 6-01 THE YORKSHIRES-And You're Mine/02 UNDERDOGS-Friday at the Hideout/03 JIMMY GILBERT-Beleive What I Say/04 JIMMY GILBERT-So Together We'll Live/05 THE 4 OF US-I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better/06 THE MASTERS OF STONEHOUSE-If You Treat Me Bad Again/07 RENEGADES V-Wine Wine Wine/08 THE BOSSMEN-Fever of Love/09 THE BLUES COMPANY-Love Machine/10 THE BLOKES-All American Girl/11 UNDERDOGS-Don't Pretend/12 THE CHOSEN FEW-It Just Don't Rhyme/13 THE BED OF ROSES-Hate/14 THE CHOCOLATE PICKLES-Hey You/15 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-Never Thought You'd Leave Me/16 THE BLUES COMPANY-She's Gone

Highs In the Mid Sixties Volume III

Three more discs from three more very distinct regions of the great USofA, again, I like this series

quite a bit for it's lack of overlap (in general) with most other sets, as well as it's very sharp, well defined regionalism that we no longer hear in music today.......also the fact that while the sets do include a few halfway widely known names, they are rarely represented by heir best known works.

Volume 7 features a GREAT region for music of the area, the Pacific Northwest, and, to it's credit does NOT take the "easy" route....there are LOTS of comps of the music of this area/era, and in general are filled with (don't get me wrong, great bands and sounds) The Kingsmen, Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Wailers, Don & the Goodtimes, Springfield Rifle, and a few other stallwarts......NONE of these acts appear on this collection, which is certainly interesting enough, leaving room for The Night Walkers, The Chambermen, Jack Eley & the Courtmen, the Squires, and a fistfull of other unknowns.......as with the previous set and the Indiana band featured on the Michigan comp, an even more bizarre anamoly appears here....The Express ("Long Green") hailed, according to the notes, from..........Oklahoma City Oklahoma! Even sillier, The Wilde Knights hailed from Los Angeles, which HAD three discs in the series. "SMH" as the oh-so-hip kiddies say

Volume 8 takes us to the generalized region, "The South".....The Vikings from Alabama deserve mention, because (1) I've heard of them other than this set, and (2) it gets me a chance to mention that I'm a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Otherwise, plenty of relative unknowns from Dixieland, just at random, The Gaunga Dyns, The Surrealistic Pillar (I don't make em up), the Guilloteens, and of course, the Hazzards, who treat u
s to a cover version of the completely unknown, never before covered obscure chestnut, "Hey Joe".

Finally Volume 9 features the great Buckeye State, which of course I am "proud" to call home.....it features a BUNCH of geographic head scratchers, such as the Denims (Queens NY), The Dagenites (Oxon Hill Maryland), and the Outcasts from Ashland Kentucky, which is at least in the same general part of the US, but still, come on? From just down the road from me, Dayton Ohio gives us the Gillian Row who check in with a cover version of the completely unknown, never before covered "Gloria".......the Pied Pipers from Youngstown check in with a cover version of the completely unknown, never before covered obscure chestnut "Hey Joe" (there is a humming sound in my brain right now)......The Choir, from Cleveland, had a hit with "It's Cold Outside" and are represented by a different track here, the Statesmen give us their version of "Stop and Get a Ticket", and the Human Beinz, very well known for "Nobody But Me" (also from Youngstown) are also shown doing some lesser known work, "Evil Hearted You"..........

Three more discs tomorrow, till then, sleep tight!

VOLUME 7-01 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Double Whammy/02 THE JOLLY GREEN GIANTS-Busy Body/03 HB & THE CHECKMATES-Louise Louise/04 THE WILDE KNIGHTS-Just LIke Me/05 THE CHAMBERMEN-Louie Go Home/06 JACK ELEY & THE COURTMEN-Louie Louie '66/07 THE SQUIRES-Don't You just Know It/08 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-I Want You To Know/09 THE SIRES-Come To Me Baby/10 THE LINCOLNS-Come Along and Dream/11 THE EXPRESS-Long Green/12 THE PASTELS-Why Don't You Love Me/13 THE NIGHT WALKERS-Sticks & Stones/14 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Take a Look at Me/15 THE BOOTMEN-Aint it the Truth Babe/16 THE ROCK-N-SOULS-Not Like You

VOLUME 8-01 RAVIN BLUE-Love/02 THE GAUNGA DYNS-Rebecca Rodifer/03 THE
MIDKNIGHTS-Pain/04 THE FLY-BI-NITES-Found Love/05 THE ORIGINAL DUKES-Ain't About to Lose My Cool/06 SKEPTICS-Turn It On/07 THE MOXIES-I'm Gonna Stay/08 THE ROGUES-I Don't Need You/09 THE HAZZARDS-Hey Joe/10 THE VIKINGS-Come On and Love Me/11 THE SURREALISTIC PILLAR-I Like Girls/12 THE RUGBYS-Walking The Streets Tonight/13 THE SANTS-Leaving You Baby (On the Midnight Train)/14 RAVIN BLUE-It's Not Real/15 THE GUILLOTEENS-Crying All Over My Time/16 THE GAUNGA DYNS-No One Cares

VOLUME 9-01 THE DEADLYS-On the Road Again/02 THE GILLIAN ROW-Gloria/03 THE SQUIRES-Batmobile/04 THE DENIMS-The Adler Sock/05 BOCKY & THE VISIONS-The Spirit of '64/06 THE STATESMEN-Stop and Get a Ticket/07 THE PIED PIPERS-Hey Joe/08 THE TREE STUMPS-Jennie Lee/09 THE DAGENITES-I Don't Want To Try It Again/10 THE CHYLDS-Hey Girl/11 THE CHOIR-I'm Going Home/12 THE OUTCASTS-Loving You Sometimes/13 THE SOUND BARRIER-Hey Hey/14 THE DANTES-Can't Get Enough of Your Love/15 THE HUMAN
BEINZ-Evil Hearted You/16 THE POSSUMS-Stepping Stone

Highs in the Mid Sixties Part 4

Volumes 10/11/12 today, of this very good series of relatively obscure regional psych/garage from, as the title would imply, the mid-sixties......what are you thinking of this series thusfar? I think it is more along the lines of Pebbels/Gravel than Nuggets, that is MUCH more for those of us who love
the obscure stuff......

Anyway Volume ten features stuff from Wisconsin, no geographic quirks for me to bitch about this time, except maybe The Young Savages were actually from Chicago (Chicago had it's OWN disc) but really that's close enough to Wisconsin I suppose......Jack & the Beanstalks have appeared on a few comps I recall, not sure if it was these particular tunes or not......there are a couple bands here from Appleton Wisconsin which I probably never would have even heard of, except that they used to have an evidently kick-ass radio station there as it used to win the "Best Radio Station Small Market" in various music polls all the time (never compare with Ohio's own WOXY THE FUTURE OF ROCK N ROLL in it's mid-90's heyday, but we are splitting hairs)

Volumes 11 and 12 both feature Texas acts, as I said somewhere here Texas might have been THE hotbed for this stuff....Larry & the Bluenotes of course you know, perhaps also Stereo Shoestring and Thursday's Children too, while omitting obvious stuff like 13th Floor Elevators and Bubble Puppy that are, frankly, on enough damn comps as it is.

Anyway, lot of positive thoughts on this set as well, I guess there are always a crowd who (like myself ) hungers for the obscure......I've been spot-listening to these as I post them and they are as good as I remember, I hope you guys are liking them as well.....and as I said in an earlier pledge, I can keep this kind of thing coming LONG after you become sick of them, if you ever do, I literally have HUNDREDS more comp sets of 1960's garage/psych/punk, "Nugget-rock"!

My best guess, however, is that I get sick of em before you do and take a breather for a while and get
around to some power pop greats, or some whacked-out stoner metal, or some creeching riot grrrrrl punk, or something.

Man does not live on Nuggets alone, however, it will suffice until I tire of it.

VOLUME 10-01 THE SHAG-Stop & Listen/02 THE WANDERER'S REST-Anytime Anywhere/03 THE YOUNG SAVAGES-The Invaders are Coming/04 THE FAROS-I'm Cryin'/05 LORD BEVERLY MOSS & THE MOSSMEN-Please Please Whats the Matter/06 THE NOBLEMEN-Dirty Robber/07 THE HINGE-Come On Up/08 JACK & THE BEANSTALKS-Don't Bug Me/09 JACK & THE BEANSTALKS-So many Times/10 THE TRODDEN PATH-Don't Follow Me/11 JOEY & THE COME ONS-She's Mean/12 THE DEVERONS-On the Road Again/13 THE LOVE SOCIETY-You Know How I Feel (And Why)/14 THE REHABILITATION CRUISE-I Don't Care What They Say

VOLUME 11-01 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In and Out/02 THE BUCCANEERS-You Got What I Want/03 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Don't Tread On Me/04 THE CHANTS-Hypnotized/05 THE VISIONS-Route 66/06 THE ESQUIRES-Judgement Day/07 THE FOUR MORE-Problem Child/08 TERRY & TOMMY-It Ain't No Good TO Love Anybody/09 THE BY FIVES-I Saw You Walking/10 CHAZ & THE CLASSICS-Girl of the 13th Hour/11 THE STAFFS-Another Love/12 FIVE OF A KIND-Never Again/13 NOBODY'S CHILDREN-Good Times/14 THE BOURBONS-Of Old Approximately

VOLUME 12-01 TOMMY JETT-Groovy Little Trip/02 THE DERBY-HATVILLE-Turn Into Earth/3 THE MINDS EYE-Help i'm Lost!/04 THE NEW ROADRUNNERS-Tired of Living/05 THE REMAINING FEW-Painted Air/06 THE STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road South/07 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Air Conditioned Man/08 THE BUCKLE-I've Got Something on My Mind/09 THE BRENTWOODS-Babe You Know/10 THE CRABS-Chase Yourself/11 THE TRACKERS-You Are My World/12 THE SOUL SEEKERS-Good Revelations/13 THE Y'ALLS-Run For Your Life/14 LEO & THE PROPHETS-
Parking Meter

Links after while ya know......still searching for that FRIEND OF THE BLOG out there who happens to posess a copy of Volume 23 (Texas, Part 5) of this series...if ya have one, let me know, so we can ALL have it......share share share share share share share share share share share can't repeat that word enough, that is what it is ALL about.......to call it stealing is comparable to 1984's Orwellian "doublespeak" or "newspeak", and just as frightening and dangerous.

Peace be with you...........look out, here comes SUMMER!