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The best Heartless Bastards post, ever

From my home state of Ohio come the Heartless Bastards, a band still currently active (although, for my money, past their "sell by date").....they did turn out a pair of pretty decent semi-hard/semi garage-ish unique albums that I enjoy a good bit, pretty sure they were never recognized much outside of Ohio, but they were (here) pretty well recognized as a solid alt-rock act.

Formed in the early 2000's by vocalist/guitarist/pianist Erika Wennerstrom, they were (locally) notable for some very rootsy blues/country/back to basics live shows, 205 saw the release of theyvery good and underappreciated "Stairs and Elevators" (made at least MY Top Twenty album list of that year).....a good, fairly stripped mdown set with some good tracks such as "Gray" and "Pass and Fail".....nothing spectacular here, but in the right mood, this is some really good stuff.

Album #2, "All This Time", is something of a mellower affair, it still is not bad at all.....I am betting that MOST of you (outside Ohio) are 100% unfamilar with them, please let me know what you think. (I use this term alot) They aren't going to the rock n roll Hall of Fame, but they did release these two highly enjoyable albums in their short run.

The band is/has always been Wennerstrom's thing, the other personnel as been rotated in an out, so basically, the focus is on her, and shw is quite talented. The third album, "The Mountain",IS NOT a favorite of mine, but to their (her?) credit they did TOTALLY reinvent their sound, this is basically a country album (a genre I'm not a fan of) featuring violin/banjo etc.......if you like this type of thing, this is a fairly esoteric, quirky, and surprising effort, I can see people (some people) LOVING it......doesn't really get it done for me.

Now,just from snooping around, I see they have a "new" album, "Arrow", from 2012.....I have not heard it, BUT I will put it up since it is quite readilly available. I'll listen to it tomorrow, Im guessing (and ONLY guessing) mthat it further expands on the country-ish direction the band took with "The Mountain".

I DO have two super-rarities, since they were a "local" act, they twice appeared on WOXY's "Lounge Acts", I have both appearances, quite good and if by any remote chance you are a fan of them, these will be like gold to you, focussing on the earlier albums and showing off their (considerable) live chops.

As I say so often, I try to keep things a LITTLE diverse, I wouldn't want to pigeonhole my blog into NOTHING but stoner-metal or classic 1970's punk for example. I have NO IDEA why I opted for this band today, I bet it's been 2-3 years since I even listened to "Stairs and Elevators" or "All This TIme", but I remember I enjoy them a good bit......see what you think. If you like them, check out the later albums, and especially, if you like them, check out the WOXY appearances, they are quite good.

I suppose that tomorrow I will need to turn the amps back up to "11"......not sure what, just yet, but I won't make you go TOO long without your needed fix of riff-o-rama!

STAIRS AND ELEVATORS-01 Gray/02 Onions/03 New Resolution/04 My Maker/05 Runnin'/06 Autonomy/07 Pass and Fail/08 TheWill Song/09 Swamp Song/10 Done Got Old/11 Piano Song/12 Lazy

ALL THIS TIME-01 Into the Open/02 Searching For the Ghosts/03 Finding Solutions/04 All This Time/05 Brazen/06 I Swallowed a Dragonfly/07 Blue Day/08 Valley of Debris/09 No Pointing Arrows/10 Come a Long Way

THE MOUNTAIN-01 The Mountain/02 Could Be So Happy/03 Early In the Morning/04 Hold Your Head High/05 Out at Sea/06 Nothing Seems the Same/07 Wide Awake/08 So Quiet/09 Had to Go/10 Witchypoo/11 Sway

ARROW-01 Marathon/02 Parted Ways/03 Got To have Rock N Roll/04 Only For You/05 Simple Feeling/06 Skin and Bone/07 ARrow Killed the Beast/08 Late in the Night/09 Low Low Low/10 Down in the Canyon

WOXY LOUNGE ACTS #1-Unsplit Tracks

WOXY LOUNGE ACTS #2-Unsplit Tracks

Links will be up when they are up, ya know......please leave a comment if you have the time and are of the mind to.

Please always remember, too, seriously, I REALLY love all you folks and you are the reason I do this each day......thanks for reading/listening/commenting/whatever.

The best Ridge post ever

Another of those bands of which it is difficult to track down much information, thees guys from Sweden released (to the best of my knowledge), simply this one very good album "A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In a Columbian Supremo"......can't even find the band's personel list or anything (PLEASE don't name your band something like "Ridge" so when it is Googled all you find is the Oak Ride Boys).....anyway, this album is in the same vein as, say, Dozer or Astrosoniq, nothing wrong with that......a solid album (from 2001) all the way, I'd place it as one of the better "unknown" classics of stoner rock (check the awesome track "Fuelle").

I don't recall where I got em but I do have some other stuff from them, a single with some traks that aare not on the album, some "Rehesal Recordings" with a few OTHER tracks, and "The Cayuga Sessions", whatever that is, but it DOES contain another version of my fave "Fuelle".

Can't tell ya a lot about these guys, but they did give us one kick ass album and a smattering of other rarities. Crank this up, fairly unknown and highly worth your while.

A COUNTRYDELIC AND FUZZED EXPEPRIENCE IN A COLUMBIAN SUPREMO-01 Afro/02 Ano Way Near/03 Rancho Relaxo/04 Como Un Toro/05 Avalanche/06 Cayuga 240/07 Fuelle/08 Zeb/09 Godspeed/10 Silver Dragon

LE RODEO SINGLE-01 Avalanche/02 Firetruck/03 Silver Dragon

2001 REHEARSAL SESSIONS-01 Probably Some Cowboy Name/02 The Baquero/03 Rodeo Exelencio

THE CAYUGA SESSIONS-01 Fuelle/02 Cayuga 240/03 Speedball Mind/04 Afro

Nearly impossible to find even any PICTURES of these guys other than the album, I did finally scrape up a picture of the single.....I'll  add a UTube clip, seems to be a pretty good un too:


Shouldn't be TOO hard to get these linky-dinks up hopefully by tonight.........hope you guys like this one and leave a comment if you do, even if you don't. And like Nirvana said "Spring is here Again"......myself I just love March Maddness and some fucking MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (since my son plays baseball no longer, which saddens me, I was a baseball coach for over 25 years).....anyway, I plan on keeping the tunes coming to ya, as lonas there is interest, I got one email from some douche the other day "why don't you do this and this and stop doing this and that, and do this the way I would prefer you to do it and......." Dear Douche: Please BLOW ME. I am not your goddamn employee and will do this EXACTLY the way I see fit. Should it not be acceptable to you, please do feel free to go fuck yourself. Love Always, BigScott1962

The best My Bloody Valentine post, ever

Back to mega-post mode, and this one will be kind of difficult considering the recorded history of this particular band......incredibly, they have released a new album VERY recently, their first since their 5 star classic "Loveless" many, many years ago. strange history, I'll try my best to recap.

Formed in the late 1970's in Dublin Ireland by singer/guitarist Kevin Shields, drummer Colm O Ciosoig, singer/guitarist Bilinda Butcher, and bassist Debbie Googe, thess guys created a semi-psychedelic shoe-gaze kind of sound that was/is fairly a unique niche for them, the High Violets a couple decades later would make an attempt to cop their groove, but My Bloody Valentine are the originals.

They released a TON of EP's in the 1980's, I THINK I have collected most of them for your inspection, they are, at worst, interesting, at best, unique and influential. As far as I can tell, the first "proper" LP they released was the not-that-well received "Isn't Anything", which is worth a listen.....in general, this is one of those bands that I have a diffiuclt time talking about because there is really NOTHING to compare them to. Multi-layered guitars, dreamy vocals, swirling, hypnotic, psychedelic passages. I love it myslef.

In 1991 they released "Loveless", a simply brilliant album, one of the best of the era.....the edition I have posted below is a special two disc version with alternate versions and the like......this is one of my favorite albums of the early 1990's, see what you think and leave a comment should you agree/disagree.......

It would be over  twenty years before they would follow up with "m b v", JUST recently.....in genreal, I don't put new releases up, and I ahve NOT listened to this yet, BUT I think it might be necessary to paint a complete picture of their work, and it's not like I'm putting up a new Aerosmith album or some such nonsense.

For a band with such a small body of "real" work, I have a MOUNTAIN of material from them.....if all you have heard is "Loveless", you will wish to check t of this stuff, if you've never even heard "Loveless", strat from there and work back.......this is a unique band with a unique sound, and if you dig into this stuff you will be highly rewarded......PLEASE let me know what you think of this post, it's really a good bit of work to sort through all their EP's and stuff to get a HUGE post out of a band whose true lagacy is ONE great album!

ECSTACY EP-01 She Loves You Not/02 The Things I Miss/03 I Don't Need You/04 (You're) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl)/05 Clair/06 You've Go Nothing/07 (Please) Lose Yourelf In Me

STRAWBERRY WINE EP-01 Strawberry We/02 Never Say Goodbye/03 Can I Touch You

SUNNY SUNDAE SMILE EP-01 Sunny Sundae Smile/02 Sylvies Head/03 Paint a Rainbow/04 Kiss the Eclipse

GEEK! EP-01 No Place To Go/02 Moonlight/03 Love Machine/04 Sandman Never Sleeps

THIS IS YOUR BLOODY VALENTINE EP-01 Forever and Again/02 Homelovin Guy/03 Don't Cramp My Style/04 Tiger In My Tank/05 The Love Gang/06 Inferno/07 The Last Supper

THE NEW RECORD EP-01 Lovely Sweet Darlene/02 By the Danger In Your Eyes/03 Another Rainy Sunday/04 We're So Beautiful

LIVE VANCOUVER CANADA JULY 1992-01 When You Sleep/02 I Only Said/03 Only Shallow/04 Slow/05 Nothing Much To Lose/06 Noise/07 You Never Should/08 Feed Me With Your Kiss/09 Soon/10 To Here Knows When/11 Honey Power/12 You Made Me Realise

LOST TRACKS AND RARE CUTS-01 Sugar/02 Cowboy Song/03 Good For You/04 Glider (long)/05 Just Like Us/06 The Time of Day/07 Map Reference 41 N 93 W/08 Instrumental No. 1/09 Instrumntal No. 2/10 We Have All the Time In the World

THINGS LEFT BEHIND-01 No Place To Go/02 Moonlight/03 Love Machine/04 Sandman Never Sleeps/05 By Danger In Your Eyes/06 On Another Rainy Saturday/07 Lovelee Sweet Darlene/08 We're So Beautiful/09 Sunny Sundae Smile/10 Paint a Rainbow/11 Kiss the Eclipse/12 Silvie's Head

ISN'T ANYTHING-01 Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)/02 Lose My Breath/03 Cupid COme/04 (When You Wake) You're Still In a Dream/05 No More Sorry/06 All I Need/07 Feed Me With Your Kiss/08 Sueisfine/09 Several Girls Galore/10 You Never Should/11 Nothing Much to Lose/12 I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)

LOVELESS DISC 1-01 Only Shallow/02 Loomer/03 Touched/04 To here Knows When/ 05 When You Sleep/06 I Only Said/07 Come In Alone/08 Sometimes/09 Blown a Wish/10 What You Want/11 Soon

LOVELESS DISC 2- 01 Only SHallow (Alt.)/02 Loomer (Alt)/03 Touched (Alt)/04 To here Knows Why (Alt)/05 When You Sleep (Alt)/06 I Only Said (Alt)/07 Come In Alone (Alt)/08 Sometimes (Alt)/09 Blown a Wish (Alt)/10 What You Want (Alt)/11 Soon (alt)

MBV-01 She Found Now/02 Only Tomorrow/03 Who Sees You/04 Is This and Yes/05 If I Am/06 New You/07 In Anotehr Way/08 Nothing Is/09 Wonder 2

There are a BUNCH of links here (19 to be exact as I had to split the FLAC files.....anyway, the links may not be totally up until after work tomorrow, SOME should be up in the morning, but this is a big-time mega-post, from a significant band with a limited library of work.......if nothing else DO NOT miss out on "Loveless", one of the greater albums of the 1990's, and there is a LOT of other, good, unique work here that needs to be heard..........My Bloody Valentine did things their own way, and for that I congratulate them......but they did produce one certifiable masterpiece in "Loveless", and anyone smart enough to be reading this blog is smart enough to make certain they are familair with "Loveless"......and congrats to the band for finally getting the follow up, "m b v" out there, I plan on listenting to it tomorrow, and I hope it doesn't dissappoint. As always, rock on, and I'll think of something else for tomorrow!


The Jewws

After the work I put into the My Bloody Valentine post, I'm going to take it way easy with this one, the one and only full length from Houston's Jewws, "L'Explosion Du Son De Maintenant". They contained some members of The Junior Varsity, had bit more edgy, punkish sound than that band. I understand (unconfirmed) that they are somewhat legendary in Houston, if so, perhaps someone in that area has some boots or lesser-known singles or something. As is, this is a fine album of garage-punk-pop, really short blasts of garage greatness, this is a semi-classic that slipped through the cracks. Can't tell ya TOO much about them, but, trust me, this is a good album.

L'EXPLOSION DU SON DE MAINTENANT-01 Mercury to Mars/02 You're Gonna Lose/03 Girl Gets Around/04 My Baby Don't Rock N Roll/05 Moon Equipped/06 When Your Man is Gone/07 Man From the Magazine/08 Bad Lovin Thing/09 Saturn Swivel/10 The Space City Beat!/11 Just Blink, She's Gone/12 Love In a Pill/13 Animal/14 Keep On Cryin'/15 Gotta Go

Link should be up yet tonite! Leave a comment should ya be inclined.....a  request? Whatever.......I like hearing from the minions, and it's not like I'm about to run out of shit to post soon......my pals from SAMAX are playing a couple shows this weekend, we'll see if I can get some video of them that I can shove down your throats (don't worry they are fucking GREAT)

The best Comets On Fire post, ever

We have acquired tastes, and then we have REAL acquired tastes....Comets on Fire falls into the latter category, I know people who HATED this band venimously, myself I found them farily original and cool. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Ethan Miller, drummer Noel Van Harmonson, bassist Ben Flaschman, keyboardist Utrillo Kushner, and guitarist Ben Chasney and hailing from Santa Cruz California, these guys played a weird brand of noise/psych that at times might remind one of Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, maybe Dinosaur Junior and Built to Spill at times as well.....their trademark is the heavy use of "echoplex", whatever that is, on various instruments as well as, especially on the vocal tracks, which, in genreal, renders the lyrics unitelligible. If you are looking for insightful lyrics, I might recommend that you look, well, almost anywhere else, because that isn't what Comets On Fire were about.....reputedly they were one hell of a live act, I have no experience to verify this......on record, they come across as a very out-there psychedelic/noise jam band on the earlier albums, on album #4 "Avatar", they seemed to be moving towards a more traditional rock n roll sound.

This was a band that, as far as I ever noticed, never really drummed up much of a following, I always thought they were kind of cool, though, I give credit to those who develop unique sounds, and they no question did come up with a sound of their own.....if you are unfamilar with them, please give em a try and let me know your thoguhts, perhaps you will hate them as I said before, many did, but perhaps, like myself, you may find a somewhat different listening experience, which is something that, at least I, am ALWAYS striving for.

I just checked the Pirate Bay and found an odd bootleg from the band too, entitled "Bong Voyage" which I haven't listened to yet, but hopefully replicates the live experience that their fans have raved about......the album contains NO TRACK LIST and I am not about to try to come up with one on my own, you are on your own wth that one.......hope to listen to it tomorrow, an hope it's a good 'un......

COMETS ON FIRE-01 All I Need/02 Graverobbers/03 One Foot/04 Got a Feelin/05 Rimbauld Blues/06 Let's Take It All/07 Way Down/08 Comets On Fire/09 Ghosts of the Cosmos/10 Days of Vapors

FIELD RECORDINGS FROM THE SUN-01 Beneath the Iceage/02 Return to Heaven/03 The Unicorn/04 ESP/05 The Black Poodle

BLUE CATHEDRAL-01 The Bee & the Cracking Egg/02 Pussy Footin' the Duke/03 Whiskey River/04 Organs/05 The Antler of the Midnight Sun/06 Brotherhood of the Harvest/07 Wild Whiskey/08 Blue Tomb/09 Death Squad

AVATAR-01 Dogwood Rust/02 Jaybird/03 Lucifer's Memory/04 The Swallow's Eye/05 Holy Teeth/06 Sour Smoke/07 Hatched Upon the Age/08 (BONUS) Oscillator Solo

BONG VOYAGE-No Track Listing, on your own!

Links will be  up when they are up, Zippy has been a thing of mystery of late....Saturday night going to see my great pals SAMAX play a set at a wonderful bar in Lima Ohio, hope to capture some video/MP3's or something so you guys can realize their greatness as well!

The best Von Bondies post, ever

Some great Detroit garage/blues from the White Stripes/Black Keys school.......they in fact opened shows for the early White Stripes. Raw, stripped down, some fine primal garage rock for thoe of you who like that....and again, if you DON'T, why are you here? Formed in the late 1990's, they've had a rather long list of members, so I'll pass on listing them all, let's just say they have been the "playground" of guitarist/vocalist Jason Stollsteimer....their first release was 2001's "Lack of Communication" (produced by Jack White), contains some good hard blues slammers like "Shallow Grave" and "Cryin'", which is sometimes also referred to as "Meg and Jack are Married"....make of THAT what you will!

They followed that up with "Rare and Raw" which I don't have and evidently is pretty much made up of live BBC tracks.....calling all "friends of the blog", especially those in that state up North. Next was perhaps the best, "Pawn Shoppe Heart", lotsa good tunes like "C'mon C'mon" and "Crawl Through the Darkness" among others. Good album.

Their most recent release was 2009's "Love, Hate, Then There's You", which is another pretty good effort. I think I recall something about this bunch (or Stollsteimer) having some type of a hip-hop style "fued" with The White Stripes (or, more specifically, Jack White).....I forget the details and don't really care enough to look it up.

Three pretty good albums, here, really.......good old Detroit-style hard blues rock, and what on earth is wrong with that?

Links will be up sometime or other, Zippy, I am at your mercy!

LACK OF COMMUNICATION-01 Lack of Communication/02 It Came From Japan/03 Shallow Grave/04 Going Down/05 Cass and Henry/06 Nite Train/07 No Sugar Mama/08 Cryin/09 In the Act/10 Please Please Man/11 Sound of Terror/12 Rock N Roll Nurse/Bring It On Home to Me

PAWN SHOPPE HEART-01 No Regrets/02 Broken Man/03 C'Mon C'mon/04 Tell Me What You See/05 Been Swank/06 Mairead/07 Not That Social/08 Crawl Through the Darkness/09 The Fever/10 Right Of Way/11 Poison Ivy/12 Pawn Shoppe Heart

LOVE HATE THEN THERE'S YOU-01 This Is Our Perfect Crime/02 Shut Your Mouth/03 Pale Bride/04 Only To haunt You/05 21st Birthday/06 She's Dead To Me/07 Chancer/08 Blame Game/09 I Don't Wanna/10 Accidents Will Happen/11 Earth Quake/12 Modern Saints

The best Kings of Frog Island post,ever

From Liecester England we have The Kings of Frog Island, who have released four (including one brand new) really fine albums of heavy-stoner/psych......good efforts all, stoner fans will like these. They've had a fairly rotating cast of characters, so i won't try to repirse all of them, basically the playground of guitarist Mark Betuex and Mat Bethancourt who was in the really really great band Josiah.

Anyways, these guys don't go all out on titling the albums, but they do have some pretty damn good tracks on each. They are yet another of those, what I would call maybe "second tier" stoner bands, and you know that is the kinda stuff I love. Play loud, kick back, rock n roll forever. Relax, if you're a fan of the previous stoner stuff I've posted and you are unfamilair wth these dudes you'll love em.......and I've also incldued their BRAND NEW "Kings of Frog Island IV", which consists of two LOOOONG tracks, Atomic Bitchwax and Sleep, among others have went with this gimmick as well, I'm not crazy about it really, but it is what it is, and it works fairly well here (just listened to it for the first time about an hour ago!).....agian, I don't IN GENERAL put new albums up here, but it just seems to me that the Kings of Frog Island aren't exactly household names, and I suspect they'd rather thave the exposure....if I am wrong, say the word and down they come!

Links probably up in the morning! Enjoy yer Sunday night, want to mention my pals from SAMAX played antoher good set last night (what I remember of it!) and, if they are reading this, need to send me some MP3's ASAP! Welome to the working week, I know it don't thrill ya, I hope it don't kill ya......

KINGS OF FROG ISLAND-01 Everybody's Gonna Lose Their Heads/02 The Longest Hour/03 Leone/04 The River/05 Slate Blue Sky/06 Paychomania/07 Amphibia/08 Save Me/09 Beyond the Revolution/10 Leone (Reprise)

KINGS OF FROG ISLAND II-01 The Last Train/02 Hallucination/03 Welcome to the VOid/04 The Watcher/05 Joanne Marie/06 Laid/07 Ride a Black Horse/08 Satanica/09 Witching Hour/10 Amphibia Rising

KINGS OF FROG ISLAND III-01 In Memoriam/02 Glebe Street Whores/03 Brides of Suicide/04 Dark On You/05 The Keeper of....../06 More Than I Should Know/07 Ode to Baby Jayne/08 I Ain't Sorry/09 A Cruel Wind Blows/10 The Gallowtree Gate

KINGS OF FROG ISLAND IV-01 The King Is Dead/02 Long Live the King

Every One a (Punk Rock) Classic

I like comp series like these, we'll see what the reaction is cause I have a BUNCH of them (the enormous "Bloodstains" series, the extensive "Punk Goes...." series, featuring pretty much obscure punk bands, at least obscure to all but the biggest devotees of the music. You're either going to love these or hate them, let me know, I'm not going into a lot of detail here due to the obscurity of the bands and the amount of typing involved for the whole series. Fans of 70's/80's punk that just can't get enough I will guess will want to hear these, unless they already own them. If they go over as big as the "Garage Greats" of last year, I (honestly) probably have nearly 1000 discs of these type of little known punk bands. Please let me know what ya think!

VOLUME 1-01 ACME ATTRACTIONS-Anyway/02 FASCINATORS-Blue Movies/03 ESCORTS-Bingo/04 ENGLISH-Hooray For the English/05 XPRESS-Junked Up Judy/06 HORRORCOMIC-England 77/07 WARM JETS-Big City Boys/08 MOVING TARGETS-The Boys Own/09 TRAINSPOTTERS-High Rise/10 FUN 4-Singing in the Showers/11 RIVALS-Here Comes the Night/12 SHADOWFAX-Calling the Shots/13 BLUNT INSTRUMENTS-No Excuse/14 LENNY & THE LAW BREAKERS-Me And Bobby McGee/15 NOW-Nine O Clock

VOLUME 2-01 PERFECTORS-YT50291D/02 QUALITY DRIVEL-Stagnent Minds/03 STA-PREST-Schooldays/04 KIDZ NEXT DOOR-Kidz Next Door/05 SILENT NOISE-I've Been Hurt (So Many Times Before/06 BEE BEE CEE-You Gotta Know Girl/07 MARTIN & THE BROWN SHIRTS-Taxi Driver/08 PSYKIK VOLTS-Horror Stories #5/09 LONG TALL SHORTY-Win or Lose/10 ACCIDENT ON THE EAST LANES-Tell Me What You mean Again/11 NOTSENSIBLES-The Telephone Rings Again/12 XTRAVERTS-1984/13 SHOCK TREATMENT-Big Check Shirts/14 RADIO CITY-Love and a Picture/15 CYANIDE-I'm a Boy

VOLUME 3- 01 FUTURE BODIES-Terrorist/02 BEEZ-Do the Suicide/03 LETTERS-Nobody Me/04 REALLY 3RDS-Everyday, Everyway/05 G SQUAD-In My Mind/06 DANSETTE DAMAGE-NME/07 CYBERMAN-Where's the New Wave/08 BLITZKRIEG BOP-UFO/09 BUZZARDS-We Make Noise/10 AV08-Gone Wrong/11 PUSH-Cambridge Stomp/12 PRIVATE SECTOR-Just Wanna Stay Free/13 VALVES-It Mean Nothin' At All/14 THE K9'S-Idi Amin/15 JOE 9T & THE THUNDERBIRDS-Joe 9T Theme

VOLUME 4-01 THE CIGARETTES-They're Back Again, Here they Come/02 HOAX-Nice Girl/03 DYAKS-Gutter Kids/04 SHAG NASTY-Looking For Love/05 VICTIMIZE-Where Did the Money Go?/06 U.X.8-Crazy Today/07 3RD MEN-You're So Fashionable/08 MORAL SUPPORT-Just Where It's At Tonight/09 SEVENTEEN BANK-Holiday Weekend/10 TOURS-Language School/11 SQUIRE-Get Ready to Go/12 PRIVATE SECTOR-Just (Wanna) Stay Free/13 VALVES-It Don't Mean Nothing at All/14 THE JUMP-Shake Up/15 SMART ALEC-Scotter Boys

VOLUME 5-01 PROLES-Stereo Love/02 UNWANTED-Bleak Outlook/03 LAST STAND-Just a Number/04 TERMINAL SPECTATORS-Another Day Another Dream/05 SNEAKY FEELINS-Private Mail/06 THE METHOD-Dynamo/07 FAST CARS-The Kids Just Wanna Dance/08 FLYING COLOURS-Abstract Art/09 STRATE JACKET-Too Soon Too Young/10 RUEFREX-Capital Letters/11 MOONDOGS-She's Nineteen/12 TERRY TRANZ N THE VESTITES-State Hand Out/13 SABOTAGE-Standing Alone, Cold Girl/14 FRANK DETAILS-False Pretences/15 NAMES-Scared

VOLUME 6-01 FX-South's Gonna Rise Again/02 LIMPS-Circa 2/03 THE RONG-Union Jack/04 NOISE ANNOYS-Livng (In the World Today)/05 TWISTED NERVE-Neutral Zone/06 COMMITTED-British Crimes/07 MACHINES-True Life/08 JERMZ-Power Cut/09 BLEACH BOYS-Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches/10 MAD DOG-Someone Here Must Like Me/11 JIMMY EDWARDS-Drag It Back/12 INGNERENTS-I Won't Be There/13 NASTY MEDIA-Spiked Copy/14 THE HEAD-Nothing To Do In a Town Like Leatherhead/15 PROTEX-Don't Ring Me Up

Try to get maybe half (if lucky, ALL) of the links up tonight, I REALLY do enjoy these super-obscure punk comps, and as I said before I have a BUNCH of them. Let me know if you want me to go on with them for a while, It "feels" like something I might be in the mood for, for a few days anyway. We shall see........in the meantime, love yourselves and each other.

Very special "Friend of the Blog" post

One of the many great "friends of the blog" has kindly donated the missing third album from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, titled "Triskaidekaphobia".......as I've said so many times before THIS is how a SHARE BLOG SHOULD WORK......someone (me, or someone else) has something hard to find and we SHARE it with people who wish to hear it.......once again, there is a difference between "SHARING" and what the idiot fringe considers "Stealing" (Hi, Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, and Molly Numan of Bratmobile......)when you STEAL something it's gone.....the offended party is MISSING his original material. When you SHARE something, both parties get the benefit of the material. This is so very hard for so many to comprehend, and yet look at the world in which we live. Why on EARTH would any professed musicin WANT TO DENY ANYONE from hearing their work? Baffles the mind.

TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA-01 Teenage Frankenstein/02 Grab My Guitar/03 Teenage Head/04 You'll Never Know/05 Tallahassee Lassie/06 Surfin and Draggin/07 I Like You Better Dead/08 Paper Bag Blues/09 (I Don't Wanna) Hold Your Hand/10 (I Want a) Teenage Girl/11 Shakin' The Jam All Over

Try to get this link up really quickly!

Punk Goes........Part 1

I had fun yesterday with the "Every One a (Punk Rock) classic series, I think I'll play around with another couple of off the wall comps of unknown punk bands....."Punk Goes....." series, actually simple to describe. Say, "Punk Goes Metal".....well, that would be a bunch of absolutley obscure punk bands ravaging some farily well known METAL tunes......"Punk Goes Pop" does the same thing for Pop standards....these are not really classic recordings, but they are fun/funny to listen to. Too many albums in the series to put em all up tonight, we'll put the rest of em up tomorrow night and if I'm STILL in this mood (unknown punk bands) I'll break out the "Bloodstains Across....." series, with unknown bands spanning the globe. You'll love/hate it!

I really want feedback on this stuff, let me know whether you love/hate it.......I think these are fine albums, certainly composed of bands more interested in YOU hearing their shit than worrying about whether someone is sharing links to their work.

PUNK GOES 80's-01 RELIANT K-Manic Monday/02 HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW-I Ran/03 SUGARCULT-I Melt With You/04 MIDTOWN-Your Love/05 RUFIO (Don't You) Forget About Me/06 MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK-Pop Song 89/07 EMERY-Holding OUt For a Hero/08 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Just LIke Heaven/09 THE EARLY NOVEMBER-The Power of Love/10 HALIFAX-Straight Up/11 A THORN FOR EVERY HEART-Dead Man's Pary/12 BRAZIL-Wrapped ARound Your Finger/13 SO THEY SAY-Forever Young/14 JAMISON PARKER-Everybody Wants to Rule the World/15 AMBER PACIFIC-Video KIlled the Radio Star

PUNK GOES 90'S-01 MAE-March of the Pigs/02 PLAIN WHITE T's-Song 2/03 GYM CLASS HEROES-Under the Bridge/04 COPELAND-Black Hole Sun/05 HIT THE :LIGHTS-Hey Jealousy/06 EMERY-All I Want/07 SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS-Losing My Religion/08 CARTEL-Wonderwall/09 THE KILLING MOON-You Oughta Know/10 STARS-Bleeding Through/11 ANBERLIN-Enjoy the Silence/12 EIGHTEEN VISIONS-The Beautiful People/13 THE STARTING LINE-Big Time Sensuality/14 SO THEY SAY-In Bloom/15 BEDLIGHT FOR BLUEEYES-Jumper

PUNK GOES ACOUSTIC 1-01 OPEN HAND-TIme To Talk/02 TRICE-Trust/03 YELLOWCARD-Firewater/04 SUGARCULT-Memory/05 FINCH-Letters To You/06 THURSDAY-A Hole in the World/07 THE STARTING LINE-Playing Favorites/08 STRUNG OUT-Velvet Alley/09 THE ATARIS-Eight of Nine/10 TAKING BACK SUNDAY-Cute Without the E/11 FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES-Chloroform Perfume/12 RISE AGAINST-Swing Life Away/13 PIEBALD-The King-14 RUFFIO-Over It/15 STRIKE ANYWHERE-Chalk Line/16 NOISE RATCHET-Away to the Heart17 COALESCE-Blue Collar Lullabye/18 GRADE-Gathering Darkness/19 GLASSEATER-Alone in the WOrld/20 MIDTOWN-Knew It All Along

PUNK GOES ACOUSTIC  2-01 JACK'S MANNEQUIN-Bruised/02 THE AUDITION-Don't be So Hard/03 +44-Baby Come On/04 DAPHNE LOVES DERBY-Sun/05 SAY ANYTHING-Woe/06 ALESANA-Moderation/07 ALL TIME LOW-Jasey Rae/08 SILVERSTEIN-Red Light Pledge/09 ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS-Night Drive/10 MAY DAY PARADE-Three Ches For Five Years/11 THE SPILL CANVAS-Staplegunned/12 RELIANT K-Who I Am Hates Who I've Been/13 ANTI-FLAG-Welcome to 1984/14 SHERWOOD-The Only Song/15 SET YOUR GOALS-Echoes

PUNK GOES CLASSIC ROCK-01 HIT THE LIGHTS-More Than a Feeling/02 VERSAEMERGE-Paint It Black/03 THE ALMOST-Free Fallin'/04-MAYDAY PARADE-We are the Champions/05 THE SUMMER SET-Rock N ROll All Nite/08 I SEE STARS-Your Love/09 PIERCE THE VEIL-on't Fear the Reaper/10 FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS-Crazy Train/11 THE MAINE-Pour Some Sugar On Me/12 ENVY ON THE COAST-All Along the Watchtower/13 EVERY AVENUE-Take Me Home Tonight/14 NEVER SHOUT NEVER-Bohemian Rhapsody/15 BLESSTHEFALL-Dream On

PUNK GOES CRUNK-01 SET YOUR GOLS-Put Your Hood Up/02 SAY ANYTHING-Got Your Money/03 THE SECRET HANDSHAKE-I Wish/04 FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS-Men In Black/05 MY AMERICAN HEART-California Love/06 THE MAINE-I Wanna Love You 07 EMANUEL-Kryptonite (I'm On It)/08 PERSON L-The Seed/09 THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA-Still Fly/10 ALL TIME LOW-Umbrella/11 SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS-Notorious Thugs/12 THE ESCAPE FRAME-Nothing But a G Thang/13 HOT ROD CIRCUIT-Gin and Juice/14 LORENE DRIVE-Hey Ya!/15 NEW FOUND GLORY-Tennessee

PUNK GOES METAL-01 DIVIT-Breaking the Law/02 JUGHEAD'S REVENGE-Talk DirtyMe/03 AFI-My Michelle/04 BIGWIG-War Ensemble/05 NEW FOUND GLORY-Heaven/06 STRUNG OUT-Bark At the Moon/07 THE ATARIS-I Remember You/08 LINK 80-Harvester of Sorrow/09 GUTTERMOUTH-Sexual Abuse/10 DYNAMITE BOY-TNT/11 DEATH BY STEREO-Little Fighter/12 SWINDLE-Youth Gone Wild/13 TURNEDOWN-I Don't Know/14 DIESLE BOY-Looks That Kill/15 RX BANDITS-Holy Wars...The Punihsment Due/16 TEN FOOT POLE-Love Song/17

Look for part 2 tomorrow......links will be up when they get up!

Punk Goes......Part 2

Pretty good response to Part 1 of the series yesterday, also  the "Everyone a Classic" series, so I guess there is a bit of demand at the moment for super-obscure punk. So today, part 2 of "Punk Goes......", and, starting tomorrow, the MASSIVE (maybe 30-40 discs?) "Bloodstains Across......" series, which if you are a fan of obscure punk, in particular from different corners of the world, you'll not want to miss. So, thanksor reading and listening and sharing, and tomorrow be certain to check out the "Bloodstains" series, it's quite a good one!

PUNK GOES POP 1-01 DYNAMITE BOY-I Want It That Way/02 SLICK SHOES-Candy/03 YELLOWCARD-Everywhere/04 STRETCH ARM STRONG-Get The Party Started/05 RUFIO-Like a Prayer/06 FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER-Bye Bye Bye/07 NOISE RATCHET-Crush/08 ELEMENT 101-I'm Like a Bird /09 KNOCKOUT-Survivor/10 THE STARTING LINE-I'm Real/11
KEEPSAKE-The Way You Love Me/12 REACH THE SKY-Sometimes/13 FAKE ID-All or Nothing/14 SHOWOFF-Borderline/15 THRICE-Send Me an Angel/16 NICOTINE-.....Baby One More Time/17 STUDENT RICK-Heaven Is a Place on Earth

PUNK GOES POP 2-01 ALESANA-What Comes Around Goes Around/02 SILVERSTEIN-Apologize/03 AUGUST BURNS RED-....Baby One More Time/04 MAYDAY PARADE-When I Grow Up/05 A DAY TO REMEMBER-Over My Head (Cable Car)/06 ESCAPE THE FATE-Smooth/07 THERE FOR TOMORROW-Ice Box/08 CHIODOS-Flagpole Sitta/09 BAYSIDE-Beautiful Girls/10 BREATHE CAROLINA-See You Again/11 THE CAB-Disturbia/12 A STATIC LULLABYE-Toxic/13 FOUR YEAR STRONG-Love Song/14 ATTACK ATTACK!-I Kissed a Girl 

PUNK GOES POP 3-01 BREATHE CAROLINA-Down/02 WOE IS ME-Hot N Cold/03 ARTIST VS POET-Bad Romance/04 MAYDAY PARADE-In My Head/05 ASKING ALEXANDRIA-Right Now (Na Na Na)/06 THIS CENTURY-Paper Planes/07 THE WORD ALIVE-Heartless/08 FAMILY FORCE FIVE-Bulletproof/09 OF MICE & MEN-Blame It/10 MISS MAY I-Run This Town/11 THE READY SET-Airplanes/12 CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR-Dead and Gone/13 SPARKS THE RESCUE-Need You Now/14 WE CAME AS ROMANS-My Love

PUNK GOES POP 4-01 PIERCE THE VEIL-Just the Way You Are/02 TONIGHT ALIVE-Little Lion Man/03 WOE IS ME-Last Friday Night (TGIF)/04 THE READY SET-Roll Up/05 SLEEPING WITH SIRENS-Fuck You/06 GO RADIO- Rolling In the Deep/07 FOR ALL THOSE SLEEPING-You Belong With Me/08 CHUNK! NO, CAPTAIN CHUNK!-We R Who We R/09 A SKYLIT DRIVE-Love the Way You Lie/10 ALLSTAR WEEKEND-Yeah 3X/11 I SEE STARS-Till the World Ends/12 SILVERSTEIN-Runaway/13 THE DOWNTOWN FICTION-Super Bass

PUNK GOES POP 5-MEMPHIS MAY FIRE-Grenade/02 UPON THIS DRAWING-Call Me Maybe/03 MAYDAY PARADE-Somebody That I Used to Know/04 WE CAME AS ROMANS-Glad You Came/05 LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES-Some Nights/06 BREATHE CAROLINA-Billie Jean/07 FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS-We Found Love/08 ISSUES-Boyfriend/09 THE MAINE-Girls Just Want To Have Fun/10 CROWN THE EMPIRE-Payphone/11 CRAIG OWENS-Paradise/12 THE WORD ALIVE-Mercy/13 SECRETS-Ass Back Home

PUNK GOES X (the title refers to "Songs from the 2011 Winter X Games....I am not kidding)-01 THE WORD ALIVE-Over the Mountain/02 SPARKS THE RESCUE-Mountain Song/03 BREATHE CAROLINA-Down/04 THE MAINE-Pour Some Sugar On Me/05 THIS CENTURY-Paper Planes/06 HIT THE LIGHTS-More Than a Feeling/07 MISS MAY I-Run This Town/08 WE THE KINGS-Caught Up In You/09 THE WORD ALIVE-Heartless/10 EVERY AVENUE-Take Me Home Tonight/11 WOE IS ME-Hot N Cold

According to the notes on Wikipedia, evidently there is a set pending entitled "Punk Goes Disney", if that is true, we'll make sure and get that one  as soon as it comes out.....but that me to thinking, does ANYONE have a copy of "Chipmunk Punk" they could share? I used to have one, damned if I know what happened to it, can't find it on the net anywhere.....while the title of that one is a bit misleading ("Punk"?), it is quite amusing, in particular the version of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers "Refuge".....if anyone has a copy of this please contact me, I think it came out in perhaps 1984-85?

Another "Friend of the Blog" comes through!

I'm going to start the totally bitchin' "Bloodstains" series yet today, you should love it if you love obscure punk, but one thing I asked the minions about the last couple days was the album "Chipmunk Punk".......well, lo and behold a GREAT new "Friend of the Blog", "that-cat-guy" has provided us with a copy! It is quite hard to find, if you have any sort of, like, you know, a sense of humor and all that, please check it out.  Here is his original Divshare link:


And I'll have a converted zippyshare link in  a little while, use either one. All thanks, though, go to "that-cat-guy" for provding us with this rare gem. 

CHIPMUNK PUNK-01 Lets Go/02 Good Girls Don't/03 How Do I Make You/04 Refugee/05 Frustrated/06 Call Me/07 You May Be Right/ 08 Crazy Little Thing Called Love/09 My Sharona

Something of a Knack infatuation there it would seem, we could have a quite scholarly debate as to whether the Chipmunks or the Knack were more significant in the big picture....Chipmunks get my vote.......Anyway, this is tooooooo great, check out that rockabilly "echo" on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", the slaying of "Call Me", and standing above all others, the phenominal version of "Refugee".......Let us hear comments on this masterwork, and let us hear praise for the man who brought it to us "That Cat Guy"!

The "Bloodstains Across" series Part 1

This is a really cool comp series if you enjoy obscure punk, there are maybe 30-35 discs in the series, what makes them interesting is they are divided geographically so one can get a very good feel, with each one, for the punk sounds and styles of each reason in question. I THINK I have the entire series, but it is not a certainty, I beleive that some of the ones that I DO have are not even "official" entries in the series. I am going to do this over 5-6 days, if you know of any other "volumes" in the series, either official or unofficial, please let me know and I'll add them. Let's start scientifically  (I carried them into the room in a stack and I'm going to start at the top of the stack, how about that method?) So, today, we will have volumes 1-2 of "Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland", also volumes 1-2 of "Bloodstains Across Germany", and the single disc editions of "Bloodstains Across Puerto Rico" and "Bloodstains Across France"......This is SUPER-OBSCURE stuff here, if that your cuppa tea, you have come to the right place......sound quality varies on some of these, and at least myself, this is stuff you've likely NEVER heard of (a lot of it is demo, or 7" only,very, very obscure)......I know that on "Bloodstains Across the Midwest", for example, there is a band that used to play in some of the bars I used to frequent, I never even knew they recorded ANYTHING. So it's gonna be stuff like that, but personally I love it. Hope you do too!!

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS NORTHERN IRELAND VOLUME 1-01 RUDI-ime to Be Proud/02 RUEFREX-The Perfect Crime/03 MIDNITE CRUISER-Rich Bitch/04 ELECTRO-MOTIVE FORCE -Conscious, Wanted/05 EX-PRODUCERS-The System Is Here/06 ANDROIDS-Bondage In Belfast/07 DETONATORS-Cruisin'/08 EX-PRODUCERS-Behind the Door/09 PRETTY BOY FLOYD & THE GEMS-Sharon/10 DOUBT-Fingers. Lookaway/11 DEFECTS-Guilty Conscience/12 XDREAMYSTS-The Heat Is On/13 PROTEX-I Wonder Why/14 VICTIM-The Teen Age

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS NORTHERN IRELAND VOLUME 2-01 PROTEX-All I Wanna Do (Is Rock n Roll)/02 ZIPPS-Don't Tell the Detectives/03 TINOPENERS-Set Me Free/04 RUDI-The Pressure's On (TV Broadcast)/05 SHOCK TREATMENT-Big Check Shirts/06 STAGE B-Numbers (demo)/07 ELECTRO-MOTIVE FORCES-Mental Cases/08 THE DOUBT-Contrast Disorder/09 DETONATORS-Light At Your Window/10 TEARJERKERS-I'm So Sorry (demo)/11 DOGMATIC ELEMENT-Just Friends/12 CONTROL ZONE-Johnny Johnny/13 FAMILY OF NOISE-Young Rebel/14 VICTIM-I Need You/15 P45 Teenage Love SOng/16 PEASANTS-I Can Help

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS GERMANY VOLUME 1-01 PUNKENSTEIN-No School/02 NAPALM-Killer Rats/03 CRETINS-Samen Im Darm/04 ZK-Schwarze Stiefel/05 BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT-Kick Her in the Dirt/06 PHOSPHER-Schokoladenwuerger/07 ARTLESS-Donnerwetter/08 NIVEAU NULL-Schnulze/09 MALE-Planspiel/10 SOILENT GRUN-Erwin/11 LENNONS-Fuck/12 A 5-Reeperbahn/13 HERMANS ORGIE-Wir Gehen nach Berlin/14 RAZORS-Christ Child/15 KFC-Kriminalpogo/16 REMO VOOR-Toilet Love/17 S.Y.P.H.-Moderne Romantik/18 MARIONETZ-Wir sind die Marionetz/19 MIDDLE CLASS FANTASIES-Party in der Gaskammer/BUTTOCKS-Kreatur/21 PACK-Come On

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS GERMANY VOLUME 2-(note: a lot of the tracks on this album are repeats from volume 1, the versions on volume 2 are the 7" single versions)01 BLITZKREIG-Rock N Roll Is Dead/02 ROTZKOTZ-Disco Sound is Dead/03 HARNROHRER-Manchmal Habe Ich's Satt/04 ARTLESS-Donnerwetter/05 OUT OF ORDER-Out of Order/06 NIVEAU NULL-Nazi/07 BUTTOCKS-Bonanza/08 CRETINS-Samen Im Darm/09 LENNONS-Fuck/10 MIDDLE CLASS FANTASIES-Party In Der Gaskammer/11 PUNKENSTEIN-No School/12 BIG BALLS & THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT-Kick Her In the Dirt/13 HANS-A-PLAST-Rank Xerox/14 RIGOLETTO-Schweinelied/15 KFC-Sexmorder/16 TOLLWUT-Seuchen/17 HONKAS-Das Lied Fur Fritz/18 RAZORS-Christ Child/19 SCHROTT-Baras/20 NORMAHL-Schlager/21 HASS-Es Tut Weh/22 SLIME-Iran

BLOODSTONES ACROSS PUERTO RICO-01 NECRONAZIS-Aspeco Cadaverico/02 BETTIE & THE ANTIBIOTIX-Berlin/03 LOPO DRIDO-Sombras de Fascista/04 ENTRE CUARTO PAREDES-Una Banda Mas/05 LAS ARDILLAS-No Te Quiero Ver Jamas/06 JENNY FATALE Y LOS DEGOLLADORES-Klonopina/07 SOCIALMENTE MUERTOS-En Pie de Lucha/08 NOCHE OSCURA-Lacteos/09 ALFALFA Y LOS KRETINOS-El Milagro/10 CIUDADANO-Juventud Crasa/11 HOLGAZAN-La Experiencia de tonito Cabanillas/12 ARMA PARA MATAR-Anti Sociales/13 TODO IGUAL-Distortion Rebelde

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS FRANCE-01 BETONVIBRE-Ne Me Bassine Pas..../02 BULLDOZER-J'suis Punk/03 CALCINATOR-Billard/04 DELATEURS-Delateurs/05 EXTRABALLE-Haute Tension/06 GASOLINE-Radio Flic/07 LA CAME AUX DAMELIAS-La 5 ieme roue du Systeme/08 LES ABLETTES-Spontaneite/09 LES FELES/Mon Lycee/10 LOS GLORIES LOCALES-Catalogues/11 LES OLIVESTEINS-Euthanasie/12 LES OLIVESTEINS-Je Suis Negatif/13 LES SPURS-Je Suis Fiere de mon grand Pere/14 MARIE ET LES GARCONS-A Bout de Souffle/15 METAL URBAIN-Hysterie Collective/16 METAL URBAIN-Panik/17 OPERATION S-Delinquante/18 PLASTICHKE-Ca Gaze Pour Moi/19 PLASTICHKE-Un Coup j'te Vois, Un Coup J'te Vois Pas/20 STRYCHNINE-Ex-Box/21 THE NO TALENTS-A.M.O.U.R/22 THE NO TALENTS-QUELLE CRISE BETSY/23 THE SPLASH FOUR-Bunker/24 THE SPLASH FOUR-Faut Que Ca Saigne/25 THE SPLASH FOUR-Trop Peur/26 TV KILLERS-Cette Fille Au bar/27 TV KILLERS-Electrifie/28 TV KILLERS-il ne se passe rien/29 TV KILLERS-Sans Issue

The "Bloodstains Across" Series, Part 2

This kick-ass series of geographically diverse unknown punk bands continues today with three discs of stuff from Belgium, one of bands from Chile, one from Spain, and one from the Canary Islands. This stuff is really great in particular the non-english language volumes of the series. I can see, easilly, how some people might not go for these sets, but personally I think they are great. Enjoy, I hate typing all these titles in other languages, but duty calls......

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS BELGIUM VOLUME 1-01 THE KIDS-Fascist Cops/02 P.I.G.Z.-Bloody Belgium/03 DEFINITIVOS-The Modern Dance/04 ONION DOLLS-Hot Love/05 DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG-Alles Moet Kapot/06 MAD VIRGINS-I Am a Computer/07 PLASTIC BERTRAND-Sha La La La Lee/08 CRAPULE DE LUXE-Suck It To Me/09 P.I.G.Z.-Shall I/10 X-PULSIONS-Heaven Only Knows/11 SPERMICIDE-Otage/12 REVENGE 88-Neonlight/13 SCABS-So Called Friends/14 DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG-Wij/15 MAD VIRGINS-Fuck & Suck/16 CLASSY PUNK-Sabre Dance

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS BELGIUM VOLUME 2-01 RAXOLA-Kill Your Son/02 CHAINSAW-What Goes On/03 KIDS-Do You Wanna Know/04 STAGEBEAST-Working Man/05 UNDERDOGS-Third World Image/06 SPERMICIDE-Belgique/07 CONTINGENT-Violence/08 STRESS-My Father is a Fascist/09 ELTON MOTELLO-Jet Boy, Jet Girl/10 RAXOLA-Wildcat/11 PINCHERS-Rape Her/12 DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG-AOD/13 CHAINSAW-Z'heroes Guts/14 CELL 609-Re-Pulsion/15 CONTINGENT-Nuit Blanche/16 DE BRASSERS-Kontrole

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS BELGIUM VOLUME 3-01 WOLFGANG-Neeneeneenee/02 WAR RISK 3-Final Solution/03 SEXY BOLLOCKS-Punk Rebel/04 TOO MUCH-Photo Photo/05 SPERMICIDE-Je Vous Hais/06 NEO ARYA-Labyrinthe/07 STRUGGLER-Wanted/08 BRASSERS-??...(aka 'Eruit)/09 ELTON MOTELLO-Pogo Pogo/10 HUBBLE BUBBLE-Faking/11 CELL 609-Factories/12 SPERMICIDE-Police/13 UNDERDOGS-Bobo/14 SEXY BOLLOCKS-Chaperon Rouge/15 PLASTICHKE-Ca Gaze Pour Moi

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SPAIN-01 ESPASMODICOS-Enciendes Tu Motor/02 PARALISIS PERMANENTE-Un Dia En Texas/03 KAKA DE LUXE-La Pluma Electica/04 VULPE SS-Inkisicioin/05 TNT-Guernika/06 LA POLLA RECORDS-? Y Ahora Que?/07 KANGRENA-Agonia/08 SINIESTRO TOTAL-Purdey/09 PVP-Miedo/10 INTERTERROR-Felices Dias En Auschwitz/11 ESKORBUTO-Mi Degeneracion/12 ULTIMO RESORTE-Johnny Mofeta/13 KGB-Luftwaffe/14 LA UVI-La Policia/15 DECIBELIOS-Botas y Tirantes/16 CODIGO NEUROTICO-Las Malvinas/17 DESECHABLES-La Oracion

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS CHILE-01 PINOCHET BOYS-Pinochet Boys/02 DAD-Yo Odio Los Polu'icos + Unknown Track/03 ARMY'S BOYS-Los Que Flotan/04 FISKALES AD HOK-Estupidos Policus/05 EMOCIONES CLANDESTINAS-No Me Puedo Acostumbar/06 PIGMENT-Unknown Track/07 VINCHUCAS-Dejan Respirar/08 POLU'ICOS MUERTOS-Dios Te Ama/Buricratas Corruptus/09 REPRIMIDOS-Anarku/10 KK URBANA-Anti Fuerza Publica/11 ANARKU}-Desarme Nuclear/12 OCHO BOLAS-Al Servicio/13 CAMION POLICU'-Accion Directa/14 VANDALIK-Maldito Espejo/15 ANTITESIS-Olvidate de Todo/16 GOLPE FRONTAL-Unidos Por La Musica

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE CANARY ISLANDS-01 A.S.C.O.-Matricidio/02 ATAUD VACANTE-Lenguje Abieto/03 HUTE DE ESPERMA-Legalizacion/04 CONEMRAD-Oi!/05 DESKARGA-Ciudad Muerta/06 ESCORBUTO CRONICO-Documentacion/07 FAMILIA REAL-Destruye/08 FAROS ROTOS-Franco/09 GUERILLA URBANA-Estamos hasta El Culo/10 HEMORRAGIA SOCIAL-Cuando Llegue La Anarkia/11 KREMLIN SS-Quiero Mas Droga/12 LOS DALTON-Brilla La Navaja/13 MORTALES INGREDIENT-Madhausen/14 NI NO NI NADA-Soy Un Mono/15 ODIO KALLEJERO-Skinhead Y Orglosos/16 PERROS URBANOS-Villancio/17 PSICOSIS CRITICA-Anti Lider/18 REBANO DE DIOS-Lo Que El Viento Se Llevo/19 SIMDROME-Okupacion/20 SOBRESIDOS-Muertos En La Contienda/21 STUPA-Stupa Ven Aki/22 SUBURBIO-Isla Amable/23 SUCIO PROGRESO-Education Facista/24 TIRO EN LA NUKA-Juzga/25 TOKE DE KEDA-Todo El Mundo Al Suelo/26 VADO PERMANENTE-Inkubo

The "Bloodstains Across" series Part 3


The "hits" just keep on comin, as we visit six more corners of the globe today. How are you liking this stuff thusfar? Things don't get a LOT more obscure than this, and those of us that love obscurity find these to be treasure chests, and isn't it fun to compare the similarities/differences betweeen the punk scenes of different countries? No? Oh well.....all single disc sets tonight, from Australia, Scotland, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Denmark, and Finland......enjoy.

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS AUSTRALIA-01 BODYSNATCHERS-Mystery/02 SKUNKS-Dance Witht he Fuhrer/03 YOUNG IDENTITIES-Threats/04 PROLES-Police/05 PUBLIC EXECUTION-SS Brigade/06 THE PRESS-Alcoholics/07 THOUGHT CRIMINALS-Fun/08 WRONG KIND OF STONE AGE-Run Amok/09 VACANT LOT-Multinationals/10 SPUTNIKS-Second Glance/11 JUST URBAIN-Guns and Guitars/12 TACTICS-Standing By the Window/13 QUICK AND THE DEAD-Pyramid Party/14 Z CARS-Is There Someone Out There/15 SECTION URBANE-When I Watch TV/16 REJEX-Who Wants To March/17 CHOSEN FEW-Do the Manic

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SCOTLAND-01 SCROTUM POLES-Helicopter Honeymoon/02 ZONES-Stuck With You/03 EXTERNAL MENACE-No Views/04 VALVES-For Adolfs Only/05 SCARS-Adultery/06 DEFIANT POSE-Someone Else's War/07 THE REZILLOS-Good Sculptures/08 THE EXILE-The Real People/09 PVC2-Put You In the Pictures/10 SKROTEEZ-Newtown/11 SKIDS-Night and Day/12 THE GAKES-Production/13 EXPLOITED-UK 82/14 THE DRIVE-Jerkin/15 THE PRATS-Disco Pope/16 JOHNNY & THE SELFABUSERS-Saints & Sinners/17 DEFIANT POSE-After the Bang/18 FEGS-Mill Street Law and Order/19 VALVES-It Don't Mean Nothing At All/20 EXTERNAL MENACE-We Want to Know/21 CHEETAHS-Radio-Active/22 THREATS-Go to Hell/23 THE REVILLOS-Where's the Boy For Me/24 BEE BEE CEE-You Gotta Know Girl/25 ALTERNATIVE-Warfear/26 ZIPS-I'm In Love/27 SCROTUM POLES-Radio Tay/28 THE PRATS-General Davis/29 SUBS-Gimme Your Heart

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS YUGOSLAVIA-01 PEKIN?KA PATKA-Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu/02 PEKIN?KA PATKA-Ori Ori/03 PARAF-Moj Zivot Je Novi Val/05 PRLJAVO KAZALISTE-Majka/06 PROBLEMI-Graz Izobilja/07 TERMITI-Vremenska Prognoza/08 KUZLE-Smej Sei/09 KUZLE-Ostan Idiot/10 KUZLE-Vahid/11 BULDOGI-Vkoto Sveta/12 INDUST BAG-100 db/13 LUBLANSKI PSI-TV/14 PEKIN?KA PATKA-Bila Je Tako Lepa/15 PARAF-Visokotirazni Mir/16 PARAF-T' Kao Krava/17 PANKRITI-Kruha In Iger/18 PANKRITI-Jest Sem Na Liniji/19 PANKRTI-Sedemnajst/20 PEKIN?KA PATKA-Kratkovidi Magarac/21 PEKIN?KA PATKA-Kontraceptija

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SWITZERLAND-01 REBELS-Mayday/02 REBELS-Mental Disaster/03 JACK AND THE RIPPERS-I Feel Like a Tram/04 DIETER MEIER-Cry For Fame/05 BELLEVUE-Dein Freund/06 GLUEAMS-365/07 NEGATIV-Glitter Air Cream/08 SPERMA-Zuri Punx/09 FRESH COLOR-No Chance/10 REBELS-Sweet Society/11 JACK & THE RIPPERS-No Desire/12 DIETER MEIER-The Hook/13 BELLEVUE-Marchin Men/14 GLUEAMS-Mental/15 BASTARDS-Schizo Terrorist/16 SPERMA-Bombs/17 SPERMA-Radio/18 SPERMA-Schmier/19 SPERMA-No More Love/20 RUDOLPH DIETRICH-BOFS/21 RUDOLPH DIETRICH-No Claim With Bluff and Swindle/22 CHAOS-Day Doult/23 CHAOS-Get Out of My Pocket/24 SICK-It's Never Too Late/25 SICK-Switzerland/26 SICK-Bass Track

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS DENMARK-01 SODS-Television Sect/02 LOST KIDS-Skrid/03 ELECTROSHOCK-Doomed Generation/04 BRATS-I Do What I Want To Do/05 BRATS-Magazine/06 JOHNNY CONCRETE-Concrete/07 JOHNNY CONCRETE-Bubbles/08 BUBS-Hooray/09 BUBS-Elektric Man/10 BOLLOCKS-I'm Not Supposed To/11 BOLLOCKS-You Might Get Hurt/12 SODS-Suicide/13 LOST KIDS-Fodt Sam Nul/14 LOST KIDS-Diskodreng/15 ELECTRIC DEADS-Zig Zag/16 ELECTRIC DEADS-Fish In a Pool/17 CITY X-Coverboy/18 CITY X-Avis/19 GATECRASHERS-Specatator/20 GATECRASHERS-Desillusioned/21 ELECTRIC DEADS-Locked Doors/22 ELECTRIC DEADS-30 Years/23 PRUGELKNABEN-Lenin Zombie/24 PRUGELKNABEN-Sick/25 PRUGELKNABEN-Rend Mig I Reven

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS FINLAND-01 BRIARD-I Really Hate Ya/02 BRIARD-I Want Ya Back/03 PELLE MILJOONA & NUS-Olen Tyoton/04 PELLE MILJOONA & NUS-Ma Vaan Pogoon/05 EPPU NORMAALI-Nipa/06 PROBLEMS?-Ei Taa Lama Paahan Kay/07 PROBLEMS?-Hairikko Oon/08 KARENTINI-Kaljupainen Gangsteri/09 KARENTINI-Vihaa John Travolta/10 HELLHOUND-Suomi 60/11 HELLHOUND-Kasvot/12 YPO-VIIS-Mari Pogoaa/13 YPO VIIS-Mikkiteline/14 RATSIA-Londoon Skidit/15 RATSIA-Kassapaat/16 VAAVI-Mihin Jai Punk?/17 VAAVI-Uhoan Voimaa/18 SENSUURI-Kirjoitan Seinaan/19 SENSUURI-Selittaja/20 LOOSE PRICK-Mua Potkitaan Paahan/21 LOOSE PRICK-Velton Nimeen

About Bloodstains Part 3.....

Why this happens sometimes I'll never comprehend, but when I published it, published out of sequence, thusly if it were not for this explanation, the FIRST thing you'd see on the page would be "Bloodstains" Part 2......BUT scroll down PAST part 2 and you will see part 3. I remember similar things happening with the "Garage Greats" series, sometimes for some reason or other they would publish out of order, but one would think this simple non-explanation could get you pointed in the right direction.......just SCROLL DOWN and find Part 3......the links aren't ready yet anyway, but when they are that is where they will be.........Sorry, I am at a loss to explain it. Actually now I see why it does that, I wrote a bunch of parts for this thing all on the same day mand it publishes in the order they are WRITTEN, I guess I can change the dates on the rest of them or something and make them come out right. Not gonna for this one though, just scroll down past "part 2" AND past "Chipmunk Punk" and you'll have it!

Part #4 of "Bloodstains Across......."

My head is spinning as I had a few hours to kill today and tried to get a bunch of these done so I could take it easy for the next week or so.....typing all these titles in tonguesother than my own is a bit tricky, but I DO love non-English language rock, so I guess the typing goes with the territory. What we have today is "Bloodstains Across Norway", and then it gets odd.....Two discs of "Bloodstains Across Europe" (haven't a good bit of these ALREADY been from Europe? I don't care for this part of the concept, as it pretty much gave them license to throw anything on there, these are harder to listen to than, say, a disc of all Norway bands or whatever.....gets even worse after that with 2 discs of "Bloodstains Across the World", again, fairly cut and paste collections which to me are the weaker links of the series, they feature bands from as diverse corners of the globe as Poland, Holland, Japan, China, South Africa, all of which I guess is OK because perhaps those lands did not have enough stuff to fill out their own discs, but these are also loaded with stuff from Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and lots MORE that we have already "visited"........oh, well.... I prefer that the discs represent the flavor of the individual countries, but who the hell am I to bitch? Anyway, with Part 5 we will get back to specifics, with the FOUR disc "Bloodstains Across the UK"......so, other than the Norway set, I personally consider these discs the weaker links in this chain. Just my opinion though.

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS NORWAY-01 AKUTT INNLEGGELSE-C.I.A.-K.G.B./02 AKUTT INNLEGGELSE-Superstjerne/03 BORRES KORK-Popstar/04 AKUTT 80-Nekt Blankt/05 DE SJENERTE-Hva Skal Vi Si/06 DE PRESS-unknown title/07 FEBER-Full Kontroll/08 JOHNNY YEN BANG-Kill the Disco/09 JOHNNY YEN BANG-Fool/10 JOHN YEN BANG-Marching Robots/11 NORGEZ BANK-Nordens Paris/12 WANNSKRAEK-Bla Heder/13 1984-Hva Faen/14 Z-OFF-Hurra For Norge/15 ROUGH TRADE-Du Er En Dritt/16 ROUGH TRADE-Play With Fire/17 ROUGH TRADE-Diggin TV/18 KAARE OG PARTIET-Hakekors/19 OVERDOSE-Takk Hold Kjeft/20 OVERDOSE-Bla Hun/21 ORESUS-Sjolvmordskomplekser/22 ANFALL-Bomba E Klar/23 ANFALL-TV/24 ANFALL-Stressa

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS EUROPE VOLUME 1-01 SPITFIRE BOYS-British Refugee/02 SPITFIRE BOYS-Mien Kampf/03 EPPU NORMALI-Poliisi Pamputtaa Taaas/04 EPPU NORMALI-Elvisken Kuolema/05 KJOTT-Nei Nei Nei/06 KJOTT-Blalys/07 KJOTT-Et Nytt Og Bedre Liv/08 AHEADS-Freedom of Speech/09 AHEADS-No Idea/10 AHEADS-In Down Out Up/11 LOST KIDS-Cola Freaks/12 LOST KIDS-Radden Dig/13 LOST KIDS-Alle Taler/14 TROGSTA TRASK-Pella i Skogen/15 TROGSTA TRASK-Sommarbarn/16 NASAL BOYS-Hot Love

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS EUROPE VOLUME 2-01 SQUAD-24 Hours/02 BRIGAD 45 B-Veckorevyn/03 FRABBBLARNIR-Lifad A Lyginni/04 CADILLAC-Senator/05 RUNNING DOGS-Present Tense/06 LAPSUUDEN LOPPU-Taman Yon On Taaa Kyla Median/07 DREAM POLICE-Demise/08 HANGOVER-Sick Society/09 GANGSTERS-Best Friend/10 RONSKI GANG-I Am Broke/11 DE ANHORIGA-Hej Du Gamla Proggisi!/12 SURPRISES-Little Sir Echo/13 SYSTEEMI-Nakkiputka/14 PANKRTI-Kruha In Iger/15 ROTZKOTZ-Peep Show

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE WORLD VOLUME 1-01 DEEP SIX-Watchers of Time/02 FRAEBBBLARNIR-The Rebellion of the Dwarves/03 MONROE-Disco Fever/04 TIPI & MINISTERIT-Verta Rakastava Naines/05 FDS-Paranoia/06 MR HYDE-Trop Belle/07 DRAGONS-Anarchy In the UK/08 JOHNNIES-Who Killed Johnny/09 STAR CLUB-Hello New Punks/10 JOHNNY DEMON & THE DEVILS-Shut Your Mouth/11 RIOT SQUAD-Security System/12 BUZZ-Insanity/13 PVC-Sykebill/14 BARCHEN & DIE MILCHBUBIS-Jung Kaputt Spart Altersheime/15 TNT-Cucarachas/16 THE JACK RABBIT BAND-Revenge

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE WORLD VOLUME 2-01 FRAEBBBLARNIR-False Death/2 FEGS-Mill Street Law & Order/03 RAZORS-Disco/04 GLUEAMS-Strassen/05 HENCHMEN-Rock N Roll Attack/06 SYMPTOMS-Be On Top/07 REBELL-Jag Behoiver Inte Dig/08 SUICIDE SQUAD-I Don't Want To Go To Heaven/09 ZOOM-Massacre at Central High/10 ASPHALT JUNGLE-Purple Heart/11 DESTROY-Sanoja/12 DEZERTER-Ku Przyszlosci/13 ARLO STENMIT & HIS HAMMERKIDS-Belinda/14 AGENT ORANGE-Kill the Police/15 STAR CLUB-God Save the Punkrock/16 UNF-Cavalos de Corrida

Part 5 of "Bloodstains Across...."

Today we will focus strictly on the UK, four discs from the cradle of punk rock. As with the rest of this series, it is obscure, unknown, and cool as hell. Please continue to let me know what you think of these discs, we already know MY opinion (I think they fucking great), but I'd love to hear some feedback from the minions on this series!

"Punk rockers, in the UK, the won't notice anyway, they're all too busy fighting, for a good place, under the lighting....."-The Clash "White Man In Hammersmith Palais (just GOTTA doa  2-week Clash megapost at some point soon)

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE UK VOLUME 1-01 MACHINES-True Life/02 MACHINES-Everything's Technical/03 MACHINES-You Better Hear/04 MACHINES-Evening Radio/05 VALVES-For Adolf's Only/06 XS ENERGY-Use You/07 XS ENEGY-Imaginary/08 LUCY-Never Never/09 ART ATTACKS-I Am a Dalek/10 KLIPS-Ultimatum/11 PSUEDO EXISTORS-Psuedo Existance/12 PSUEDO EXISTORS-Coming Up For Air/13 PSUDEO EXISTORS-Now/14 STIFFS-DC Rip/15 BLANKS-The Northern Ripper/16 BLANKS-Understand/17 BLANKS-Break Down/18 RIVALS-Future Rights/19 RIVALS-Flowers

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE UK VOLUME 2-BEEZ-Easy/02 INTO THE 80'S-Now/03 XTRAVERTS-Blank Generation/04 DISCO STUDENTS-Kafkaesque/05 ZIPS-I'm In Love/06 REBELS-The Leader of Rebellion/07 DANSETTE DAMAGE-The Only Sound/08 UNTAMED YOUTH-Running Wild/09 SUBLIMINAL CUTS-I Don't Care/10 ANTISOCIAL-Traffic Lights/11 ACCIDENT ON EAST LANCS-Tell Me What Ya Mean/12 VARICOSE VEINS-Geographical Problem/13 RED LETTERS-Sacred Voices/14 REVENGE-We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore/15 DREGS-Dregs of Humanity/16 VICE SQUAD-Prison Girl

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE UK VOLUME 3-01 NEGATIVES-Love Is Not Real/02 TINOPENERS-I'm Not Your Type/03 FUTURE BODIES-Terrorist/04 SILENT NOISE-Heart To Heart/05 LIP MOVES-Guest/06 HENRY ESSENCE-14 Years Old/07 MEDIA-Getting High/08 MENTAL-Kill the Bill/09 LENNY & THE LAWBREAKERS-Me and Bobby Magee/10 NIGHTRIDER-Stay Clean/11 SLOWGUNS-TV Movie/12 NEGATIVES-Stake Out/13 RATS-First Mistake/14 SPEEDBALL-No Survivors/15 WHAT-East Coast Kids/16 STEROID KIDDIES-Dumb Dumb

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE UK VOLUME 4-01 FIRE EXIT-Time Wall/02 BOG UGLY-I've Seen It Vomit/03 FAKES-Look-Out/04 NO SUPPORT-Fallen Hero/05 THE BUZZ-Sick At Heart/06 X-FILMS-After All My Blood/07 PANIK-Urban Damnation/08 NOISE TOYS-Pockey Money/09 EXILE-Real People/10 REDUCERS-Things Go Wong/11 LIMPS-Circa 2/12 SIEZE-Why?/13 DYAKS-Gutter Kids/14 ARMED FORCES-Attack/15 LOW NUMBERS-Nine All Out/16 THE SYNDICATE-I Want To be Somebody/17 DEBUTANTES-The Man In the Street/18 THE FREEZE-Paranoia

Gotta be honest with you my friends, we had an unseasonably late snow storm last night (Sunday) which I was called in to protect you from......I did so, which put me a LITTLE behind on getting the links upo each day....the plan, as of now, is to get the links forPart 4 up yet tonight and HOPEFULLY the links for Part 5 will be ready to go in the morning, after work at the latest, and we shall be caught up......it's a shame that I have to go, "work"and have a "job" and all that, but such is life.......trying to bring you the most obscure in punk/stoner/psych/garage/whatever has to come after feeding my family! Soooooooooo sorry!

PART 6 of "Bloodstains Across...."

Three discs today concentrating on the wonderous land of Sweden, home of so much wonderful
music of various types over the decades, and three fine discs full of flat out punk. This will complete the "international" volumes of the series, and tomorrow, we will begin on the discs that concentrate on the good old U S of A......how are you enjoying these discs? They are great, aren't they? They really give us points of comparison in differences in sound/style, and I love them. Hope you do to! Let me know......I'm almost finished, what do ya want me to do next? MORE obscure punk comps? Or have ya had enough? Time for some head-clearing stoner rock? I was thinking about doing another mega post ala last year's 7 part Sleater-Kinney post, maybe dealing with the Clash or Roxy Music, both of whom I possess more material than you could possibly even imagine. Let me know what you are feeling, and that is the direction in which we will go......I was also thinking of the complete 9 disc set of the "Monterey Pop Festival", what do we think of that? Help a brother out, my 50-year old brain needs help on occasion. Anyway, thanksreading, discussing, commenting, and sharing, and as you know I love you gs, you are the reason I share this stuff.....anything I have, is yours, just say the word!

MASS MEDIA-Jag vill Ingenting/03 ATTENTAT-Svarta Farte/04 PF COMMANDO-Raggare/05 BUGS-Bloody Mess/06 LIKET LEVER-Levande Begravd/07 BITCH BOYS-Haftig fredag/08 GRISEN SKRIKER-Sextiofem/09 DR ZEKE-Jag Ska Aldrig do/10 PROBLEM-Va har Ja Gjort?/11 TRAVOLTA KIDS-Veckams Brott/12 RUDE KIDS-Reggare is Bunch of Motherfuckers/13 PERVERTS-Dojjan/14 CITY KENT-Psalm/15 BAITERS-Droga for att Vaga/16 VICIOUS VISIONS-No No/17 MIZZOBODY-Smittad/1 SLOBOBANS UNDERGANG-Maktgalen

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SWEDEN VOLUME 2-KRIMINELLA GITARRER-36 Patroner/02 MASS MEDIA-Jag vill Ingenting/03 ATTENTAT-Svarta Farte/04 PF COMMANDO-Raggare/05 BUGS-Bloody Mess/06 LIKEY LEVER-Levande Begravd/07 BITCH BOYS-Haftig Fredag/08 GRISNE SKRIKER-Sextiofem/09 DR ZEKE-Jag Ska Aldrig Do/10 PROBLEM-Va Har Ja Gjort?/11 TRAVOLTA KIDS-Veckans Brott/12 RUDE KIDS-Reggare Is Bunch of Motherfuckers/13 PERVERTS-Dojjam/14 CITY KENT-Psalm/15 BAITERS-Droga fro att Vaga/16 VISCIOUS VISIONS-No No

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SWEDEN VOLUME #3-01 LARS LANG-Doomsday/02 BLITZEN-Gerilla/03 SVETTENS SONER-Haarifran/04 RAZZIA-For Var Frihet/05 BIZEX-B-Diamond Star/06 TST-Innocent/07 BANDAGE-Sven Bruta/08 MASS MEDIA-Discoodivor/09 EX-POP-Oh Rosalyn/10 BITCH BOYS-Impopular/11 VON GAM-Mode/12 PF COMMANDO-Rough Sound/13 MISSBRUKARNA-Du ar inte du/14 OTEBURG SOUND-Jag har fatt nog/15 SPY'S-Spritens Makt/16 PIZZOAR-Ar 3000/17 SKAMS-Discoglin/18 SABOTAGE 81-Snutslakt/19 URRK-Gammal/20 PAIN-Man in the Front

NOTE: Volume 2 claims "16 Essential Punk ROck Blasts".....when I pop in the disc it has about 26 or 27 tracks on it, I am not about to try to identify them, so consider them BONUS tracks!

I'm still a LITTLE BIT behind on links thanks to the great blizzard of March 2013, but I'm hoping to have the Sweden links up tomorrow (Wedensday) morning......thanks everyone!

Part 7 (the LAST part) of "Bloodstains Across"

Today we wrap up this fine series with discs from the greatest country on the planet, the United States of America......the set is broken down regionally, and the differences are quite intersting...in particular, shouts to the Toxic Reasons on the "Midwest" disc, who used to play in bars around here (Dayton Ohio area) all the time back in the day, I guess they released an album that I probably have around here somewhere, but I think it is cool that maybe YOU recall this band or that band playing in some shitty club in Texas or California or Portland or whatever, and they make this comp series? Please comment if you are familar witha ny of these combos in such a manner as seeing themin some sleezy club, THAT summarizes the American punk scene for me at least.

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE MIDWEST-01 DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Can't Stand the Midwest/02 HASKELS-Takin' the City By Storm/03 EMBARRASSMENT-Sex Drive/04 GIZMOS-Human Garbage Disposal/05 BALONEYHEADS-I'm a Drunk/06 CUSTOMS-Long Gone/07 NNB-Slack/08 LATIN DOGS-Killed In Jail/09 TOXIC REASONS-War Hero/10 GYNECOLOGISTS-Gym Gerrard/11 CULT HEROES-Berlin Wall/12 BRAIN POLICE-I Let Jenny Ride/13 MENTALLY ILL-Soldier 19/14 ENDTABLES-Process of Elimination/15 CRAP DETECTORS-Police State/16 THE FIVE-Death

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS-01 LEGIONAIRES DISEASE-Rather See You Dead Than With The Wool On You Head/02 NEXT-Cheap Rewards/03 PLASTIC IDOLS-I.U.D./04 INSERTS-Doctor's Wives/05 AK47-The Badge Means You Suck/06 SKUNKS-Earthquake Shake/07 STAINS-John Wayne Was A Nazi/08 BOBBY SOXX-Scavenger of Death/Learn to Hate in the '80's/09 HUNS-Busy Kids/10 OFFENDERS-Lost Causes/11 INANIMATE OBJECTS-The New One/12 TELEFONES-She's In Love With the Rolling Stones/13 BODYSNATCHERS-Are You Into Destruction/14 NERVEBREAKERS-My Girlfriend is a Rock/15 VOMIT PIGS-Baby's Playing Games/16 REALLY RED-I Was a Teenage Fuckup/17 EJECTORS-Hydrohead

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS THE NORTHWEST-01ALBERTO Y LOS TRIOS PARANOIAS-Kill/02 THE FALL-Industrial Estate/03 THE NOSEBLEEDS-Ain't Bin To no Music School/04 ACCIDENT ON THE EAST LANCS-We Want It Legalized/05 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone/06 THE BUZZCOCKS-Peking Hooligan/07 THE DRONES-Bone Idol/08 FAST CARS-The Kids Just Wanna Dance/09 THE PANIK-Modern Politics/10 THE FRANTIC ELEVATORS-Voice in the Dark/11 WARSAW-Shadowplay/12 MAGAZINE-Permafrost/13 THE FALL-PsychoMafia/14 PETE SHELLEY-Oh, Maxine/15 THE NOSEBLEEDS-Fascist Pigs/16 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Cranked Up Really High/17 THE VIOLATORS-Summer of '81/18 THE DRONES-Corgi Crap/19 JOY DIVISION-She's Lost Control/20 JOHN COOPER CLARKE-Kung Fu International/21 A CERTAIN RATIO-All Night Party/22 THE FRANTIC ELEVATORS-Hunchback/23 FLAG OF CONVENIENCE-Drowned In Your Heartache/24 ALBERTO Y LOS TRIO PARANOIAS-Gobbing on Life

(OK, it's obviosuly been a while sinec I listened to this series....for whatever reason, I was thinking "Bloodstains Across the Northwest" referred to the Northwest USA, had I looked at the goddamn cover, I'd have seen it was bands from Manchester, which, I assume, is referred to as the "Northwest" in that great land of soccer and the metric system and the Spice Girls and all that crap........anyway, my drug-addled brain was thinking that the set was bands from what we Yanks call the "Northwest", ie, Seattle, Portland, but, anyway, wouldn't we all rather hear some Buzzcocks and Joy Division and Slaughter and the Dogs and the like (this disc probably features the most "well known" acts of any in the series) than some poser-wannabesrom Tacoma or something? No? Probably not, but I'm trying to save face here, I screwed it up, put this disc with the other "USA" discs, and you can just deal with that or make fun of my ignorance or whatever......The "Northwest", indeed!")

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS CALIFORNIA-01 EDDIE & THE SUBTITLES-American Society/02 INJECTIONS-Prison Walls/03 FUNERAL-Waiting For the Bomb Blast/04 REIGN OF TERROR-Don't Blame Me/05 SILVER CHALICE-Wasted/06 CHILD MOLESTERS-I'm Gonna Punch You (In the Face)/07 INSULTS-Stiff Love/08 DESTRY HAMPTON & THE WOLVES FROM HELL-Mean Boy/09 VIDIOTS-Laurie's Lament/10 AGENT ORANGE-Bloodstains/11 VKTMS-Midget/12 MAGGOTS-Tammy Wynette/13 SEIZURE-Cutie's Wrong Now/14 GEARS-Hard Rock/15 PLUGZ-Move It/16 PLAIN JANE & THE JOKES-Class War/17 JONESES-Criminals In My Car/18 CHIEFS-Tower 18/DOGS-John Rock