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Dinosuar Jr got me thinking of Sebadoh, and a couple of others asked about them too, and happy to
oblige, they were a good lo-fi slacker band from the early 1990's, formed by bassist Low Barlow after he was dismissed from Dinosaur Jr.....quite a solid lineup, definitley, during their peak years with Barlow, noise-guitarist Eric Gafney and talented multi-instrumentalist Jason Lowenstien,they specialized in short, lo-fi recordings of contrasting styles (Barlow's folky pop vs Gaffney's guitar freakouts), thier first releases were cassettes (MOST of which are coupled here as "Freed Weed") "Weed Forrestin"" and "The Freed Man", the title of the latter referring to Barlow's liberation from Dinosaur Jr. After Lowenstien joined up, they released Sebadoh III, an absolutley stunning collection of songs, and one of the (fairly) unknown classics of the early 1990's.....I know some of you guys like to just sample one album out of my posts, and if that's you, TRUST ME this is the one you want, you'll be thrilled. Barlow contributes some outstanding songs, such as "The Freed Pig", "Spoiled", and "Kath", but that is to sell Gaffney and Lowenstien's contributions short, a wonderful five star effort, should be MUCH more appreciated than it is today.

In light of "III'S" relative acceptance, "Smash Your Head On the Punk Rock" was released, consisting of highlight tracks from a couple of import EP's, standouts "Everybody's Been Burned" and the way cool "Brand New Love",(even a cover of Nick Drake's "Pink Moon") also quite recommended.....the next proper release would be 1993's "Bubble and Scrape", which features perhaps the band's best track "Soul and Fire"...."Bubble and Scrape" is the last album before Gaffney left, and is really the last "essential" disc they would release, although 1994's "Bake Sale", with the fine single "Skull", is no slouch either, I've also got "Harmacy" here, too, but things were on the way down by then (1996), I know they have sporadically released recordings as well as side projects since, and I think continue in some form even today, but I haven't cared for what I've heard......could be wrong though, I'm not an expert on the post-"Bake Sale" stuff.

Also available is a weird odds and ends collection of singles and B-sides, entitled, well "Singles and B Sides" (includes the fab "Gimme Indie Rock"), which, I think, if you checked this one out, as well as the stuff listed above, you probably have all of the good material they had in their pipeline.
Guided By Voices and Pavement, for example, have had much more success than did Sebadoh, but Sebadoh is on that same general level.....highly talented musicianship (Lowenstien has contributed some to one of my faves, The Firey Furnaces), wonderful songs, some really good stuff, in the overall picture, MUCH underappreciated. If you are unfamilia, at least do me a favor and try out "III", if you like it venture on from there......this is good, representative music of that specific era, and a lot of folks haven't heard it.....a fine collection os stuff here, don't let me down and ignore it, I KNOW you guys are more open-minded than THAT!!!!!

III-01 The Freed Pig/02 Sickles and Hammers/03 Total Peace/04 Violent Execution/05 Scars, Four
Eyes/06 Truly Great Things/07 Kath/08 Perverted World/09 Wonderful Wonderful/10 Limb By Limb/11 Smoke a Bowl/12 Black-Haired Girl/13 Hoppin' Up and Down/14 Supernatural Force/15 Rock Star/16 Downmind/17 Renaissance Man/18 God Told Me/19 Holy Picture/20 Hassle/21 No Different/22 Spoiled/23 As The World Dies, The Eyes of God Grow Bigger

SMASH YOUR HEAD ON THE PUNK ROCK-01 Crisis/02 Brand New Love/03 Notsur Dnoura Selcric/04 Vampire/05 Good Things/06 Cecilia Chime in Melee/07 Everybody's Been Burned/08 Junk Bonds/09 New Worship/10 Mean Distance/11 Pink Moon/12 Mind Meld

FREED WEED-01 Temporary Dream/02 New Worship/03 Subtle Holy Gift/04  My Own Religion/05 Ride the Darker Wave/06 More Simple/07 Jealous of Jesus/08 Mr Genius Eyes/09 Perfect Power/10 Feeding Evil/11 Sexual Confession/12 Three Times a Day/13 Gate To Hell/14 Broken/15 Whitey Peach/16 I Can't See/17 Take My Hand/18 Pound My Skinny Head/19 I Believe In Fate/20 Waited Forever/21 Slightest Suggstion/22 It's So Hard to Fall In Love/23 Brand New Love/24 Burning Out/25 Little Man/26 Punch In the Nose/27 Loose 'n Screw/28 Jealous Evil/29 Moldy Bread/30 Bridge Was You/31 Bolder/32 True Hardcore/33 Stop the Wheel/34 Made Real/35 Level Anything/36 Soul Mate/37 Nest/38 Narrow Stories/39 Submarine/40 Wall of Doubt/41 Crumbs

BUBBLE AND SCRAPE-01 Soul and Fire/02 Two Years Two Days/03 Telecosmic Alchemy/04 Fantastic Disaster/05 Happily Divided/06 Sister/07 Cliche/08 Sacred Attention/09 Elixir Is Zog/10 Emma Get Wild/11 Sixteen/12 Homemade/13 Forced Love/14 No Way Out/15 Bouquet For a Siren/16 Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)/17 Flood

BAKESALE-01 License To Confuse/02 Careful/03 Magnet's Coil/04 Not a Friend/05 Not Too
Amused/06 Dreams/07 Skull/08 Got It/09 Shit Soup/10 Give Up/11 Rebound/12 Mystery Man/13 Temptation Tide/14 Drama Mine/15 Together of Alone

HARMACY-01 On Fire/02 Prince-S/03 Ocean/04 Nothing Like You/05 Crystal Gypsy/06 Beauty of the Ride/07 Mind Reader/08 Sforzandol/09 Willing To Wait/10 Hillbilly II/11 Zone Doubt/12 Too Pure/13 Worst Thing/14 Love To Fight/15 Perfect Way/16 Can't Give Up/17 Open Ended/18 Weed Against Speed/19 I Smell a Rat

SINGLES AND B SIDES-01 01 jaundice/02 Design/03 Dance/04 Cyster/05 Stockbroker/06 The Lorax/07 Me and My Arrow/08 Really Insane/09 Losercore/10 Julienne/11 Violent Elements/12 Attention/13 Your Long Journey/14 Pig/15 Hung Up/16 Slow To Learn/17 Oven Is My Friend/18 Prove It/19 Cheapshot/20 Gimme Indie Rock/21 Ride the Darker Wave/22 Red Riding Good/23 New King/24 Calling Yog Soggoth/25 Sister/26 Fantastic Disaster/27 Reject/28 Toledo/29 Gaffney Improv/30 All I Know/31 I Mean It/32 Song No.1 + I Stopped Singing/33 Princess/34 Half Undressed/35 The Act of Being Polite/36 Moisture/37 Suburban Bathers

Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-66

It has been said (by ME, that's who), that the only genre (well, rock genre) in which the instrumental
material nearly always is better than the vocalized stuff is the surf music of the early to mid-60's......I think that is a reasonable point of view, don't you? And, if you agree, you will fall in love at once with the four disc "Surf Age Nuggets-Trrash and Twang Instrumentals 1959-66".....if you have been with me awhile, perhaps you will recall my posting of the fine vinyl rip of Rhino's "History of Surf Music: The Instrumantals", which I think is the definitive collection of this stuff, but while that set concentrates on the more well known stuff from the genre, this one reaches for the obscure a bit more.....while the Surfaris aare represented here, it is not by "Wipe Out" (which is on the Rhino set), it is by the fab "Kick Out".....gonna warn ya, four discs of this stuff can be numbing, but with the weather getting colder, I LOVE on a single-digit temperature day to rock it all day long to some of this bad-ass stuff, just seems to uplift the cold weather spirits every time.

If you check my archive I think I have put up one or two OTHER surf-insturmentals collections, I have no idea if they are still alive or not nor do I, off the top of my head, recall even the titles, but it does seem like to me that when I have done so they have been fairly popular....I recieved these in FLAC so in keeping with my tradition that is how I present them here, I know they CAN be a bit of a pain to deal with but they are easily converted. So, enjoy, here are the track lists, most of which to me are at least close to unknwown, so pointing out personal highlights may be a bit of a redundancy. Smartly chosen radio ads, Station ID Jingles, and film trailers add greatly to the experience as they help simulate the radio listening simulation which, as I always think, ads greatly to the feel of a various artists comp. Check these out, and in small doses or taken as a whole, this si some bad-ass shit that makes one embarassed for Jimi Hendrix' anti-surf stance (see: "Third Stone From the Sun")......

Nice win by the Buckeyes today, hoping for a Vikings win over the hapless Bearas tomorrow to get the Vikes to .500 which is better than they deserve to be given the lack of talent on thier roster. I know I have missed a couple days posting this week, been helping BigCarla66 with some stuff round the crib, but I will try to get something else up for you guys later tonight or tomorrow, please be well
Jack the Ripper/04 VASQUEROS-Echo/05 JOHNNY MCCOY & THE CYCLONES-Scrub Bucket/06 SURF TEENS-Moment of Truth/07 THE RAMRODS-Night Ride/08 THE EMERALDS-Earthquake/09 THE RUNABOUTS-Surfer's Fright/10 AVENGERS IV-Slaughter on 10th Avenue/11 THE PHANTOMS-X-L3/12 THE VISTAS-Moon Relay/13 THE SCOUTS-Mr Custer Stomp/14 THE VIBRANTS-The Breeze & I/15 4 OF US-Batman (Freefalling)/16 CHIYO & THE CRESCENTS-Pink Dominos/17 THE PACE SETTERS-Mustang/18 THE REEKERS-Don't Call Me Fly Face/19 THE LINCOLN TRIO-Garden of Eden part 20 DICK DALE & THE DEL-TONES Jungle Fever/21 VASQUEROS-80 Ft. Wave/22 STEVE ROWE & THE FUYRS-Minor Chaos/23 KAN DELLS-Cloudburst/24 KHJ RADIO JINGLE (1963)/25 THE ROADRUNNERS-Quasimoto


SURFERS-502 (Like Getting Pinched on a 502)/04 THE REE-GENTS-Downshiftin'/05 THE TRADEWINDS-Gotcha/06 IRRIDESCENTS-Swamp Surfer/07 THE CREATIONS-The Crash/08 JERRY & THE SILVERTONES-Ce'ny/09 THE MONZELS-Sharkskin/10 THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH TRAILER/11 THE VY-DELS-Unknown/12 THE COUNTDOWNS-Do It/13 THE AVANTIS-Wax 'Em Down/14 THE CHEROKEES-Uprisin'/15 THE ROYAL FLAIRS-One Pine Box (Unreleased/Undubbed Version)/16 JAMES BOND TRAILER/17 THE TWILIGHTS-.007/18 THE DEBONAIRS-High Wall/19 THE MOTIVATAIONS-Motivate/20 THE PERSUADERS-City of Atlantis/21 THE SHERWOODS-Tickler/22 THE STING RAYS-One Mo' Gin/23 THE TEMPESTS-Lemon Line/24 BOBBY FULLER-Stringer/25 THE VIBRANTS-Scorpion/26 NEWPORT NOMADS/27 THE BREAKERS-Jet Stream



I apoligize to whomever sent me this I seem to have lost the email so I can't tell if the band sent me
this themselves or one of my buds did, not that it matters coz I went to the band's website and find them all in favor of thier music being shared in order to gain exposure.....my kind of people and if you prefer you can go to thier site yourself and download the album for free, but I am at lleast impressed enough to share it here.

From Charleston South Carolina comes Marytre, whose album is entitled "Merry Tree" which is the preferred pronunciation of thier name. They consist of guitarist/singer James George, guitarist Aaron Pugh, bassist Raymond Baskins and drummer David Dietze. One thing we can all certainly agree on is these guys LOVE some Nirvana, which, really, what's wrong with that?

Thier sound is totally Nirvana influenced, from the song lengths (5-7 minutes generally), the dark lyrics ("Mary" is about a suicide), the song structures (similar to Nirvana's trademarked slow/fast-quiet/loud dynamic).....the singer is not exactlly Kurt Cobain, but he tries hard, and the musicianship is really first-rate, provided you like Nirvana.

Give this a listen and let me know what you think, and I ALWAYS enjoy recieving stuff from bands who actually WANT other people to hear it, rather than the converse, ie bands that take the confused stance that they don't want anyone to hear thier stuff....chances are unless it soesn't fit the form here, I will happily post anything to help any up and comers.

MERRY TREE-01 Don't Ask Me How/02 Creep/03 Infidel/04 Mary/05 Trigger Happy/06 Polar/07 Question the Answer/08 Fall With Me

looking for someone who can read and translate Greek....

My previous go-to guy,Apantabapant,Has helped me out up to now,he seems like he is disinterested now. So if you. fill the position p //lease contact me at csgmiller@global.net......if you help me. My entire collection is readily at your disposal , anything you want!

Rubbing Knuckles

Here is just what you slackers need this week while I work slavishly on the new Yardbirds and You
La Tengo posts......these "Rubbing Knuckles With" sets are filled to the brim with unknown garage/punk, some great and rarely heard stuff....this first volume is entitled "Rubbing Knuckels With Quasimodod", it includes tracks from New Salem With Hunters, The Skeletons, Doctor Explosion (w/Some live tracks), the Beatnick Flies and tons more, this is a fine disc that I think anyone (at least anyone who thinks like MYSELF) will want this on thier shelf, it rocks, and well.......did we need anyting OTHER than that?

The followup is "Rubbing Knuckels With Batteman", with acutally leads off with a Cheap Trick number ("HEllo There"), and includes a buncha stuff from (not my favorite to be honest) Southern Culture on the Skids, also the Razorblades, The Vikings, Get Lost!, the Cybermen and more....this is a good round up (as is the previous disc) of some fine little-known garage punk stuff that you'll want to hear, if there were more in this "series' please let me know and I'll try to loacte them......but theset two discs rock the house any time, trust me, you are going to LOOOOOVE the Yo La TEngo and Yardbiirds posts (should I ever get them done of course!), but in the meantime, I just LOOOOOOOOVE sharing up some stuff like this......AND I WANNA HEAR A COMMENT OR THREE ON THIS.......COME ON, this stuff is not something ya hear EVERY DAY (is it?).....not looking for "thanks", looking for "Wow that album is GREAT', or "Whoa that album sucks shit".......just want you to LISTEN TO THEM.......That is ALL!

RUBBING KNUCKELS WITH QUASIMODO-01 MOTHER FUCKER 666-Byron's Calling/02 NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS-Dead Man's Girl/03 THE GRIP WEEDS-Every Minute/04 LOST PATROL-In Your Eyes/05 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-I Really Don't Care (Live at Toe Rag)/06 THE SKELETONS-Outta My Way/07 THE BEGUILED-That's Why/08 THE CHARLES NAPIERS-Columbian Necktie (At Toe Rag)/09 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-Breaeking the Wave (At Toe Rag)/10-THE SLELETONS-Blood Surfin'/11 THE BEAT FARMERS-Riverside/12 THE BEGUILED-Jackie-oh/13 THE BEACHMASTERS-Human
Sacrifice/14 NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS-Personality/15 THE CUNTS-Dog With a Human Head/16 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-Dracula Ye Ye/17 GROOVY GHOULIES-King Kong/18 THE GRIP WEEDS-Inca/19 THE SECRET SYDE-Versailes/20 THE BEATNICK FLIES-Black Diamond Halo/21 NEW SALEM WITCH HUNTERS-Unnatural Blonde/22 THE BEATNICK FLIES-Um Bali Wali Sleep/23 THE CRUSAADERS-Wave to the Grave

RUBBING KNUCKLES WITH BATTEMAN-01 CHEAP TRICK-Hello There/02 THE FORBIDDEN DIMENSION-Atomic Cannibal/03 THE MAKERS-Operation Mindbomb/04 THE CYBERMEN-Loosing You/05 SONNY VINCENT & SHOTGUN RATIONAL-I'm Allowed/06 SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS-Meximelt/07 THE FORBIDDEN DIMENSION-Deadly Pickup/08 THE RAZORBLADES-Jellyfish Race/09 THE VIPERS-You Give Me Problems/10 SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS-Biscuit Eater/11 INFANTA-Ironic Cancer Phobia/12 THE RAzORBLADES-Fasten Seatbelts/13 GET LOST!-Damanation (At Toe Rag)/14 GET LOST!-Love Is A Garden (At Toe Rag)/15 OUT ORIN-We Tried To Save the World (unreleased)/16 SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS-Camel Walk/17 PURE MANIA-Jenny/18 THE FORBIDDEN DIMENSION-martian Death Saucer/19 THE RAUNCH HANDS-Let It Burn/20 THE VIKINGS-The Fly/21 THE CYBERMEN-Someday Will Come/22 SOUND EXPLOSION-Lost In Tyme/23 THE IRVING KLAWS-There Is No Reason/24 THE NOT QUITE-Or the Beginning
This is not simply some quicky thrown-together post, this is the real deal, and if you miss out on it you will be a sorry young man/woman!!!!!!!!

The Yardbirds Part 1

England's yardbirds left a remarkable wake of inventive and classic rock and blues in thier wake,
sometimes, due to personel shifts it is hard to sort the whole thing out......best known is, of course, that at verious times they incorporated guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page, and while the other bands of the era were influencing the future punk and psych sounds, the Yardbirds were busy shaping what blues/metal would sound like for the next forty years. This post will likely take 2-3 parts, insure yety, we are going to concentrate on the 1963-68 period, basically up until the end of the Page era. There have been many "yardbirds" bands since using various members who gained the rights to the name, but I'm not thinking that is exxactly what we are searching for here, especially in light of the fine material I DO have already.

Let us begin with an expanded version of 1964's "Five Live yardbirds", a fine album full of great rb/rock standards ("Smokestack Lightning", "I'm a Man"), made even better with the release of the bonus tracks released on this expanded edition....."Who DO You Love", "Let It Rock" and "Boom Boom" are all wonderful additions, a classic, essential, 5-star effort and 5-star period piece. The lineup at the time was guitarist Eric Clapton, vocalist Keith Relf, drumer Jim McCarthy, guitarist Chris Dreja, and bassist Paul Samwell-Smith.....this is where the modern hard rock/metal got it's absolute seedling of a beginning.

"For Your Love" appears here also in a glorious expanded version, the lineup basically the same except that Beck joins in on a few numbers, as well as a few other "guests" (Manfred Mann, Brian Auger).....another tremendous album, a highly influential album, and one that, like it's predecssor is improved GREATLY by thte addition of a generous share of bonus tracks. We get the magnificnet title singel, "I Ain't Got You", "I'm Not Talking", and more, as well as a ton of demos, highlighted by an amazing "sitar version" of one of my favorites "Heart Full Of Soul".....not to be missed, and the rest of the demos here are musts for fans as well!.

"Having a Rave-Up" is better still, Clapton, Beck, and Page all turn in work on this one (Page just on one track)....nonetheless, this one (also an expanded, bonus track stuffed issue), contains the amazing "Shapes of Things", the single version of "Heart Full Of Soul", "Mister You're a Better man than I", and saving the best for last, Page appears on the track "Stroll on", a not-so-subtle reworking of "Train Kept a Rollin'" (which also appears here), "Stroll On" is a monster, a true chink of heavy metal before the term ever came into vogue......3 for 3 on phenominal album releases!

By the time of the next issue (Commonly refered to as "Roger the Engineer") this was all about Beck,
pretty much.....it's also fine album, and also an expanded one.....Actually a couple versions of the great "Over Under Sideways Down", also a couple of the fine "Jeff's Boogie"......while maybe just a cut below the previous efforts as "influential" music", Beck really puts on a show and for fans of Jeff Beck's rater unique guitar stylings, this is for you (I mean, likely you already HAVE it, but you know......)....

By the time of 1967's "Little Games", Page had taken over from Beck, pretty much.....not going into (what I consider to be )the uninteresting personal reasons behind that stuff, just to say, "Little Games" is a fine one also, with many BBC recordings of high intensity and quality. Interesting is perhaps the first recorded attempt (i am just guessing) at what would become Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused" which closes the set.

I'm gonna stop this one for tonight with "Live yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page" a scorcher if ever one existed.......looking at my stuff, I think this is gonna go three days, so if any of you have any rarities please send em this way to make this a SUPER yardbirds extravaganza......tomorrow we will get into a bit more of the obscure/live stuff, but for today? I just look at these albums and GOD they were great......If you're a kid and unfamiliar, NOW IS THE TIME to get down with the Yardbirds, they were no joke, in fact, they were one of the VERY best rock n roll bands of the 1960's, the fact that they preferred to crank out awesome blues/rock rather than have both eyes on maximum commerciality is a testmant to their greatness..

If you're already a big Yardbirds fan, likely you may alreaady have these sure.....but I bet ya in the next couple days I come up with some stuff you HAVEN't got! Wait and see!

FIVE LIVE YARDBIRDS (EXPANDED)-01 Too Much Monkey Buisness/02 Got Love If You Want It/03 Smokestack Lightning/04 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/05 Respectable/06 Five Long Years/07 Pretty Girls/08 Louise/09 I'm a Man/10 Here Tis/11 You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at It's Cover/12 Let It Rock/13 I Wish You Would/14 Who Do You Love/15 Honey in Your Hips/16 A Certain Girl/17 Got To Hurry/18 Boom Boom/19 I Ain't Got You/20 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

FOR YOUR LOVE(Expanded)-o1 For Your Love/02 I'm Not Talking/03 Putty In Your hands/04 I Ain't Got You/05 Got To Hurry/06 I Ain't Done Wrong/07 I Wish You WOuld/08 A Certain Girl/09 Sweet Music (Stereo)/10 My Girl Sloopy/12 Baby What's Wrong (demo)/13 Boom Boom (demo)/14 Honey in Your Hips (demo)/15 Talkin Bout You (demo)/16 I Wish You WOuld (Demo/17 A Certain Girl (demo)18 Got To Hurry (take 4)/19 Sweet Music (take 4)/20 Heart Full of Soul (demo, sitar version)21 Steeled Blues/22 Paff Bumm (German Issue)/23 Questa Volta/24 Paff Bum (Italian Issue)

HAVING A RAVE UP (Expanded)-01 Mister You're a Better Man That I/02 Evil Hearted You/03 I'm a Man/04 Still I'm Sad/05 Heart Full of Soul/06 Train Kept-a Rollin'/07 Sokestack Lightning/08 Respectable/09 I'm a Man/10 Here Tis/11 Shapes of Things/12 New Your City Blues/13 Jeffs Blues (The Nazz Are Blue Demo)/14 Someone to Love (Lost Woman Demo Part 1)/15 Someone to Love (Lost Woman DEmo Part 2)/16 Like Jimmy Reed Again (demo)/17 Chris' Number (demo)/18 What Do You Want (Demo Take 4)/19 Here Tis (demo)/20 Here Tis/21
Stroll On

ROGER THE ENGINEER (Expanded)-01 Lost Woman/02 Over Under Sideways Down/03 The
Nazz Are Blue/04 I Can't make Your Way/Rack my Mind/06 Farewell/07 Hot House of Omagarashid/08 Jeff's Boogie/09 He's Always There/10 Turn Into Earth/11 What Do You Want/12 Ever Since the World Began/13 Lost Woman/14 Over Under Sideways Down/15 I Can't make Your Way/16 Farewell/17 Hot House of Omagarashid/18 Jeffs Boogie/19 He's Always There/20 Turn Into Earth/21 What Do You Want/22 Ever Since the World Began

LITTLE GAMES AND ADDITIONAL BBC RECORDINGS-01 Little Games/02 Smile On Me/03 White Summer/04 Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor/05 Glimpses/06 Drinking Muddy Water/07 No Excess Baggage/08 Stealing Stealing/09 Only the Black Rose/10 Little Soldier Boy/11 Puzzles/12 I remember the Night/13 Ha Ha Said the Clown/14 Ten Little Indians/15 Goodnight Sweet Josephine/16 Think ABout it/17 Goodnight Sweet Jospehine/18 Most Likely You Go/19 Little Games/20 Drinking Muddy Water/21 Think About it/22 Goodnight Sweet Jospehine/23 My Baby/24 White Zummer/25 Dazed and Confused

LIVE FEATURING JIMMY PAGE-01 Train Kept-A Rollin'/02 Mister You're a Better Man than I/03 I'm Confused/04 My Baby/05 Over Under Sideways Down/06 Drinking Muddy Water/07 Shapes of THings/08 White Summer/09 I'm a Man

LOTS more great Yardbirds shit to come in the next day or two......hope these get ya started if you be a novice.....a great, great band, as you are about to find out.

Still need a helper who can read and translate greek

If you have seen the first parts of the sporadic "Greek Punk " series, you know how good and rare they are......Apantabapanta has done a fine job with translating them for me, five at a time......still have maybe 100 albums that need translated before I can post, and apantabapanta has become unreachable of late......if you can help me, the "pay" is good, as I will send you links for anything you may want in my huge collection......thanks in advance.

Yardbirds Part 2

So yesterday a quick run through of most of the Yardbirds'"proper" issues, some of the greatest blues
-rock every recorded and among the most highly influential as
well.....today I'll throw out at ya whatever else I have, certainly not going to be TOTALLY comprehensive as they have been repackaged over and over, but I do have some good
live stuff and lst's see what else......

I Think I'm going to lead it off with a good set utilizing the Clapton-led yardbirds, as theybacked Sonny Boy Williamson at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, 1963......years ahead of it's time, I think you will enjoy this one, there are some Yardbirds "moments" (without WIlliamson), and the others the show is pretty much stolen by Williamsaon. Fine recording, for esoteric tastes.
Next up we have the good "Yardbirds Live: Blueswailing 1964".....a smoking set, certainly, however the tape was discovered on recently (2003) and theories vary on the venue and exact date.....nonetheles, it is some good live Yardbirds, with good versions of "Too Much Moneky Buisness" and especially "The Sky Is Crying".

Next up, a simply wonderful set, the complete 1965 BBC Sessions....as you know these BBC sets are often treasure troves of fine performancesc, this one is no exception.....great takes on "Heart Full of Soul", Over Under Sideways Down", "For Your Love", "Train Kept a Rollin'" snippets of talks with Keith Relf....(if keeping track these are the Beck/page Yardbirds). This one I call essential.

I think you compilation fans might like to se this career compressed down to a single worthwhile disc, and "Psycho Blues 1963-66" fill the bill, most anythng you can hope for including my fave "Stroll On", which misses some of the compilations, and while there is some overlap, I think I will throw "The Compleat Collection" up there as well, so you can be very selective in your shopping. It combines the Sonny Boy stuff with some vintage early recordings.

The Yardbirds were tremendous......a fine influence on what we enjoy today. I think that the drummer still tours under the name, not a big fan of stuff like that, but I'm sure he has a mortgage to pay as well, and since I've never heard most (any?) of the post-Page stuff, Maybe it is brilliant? (not betting that way)......anyway let me know what you think about this Yardbirds post, and we'll see what we can come up for ya tomorrow.

1963-01 Bye Bye Bird/02 Mister Downchild/03 Twenty Three Hours Too Long/04 Out of the Water/05 Baby Don't Worry/06 Pontiac Blues/07 Take It Easy Baby (version 1)/08 I Don't Care No More/09 Do the Weston/10 The River Rhine/11 A Lost Care/12 Western Arizona/13 Take It Easy Baby (version 2)/14 Slow Walk/15 Highway 69

THE YARDBIRDS-LIVE-BLUSEWAILIN' 1964-01 Someone To Love/02 Too Much Monkey Buisness/03 I Got Love If You Want It/04 Smokestack Lightning/05 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/06 She Is So Respectable/07 The Sky Is Crying

COMPLETE BBC SESSIONS 1965-01 I Ain't Got You/02 Keith Relf Talks/03 For Your Love/04 I'm Not Talkin'/05 I Wish You Would/06 Keith Relf Speaks (2)/07 Heart Full Of SOul/08 I Ain't Done Wrong/09 Too Much Monkey Buisness/10 Love Me Like I Love You/11 I'm a Man/12 Evil Hearted You/13 Interview about Stil I'm Sad Single/14 Still I'm Sad/15 Hang On Sloopy/16 Smokestack Lightning/17 The yardbirds Interview/18 Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 The Train Kept-a Rollin'/20 Shapes Of THings/21 Dust My Broom/22 Baby Scratch My Back/23 Keith Relf Talks (3)/24 Over Under Sideways Down/25 The Sun Is Shining/26 Shapes Of THings II/27 Most Likely You Go Your Way and I Go Mine/28 Little Games/29 Drinking Muddy Water/30 Think About It/31 Jimmy Page Interview/32 Good Night Sweet Jospehine/33 My Baby

PSYCHO BLUES 1963-65-01 Honey In Your Hips/02 A Certain Girl/03 I Wish You Would (Long
Version)/04 Sweet Music/06 Slow Work/Highway 69/07 My Little Cabin/08 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/09 I Ain't Got You/10 For Your Love/11 I'm Not Talking/12 I Ain't Done Wrong/13 My Girl Sloopy/14 Heart Full Of Soul/15 Evil Hearted You/16 Still I'm Sad/17 Shapes of THings/18 Mister You're a Better Man Than I/19 Train Kept a Rollin/20 I'm a Man/21 Paff...Boom/22 Here Tis/23 Jeffs Blues/24 Stroll On/25 Questa Volta

A COMPLEAT COLLECTION-01 Boom Boom/02 Honey In Your Hips/03 Who Do You Love/04 Let It Rock/05 Talkin Bout You/06 I Wish You Would/07 Smokestack Lightnin'/08 You Can't Judge a Book By Lookig at It's Cover/09 Take It Easy Baby/10 Bye Bye Bird/11 Mr Downchild/12 The River Rhine/13 22 Hours Too Long/14 A Lost Care/15 Pontiac BLues/16 Take It Easy Baby/17 Out on the Waterfront/18 I Don't Care No More/19 Western Arizona

AND STOP THE PRESSES, I just tripped over a wonderful vinyl rip of the original "Shapes of THings" LP. this sounds the way a vinyl rip SHOULD, and it is a fine album as well:

SHAPES OF THINGS-01 Shapes of Things/02 What Do You Want?/03 New York City BLues/04 Someone To Love/05 For R.S.G./06 You're a Better Man Than I/07 Someone to Love (Inst.)/08 I Ain't Got You/09 I Ain't Done Wrong........enjoy, I ALMOST forgot I had this gem!

The Supermen

Here come the Supermen with a collection of their stuff entitled "Smells Like Teen Pussy".....what
more is there to say....oboviously GG Alin-style obnoxious-punk, and God knows we can ALWAYS use some more of THAT.....I haven't got a LOT of info here, Spider sent me this one, seemingly from 2009, but I listened to is and found it to be every bit as offensive and obnoxious that I had hoped for......dig in and check out The Supermen, this is a real "unknown" un-"classic", a certain segment of us will LOOOOOOVE it (not to mention the "segment" that will be offended by it, even MORE fun!)

SMELLS LIKE TEEN PUSSY-01 Southside Party Animals/02 100 Percent Rudo/03 Face Down, Ass Up/04 Nerd Smasher/05 Gorgeous Guy/06 American Bukkake Girl/07 60 Minute Man/08 I Cross the Line/09 Tits N Ass/10 Catfight/11 Head Whore part 2/12 Girls That Fall For Emo Boys Are Brain Dead Retards/13 Triumphant March of the Supermen/14 Asian Anal/15 Nasty nasty (Rocco Siffredi)/16 Bad Taste In Men/17 I'm Fuckin Your Bitch/18 Punk Rock  Pussy, Skin Head Pussy/19 Smells Like Teen Pussy/20 Elizabeth

So, if you are a afan of some of the less-acccessible punk shit I've posted before, jump all over this one, thanks to Spider (who LIVES for this kinda shit!)......I really enjoyed this album and am thrilled to spread it around a bit to those who will love it as well as those who will be shocked to death by it......more ROCK N ROLL to come over the weekend, don't EVER forget that I LOVE you guys, and always will!.........Variety, and ROCK N ROLL!


Deville made a couple of fair stoner-metal albums a few years back, I was reading that they have a
more recent issue entitled "Hydra", but as of yet cannot find anyone in posession of a copy, not even Pirate Bay, if anyone out there has one and would like the rest of us to share it, well, you know the drill.....

First of all, from what I can tell....they don't wish the member's names to be made public, maybe I am just missing but this smells of a gimmick of "mystery" NONE of their web sites (Facebook, MySpace) list thier GODDAMN NAMES, so if they think that gives them some kinda goth-street cred or something, who am I to argue?

So here is what I know.....from Sweden, home of so many dark stoner/doom bands in the last decade or so, and their first full length "Come Heavy Sleep" is quite a good one of the genre, heavy, heavy songs, dark lyrics, roaring guitar riffs, and pounding drums/bass mixed WAY up front (so we know it's REAL stoner rock, ya know?).......LOTTA good tracks on this album, the title number, "Stillborn", "Desenter", "Into the Smoke"......flows together quite well, I suppose there may be some "concept" here but you'll need some one more scholarly (and interested) than me to figure it out.....good album, four stars, and  if you have a shelf of loud grungy stoner rock, this will fit alongside it proudly. 

The next album, "Hail the Black Sky", is more of the same, basically, but is a step down from the "Come Heavy Sleep" epic.....still rocks, but something just "isn't there" that is there on the first one.....title track, "Through thet Blade", "Early Grave" are good numbers, to me thte album just doesn't cohere as well as did the previous......2.5 stars, perhaps?

So anyway, I THINK this is all of thier material other than  2013's "Hydra", which I said before I have not (but would like to) heard, anyone wanting to share it, I'm right here, and also anyone who knows these yokels NAMES tell them to me so I can print them for the world to see......geeeeeez ya'd think it was Kiss without their makeup or something!

COME HEAVY SLEEP-01 Intro/02 Sunset Capricorn/03 Come Heavy Sleep/04 Black Dawn/05
Desenter/06 Stillborn/07 Earthburn/08 Open Gates/09 Into the Smoke/10 Sweet Blood/11 Far Beyone/12 Rise above/13 Outro

HAIL THE BLACK SKY-01 Levitation/02 On the Throne/03 Hail the Black Sky/04 Undead/05 My Enemy/06 The Only Thing/07 Reason/08 Through the Blade/09 Early Grave/10 AKA/11 Down To Me.

What do you do when one, perhaps THE ONE person, whom you have hated in your life more than anyone else, finally dies? I am not going to go into details, but for years this person made my life miserable, for NO REASON other than "he could".....he was a reprehensible piece of walking filth, and in death he is no better than he was in life. So, how do we react, then? Joy? No.....I can never rejoice over someone's death, the big picture is that it will cause trauma and sadness upon the survivng family members, who for whatever reason, felt differently about it than myself. Should I act in a forgiving manner? I kinda think that might be the way to go.......after all, after everything he has done to make my life miserable, it's guareneed he won't be doing anymore. I hated this man SO much, I lost hours of sleep, scheming ways to cause him pain, death, I never figured was good enough, I meant REAL pain.......I don't have to do that anymore, and we all wind up in the same place anyway........so, Mr. SK.........I forgive you for the things you have deliberately done to me. I am far from perfect myself, and I assume that at the end of the day, many will have to decide whether or not to forgive my misdeeds as well......maybe they will, and maybe they won't, but I feel this is a test for ME personally......I think I choose the high road and forgive. Life indeed IS short.

Something of a bonus, give it a listen

While on the D shelf, looking for DeVille, I tripped across the "Encendador" album by the
Dambuilders......I remember the album, or at least I remember one fine single from the album, that's about it.....I looked them up, find them to be originally from Hawaii, find them to be bassist/vocalist Dave Derby, guitarist Eric Masanuga, drummer Kevin March, and violinist (!) Joan Wasser.......

Persoanlly, I have never hearad ANYTHING except this album, in the summer of 1994 WOXY-FM in Oxford Ohio played the hell out of it, and my memory is that I really enjoyed it......sometimes an album leaves your subconcious for years, and just pops right back in for now reason.....so that is why "Encendador" is here.

You may or may not like this, mid-90's alt-pop-rock, not bad stuff at all....."Copsucker" and "Slo Mo Kikaida" are ones I recall, along with the fabuolus single "Shrine" (one of best singles from the year of its release).......

"And I would fall so easilly, because her hair is colored red;
I asked he if she'd dye that, too, she tells me it's already dead"......

Just a clever lyric I thought, not a classic album, but a damned listenable one that slipped through the alt-rock cracks of the 1990's......LOVE to hear what you guys think of this one, and,even better, would simply LOVE to hear some more Encendadors if there is any floating around out there.....

01 Copsucker/02 Smell/03 Kill Haole Day/04 Slo Mo Kikaida/05 Idaho/06 Colin's Heroes/07 Collector/08 Shrine/09 Delaware/10 Fur/11 Drive By Kiss (Bonus)/12 Burn this Bridge (Bonus)/13 Teenage Loser Anthem (Bonus)

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" for me and the wife this evening, and maybe a little dinner,
and who knows what else? But I'll get some good stuff popped up for you wonderful people over the weekend. Guarenteed.

BTW STILL looking for someone who can read and translate Greek and wants to help out here, as a reward, you can be hooked up with ANYTHING from my vast collection! contact me at csgmiller@sbcglobal.net.

Nuggets of American College Rock 1987

A couple of weeks ago I posted a fairly popular set, "Left of the Dial", which I beleive was a 4 disc
set of 1980's college-type stuff, it was really popular, and for that I am glad, I was unsure where that would wind up, given my general distaste for a good portion of 1980's music (sometimes to hear me rant you'd think it was ALL bad, but far from it).

So, today, let's check out what would be a fine companion piece to "Left of the Dial", very little if any over lap with that set, here we have the LOADED "Nuggets of American College Rock 1987"......as far as I know, there are only three discs, it's all I have anyway (don't recall from where it came), if there are any other volumes, you Class of '87'ers, please let me know and we can fill in the gaps.....these tend to, in general, runa bit more esoteric than the slightly more mainstream stuff on "Left of the Dial", but both are good sets and go fine together, if you enjoyed the first one, I almost guarentee you'll like this one too.

Let's crack this open and see what we have here.....Disc 1 gives us 27 tracks, some from bands profiled here on this blog ("The Lung" from Dinosaur Junior who was profiled in the last couple weeks, Concrete Blonde was featured (albiet long ago) and turn up with the wonderful "True", also long ago was the profile of the Replaceaments, who give us "Never Mind"...Screaming Trees and the wonderful Big Black were also given the profile treatment here, good to hear from them again. We also get some Sonic Yout ("Catholic BLock"), Meat Puppets ("Confusion Fog"), Young Fresh Fellows, and The Connells, as well as many more.

Disc 2 features the great Yo La Tengo (I'll get that one done ONE of these days), REM ("Exhuming McCarthy"), the classic "Christianity Is Stupid" from Negativeland, tracks from Husker Du, Dream Sybdicarte, Butthole Surfers, and Live Skull.....a fine set, maybe a little bit better than the first disc, by a hair

The final disc gives us Bongwater's "Ride My See Saw", "Working For Somebody Else" by the db's, stuff from Dead Milkmen, Green On Red, The Smithereens, Half japanese, and the somewhat odd inclusion as  finale of Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper's "Elvis Is Everywhere" (found it overplayed and annoying way back THEN, but anyway......)

All in all a good set to set on the shelf right near "Left of the Dial", I really recommned it, I remember
when I posted "Children of Nuggets" long ago, one commentator referred to it as "eighties music for people who hate eighties music".......and I think that is an apt description here as well.......if any of these lesser known bands on here trip your trigger, let me know and I'll sees what I can do about profiling them on here.....till then here ya go:

NUGGETS OF AMERICAN COLLEGE ROCK 1978 DISC 1-01 GUADALCANAL DIARY-Litany (Life Gets On)/02 REDD KROSS-Play my Song/03 DUMPTRUCK-Carefree/04 SQUIRREL BAIT-Kid Dynamite/05 DINOSAUR JR-The Lung/06 SCREAMING TREES-Other Days and Different Planets/07 AMERICAB MUSIC CKUB-Outside This Bar/08 BIG BLACK-Bad Penny/09 THIN WHITE ROPE-Not Your Fault/10 BIG DIPPER-Faith Healer/YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS-When the Girls Get HEre/SONIC YOUTH-(I've Got a) Catholic Block/13 10,000 MANIACS-Like the Weather/14 THE CONNELLS-Scotty's Lament/15 SCRUFFY THE CAT-My baby She's Alright/16 THE REPLACEMENTS-Never Mind/17 BURNING SUN-Blood On the Saddle/18 THE LONG RYDERS-I Want You Bad/19 FIREHOSE-Honey Please/20 MEAT PUPPETS-Confusion Fog/21 CONCRETE BLONDE-True

NUGGETS OF AMERICAN COLLEGE ROCK 1987 DISC 2-01 GAME THEORY-Chardonnay/02 THE GREAT PLAINS-Letter to a Fanzine/03 SILOS-Tennessee Fire/04 THE REIVERS-A Test/05 REM-Exhuming McCarthy/06 FLYING COLOR-Dear Friend/07 YO LA TENGO-Lewis/08 NEGATIVELAND-Christianity Is Stupid/09 HUSKER DU-Charity, Chastity, Prudence, And Hope/11 THE REACTIONS-Don't Look back/12 LIVE SKULL-Alive Again/13 THE DREAM SYNDICATE-Let It Rain/14 BUTTHOLE SURFERS-Human Cannonball

THE LEAVING TRAINS (I Don't Know) What (I'm Doing Here)/03 DONNER PARTY-Treepig/05 GREEN ON RED-Clarkesville/06 DEAD MILKMAN-Big Time Operator/07 THE SMITHEREENS-Blood & Roses/08 BREAKING CIRCUS-Song od the South/09 THE DB'S-Working For Somebody Else/10 DAS DAMEN-Girl With the Hair/11 PIANOSAURUS-Ready To Rock/12 THE CATHEADS-Golden Gate Park/13 HALF JAPANESE-US Teens Are Spoiled Bums/14 BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC-Shiny Golden Snakes/15 MOJO NIXON & SKID ROPER-Elvis Is Everywhere

So let me know, I enjoy posting interesting comps from time to time, as well as trying to shove interesting, lesser known acts down your throat, and even big batches of stuff from the heavyweights (Yardbirds, Velevet Underground)........I still enjoy doing this blog and am alwayslooking for ways to improve it, so please let me know what it is YOU enjoy the most about it!

Agent Orange

Coming out of 1979 California, Agent Orange had really only one idea, but it was a decent
one.....combine the hardcore west-coast punk of the time with the sound of classic surf music, the result is really quite effective, although fairly forgotten today.....I remember rocking these hard quite a bit back in the day, they were favorites of my brother's as well, and I recommend to fans of hardcore, Germs/Black Flag-style California hardcore AND to fans of the surfing instrumentals compilation I just posted the other day, it really DOES work on both levels, at least for a minute or two.

The original band's lineup, who released the "Bloodstains" single in 1979, were Guitarist/vocalist Mike Palm, bassist Steve Soto, and drummer SCOTT MILLER, yes the unfortunate lad shared a name with myself, his parents were as name-challenged as were my own. James Levesque would replace Soto as bassist which would result in the classic lineup. Their first album release was 1981's "Living In Darkness", it is their best, my version here is for some reason sequenced differently the original LP release but it does include all three tracks from the classic "Bloodstains" single, as well as an interview.

Other than that, the highlights for me are the rockin' covers of "Pipeline", "Misserlou" and "Mr Moto", three of the greatest of surf instros, given a shot of 1970's crush......it's really quite a fine album, an underappreciated gem of of the early 1980's.

Next thing I have is from 1986 "This is the Voice", and for my money, it was over.....pretty standard hard core punk, sounds pretty tired, I think I've only played it a few times in 30 years....also courtesy of my brother, we have "Surfin' To Some Fucked Up Shit" a  comp which includes some latter day stuff if you are interested (I think Palm is the only original still going strong here), ....basically they were a one and done ("Living In Darkness"), but if your a fan of this stuff, they were really good at it. Cherry pick as you wish but don't miss the debut album......I think that they released a live disc or 2, maybe a couple of EP's, some of which I assume turn up on the comp. Enjoy at your own pace!

LIVING IN DARKNESS-01 Bloodstains/02 Too Young To Die/03 Everything Turns Grey/04
Miserlou/05 The last Goodbye/06 No Such Thing/07 A Cry For Help In a World Gone Mad/08 Bloodstains (Darkness Version)/09 Living In Darkness/10 Pipeline/11 Breakdown/12 Mr Moto/13 America/14 Bored of You/15 El Dorado/16 1981 Interview/17 Slapshock

THIS IS THE VOICE-01 Voices (In the Night)/02 It's In Your Head/03 Say It Isn't True/04 Fire In the Rain/05 In Your Dreams Tonight/06 Tearing Me Apart/07....So Strange/08 Bite the hand That Feeds Part 1/09 I Kill Spies/10 This Is Not the End

SURFING TO SOME FUCKED UP SHIT-01 It's All a Blur/02 Say It Isn't True/03 Breakdown/04 Wouldn't Last a Day/05 Everything Turns Grey/06 Message From the Underworld/07 El Dorado/08 Tearing Me Apart/09 Cry For Help In a World Gone Mad/10 I Kill Spies/11 Bloodstains/12 What's the Combination/13 Bite the Hand That Feeds/14 Seek and Destroy

just curious, nothing more.....

I have a music post coming up later this evening, what I am doing here is trying to garner opinions of "the hunger games: mockingly part 1".......personally I enjoyed it, probably not as much as the first two, but like those, it was very true to the book........I love the hunger games series, and I think the conclusion will be great also, and you guys know I love my dystopian fiction.......just curious, though......anyone enjoy the film? Hate it? Just for discussion while I prep tonight's music post ( it's one some of ya will love and some will hate, it'll be up in an hour or so.....

Scratch Acid

Oh, hell yes, why not some Scratch Acid on a cold rainy November
night? Loud, noisy, and plenty obnoxious, as one would expect of any band fronted by David Yow, later of Jesus Lizard.
Formed in 1982 in Ausitn Texas (home of so many great and bizarre bands over the yearas), aside from Yow, they consisted of guitarist David Wm. Sims, guitarist Brett Bradford, and drummer Rey Washam.

In 1984 they released a self-titled EP, inculding the track "Lay Screaming" which according to Yow, was based upon the writings of Marquis de Sade, he's kind of known for saying shit like that, though, so who knows (I find it hard to believe Yow has read a whole lot of books, myself)....
Thier first album was 1986's "Just Keep Eating", this stuff predated Jesus Lizard and Big Black as well, with straight up crazed shit like "Big Bone Lick", "Holes", "Unlike a "Baptist".....not exactly an album to mellow out to with a couple of Ativans, if ya know what I mean....
Thier final stab was an EP entitled "Berserker" (1991), doubtful but it would be way cool if the song in the greatest movie of all time, "Clerks", copped it's title from here (if ya don't know what I'm talking about, go watch "Clerks", if you haven't seen it, hang your head......"My love for you is like a truck BERSERKER....Do you want to suck my cock BERSERKER!"

Kinda getting off topic here.....the cool thing is (I was unaware of this until recently) that both EP's and the album are packaged on one handy disc, entitled "The Greatest Gift",(also includes a previously non-releaseasd effort) incredibly convenient package of a lesser-known but fairly influential band. Thanks to Jeff for loaning me this one!

THE GREATEST GIFT-01 Cannibal/02 Greatest Gift/03 Monsters/04 Owner's Lament/05 She
Said/06 Mess/07 El Espectro/08 Lay Screaming/09 Crazy Dan/10 Eyeball/11 Big Bone Lick/12 Unlike a Baptist/13 Damned For All Time/14 Ain't That Love/15 Untitled/16 Holes/17 Albino Slug/18 Spit a Kiss/19 Amicus/20 Cheese Plug/21 Untitled/22 Mary had a Little Drug Problem/23 For Crying Out Loud/24 Moron's Moron/25 Skin Drips/26 This Is Bliss/27 Flying Houses/28 The Scale Song

Lemme know your thoughts on this one.....by the way Apantabapanta has checked back in and is beginning work on the latest of the great "Greek Punk" series, so I am no longer in need of a Greek translater! Thanks millions Apantabapanta!

Derek & the Dominoes

Formed in 1970 from the ashes of Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, Derek & the Dominoes
assembled for this one all-time great album, and a few other scraps that I have here.....comprised of course of singer/guitarist Eric Clapton, keyboardist/singer Bobby Whitlock, bassist Carl Radle, and drummer Jim Gordon. They also recieved early contributions from George harrison, Dave Mason, and most notabaly some killer slide guitar work from Duane Allman.....the double album ("Layla and Other Assorted Lovesongs" is a masterpiece of bluesy-guitar rock, an absolute 5-star classic in my opinion......probably merely here as an aside as I bet that any one of you who is interested in it, has it already.

It is keyed by the phenoominal title track, written about Clapton's secret love of Harrison's wife Patti Boyd, you can feel Clapton's heart aching throughout the album, for my money, he was not better in Cream, nor in the Yardbirds, nor in Blind Faith, and certainly not as a solo act......"Layla" is the definitive work of Eric Clapton as a guitarist, writer, and singer.

As great as the single "Layla", best heard with it's extended outro, is, it is FAR from the album's only highlight......the amazing "Bell Bottom Blues"...."Tell the Truth"....and the Clapton/Allman guitar duet on "Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?" would make this a reasonably good album if they were the entire contents, and it is a LOT better than that......the main question is, if you don't have it already, why not?

"In Concert" was a set of 1970 live recordings the band made before disbanding, (I don't have it), pieces of it turn up on the double-disc "Live at the Fillmore East" (which i DO have).....besides tracks from the one classic album, we get versions of Blind Faith's "Presence of the Lord" (perhaps THAt "supergroup's" best number), as well as a version of "Crossroads" from Cream......the opener "Got to Get Better in a Little While" is a great one, "Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad" suffers greatly from the lack of Allman's presence,  "let It Rain" and (Hendrix') "Little Wing", and "Blues Power" rock smartly, and they wisely avoid a live "Layla", which would havea served only as a disappointment, I imagine......I LIKE THIS ALBUM A LOT, I know many Clapton-ites don't, but I REALLY do enjoy it.....energetic, rocking, and fun......NOT on par with "Layla", but not pretending to be....an album that has been "shortchanged by history", so to speak......

We Also have a leftovers set, "The Layla Sessions", which is interesting if nothing else...a shorter, duller version of "Got To Get Better In a Little While" appearas here, Nothing you will likely put into heavy rotation but without question a fine historical document.......

Trying, trying, trying like hell to keep things mixed up......Scratch Acid one night, Derek & the Dominoes the next? Maybe I'm failing, but at least I'm remaining true to my attempt of not being locked into ANY niche......if you like it, great, if not, maybe you'll like tomorrow's, that is how I look at it at least!

LAYLA AND OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS-01 I Looked Away/02 Bell Bottom Blues/03 Keep On Growing/04 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out/05 I Am Yours/06 Anyday/07 Key to the Highway/08 Tell the Truth/09 Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?/10 Have You Ever Loved a Woman/11 Little Wing/12 It's Too late/13 Layla/14 Thorn Tree In Garden

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST DISC 1-01 Got TO Get Better In a Little While/02 Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad/03 Key to the Highway/04 Blues Power/05 Have You Ever Loved a Woman/06 Bottle of Red Wine

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE EAST DISC 2-01 Tell the Truth/02 Nobody Knows You When You're
Down and Out/03 Roll It Over/04 Presence of the Lord/05 Little Wing/06 Let It Rain/07 Crossroads

LAYLA SESSIONS-01 Sick at heart/02 Is My Love/03 Mean Old Frisco/04 Evil/05 Snake Lake BLues (Minor Key)/06 Snake Lake Blues (Major Key)/07 One More Chance/08 Got To Get Better In a Little While/09 High/10 Untitled Instrumental #1/11 Untitled Instrumental #2/12 Devil Road

So one for the old timers like me tonight, we'll see what my mood for tomorrow might be!


Yesterday someone asked for some DFL, I was as honest as I could be (ie: "I never heard of them"),
but I did investigate, DFL was a hardcore punk crew, ca. mid-1990's, ("Dead Fucking Last" in case you were wondering), early on the lineup seemed to consist of vocalist Tom Davis, guitarist/vocalist Monty Messex, bassist Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz of Beastie Boys fame, and drummer Tony Converse, with occasional drumming from also-Beastie Boy "Mike D" Diamond.

They released the albums "My Crazy Life" (1993), "Hurricane/DFL-America's Most Hardcore" (1994), "Proud to Be" (1995), and, according to which source you care to beleive, a few different cassette only or vinyl only issues......I DO know that after checking that they had a track on the "Punk O Rama" compilation that I posted long ago.

OK, so a check of Pirate bay yields us a copy of "Proud To Be", presented here in all it's glory.....what does it sound like? Well, basically Ramones-length (less than 2 minutes) blasts, 1980's west-coast hardcore style vocals (Germs/Black Flag/etc).....the unique factor seems to me, at least on this album, is that everything has that echo-ing production finish, very similar to the Beastie Boy's "Check Yer Head" album, and specifically the single "So What You Want?"

Gave the whole thing a listen this morning, not likely to become a big favorite any time soon, but I really do try to fill requests, in whatever limited capacity, if I can. Give it a listen, at the very least, if you don't like it, it won't take up too much of your day.

PROUD TO BE-01 Proud To Be/02 Word of Mouth/03 Lost Cause/04 Return of the Knucklehead/05 Mr Popular/06 Function at the Center/07 Home Is Where the Heart Is/08 Hit the Floor/09 Club Stupid/10 Minus Adam/11 Better Off Dead/12 SBGC/13 Free Haircut/14 Society's Pressure/15 Self Pity/16 Action Everybody/17 Sourpuss/18 Insane Authority/19 Good Cop, Bad Cop/20 What's the Difference/21 (BONUS) Thought Control (From Punk-O-Rama Compilation)

Giving Thanks For: THE GO GO'S

Since I am likely to be tied up most of the holiday tomorrow, let me give you my Thanksgiving post a
few hours early.......soooo, let's see, Thanksgiving reminds me of giving thanks for what I am grateful for, AND ALSO of eating, and these two factors, of course remind me of hot-ass women, so how about for this Thanksgiving Day.....some kick-ass GO GO'S!

Formed in 1978 in sunny California, the Go Go's were vocalist Belinda Carlisle, guitarist/vocalist Jane Wiedlin, bassist Kathy Valentine, keyboardis/guitarist Charlotte Caffey, and ace drummer-chick Gina Schock. They actually started out as an LA-hardcore-style punk band, but found thier niche for sure as they moved on to tough/hard girly-garage rock on the debut "Beauty and the Beat".......classic album of 1981, sounds every bit as good in 2014 as it did then, if not better......best known, of course, for the fine singles "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "We Got the Beat", (Joke ca 1981: "How do ya know the Go Go's are all virgins? 'Coz their LIPS ARE SEALED, ho ho"....guess maybe ya had to be there. Anyway the singles are great, but even better are "Lust to Love", the great "Skidmarks on My Heart", and the wonderful "This Town", once covered on a boot I have somewhere by the duet of Bif Naked and Korn (!), great song in any hands, "bet you'd live here if you could and be one of us...."

This was the only classic they had in them. The follow-up "Vacation" (1982) sold enough to go gold basically on the strength of "Beauty and the Beat".....the title track is a decent enough song, as are "Get Up and Go" and their cover of "Cool Jerk", but the rest is fairly disappointing.....there were rumors of infighting and drug use within the band, and by the time of thier third release, "Talk Show", this is a ship that had sailed. "Head Over Heels" being the singular highlight, the rest is strictly filler and the band dissolved....they have reformed in a couple of incarnations since (1990's I think), but you know I don't go much for that kinda stuff, if any of it is unearthed classics I missed em.

So, we do have another little gem here....When "Beauty and the Beat" was reissued in a remastered
edition in 2011, it included a bonus second disc containing a smoking set from Boston 1981.....they seriously had some live chops and I wish I could have seen them, all the greatest tracks are here, in particular a fantastic "Skidmarks on My Heart". I don't recall where I got this bonus disc, I assume from the Bay or something, I don't really see them around much anymore so do be sure and check it out
Got one more thing, just for fun...we have a fun punk-rocking "Our Lips Are Sealed: A Tribute to the Go Go's", I have mixed feelings about these things in general, but this one is fun, notably Dan Vapid and the Cheats "Lust to Love" and "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Cobra Skulls......doesn't take things TOO seriously, at all, which is rule #1 of a tribute album.......

Everyone have a happy holiday, be thankful for what you have, enjoy family (they won't be there forever), just try to have a great day......I am personally so thankful that I was able to retire this year, SO MUCH happier now, and to spend more time with BigCarla66 and BigGrant97 (until he leaves us for college in a couple years.....chances are you will see some totally depressed posts THEN).
Love to all.....

BEAUTY AND THE BEAT-01 Our Lips are Sealed/02 How Much More/03 Tonite/04 Lust To Love/05 This Town/06 We Got the Beat/07 Fading Fast/08 Automatic/09 You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)/10 Skidmarks On My Heart/11 Can't Stop the World

VACATION-01 Vacation/02 He's So Strange/03 Girl of 100 Lists/04 We Don't Get Along/05 I Think it's Me/06 It's Everything But partytime/07 Get Up and Go/08 This Old Feeling/09 Cool jerk/10 The Way you Dance/11 Beatnik Beach/12 Worlds Away

TALK SHOW-01 Head Over Heels/02 Turn To You/03 You Thought/04 Beneath the Blue Sky/05
Forget That Day/06 I'm the Only One/07 Yes Or No/08 Capture the Light/09 I'm With You/10 Mercenary

LIVE BOSTON 8/21/81-01 Skidmarks On My Heart/02 How Much More/03 Tonite/04 Fading Fast/05 London Boys/06 Cool Jerk/07 This Town/08 Can't Stop the World/09 Automatic/10 Lust To Love/11 You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)/12 Our Lips Are Sealed/13 Let's Have a party/14 We Got the Beat/15 Surfin'& Spyin'/16 Walking In the Sand/17 Vacation/18 BONUS TRACK-Speeding (B Side)

OUR LIPS ARE SEALED-A TRIBUTE TO THE GO GO'S-01 THE SLOW DEATH-Head Over Heels/02 LIPSTICK HOMICIDE-How Much More/03 COBRA SKULLS-Our Lips Are Sealed/04 GATEWAY DISTRICT-Tonite/05 MASKED INTRUDER-We Got the Beat/06 DAN VAPID & THE CHEATS-Lust to Love/07 THE HOT TODDIES-Skidmarks on My Heart/08 GREAT APES-The Whole World Lost Its Head/09 STREET EATERS-Blades/10 ANN BERETTA-Unforgiven/11 THE SHELL CORPORATION-This Town/12 THE BLAST!-Vacation/13 THE MIGHTY FINE-We Don't Get Along/14 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL-Can't Stop the World

The Shakin' Pyramids

Well, I hope this post Thanksgiving finds you well, hope you enjoyed a day with family, friends, and
enjoyed the simple pleasures that go along with the holiday, actually MY favorite holiday.....Hope everyone is enjoying the Go Go's, great stuff.....so let's go A LOOONNGG Way from there for today, you know I love my variety.....
Formed in Glasglow Scotlan in the late 1970's, The Shakin' Pyramids were a Scottish rockabilly (!) combo, comprised of vocalist/harmonicat/"Pharaoh's Chant",  percussionist Dave Duncan, guitarist/vocalist James G Creighton, and guitarist/vocalist "Railroad"Ken McLellan.....don't let the description of this drive you away, as they produced some of the most energetic and immaginative rockabilly as anyone in recent memory.

They released a fw EP's/singles, which I undesrtand are somewhat difficult to locate, prior to the debut album "Skin Em Up"....."Skin" is a FINE album, different from anything on the market at that time or any other, I don't think it sold well, but some bands are just SO unique that it's hard for them to carve a niche.....I don't happen to have the album, nor do I have thier second/finale album, the pretty fair (but not of the classic status of "Skin Em Up") Celts and Cobras......used to have em on vinyl and can't seem to locate them, but what we do have is all you'll need: "The Complete Shakin' Pyramids"......I believe it covers both albums, and I think the EP tracks and singles as well, a fine package that once you get into this you will be hooked.

Much of the guitar playing, as energetic as it is acoustic, but the energy level is amazing, this is one of those rare instances in which a band incorporates a particular sound an stands it on it's head..Every track here is a gem, to call it one of the great uknown albums of the 1980's is serious understatement. The tracks definitley recall the great USA rockabilly of the 1950's, but have thier own sound, unique and defineable.."Teenage Boogie", "Let's Go", "Wild Little Willie", "Hellbent on Rockin" are among my favorites, but in all hoensty there isn't a dog here.....the fine instrumental "Harmona Lisa" show off some fine harmonica playing from Duncan, we get a couple anthems to dope smoking "Reeferbilly Boogie" and "Reeferbilly Polka".........ok, this is just one of those situations where when I start to point out highlights, I just name everything.

Five star album,loaded with great, wild modern day/throwback (and don't forget) SCOTTISH rockabilly tunes.....you'll thank me for this one I'm guessing.

1981-82 THE COMPLETE PYRAMIDS-01 Takae a Trip/02 Tennessee Rock/03 Teenage Boogie/04
Alright Alright/Cry Cry Kitten/06 Pharaoh's Chant/07 Quit and Split/08 Pretty Neat Come On/09 Lets Go/10 Tired N Sleepy/11 Wild Little Willie/12 Sixteen Chicks/13 Pretty Bad BLues/14 I Got a Baby/15 Sunset of My Tears/16 Hellbent on Rockin'/17 Reeferbilly Boogie/18 Wake Up Little Suzie/19 Harmona Lisa/20 Muskrat/21 Too N-N-Nervous/22 Just One Time/23 Only My Pillow/24 Grab It and Growl/25 Cumberland Gap/26 You Can Bet/27Who Cares/28 Reeferbilly Polka/29 Sugar Bee/30 Ferocious/31 Plainsailin/32 Like ME With No One/33 Just a Memory/34 Just Rockin/25 Rockin Mystique

This is a fine collection.......you know I like lotsa stuff, and why not add scottish rockabilly to the mix......little known at the time and mostly forgotten since, let's introduce this gem to a whole new audience......PLEASE tell me what ye thinks of it!
Back later today or tomorrow with something else!

The Teardrop Explodes

As much as I often claim to dislike the music of the 1980's, I sure to find myself featuring enough of
it on here, maybe it's just that i disliked the "hair metal" and some of the other non-trends that gave the decadae it's bad rep. Teardrop Explodes were another good one, IMO from the early part of the decade, along with Echo & the Bunnymen and a couple others a part of a rather short-lived UK neo-psychedelic movement.

The music is significantly influenced byq960's west coast psych, notably the Doors and in particular Love (and even more sepcifically the enite "Forever Changes" album....as always a sucker for that stuff, new musics which incoprorate such elements are always worthwhile to me.
They had some successful UK singles prior ot the release of 1980's "Killimanjaro", one of the better efforts of that season. The band went through several lineup changes prior even to the debut's release, clearly it was the playground of singer/bassist Julian Cope, with help on this one from guitarist Mike Finkler, keyboardist David Balfe, and drummer Gary Dwyer (Alan Gill handles guitar on part of the album)....

The album was quite a success, just my opinion but sort of reminds me of the equation: ("Killimanjaro is to"Ten") as ("Crocodiles (Echo & the Bunnymen) is to "Nevermind")....just sort of the way I think of it, anyway the album is a good one....I'm going to include it in a couple forms, 2000's expanded edition in the original sequence (plus a few bonuses), as well as the 2010 three disc set which includes some other tracks taken from the comp "Piano", plus the highlight, Disc 3, a fine collection of BBC material. Anyway, it's like a time trip to the eightys with trippy, druggy stuff such as "Sleeping Gas", "Poppies in the Field", "Books", and the great single "Reward".....great album, and here it is sliced and diced any way you could want it.....damn fine album.

In another expanded edition, the follow up "Wilder" (1981) was also stretched out in 2000 with a bunch of bonus stuff. A much more experimental album than "Killaminjaro", Balfe's synth work steps more to the forefront, it's a very stripped down affair with some tracks featuring little/or no guitar work. Many hate it, I happen to enjoy its stark, dark, bleakness. "Passionate Friend" was the only single release, and remains the best known song today.

The band broke up during thier attempt at a third album, artistic differences seemingly the
problem.....they material was eventually scraped together and released as "Everybody Wants To Shag...The Teardrop Explodes"...the guitars have nearly disappeared by now,in favor of Cope's poppy ballads/strange lyrics and Balfe's synth-based dance music exercises. I do not care for this album, really, sounds like what it is" an aborted album on which no one was on the same page. An interesting artifact (couple decent tracks, such as "Serious Danger" and "Count To Ten and Run For Cover"), nothing much more than that really.

"Piano" was a singles/rarities/b-sides disc, which I think may or may not be rendered redundant by the three disc "Killaminjaro", I don't care enough to cross reference.....I just happen to have a copy of it laying here so why not......

Lots to explore and enjoy here......for dabblers, the three disc "Killaminjaro" may just do it, thier best work by far, and some fine BBC stuff.....but hell, there may be a hard-core fan of the band that's worked up over "Shag" or something.....let's see.....someone suggested that I need to turn the amps up to 11, that I've been mellowing it out a bit, so tomorrow something LOUD AND PROUD, not sure what yet but bring the earplugs for the kids!

KILLIMANJARO (2000 RE-ISSUE)-01 Ha Ha I'm Drowning/02 Sleeping Gas/03 Treason/04 Second Head/05 Poppies In the Field/06 Went Crazy/07 Brave Boys Keep Thier Promises/08 Bouncing Babies/09 Books/10 The Thief of Baghdad/11 When I Dream/12 Reward/13 Killimanjaro/14 Strange House in the Snow/15 use Me/16 Traison (C'est Juste Une Histoire)/17 Sleeping Gas (Live)

KILLIMANJARO (2010 RE-ISSUE, DISC 1)-01 Ha Ha I'm Drowning/02 Sleeping Gas/03 Treason/04 Second Head/05 Poppies/06 Went Crazy/07 Brave Boys Keep Thier Promises/08 Bouncing Babies/09 Books/10 Thief of Baghdad/11 When I Dream (Longer Version)

KILLIMANJARO (2010 RE-ISSUE, DISC 2, "BATES MOTEL")-01 Reward/02 Sleeping Gas (single Version)/03 Camera Camera (Goddamn Camera)/04 Kirby Workers Dream Fades/05 Bouncinf Babies (Single Version)/06 All I Am Is Loving You/07 Treason (Zoo Single version)/08 Read It In Books/09 Killimanjaro/10 Strange House In the Snow/11 Use Me/12 Traison (C'est Juste Une Histoire)/13 Sleeping Gas (Live Version)

KILLIMANJRO (2010 RE-ISSUE, DISC 3, BBC SESSIONS)-01 Brave Boys Keep Thier Promises
(Peel, 10/15/79)/02 Ha Ha I'm Drowning (Peel 10/15/79)/03 Went Crazy (Peel, 10/15/79)/04 Chance (Peel 10/15/79)/05 Thief of Baghdad  (Peel 4/24/80)/06 When I Dream (Peel 4/24/80)/07 Poppies In the Field (Peel 4/24/80)/08 REeward (Mike Read Session 10/27/80)/09 Suffocate (Mike Read Session 10/27/80/10 For Years (Mike Read Session 10/27/80/11 The Great Dominions (Mike Read Sessions 10/27/80

WILDER (2000 Re-ISSUE)-01 Bent Out of Shape/02 Colours Fly Away/03 Seven Views of Jerusalme/04 Pure Joy/05 Falling Down Around Me.06 The Culture Bunker/07 Passionate Friend/08 Tiny Children/09 Like Leila Lhaled Said/10...And the Fighting Takes Over/11 The Great Domions/12 Window Shopping For a New Crown of Thornes/13 East of the Equator/14 Rachael Built a Steamboat/15 You Disappear From View/16 Suffocate/17 Ouch Monkeys/18  Soft ENough For You/19 The In-Psychlopedia

EVERYODY WANTS TO SHAG THE TEARDROP EXPLODES-01 Ouch Monkeys/02 Serious Danger/03 Mentranil Vavin/04 Count to Ten and Run For Cover/05 In-Psycholpedia/06 Soft Enough For You/07 You Disappear From View/08 The Challenger/09 Not My Only Friend/10 Sex (Pussyface)/11 Terrorist/12 Strange House in the Snow

PIANO-01 Sleeping Gas/02 Camera Camera Goddamn Camera/03 Kirby Workers Dream Fades/04
Bouncing Babies/05 All I Am Is Loving You/06 Treason/07 Books/08 Take a Chance/09 When I Dream/10 Kwalo Klobinsky's Lullabye

Lemme know what ya think......gonna try to make the ear drums bleed tomorrow, we'll see!