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Electric Wizard Part 1

OK, as i stated before, I'd offer up something which allows us to turn the amps to 11, as there have
been (imagine!) accusations of BigScott62 "mellowing out".....geeeeez.....OK, here we have stoner/sludge/metal/doom icons Electric Wizard, great fucking shit, closest, in comparison, I suppose, to Sleep, but the Black Sabbath influence can hardly be denied either.......this can be cranked loud and it will work out for ya, trust me, and they have a comprehensive volume of material for us to enjoy.
Electric Wizard were formed in the early 90's in Dorset England, guitarist/vocalist Jus Osborn being the focal point, along with bassist Tim Bigshaw,and drummer Mike Greenig.....over the years Osborn would remain the only constant, guitarist Liz Buckingham, bassist Rob Al-Issa, and drummer Shaun Rutter, among others, filling in the crucial times in the band's chronology.......basically it is Osborn's band.

OK, these lads have released I believe 8 "proper" albums, and of course I have a buncha live and rare for tomorrow......let us start, then, at the beginning.....the first album, of course, was 1995's self titled opus, it is a pretty fair album of hard doom-stoner rock, "Behemoth" and "Electric Wizard" are very cool quaalude-droners, and the rest of the album is not to be dismissed either.....probably unknown to you if you are not a fan of stoner/doom rock (as of course I am), but a fine starting point if you are wishing to get into the experience that is Electric Wizard.
Thier second full release, 1997's "Come My Fanatics....." is a GREAT one, you dabblers, this is the one.....one of the definitive doom/drone albums of the era. LOOOONG trippy numbers, "Return Trip" and "Wizard In Black" are highlights, but this is a stellar album in the genre.....it rocks out hard from beginning to end.

These dudes worked overtime, putting out various EP's and splits, which I will stick on Part 2 of this post, theire next "proper" release is the amazing "Dopethrone" (2000), which may or may not be thier masterwork, depending on how one feels about "Come My Fanatics"....."Dopethrone" is the definition of an album that ROCKS but does NOT ROLL, LOUD, SLOW, and geared towared the downer freak.....hey, downer freaks need a soundtrack to their lives also....."Dopethrone", for my money, is a solid 4-star album....the 15 minute "Weird Tales" trilogy being MY personal highlight, the 20 minute title track (reminiscent of Sleep's "Dopesmoker") is a winner as well, and this is a FINE FUCKING ALBUM, one of the best albums of the 2000's, not joking.....it pulls it off exactly as it INTENDS to pull it off, and that, kids, is the fucking IDEA!

So, a couple of years later, they released "Let Us Prey", something of a let-down but for me still a
fine album, the 10-minute, two part "Master of Alchemy" and the lengthy "Priestess of Mars" are more of the kind of thing you'd WANT to hear from Elecrtic Wizard, if you don't LIKE this stuff (there are many who don't), please check some of my previous posts, as heavy/doom/stoner rock is truly one of my absolute passions!

Album #5, "We Live" is the first album they released with the revised lineup, in particular guitarist Liz Buckingham who added a new complexity to the sound....the album is based around themes from various horror movies, and I think is nearly criminaly under-appreciated ("Dopethrone" and "Come My Fanatics" are generally considered their best work, I rank "We Live" on very nearly the same level.).....check this one out to take on Buckingham's inspired guitar work, it's a good and underrated one, trust me.

The next disc "Witchcult Today", was a step down for my money, perhaps the formula was wearing down a bit....Osborn's vocals are a bit more prominent than on the last few releases, although this one rocks heavilly as well, the highlight being "The Chosen Few" which clocks in at a bit over 8 minutes.

In 2010 they released "Black Masses"....I am not really crazy about the disc, to be honest......the idea/concept was wearing down, and the sound is dull and tired.....I mean, hey, I am a FAN of this particular sound, but things REALLY don't go on forever.....they attempted to be less "slick" on the album, returning to their "classic" sound, but as always, when a moment has passed, it has passed.....to be fair there are a couple decent numbers here, "Patterns of Evil" and "Turn Off Your Mind" are good sludgy rockers, but it just, to me, seemed the moment was over.

So, they plug on even today....as recently as this year they released "Time to Die", it's not awful, it's just time to, well, maybe move elsewhere...."Incense For the Damned" and "I Am Nothing" recall the classic Electric Wizard sound, but in my opinion, checking out the REAL classic albums they released would be advantageous to the listener.

OK, tomorrow.......a TON of live shit, unreleased, splits, EP's, what ever.......here are their eight studio albums, a few are great in the genre, a few are somewhat less than that, but someone asked me to turn up the volume a little, and Electric Wizard does that for certain......doom/sludge/stoner rock FOREVER!!!!!!!!

ELECTRIC WIZARD-01 Stone Magnet/02 Mourning Prayer/03 Mountains of Mars/04
Behemouth/05 Devil's Bride/06 Black Butterfly/07 Electric Wizard-Wooden Pipe

COME MY FANATICS-01 Return Trip/02 Wizard In Black/03 Doom-Mantra/04 Ivixor B-Phase Inducer/05 Son of Nothing/06 Solarian 13

DOPETHRONE-01 Vinium Sabbithi/02 Funerapolis/03 Wierd Tales/04 Barbarian/05 I The Witchfinder/06 The Hills Have Eyes/07 We Hate You/08 Dopethrone/09 Mind Transferal

LET US PREY-01 A Chosen Few/02 We, the Undead/03 Master of Alchemey/04 The Outsider/05
Night of the Shape/06 Priestess of Mars

WE LIVE!-01 Eko Eko Azarak/02 We Live/03 Flower of Evil AKA Malfiore/04 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue/05 Another Perfect Day/06 The Sun Has Turned To Black/07 Saturn's Children

WITCHCULT TODAY-01 Witchcult Today/02 Dunwich/03 Satanic Rites of Drugula/04 Raptus/05 The Chosen Few/06 Torquemada 71/07 Black Magic Rituals and Perversions/08 Saturnine

BLACK MASSES-01 Black Mass/02 Venus In Furs/03 The Nightchild/04 Patterns of Evil/05 Satyr IX/06 Turn Off Your Mind/07 Scorpio Curse/08 Crypt of Drugula

TIME TO DIE-01 Insence For the Damned/02 Time To Die/03 I Am Nothing/04 Destroy Those Who Love God/05 Funeral of Your Mind/06 We Love the Dead/07 Sadiowitch/08 Lucifer's Slaves/09 Saturn Dethroned

Buncha shit here.....crank it up LOUD, cause I gotta BUNCH MORE of it I be gonna lay on yo ass tomorrow!

Electric Wizard Part 2

Hope you got an earfull of quality stoner-doom yesterday from Electric Wizard, I know I enjoyed
dragging them out.....I know a few years ago I downloaded a huge Electric Wizard torrent that included all of the albums I put up yesterday (except the new one), which also had a bunch of live stuff, EP's, stuff like that which we will get to today.....forget who created it but a dandy torrent. this is some more fine, crushing doomy Sabbath/Sleep style drone-metal, help yourselves, I really have always enjoyed this band's crunshy style......

In chronological order, aside from the official albums from yesterday......the first thing I can come up with is a track entitled "Chrono Naut", which comes from a split single with Orange Goblin (did a full profile post on them once, worth looking into if the links are still active, Goblin is a little more "Stoney" and a bit less "Doomy" than are Wizard. anyway, the torrent from whence this track came did NOT include the whole disc, only the Wizard Single track.....I think the best thing to do might be scatter some of these singels and the like on a BigScott62 "Rarity" special, we will see....

In 1998 they released a perfectly great EP, "Supercoven", three tracks, all bombastic as hell, capped by a live ten minute version of their "theme song", "Electric Wizard", and also 30 minutes taken up by the aptly titled "Burnout" and also the title track. a good disc.

Our first live disc is "Philadelphia 2001", decent sound and long, droning versions of some of their best stuff..."Dopethrone", "Supercoven"......they sound like what I would imagine them to sound live, loud, slow, sludgy....
Another 2001 set, likely from the same tour comes from Iowa City, another long set with a very similar set list to the Philadelphia show, and also contains a track listed as "Unknown", I am, for some reason, already intrigued by that.....

From 2005 comes a live EP recorded for the BBC at Maida Vale, three songs, "Another Perfect Day",
"Dopethrone", and "We Live!".....sounds great, really.

Again, likely from the same tour/period of time comes a set from 2005, from Roadburn....five crushers on this one, including the then-current "Eko Eko Azarak" and "We Live!"...they had a really good sound live, not TOO sludgy, just sludgy enough, if ya get what I mean.

Next up comes an album of early rarities, "Pre-Electric Wizard", released in 2006....it features stuff from 1989-94, includes a cover of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral", the "Choro-Naut" track from the earlier split, and lots of earlier Sabbath impersonations.

They released a split in 2008 with a band called Reverend Bizarre, of whom I am honestly unfamiliar, we DO get a track from each here, Wizard contributes "The House on the Borderland", as far as I know the only version, and Reverend Bizarre treats us to "The Gates of Nanna"......rare I assume, as I havae seen one nowhere else.

I have another single track, "Processian", which I am trying to track down, I assume something of a compilation track or something, I am trying to find out.Prior to thier lateest official release, we find a 7" entitled " Legalise Drugs and Murder" b/w  "Murder And Madness"....HA, found it, "Processian" is a special release one sided single....one would never be able to identify the band, it's an instrumental and somewhat keyboard driven. And, finally, when it comes to comp tracks, we get "Magical Chylde" from the "Fuck the RIAA" issue
OK, how to do this....I will let the live discs stand on their own, the "Pre-Wizard" album stand on it's
own, and bundle up the rest of the tracks, neat and clean on what we will call "BigScott62's Electric Wizard Rarities Disc".....best I can offer ya, I guess....

Good band.....listening to a bit today, sounds really good, enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, we have a real treat in that Dave Sez has checked in with a couple of more treats for us, which is always a fun thing......until then.....be well....

BIGSCOTT62sELECTRIC WIZARD RARITIES-01 Chrono Naut (from split w/Orange Goblin)/02 Supercoven/03 Burnout/04 Electric Wizard (Live) (tracks 2-3-4 from "Supercoven EP)/05 The House on the Borderland/06 The Gate of Nanna (Track 6 from Reverend Bizarre, tracks 5 and 6 are from split with same)/07 The Processean/08 Legalise Drugs and Murder/09 Murder and Madness/10 Magical Chylde

PHILADELPHIA 2001-01 Wizard In Black/02 Dopethrone/03 We hate You/04 Weird Tales/05 Supercoven/06 Return Trip

IOWA CITY 2001-01 Son Of Nothing/02 We hate
You/03 Dopethrone/04 Weird Tales/05 Unknown/06 Return Trip

LIVE BBC MAIDA VALE 2005-01 Another Perfect Day/02 Dopethrone/03 We Live

LIVE AT ROADBURN 2005-01 01 Eko Eko Azarak/02 We Live/03 Dopethrone/04 Return Trip/05 Supercoven

PRE ELECTRIC WIZARD-01 Magickal Childe/02 Electric Funeral/03 Lucifer's Children/04 Chrono-Naut/05 Swathed In Black/06 On Blackened Wings/07 Outro/08 Descent/09 Wings Over a Black Funeral/10 At the Cemetery Gates/11 Dark Prayers

A bunch of presents from the great Dave Sez!

Of the several (HINT: I wish there were MORE OF THEM) guest posters that generously contribute
to the site, DaveSez has probably contributed the most varied selection of things for our listening pleasure....he's recently sent me four such packages, and I'm going to round all four of them up today......haven't listened to any of them yet, so we will find out together. Please, I'm just passing them along to you....if you opt to sample all/any of them, please extend your gratitude to Dave Sez, with the hope that he will continue to contribute to the blog from his extensive collection. Also, if anyone else has ANYTHING they think would be of interest, PLEASE contribute it, tapes of your bar band, rarities, hell, a tape of your kid's choir or something. Tomorrow, we will get another segment of Greek Punk from Apantabapanta, as well as some stuff from Ruben Chandler's band that I said I'd put up a while back and forgot to.....but today, it's all about the generosity of DaveSez, so let's see what he has for us in THIS delivery.

First up, we have a fine looking comp, "Fast Product-Mutant Pop 78-79 (1980), features mutlipel tracks from The Mekons, Scars, The Human League, 2-3, the Flowers, and Gang of Four....correcting what I said earlier, I DID listen to this one and it's cool, looked it up and it's a group of obscure 7"'s from Fast Product Records, the highlight for me being the alternate versions of "future" Gamg of Four classics, "Anthrax", "Damaged Goods", and "Armalite Rifle"......also always love discovering a "new" act from that era, and I was, until now unfamiliar with 2-3, the Scars, and the Flowers, all of whom certainly merit a listen, I found the Scars especially appealing.

FAST PRODUCT-MUTANT POP 78-79-01 THE MEKONS-Never Been In a Riot/02 THE MEKONS-32 Weeks/03 THE MEKONS-Where You Been/04 THE SCARS-Adultery/05 THE SCARS-Horror Show/06 THE HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled/07 HUMAN LEAGUE-Circus of Death/08 2-3-All Time Low/09 2-3-Where to Know/10 THE FLOWERS-After Dark/11 THE FLOWERS-Confessions/12 GANG OF FOUR-Love Like Anthrax/13 GAMG OF FOUR-Aramlite Rifle/14 GANG OF FOUR-Damaged Goods

See comment section for link.
Next up we have a live set from Wilko Johnson, of which whom Dave Sez has shared some fine work
before.....if you don't know him, Johnson is a fine blues singer/guitarist who is best known for his work with Dr. Feelgood in the 70's.....always great fun to hear his rumbling guitar work, scanning the tracklist by eyeball, I see "Wooly Bully" makes an appearance, can't recall for sure hearing him take on that classic before, should be fun!

WILKO JOHNSON 1990.12.00 BELGRADE, K.S.T. CLUB-01 All Right/02 Title/03 Dr. Dupree/04 I Wanna Be Your Lover/05 You Got Me/06 Track 6/07 Sneakin Suspicion/08 When I'm Gone/09 Extasy/10 Wooly Bully/11 Don't Let Your Daddy Know, Part 1/12 Don't Let Your Daddy Know, part 2/13 Back in the Night/14 She Does It Right/15 Roxette/16 Bottle Up and Go/17 Audience/18 Bye Bye Johnny

See comment section for link
Now, for something in the "anything goes" spirit in which I try to keep the blog, a spirit which Dave Sez understands completely...Rites of Strings, from whom I have never heard a note, taken from Chapiteau de Maricac, Jazz A Maricac, France, July 30 2007......the trip consists of Violinist Jean Luc Ponty, with whom we are likely all familiar and has created some tremendous sounds over the yearas, guitarist Al Di Meola, and double bassist Stanley Clarke.....I know about as much about jazz as I know about playinjg 3-D Chinese Scrabble, however, I do know this: I trust fully in Dave Sez' judegement, and, also, I have always enjoyed what I've heard of Ponty, who at times used to get some play on some of the free-est form rock stations back in those late great 70's.....I will be listening to this one within the hour, betting it's quality, and I'd like YOU to check into it as well......and let me and "provider" Dave Sez know your thoughts on it, and to everyone, I WELCOME CONTRIBUTUIONS LIKE THIS, anythime......

RITE OF STRINGS-JAZZ MARCIAC 2007-01 Indigo/02 Memory Canyon/0 Song To John/04 Poema Valseado/05 Nostalgia/Desert Crossing/06 All About the Bass (parts 1 & 2)/07 Renaissance/08 Mediterranean Sundance

See comment section for link
And, finally, from the generous Dave Sez, we unwrap the final of our Christmas gifts.....Well, this is
certainly of interest.....a (long) while back I posted a bunch of Police rarities......"rarities" being a relative term when it comes to this package though.....first of all, Sting's first band, Last Exit, come through with a set of studio demos from between 1974-76....Last Exit were Keyboardist Gerry Richardson, bassist/vocalist Sting, drummer/vocalist Ronnie Pearson, and guitarist John Headly....see below for track listings, Tracks 1-4 are 1974 demos from Impulse Studio, Tracks 5-15 are also from Impulse, ca. 1976.

LAST EXIT-IMPULSE STUDIO DEMOS-01 Every Day's Just the Same/02 Carrion Prince (Ye of Little Hope) (Alternate Short Version)/03 Don't Let It Bring You Down/04 Whispering Voices (Alternate version)/05 Carrion Prince (Ye of Little Hope) (Alternate Long Version)/07 I Burn For You/08 Untitled Instrumental I/09 Fool In Love/10 I'm On This Train (Alternate Version)/11 Don't You Look At Me/12 Savage Beast (Alternate Version)/13 Untitled Instrumental II/14 Soul Music/15 Night In the Grand Hotel......

Next in this collection is a recording by the original Police from 1977, Dave Sez it's the only recording he knows of with Henry Padovani on guitar. Also a single from the same era

THE POLICE-3/6/77 LONDON NASHVILLE-01 Landlord/02 Kids to Blame/03 Clouds In Venice/04 Night at the Grand Hotel/05 It's My Life/06 Dead End Job/07 Fall Out

THE POLICE 1977 single-01 Fall Out/02 Nothing Achieving
And finally, a single from a cerw which called itself The Radio Actors, also from 1977

RADIO ACTORS-01 Nuclear Waste/02 Digital Love

Interesting lineup for this last single, bassist Mike Howlett, Drummer Steve Broughton, Guitarist Steve Hillage, Vocalist Sting, rhythm guitarist/vocalist harry Williamson, saxaphonist/vocalist Nick Turner, vocalist Gilli Smyth
Check it out and let the world know what you think
See comment section for link!

Apanta Bapanta returns with Greek Punk #5

Been a little while, here is part 5 of my Greek Punk series.....couldn't do it in any way, shape or form
without the help of one of the number 1 blog helpers, Apantabapanta....the short story is a few years ago I downloaded a HUGE torrent, "Greek Punk", from Pirate Bay or somewhere....once downloaded I could find no English translations anywhere for ANYTHING, not band names, album names, song names.....come to find out that Apanta Bapanta reads and can translate Greek for me, so every so often I send him five of the links from the (still) lengthy list......he researches, listens to and writes up a little something on them. I see that one of them this time, link #4, he could find NO information on, sorry, we can't help that, so, we'll just call it a "mystery link"......I'll send him another batch sometime soon, and by all means, if any of you have any cool non-English rock albums that you can translate for me, PLEASE do so, I LOVE THEM! Anyway, thanks to Apanta Bapanta, for this post and the otheres he has helped me with, and as always, (see Dave Sez fabulous post yesterday) if you wish to send us ANYTHING of interest, please do (wonder whatever became of Jonman and those fab homemade comps he used to make?), I love to have OTHER FOLKS, the readers/listeners, participate in this, mostly coz it's LESS WORK FOR THE BIGMAN. Do to the format he sends them in, I'll have to retype them, but in general I will just use his wordings....
The first link (zippyshare links) is


The band's name translates out to Erosion, they formed in Athens in 1992. Initially they were named "Chaotic Mutiny", renaming to Erosion in 1992...the songs here are from a demo tape entitled "Melancholic Dead Dreams".....apparently this is a duo, Panagiotis is the voclaist, guitarist, and drummer (hopefully not all at once), with Spyros Panos on bass.
01 Contrast/02 This System/03 Murderers in Uniforms/04 Commercial Catastrophe/05 Development/06 Rabies/07 Pinch/08 Experiments/09 Nothing Worth/10 Crazy and Happy/11 Qualms/12 Hypocisy

Second up is zippy link
This is a various artists comp, thte album title being (in English) "Disturbing the Peace"....he didn't have the complete info on the band names, so we'll setttle for the track titles and hope for the best, after all a good punk comp is a good punk comp, right?
01 Suicide In Slow Motion/02 Blinding Flash/03 Athens/04 Greeks/05 Stress/06 Right to Life/07 Isolation/08 Nightmare/09 Death Throes/10 Bastards Rule/11 In this City/12 Monotony

The third link, according to my trusty translator, contains but three songs (singles?)
First track is "Wake Up, I Die" by Tar and Feathers
Second Track is "Alert" by Panx Romana
Third Track is "Tomb Dreams" by Wear.
I don't know if the follwoing were in the Torrent or whether Apanta went the extra mile for these, all three of these songs have corresponding YouTube links:
Tar And Feathers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMmLDpoAYu4
Panx Romana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EKqUiOfEU
Wear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcgcKm30oz8

The fourth link is the mystery link alluded to above, he could find no information on anything here......hell take a chacne, what do you have bettter to do?

And our fifth and final link for this unique and great post
The translation of this bands name is Nuisance. The were formed in Thessaloniki, and consist of Teo on vocals, Nasxalhs on guitar, and Kostas pounding the drums.
Apparently these tracks are from a CD/casseette release, ca. 2000, I enjoyed this one the most of today's stuff:
01 Our Song/02 1-2-3 Go/03 Hate Triumphs/04 All For All/05 Together Stronger/06 We're Not Well/07 Tribute/08 Street Children/09 Nuisance 2000
and we also get a youtube video for this one, for "We're Not Well" ( really a pretty cool song)


Hope you guys enjoy this sort of thing now and then, I know I LOVE stuff like this but don't really
want to push my tastes on everyone.....ususally these get pretty fair hit numbers though, so thanks again to true friend of the blog, Apanta Bapanta, and we'll get some more material sent to him soon, to translate at his liesure!

For my bro Ruben Chandler

Longtime regular reader/contributer Ruben Chandler sent me the following link last month when I
was computer-challenged.....why not give it a listen, he was pounding the skins in 1997 for The Slow Poisoners......hell, why not give it a listen....


and no damn joke, give us your evaluation.......hey, this is what I WANT is for people to submit stuff here so I have less to do.....and besides, Ruben contacted me via email today, he wrote a fine obit for the great Bobby Keys who has passed, he (Ruben) wrote up this obit and included a fine Bobby Key book you will want to check out (at least I do)....


Thanks to all the guest contributors of the past few days......THAT is what I want, honestly....I have
tons and tons more CD's I can load up on here, but it is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING (to me, at least) when you guys turn me on to an unknown album, a homemade comp, whatever......UNDERSTAND what we are trying to do here......I love and respect everyone who has contributed ONE SINGLE NOTE to this blog, and hope that you all, and many more, continue to contribute stuff that is of interest, you know, to "the rest of us"!

Baby Woodrose

After a few days rest (from WHAT?) of allowing other people to supply the blog with material, (and
infinite thanks to Dave Sez, Apanta Bapanta, and Ruben Chandler) I resume today, with a damn good one no less.....the (I think) complete album works of fuzzed-out psychedelic garage rockers from Copenhagen Denmark,they have brilliantly blended 60's garaage-fuzz with modern day, Datusns' like fury. Great stuff abounds here, lets see what we have.

They released some domestic material, singles/EP's which I don't have and don't know if it is collected on some of the albums listed here, if there is a "rarities" set floating around, I don't know about it and would like to check it out.

So, Copenhagen, 2000, out comes a thrilling album by a band who had struck with a couple of singles-"Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind" wwas one of the top releases of that year, no cover material, but you'd never guess it as the tunes sound like they were stripped off of some long-lost "Nuggets" disc......"Right to Get High", "Baby Blows Your Mind", "What a Burn!", "Spinning Wheels of Fire" meld the elements of 60's hard fuzz and 00's stoner rock to damn near perfection....the album was recorded entirely by Uffe Lorenzen, using the name Lorenzo Woodrose......after the album struck, he added on Fuzz Daddy as drummer and The Moody Guru as bassist......I don't make em up.....
"Money For Soul", then was released in 2003 and was quite well recieved, argueably thier best disc, more textured and creative than the debut....."Honeydripper", "Hippie Chick", "Pouring Water....a better disc than the debut thanks to the power-trio format, I think, it's a really good one, I think most fans of the type of hard rock I enjoy (ya should know by NOW) would like to hear.

To capitailze on their sudden success, they released "Live at Gutter Island", later the same year....it's a short set, less than 30 minutes, and recaps a good number of the tunes from "Money For Soul".....it's good, it would be better as a full-length in my opinion.

Their next release, "Dropout!", was a brilliant one, one similar to (don't laugh) Guns N Roses "The Spaghetti Incident?" (which WAS a great IDEA, just not a great album), in which the band tributes an album full of singles which influenced their sound....it's not OBVIOUS material in the least either.....there is an Elevators track, but not a real well known onw ("I Don't Ever Want to Come Down"), tracks from Love, Lollipop Shoppe, The Saints, The Stooges, and more, smartly avoiding obvious selections and going for tunes tshat could have been written to order.....a favorite of mine, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's "The Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death" gets an interesting treatment. Recommended.

They released another disc of originals, "Love Comes Down", in 2006, with a bit more of a modern,
beefed up sound, I like it a great deal, actually, it was a limited release from what I can tell.....don't really know why, it smokes and reminds me a good bit of Monster  Magnet......thet title track, "Christine", "Found My Way Out", and the psyched-out "Growing Younger" highlight this one, along with the fine cover depicting the ingestion of blotter acid!

Lorenzo Woodrose put the band on hiatus as he worked with his various side projects and with other bands, the next time he put together a unit using the "Baby Woodrose" monicker, Moody Guru and Fuzz Daddy were gone, and were replaces with drummer Hans Beck, bassist Kare Joenson, and second guitarist/vocalist Mads Saaby.....they released 2007's "Chasing Rainbows" with this lineup. While I prefer thet stuff done by the trio, the soundon this one veers toward the dark psychedelia whose influence had always shown through...., a logical progression, if you will, but you may want to think of this as a seperate band than, say, the one who released "Money For Soul" or whatever....."In Your Life" and "Dark Twin" stand out for me,the whole album DOES have a nice, creepy psychedelic vibe to it

For thier next release, the new unit popped out "baby Woodrose", 2009, a seeming return to the garage rock/fuzz stuff that had been thier earlier forte, say of "Money For Soul" or "Dropout!".....as I said earlier, I LOVED "money For Soul", this is not even half as good, but it does give a return to that garage sound, away from the druggy/psych stuff on "Chasing Rainbows"......however, it's NOT a "bad" album, in my book, as, actually, they haven't released a REAL clunker.

Because the final disc I have here is "Mindblowing Seeds and Disconnected Flowers", which is a fine set of the original 4 track demos that eventually would become "Baby Blows Your Mind".....interesting in its own way, music has come full circle, I guess, for Lorenzo Woodrose, a solo record, a trip format, and edging back towards solo-type work with band backup, this most recent release (that I know of) is an interesting take on the early days when it was just him.......
A good band, underappreciated......really have not made a bad one, they are all interesting, and all different, and you should not deprive yourself of any of these.....in my opinion only, one you are gonna love if you are unfamilar!

BABY BLOWS YOUR MIND-01 No Way Out/02 Baby Blows Your Mind/03 What a Burn!/04
Caught in a Whirl/05 Pandora/06 Spinning Wheels of Fire/07 Living a Dream/08 Flaminica/09 Maya/10 D’ya Get What Ya Give?/11 Kara Lynn/12 Right to Get High/13 Mind and Soul/14 Nobody Spoil My Fun

MONEY FOR SOUL-01 Honeydripper/02 Disconnected/03 Pouring Water/04 Hippie Chick/05 Everything’s Gonna Be Alright/06 Carrie/07 Money For Soul/08 Never Coming Back/ 09 You Own It/10 You Better Run/11 Rollercoaster/12 Volcano

LIVE AT GUTTER ISLAND-01 My Baby Likes to Boogaloo/02 Living A Dream/03 Everything's Gonna Be Alright/04 Pandora/05 You Own It/06 Never Coming Back/07 Money For Soul/08 Rollercoaster

DROPOUT!-1.Can’t Explain (Love)/2.I Lost You in My Mind (The Painted Faces)/3.Who’s it Gonna Be (The Lollipop Shoppe)/4.I Don’t Ever Wanna Come Down (The 13th Floor Elevators)
/5.The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square (The Savages)/6.Dropout Boogie (Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band)/7.I’m Going Home (The Sonics)/8.This Perfect Day (The Saints)/9.Not Right (The Stooges)/10.A Child of a Few Hours (The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)

LOVE COMES DOWN-01 What Ya Gonna Do?/02 Found My Way
Out/03 Kitty Galore/04 No Other Girl/05 Lights Are Changing/06 Growing Younger/07 All Over Now/08 Chemical Buzz/09 Christine/10 Do Right/11 Born to Lose/12 Roses/13 Nobody Knows/14 Love Comes Down

CHASING RAINBOWS-01 Someone To Love/02 I'm Gonna Make You Mine/03 Let Yourself Go/04 Twilight Princess/05 Lilith/06 In Your Life/07 Chasing Rainbows/08 No More Darkness/09 Dark Twin/10 Renegade Soul/11 Madness of Your Own Making

BABY WOODROSE-01 Fortune Teller/02 Take It/03 Open Up Your Heart/04 Emily/05 Laughing Stock/06 Countdown to Breakdown/07 Changes Everywhere/08 Hollow Grove/09 No Mas/10 Mikita/11 Scorpio/12 Secret of the Twisted Flower

MIND BLOWING SEEDS AND DISCONNECTED FLOWERS-01 Baby Blows/02 What A Burn/03 Caught In a Whirl/04 pandora/05 Spinning Wheels of Fire/06 Living a Dream/07 City of People/08 Gonna Get You Down/09 D'ya Get What You Give/10 Flaminica/11 Maya/12 Kara Lynn/13 Nobody Spoil My Fun/14 She's All Mine/15 Run Little Girl

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

I decided to drag these dudes out since I mentioned them yesterday, and really haven't listened to
them that much in the past year or two...The West Coast Pop ARt Expermental Band was a sort of anything-goes psych band from Los Angeles ca. late 60's, compirsed of, more or less, vocalist Bob Markely, bassist/vocalist Shaun Harris, guitarist vocalist Danny Harris, guitarist/vovalist Michaeal Lloyd, guitarist Ron Morgan, and drummers John Ware and Hal Blaine.....this will be a tiny bit confusing, but in 1966 they released an LP entitled "Volume 1".....I thought I had a copy of this, actually I guess I don't, but it really isn't an essential work IMO.....covers of a lot of stuff like "Louie Louie", "You Really Got Me", and "Baby Blue" are interesting enough, but hardly as daring as the band's name would imply (however, if anyone has a copy, I'd like to own one just for the hall of it)/

The REAL meat of theier career are the next three albums...the first (1967) of which is entitled "Volume 1" (as opposed to "Part 1").....the cover material is FAR more esoteric (Zappa's "Help I'm a Rock", a Van DyKe Parks tune), and the originals begin to show the imagination and the fascination with psychedelic pop as demonstrated on "Shifting Sands", "1906" and in particular "Morning Dew".
The second LP, also from 1967, was entitled "Volume 2 (Breaking Through)" and is far better than the previous.....again, while not as "experimental" as the bands name would lead us to believe, this is some enjoyable pop-psych....it's a solid album, featuring "Suppose They Give a War and Noone Comes", "In the Arena", and the excellent "Smell of Incense", perhaps their best number....the album shows marked improvement over Volume 1, much more psychedelic, much more of a "statement".....hilariously dated today (songs like "Buddah"), it's a wonderful period piece, as well as a listenable slaba of psychedelic pop.

True believers generally rally around "Volume 3 (A Child's Guide to Good and Evil)", in which the concepts of psychedelic drug rockingexpand even more, and while this album is also delisciously dated too, it is a near-classic in the genre of late 60's psychedelic pop music. Thier best known track is here, "The Child of a Few Hours In Burnung To Death", mentioned previously that it was covered by Baby Woodrose, also 'serious" statements such as "Until the poorest People Have Money to Spend", "Ritual 1" and "Ritual 2"......also the legendary "Anniversary of World War III", which, SPOILER ALERT, contains two solid minutes of complete silence.

I think markely has used the bands name to release a fw pieces since this, but who really cares? These three pieces make up just about you will every need to hear from this crew, unless there is some great lost rarities album out there.....a more pure trio of period pieces of a specific place and time you will not find, people my age will certainly crack a smile if they have not heard these for 30 years, new listeners will shake thier heads and roll thier eyes.......be honest, how many of you have forgotten all about these? Let me know your views on these albums, I really did enjoy giving them a replay today!

VOLUME 1-01 Shifting Sands/02 I Won't Hurt You/03 1906/04 Help I'm a Rock/05 Will You Walk With Me/06 Transparent Day/07 Leiyla/08 Here's Where You Belong/09 If You Want This Love/10 'Scuse Me Miss Rose/11 High Coin

VOLUME 2 (BREAKING THROUGH)-01 In the Arena/02 Suppose They Give a War and Nobody
Comes/03 Buddah/04 Smell of Incense/05 Overture/06 Queen Nymphet/07 Unfree Child/08 Carte Blanche/20 Delicate Fawn/21 Tracy Had a Hard Day Saturday

VOLUME 3 (A CHILD'S GUIDE TO GOOD AND EVIL)-01 Eighteen Is Over the Hill/02 In the Country/03 Ritual I/04 Our drummer Always Plays In the Nude/05 As the World Rises and Falls/06 Until the Poorest People Have Money To Spend/07 Watch Yourself/08 A Childs Guid to Good and Evil/09 Ritual II/10 The Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death/11 As Kind as Summer/12 An Anniversary of World War III

So, talk to me, always want to know what you folks think......and any thing you may wish to request, or submit, without concern of any scrutiny, THIS IS THE PLACE!

Another Stones sidekick leaves us

Just days after the passing of Bobby Keys, now keyboardist Ian McLagan has left us also......quite
sad, and quite hard to make sense of in a world in which Keith Richards and Bill Wyman (who looks like Keith Richards grandfather) still walk among us......moral: ya never fucking know.....RIP to Ian, best wishess to his family from mine, at least, and thanks, once again, to friend-of-the-blog Ruben Chandler who has provided us with an obit for mr Mclagan, please check this and appreciate yet another of the great studio musicians of "our" time has left us.


The Scars, from the Dave Sez collection

The Scars appeared on the "Fast Product-Mutant Pop" collection which was in with the big batch of stuff we posted from Dave Sez the other day......he has been generous enough to also share the follwoing works from the Scars, can't wait to listen to this one myself as the comp tracks were awesome!


Scars - "Live and Demos", and extras 1978-81
From the Dave Sez archive, the promising Edinburgh new wave band that sadly never made it but left us one classic punk-era album. This is all I have that's not from that. Full text and artwork of their vinyls included. A+ @275-300.
Robert King - vocals
Paul Research - lead guitar
John Mackie - bass
Calumn Mackay - drums
Demos, probably 1978:
Hopeless Romantic
Romance By Mail
Peel sessions, 1980 and 1981:
Turn Me On - Peel 20.05.81
Remember Me - Peel 20.05.81
Je T'aime le Mort - Peel 20.02.80
Author Author - Peel 20.02.80
Live, probably in Groningen, Holland 1981:
All about you
Je T'aime le Mort
Leave Me in the Autumn
Scars Extras
The missing Peel session tracks and one more live A+ @ 128-160 kbps. A gift for the great http://nuzzprowlinwolf.blogspot.com/ - go check it out!
She's Alive - Peel 20.02.80 @ 128
So Strange - Peel 20.02.80 @ 128
Vanishing - Peel 20.05.81 @ 128
They Came and Took Me - Peel 20.05.81 @ 128
Remember Me - live Groningen NL 1981 @ 160


check comment section for the link, and once again thanks to my good pal Dave Sez!

artwork included with the link!

Something I forgot to post yesterday......

I posted Ruben Chandler's obit for Ian McLagan yesterday, but completely forgot that healso sent me this link, sure sounds like something I, at leaset, am going to love to be reading........it's a copy of Tony Sanchez' book "I Was Keith Richards Drug Dealer", certainly sounds worthwhile to ME.....if you grab one be sure and thank friend of the blog Ruben Chandler!


Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry

Perhaps a poor man's Joy Division, Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry are a somewhat underappreciated mope/drone rockers coming from Leeds England in the early 1980's....not for everyone to be sure, but I do enjoy these albums in the right frame of mind, much like one can love the music of, say, The Smiths, Joy Division, or Portishead as examples......

Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry were guitarist/singer Chris Reed, guitarist Dave Wolfenden, bassist Paul Southern, and drummer Mick Brown. I read that they considered Wire a major influence on them, and , yes, I can see that as well....they had a few successful singles  before the release of their debut full length, "Talk About the Weather".....saving thier best for first, if there is just one Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry album you want this is it (although "Smashed Hits" is also a fine compilation of their rearly stuff....). It is loaded with some of their best work, "Spinning Round", "Hollow Eyes", "Chance" and more, solid 4 star album I would estimate.

The follow-up, 1986's "Paint Your Wagon", is not nearly as good, although this version does include some bonus tracks ("Paint Your Wagon", "More Jipp") which did not appear on most copies of the album.....however, to me at least, the album sounds rushed and thrown together, and I find it quite disappointing.

And, this is pretty much where myself and Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry part ways.....subsequent albums ("Nothing Wrong", "Blow", maybe a couple more) have remained unheard by me, or forgotten by me, one of the other. As mentioned before, "Smashed Hits" is a good slice of the first  album, as well as a handfulHold Yourself Down of non-LP singles (the excellent "He's Read" , "Monkeys on Juice", and "Beating My Head", a recommended sampler if you prefer this kind of thing to something like "Talk About the Weather")

I also just found a 12" of "Spinning Round"/Chance" which contains an alternate version of "Spinning Round", and a couple of other tracks available eitehr here or also on "Smashed Hits".....
Gloomy stuff, droning guitar, throbbing bass, repititious drumlines, and Reed's somewhat Ian Curtis-
like vocals about describe it.....it's an acquired taste, for sure, but it has it's rewards. Let me know what you think of this, without checking they might have had a track or two on the goth-rock comp "The Black Bible" I posted a while back, if that helps you!

TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER-01 Talk About the Weather/02 Hand On Heart/03 Feel a Piece/04 Hollow Eyes/05 This Today/06 Sometimes/07 Strange Dream/08 Happy

PAINT YOUR WAGON-01 Walking On Your Hands/02 Jipp/03 Last Train/04 Head All Fire/05 Mescal Dance/06 Shout at the Sky/07 Which Side/08 Tear Me Up/09 Save My Soul/10 Blitz/11 Paint Your Wagon/12 More Jipp

SMASHED HITS-01 Beating My Head/02 Take It All/03 He's Read/04 Push/05 Hollow Eyes/06 Monkeys On Juice/07 Feel a Piece/08 Generation/09 Spinning Around/10 Hold Yourself Down/11 Cut Down/12 Chance

CHANCE/SPINNING ROUND (12")-01 Chance/02 Generation/03 Spinning Round/04 Spinning Round (alternate mix)/05 Hold Yourself Down

Opinions are always welcome, as are requests.....I will keep this up as long as you guys will have me!

From the Sports Desk

Certainly you didn't think I'd let a chacne to gloat about Ohio State slip by did you? Do I
HONESTLY think they are on of the four best teams in the country? Honestly? No, not really, but that isn't MY problem.....as awful as they looked earlier this year, relative to how they have played of late, with their making his first start third string quarterback, edged Wisconsin in the Big Ten Title Game, 59-0. An utter decapitation, no other words for it........I imagine they will get knocked around pretty good by Alabama, but they deserve respect and props for making the "field of four", back about week 3-4 I'd literally have bet thousands of dollars against it. They sure as hell promise to be a force next year as well........CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BUCKEYES, in some ways one of the most amazing seasons they have EVER had.......

Geez and the VIKINGS won today also.......improving thier record to 6-7, and looking better each week under great new coach Mike Zimmer........look for the VIKINGS to be a powerhouse in about 2016 (when their incredible new stadium will be open).....I don't CARE if my teams lose, but I do like for them to be headed in the right direction.......the Vikings are, without a doubt in my mind!

Terry Reid

Terry Reid was a failry underappreciated English rock vocalist/guitarist ca. late 60's-early 70's....his first release was the interestingly titled "Bang Bang You're Terry Reid", which contained the single "Better By Far"...he was joined by Peter Solley on keyboards and Keith Webb on the drums. Seemingly, his lucky break was being asked to join Cream on thier 1968 US tour...."Bang Bang You're Terry Reid" is a MUCH better album than it was percieved as being at the time....."Without Expression" is another good number, aned the album holds up surprisingly well, in particular for those whom have never heard it.

An interesting story I had not hearad comes from the Wikipedia article on Reid....it seems that he was Jimmy Page's first choice for a vocalist for the "New Yardbirds", aka Led Zeppelin....since he was already committed to tour with Cream, Reid recommended Robert Plant. Apparently he was also offered the same job in Deep Purple (to replace Rod Evans), the position that was given to Ian Gillan.
His next release was also a quite good one, "Move Over For Terry Reid" (1969) which evidently was not terribly commercially successful, either, but listening to it today.....well, it's quite good as well...."Superlungs", "Rich Kid Blues", and his version of "Highway 61 Revisited" are all solid, and there is a good bit of other good, original material here. Likewise, his third full length, "River" is solid and was also rather poorly recieved commercially.

During the 1970's he releasead several albums, none of which set the charts ablaze, 1973's "Seed of Memory" is, in my estimation a collection of solid tunes, nothings spectacular, but certainly not as bad as a lot of the music of the early 1970's. Some, in fact, consider it his best and most mature work. In 1979 he gave it another go with "Rogue Waves", which is kind of "not so great", with some unisnpired covers and forgettable originals.

He gave up, more or less, on his solo career at this point, perhaps wisely, to concentrate on session work, he plays on a variety of albums for an assortment of bands during the 1980's, you may or may not know that "Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace)" from the debut album of Cheap Trick is a Reid composition.

Anyway, since then he's released an album or three, and I haven't heard em and don't have em....I do,
however, have a very nice "Silver White Light, Live at the isle of Wight 1970", which is a prety decent effort which wasn't released in official form until several years later, and is a very enjoyable set as well, nicely recapping some of his early stuff, leading off with aforementioned "Speak Now".
Reid has been underappreciated throughout his career, for my money, a lot of you kids have no clue who he is I am sure......but give a listen to the albums I have posted here, he was a fine singer and a good guitarist, and there are some excellent songs here, cerified by the number of varied artists who hve covered his work.

OK, this one is for the kids, you guys my age know Terry Reid.....if you are under 30, though, I'm betting you may not have.....want to know what you think....would he be more successful had he come along, say, in 1990 instead of 1968, just as an example......he was quite a talent, I think, and I think that some of you, depending on your tastes, may stumble on an unknwon (to you) gem here.

BANG BANG YOU'RE TERRY REID-01 Bang bang/02 Tinker Taylor/03 Erica/04 Without Expression/05 Sweater/06 Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart/07 Season of the Witch/08 Writing On the Wall/09 Summertime Blues/10 When You Get Home/11 Loving Time/12 Hand Don't Fit the Glove/13 This Time

MOVE OVER FOR TERRY REID-01 Superlungs (My Supergirl)/02 Silver White Light/03 July/04
(Or Forever Hold Your Peace)/09 Rich Kid Blues/10 The hand Don't Fit the Glove/11 This Time/12 Better By Far/13 Fire's Alive
Marking Time/05 Stay With Me baby/06 Highway 61 Revisited/07 May Fly/08 Speak Now

RIVER-01 Dean/02 Avenue/03 Things to Try/04 Live Life/05 River/06 Dream/07 Milestones
SEED OF MEMORY-01 Faith to Arise/02 Seed of memory/03 Brave Awakening/04 To Be Treated Right/05 Ooh Baby (Make Me Feel So Young)/06 The Way You Walk/07 The Frame/08 Fooling You

ROGUE WAVES-01 Ain't No Shadow/02 Baby I Love You/03 Stop and THink It Over/04 Rogue Waves
/05 Walk Away Renee/06 Believe In Magic/07 Then I Kissed Her/08 Bowangi/09 All I Have to Do Is Dream

SILVER WHITE LIGHT-LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT 1970-01 Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace)/02 Things To Try/03 C'mon Mary/04 Silver White Light/05 July/06 Without Expression/07 Dean/08 No Good Situation/09 Rich Kid Blues/To Be Alone With You

Hope you guys enjoy this one, couldn't decide what to do today, selected pretty much at random.


Vocalist Phil Mogg, guitarist Michael Schenker, bassist Pete Way, and drummer Andy Parker were the makings of UFO, certainly one of the 1970's most generic metal bands. They cranked out album after album, actually still continuing to plug on today (I had no idea)....I know I saw them live a couple times, they were a prototypical opening act for some of the big metal bands of the decade, and while I don't recall who they opened for when I saw them, I DO recall that they right hardcore live on those nights, and for while there they were putting out some listenable metal albums, nothing classic, but I was for whatever listening to "Lights Out" recently and I was thinking, "damn, that song rocked", checked a little further and some other memories of some serious cranking tunes came flooding back.

But, how to approach it? I have only a handful of their 1970's peak era, I'm not about to track down thier 1980's/90's/00's/10's stuff, but then I discovered a 5 disc compilation on the Bay, "The Chrysalis Years 1973-1979", which will PERFECTLY encapsulate the years/albums when I was enjoying these guys....sometimes, faceless metal such as this can strike a responisve chord years later, memories of pot smoking and youth need a sound track....this comp is what I will posts, rather than my "proper" album releases, as it has tons of bonus material.

Before I get to that, though, I also have a 1971 Japanese release, creatively titled "Live" (later renamed "UFO Lands in Tokyo")...this was before they became well known, but releasing a live disc so early on tends to lead me to believe that SOMEONE agreed with me that these guys had some serious live chops even in 1971. It's a good set, highlighted by a stomping version of Eddie Cochrane's "C'mon Everybody" and the lengthy "Prince Kajuku/The Coming of Prince Kajaku", I think it's fairly rare, at least I haven't seen many of them.....worth a listen if you are a fan of the jamming-style live albums so popular in the early 1970's.

So we get, now, to the compilation. The first disc represents the 1974 issue "Phenomenon".....highlighted by "Doctor Doctor" and (especially) "Rock Bottom", this is an album I had forgotten, again, quite typical of a lot of metal of this era, and to say the minimum, it DOES rock. This comp version of the album contans a lot of extra tracks and alternate sessions, quite a bit better to listen to than the "regular""Phenomenon".

The second disc begins with a smoking live set from The Electric Ballroom, I think the best thing here, some top notch versions of the stuff on the eaerly albums, as well as another version of "Prince Kajuka". Also on this disc is HALF OF their next album, "Force It", not a greatdisc to begin with, and much LESS impactful being split this way.

The third disc has an even MORE annoying split, the second half of "Force It", ALL of "No Heavy Petting", and the FIRST SIDE of the great "Lights Out", thier best album gets cut in half for God know what reason? Who the hell THOUGHT of this? Trying to sort this out: "No Heavy Petting" contains the spacey "Martian landscape" and the pretty good "Highway Lady",and side 1 of "Lights Out" includes, of course, the title track, perhaps their finest track, and "Just ANother Suicide" and "Too Hot To Handle" are serviceable rockers.

Disc 4 continues the concept of idiotic splits, giveing us side two of "Lights Out" (which, btw, contains on of the most moronic covers ever.....covering a track by Love shows good taste, but if yer gonna DO it, why a slavish copy of "Alone Again Or"? WHY the hell not "August", which I think they could have done wonders with, especially on stage.Disc 4 ALSO contains theier second best album, "Obsession" (at least in it's entirety) which contains the storming "Pack It Up and Go" and "One More For the Rodeo", as well as the dark, raomantaic rocker "Cherry".....also has some bonus material scattered at the end. This is literally the worst job of programming that I can think of, I THOUGHT ABOUT reprogramming it for you so it makes sense, but that really isn't up to me, I guess

Finally  we arrive at disc 5, their "offical" live release, which is good, as one might expect....it's entitled "Strangers in the Night"  and contains the right stuff, "Lights Out" and a long "Rock Bottom" are highlights as well as "Only You Can Rock Me" and "Doctor Doctor".

This is where the comp ends, and this is where I end as well....I am unfamilar with pretty much anything they might have done post-"Strangers", but I just thought that this comp (plus the old Japanese live disc I have) pretty well summarizes what they meant to me......they were a good, workmanlike, hard touring metal rocking band, along the lines of maybe the Scorpions or REO Speedwagon before they decided they were the kings of nauseating pop.....anyway, enjoy the time trip back to the 1970's, what was so bad about them anyway?

Gotta say,again,  not crazy at all about how they split the discs, why not keep the albums together on their "own" discs, the way they were intended to be heard? I don't know, but since I pulled this from the bay (it's FLAC), all artwork and booklet are included.

Lemme know.......variety, variety.

UFO LIVE 1971 JAPAN-01 C'Mon Everybody/02 Who Do You Love/03 Loving Cup/04 Prince Kajuku/The Coming of Prince kajuku/05 Boogie For George/06 Follow You Home

CHRYSALIS YEARS DISC 1-01 Give her the Gun/02 Sweet Little Thing/03 Oh My/04 Crystal Light/05 Doctor Doctor/06 Space Child/07 Rock Bottom/08 Too Young To Know/09 Time On My hands/10 Built For Comfort/11 Lipstick Traces/12 Queen of the Deep/13 Doctor Doctor (Single Edit)/14 Rock Bottom (Bob Harris Session)/15 Time On My hands (Bob Harris Session)/16 Give Her the Gun (Bob Harris Session)

CHRYSALIS YEARS DISC 2-(Tracks 1-8 Live at the Electric Ballroom)-01 Oh My/02 Doctor Doctor/03 Built For Comfort/04 Give Her the Gun/05 Cold Turkey/06 Space Child/07 Rock Bottom/08 Prince kajuku/09 Let It Roll/10 Shoot Shoot/11 High Flyer/12 Love Lost Love/13 Out in the Street

CHRYSALIS YEARS DISC 3-01 Mother Mary/02 Too Much of Nothing/03 Dance Your Life Away/04 This Kid's (Including Between the Walls)/05 Natural THing/06 I'm a Loser/07 Can You Roll Her/08 Belladonna/09 Reasons Love/10 Highway Lady/11 On With the Action/12 a Fool In Love/13 martian Landscape/14 Too Hot To Handle/15 Just ANother Suicide/16 Try Me/17 Lights Out

CHRYSALIS YEARS DISC 4-01 Gettin Ready/02 Alone again Or/03 Electric Phase/04 Love To Love/05 Try Me (Single Remix)/06 Too Hot To Handle (Peel Session)/07 Lights Out (Peel Session)/08 Try Me (Peel Session)/09 Only You Can Rock me (Peel Session)/10 Pack It Up and Go/11 Arbory Hill/12 Aint No baby/13 Lookin Out For No.1/14 Hot N Ready/15 Cherry/16 You Don't Fool Me/17 Lookin Out For No. 1/18 One More For the Rodeo/19 Born To Loose/20 Only You Can Rock me (Single Version)

CHRYSALIS YEARS DISC 5-01 Natural Thing/02 Out in the Street/03 Only You Can Rock me/04 Doctor Doctor/05 Mother mary/06 This Kid's/07 Love To Love/08 Lights Out/09 Rock Bottom/10 Too Hot To Handle/11 I'm a Loser/12 Let It Roll/13 Shoot Shoot/14 Doctor Doctor (Single Edit)/15 On With the Action (Live Single B-Side)

Mayhem & Psychosis

Fine double disc set of  obscure garage rock, a UK import. Many of these tracks I am familiar with
only from this comp set, I love stuff like that. Each disc is loaded with 30 tracks.
Volume 1 gives us some well known (but still great) stuff from The Jelly Bean bandits, Magic Mushrooms, Bluethings, Chocloate Moose,and old favorite "Boil The Kettle, Mother" from the Id,  but slao some stuff here that was pretty much unknwon to me, Riders of the Mark, The Hysterics, Leather Boy, The All Night Workers, and the Bruthers, among others.

The second disc is, if anything, MORE obscure, excepting the Unrelated Segments "Where You Gonna Go" (which turns up often but is still terrific), but out-there stuff from Sentrifical Fours, Purple Underground, The Moonrakers, The Fantastics, and LOADS more.....you'll be amazed by some of this stuff, really.

Not much really to comment on, as you will know by the track list whether or not you want this, but if you're a fan of some of the garaeg-comps I've posted before, you'll most certainly want this one.

VOLUME 1-01 THE JELLY BEAN BANDITS-Generation/02 HOLOCAUST-Savage Affection/03 THE GALAXIES IV-Don't Lose Your Mind/04 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-I'm Gone/05 THE MONOCLES-The Spider & the Fly/06 THE MAGIC PLANTS-I'm a Nothing/07 THE HYSTERICS-Everything's There/08 THE BRUTHERS-Bad Way to Go/09 THE LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Tears to the End/10 THE LEATHER BOY-I'm a Leather Boy/11 THE FRONT LINE-Got Love/12 THE ALL NIGHT WORKERS-Why Don't You Smile/13 THE CAVE MEN-It's Trash/14 THE BEATIN' PATH-Original Nothing People/15 THE DIRTY WURDS-It's Trash/16 THE BLUETHINGS-The Orange Rooftop of Your Mind/17 THE CHOB-We're Pretty Quick/18 THE ID-Boil the Kettle Mother/19 THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE-The Chocolate Moose Theme/20 THE LITTLE BOY BLUES-The Great Train Robbery/21 THE BARE FACTS-Bad Part of Town/ 22 THE SPADES-You're Gonna Miss Me/23 RAVIN BLUE-Love/24 THE RUINS-The End/25 NOBODY'S CHILDREN-Colours and Shapes/26 THE THIRD STONE-True Justice/27 THE CHANGIN TYMES-Go Your Way/28 THE BARONS-Now You're Mine/29 THE YOUNG MEN-Go!/30 RIDERS OF THE MARK-The Electronic Insides and Metal Complexion That Make Up Dr. Krieg

VOLUME 2-01 THE SPARKELS-Hipsville 29 BC (I Need Help)/02 THE BURNING BUSH-Evil
Eye/03 THE TRESPASSERS-Living Memories/04 THE PURPLE UNDERGROUND-Count Back/05 RAIN-ESP/06 THE FANATICS-Woman/07 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock (Who's There)/08 THE RAINY DAYS-I Can Only Give You Everything/09 THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Where You Gonna Go?/10 THE GOLLIWOGS-Brown Eyed Girl/ 11 THE CLUE-Bad Times/12 BEDLAM FOUR-Hydrogen Atom (Or Mushrooms are In)/13 THE MOONRAKERS-Baby Please Don't Go/14 THE UGLY DUCKLINGS-She Ain't No Use To Me/15 THE SHOW STOPPERS-If You Want To, Why Don't You/16 THE DEEPEST BLUE-Pretty Little Thing/17 THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH-Witness People/18 UNKNOWN-Voodoo/19 LARRY KNIGHT & THE UPSETTERS-Everything's Gone Wrong/20 THE SPECKTRUM-Confetti/21 SENTRIFICAL FOURS-You Put Me Through Changes/22 THE SWINGIN' APOLLOES-Slow Down/23 THE OXFORDS-Don't Be a Dropout/24 THE TRIPPERS-Taking Care of Buisness/25 THE ENDD-Come Into My World/26 THE BACKDOOR MEN-Evil/27 THE CHANGING TYMES-The Only Girl I Love/28 THE WANTED-Sad Situation/29 THE TRIBE-Fickle Little Girl/30 THE XL'S-Mary Jane

Apparently a Volume 3 exists, any of our UK friends have a copy of it? By the way, I'm sure you know by now that The Pirate Bay has been shut down, looks like maybe for good this time (but you never know about THAT site)......I've used the Bay for many years, in fact, much of the collection I have built over the years was obtained from that very site. Anyway, if you are a Bay user, I will for now recommend that you use KickAss Torrents, I have never really found anything that was "unique" to that site there (in other words anything the Bay didn't have), but they do have quite a stash of stuff....there is also a mirror version (I think that's what you call it) of the Bay that you can use, but there will, as I understand it, be no NEW uploaded Torrents to it, but apparently it can still be used. Just so you know......as things stand right now, likely KickAss Torrents wil become the "go to" site for new material.

Guitar Bandits 1974

This is what I was listening to in the truck running around this afternoon, was surprised enough by the quality to put it up here for any of you who might not have heard it....I grabbed this off of ChrisGoes excellent site "Darius Don't You Get the Feeling" (http://dariuschrisgoes.blogspot.com/)
last month or so.....it's a little confusing, I guess, a three disc set (Seagull Records) "Guitar bandits 1974", the cover of which says were recorded live at the 1974 California Jam......the blog text explains, however, that not a single one of these bands/performers even played at California Jam.....?....anyway, though, we can't let that detract from the dynamic sound quality and energy of so many of the tracks.....the blog text suggests that most/some/all of these come from classic King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcasts, I know the Mott the Hoople is because I have that one on disc titled as such.

Anyway, forgetting all of that, there is some tremendous live rock here, let's look at it bit by bit....Disc 1 starts with three tracks from Ten Years After, not near as great as thier Woodstock performance, but still not bad.....follow that up, though with some recently departed Johnny Winter.....always amazing captured live on stage, as always this set burns and rages all over the place, with a positively smoldering version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash".....next is Robin Trower with a set of his underappreciated Hendrix-influenced guitar work (note to self: a full Trower post is in order) (ironically I learned of Winter's death from Trower's Facebook post). The disc closes with a couple from Bachman-Turner Overdrive, well, you can't win em all, but it's only two tracks and not nearly as bad as it could be.

So, the first disc certainly lives up to its "Guitar Bandits" name, what with Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter,
and Robin Trower setting the pace, three damn good ones, and to hear stuff like this I really don't care where it was "really" recorded. The second disc opens with another guitar (literally) giant, Leslie West of Mountain, who do not disappoint with a three song set including my fave "Theme For an Imaginary Western".....next up, Joe Perry and Aerosmith with a set including a "Dream On" that frankly isn't as energetic as the version on "Live Bootleg", but an alternate-lyriced version of "Walk This Way" betters the performance from that set. Mott the Hoople, not exactly thought of as a band which housed a guitar "giant" (Mick Ralphs?) which I ALSO forgive because they are one of my favorite bands ever, as wittnessed by my gigantic post on them a while back (can't recall if I included my "King Biscuit" burn in that one or not, it's really sloppy with radio talk and a couple numbers that cut short, so I'm glad to have this cleaned up, albeit shortened version of that set. Humble Pie ends the second disc with a good set, for my money not quite as good as the best stuff on "Rockin the Fillmore", but capped with a frantic "C'mon Everybody".

Disc three leads off with a no-question guitar legend, Eric Clapton, just two tunes but both ("Badge", "Let It Rain") are terrific.....Next we get some White Trash (Edgar Winter ) with a ferocious "Tobacco Road"....don't care if I NEVER hear "Frankenstein" again, but worth the while for this "Tobacco Road" and the rest. According to the blog notes the Who's performance definitley comes from a Biscuit broadcast, I tried to check but I don't have that one, I'll take their word for it, of course they deliver live as they generally did....

Closing things off is Peter Frampton's notorious "Do You Feel Like We Do?" which is another one I don't care if I never hear again, but hey, it's the LAST track so I can always skip over it..I once saw Frampton perform, this was 10-15 years ago, at the Columbus Ohio ZOO, reminded me so much of that scene in the movie, "PUPPET SHOW and SPINAL TAP".

Ignore the "California Jam" thing and this is a fine set. Any lover of hard rock ca. 1974 should love it,
other than that it REALLY lives up to it's title. I wanted to couple this with my vinyl rip of "The Guitars That Destroyed the Earth, which is also a good and fairly rare set from roughly the same time (the Johnny Winter track on that one is smoking as well) but can't find it right now, I'll look some more and maybe get it up tonight (if I can find it).

Anyway enjoy, and be sure to patronize Chris' site as well, it's much much better than this one.

DISC 1-TEN YEARS AFTER-01 Rock and Roll Music To the World/02 Spoonful/03 I'm Going Home JOHNNY WINTER BAND-04 Bad Luck Situation/05 Stone Country/06 Silver Train/07 Jumpin' Jack Flash ROBIN TROWER-08 The Day of the Eagle/09 Bridge of Sighs/10 Too Rolling Stoned/11 Alethea/12 Little Bit of Sympahty BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE-13 Roll On Down the Highway/14 Takin' Care of Buisness

DISC 2-MOUNTAIN-01 Theme For an Imaginary Western/02 nantucket Sleighride/03 Roll Over Beethoven/Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On AEROSMITH-04 Dream On/05 Walk This Way/06 Train Kept a Rollin' MOTT THE HOOPLE-07 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock n Roll/08 Sucker/09 Born  Late '58/10 One of the Boys/11 Marionette/12 All the Way From Memphis HUMBLE PIE- Four Day Creep/14 Stone Cold Fever/15 C'mon Everybody

DISC 3-ERIC CLAPTON 01 Badge/02 Let It Rain EDGAR WINTER'S WHITE TRASH-03 Keep Playing that Rock n Roll/04 Frankenstein/05 Tobacco Road/06 Rock N Roll Boogie Woogie Blues THE WHO-07 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/08 Substitute/09 My Generation/10 Pinball Wizard PETER FRAMPTON-11 Do You Feel like We Do

The Return of "Some Christmas Music For the Rest Of Us"

OK, I popped up most if not all of this material last year, under the title 'Christmas Music for" the rest
of us...let me see what all I can scrape together for a repeaet performance, as last years links are dead dead....leme see if I can drag out MOST of the stuff I put up last year, then I will search the web for some NEW (to me) stuff for the blessed season......I've been really busy lately and actually feeling kind of depressed, (I often get that way around the holidays), so I've been away from the blog for a while, just kind of down......but anyway, here's a couple of repeated Christmas comps from last year, I'll scrape up some more this week, and the great Apantabapanta has createed yet another (Volume 6) in the Greek Punk series, which I'll get up tomorrow or tonight. Sorry I've been dragging my feet, just feeling kind of strange lately.

CHRISTMAS ROCK-01 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/02 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-All I Want For Christmas Is You/03  WEEZER-Christmas Song/04 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/05 THE DARKNESS-Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)/06 STREET DRUM CORPS FEAT. BEN MCCRACKEN (THE USED)-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/07 NO DOUBT-Oi To the World/08 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/09 LESS THAN JAKE-Frosty the Snowman/10 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/11 FROM FIRST TO LAST-12 Days of Xmas/12 THE DANDY WARHOLS-Little Drummer Boy/13 ZAKK WYLDE-White Christmas/14 BON JOVI (gawd)-I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas (gawd)/15 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Christmas Eve/16 EL VEZ-Feliz Navi-Nada/17 SIMPLE PLAN-My Christmas List/18 FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE-I Want an Aline for Christmas/19 MEW-Snow Brigade/20 BLINK 182-I Wont Be Home For Christmas/21 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex Miss/22 KORN-Jingle Bells (Death Metal Version)/23 LEMMY KILMISTER-Run Run Rudolph/24 LINKIN PARK-My December

01 BLACK HALO-Homeless For Christmas/02 BARELY PINK-Come On Christmas/03 WEEZER-Christmas
Celebration/04 THE MONTGOMERY CLIFTS-Don't Feel Much Like Christmas/05 DWIGHT TILLEY-Snowman Magic/06 PUGWASH-Tinsle and Marzipan/07 DOUG POWELL-Mary Christmas/08 REDD KROSS-Mary Christmas/09 JOE ALGERI-Xmas Stockholm/10 THE SPRING COLLECTION-Christmas With You/11 MARK BACINO-Merry Christmas I Love You/12 CARPET FROGS-Christmas Would Not Be Christmas/13 EPICYCLE-Xmas/14 LOVE NUT-It's Christmas Time So What/15 THE LEN PRICE THREE-It's Christmas Time Ebeneezer/16 THE WELLINGTONS-I Guess It's Christmas/17 FUTURE CLOUDS AND RADAR-Christmas Day 1923/18 JEREMY-Christmas Spirit/19 SUPER DELUXE-A Wonderful Christmas Time/20 AIMEE MANN & MICHAEL PENN-Christmastime/21 NUDGE EM ALL-Christmas/22 JEFFERY FOSKETT-Christmas Time Is Here/23 THE SMITHEREENS-Merry Christmas Baby/24 THE YULE LOGS-Christmas From Berlin/25 THE CHEVELLES-Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls/26 HUNTINGTONS-It's Always Christmas Time At My House

RIP Joe Cocker

Well I was GONNA do up part 6 of the Greek Punk series today (Thanks again to my Greek homie
Apantabapanta), we'll hit that tomorrow as today brings the sad news of the passing of Joe Cocker today at the age of 70. I don't have a huge selection of his work, but I think I have some good ones though, vinyl rips compliments of Mr. Miller (my Dad) who loved Cocker, and these vinyl rips are gonna sound great to ya trust me.

Cocker was unique with the roughest, grittiest voice one could imagine, his shit rocked mercilessly, and he could break down a cover version like maybe NO ONE else before or since....
First up I have his first release "With a Little Help From My Friends", which of course features that beatles classic, a sellar "Feeling Alright", Dylan's "Just Like a Woman", and so much more......listened today and what an album. Power packed and five star all the way.
My second vinyl rip in this limited "collection" is the incredible "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", on which he crushes, among others, the Stones'"Honkey Tonk Women", an even more epic "Feelin Alright", the Beatles "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window", and, especially, the totally frentic closing duo of The Four Tops "The Letter" (rips the original to shreds) and Leon Russell's "Delta lady" (Likewise).......

For my money he kinda actually got into some pretty sappy shit in the 1970's, not gonna argue if you like "You Are So Beautiful" or something, but to me, these two albums, in particular in this sweet, sweet vinyl version, are the DEFINITIVE Cocker......when I was a kid my Dad played these ALL the time, and my Dad had almost as good taste in music as myself.....even if you have these in "Deluxe CD versions" (I Don't), you must check out these tasty vinyl rips, trust your uncle here, they are the absolute shit!

Greek Punk Tomorrow, promise!

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS-01 Feeling Alright/02 Bye Bye Blackbird/03 Change in Louise/04 Marjorine/05 Just Like a Woman/06 Do I Still Figure In Your Life?/07 Sandpaper Cadillac/08 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/09 With a Little Help From my Friends/10 I Shall be Released

MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN-01 Honky Tonk Women/02 Sticks and Stones/03 Cry Me A
River/04 Bird on a Wire/05 Feelin ALright/06 Superstar/07 Let's Go Get Stoned/08 Blue Medley: I'll Drown In My Own Tears/When Something Is Wrong With my baby/I've Been Loving You Too Long/09 Girl From the North Country/10 Give Peace a Chance/11 She Came In through the bathroom Window/12 Space Captain/13 The Letter/14 Delta lady

RIP Joe, ya done DAMN GREAT with these albums....I also always liked his take on "Midnight Rider", don't have whatever album that's on.......hook a brother up? Feel free to contribute ANY Cocker you have these two vinyl rips are the extent of MY collection, but no question, this man could WAIL!!!!!

Greek Punk Part 6

Major props to my Greek homeboy Apantabapanta, without question one of the greatest of all of the
friends of the blog, as her tirelessly translates these Greek punk rock posts to English for us so we less-continental types can at least PRETEND we understand. This is the sixth post my man has created for this site, I LOVE it, honest to God, I love rock n roll but I also love VARIETY in my rock n roll, something new, something different.....hell, you know all that or you wouldn't be here.....sometimes the format he sends stuff to me in makes it hard to copy/paste, so, some of it I have to re-type, which I am happy to do.....so here ya go, volume 6 of the all time world's greatest Greek Punk Rock series...

First link for tonight is http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/86360625/file.html
This is for perhaps the most legendary of the Greek punk bands, Panx Romana....they were formed in Athens in 1982. They have popped up in the Greek punk posts before, and this time with the album "Children In Arms".......the track list, according to my main man, is as follows:
01 Conscientious Objectors/02 Anonymous Heroes, Famous Monuments/03 Hellenes (Greeks)/04 Clown/05 Complex/06 Mechanical Baby/07 Nylon/08 Children in Arms/09 Filmmakers of Violence/10 In Twilight of a New System/11 Winter Forever/12 Detainees of Walls/13 Living In Fear
This is perhaps my favorite album of the Greek Punk series thus far, highly recommended....good album........
Next up we have, hooked to the link http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/57352492/file.html 
which will hook you up with a band called "Adiexodos", which translates in English to Dead End.....according to Apantabapanta, the listed song order is wrong, so I am giving it to you as the Greek God of Punk sets us straight......apparently these are from a demo tape, ca. 1991 Athens.....the members being Costas, singer, George, guitar, Michael, Bass, and Spiros, drums........As best as I can figure, here is the track list:
01 Policeman/02 New Life/03 Anti-Establishment/04 Dead End/05 Lonilness/06 Juvenile Prisons...apparently, there are more tracks here from an officailly released CD, let me TRY to guide you through it.....01 Hate/02 Family/04 Alternative Solution/08 Duplicity System/09 Political Party Sheepfold/10 Check Elements/11 Byzantine/12 38 Millimeteres....yes, I understand some of the tracks from the CD are missing, this is how I recieved it.......quite enjoyable anyway.

Next up we have http://www18zippyshare.com/v/38242932/file.html
This link will take you to an album by a band called "Akros Antithetoi", of, Highly Opposed.....formed Athens 1989.
This link will hook you up with 2 different albums, first, a live demo whose track list reads:
01 Mirror/02 The NexT Day/03 Beyond Limits/04 All For the Future/05 Defeat/06 Stories For Little Children/07 Right To Life/08 Culture
....and a batch of studio tracks, 01 Disasters/02 E.K.A.M./03 Intro/04 Triumph of Death/05 Dead Emotion/06 Trained Psycopaths/07 Without Name/08 Descendents of Alexander the Great

Also a good one to give a listen to if you are up for something a little different.
Our next link, http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/51082446/file.html ,  leads us to a band formed in Kardista, ca. 1992 "Ania".....this 1999 release, a DIY effort, was entitled "The Knowledge of Destruction"......01 Morbid Survival/02 Screams of War/03 Last Rage//04  Refusal To Go To the Army (BigScott: WHAT a fucking GREAT title!)/05 The Knowledge of Destuction/06 Not Dune Murders/07 Idiot World/08 This Evening

Next up is "Apolitiistoi", to us yanks, "Uncivilized", from athens, 1989......Apantabapanta quoted
some notes or something here, I thought they were significant enough to repeat verbatim....
"The" Apolitiistoi" is a musical-social complex through automatically want to express thier views on the war between society and the state conducted daily....The "Apolitistoi" have not signed with any record company, big or small, no play in shops, small or not playing at concerts, not just to play but always a social issue....and generally have to DO IT YOURSELF is against those who ravaged our past and want to ruin our and future rulers everywhere.....".......I love stuff like this......
01 Genocide/02 The School/03 Fascist Pig/04 Grave Digger or Sexton/05 Nazi Die/06 Doomed Earth/07 Cowards/08 Dying Life/09 United Nations

And, one more.......click on http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/26437408/file.html and you will land upon "Arnakia", translated as "Lambs", or Little Lambs"......They formed in Athens in the mid 1980's, and in 1993 released a CD entitled "In the Mouth of the Wolf".....01 Sky Diver/02 The End Is Coming/03 The Fall/04 Nobody Can/05 Your Bad Self/06 Betrayal/07 I'm Losing My Patience/08 You Live To Die
There is an additional track "Everybody Are Ghosts", which was not on the CD, we do have a video link for it, http://www.readnews.gr/newsvideoKMfKinaU1K0 arnakia-oloi-einai-fantasma.html
Thanks again to ApantaBapanta, one of the greatest of my my many great blog friends, for helping me with this.....to me these posts are simply GOLD and I couldn't do it wothout him.......I LOVE to fill this blog with a wide VARIETY of stuff that maybe you can't find elsewhere, and the Greek Punk series is something, that I hope, makes the blog at least somewhat unique.
Thanks, ApantaBapanta, love you man, and TRULY love EVERYONE ELSE who contributes stuff to the blog and understands what I am trying to accomplish here.......I don't know if I'll get another post up before Christmas or not, if not, PLLLLLELAAAASEE all of you have a wonderful Christmas holiday, and LOVE YOUR FAMILY, they are the most valuable resource in your life, honest to God.....the nly family I have is my wife and son (except for my wife's wonderful family who have accepted me as one of their own), but each and every person that you love is more valuable than $1000000. Not bullshitting,juststating my feelings........

See ya soon, I promise, got a lotsa more WAY KEWL posts in the works, such sa the long promised
Yo La Tengo, Siousxsie and the Banshees, perhaps a huge Stranglers post, some Judas Priest rarities, hell you know me, it's whatever mood I'm in on that particular day......I love the rock n roll, though, and if you do as well, you are in the right place.......please feel free to contribute and request anything that will make the blog BETTER (wouldn't take much, really!)
Love to all of you, really.......

This shit be SO obscure/bizarre, that I can only find limited pictures to decorate.......so, fuck it, why not some more Santa babes that have been begging to sit on my face of late............

Merry Christmas, and some thievery.....

Hope you ALL have the most joyous Christmas ever, that going especially for your families as well,
family is the most important thing on this planet.....take it from someone who has next to NO family (luckily my wife's family has "adopted" me as thier own), just make sure and tell your loved ones that they truly ARE loved.......we all wind up in the same place eventually anyway....

I am going to borrow a couple of links from "Paradise of Garage Comps" today, I asked him if it was OK but I got no answer, I'm sure he doesn't care as he is a real cool guy.


I have posted this link before, perhaps last year or the year before, I think it is maybe the greatest of rock Christmas albums of them all, fab stuff from the Pacific Northwest from the Wailers, the Sonics, and the Galaxies:

01 THE SONICS-Santa Claus/02 THE WAILERS-She's Comin' Home/03 THE GALAXIES-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer/04 THE WAILERS-Christmas Spirit??/THE SONICS-The Villiage Idiot/06 THE SONICS-Don't Believe In Christmas/07 THE GALAXIES-Please Come Home For Christmas/08 THE WAILERS-Maybe This Year/09 THE GALAXIES-Christmas Eve/10 THE WAILERS-The Christmas Song

 Also as a bonus here is a link to a fabulous video of the Sonics "Santa Claus", it is fantastic......I have to link it directly to that site ("Paradise"), I'm sure he won't care if I generate him a bit of extra traffic:


And while I'm stealing his links, I may as well add one more, a pretty cool "girl group" kinda thing, "A Christmas Gift For You", which I had NOT heard before today.....

01 DARLENE LOVE-White Christmas/02 THE RONETTES-Frosty the Snowman/03 BOB B SOXX & THE BLUE JEANS-The Bells of St Mary/04 THE CRYSTALS-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/05 THE RONETTES-Sleigh Ride/06 DARLENE LOVE-Marshmallow World/07 THE RONETTES-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/08 THE CRYSTALS-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer/ 09 DARLENE LOVE-Winter Wonderland/10 THE CRYSTALS-Parade of the Wooden Soldiers/11 DARLENE LOVE-Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)/12 BOB B SOXX & THE BLUE JEANS-Here Comes Santa Claus/13 PHIL SPECTOR & THE ARTISTS-Silent Night

This is a stunning set, actually, in particular the Crystals tracks and Spector's chilling ending.....highly recommended.


Thanks to Paradise of Garage Comps for letting me cop thier groove today, just thought this stuff was too good to pass up.......hope all of you have a great Christmas holiday and recall that the MOST IMPORTANT THING is to LOVE your family!