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Welcome back to Dave Sez with a mystery post!

Dave Sez has been off doing his own thing for a while, glad to see him back because he always has something fun, different, and exciting for us to enjoy......today he brings us a "mystery post" (actually 2) and requests that I don't tell you what they are until you download......when you do, the information is then available......however, I doubt 99% of you have heard of them (I hadn't).....I listened to them last night and they were quite enjoyable, as all of Dave Sez submissions generally are. Take a chance on the "Mystery Download" Dave Sez has done a lot for us over the years.....I think most of you will enjoy these albums.

Here is the link to "Dave Sez Mystery Post, Parats 1 and 2"-http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/14554438/file.html

Thanks Dave Sez, don't be a stranger and I hope all is well with you!

Also, thanks to another longtime follower, Andie James, who generaously contributes the UK Subs "Brand New Age", thanks Andie!......heposted it in the UK Subs comments, in casae you didn't catch it there, here it is:

And while we are talking of the UK Subs, an anonymous poster has provided a link to another site, which contains UK Subs-In Progress Live!,


Thanks to everyone for getting involved, I love it, and especially welcome back to my friend Dave Sez, hte best contributor EVER here.......I've got to get some more Greek Punk to Apanta Bapanta, I've probably got 75 or so more albums I need him to translate, but along with Dave Sez, he's been a long time great help with the blog. but really, thanks to everyone who just reads, or listens, maybe drops a "thank you" now and then.......I hope the blog has over the years remained true to it's original intent, because I never wanted it to be anything like other blogs. I want it to be more like a community where we ALL share our stuff, some of us don't quite get that (people sound very adamant about desiring reups of old links, and I tell them the only thing they need to do is FIRST contribute something intersting for the rest of us here.....90% of them I never hear from again.....NOT how it's supposed to work. Please understand, I am not your employee, nor am I a public utility, the selfish "I want THIS,and I want THAT, and make it QUICK" posts are from people who DON'T GET IT.......now, if you approach it like this: "Say,Scott, sure would like to see a re-up of those Sleater Kinney albums from three years ago.....I have a couple of thier shows you don't seem to have....i will post them in the hope that you will repost the ones I wish to have".......BINGO, that is how we do it. It's not hard, but this is a SHARE BLOG, and SHARING has to go both ways.

Thanks to Dave Sez, Andie James, ApantaBapanta, Psychlist, and so many more for "getting it"!

"Greatest Ever" Punk & New Wave (Thier Words)

Well, this is a three disc set from 2013, I would hardly consider these tracks, many of which are on MOST comps to be the "greatest ever", and I wouldn't even mess with this, to be honest, if there weren't a handful of truly rare tunes here, as well as, among the more common ones there are some damn GOOD ones, I mean, I assume you all HAVE THEM ALL anyway, but maybe not, and if so, go ahead and fill in a gap. I must say right from the start that "Greatest Ever" is more than a good bit ambitious in titling.....

Disc One, features fairly white-bread selections that turn up ever time pretty much.....all good songs, but really...."Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers? Is there a comp of this type WITHOUT that one? Great song, BUT......The Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen In Love"? Eddie and the Hot Rods "Do Anything You Wanna Do"? These tracks, as great as they arer, are practically generic, they appear on so many comps...if it were 1980, these might be wonderful finds but now? when each of us has 15 different comps with EACH of these tunes on it? Just seems redundant to me, to a degree.....

However, I do NOT wish to discredit the entire Disc #1.....some of this stuff turns up less often, and sometimes a comp can be "worth it" for even a single track (not saying this is the case here, BUT:)
The wonderful "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins is a great one that doesn't turn up THAT much, The Skids "Into the Valley", The Ruts "Staring at the Rude boys, The Teardrop Explodes (now THERE's a band I need to profile!) "When I Dream" is a gem, "Is Vic There" by Department S is MUCH less well known, and tracks from Jona Lewie and the Fall save this disc from being a K-Tel "Amazing New Wave Hits".....cleverly program this and you may wind up with ONE good disc of material you did not have before.

Disc 2 is a tiny bit more essoteric, even though there are layups on this one as well, "One Step
Beyond" by Madness, The Boomtown Rats stunning classic "I Don't Like Mondays", The Romantics "What I like about You".....easilly obtainable, punk/new wave fans likely already have these on 10 comps already......but of course the reason I am doing this is for the few tracks here which don't ALWAYS make the comps......"Reward" from Teardrop Explodes, Bad Manners "Lip Up Fatty", The Slits great "I heard it Through the Grapevine", and the stunning "Police and Thieves", NOT the Clash version, but the electrifying Junior Murvin version......it would be worth purchasing this set for this track. Lene Lovich's "Lucky Numbers" is another track that misses the comps in general.......

So Disc 3......again, PLENTY of softballs.....The Dead Kennedy's "Holiday In Cambodia", Penetration's overdone "Don't Dictate", After the Fire's "Der Komissar", other than that, for the most part, Disc 3 presents us with the most interesting tracks of the three, such as moderately unknown stuff from John Cooper Clarke, Anti-Nowhere League, the Slaughter & the Dogs take on "Hard Day's Night", "Butcher Baby" from the Plasmatics (miss you so much Wendy my Love), and Spizzenergi's fab "Where's Captain Kirk".........

There's enough stuff you might not have here to create a disc or a disc and a half, a lot of it is EASY to locate, and in better company......this is not a "classic", "Must Have" comp, but for cherry pickers, there is a gem or three here waiting for you.

DISC 1-01 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/02 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Ulternative Ulster/03 THE SKIDS-Into the Valley/04 THE RUTS-Staring at the Rude Boys/ 05 THE BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love?/06 THE UNDERTONES-Jimmy Jimmy/07 THE DAMNED-Neat Neat Neat /08 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/09 SPLIT ENZ-I Got You/10 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do/11 THE TEARDROP EXPLODES-When I Dream/12 THE RUNAWAYS-Black Leather/13 MARTHA & THE MUFFINS-Echo Beach/14 DEPARTMENT S-Is Vic There?/15 TENPOLE TUDOR-Swords of a Thousand Men/16 WRECKLESS ERIC-Whole Wide World/17  JONA LEWIE-You'll Always Find Me In the Kitchen at Parties/18 THE FALL-Bingo/Master's Break/Out/19 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Johnny Was

DISC 2-01 MADNESS-One Step Beyond/02 THE SPECIALS-Ghost Town/03 THE BEAT-Mirror
In the Bathroom/04 IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Reason to Be Cheerful/05 THE BOOMTOWN RATS-I Don't Like Mondays/06 THE ROMANTICS-That's What I Like About You/07 THE VAPORS-Turning Japanese/08 SQUEEZE-Cool For Cats/09 ADAM & THE ANTS-Kings of the Wild Frontier/10 THE TEARDROP EXPLODES-Reward/11 THE SELECTER-On My Radio/12 THE BEAT-Tears of a Clown/13 BAD MANNERS-Lip Up Fatty/14 THE SLITS-I Heard It Through the Grapevine/15 JUNIOR MURVIN-Police and Thieve/16 MADDNESS-Baggy Trousers/17 JOE JACKSON-Is She Really Going Out With Him/18 LENE LOVICH-Lucky Numbers/19 BAD MANNERS-Special Brew

DISC 3-01 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/02 UK SUBS-Warhead/03 DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/04 ABGELIC UPSTARTS-Angels In Disguise/05 THE DEFECTS-Suspiscious Minds/06 THE VIBRATORS-Automatic Lover/07 ALTERNATIVE TV-Action Time Vision/08 LENE LOVICH-Say When/09 SPIZZENERGI-Where's Captain Kirk/10 THE CRACK-All or Nothing/11 999-Obsessed/12 SECRET AFFAIR-Time For Action /13 AFTER THE FIRE-Der Komissar/14 THE MONOCHROME SET-Strange Boutique/15 THE PLASMATICS-Butcher baby/16 ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE-I Hate People/17 SLAUGHTER & THE DOG'S-Hard Day's Night/18 UK SUBS-Drunken Sailor/19 JOHN COOPER CLARKE-Evidently Chicken Town

OK, make of it what you will....at least half of the material at least most of us have.....but there are a gem and a gem-ette sprinkled throughout......this was ALL great music, so handle it however you feel......it just reminds me so much of one of those ridiuculous K-Tel comps that sold at Ronco for 1.99........but there is GOOD/GREAT shit here........yours is to seek it out, grasshopper.

Dave Sez fills a request.


I don't remember who exactly asked for this, but a couple weeks ago, someme asked if I had the Stortbeat  1979-92 set which Dave Sez had presented sometime before on "Music Ruined My Life".....well I know I didn't havea it, so I put out a call fro Dave Sez who answered quickly and generously to provide us all with this great looking double disc set:

Here'a Dave Sez' track list for DI.......

    Disc one

    - Record Company
    - Harlow Town
    - Kitchen Parties
    The Sods
    - No Pictures
    - Plaything
    Spelling Missteaks
    - Popstar
    - Mirrors
    - Rubber duck
    - Urge
    - 1970's
    - System rejects/Hitler's still a Nazi
    No Wonder recordings
    Newtown Neurotics
    - Licensing Hours
    - You Said No
    Airplay Records
    Easy Action
    - Burning a hole
    - Kaspar Hauser
    Pressure Stops
    - Crash wanderer
    - Shirts
    Urban Decay
    - Severals
    - Sex Assault
    - Better Days
    - So superstitious
    - Best Friend

AND HERE for Disc 2:
isc Two
- I'm never nervous (live)
- Nobody wants to know
- Bun in the oven
The Sods
- Snakes
- Work
Pete the Meat and the Boys
- Look what she's doing
- Superman
- Why should I care
Trendy Records
The Groove
- What am I gonna do about you
- I wanna be your pigmy
- Heart Complaint
- I'm in love
No label
Anti State Control
- Sniffing Glue Blues
- M.U.S.E
- 3rd World bomb
- Trouble (live)
- Weekend (live)
- Romantic old sod
- Grab the haddock
Mirror Co
- Hit Single
- Beat City
Vertical Strokers
- Holidays
- Saturday girls
Rodger Milton
- My old man (backed by The Firm)
    - Crash wanderer
    - Shirts
    Urban Decay
    - Severals
    - Sex Assault
    - Better Days
    - So superstitious
    - Best Friend

Here are the zippy links for them both:

Should be readdy is just a few minutes, while we all take the time to thank Dave Sez for all of the great stuff he has provided us with here over the years! this blog simply would not be what it is without the help so many other contributors!

blog will be down awhile

Got some computer issues I can't quite get resolved, should be back Monday or Tuesday or so with a whole new machine....gonna take a little time to clean this one out but I shall return!
Meanwhile if y'all need anything the email is the same, csgmiller@global.net......be back soon this was bound to happen

Couple more days, PLEASE continue to show patience

My computer is in the shop, and naturally THEY are shorthanded as one of their techs has been sick......so I am hoping to be back up and running by tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll see.....as I have told you so many times, I love doing this blog and would never abandon you all.......just need a nasty virus removed from my "partner"........thanks for your patience, I hope to throw out a few bonus posts, comics and whatever else comes to mind to make up for the disruption........gotta lots of cool stuff planned as soon as I get my machine back, please don't abandon me as I assure you I have not abandoned YOU!!!!!!!

By the way, please, Royals, let's kick some serious ass in game 7, it's been an amazing run and now let us finish it up RIGHT......Baumgartner is a shell of a pitcher and is on a shell of a roll, but come on KC, just show the determination you have shown the last month, and FIGURE OUT  a way to get this done !!!!!!!!!!!

I am BACK!

After a WEEK of my beast being in the shop for devirusing, we can perhaps resume, this evening and this weekend, some speecial posts that I hope you guys will LOVE, to celbrate your extreme patience!

Sleigh Bells

One of my faves of recent times, and quite underappreciated in my book, are Sliegh Bells, who come
to us straight outta Brooklyn......yet another male/female duo, I've commented a few times on how many great bands of this era took on this format, but there is no arguing the results, ie the White Stripes, The Ravonettes, The Kills, The Firey Furnaces, Mommy and Daddy all great and original bands, Sleigh Bells continue the treand.

Sleigh Bells are guitarist Derek Miller (formerly of Poison the Well, whom I think I profiled on here wonce), and vocalist Alexis Krauss. Thier fine and unique noise-pop is, to me, some very excellent and typlomatic of the sounds of the present......they released a self titeld debut EP in 2009 which I don't have handy here, after I up the rest of the stuff I'll see if there's a copy on the Bay,

So their first full length is a good one, "Tell Em", "Riot Rythm" and "Infinity Guitars" stand out, althought the entire album is worthwhile, a full-blown mature effort.

They followed it up, though, with by far (to now) thier best, "Reign of Terror"......much heavier and less-pop oriented than "Treats", I personally thought it was the best album release of 2012, fascinating from beginning to end, "True Shred Guitar", "The Comeback Kid", "Road to Hell" and many others provide sonic landscapes that REALLY don't remind me of much else, the fingerprints, say of the above mentioned Kills or Raveonettes may be here, but the Bells are NO copycat/trend surfer band.

Things took a step back on the third release "Bitter Rivals", same format, short, guitar drenched blasts, but I think the peak might have been reached on "Reign"......certainly some good stuff on here, the title track and "Sugar Cain" standout.......

Don't know if the Bells have anything planned for us in the future or not, but there are a few decent albums here for you to investigate if you are a fan of modern day electro-noise pop/rock.......hope ya like em, and look for MULTIPLE and greatly VARIED posts this weekend while I celebrate finally getting my computer out of the shop!

TREATS-01 Tell Em/02 Kids/03 Riot Rhythm/04 Infinity Guitars/05 Run the Heart/06 Rachel/07 Rill Rill/08 Crown on the Ground/09 Straight A's/10 A/B Machines/11 Treats

REIGN OF TERROR-01 True Shred Guitar/02 Born To Lose/03 Crush/04 End of the Line/05 Leader
of the Pack/06 Comeback Kid/07 Demons/08 Road to Hell/09 You Lost Me/10 Never Say Die/11 DOA

BITTER RIVALS-01 Bitter Rivals/02 Sugar Cain/03 Minnie/04 Sing Like a Wire/05 Young Legends/06 Tiger Kit/07 You Don't Get Me Twice/08 To Hell With You/09 24/10 Love Sick

Let me know what you think and what you'd like to hear this weekend, I really want to come through with some DIFFERENT stuff this weekend for my patient minions! And thanks to Buckeye PC Repair, even though it took a week, fantastic job, getting excellent performance and at a good price, yet!

Loudness Part 1

Okay, I owe you guys at least one big long mega-post, if not more, but here is the first of a two part
installment from Japanese metaloids Loudness.....though not nearly as good and much harder to take seriously than the great Eternal Elysium, they have knocked out a solid riff or three in their long career, do material in both English and Japanese, and have tried to capitalize, at least to a degree, on every trend in hard rock that has come along over the last 30 years, something akin to a (wait for it) Japanese Spinal Tap.

Formed in the early 80's in Osaka, Loudness were the brainchild of guitarist Akiri Takasaki and drummer Munetka Higuchi, rounded out with bassist Masayosi Yamashita and singer Minoru Niihara. Thier first release was 1981's (Japanese language) "The Birthday Eve".....knowing as you do my weakness for non-English language rock, it won't be hard to guess that it's kind of a guilty pleaseure of mine......titles like "To Be Demon" and "Rock Shock" only make it more fun. Kind of hair-glam sounding metal, the kind I generally dislike when it's in English.

They caught a niche and quickly released a flurry of albums: 1982's "Devil Soldier", 1983's "Law of Devil's Land", and 1984's "Dislillusion", all of which share a good bit of similarity with the first effort, and all of which I have something of a fondness for......"Disillusion", interestingly enough, was recut with English language vocals in search of a US/Eurpoean audience, I have included both efforts here, it is LOADS of fun to listen to them back to back.

Thier first international release, then, came in 1985 with "Thunder in the East", which included thier first approximation of a hit US single ("Crazy Nights"), and a good many other Twisted Sister/Guns N Roses style hard glam rockers......I know I am likely feeding you an overdose of this stuff, but it ain't like yer uncle to do shit half-ass, now is it?

The next release was 1986's "Lightning Strikes" (US)/"Shadows of War" (Japan), agqain, I will
include both for your approval......my opinion was that by this time, the "joke" was wearing fairly thin and as the band searched for yet MORE mainstream acceptance, they wound up sounding fairly silly. You be the judge.

They released an EP "Jealousy" in 1988, and then moved on a suggestion (a poor one IMO) that an English speaking singer could gain them mainstream fame and fortune (don't recall that happening, do you?)......American vocalist Mike Vescara was recruited, and the novelty of simply "being Japanese" no longer reamained, and they sounded more and more like a 1000 other American hair-metal bands, as we know, NOT one of my favorite of the genres. They released a couple of albums, "Soldier of Fortune" and "On the Prowl", the latter of which consists mostly of Vescara's English language takes on older, "classic" Loudness material....my advice: avoid at all costs (even though I'm "generously" providing them as well). This tactic worked about as well as one might predict, as they gained no traction in the US AND lost popularity in Japan as well.......Vescara left the band soon afterward....the band regrouped and returned to Japan, making personnel adjustments and starting "over", adjusting their sound in an attempt to capitalize on currently popular "grunge" sounds......in the next post, we will investigate post-1991 Spinal Ta......uh, I mean Loudness, always an interesting if not always the greatest in musical offering.

THE BIRTHDAY EVE-01 Loudness/02 Sexy Woman/03 Open Your Eyes/04 Street Woman/05 To
Be Demon/06 I'm On Fire/07 High Try/08 Rock Shock (More and More)

DEVIL SOLDIER-01 Lonely Player/02 Angel Dust/03 After Illusion/04 Girl/05 Hard Working/06 Loving Maid/07 Rock the Nation/08 Devil Soldier

THE LAW IN DEVILS LAND-01 In the Mirror/02 Show Me the Way/03 I Wish You Were Here/04 Mr Yes Man/05 Black Wall/06 Sleepless Night/07 Speed

DISILLUSION (ENGLISH)-01 Anthem (Loudness Overture)/02 Crazy Doctor/03 Esper/04 Butterfly/05 Revelation/06 Exploder/07 Dream Fantasy/08 Milky Way/09 Satisfaction Guarenteed/10 Ares Lament

DISILLUSION (JAPANESE)-01 Crazy Doctor/02 Esper/03 Butterfly/04 Revelation/05 Explorer/06 Dream Fantasy/07 Milky Way/08 Satisfaction Guarenteed/09 Ares' Lament

THUNDER IN THE EAST-01 Crazy Nights/02 Like Hell/03 Heavy Chains/04 Get Away/05 We Could Be Together/06 Run For Your life/07 Clockwork Toy/08 No Way Out/09 The Lines Are Drawn/10 Never Change Your Mind

SHADOWS OF WAR-01 Shadows of War/02 Let It Go/03 Streetlife Dreams/04 Black Star Oblivion/05 1000 Eyes/06 Complication/07 Dark Desire/08 Face to Face/09 Who Knows (Time to Take a Stand)

LIGHTNING STRIKES-01 Let It Go/02 Dark Desire/03 1000 Eyes/04 Face to Face/05 Who
Knows/06 Ashes In the Sky/07 Blackstar Oblivion/08 Streetlife Dreams/09 Complication

JEALOUSY (EP)-01 Jealousy/02 Long Distance Love/03 Good Things Going/04 Die of Hunger/05 Heavier Than Hell/06 Dreamer and Screamer

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE-01 Soldier of Fortune/02 You Shook Me/03 Danger of Love/04 Twenty Five Days/05 Red Light Shooter/06 Running For Cover/07 Lost Without Your Love/08 Faces in the Fire/09 Long After Midnight/10 Demon Disease

ON THE PROWL-01 Down N Dirty/02 Playin Games/03 Love Toys/04 Never Again/05 Deadly Prayer/06 Take It Or Leave It/07 Girl/08 Long Distance/09 In the Mirror/10 Sleepless Night/11 Find a Way

Buncha stuff here, pick and choose wisely, it's not all THAT great even though it IS amusing....in
particular, I recommend the Disillusion pair (both the English and Japanese versions), I find them amusing, and the earlier stuff.......tomorrow we will recap the rest of thier Spinal Tap-like career!

Let me know what you think of these, and let me know if there's anything else I can do for you this week.....I am back, and my computer is running like NEW......thought I was gonna have to invest in a new one, but I maybe be able to squeak another year outta this one for a mere 95 bucks......

Even thier album covers are almost self-mocking "spinal tap"-like, but dont take it wrong, that is FUCKING GREAT!

oh, and by the way......

Congratulations to the San Francisco giants, DESERVING winners of the 2014 world series.......I have been a fan of the Royals since I was a kid, and was thrilled that they made it back to the big show after so long.......but the giants proved to be the better team.......when a guy gets as hot as Baumgartner was, thats just the way it is........lights out........im a fan of the Royal s, but much more a fan of BASEBALL in general, and the giants of the past few years have proven to be a great team, long term, and again, co congratulations to them......great job and thanks for some exciting baseball, IMO the main thing!

Loudness, Part 2

So,now we find Loudness starting from basically square 1 in 1991, having attempted to Americanize
their sound with an American singer, and achieving the joint accomplishment of lowering thier popularity in both the US AND Japan.

Adding a new vocalist and bassist, they released (1992) the inventively entitled "Loudness", but in a way it is appropriate, as they really DID sound different and refreshed, adding more grungy touches and moving away from their stale hair-metal sound. "Loudness" is, in reality a good album, in particular if you don't think of it as a continuation of the earlier stuff, but rather a "new" band....

Original drummer Higuchi left the band afterward, leaving Takasaki as the sole founding member.....the band now was Takaskai, drummer Hirotsugu Homma, retained vocalist Yamada, and new bassist Naoto Shabata. This incarnation released a series of surprisingly good albums, incorporating some "world" and grunge elements and building off of "Loudness".....the albums of this era, though not terribly distinguishable (though quite listenable) are 1994's "Heavy Metal Hippies" (I didn't name it!), "Ghetto Machine", "Dragon" and "Engine", all of which truly do have a moment or two, and created the new problem of, for the second time, the band falling into something of a rut and in  need of revitalization again.

In true Spinal Tap manner, the band was disolved by Takasaki, who then invited his three original
cofounders Higuchi, Niihara and Yamashita to rejoin in observance of the band's 20th anniversary. This lineup released the 2001 album (wait for it) "Spiritual Canoe", intended as a one-shot reunion, but (you never know) the revitalized original band was extremely popular in Japan, and they decided to tredge on. By now they were incorporating ANYTHING into the "original" Loudness "sound", (thrash metal! rap!)....the Spinal Tap conversion, by now, was truly completed.

The albums of this era (2000's), well, if you have a sense of humor you will find some of it Spinal Tap-funny, if not you may find them kind of sad...."Pandemonium"," Biosphere", "Terror", "Racing", "Breaking the Taboo", and "Metal Mad" all charted in Japan, pick one, with a gun to my head I pick "Pandemonium"......my copy of "Metal Mad" is MIA, so sorry if it keeps you from completing your set, after it's release the band took hiatus due to Higuchi's liver cancer which would eventually cause his death in 2008.

I guess that they still try to knock one off every now and then,
although I think "Metal Mad" was the last one I heard, kind of hard to recall.....I also have a sort of poorly selected compilation "Rock Shocks", and a couple of fairly rare EP's, "Crazy Samurai" and "The Battleship Mushashi".......hey, they had a thrity year or so run, hell I had to work that long for the fucking State of Ohio, so no matter the body of work, their far, far more significant than I am (argueable as to more significant than Spinal Tap, however)

I understand there are a couple live albums out there, I ain't got em, if anyone from the Land of the Rising Sun would like to donate something along those lines, I'd (really) love to hear it......they had a long, and totally interesting career, maybe recorded 4-5 discs worth of worthy music, but there in entertainment value here, and isn't that what we're all listening to this stuff for anyway?

Something else tomorrow, we'll see, I still owe you guys some good ones.......let me sleep on it!

LOUDNESS-01 Pray For the Dead/02 Slaughter House/03 Waking the Dead/04 Black Widow/05 Racing the Wind/06 Love Kills/07 Hell Bites (From the Edge of Insanity) (TREMENDOUS title!)/08 Everyone Lies/09 Twisted/10 Firestorm

HEAVY METAL HIPPIES-01 Howling Rain/02 Freedom/03 222/04 Eyes of a Child/05 Electric Kisses/06 House of Freaks/07 Paralyzed/08 Desperation Desecration/09 Light In the Distance/10 Broken Jesus

GHETTO MACHINE-01 Ghetto Machine/02 Slave/03 Evil Ecstacy/04 San Francisco/05 Love and Hate/06 Creatures/07 Katmandu Fly/08 Hypnotized/09 Dead Man Walking/10 Jasmine Sky/11 Wonder Man

DRAGON-01 Nine Miles High/02 Dogshit/03 Wicked Witches/04 Crazy Go Go/05 Voodoo
Voices/06 Kaiso/07 Babylon/08 Crawl/09 Forbidden Love/10 Mirror Ball/11 Taj Mahal/12 Night Creepers

ENGINE-01 Soul Tone/02 Bug Killer/03 Black Biohazard/04 Twist of Chain/05 Bad Date (Nothing I Can Do)/06 Apocalypse/07 Ace in the Hole/08 Sweet Dreams/09 Asylum/10 Burning Eye Balls/11 Junk His Head/12 2008 Candra/13 Coming Home

SPIRITUAL CANOE-01 The Winds Of Victory/02 The Hate That Fills My Lonely Cells/03 The End of Earth/04 Stay Wild/05 The Seven Deadly Sins/06 Picture Your Life/07 How Many More Times/08 Touch My Heart/09 Climaxxx/10 A Stroke of Lightning/11 Never Forget You/12 Spiritual Canoe/13 The Power of Love

PANDEMONIUM-01 Ya Stepped On Mine/02 Bloody Doom/03 The Pandemonium/04 Vision/05 What's the Truth/06 Suicide Doll/07 Chaos/08 The Candidate/09 Real Man/10 Inflame/11 Snake Venom

BIOSPHERE-01 Hellrider/02 Biosphere/03 Saviour/04 My Precious/05 Wind From Tibet/06 System Crush/07 The Night Is Still Young/08 Shame On You/09 Break My Mind/10 So Beautiful/11 For You

TERROR-01 Pharoah/02 Cyber Soul/03 Life After Death/04 Let's Face Our Souls/05 Detonator (Fire and Thunder)/06 Cross/07 About to Kill/08 Double Walker/09 The City of Vampire/10 Seventh Heaven/11 Terror

RACING-01 Racing/02 Exultation/03 Lunatic/04 Believe It Or Not/05 Power Generation/06 Speed
Maniac/07 Live For the Moment/08 Crazy Samurai/09 Tomorrow Is Not Promised/10 Telomerase/11 RIP/12 Misleading Man/13 Don't Know Nothing/14 Unknown Civilians

BREAKING THE TABOO-01 Breaking the Taboo/02 Brutal Torture/03 Sick World/04 Don't Spam Me/05 Damnation/06 The love of My Life/07 A Moment of Revelation/08 Dynamite/09 Risk Taker/10 I Wish/11 Diving Into Darkness/12 Without You

ROCK SHOCKS-01 Loudness/02 Crazy Doctor/03 In the Mirror/04Crazy Night/05 Esper/06 Like Hell/07 Lonely Player/08 Street Woman/09 Angel Dust/10 Rock Shock/ 11 The Lines are Down/12 Milky Way/13 Mr Yesman

CRAZY SAMURAI (EP)-01 Crazy Samurai/02 RIP/03 Cyber Soul (Live)

Masashi/02 Wolfgang Amadeus/03 More Than a Machine/04 The Battleship Masashi (Mix)

There's some holes in there, sure, but it oughta provide ya with a decent picture of what they were all about........These, in fact, GO TO ELEVEN!

Left of the Dial

Today I break out a wonderful four disc set that I don't believe I've ever presented before, this is a
good one...."Left of the Dial,Dispatches of the 1980's Underground".....I have often considered the 1980's rock n roll's worst decade, still do, but of course it had it's highlights, and a good bunch of them are packaged up here.....if you were in college in the 1980's (I was, in the early part), you can slip all four discs of this on and replicate some of the free-form college radio which could still be heard at the time.....there are a lot of layups here, in fact a lot of stuff by bands that I have profiled fully, but never mind.....this is a triumph of construction, much more than a sum of it's parts. It can magically transform any room into a 1982 college dorm that reeks of cheap marijuana, with a bowl of 714 Ludes on the coffee table, and empty crates of Robin Hood Cream Ale (never mind junior), sitting about the room....ahh, the 80's.

OK disc 1 leads off with something of a layup, REM's fantastic "Radio Free Europe", and includes other obvious and available choices such as "Holiday In Cambodia" by the Dead Kennedys, X's "Johnny Hit And Run Pauline", "Just Like Honey" by the Jesus and Mary Chain"......mixed amongst these (all admittedly GREAT) easy ones, you'll find classic stuff from Black Flag, Wall of Voodoo (the great "Back in Flesh"), the Replacements, Magazine, Dream Syndicate and lots more.....this is a fine disc to sit and listen to on its own, and it is probably my least favorite of the four.
Disc 2 leads off with The Pretenders "Message of Love", and ends with XTC's "Senses Working Overtime", both are among my least favorite tracks by those two great bands, but in between? Wow, Dinosaur Junior's great "Freak Scene", Concrete Blonde's spectacular "Still In Hollywood", Joy Division's classic "Love Will Tear Us Apart", "Goo Goo Muck" from the Cramps.......look around and be amazed by great stuff from the Raincoats, The DB's, Ministry, Minutemen....one small complaint. I've (just personally hated) "Blister in the Sun" from Violent Femmes since I first heaerd it, it was something of a hit so I guess SOMEONE likes it, but to move closer to the level of perfection couldn't we have included thier amazing "Gone Daddy Gone"......oh well.....

Disc 3 is simply loaded, where to begin? Randomely: this disc contains the classic "Pay to Cum!"
from Bad Brains, "Rise" by PiL, and great tracks from Faith No More, Echo & the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs, The Church, Throbbing Gristle, Sonic Youth, Gang of Four......wonderful disc. The fourth and final is argueably the best, giving us The Pixies "Monkey Gone to Heaven", "Jane Says" from Jane's Addiction". the goofy "Take the Skinheads Bowling" from Camper Van Beethoven, Gun Club's "Sex Beat"......lots more, perhaps the highlight of the entire set, depending on one's taste, could very well be "Christine" by Siouxsie and the Banshees, you get The The, The Lyres, Descendents, Butthole Surfers, Suicidal Tendencies......

OK, I give this set a full five-star rating......it WORKS as it is supposed to, it is EIGHTIES MUSIC, the one decade for which I think such a label works.....imagine a comp of the 1970's? Blue Oyster Cult next to Roxy music, next to the Newe York Dolls, Next to Patti Smith......if we tried one for the 60's, we'd have to seperate the psych from the surf, the garage punk from the Beatles.....it just DOESN'T WORK, but in this case it does! Perhaps the fact that I listened to all of this shit reularly when I was in college and banging around on my first job.......sentiment to me maybe, but this REALLY IS A GREAT SET and I think you will agree.....just check the track lists below and I think you will be downloading within the hour.......let me know if you agree with me, but I think this set works REALLY REALLY well. I Love it!

DISC 1-01 REM-Radio Free Europe/02 THE JAM-Going Underground/03 THE CURE-A Forest/04 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/05 PASSIONS-I'm In Love With a German Film Star/06 THE REPLACEMENTS-I Will Dare/07 MISSION OF BURMA-That's When I Reach For My Reach  For My Revolver/08 X-Johnny Hit And Run Pauline/09 THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-Just Like Honey/10 DEPECHE MODE-Black Celebration/11 DREAM SYNDICATE-Tell Me When It's Over/12 THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS-Hollywood (Africa)/13 NEW ORDER-Temptation/14 JAPAN-Ghosts/15 MAGAZINE-A Song From Under the Floorboards/16 AZTEC CAMERA-Oblivious/17 HUSKER DU-Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely/18 BLACK FLAG-Rise Above/19 WALL OF VOODOO-Back In Flesh/20 THE GO BETWEENS-Cattle and Cane
DISC 2-01 THE PRETENDERS-Message of Love/02 ULTRAVOX-Vienna/03 DINOSAUR JR-Freak Scene/04 THE SMITHS-This Charming Man/05 MINISTRY-Stigmata//06 LONE JUSTICE-Ways to Be Wicked/07 KILLING JOKE-Wardnce/08 ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVERS IN THE DARK-Enola Gay/09 THE ENGLISH BEAT-Mirror in the Bathroom/10 THE RAINCOATS-Fairytale in the Supermarket/11 THE SMITHEREENS-Behind the Wall of Sleep/12 MINUTEMEN-Politicacl Song For Michael Jackson to Sing/13 THE DEAD MILKMEN-Punk Rock Girl/14 CONCRETE BLONDE-Still In Hollywood/15 JOY DIVISION-Love Will Tear Us Apart/16 VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister In the Sun/17 MEAT PUPPETS-Lake of Fire/18 THE DB'S-Amplifier/19 PREFAB SPROUT-When Love Comes Down/20 THE CRAMPS-Goo Goo Muck/21 SISTERS OF MERCY-This Corrosion/22 XTC-Senses Working Overtime

DISC 3-01 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-The Cutter/02 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum!/03 THE
SUGARCUBES-Birthday/04 ROBIN HITCHCOCK & THE EGYPTIANS-Madonna of the Wasps/05 FAITH NO MORE-We Care a Lot/06 SONIC YOUTH-Teenage Riot/07 GANG OF FOUR-To Hell With Poverty/08 THE FEELIES-Fa Ce-La/09 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS-Ana Ng/10 THE CHAMELEONS UK-Swamp Thing/11 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS-The Mercy Seat/12 THE RAIN PARADE-I Look Around/13 PSYCHEDELIC FURS-All That Money Wants/14 THE cHURCH-Under the Milky Way/15 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.-Rise/16 LOVE AND ROCKETS-Kundalini Express/17 GREEN ON RED-Gravity Talks/18 THROBBING GRISTLE-Adrenalin/19 THE STONE ROSES-She Bangs the Drums

DISC 4-01 THE PIXIES-Monkey Gone to Heaven/02 THE THE-Uncertain Smile (Original 7 inch version)/03 BAUHAUS-Bela Lugosi's Dead/04 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Christine/05 MINOR THREAT-Straight Edge/06 THE LYRES-I Want To Help You Ann/07 BEAT HAPPENING-Our Secret/08 JANE'S ADDICTION-Jane Says/09 JULIAN COPE-World Shut Your Mouth/10 KATE BUSH-Running Up That Hill/11 GUN CLUB-Sex Beat/12 CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN-Take the Skinheads Bowling/13 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-Institutionalized/14 COCTEAU TWINS-Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops/15 HAPPY MONDAYS-24 Hour party People/16 HOODOO GURUS-I Want You Back/17 DESCENDENTS-Suburban Dream/18 THE POGUES-A pair of Brown Eyes/19 THE THREE OCLOCK-Jet Fighter/20 BUTTHOLE SURFERS-Moving to Florida/21 BILLY BRAGG-A New England

Got some good ones for this week, I think, keep an eye open for some possible non-musical bonus material to make up for my time away......not sure what yet, but something!

12 Discs of VERY obscure Stoner Rock

Although there are a couple of semi-familiar names on these track lists (Whores of Tijuana, 57
Chevy, a couple more), most of these are of the mostly unknown variety, always fun  in the stoner rock field. I recall grabbing these 2 or 3 years ago off of the (I think) now defunct site, StonerRock.Com, the discs were cleverly titled StonerRock.Comp (see what they did there?).....anyway, I don't recall seeing these floating around elsewhere on the web since then, and if I am correct, let's aassume, then, that these are some true rarities of stoner rock. If any other volumes of the set were created, I have no knowledge of them, perhaps if someone else recalls that site and these creations they can set me straight should I be wrong.

So, what have we? Volume 1 consists of 2 discs, some of this stuff is about as obscure as could be......The Human Being Lawnmower (named for the MC5 Classic) Piss Drunks, Half of Zero, Wormwood Earth? But, for the stoner fan, it's all good hard grungy psych (about as good of a stoner def as I can come up with), standouts on the first disc for me include Pennsylvania Connection's "Angel Dust", Sons of Thunder's "Tennessee Smile", and a couple from whom I DO have some items on the shelf, Elepahntum "In Orbit" and Artimus Pyledriver "Swamp Devil".

Volume 2 is a single disc, Elephantum, Atomic #76, and Pennsylvania Connection return from VOlume 1, the somewhat known Black Mountain Creeper turn in a good one ("Shine"), and then the parade of unknown gems from Burnout, Devil to Pay, Graveslime, Mantis, and more.......this set works well, it's not an introductory set to the genre, but for those like Mark Eveliegh and myself whose brains have been mushed by all of that "mainline" stoner rock (that is a joke if it missed its target).

Volume 3 leads off with a fine track from Buffalo, "Peregrino", and other lesser-known highlights
such as Saccahrine Death's "High on Life", Supersonic Death Machine's "Phoenix Rising", and Half of Zero's "Theta".

The Whores of Tijuana turn up for the first time on Volume 4, they are perhaps the best known (!) act in the comp, if you don't know them, I profiled thema while back and I have know idea if the links are still there or not, a REALLY great band, represented here by "Trip Manhattan". 57 Chevy, I think, I have profiled here as well, they check in with "Dimension". And making it THREE acts I was previously familiar with is Palace In Thuderland, with the very cool "Into the Maelstrom"......lest ye think we be all selling out and shit here, we also have The Navajo Code Talkers, Assrockers, Cutthroat Humor, and Ditchliquor with a good "The Universal Veil".

Ditchliquor also makes a Volume 5 appearance, ("Morningstar"), as well as a boatload of "who?" acts, Lowton, Graves of the Endless Fall, Cudamantra, The PB ARmy and plenty more....at least ONE of the least accessible and most obscure discs of the set (coming from me, of course, a complimentary term).

Volume 6 goes back to the 2-disc format, stoner greats Electric Magma (profiled here previously) present the great "Snail the Wah", The Chair (also profiled here I think) with "Not For Long", as well as another track from 57 Chevy, "Black Tank" by Robot Dicks, "Sons of Odin" by the Humanoids, and of course that is just the first disc. The second disc treats us to "Grass" by Toner Low, the great Catapult the Smoke with "Devil's Spell", Iota, Descendents of the Red Sun, Elaphantine, The Fallopian Dudes.......by now you all see where this is going, I'm sure, but these discs are wonderful for you Kratom wasters who looooove some good "nod out" sounds.

The Whores of Tijuana are back for the single disc Volume 7, this time with "Black Salt", Dark
Magus brings us the very good "Theme  Saturn", and of course unknown acts with great names like Molten Lava Death Massage, Church of the Apocalypse, Devil Riding Shotgun, and Satanic Bat (one thing about stoner bands, they generally use a bit of imagination/inspiration when naming themselves)........also included here is a live track from Queen Elephantine, not sure if this is the only place that is available or not. Please do NOT hold your breath waiting for me to find out.

Volume 8 features the fab Black Pyramid ("No Life King"), Seahag's "Bottomfeeder", El Thule (another old semi-favorite) with "La Muela Del Diabalo", and i'd be remiss did I not mention The Porch Song with the cryptically entitled "Did You Know That Unicorns Shit Rainbows and Fart Children's Laughter?", or Confused Little Girl's "Jordan Catilano Needs to Break Up His Shitty Band", no doubt loaded with subliminal meanings.

The final Volume of the set (of which I am aware at least) is the two disc Volume 9.....the first disc is basically unknowns for the most part, Old One, American Freeway, Face On Mars, Ol' Scratch, and, among others, Misericorde. The Whores make thier final appearance of the set on Disc 2 of Volume 9 with another great one "Bell Ball Blues", Stone Axe who many of you may know brings us "Ain't Gonna Miss it", and of course we get stuff from The Dwellers, Trash Titan, Shellfin, and Hugenelk.
OK, if there are any more volumes to the set, let me know, I don't know about them if there are.......I love stoner rock, as you have maybe guessed before, it's just a great "sound" in my opinion, as are metal and punk.....stoner rock also gives us the "anything goes" crush of both classic and more modern psychedelia, there are great 90 second songs and great 20 minute ones, great English stuff or stuff that sounds great in any language......if you are not a fan of the genre, or just marginally interested, likely this is not for you, this is for people like me who are just plain old fans of the stoner rock genre.....should you happen upon this, I'm really interested in whether there is a band on here, maybe with a single track or two, that you would like to see investigated further here, and if that is possible, I will be more than happy to do so......but this is a most enjoyable set, hope you like it as much as I do and discover something new and cool.

VOLUME 1 DISC 1-01 BEHEMOTH-The Creeper/02 GALACTUS 77-Locust Noose/03 THE
HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER-Pavement/04 ATOMIC #76-Bourbon Eyes/05 MOUNTAIN MIRRORS-Field of Grass/06 OMEGALORD-21st Century Earth/07 RED DWARF-Whiskey Devil/08 PISS DRUNKS-What I Need/09 WORMWOOD EARTH-Rice Burner/10 PENNSYLVANIA CONNECTION-Angel Dust/11 CUDAMANTRA-A Cat Named Williams/12 PSILOCYBINIDE-Capsized/13 HALF OF ZERO-Gamma/14 RONJA-Calling All Wheels

VOLUME 1 DISC 2-01 SONS OF THUNDER-Tennessee Smile/02 MELVIN GIBSON-Kill the Skipper, Kill Yourself/03 TORMENTULA-Messengers/04 CHIMNEY LIONS-Ghos'Inna Machine/05 ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER-Swamp Devil/06 REBREATHER-Pushing the Lights/07 MUDSHARK-Get By/08 THE DAISIES-Inferno Machine/One of a Kind/09 MONGREL-Barnburner/10 ELEPHANTUM-In Orbit/11 GRAVES AT SEA-Red Monarch

VOLUME 2-01 ATOMIC #76-Gas Hangover/02 SONS OF SERRO-Dawn of the Apocalypse/03 DEVIL TO PAY-Mouthful of Spite/04 PENNSYLVANIA CONNECTION-The Catastrophe/05 SVENGHALI-Snake Oil Funeral/06 BURNOUT-Mt. Valentine/07 PUDDY-Write Off/08 BLACK MOUNTAIN CREEPER-Shine/09 CUDAMANTRA-Petroleum/10 GRAVESLIME-Double Damage/11 ELEPHANTUM-Low Phi/12 MANTIS-Choking on Forbidden Fruit

VOLUME 3-BUFFALO-Peregrino/02 KITA-I'm Sorry/03 BITTER END-Still Dead/04 DITCHLIQUOR-Eve 26/05 GALACTUS 77-Maybe We Know/06 HALF OF ZERO-Theta/07 THE HOLLOW MEN-Billy/08 PLANET GEMINI-Euphony/09 SACCHARINE DEATH-High On Life/10 SUPERSONIC DEATH MAACHINE-Phoenix Rising/11 SOLAR SEVEN-Nothing Personal/12 INDIAN-Dog Soldier

VOLUME 4-01 CUTTHROAT HUMOR-Thumpers Blues/02 THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL-On the Verge of Dreaming/03 LUPU NEGRU-Marble Angel/04 WINTERRUN-Lighter/05 NAVAJO CODE TALKERS-Bell Bottom BLues/06 KING VALLEY-Drawing Flies/07 PALACE IN THUNDERLAND-Into the Maelstrom/08 SATURNALIA-Buzzy/09 GREEN MARS-440 Bulge/10 SUNS OF THUNDER-last of the High Rollers/11 57 CHEVY-Dimension/12 DITCHLIQUOR-The Universal Veil/13 ASSROCKERS-Thor/14 WHORES OF TIJUANA-Trip Manhatten/15 CUDAMANTRA-Byeond Continuum

Lost In Darkness/04 GRAVES OF THE ENDLESS FALL-Neanderthal/05 MADMAN MUNDT-Kali Bomb/06 THE PB ARMY-Ashtabula/07 LOWTON-Yell at Me Keith/08 HYDROZEEN-Pile of Bones/09 FLYPAPER-Shepherd/10 REINO ERMITANO-La mariposa/11 DITCHLIQUOR-Morningstar/12 CUDAMANTRA-Cimmerian/13 OUTBURST-El Diablo

VOLUME 6 DISC 1-01 BERKO AND BENSON-Dance On Swords/02 ROBOT DICKS-Black Tank/03 57 CHEVY-Sun Rose Twice/04 NECROMANDUS-Warlords of Chaos/05 CALCABRINA-18 Wheels and the Gospel/06 PILOTOS-Blond Guy/07 DEVIL TO PAY-Niflheim/08 ELECTRIC MAGMA-Snail the Wah/09 CHORMA-Falling/10 TEST SITE-Oasis Beyoned the Dune/11 THE HUMANOIDS-Sons of Odin/12 DRINK THE BLEACH-Freeway/13 ARMAZILLA-Motorcycle/14 EL THULE-Bud Orange/15 THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS-Everything I Expected/16 THE CHAIR-Not For Long

VOLUME 6 DISC 2-01 LAZERWOLFS-La Media/02 IOTA-Shit Luck/03 HOGNOSE-Local Honey/04 DESCENDENTS OF THE RED SUN-New World Samurai/05 MESCALERO-Crosseyed Rollin/06 GRAVITRON-Worms Part 1/07 THE SWAMP DONKEY-Safe To Say/08 TONER LOW-Grass/09 DURGA TEMPLE-Rockjuice/10 UCCULTUM-Last Ride/11 ELEPHANTINE-Black Stalk Motherfucker/12 CALAMUS-Once More/13 CATAPULT THE SMOKE-Devils Spell/14 THE FALLOPIAN DUDES-Siddhartha/15 DURGA TEMPLE-Stoner (Rock) Think Tank/16 THE KALEN LANDER BAND-Swing/17 PLANET GEMINI-Burning Laughter


VOLUME 8-01 SEAHAG-Bottomfeeder/02 OLD ONE-Witching Hour/03 CAMEL OF DOOM-
Monolith/04 EL THULE-La Muela Del Diablo/05 THE PORCH SONG-Did You Know That Unicorns Shit Rainbows and Fart Children's Laughter?/06 BLACK PYRAMID-No Life King/07 LAZERWOLFS-The Deed Will Be Done/08 MISERICORDE-Sub Rosa (Instrumental Version)/09 BIBILIC BLOOD-Baby Killer Night Stick/10 STUBB-Road/11 CONFUSED LITTLE GIRL-Jordan Catilano Needs To Break Up His Shitty Band

VOLUME 9 DISC 1-01 I KLATUS-Antediluvian Knowledge/02 SANDIA MAN-Skins of the Feathers/03 MENGELE-Wizard Dust/04 KIN OF ETTINS-Making Memory (Mountains)/05 OLD ONE-Over the Hill/06 FACE ON MARS-Jump the Gun/07 OL' SCRATCH-Draconian March/08 MISERICORDE-Wicked World/09 AMERICAN FREEWAY-Got Em Got Em Need Em Got Em/10 QUEEN ELEPHANTINE-Chariot In Solemn Procession

VOLUME 9 DISC 2-01 DWELLERS-Ode to Invasion Layer 1/02 WHORES OF TIJUANA-Bell Ball Blues/03 STONE AXE-Ain't Gonna Miss It/04 GRIFTER-The Voices/05 TRASH TITAN-the Dog Song/06 MICO DE NOCHE-Mower/07 SHELLFIN-The Extent of It/08 AEOLIAN RACE-Hawks/09 THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS-Black Unicorn White Unicorn/10 HUGENELK-Sunken Treasure/11 HOUDINI-The Rotation of the Element

Big set, lotsa out-there stuff......any surprise favorites? Discoveries? I have tons of stoner comps, I'd have to check which ones I've done before ("Heavy Like the Moose" is a similar set, big, mostly obscure, I THINK I have posted it before), but hell, it depends on my mood I guess.....we'll see how this one goes over.
Minnesota Vikings....winners of TWO GAMES in a row, and guarenteed NOT to lose next week (it's their bye week, but if anyone COULD fuck that up......)

Teenage Treats Part 1

OK, for tonight I am going to gift you with the fine set "Teenage Treats", ten discs of obscure singles
that you will, or SHOULD love to death.....I am pretty certain these came
from the great "Music Ruined My Life" post, sorry if I am not correct there, but this is a wonderful collection of late 70's/early 80's singles that works to perfection.....hope
you like em.....five discs tonight, 5 more when I choose to arise on Wedensday.......
OK, Volume 1.....anyone you've everheard of hear? NO? Well, that's what I consider GREAT,if I can introduce you slugs to something other than the greatest hits of Journey or
something, I have done my job.....Volume 1 includes cool singles fro  Razar ("Idle Rich"), Innocent Vicars ("Starship 22"), Moskow ("Man fromm Uncle"), and even AD 1984 ("The
Russians Are Coming").....fine singles collection, hope this stuff keeps your interest, I think this is a WONDERFUL set.

Volume 2 continues along the same lines, The Wasps contribue the titletrack to the collection "Teenage Treats, we also get wonderful stuff from the Warm Jets, Flys, Jimmy
Edwards & the Profile, Red Raeg and more, totally essential.
So, onto Volume 3, which features a couple of two-sided singles, such as The Surgeons "Sid Never Did It"/"Breaking Rocks on Riker's Island", and the Dregs "School Girls In
Bondage"/"Dregs of Humanity"......also plenty of single tracks from Vom, Klips 88, Friction, and loads more......essential, essential, essential.

Volume 4 features lots more gems from Tunnelrunners, DC10's, The Voice of the Puppets, Zipper, not to mention a fine live track from the Wasps ("Can't Wait for it '78")....these are great discs for anyone of you who may love young people attempting to crank out the punk rawk, trust me,you gonna LUUUUUV these!

So, we press on to Volume 5, another wonderful disc, with a ton of bands we've never heard of (you KNOW how I love that stuff), such as Satyr, Johnny & the Lubes, Bleach Boys,
IQ Zero, and plenty more.....

I suggest you try these out if you wish to step out of the mainstream and find some good rocking tunes that you've not heard before......you'll need to trust me, but these are
nice, short, blasts of teenage rock n roll, that I think will be at home on the shelf of ANYONE who appreciates THIS blog........Discs 6-10 Tomorrow, check these out and you
WILL love the remaining discs as well!
VOLUME 1-01 KILLERS -Killer, (1978 from LP)/02 RAZAR-Idle Rich (1978 From 2.7")/03 BEARS -On Me (1979 from 2.7")/04 WASPS -Teenage Treats (1977 From 1.7")/05 TOURS-Language
School (1979 From 1.7")/06 APARTMENT-The Car (1980 From 7")/07 INNOCNET VICARS-Starship 22 (From Class of 81 Compilation LP)/08 TELESCOPE-Bye Byes Ain't Nice (From 7")/09 AD
1984-The Russians Are Coming (1979 From 7")/10 MOSKOW-Man From Uncle (From 7")/11 VIBRANT THIGH -Wooden Gangsters (From a Manchester Collection Compilation LP)/12 TEA SET-B52G
(1978 From 1/7")

VOLUME 2-01 WASPS-Teenage Treats (1977 from 1.7")/02 TOURS-Language School (1979 from
1.7")/03 DOLE-New Wave Love (From 7")/04 SCREAMS-Paper Dolls (1979 From 1.7")/05 WARM JETS
-Big City Boys (1979 From 1.7")/06 RED RAGE-Total Control (1980 From 7")/07 JIMMY EDWARDS & THE PROFILE-Nora's Diary (1979 From 1.7")/08 STRIKE-Teenage Rebel (1980 From 7")/09
FLYS-Love & a Molotov Cocktail (From Bunch of Five EP)/10 DYAKS-Gutter Kids (1978 From 7")/11 EXILE-Real People (1977 From 2.7")/12 NEON HEARTS-Answers (1978 from 2.7")

VOLUME 3-SURGEONS-"Side Never Did It"/"Breaking Rocks On Riker's Island" (1979 7")/02 DREGS-"Girls In Bondage/"Dregs of Humanity (1979 From 7")/03 INTRAVEIN-"Speed of the City (From 1.7")/04 Vom "Electrocute Your Cock" (1978 from 7")/05 KLIPS 88-"Ultimatum" (1979 From Voxhall Tracks compilation EP)/06 BLITZKREIG Bop-"Bugger Off" (1977 from 1.7")/07 FRICTION-"Murder"-(1979 from Voxhall Tracks Compilation EP)/08 EXILE-"Fascist DJ"(1977 From 1.7")/09 PARANOIA-"Money=Time" (From Voxhall Tracks compilation EP 1979)/10 EXITS-"Apathy" from 1978 2.7")

VOLUME 4-VACANTS-"Television Viewer" (1977 From LP)/02 WHITE HEAT-"Nervous Breakdown"  (1979 from 1.7")/03 TUNNELRUNNERS-"Plastic Land" (1981 from 7")/04 FAVOURITES "Cold" (1979 from 2.7")/05 VISITORS- "Take It Or Leave It"(from 7")/06 SINGLES-Send For Sorrow (1981 From 7")/07 DC10's-I Can See Thru Walls (1980 from 7")/08 ZIPPER-"The Life of Riley" (1979 from 1.7")/09 HEARTBEATS-"Go" (1981 From 7")/10 HOBBS-You've Got Me Ina  Whirl Girl" (1978 From 7")/11 THE VOICE OF THE PUPPETS-" You're All I Wanted and a Car"(1980 from 7")/12 WASPS-"Can't Wait for '78" (1977 Live at the vortex compilation LP)

VOLUME 5-01 SATYR-"Problem in the city" (1979 &')/02 DEVIL'S HOLE GANG-"Isn't It" (1978, 7"), 03 JOHNNIW & THE LUBES-"Terror In the Parking Lot" (1980 7")/04 TONE DEAF & THE IDIOTS-"Politics" (1979 7" Flexi Disc)/05 EXITs-"Glandular Angela" (1978 7")/06 MORRIS & THE MINORS-"Emily" (1979 7")/07 EXHIBIT A-'Distance" (1980 7")/08 IQ ZERO-"She's So Rare" (1980 7")/09 DELUSION-"pessimist's Paradise" (1979 7")/10 THE CAUSE-"metro Police" (1979 7")/11 BLEACH BOYS "You've Got Nothing" (1978)/12 SURPRISES-"Litle Sir Echo" (1978 7")

Guys, you knew from the start that variety is the spice of MY life anyway, and I want to present you
each day with SOMETHING DIFFERENT.....if you don't like posts such as this, PLEASE letme know, my feelings will not be hurt.....I have so much musisc on hand that I could probably do a blog post each day for the next 20 years without breaking a sweat.....I do this for YOU though, trying to get DIFFERENT sounds out to you on a fairly daily basis.....as always, please let me know what you think about a post such s this, I copped this one from another blog, but I don't think he'll mind as he has slowed down his posting.....and i TRULY want to keep this killer music in circulation.......be back tomorrow with discs 6-10, hope you guys enjoy them to the extent I did when I first heard them.......love you all, Scott M......PS hope you all voted today.

Teenage Treats Part 2 (Volumes 6-10)

OK today we will wrap up the second half of the great series of obscure punk singles from the
era of roughly 1978-82, fine stuff that would be hard to find ANYWHERE else.....as I
said yesterday, I think I got these from "Music Ruined My Life" a while back, and if so I thank Jeffen for the availability, and if it was somewhere else, I thank whomever I
grabbed them from then,too.

The sixth disc here features, might as well cherry-pick a couple, The Dodos, Sahdowfax ("The Russians Are Coming!", Steroid Kids, Whips, and Regal Zone, plus more, no idea if
anyone of these bands ever got beyond the singles/comps phase of a "career", but if they did and you happen to have an EP or CD from one of them, that would be one of the most
valuable treasures one could share here!

Disc #7 brings us semi-classics from Buzz, News, Shish, Da Biz, and Trainspotters......fines stuff from (in case I haven't mentioned,) Xerox Records.

Volume 8 and 9 are more of the same, except that they are short enough that they will both fit on a single CD, as we who are desperate to save space are always on the lookout
for......Volume 8 gives us the psuedo-brilliance of Razar (I think they've turned up on a couple other comps), White SS, Oscillators, Demons, and Mad Dogs.....Volume 9 g us the
Disco Students, Collectors, Robert & the Remoulds, and the Spasms. Love, love, LOVE to hear other material from ANY of these guys!

Wrapping it up is volume 10, with lots more "Who?" bands.......Disco Zombies, Tunnelrunners, Funboy Five, Merciful Release All-Stars, and Bozos......I've got not a lot of
commentary on them of course, but this set works, as stated before punk singles/power pop singels work exceptionally well in the compilation format, as is so well repicates a
free-form radio listening session of the era (or place) in question......this one works and I would LOVE to hear more from anyone featuerd on the ten discs.

VOLUME 6 01 FLYIN COLOURS-Abstract Art (1981 From 7")/02 SHADOWFAX-The Russians
Are Coming (1980 From 7")/03 DODOS-Blind to the Fiction (1981 From Sex Violence and the Eternal Truth Compilation EP)/04 REGAL ZONE-Factory Girl (1981 From 7")/05 MASTERSWITCH-Action Replay (1978 From 7")/06 PLAGUE-Out With Me All Night (1980 From 7")/07 SLEEPERS-Angel in a Raincoat (1980 from 7")/08 THREE PARTY SPLIT-Dubious Parentage (1979 from 7")/09 STEROID KIDDIES-Accidents (1979 From 7")/10 WHIPS-Nationwide (1981 From 7")/11 ALSTIANS-Teen Romance (1980 from 7")/12 TONY JACKSUN-Come Again (1978 From 7")

VOLUME 7-01 DALEKS-Rejected (1980 From 7")/02 NUMBERs-Rock Star (1979 From 7")/03 FRABBBLARNIR-False Death (1979 From 7")//04 ART NOUVEAU-Bodies (1979 From 7")/05 NEWS-Fifty Percent Reduction (1980 From 7")/06 SHISH-Snake's Song (1980 From 7")/07 DAVE BISHOP-Respectable Man (1979 From 7")/08 BUZz-Insanity (1979 From 7")/09 TRAINSPOTTERS-Hiring the Hall (1979 from 7")/10 Y TRWYNAU COCCCCCH-Merch Dan 15 (1978 From 7")/11 DA BIZ-On the Beach (1980 From 7")/12 AUTOGRAPHS-While I'm Still Young (1981 From 7")

VOLUME 8-01 RAZAR-Ascension Day (1878 From 7")/02 DALEX-Juvenile (1981 From 7")/03 XTRACT-Blame it on the Youth (1982 From 7")/04 CHARGE-Rather B. Crazy (1979 From 7")/05 WHITE SS-I'm the One (From 7", 1978)/06 THOSE INTRINSIC INTELLECTUALS-Radio Iceland (1980 From 7")/07 DEMONS-Action By Example (1980 from 7")/08 OSCILLATORS-Marilyn Brown (1980 from 7")/09 MAD DOG-Someone here Must Like Me/9 From is the War Over Compilation EP)/10 DERANGED-Factory Girl (From Rupert Preaching at a Picnic Compilation EP)/11 THE ARNOLD-Walking the Tightrope (1980 From When LP)/12 TWO FINGERED APPROACH-World War Album (1982 From 7")
VOLUME 9-01 SNEEKY FEELINS-Private Mail (1979 From 7")/02 DONKEES-Listen To Your Radio (1981 From 7")/03 GHOSTS-My Town (1980 From 7")/04 BRAKES-The Way I See It (1979 From 7")/05 DISCO STUDENTS-South Africa Home (1979 From 7")/06 STINGRAYS-Exceptions (1980 from 7")/07 COLLECTORS-Talking hands (1980 From 7")/08 ROBERT & THE REMOULDS-X No. 1 (1979 From 7")/09 DROP- he Doesn't Know He's Trendy (1980 From 7")/10 TOYS-Blanket to Blanket (1980 From 7")/11 REASONS-hard Day at the Office (1978 From 7")/12 SPASMS-It Never Happens Like It Does On the Telly (1980 From 7")

VOLUME 10-01 CHEEKY-Don't MEss Around (1980 From 7")/02 DISCO ZOMBIES-Top of the
Pops/03 FULHAM FURIES-These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (1978 From 7")/04 JEEP-Wild Rover (From 1980 7")/05 TUNNELRUNNERS-Coulours-(1982 From 100 MPH EP)/06 WHITE CAR-Cinema Girl (1981 From 7")/07 FUNBOY FIVE-Life After Death (1979 From 7")/08 THIN YOGHURTS-Girl on the Bus (1980 from 7")/09 MERCIFUL RELEASE ALL STARS-Esther's Not On the Phone (1980 From Ready In the Rhythm)/10 SECTION LP-Split with the Syndromes/11 TELEGENTS-Get Out (1981 From 7")/12 AD '80-The Sound Of London Town (1980 From 7")/13 BOZOS-Weekend Girl (1978 from 7")

OKAY......I LOOOOOVE this kinda stuff, as I hope you know by now, I hope you do as well.....this is choice ass shit from a time in MY LIFE when i was becomming a "man" so to speak, 1979-82 were VERY important years to me.......this is something of a soundtrack to that time, and I would LOVE to hear any other music from the bands featured here......I would probably cream my pants if someone could provide me some!

The Datsuns

Here's a good one for today, New Zealand's crazy hard rocking Datsuns.....I am going to include their
new release on this, something I don't generaly do, but I think that the Datsuns are SO overlooked in the USA that I (sincerely hope that) I am doing them a favor....if the band complains in any way I will remove the album or the whole post.....

The Datsuns started out in the late 1990's with vocalist/bassist Rudolf De Borst, guitarist Phil Somervill, drummer Matt Osment, and were soon joined by second guitarist Christian Livingstone. Their self titled debut album did very well in Australia and New Zealand, I remember hearing it when it first came out in the USA and thinking they'd really catch on here......they didn't really, but thier with frantic garage rockers such as the shoulda been a classsic "Motherfucker From Hell" as well as (on this version) Japanses versions of the earlier wonderful singles "Supergyration!" and "Transistor"....this is a solid four star album, it's a hard rocking garage stomp from the first note and it's a damn good one. One of my top ten albums, in fact, of 2002.

Big things seemed in store, as they played Ozzfest and opened for Metallica in 2003, but their second album, "Outta Sight/Outta Mind" is not really up to the standards of the first, therocking is still there but there is much less insanity, although "Blacken My Thumb" and "Girl's Best Friend" are fine tracks, it's NOT a "bad" album, just something of a sophomore slump in my opinion. Still worthwhile, by no means essential.

2006 saw something of a comeback effort with "Smoke and Mirrors", again not much of a commercial success, but still with some good rocking garage tunes such as "System Overload"  and "Stuck Here For Days".....album #4 came along in 2008, "Headstunts", which again, showed that these guys for whatever reason, were not going to reach "Journey"-level sales numbers, for my money it's nearly as solid as anything they've done, filled with classic Datusns-style garage noise, lots of it too, "Human Error", "Eye of the Needle", "Hey paranoid People", lots more, arguaeably thier best effort since that fine debut album.

They took four years before releasing the next disc, "Death Rattle Boogie", as you may have noted,
with bands such as this (NOT a "put-down"), the formula, once dialed in, does not change a lot, so we get another fine stack of garage rock tracks, which although they were from 2012, also could have been from 2000, or 1990, or 1968.....the mark of GOOD modern day garage rock. This one features "Skull Full of Bone", "The Gods are Bored", "Brain Tonic"......if you are not familiar with the Datuns, check the awesome debut first, and work your way forward, you should like the whole batch.
Nowthen, "Deep Sleep" has jsut been released in the past few weeks.....as I said before if there is an issue with ANYONE I will remove it, no questions asked. Someone sent it to me just this past weekend and to be completely honest, I have not listened to it yet.....reports (from the guy who sent it to me) seem fairly positive, we will all find out together, but it this is a band that has been cranking out insanity-laced garage rock since the late 1990's, I doubt it's going to display a whole lot of "growth".....honestly, I want no problems....if the band, the label, ANYONE has an issue with me posting such a new album, I will remove it, I just don't see it headed for big things in the USA without a little help, which I am trying to administer......

Along the way the Datsuns have dropped a handful of EP's and singles, there is some overlap with the albums, BUT there are also some cool non-LP tracks smuggled in among these, (especially recommended is the "Harmonic Generator" EP, with an unreleasd song and a bunch of live takes) so check below you may find a way cool Datsuns rarity......and I also have a fairly rare (I think) concert recording from a fairly explosive London 2004 show, showing off the bands somewhat legendary live chops.......If you check only the debut, PLEASE check out this solid live effort as well, it goes like an earthquake.....they must be "some kinda' on the stage, at least from what this disc shows.....
So, here's everything I can muster up by the Datsuns.....if they are new to you, hope you enjoy, if not, hopefully at least the live disc or the singles provide you with something new.....great stuff here.

THE DATSUNS-01 Sittin' Pretty/02 Motherfucker From Hell/03 Lady/04 Harmonic Generator/05
What Would I Know/06 At Your Touch/07 Fink For the Man/08 In Love/09 You Build Me Up to Bring Me Down/10 Freeze Sucker/11 Supergyraton! (Japanese Bonus Track)/12 Transistor (Japanese Bonus Track)

OUTTA SIGHT OUTTA MIND-01 Blacken My Thumb/02 That Sure Ain't Right/03 Girls Best Friend/04 Messin Around/05 Cherry Lane/06 Get Up! (Don't Fight It)/07 Hong Kong Fury/08 What I've Lost/09 You Can't Find Me/10 Don't Come Knocking/11 Lucille/12 I Got No Words

SMOKE AND MIRRORS-01 Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For/02 System Overload/03 Waiting For Your Time To Come/04 Stuck Here For Days/05 Maximum Heartbreak/06 All Aboard/07 Sucha Pretty Curse/08 Blood Red/09 Emperor's New Clothes/10 Too Little Fire

HEADSTUNTS-01 Human Error/02 Hey Paranoid People! (What's In Your Head!)/03 Your Bones/04 Ready Set Go/05 Yeah Yeah Just ANother Mistake/06 Eye of the Needle/07 So Long/08 Cruel Cruel Fate/09 Highschool Hoodlums/10 Cry Crybaby/11 Pity Pity Please/12 Somebody Better

DEATH RATTLE BOOGIE-01 Gods Are Bored/02 Gold Halo/03 Axethrower/04 Bullseye/05 Skull Full of Bone/06 Shadow Looms Large/07 Wander the Night/08 Helping Hands/09 Hole In Your Head/10 Fools Gold/11 Goodbye Ghosts/12 Colour of the Moon/13 Brain Tonic/14 Death of Me

DEEP SLEEP-01 Caught In the Silver/02 Bad Taste/03 Claw Machine/04 Shaky Mirrors/05 500 Eyes/06 That's What You Get/07 Creature of the Week/08 Looking Glass Lies/09 Sun In My Eyes/10 Deep Sleep

HARMONIC GENERATOR EP-01 Harmonic Generator (Radio 1 Live Maida Vale Session)/02 Sittin Pretty (Radio 1 Live Maida Vale Session)/03 Fink For the man (Radio 1 Live maida Vale Session)/04 Little Bruise (SBN Session)/05 O Woe Is Me/06 Freeze Sucker (SBN Session)

STUCK HERE FOR DAYS EP-01 Stick Here For Days/02 Kick a bang/03 Sky Is Falling/04 One Eye Open

MOTHERFUCKER FROM HELL SINGLE-01 Motherfucker From Hell/02 I Ain't Got Time For Love/03 In Love (Toe Rag Version)

BLACKEN MY THUMB SINGLE-01 Blacken My Thumb/02 Good Luck..You're Gonna Need It/03 Burst Your Bubble

GIRL'S BEST FRIEND SINGLE-01 Girl's Best Friend/02 Charging Rhino/03 Conversation Killer

LIVE LONDON 5/27/04-01 Get Up/That Sure Ain't Right/Motherfucker From Hell/02 Messin' Around/03 What Would I Know/04 Girls Best Friend/05 Sittin Pretty/06 Harmonic Genrator/07 Fink For the Man/08 What I've Lost/09 You Can't Find Me/10 Freeze Sucker/11 Blacken My Thumb/12 In Love


When we hear the termiology "Too Much Too Soon", we thank of the perfect and prophetic album
title of the second New York Dolls album......I have always thought it applied somewhat appropriately to Oasis as well, at the beginning of their run in the early-90's, they could rock the joint with anyone, releasing two classic albums and also developing a reputation for hard-living, hard-partying lifestyle which would eventually be the doom of the band.....the original lineup on the debut "Definitely Maybe" in 1994 was vocalist Liam Gallagher, guitarist Noel Gallagher, guitarist Paul Arthurs, bassist Paul McGuigan, and drummer Tony McCarroll (who would soon be replaced by Alan White)....they crushed out a sound that was familiar yet original, a mix of Beatle-esque melodies with some crushing hard, Smashing Pumpkins style noise, the best I could perhaps compare their sound to might be that of a UK Cheap Trick.

"Definitely Maybe" is a classic, 4.5 stars and a joy from start to end....pure rock n roll energy "Cigarettes and Alcohol", "Supersonic", "Shakermaker" and pretty much everything on the album is worthwhile, it is one of the essential rock albums of the mid-90's......even better though, a true 5-star classic, is "(What's the Story) Morning Glory", a slice of perfection that remains a joy to listen to today.......the singles "Champagne Supernova", "Wonderwall", and "Don't Look Back In Anger", while all great, hardly begin to tell the whole story.....the frantic title track, "Hey Now!", "Cast No Shadows", one album truly without a weakness......and, I didn't even know THIS was available, just found it on the Bay today: a 3-disc "Deluxe Edition", fleshed out with a ton of demos/live stuff and the conveniently collected great group of the band's B-Sides......I was thrilled to see it and of course will pass it along.

And, after "Morning Glory", it was OVER. Some might disagree, but for me it was over. The next
release "Be Here Now" is negligible, I have one but I'm not going to post it, if you want one it's easy to locate, I have a lot of live and rare I wish to post along side the two "classic albums".....they had lost "it"......"it" being, well, the ability to be an "important" rock band.....and where did "it" go? I'll never forget Liam Gallagher's answer to that inquiry: "Right in the drug dealer's fucking pocket, that's where it fucking went".....Liam was such an ass, you had to love it.....once when the band changed its US tour plans and he was asked about it, he said something about he had no need to explain the band's plans "to a bunch of fucking Yanks"........gotta love a guy who works so hard at being a jerkoff.

Anyway, the two classics, including the expanded "Morning Glory" are here.....well, what else do we have? "1994 Paris and Demos" is a fairly rare one that captures the band RIGHT before hitting their stride, a fine double disc "25000 Oasis Fans Can't Be Wrong", a smoking good show at Knebworth Park England, showcasing the band right at thier peak...and a live set from Glastonbury, 1995, also quite a fine effort......and, don't know if you'll want to hear these or not, I found a few interviews with the band online, normally I wouldn't post stuff like that (haven't listened to them yet), but knowing it's the Gallaghers, they could say some pretty outrageous stuff, so I'm going to take a chance with it.
I have a bunch of singles and stuff, but the expanded "Morning Glory" renders that fairly obsolete, so I think what I'm presenting is the band at the apex of their short creative moment (and, for sure, they HAD a 'moment"), concentrating the live stuff to that era as well (I have a live disc also here from 2001 that I'm not posting either).....this is about Oasis 1994-96........after that the Gallaghers tried it several more times with various lineups, they released several more albums under the oasis name, while I have not listened extensively, everything I've heard from them pretty much eats the five dollar footlong. Further investigation, if you are interested, is fairly easy to conduct, I think ALL of the more recent albums are on the Bay, I prefer to remember them in this light, as one of the best bands in the world for a VERY short minute.

DEFINITLEY MAYBE-01 Rock N Roll Star/02 Shakermaker/03 Live Forever/04 Up in the Sky/05
Columbia/06 Supersonic/07 Bring It On Down/08 Cigarettes and Alcohol/09 Digsy's Diner/10 Slide Away/11 Married With Children

(WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY (DISC 1)-01 Hello/02 Roll With It/03 Wonderwall/04 Don't Look Back In Anger/05 Hey Now!/06 Untitled/07 Some Might Say/08 Cast No Shadaow/09 She's Electric/10 Morning Glory/11 Hello (Demo)/12 Wonderwall (Live Knebworth park)

(WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY (DISC 2)-01 Talk Tonight/02 Acquiesce/03 Headshrinker/04 It's Better People/05 Rockin Chair/06 Step Out/07 Underneath The Sky/08 Cum On Feel the Noize/09 Round Are Way/10 The Swamp Song/11 The Masterplan/12 Bonehead's Bank Holiday/13 Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)/14 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

(WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY (DISC 3)-01 Acquiesce (Live)/02 Some Might Say (Demo)/03 Some Might Say (Live)/04 She's Electric (Demo)/05 Talk Tonight (Live)/06 Rockin Chair (demo)/07 Hello (Live)/08 Roll With It (Live)/09 Morning Glory (Live)/10 Hey Now (Demo)/11 Bonehead's Band Holiday (Demo)/12 Round Are Way (MTV Unplugged)/13 Cast No Shadow (Live)/14 The Masterplan (Live)

PARIS '94 AND DEMOS-01 Rock N Roll Star/02 Shakermaker/03 Live Forever/04 Fade Away/05 Cigarettes and Alcohol/06 Supersonic/07 I Am the Walrus (TRACKS 1-7 LIVE AT "TOP LIVE" PARIS 11/2/94)/08 Digsy's Diner (TRACK 8 LIVE AT LA SAGALE, PARIS, 11/4/94/)/09 Live Forever (Acoustic)/10 Shakermaker (Acousitc)/11 Sad Song (Acoustic) (TRACKS 9-11 LIVE BBC RADIO 6/7/94)/12 Supersonic (Acoustic) (TRACK 12 LIVE BBC RADIO 5/3/94)/13 Cigarettes and Alcohol (Demo)/14 Fade Away (Demo)/15 Whatever/16 I Am the Walrus (TRACKS 15-16 LIVE BBC TV 12/6/94

Intro/02 Columbia/03 Acquiesce/04 Supersonic/05 Hello/06 Some Might Say/07 Roll With It/08 Slide Away/09 Morning Glory/10 Round Are Way/Up In the Sky/11 Cigarettes and Alcohol/12 Whatever/Octopus' Garden/13 Cast No Shadow/14 Wonderwall/15 The Masterplan

250000 OASIS FANS CAN'T BE WRONG-KNEBWORTH PARK ENGLAND 8/11/96 DISC 2-01 Don't Look Back In Anger/02 Live Forever/03 Champagne Supernova/04 I Am the Walrus/05 Morning Glory/06 Supersonic/07 Live forever/08 Wonderwall (Acoustic)/09 Don't Look Back IN Anger/10 Champagne Supernova/11 My Big Mouth/12 It's Getting Better Man

GLASTONBURY-01 The Swamp Song/02 Acquiesce/03 Supersonic/04 Hello/05 Some Might Say/06 Roll With It/07 Slide Away/08 (It's Good) To Be Free/09 (What's the Story) Morning Glory/10 Cigarettese and Alcohol/11 Don't Look Back In Anger/12 Live Forever/13 Rock N Roll Star

INTERVIEW DISC-01 Interview 1/02 Interview 2/03 Noel/Liam

Again, a joy to do this one, hope nobody has an issue with the manner in which I opted to do it, I just think the post-"Morning Glory" stuff really sucks.....just my opinion......the live sets are REALLY good here, and I highly recommend the expanded "Morning Glory" as well as Oasis was one of those bands that would produce some really high quality B-sides

Dinosaur Jr

This was an excellent American guitar-jam band in the early 1990's, certainly you are somewhat
familiar with thier frantic guitar freak outs, some great stuff here for a while, until they turned the corner toward sucktown......

Originally called "Dinosaur" until having to change thier name for legal reasons, Dinosaur Jr came to us from Amhearst MA in the late 1980's, composed of guitarist/vocalist J Mascis, bassist/vocalist Lou Barlow, and drummer Murph.....Mascis eventually kicked out Barlow, who would form the awesome Sebaddoh (who I should profile, like, YESTERDAY!) and replace him with Mike Johnson.....

The first album, "Dinosaur" was released in 1985, it's a guitar-freak's wet dream......I love all of thier early work, not that this is the "best", but it sure is pretty damn good, loaded with weird-ass guitar-pop stuff like "Forget the Swan" and "Does It Float".......this is a fairly underappreciated and lesser-known album, they had not hit thier stride yet.......I recommend it just to see from where they came.

Because in 1987 they released "You're Living All Over Me", which is a fine album full of grungy-guitar freak-jams, like "Little Fury Things" and "In a jar", this is a fine and nearly-essential disc, still they had not reached their creative apex, but this is one you want to hear.

In 1988, they released "Bug", a wonderful album, unique and great, lots of loud and complex guitar soloing, if you are unfamiliar, you may just love this one....."Freak Scene" is the standout, but the entire album is worth your time, trust me.....

In 1990, they released "Fossils", thier first major-label release......this is a fine album, as it recaptures great stuff like "Freak Scene", "In a Jar", "Little Fury Things", as well as thier awesome cover of the Cure's "Just Like Heavan".

"Green Mind" is probably the release you want if you merely wish to sample thier material...it came
out in 1991, and later in an extended, "deluxe" version, "The Wagon" might be thier greatest number, and there are plenty more....."Thumb", "Puke + Cry" and more, and the bonus tracks only make it more enjoyable......one of the great albums of the early 1990's.

The decline phase began with "Whatever's Cool With You", not a BAD album, not by any means, some more great guitar-jams, enhanced by a few live cuts as well ("Thumb", "Keep the Glove").....certainly a worthwhile LP, if you've come this far with me, you likely will desire this one as well......

1993's "Where You Been" was perhaps their last respectable disc.....thier sound was established as "what it was", and the music scene was changing....."Start Choppin'" and "Out There" are cuts that would standout with their other top tunes, this was a great and underappreciated band who rocked it hard, and if you are not familiar with thier shit, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Last one I'm going to touch on is 1994's "Without a Sound"......it features a something-of-an-alt-radio-"hit", "Feel Your Pain", which is NOT a great song in my estimation, and some more tunes which echo the "classic" Dinosuar Jr sound such as "Yeah Right" and "Grab It"......they released a few subsequent discs after this, some with the original lineup, and if you want em, look elsewhere, cause I aint got em.......oddly, got no live stuff either, which I would LOVE to hear, calling all minions who have ANY vintage Dinosaur Jr boots.......

Thanks to all who read and share and listen and contribute here......I would love to have MORE contributions from outside sources, bar bands, total amatuers, ANYTHING that deserves to be heard....it's all JUST rock n roll and NOTHING more.......Come one you guys outside of the USA, give me some shit that needs to be shared with the whole WORLD and we can make it happen......noone will be judgemental, it's just about the FUCKING MUSIC........nothing more.

DINOSAUR-01 Forget thet Swan/02 Cats In a Bowl/03 The Leper/04 Does It Float/05 Pointless/06
Repulsion/07 Gargoyle/08 Severed Lips/09 Mountain Man/10 Quest/11 Bulbs of Passion

YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME-01 Little Fury THings/02 Kracked/03 Sludgefeast/04 The Lung/05 Raisans/06 Tarpit/07 In a jar/08 Lose/09 Poledo/10 Show Me the Way

BUG-01 Freak Scene/02 No Bones/03 They Always Come/04 Yeah We Know/05 Let It Ride/06 Pond Song/07 Budge/08 The Post/09 Don't

FOSSILS-01 Little Fury Things/02 In a Jar/03 Show Me the Way/04 Freak Scene/05 Keep the Glove/06 Just Like Heaven/07 Throw Down/08 Chunks

GREEN MIND-01 TThe Wagon/02 Puke + Cry/03 Blowing It/04 I Live For That Look/05 Flying Cloud/06 How'd You Pin That One On Me/07 Water/08 Muck/09 Thumb/10 Green Mind/11 Hot Burrito #2/12 Turnip Farm/13 Forget It

WHATEVER'S COOL WITH YOU-01 Whatever's Cool With You/02 Sideways/03 Not You Again/04 The Little Baby/05 Pebbles + Weeds/06 Quicksand/07 Thumb (Live)/08 Keep the Glove (Live)

WHERE YOU BEEN-01 Out There/02 Start Choppin/03 What Else Is New/04 On the Way/05 Not The Same/06 Get Me/07 Drawerings/08 Hide/09 Goin Home/10 I Ain't Sayin'

WITHOUT A SOUND-01 Feel The Pain/02 I Don't
Think So/03 Yeah Right/04 Outta hand/05 Grab It/06 Even You/07 Mind Glow/08 Get Out Of This/09 On the Brink/10 Seemed Like the Thing to Do/11 Over Your Shoulder

A unique and great band......if you like guitar jam freakouts, look no further......they didn't REALLY fit the early 1990's "alt-grunge" secene, not that I care a lot, this band rocked it hard core, and I thought they were pretty damn great.......I hope someone reminds me to do Sebaddoh sometime soon, they were a total kickass band of the early 1990's as well....for now, enjoy the Dinosaur Jr, and, of course, comments/other contributions are ALWAYS welcome/Begged for!

What's Up Matador?

Been enjoying a "getaway weekend" with "BigCarla66" while our offspring "BigGrant97" spent the
night partying/dancing/etc with his girlfriend and his pals.....GOD I am getting so fucking old.....but I did want to slip one in for ya, I don't EVER want my peeps to think I have forgot about ya, I mean, unitl i actually DO.......

"What's Up Matador" is a 2-disc sampler from the lable Matador, disc one being some various existing tracks from some of their stable or artists, table 2 being a bit more of what we are looking for here, some "rare" and "out there" tracks....

This was released in the mid 1990's, and it is surprising how many represetative artists were recording for Matador at the time.....Disc 1 kicks off with two legitimate greats. Yo La Tengo (I know, I know, I'm STILL putting that post together) and the  great Pavement, as well as stuff from Teenage Fanclub, The Fall, The Frogs, Guided By Voices, and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.....actually quite a nice assortment of mid-1990's slacker-rock type stuff, I think it's a good album for what it is, a "cheapie" released to asssociate folks with the Matador lable......besides it has a track from Liz Phair on it ("Stratford-on-Guy"), and as I've said before, a track of Liz Phair breathing heavilly would probably merit inclusion here (have I done the bit about "as long as I have a face, Liz Phair will never lack for a place to sit"? I have? Oh well, it will always be a standing offer)

Disc 2 here is the gem, with a slew of rare/unreleased tracks, including most of the above noted bands, including my Goddess Liz Phair's "Stuck on an island", a rarity from Pavement ("Killing Moon"), and TONS of other interesting shit, , just to cherry pick, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's cool "Dig My Shit!", a Yo La Tengo demo track (did I mention I need to get that Yo La Tengo post together?), and totally cool tracks from Cat Power, Guided By Voices, Spoon, and a lot of other bands from the Matador stable......I think this is a fairly forgotten album, and I also think it is worth wyour time and effort to groove for a minute on a few mid 1990's forgotten gems....good stuff, really, hope you enjoy it......

Never Whispers/03 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Catholic Education/04 SUPERCHUNK-For Tenshian/05 UNSANE-Vandal X/06 BAILTER SPACE-Splat/07 HELIUM-Pat's Trick/08 CAT POWER-Nude As the News/09 BETTIE SERVEERT-Tombot/10 SILKWORM-Couldn't You Wait (Acoustic)/11 SPOON-Don't Buy the Realistic/12 LIZ PHAIR-Stratford-On-Gut/13 PIZZICATO FIVE-Twiggy Twiggy/14 THE FALL-Hey Student/15 RAILROAD JERKS-Bang the Drum/16 COME-In/Out/17 THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION-Dong/18 CHAIN GANG-Son of Sam/19 THE FROGS-Adam & Steve/20 CHAVEZ-Unreal Is Here/21 GUIDED BY VOICES-Motor Away/22 SF SEALS-Still?/23 THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282-My Pal the Tortoise/24 MECCA NORMAL-Water Cuts My Hands

WHAT'S UP MATADOR DISC 2-01 CAT POWER-Back of Your Head/02 COME-Strike/03
RAILROAD JERK-One Step Forward/04 THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION-Dig My Shit!/05 GUIDED BY VOICES-My Thoughts Are a Gas/06 SPOON-Tetamon Bridge/07 PAVEMENT-Killing Moon/08 SILKWORM-hangman/09 YO LA TENGO-Don't Say a Word (demo)/10 BARBARA MANNING-The Blood of Feeling/11 BETTIE SERVEERT-Life Is an Imbecile/12 LIZ PHAIR-Stuck On an Island/13 THE FOR CARNATION-Alfredo's Welcome/14 RUN ON-Days Away/15 MECCA NORMAL-Hurricane Watch/16 HELIUM-Lucy/17 CHAVEZ-Theme From "For Russ"/18 TOBIN SPROUT-Small Paradise/19 BARDO POND-The Trail/20 PIZZACTO FIVE-Happy Birthday

A quick post that I threw together, I hope it conforms to the concept of VARIETY for which I strive......back in a few hours with something else!   Sorry, all pictures of Liz Phair.......yeah right "sorry!".....I love me some Liz Phair.........Yum Yum Yum....

Within the Church of thee Overlords

This is a fine two volume set released in 2007 by Southern Lord Records, both discs feature some raved-up, loud, noisy stoner-type rock. The first volume leads of with a band called The Hidden Hand which features the vocal work of Wino (St. Vitus). This is followed by a creepy track from Japan's always interesting Boris, entitled "Farewell".....along the rest of the way, we get some trashers from Burning Witch, Asbestos Death, and Leviathon, as well as some long, trippy tracks from Wolves in the Throneroom ("Queen of the Borrowed Light") and the remarkable Oren Ambarchi, who is an Australian multi-instrumentalist who has released I'd guess over 100 albums and colaborations.....he concludes the disc with the 13 minute "Inamorata", of which I'd like to hear opinions (as with any of this stuff that is new to you).

Volume 2 contains a few familiar names, notably Weed Eater, Om, and Sun 0))), return engagements from Burning Witch, Wolves in the Throneroom, and Boris, this time in a colaboration with Merzbow. Two highlights for my money are Striborg's "Psychedelic Nightmare" and "Only Vinyl is Real" from Burial Chamber.

As I've said before stoner rock/hard rock are probably the least effective genres for the release of comps, simply because they are as far from singles formats as we can get, and singles really, in general, make for the best comps (replicating the classic radio experience)......
If I am in the mood I just may do another post tonight, we shall see.......if not, more good stuff on the agenda for the rest of the week!

VOLUME 1-01 THE HIDDEN HAND-Dark Horizons/02 BORIS-Farewell/03 ORTHODOX-
Slomne Triduo/04 BURNING WITCH-History of Hell/05 ASBESTOS DEATH-Nail/06 LEVIATHON-My War/07 TANGORODRIM-Justus Exvide Vivit/08 STRIBORG-Somnobulistic Nightmares/09 WOLVES IN THE THRONEROOM-Queen of the Borrowed Light/10 EARTH-Oroborous Is Broken/11 OREN AMBARCHI-Inamorata

VOLUME 2-01 OM-Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead/02 WEEDEATER-God Luck and Good Speed/03 BURNING WITCH-History of Hell/04 SUN 0)))-Orakulum/05 WOLVES IN THE THRONEROOM-Cleansing/06 GLORIOR BALLI-Manifesting the Raging Beast/07 TANGORRODRIM-Justs Exvide Vivit/STRIBORG-Psychedelic Nightmare/09 BURIAL CHAMBER-Only Vinyl Is Real/10 ORTHODOX-Solmne Triduo/11 BORIS & MERZBOW-Flower, Sun, Rain/12 EARTH-The Driver

Judge Not.....Underdogma Comp

Something of a similar set to yesterday's, this one released by Underdogma Records, unsure of the
year of release, but here we have a nice sampler of 28 stoner bands, many of whom I have profield here before, with what I beleive are mostly unreleased or fairly rare tracks. Five Horse Johnson, for example, are a great band that I did a mega-post on, but nowhere on it was this cool cover of "Motor City is Burning", which nearly scorches the MC5's. Zerocharisma I posted an album from once, (might have been their only one), and "Take a Ride" is a good track that missed that album.....Raging Slab, Puny Human, Solace, Quill, Men Of Porn, and Mushroom River Band are all fairly known bands that contribute some worthwhile stuff, in particular the latter's "Super Insomnia" and Raging Slab's "Polecat Woman"......among the lesser knowns, check out "Amplified" by pale Divine, "Psychedelic Revolution" by Bozeman's Simplex, and "Joy of Navigation" by Volume.
100% for fans of stoner rock, and not a place to begin with the genre either.....you ALREADY know if this is one you want to hear or not, but it's an easy layup of a post for me on an evening where I'm not feeling like doing too much. Look forward to (I think) some classic Sebbadoh tomorrow!

JUDGE NOT....UNDERDOGMA COMP DISC 1-01 SOLACE-Sled Heavy/02 MEN OF PORN-Pon Ride/03 TWIN EARTH-Ask For Water/04 THE QUILL-Unbroken/05 BOZEMAN'S SIMPLEX-Psychedelic Revolution/06 CALAMUS-Not Tomorrow/07 MUSHROOM RIVER BAND-Super Insomnia/08 TRAILDRAGGER-Hussy/09 IRON BOSS-Ride Again/10 GAMMERA-The Devil Drives a Diesel/11 SOLARIZED-Motor Man/12 VOLUME-Joy of Navigation/13 PLASTER-you Were Wrong/14 PALE DIVINE-Amplified

TRAUMATIC-Wear the Crown/03 RAGING SLAB-Polecat Woman/04 SYROP-Yolandas Lamp/05 BUZZARD-Shadows/06 MUSTASCH-Coomber/07 SMOKE IN SUNSHINE-Honey Fields/08 SATELLITE CIRCLE-The More I Drink/09 PUNY HUMAN-Raze the Leghorn Bar/10 BW666-Fukinfuk/11 HALF MAN-Red Herring/12 ASTROQUEEN-Planet Dust/13 FIVE HORSE JOHNSON-Motor City Is Burning/14 DOUBLENECK-Switchitter

Good set for what it is, some rarities for lovers of the stoner rock genre........