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Babylon Zoo

Ok, my chillun, you supprized me wth some knowledge of what I thought was the totally forgotten Silverhead.......let me take THAT to the next  level with Babylon Zoo.....certainly not great by any means, but I defy someone to say they are a "huge" Babylon Zoo fan, as a few did with Silverhead.....from Wolverhampton England, ca early 1990's, they kinda got caught between the glam and alt era's (if such things even have "eras") and really had no "scene" on which to hang their hats....some decent space/glam/alt/industrial rock (can't think of a better way to describe it, really), best known for "Spaceman" which was a pretty cool tune from the debut album "The Boy With the X-Ray Eyes", I understand it was a huge hit in the UK (trust me, it wasn't here), it's actually a decet album if you're up for it, "Animal Army", the title track, and also "I'm Cracking Up, I need a Pill" are at least worth a listen.

They followed THAT masterpiece with 1999's "King Kong Groover" (could I make THAT up?), which features the decent "All the Money's Gone", but fuck that, the point is the also were "daring" enough to cover Mott the Hoople's legendary "Honaloochie Boogie", which AUTOMATICALLY gives them at least SEMI-"credibility", no matter HOW bad it was (and, really, it's maybe in the "not great" category)......but, I have to give a shout to ANYONE who dares cover one of my fave Mott tunes (Mott had some great ones, that would be very "coverable", so to speak, by the right artists, of course....off the top of my head, "Mrionette", "Drivin Sister", or, if someone DARED to attempt it, the legend that IS "Thunderbuck Ram"......anyway.......

So, these dudes were fairly unknown and enjoyed pretty much zero success, and in 2014 I doubt you could find a whole lotta folks that evn remember they existed....but, hey, that is precisely what the BIG MAN is here for sometimes at least....amazingly, I checked the Bay (I swear to GOD, you just never know wat you'll find on that amazing site), someone had a couple demo tracks to go with the two albums I already own and cherish......I will be INCREDIBLY interested in the download numbers for these, I have been surprised before......if you're a fan of early 70's glam, or early 90's grunge-type stuff, this may be something you might want to give a listen to.....we'll see.....

By the way...the LEGEND that IS DaveSez has provided us with yet MORE Au Pairs rarities, I downloaded the files I think at the last minute, but thanks a zillion Dave.......if ya check the comments section of THIS POST, you will find links for yet more wondersome stuff from the DaveSez archive, and if you check them out please thank HIM (not me), I'm just the middle man, his incredible generosity makes it possible for us to hear more Au Pairs (and others too) stuff than I never even knew existed.......Rock on DaveSez, you are truly a bloggosphere LEGEND!

THE BOY WITH THE XRAY EYES-01 Animal Army/02 Spaceman/03 Zodiac Sign/04 Paris Green/05 Confused Art/06 Caffiene/07 Boy With the XRay Eyes/08 Don't Feed The Animals/09 Fire Guide Light/10 Is Your Soul For Sale/11 I'm Cracking Up I Need a Pill/12 Metal Vision/13 Blue Nude/14 Spaceman-The 5th Dimension

KING KONG GROOVER-01 The Money's All Gone/02 Manhattan Martian/03 Honaloochie Boogie/04 Honeymoon In Space/05 Stereo Superstar/06 Chrome Invader/07 Bikini Machine/08 Are You a Boy Or a Girl/09 Hey Man/10 Aroma Girl/11 Love Lies Bleeding

PIRATE BAY BONUS TRACKS-01 Spaceman Karaoke/02 Gets In My Way (Demo)03 Spaceman (Demo)

Plus don't forget to check the comments section for these fab Au Pairs rarities:  2 1983 Demos, Devils Dykes 1978 Vaultage Records, plus 9-track 1981 Au Pairs demo.....haven't had the chance to listen to them yet, but I'm sure they are great as are ALL of the gifts we luckilly receive from DaveSez, THANKS 10000000  Dave!

Stonewall Noise Orchestra

These dudes are bad-ass, trust me on this if you've
never heard of em. They hail from Borlange, Sweden, and have contributed three very great albums (albiet UNKNOWN albums).....perhaps it is my lot in life to bring them a bit of exposure?

Well, first let us review the clever names of the band members.....Vocalist Singe, guitarist Snicken, bassist Jonas, guitarist Jannson, and (wait for it) drummer Mr. Pillow...despite such silliness, I highly recommend these to both stoner and doom/metal fans.....really great shit. They rock REALLY hard, something of a melding of Black Sabbath and maybe Monster Magnet, if you can envision that......and if you can, obviously that is something you'd wish to hear....right?

Well , their first release was the imaginativly titled "Volume 1", which is loaded with excellent hard rock, "Going To Clarksdale", "Evolution?", and "Superfortress" stand out here, but this is truly an overlooked gem.

It would be a couple of years before they'd release the followup, "Constants In an Ever Changing Universe", and it is fucking great. If you are a stoner rock fan you are disservicing yourself if you don't familiar yourself with it...it's a fine piece of hard stoner, worthy of multiple listens, with tracks like "Skyscraper Monument" and "Venus Travel Agency". Fine album. Listen to it.

Their third release was 2010's "Sweet Mississippi Deal", a title which I have no idea to what it alludes, but this is a fine disc as well......argueably the best of the three discs, these guys really HAVE grown, matured, whatever you want to call it, this is an essential disc as well......CRIMINALLY overlooked stoner/metal band. From the opening "Black Cat Bone" to the finale "Interstate", this one rocks like a motherfucker (one of my highest compliments),.....please check these and give some props to the Stonewall Noise Orchestra........I understand they released a fourth CD in 2013, "Salvation", have never heard it and can't seem to "find" it (a job for the great Mark Eveligh?) , but I'm sure it rocks the fuck out as well. Love to hear it should anyone wish to share wit me!

Still cold as a MOTERFUCKER in Ohio, FUCK THIS shit.......MISERABLE. Come on, sometimes the weather gets cold but FUCK it's inhuman the way this past month has been....I am on record as predicting that next week this (January) will be designated as the "coldest month in Ohio history", WATCH because when I am RIGHT as usual I am going to point it out (of course if I am WRONG noone will ever remember my bold prediction anywy, which is why making predictions of ANY KIND is sort of a chicken shit buisness).......anyway: FUCK THE COLD, FUCK THE SNOW, FUCK THE GODDAMN "POLAR VORTEX" or whatever the fuck it is called.....there is a fucking limit to what human beings are supposed to have to tolerate. Fuck, fuck, fuck. That is all. For now at least.

VOLUME 1-01 Superfortress/02 An Epic Curse/03 Two Sides of a Sin/04 As My Sun Turns Black/05 Freedoms Prize/06 Going to Clarksdale/07 Evolution/08 High Octane Fever/09 Hill Street Madman/10 Sweet Queen/11 Broken Pillls/12 The Practice of Talking Too Much/13 Superfortress (live)/14 Freedoms Prize (live)

CONSTANTS IN AN EVER CHANGING UNIVERSE-01 Roll Call/02 Skyscraper Moment/03 Hollow Parade/04 The Inventor/05 Venus Travel Agency/06 Sideshow Messiah/07 4-54/08 Deadications/09 Clone Baby/10 Headlights/11 Dynamo/12 Unknown of Me

SWEET MISSISSIPPI DEAL-01 Black Cat Bone/02 The Showdown/03 A Song For the Fool/04 I Am/05 One Hundred/06 Stero Minded/07 Sketetto Lounge/08 Rise Above/09 All Systems Go/10 Interstate
I'll have the links up in a little bit......I really think of all the many "scenes" that I am a fan of and touch on on this blog (say, as an example, 60's pscyh, or 70's punk, or 70's metal, or 90's grunge, or 50 others), the one that is under-appreciated the MOST is modern day (post-2000, roughly) stoner rock......I guess the time just wasn't right for this tremendous blend of psych/metal that at least I had been waiting for for 50 years, so many great unknown bands, many with HUGE catalogues (such as, say Orange Goblin or Fu Manchu or Spiritual Beggars or whomever) that are REALLY great bands, and relatively unknown amongst the mainstream, and bands like Stonewall Noise Orchestra, who are really great as well and equally unknown. If I introduce even ONE new fan to this cool band, great, that's what I HOPE to do......turn rock n roll fans onto some different sounds now and then......rock n roll that I like did not evolve until the mid-60's.....the stuff from the 50's doesn't much get it done for me (other than some of the rockabilly stuff), and there has been great stuff ALL along the way, both famous AND lesser known. Keep an open mind, and an open ear, if you DON'T like some shit I present here, that is great too, at least thanks for listening, and THAT, my loves, is why Baskin-Robbins has 31 fucking flavors, rather than 1. Talk to me about these, and see ya tomorrow with.....well, something! Got a dude planning what sounds like a fucking AWESOME guest post, a multi-part thing with a bunch of stuff from the Washington DC area, covering multiple genres, which sounds awesome, and even if it ISN'T, it is less shit that your hero has to do, and that is important as well.....Anyway, it sounds great, and I hope he comes through with it, and ENCOURAGES some of you other folks to make a comp, or, in lieu of that, do ANYTHING to promote the "community" feel of this less than spectacular blog.......PLEASE, contribute, I will post ANYTHING (almost, homeade comps, rare/unknown discs, "best______ever" collections, but NOT limited to music.....got a cool underground comic book? Some eye popping photography?, Hell, got a good RECIPE to share (it's fucking Super Bowl weekend, after all)?......whatever. You are welcome to use this site as you please, we can be the "facebook" (I didn't capitalize it on PURPOSE, nyah) of the "other people".......and if you know what I mean, you ARE one of the "other people"......if not, well.......

Godwatt Redemption

Godwatt Redemption - discography, line-up, biography, interviews ...But a singles disc today, albeit a good one, felt like staying in a stoner groove for at least another day, this time from Italy with the fairly unknown (fairly?) Godwatt Redemption......JUST got through listening to this one on the way home, sludgy and plodding as hell, long ass tracks, trebely, slow guitar riffs, drums mixed up way high, and even some vocals. They, according to the information at hand, releasead a "demo" (2006), also "The Rough Sessions" (2012), and "Senza Redenzione" (2013), NONE of which I happen to have......what I DO have, however, is their "statement of purpose" (MY words, not theirs), 2008's fairly ass-kicking (wait for it) "The Hard Ride of Mr. Slumber" (told ya!).....

This is a good album, quaalude rock at its finest (what's a "quaalude", Uncle BigScott62?"....."Go away Junior, I'm fucking busy, make yourself useful and go find my Ativan").....slow, droning doom rock ala Black Sabbath mixed with maybe Sleep, it's pretty damn good, nice n loud and slower than a lot of the stoner stuff, Mark E, can you possibly help out with any of the rest of the catalogue, you being the world's foremost expert on stoner/doom rock (although THIS one rides the fence a BIT closer to the doom-rock side)......the tracks segue together nicely, and the guitar treble is turned up so high it makes the speakers in my truck rattle......perfecto.

Godwatt Redemption - discography, line-up, biography, interviews ...And, as a bonus, they make dopes out of themselves and cover Deep Purple's "Highway Star" for some reason, uh, well, I've heard of better ideas.....but "Black Hole", "Seventeen Ways to Get a Trip", and "Red Meadow" are all slow mind burners, as are, basically the rest. I love you folks in Italy, can any of YOU help out if Mark E can't? Plus I LOVE you BABES in Italy, YOU can come see me ANYTIME whether or not you've ever HEARD OF these dudes.

Review my January posts, I think I have put some awesome shit up for you all this month, and, as always, I want to do BETTER.......upcoming soon, by request are a re-done Blondie rarities, a Gang of Four post, PERHAPS a Siouxsie & the Banshees post (not sure I have enough material to represent, we shall see)......also soon to come, some Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, feeling a few more power pop comp series, I know of one awesome guest post in the works (bands from the DC area), so it's not like we've run  out of ideas quite yet......please contact me with any ideas you may have to make this thing BETTER, as I said before, like "fucking Facebook for the fucking REST OF US"......I'll be doing it until the rest of YOU get sick of my cynicism and all.

godWatt Redemption Music, Lyrics, Songs, and VideosYo, link in a little while, Dawg, while I try to compose TOMORROW'S post of legend!

THE HARD RIDE OF MR SLUMBER-01 The Hard Ride of Mr Slumber/02 Black Hole/03 Pachiderma/04 Seventeen Ways to Get a Trip/05 Burning the Mountain/06 Death Generator/07 Silence/08 Red Meadow/09 Highway Star

Burnin' Red Ivanhoe

Burnin' Red Ivanhoe : Burnin' Red Ivanhoe
Very weird prog-jazz-fusion-rock- whatever  from Denmark, I wish I could find the remainder of their catalogue, once again I call on the minions, but I haven't as yet designated/located a "go-to" minion in the field of 70's European prog rock.....seeking volunteers (there are also a couple of Krokodil albums I salavate over hearing, just so's you know the "prog-go-to-guy" postition is open)

Burnin' Red Ivanhoe (they get points for their stupid name ALONE) were harmonicaist/trombonist/saxist/flautist (the correct terminology I beleive)/violinist /percussionist Kim Menzer, singer/guitarist Ole Flick, saxist/organist/pianist Karsten Vogel, Bassist Jess Staer, and drummer Bo Thrige Anderson. They debuted in 1969 with "M144" which I don't think I have ever heard, would love to but ya know how rare this stuff can be......they followed it up in 1970 with the self-titled "Burnin' Red Ivanhoe", which is REALLY a fine album, no question they took themselves quite seriously, but it's really good, "Across the Windowsill" and the nearly 10-minute "Secret Oyster Service" still sound great, GOOD prog rock stands the test of time as we can laugh at the ultra-seriousness of it AS WELL AS enjoying the fine sounds that were often created. This is a god album, if you are a of this type of thing, you will wish to hear it.

OK, in 1971, they evidently released something called "6 Elefantskovcikadeviser", hey, I don't name them....anyway, I haven't heard that one either, but someone should flog them for giving it that name anyway......what I do have also is IT'S follow up, "WWW" (much better name lads), which is conveniently coupled with the self-titled album on a single CD, which is how we shall present it here....it's somewhat similar to the other album, just put both of them on one disc and forget it as I did, they make a very listenable, long, semi-rockin' early 70's prog "masterpiece" (depending upon your viewpoint)......I guess they made a couple other releases after these, perhaps they suck and perhaps not, someone with more knowledge than myself would have to evaluate that, but I know I really do like the "Burnin'Red Ivanhoe/WWW" disc, it is REALLY good and you will be doing yourself a disservice should you bypass it.......

Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe 1970: Fick, Andersen (obscured), Menzer, Stæhr ...Super Bowl weekend, and isn't it interesting/coincidental that the two participants hail from the states with legal weed? I know it's been taked about to death, but congrats to the residents of Washington and Colorado for having enough sense to force the legalization of a harmless weed that adds enjoyment to the lives of people. I haven't smoked pot in many years, probably wouldn't if it were legal in Ohio either, but HOW FUCKING STUPID is it to make a weed that grows up out of the ground "illegal"....we could talk about this alot, the revenue "myth" (I don't see it, I see legal weed as likely being so expensive that a black market would still exist, thus negating much of a revenue bonanza), but at least those two states at least dmonstrated a BIT of common sense, only 48 more to go, likely, Ohio will be the last.

Links before ya can say "Drew Barrymore lives to fuck BigScott62"

BURNIN RED IVANHOE/WWW-01 Across the Windowsill/02 Canaltrip/03 Rotating Irons/04 Gong-Gong, The Elephant Song/05 Near the Sea/06 Secret Oyster Service/07 2nd Floor, Croydon/08 WWW/09 Avez-vous Kaskelainen?/10 Kaske-vous Karsemose/11 All About It/12 Oblong Serenade/13 Cucumber-Porcupine

By request the best Gang of Four post ever

Someone (I ALWAYS forget who requests these things) asked for some Gang of Four, I don't have a hell of a lot, but I'll certainly share what I DO have.....for whatever reason, they are simply one of those bands for which not a hell of a lot of rarities/boots/whatever exist, but of course I'll share the stuff I DO have, be it easy to find elsewhere or not.

The original "Gang" were vocalist Jon King, guitarist Andy Gill, bassist Dave Allen, and drummer Hugo Burnham (they changed lineups a few times, and I'd like to mention bassist Sara Lee also because she was really a DAMN fine bassist)...

The Gang produced some incredible post-punk, politically motivated, and INCREDIBLY stripped down rock, the very DEFINITION of "not for everyone", but, before we go much further, let me say that I LOVE their shit to death......it didn't sound like ANYTHING else, and they were MAD about shit, which, if you follow my theories, makes for the best rock n roll......

Thier debut, "Entertainment!" is a classic of the post-punk era features some of their better works""Return the Gift", "Anthrax", "Great Men", and especially "At Home He's a Tourist".....this particular version, thankfully, contains the "Yellow" EP, so we get some added Gang stuff such as "He'd Send in the Army" and my absolute fave "Outside the Trains Don't Run On Time"......classic album that should be in EVERYONE's collection!

These latter two track also appear on "Solid Gold" (1981) (different versions), "Solid Gold" is also one you'd want, it includes the classic "Cheeseburger", and "Paralysed".....another good disc, though not quite as essential as the expanded "Entertainment!". (Note: My "Solid Gold" is a vinyl rip, as is my "Another Day Another Dollar " EP.....not in the greatest shape so I found a digital version, similar to the expanded "Entertainment!/Yellow" coupling, which couples "Solid Gold" and "Another Day Another Dollar" quite nicely.

They struck it rich again in 1982, releasing "Songs of the Free", which includes what I assume is their best known track "I Love a man in Uniform", and also the very fine "We Live as We Dream, Alone"....this is yet another of those acts that maybe got shortchanged just a bit in the States for being to "British", but so it goes, I really like ALL thier shit,and,  even if I didn't always know EXACTLY what they were bitching about, they sure as hell always sounded pissed whatever the issue.

Should you be in the mood for simply a sampler comp, "A Brief History of the 20th Century" is a decent one, touching on most of the highlights of the first three classic albums, but I don't recommend it as I really those three albums are essential, and the comp (shockingly, to me at least) doens't include such obvious material as "Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time". We've also got  a fine Peel Session, and a few  live discs, the quite common "At the Palace 1984" and the maybe a tad more rare "Southhampton University 1979", and "Bournmouth Town Hall 11/22/79"

Personally I find everything here essential, wish I had a few more live ones (DaveSez?), sounds like they were the real deal live......I look at them as basically a European ancestor of Rage Against the Machine, hell, they (Rage) were from the US and half the time I never knew what THEY were bitching about either, but like the Gang, they sure as hell sounded committed. Comment away, and if you have any other goods by this fab band, please share, they were a great one, for a while there. I know they did release a few albums post -"Songs of the Free", but as I recall they were fairly disappointing so they are not here (I don't have em anyway).

ENTERTAINMENT! (W/"YELLOW" EP)-01 Ether/02 Natural's Not In It/03 Not Great Men/04 Damaged Goods/05 Return the Gift/06 Guns Before Butter/07 I Found That Essence Rare/08 Glass/09 Contract/10 At Home He's a Tourist/11 5.45/12 Anthrax/13 Outside the Trains Don't Run On Time/14 He'd Send In the Army/15 It's Her Factory/16 Armalite Rifle

SOLID GOLD (W/"ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DOLLAR EP")-01 Paralysed/02 What We All Want/03 If I Could Keep It For Myself/04 Outside the Trains Don't Run On Time/05 Why Theory/06 Cheeseburger/07 The Republic/08 In the Ditch/09 A Hole in the Wallet/10 He'd Send In the Army/11 To Hell With Poverty/12 Capital (It Fails Us Now)/13 History's Bunk!/14 Cheeseburger (Live)/15 What We All Want (Live)

SONGS OF THE FREE-01 Call Me Up/02 I Love a Man in Uniform/03 Muscle For Brains/04 It Is Not Enough/05 Life! It's a Shame/06 I Will Be a Good Boy/07 The History of the World/08 We Live As We Dream, Alone/09 Of the Instant

PEEL SESSIONS-01 I Found That Essence Rare/02 Return the Gift/03 5.45/04 At Home He's a Tourist/05 Natural's Not In It/06 Not Great Men/07 Ether/08 Guns Before Butter/09 Paralysed/10 History's Bunk!/11 To Hell With Poverty

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE 20TH CENTURY-01 At Home He's a Tourist/02 Damaged Goods/03 Natural's Not In It/04 Not Great Men/05 Anthrax/06 Return the Gift/07 It's her Factory/08 What We All Want (Live)/09 Paralysed/10 A Hole in the Wallet/11 Cheeseburger/12 To Hell With Poverty!/13 Capital (It Fails Us Now)/14 Call Me Up/15 I Will Be A Good Boy/16  The History of the World/17 I Love a Man In Uniform/18 Is It Love/19 Woman Town/20 We Live as We Dream, Alone

SOUTHHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 11/14/79-01 Essence Rare/02 5:45/03 Anthrax/04 It's Her Factory/05 Blood Free/06 Contract/07 Damaged Goods/08 Not Great Men/09 Natural's Not In It/10 At Home He's a Tourist/11 Return the Gift/12 Ether/13 Armalire Rifle/14 Rose Anne/15 Glass/16 Can't Stand My Baby

BOURNMOUTH TOWN HALL 11/22/79-01 I Found That Essence Rare/02 5:45/03 Anthrax/04 It's Her Factory/05 Blood Free/06 Damaged Goods/07 Not Great Men/08 Natural's Not In It/09 Information/10 At Home He's a Tourist/11 Return the Gift/12 Ether/13Armalite Rifle/14 Glass/15 Damaged Goods/16 Roseanne/17 Can't Stand My Baby

AT THE PALACE 1984-01 We Live As We Dream, Alone/02 History's Not Made By Great Men/03 Silver Lining/04 The History of the World/05 I Love a man in Unform/06 Paralysed/07 Is It Love/08 Damaged Goods/09 At Home He's a Tourist/10 To Hell With  Poverty!

Please continue with the requests, it is OK by me, trying to think of what to do ON MY OWN every day is a pain in the ass, especially after the brain trauma I suffered, so request away, and see what happens! Super Bowl weekend, take it to the fuckin bank, Seattle 27 Denver 21 how bout THAT fuckers?


The best goddamn Lita Ford post , EVER!!!!!

You know I don't care what you think!......I have lusted after Lita Ford since I was a Goddamn teenager, and if I want to (1) write an easy post on Super Bowl Sunday and (2) get my meat stiff by posting some damn pictures of Lita Ford (owner of rock n roll's finest ass (runner-up: Sheryl Crow), I'll by-God sure as hell do it!

Hell you know the story.....the Runaways had total about an hour's worth of listenable material, yet remain one of my favorite bands for most obvious reasons...then, Mistress Lita has enjoyed a solo career with a similar amount of good stuff, and yet, I'd likely buy an album of her vomitting. I mean, if you don't get my point here, I kind of have a "thing" for Mistress Lita.

Her first solo LP, "Out For Blood", is pretty awful, but so fucking what, I enjoy funding Mistress' lifestyle.....her SECOND solo LP, "Dancin' On the Edge", is equally awful, but, so fucking what, I enjoy funding Mitstress' lifestyle.

OK. So in 1988 she released "Lita" and it is a pretty damn good one, actually......from the opener"Back to the Cave", the great "Can't Catch Me" (her greatest, IMO),  a sort of hit single "Kiss Me Deadly", and of course the infamous Ozzy duet,  "Close My Eyes Forever", well, this is a pretty Goddamn piece of hard-glitter rock really, and all joking aside, really the only decent one she had in her.

Because 1990's "Stilleto" sucks as well......while "Lita" is trashy greatness, what SHOULD have been her high mark is MERE trash.....geez a cover of "Only Women Bleed"? I've heard better, let us just say. "Dangerous Curves" doesn't fare a whole lot better, actually, although she earned a point or two for reprising the Runaways "Playing With Fire".

Surprisingly enough, 1996's "Black" is not NEARLY as bad as it ought to be......you'd be surprised. The title track and "Killin' Kind" are listenable shit, so you owe it to Mistress to pay homage. She also released a live album, kind of stupidly entitled "Greatest Hits Live" ("Hits", huh?), which fairly rocks out and at the very least gives another take on "Can't Catch Me" albiet an inferior one.

OK, a lot of this shit sucks, really, but I love Ms Ford anyway, and still as fucking FINE today when we are both in our 50's as when we were both teens. Somebody else might get a kick out of these, too, not to be taken seriously as though it were Gang of Four or something......not everything NEEDS to be though.

OUT FOR BLOOD-01 Out For Blood/02 Stay With Me Baby/03 Just a Feeling/04 Ready Willing and Able/05 Die For Me Only (Black Widow)/06 Rock N Roll Made Me What I Am/07 If You Can't Live With It/08 On the Run/09 Any Way That You Want Me/10 I Can't Stand It

DANCIN ON THE EDGE-01 Gotta Let Go/02 Dancin On the Edge/03 Dressed to Kill/04 Hit And Run/05 Lady Killer/06 Still Waitin' /07 Fire In My Heart/08 Don't Let Me Down Tonight/09 Run with the $

LITA-01 Back to the Cave/02 Can't Catch Me/03 Blueberry/04 Catch Me Deadly/05 Falling In And Out of Love/06 Fatal Passion/07 Under the Gun/08 Broken Dreams/09 Close My Eyes Forever

STILETTO-01 Your Wake Up Call/02 Hungry/03 Dedication/04 Stiletto/05 Lisa/06 The Ripper/07 Big Gun/08 Only Women Bleed/09 Bad Boy/10 Aces and Eights/11 Cherry Red/12 Outro

DANGEROUS CURVES-01 Larger Than life/02 What Do You Know About Love/03 Shot of Poison/04 Bad Love/05 Playin With Fire/06 Hellbound Train/07 Black Widow/08 Little Too Early/09 Holy Man/10 Tambourine Dream/11 Little Black Spider

BLACK-01 Black/02 Fall/03 Loverman/04 Killin' Kind/05 Hammerhead/06 Boilin' Point/07 Where Will I Find My Love Tonight (I have a suggestion.....)/08 War of the Angels/09 Joe/10 White Lightnin' /11 Smokin Toads/12 Spider Monkeys

GREATEST HITS LIVE-01 Nobody's Child (Studio)/02 Larger Than Life/03 What Do Ya Know About Love/04 Black Widow/05 Holy Man/06 Can't Catch Me/07 Falling In and Out Of Love/08 Bad Love/09 Ripper/10 Close My Eyes Forever/11 Shot of Poison/12 Hungry/13 Kiss Me Deadly/14 Rock Candy

.....And as so often happens a Pirate Bay check reveals a 2009 release, "Wicked Wonderland", I assume it sucks, but having never heard it (or OF it) I wouldn't know.....since I am such a trouper, I'll throw it up as well

WICKED WONDERLAND-01 Crave/02 Piece (Hell Yeah)/03 Patriotic SOB/04 Scream 4 Me/05 Inside/06 Wicked Wonderland/07 Indulge/08 Love/09 Betrayal/10 Sacred/11 Truth/12 Betrayal/13 Bed/14 Garden/15 Push

I plan on listening to "Wicked Wonderland" today most likely, as I am a fan of Mistress Lita, and you all should too, because, it's Lita, after all......

Thanks to the GREAT new Friend of the Blog, Julian for sending me a metric shit-ton of Gang of Four boots, I'm downloading them now and hope to put them up tomorrow.....you guys are not going to BELEIVE how much stuff he has sent me to share with ya, if you are a GOF fan, you are going to freak, I promise.

Had to get at least ONE picture of that lovely ass on the post.....Lita come see me SOON! Links won't be up until tomorrow evening (Monday 2/4/14) as I was dicking around watching the Super Bowl, and gotta go to that work place for a while tomorrow.

Stuff you won't want to miss I PROMISE/GUARENTEE

As discussed yesterday, friend of the blog named Julian has sent for us a BUNCH of Gang of Four boots and singles, will be a while until I can listen to all of these, but as popular as the GOF stuff was the other day you guys should go wild for these....and if so please extend your thanks to Julian for providing these, great job.

From longtime friend Jon Baker comes a Gang of Four anthology called "100 Flowers Bloom", he says it has some live tracks on it as well......Jon also provides us a link to the new Sharon Jones and Dap Kings, gonna be honest as hell, I don't know a thing about them, but I will be checking it out, THANKS Jon, please if you sample these  give thanks to Jon.

File sharing legend Dave Sez is at it again, with yet ANOTHER rare Au Pairs gem, 1981 Rotterdam this one (I'm thinking this guy has every show they ever did!)

Now.....the Stuff of near legend. PLEASE check the comments section of the Lita Ford post, I am BEGGING you, even if you have no interest in the subject matter......we have a new reader whom, apparently, feels that a few things about the blog are not quite to his particular tastes. TRUST me you DO want to see these comments, they literally make Scott Andridge sound like a mix between maybe Albert Einstein and Dr Drew Pinskey....PLEASE check these out, they made my day and I hope they will make yours as well.....again,   TRUST me on this, these are something that will enlighten and educate you like few things that you have previously experienced. I just hope our brave new friend (wait for it) "Anonymous" continues to share this remarkable wisdom. I won't go as far as I did with ol' Scottie and try to translate these into English for you, but the gyst seems to be that he wants more (what he calls) "gay music" on the site......had he been paying even a modicum of attention, he'd see that a few of his "requests" (Mott the Hoople, the Smiths, David Bowie, Tom Robinson Band) I have already done FULL blog posts on, he must have missed them, but I don't see how, with as much time as he OBVIOUSLY spends here. I really don't take the sexuality of a performer into account when I do a post, but obviously this lad has gone to a LOT of TIME and TROUBLE to compile this lengthy list of  "gay music", so if any of you can help him out with some of this "gay music", please post it here for him......and, Mr. Anonymous, if you just check the archive, you will no doubt find the Smiths, TRB, and the others I mentioned.......gay folks are welcome here every bit as much as anyone else, if they mind the hundreds of pictures of half-naked babes that I post here, I'd tell THEM to go find a more suitabale blog......but anyway, I'm glad Mommy lets him use the 'puter all by hisself and I hope he isn't a stranger, people like this are FUN in a huge way, because they REALLY think they are tough, scary, menacing, whatever, and have no clue that the rest of the world is laughing their collective asses off......I'm sure you've known people like this, every one of you has.....a guy walks into a party, brags and boasts about what a badass he is. Once he leaves, the theme of the party changes to laughing at and making fun of him......and that is "Anonymous" in a nutshell.....honestly, I genuinely feel sorry for him.

This just in, Julian has provided a bunch MORE links, to some Pavlov's Dog stuff (more recent than the 2 albums I posted a while back).....not going to get to these tonight but I will download them and get them up......now, as for the shares, I have downloaded them, I DO NOT KNOW if the track are tagged or not at this point, I had to rush to get it ready.....you may be n your own to decode that, even as such, these are GREAT finds from Julian, Jon, and Dave Sez......simply tremendous, all of you, and I thank you! Plenty of people work together to make this blog somewhat what I want it to be (NO, I DON'T want it to be like one of the "big time" blogs, internet fame ain't my thing at ALL), and I thank, once again, the many, many GREAT friends and contributors to this blog who help to make it worthwhile. Now if you could all just try a little HARDER, so Mr. Anonymous, who seemingly spends every waking moment of his day here, would be a bit happier, PLEASE go the extra mile........

Links, some maybe tonight, some maybe not till tomorrow, LOTTA stuff here and you are likely going to freak over some of it, if you're a Gang of 4 fan, this is your nirvana!

Links are in comments section, as they come in......probably tomorrow afternoon, today's been well, taxing!

Uh, Guest Poster Julian, "Help Yourself!"

Juilian from the UK who provided all the Gang of Four boots yesterday, provides us with a mountian of stuff from "Help Yourself".....he says they weren't popular at all, although he is a fan of their music......I've  enver heard of them, and I live for stuff like that, so let's copy WIkipedia as best we can with their story:


Help Yourself, known to their fans as "The Helps",[1] were an English rock band of the early 1970s whose style developed from “American-flavoured country-rock… …to acid-drenched psych.


Help Yourself formed in London in 1970, originally as a backing band for singer-songwriter Malcolm Morley, who had left Sam Apple Pie and been signed as a solo act by Famepushers.[1] The band was assembled by John Eichler who, as well as working for Famepushers, was production manager at Strand Cosmetics, where he hired people either for 'musical ability' or 'strangeness'.[2]
The eponymous debut album, Help Yourself, was recorded from late 1970 to early 1971. Malcolm Morley, (guitars/keyboards/vocals) wrote all the songs on this album, which was recorded with another former Sam Apple Pie member Dave Charles (drums/percussion/vocals), ex member of Monday Morning Glory Band, Richard Treece (guitars/vocals/harmonica) and former Growth member Ken Whaley (bass) [1]
The album was recorded before the band had played a gig, having been signed to Liberty Records by Andrew Lauder, head of A&R. The band toured on the Downhome Rhythm Kings package with Brinsley Schwarz& Ernie Graham (ex Eire Apparent), who were all managed by Famepushers.[2] After the tour, Ken Whaley was fired, but no other bass player was recruited.
Help Yourself, Ernie Graham and his guitarist Jonathan “Jojo” Glemser, moved into Headley Grange in 1971, shortly after Led Zeppelin IV had been recorded there.[1] The line up was amalgamated to include both Graham (who had just released his eponymous solo album backed by Help Yourself and Brinsley Schwarz) and Glemser, both of whom were guitarists, so Treece switched to bass. The band played the 1971 Glastonbury Festival[3] Sam Apple Pie having played the first Glastonbury in 1970. "Street Songs" a track that would later appear on the second album Strange Affair, was issued on a United Artists double album sampler All Good Clean Fun. A tour was arranged to promote this album, so Help Yourself joined Man and Leicester band Gypsy, on a tour of Switzerland.[4] The second album Strange Affair was recorded at the Grange, initially with Richard Treece still on bass, and adding his guitar parts later, until Paul Burton, their then Road Manager and former Sam Apple Pie roadie, joined on bass, to complete the album.[5]Strange Affair was released in early 1972, by which time both Graham and Glemser had left.
The new line up of Burton, Morley, Treece and Charles appeared on their first Peel Session in April 1972 [6] and recorded the next album Beware of the Shadow almost immediately. Sean Tyla, who had been the band's roadie, helped with some of the songwriting, notably "All Electric Fur Trapper", which was based on a fairy tale he had written. Shortly after completing the album, the band left Headley Grange, Tyla moved in with ex member Ken Whaley, and they formed Ducks Deluxe.
Just as the Helps were due to start a tour to promote Beware of The Shadow, Morley suffered a bout of depression, ("The Shadow" referred to in the album title).[7] Rather than cancel the tour, Deke Leonard, who had just been fired by Man, stood in. Leonard stayed with the band after Morley had recovered, whilst Help Yourself backed Leonard on his first solo album Iceberg[4]
In December 1972, Help Yourself with Leonard and BJ Cole, played at Man's Christmas Party. The double 10" album, Christmas at the Patti recorded at this concert, contains far more of their performance (24’) than their hosts (11’30’’). Ducks Deluxe also played this concert, but Whaley had already left.
Beware of the Shadow was released in late 1972, but none of the first three albums sold well. The Helps appealed to a hippie audience such as fans of The Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service so they were moderately successful in the U.S.[1] but never toured there.
In 1973, the band proposed touring with Roger Ruskin Spear, the Flying Aces and Vivian “Spiv” Morris, in a vaudeville show called “Happy Days”, which was to be held in a circus tent. They started recording material for this in January, but Burton was unhappy with the proposed theatrical tour, so he left. Whaley returned and the band started recording their new album in February, finishing the Happy Days album in March and the Helps album in April,[7] when they also recorded their second Peel Session.[6] After a two month "Happy Days" tour, the fourth album, The Return of Ken Whaley, was released, with the Happy Days album included free with the first 5,000 copies.
The fourth album did not sell well either, and the band were not getting many gigs, so they were surprised when United Artists asked them to record another album, which they started recording in July 1973, with a line-up augmented by Sean Tyla. The album was to be called 5 and a cover was commissioned from Rick Griffin. They only had “half formed ideas” and although they eventually laid down 8 tracks, they gave up recording and disbanded in August 1973.[8] They reformed for "The Amazing ZigZag Concert" on 28 April 1974 with a core line up of Morley, Treece, Whaley and Charles with Burton and Leonard guesting.
Being incomplete, 5 was not issued, although a few years later some fans tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade the band to complete the album. After Morley released his solo album Aliens in 2001, the suggestion re-arose, and the album was finally completed in 2002/2003 by Morley, Treece and Whaley, with Kevin Spacey on drums, as Charles had other commitments. The album was eventually released in 2004.[8]


  • Malcolm Morley– keyboards,guitar, vocals (1970–1973 & 2002–2003)
  • Richard Treece – guitar, bass, vocals (1970–1973 & 2002–2003)
  • Dave Charles– drums, percussion, vocals (1970–1973)
  • Ken Whaley– bass (1970–1971, 1973 & 2002–2003)
  • Paul Burton – bass, guitar, vocals (1971–1973)
  • Jonathan "Jojo" Glemser – guitar (1971)
  • Ernie Graham– guitar, vocals (1971)
  • Kevin Spacey – drums (2002–2003)
  • Sean Tyla– guitar, vocals (1972 & 1973)

Subsequent careers[edit]

Malcolm Morley[edit]

Briefly joined Bees Make Honey, before joining Man with Leonard and Whaley, where he co-wrote and recorded Man's most successful album Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics but left after a US tour. In 1976 Morley recorded a solo album, backed by Plummet Airlines who he'd been working with, and produced by ex Brinsley Ian Gomm. The album was not issued, and the master tapes were lost for 25 years. When the tapes were found, the album was finally issued as Lost and Found in 2002 (Hux 034).[9]
He performed with Deke Leonard, Wreckless Eric and Kirsty McColl, including a TV appearance with McColl in 1981. He then left the music business.[10] In 2001 he recorded another solo album Aliens which was issued on Creo Records, and in 2008 he started appearing live again.

Richard Treece[edit]

Briefly joined Deke Leonard's Iceberg and later re-joined George and Martin Ace in The Flying Aces. Briefly joined The Splendid Humans; before joining former Man members Phil Ryan and Will Youatt in The Neutrons.[2] In 2000, he issued a solo album Dream Arena East (Treece 1) and then joined Ken Whaley in 'The Archers', which evolved into his current band 'The Green Ray'.
The Green Ray comprises Richard Treece (guitar and vocals), Ken Whaley (bass and Vocals), his brother Simon Whaley (drums) and Simon Haspeck (guitar and vocals). They have issued three albums: Soft Cloud (2002) SC001/FYPC15, Back from the Edge (2006) Gray 11 with Aaron Liddard, and the live Classic Rock Club, Cheshunt, 5 January 2008 with Nick Saloman of Bevis Frond (Effigy 2008), and a DVD with Barry "The Fish" Melton guesting.[11] They played at the Glastonbury Festival (Green Stage) in 2007.

Dave Charles[edit]

Charles was an Engineer whilst he was in Help Yourself, (recording the infamous Brinsley Schwarz “hype” concerts at the Filmore East) and subsequently became the resident engineer and producer at Rockfield Studios where he produced and/or engineered albums by Hawkwind, Dr Feelgood, The Charlatans, The La's, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and others. He still plays drums, and has played for Dave Edmunds as well as Carl Perkins, George Harrison, Dion DiMucci, Steve Cropper, Jeff Beck and Kid Creole and the Coconuts.[2]

Ken Whaley[edit]

Briefly joined Deke Leonard's Iceberg, until joining Man with Leonard and Morley. Recorded Man's two most successful albums Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics and Slow Motion and also left after a US tour. Worked for John Eichler at The Three Kings. Played with Richard Treece in 'The Archers' and later in 'The Green Ray' (see above) before his death in 2013.

(EDIT: Outta artwork, as such, I will be letting OLIVIA PAIGE fill out the remaining picture opportunities......hopefully Anonymous dosen't find this as more evidence that i am gay! (?!)

Paul Burton[edit]

Joined Deke Leonard's Iceberg after playing on the first album. Toured Republic of Ireland with them. Left after that tour and worked for Manticore Records (Emerson Lake & Palmer), running their rehearsal studio in Fulham Broadway. Worked as a tour manager for Baker Gurvitz Army (Ginger Baker, Paul and Adrian Gurvitz) until January 1975. Having been newly married took a job as a chauffeur and ended up running a UK subsidiary of a Swiss electronics company as Managing Director for more than 25 years. Retired in 2007 and now living in Devon with his second wife.

Sean Tyla[edit]

After Ducks Deluxe, he formed the Tyla Gang, which made three albums and which both Treece and Whaley played with at various times. In 1981 he worked with Joan Jett and then formed The Force, with Deke Leonard, who recorded one album, Forces First, but Tyla left after suddenly suffering stage fright. He has recently reformed Ducks Deluxe.[12]

Ernie Graham[edit]

Formed pub rock group Clancy in 1971, which recorded two albums before they split in 1976. Gave up being a professional musician. Worked on the railways, including as a guard on The Orient Express, and was training to become a counsellor when he died in April 2001.[3]



  • Help Yourself (1971) Liberty ((UK Cat No) LBS 83484)) ((US Cat No) LBS 5583) Allmusic4/5 stars[13]
  • Strange Affair (1972) United Artists ((UK Cat No) UAS 29287) ((US Cat No) UAS 5591) Allmusic3.5/5 stars[14]
  • Beware the Shadow (1972) United Artists (UAS 29413)
  • The Return of Ken Whaley (1973) United Artists (UAS 29487)
  • Happy Days (with the Flying Aces and Spiv) (1973) United Artists (UA Free 1) free with the first 5,000 copies of The Return of Ken Whaley as a box set (UDG4001)
  • 5 (8 unreleased 1973 recordings & 3 recorded in 2002/2003) (2004) Hux Records (HUX054)

Live albums[edit]


  • "Running Down Deep" / "Paper Leaves" (1971) Liberty (LBF15459)
  • "Heaven Row" / "Brown Lady" (1972) United Artists (UP 35355)
  • "Mommy Won’t Be Home for Christmas" / "Johnny B. Goode" (1972) United Artists (UP 35466)


  • Strange Affair and Beware of the Shadow (the second and third albums), were re-released on one double LP (UA 29796/97 XB) in 1997 in Germany as part of the series The Classic British Rock Scene
  • Help Yourself and Beware of the Shadow (the first and third albums), were re-released on one CD (BGO CD 385) in 1998
  • Strange Affair, The Return of Ken Whaley and Happy Days were re-released on a double CD (BGO CD452) in 1999 Allmusic4/5 stars[16]


  • All Good Clean Fun One track ("Street Songs") appears on the original 1971 double album (UDX 201/2)
  • All Good Clean Fun Three tracks ("Street Songs", "Eddie Waring" and "Re-affirmation") appear on the 2004 triple CD re-release (Liberty 8660902)
  • Naughty Rhythms: The Best of Pub Rock Includes one Helps track "Alabama Lady” (1996) EMI Premier (37968)


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Did not know what else to do as I literally have never heaad of them, we'll find some pictures to jazz things up in a few minutes......nayway, I have download each link individualy, but again Julian has provided a BUNCH of em....I have no track lists, hopefully the downloads are tagged, and, sing of which, our little friend Anonymous has checked back in with us.....go, if you will, to view perhaps the LEASE sincere apology ever issued (it winds up with his calling the Gang of Four "faggish", it is in the comments under the Lita Ford post......you may also see my response there, as well, in which I politley tell him that this really IS NOT the kind of thing we are looking for around here, we are a community of friends, for one, and for another, I certainly have nothing  against the homosexual visitors/friends/contributors, and I asked that at least I personally would prefer if he found another blog more to taylored to his particular tastes.......please add a comment there if you agree with me (OR you accept his apology and would like to  see his continud "presence" here....it's up to you, but I think we run for maybe at least a post-collegiate crowd here (although all are of course welcome), it's just that I really am not of the mood to be especially welcoming to someone who actually ha the word "Dick Shiner" in his vocabulary......anyway, MY is that someone such as "Anonymous" is going to contribute SO LITTLE to what we are going to do that I personally would just prefer he take his business elsewhere.....I'm certain there are plenty of blogs out there where juvenile name calling and homophobia are the norm, and God bless em......but wouldn't we all be happier, and more satisfied with the results, would Anonymous simply visit something like that, and those of us who love to share our music collections remain here? Seems so simple, and yet, the simplest things are often the most difficult for the simplest minds to comprehend. I wish no harm upon "Anonymous", I just, honestly, don't find him to be a good it here......anyone else have a feeling, "apology" or no? I really don't have time to fuck around with nonsense like that.....I know, I can write a semi-witty retort, but I'd RATHER be getting discs and text ready for FUTURE posts, so I can stay a bit ahead and do my best to come through with a music share-post at least once a day.

Once again, thanks so much to Julian for todays music, also for the ton of Gang of Four stuff from yesterday, which was so vast it automatically casat him into the blog frinds "Hall of Fame", great stuff......and "Help Yourself"? Never heard of them, and THAT is stuff I LOVE TO  DEATH, so beleive me I am ready to LEARN! Thanks a BUNCH Julian, I will get your generous Pavlov's Dog stuff up tomorrow, I hope, and I SURE AS HELL hope to hear from you again!Great stuff.
Yesterday, my son was looking at my blog, and he says "Dad this guy thinks you're GAY......how dumb is HE?"......see I'v been banged about  bit for the pictures of the half naked babes I take so much pleasure in posting at times, been called a "lecherous old man", "a slobbering perv", and "one who has no respect for women, thinking them as mere objects for my carnal lust"......well, I can see where you get THEM ideas.....for the record, I LOOOOOOVE women, I've been married to the best one in the world 27 years.....

But GAY? Don't remember anyone misreading the situation to that great a degree before.........

Anonymous, your apology, while lame and insincere, is accepted, at least by myself.....so return the favor and just kind of go away, the name calling and complaining likely play well on otherspots, we try to remain freindly and respectful here, qualities which you seem to not have learned yet.

I wish you well.

Links for Julian's great stuff in comments Section, let's all learn together coz I sure don't know em......I am excited as hel to learn about a new obscureo band!

Links will be up in a while......should have one MORE Julian gift tomorrow, if you sample, PLEASE thank his hard work in bringing these albums to us......I'd take a message but Olivia and I are going to be occupied for a little while!

To be honest, enough for now

This is becomming more trouble than it is worth and I am going to step away from it for a while.....I do this in order to make people HAPPY, NOT have them pissed at either me or each other, and that is not how it's GOING to be. I started this out sharing stuff from my collection, when others contributed stuff i gladly allowed that as well, but now it seems that  have contributor's "pirating" (ah, irony) each other's work, plus the normal complaints that I personally don't do enough work, posting art work, tagging all tracks, using the wrong bitrate, whatever. OK.....enough for now. I have never ONCE claimed this blog was "good"fact, I have gone y way to say how much BETTER most/many/ALL of the other ones are......the reason that would be is because I DON'T want to spend that much MORE time a day on it than I do already.......OK, maybe I should have "checked" from where Julian got his Gang of Four stuff? But HOW? How do I do that? Then I get psychopaths questioning my sexuality and threatening me that I'd "better" shut down the blog......well, "Anonymous", you've got it, at least for now........I am sorry that over the past three years or so the work I did was insufficient. I wish I would have had more time to make the downloads more suitable to everyone else's liking and to validate everyone's sources, etc.I don't have that kind of time, and obviously I have a readership that expects only the very "best", so for now, I am taking a break from this (RATHER than posting the T Rex post I had ready to go)......will I be back? I'm leaning towards "yes"at some point, but you never know, maybe I will find that I have a better use for the 1-2 hours each day I spend on this.....likely not, because I DO enjoy it, but when people are getting pissed at me beacuse I don't do things perhaps the way others would do them, or the way I "should" do them, it is  for at least something of a b. My best to each and every one of you and see you soon, I imagine.

That was hasty.....let me lay things out.

OK, here is the deal as to why I got so pissed a little bit ago......read it, don't read, whatever.On
Monday, I wake up to the "Gay" thing, I have been called A LOT of things in my lief, but to my knowledge, noone has suspecte me of being anything but a lecherous womanizer......which one is "worse" we can debate, but I certainly know which side I would come down on.....anyway, the guy made himself look even stupider by "demanding" some "gay music", A LOT OF WHICH HAD ALREADY APPEARED HERE (Mott the Hoople, TRB, The Smiths, etc)......I post LOTS of types of music here the sexual orientation of the artist has never really come into play, see also Le Tigre, Suede, Sleater Kinney, The Buzzcocks......certainly MANY of the bands I've featured here have either openly or closeted homosexual members, why ANYONE would care I will shake my head forever.

The guy offered perhaps the lamest apology in history, concluding by calling the great Gang of Four "faggy".....I told him he owes ALL OF YOU (in particular any whom are of the homosexual persuasion) the apology, not myself, I don't think it was/is forthcoming.....my preference would be people such as this simply find somewhere else to gravitate, this is stuff that does NO ONE any good.....HOWEVER......

His other complaints, which are now and then echoed by others, tend to catch more steam now and then, and I have to explain the score:

1. No artwork-This is because 90% of the CD's in my collection HAVE NO ARTWORK.....they are from vinyl rips, from CD Copies, from downloads from blogs like this or from Pirates Bay.....they are files people have sent me that thought I'd enjoy them, they are from MANY sources.....90% plus of them have a plain white label with the track titles typed on them.....nothing more. If you WANT artwork that bad, I am sure you can do a bit of work and get it for yourself.

2. Tracks no tagged-again, sometimes it happens automatically, sometimes, not, but I ALWAYS
include track lists in the text of the post......is it too much trouble, really, for you to copy/paste and then tag the tracks anyway you prefer? It seems  that you want ME to do a lot of extra work, from which I will gain NOTHING, in order to offer YOU up a "perfect" product......I'm honestly sorry, I am not going to do it....if you have other sites you use that will do these things for you PLEASE use them, really......THIS (as I have tried to make clear) is NOT  a "big time" effort......never intended it to be, and certainly never CLAIMED it to be......CONSTATLY, when comparing it to other blogs, I go out of my way to say how MUCH BETTER, (say, just as an example) Twlight Zone or Music Ruined My Life is than this one, MUCH more "professional",just much BETTER. My hat is off to them. I don't want to do that much work. I't enough work for me to walk 30 feet and search through my CD room for the correct CD's and upload them, hey, I'm an OLD MAN!

3. Bitrate/format......again, whatever format I recieved the original in, THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE GETTING......PERIOD. Again, TOO MUCH WORK to convert stuff for this purpose. As far as I know, nothing stops YOU from converting to an format you wish upon recieving, if i is something rare you have acquired, then it should certainly be worth you time to convert it into any format you desire.

4. Guest posters/contributors.....now this is a new issue, and I really don't know how to handle it. Dave Sez, who has contributed a LOT of Au Pairs stuff and some other things has been overwhelmingly generous, he seems to be pissed at me right now for whatever, all I  can say is I have posted every file you have ever sent me, I double checked and matched up the e-mail to the download links, yep, everyone I have EVER recieved from you has been posted (EXCEPT the most recent).....when I post them I always give you full credit, as I do with anyone who makes a contribution. I am hoping you stick around, because you have some fine music, and I'd love to help share it around....but here's the thing......"Julian" sent me a load of Gang of 4 boots/singles, etc.....you say he got them from you and I beleive you....BUT HOW WAS I TO KNOW? If you can tell me a way of verifying the original source I will happily do so, but I just don't think it's possible.....I am sorry it happened, and Julian also sent me a bunch of stuff from "Help Yourself" of whom I have never heard, I posted them (creditting him).....I hope these are not yours or someone else's uncreditted work......I REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT TO stop taking contributions, we have recieved some incredible ones over the last couple of years and it would be criminal if it would stop over
(WHAT I HOPE IS) a misunderstanding between Dav Sez/Julian, not sure, but don't shoot the middle man......if you guys want, I have both of you email addy's and if you want I can hook you up so you can (rationally) discuss this if you want (or not), I just want EVERYONE here to understand what I'm trying to do here.......trying to host a friendly site with a sort of a "community" feel, where we can all share our music.....I don't want trouble between the contributors, either, guys, it's JUST music, I hate to bring this up, but as you know I was minutes from death a few months ago, andI APPRECIATE life, and I APRECIATE the chance to do this blog (it kept me sane when I was off work), but I DON'T host if for people to rip on ANYONE, not homosexuals, not people of other races, not people who happen to favor different music than we do.........if you can't get along with everyone else, PLEASE avail yourself to one of the other sites where things like arguing and name-calling are more welcomed, which is fine, that is the type of place they want to run.

Again, Dave Sez, I am sorry that Julian posted your file without crediting you.....really. But I have
NEVER EVER ONCE not posted a file you sent me, perhaps some were eatten via email but anything I have recieved I have AND WILL CONTINUE TO........if it happens again, that Julian of someone else sends me something for post, let me know (privately, please), and I will speak to the other party and try to straighten everything out.......

An hour ago I felt like never doing this again......really thought it was time to go......but I thought about the MANY people who contact me telling me they ENJOY what I do.....the ones who understand that sometimes I'm just trying to share a new sound I've discovered......or reviving an "old" obscure sound like "Silverhead".......sometimes I hear from the artists themselves, and that is exciting too (unless they are complaining, which I take care of as well)......I'm going to continue what I am doing.....you will NOT be getting artwork with my downloads (sorry).....you will not be getting tracks tagged unless they already are with my downloads (sorry), you will get downloads in exactly the format in which I have them. I will post 99% of any guest material that is sent to me, I appreciate the hell out of it, and hope for more even more "out there" stuff (LOVED Sean's 30yr old tape  of his teenage band, that stuff is the shit!).......I hope we will not have another DaveSez/Julian-type problem, I'll see what I can do......but for now, everyone take a deep breathe and relax..I WANT to consider writing these posts, sharing the rest of my 20000 CD collection, and listening to what you think about them......I WANT you to send me a homemade comp, an interestng album (Jon Baker's contribtion of Sharon Jones and Dap Kings is PERFECT as I have never heard of em, just PEPRFECT)......I want, as I've said before, NON MUSICAL contributions.....poetry. short stories.  csgmiller@sbcglobal.net) and we'll work it out, your contributions have been indescribably wonderful and I would hate to lose you as a contributor an as a friend.......I'll go so far as to give you mobile number so we can discuss it personally we have to.
recipes, photography, original artwork, ANYTHING you guys think interest, bring it on home! WE ARE ALL FRIENDS HERE, that is what I strive for, and is why I DO NOT wish to bring in the name-calling element to this thing, the death of so many internet sites.......this is a "small" internet community, but, I think, a fairly close knit one.......and I would love to keep it that way. Dave Sez, (or anyone else with specific concerns), please send me a private email (csgmiller@sbcglobal.net), I'll even send any u my mobile number so we can personally discuss any issues that come up.

OK, this all being said, I am going to continue with the blog...... I'll try to get the T Rex post up tonight yet.....I just thought that I needed to say a few things here. MY blog is about music and FUN, not about people getting pissed at each other, nor atacking others for their sexuality, or whatever.....music and FUN. It's not perfect, not by a  margin, but it is the best I ca do for ya......

Woudn't be "Growing Bored For a Living" without a guest Babe-O-The-Day, so today we fature noted "Sports-Babe" Erin Andrews!

The Best T Rex post ever, unless you have reservations

T Rex began of course, as Tyrannasaurus Rex, hippie-folkie-psych blather than many love to death.....I am NOT one of those "many" to be  honest, personally I find this early stuff beyond silly and close to unlistenable.....being honest here, sorry if I hurt anyone's delicate feelings. I mean really....they actually released an album called "My People Were Fair and Had Sky In Their Hair, But Now They're Content to Wear Stars on their Brows"......no, REALLY....they also had the goofball "A Beard of Stars" which featured the goofy "Ride a White Swan", a single of some merit I guess, I may have a copy of it here somewhere that I can "treat" you with.

Anyway, T Rex went electric/glam in 1970 with them "T Rex", coupling glitter/glam riff rock with almost eqully nonsensical lyrics, and became popular almost immediatley, more so in the UK than here though.

T Rex is not really a great album, but it IS a corner stone in the UK glitter/glam scene of the early 1970's....short tracks which still carry forward plenty of thier silly folky/psych pretensions: "The Children of Rarn".
, "The Wizard"..NOT a classic, but then......1971's "Electric Warrior" IS a "classic", a "classic" of super stupid electro-glam-riff-rock, featuring of course the legend that is "Get It On (Bang a Gong) with it's remarkable lyrical complexities, not to mention lesser known treasures such as "Rip Off", "Jeepster", and "Cosmic Dancer"....it is almost impossible to listen to this with a straight face, a period piece of almost embarassing hilarity......myself, I LOVE it!

Even better for my money, though not quite as popular was "The Slider".....this thing is a masterpiece of "stupid-rock", almost every tune a "classic: when we look at it in that light.....where to begin? "Metal Guru" which was a huge hit in the UK and contians the lyric "Metal Guru is it you?", my younger brother at the time interpereted it as "Metal Guru is a Jew".......there is a LOT more, the title track, "Rock On", "Ballrooms Of Mars", "Spaceball Riccochet", and especialy my fave the rockin "Buick Mackane".......simply cannot give this 5 stars, even though it is "perfect" for what it sets out to do, lets go four stars and all be happy.....

A short run really, the follow up "Tanx". really sucks the big 'un,  they try to regain the innocent stupidity of "The Slider" with poor results....really stuff like "Tenement Lady", "mad Donna", and the noxious "Born to Boogie" could have been outtakes from "Electric Warrior" or "The Slider"......this was one bus ride that had reached the last stop. "Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow" is even worse, presented here for the comdy factor alone. Same goes for "Bolan's Zip Gun", an atempt yet, to go (lord) "in other musical directions".....there's a reasn you likely haven't heard it, trust me.

Since I'm feeling evil, and to ensure that "Anonymous" feels I have done enough to promote the "Gay Agenda", I have a couple comps here, including the FOUR disc "20th Century Superstar Series" which has more shit on it than the most rabid T Rex fan could clamour for, ALL KINDSA SHIT here, from the "Ride a White Swan" era and lots more!

Do have a live album or 2 here, "Live at the BBC 1970-71" captures them at their glammy best, and a rare boot from 1977, although they had had the fork stuck in em by now, is of interest.......T Rex are an important part of early 1970's glam rock, imagine should they come out today, they'd be laughed back to the  but they sounded good at the time, and Marc Bolan had the right look for the right time.....it was fun  while it lasted! One last note, I think Bolan was once quoted as saying "NOTHING in my career has been an accident!", prior to being killed in, well, an automobile accident........sweet irony I guess.......

I am not about to search out all their folkie albums, here are the 1970's glitter/glam hard rocking albums, hope you enjoy them as much as yer pervered uncle does!

By the way, I think Dave Sez and Julian have made amends, at least I hope so......it was a misunderstanding, and you guys  are BOTH valuable contributors to this site, I'd HATE like hell to lose either of you......as for ol'"Anonymous", he has me figgered out I'm afreard: I posted sexy pictures of Erin Andrews to throw you guys off the track, because my TRUE plan here is to promote/support the gay agenda which he hilariously lays out in one of his comments (truth is, I just like Erin Andrew's ass).....he says he's leaving this "gay blog' forever, I personally say don't let the door hit you on the way out, please, please, GO AWAY FOREVER!

One minion had a good idea though....if Dave Sez (or anyone) wants the "keys' to this blog, they are welcome......write your own stuff, post it yourself, and some day I'll wake up and say "DAMN I don't hav to do SHIT today!"......any serious contributors who would LIKE to have the blog keys, contact me at csgmiller@sbcglobal.net and we can certainly talk, I like the idea!

T REX-01 The Children of Rarn/02 Jewel/03 The Visit/04 Childe/05 The Time Of Love Is Now/06 Diamond Meadows/07 Root of Star/08 Beltane Walk/09 Is It Love?/10 One Inch Rock/11 Summer Deep/12 Seagull Woman/13 Suneye/14 The Wizard/15 The Children of Rarn (Reprise)

ELECTRIC WARRIOR-01 Mambo Sun/02 Cosmic Dancer/03 Jeepster/04 Monolith/05 Lean Woman Blues/06 Bang a Gong (Get It On)/07 Planet Queen/08 Girl/09 The Motivator/10 Life's a Gas/11 Rip Off

THE SLIDER-01 Metal Guru/02 Mystic Lady/03 Rock On/04 Slider/05 Baby Boomerang/06 Spaceball Rocochet/07 Buick Mackane/08 Telegram Sam/09 Rabbit Fighter/10 Baby Strange/11Ballrooms of Mars/12 Chariot Choogle/13 Main Man/14 Cadillac (Extended)/15 Thunderwing (Extended)/16 Lady (Extended)

TANX-01 Tenement Lady/02 Rapids/03 Mister Mister/04 Broken Hearted Blues/05 Shock Rock/06 Country Honey/07 Electric Sam and the Factory Hen/08 Mad Donna/09 Born Boogie/10 Life Is Strange/11 The Street and Babe Shadow/12 Highway Knees/13 Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys/14 Children of the Revolution/15 Jitterbug Love/16 Sunken Rags/17Solid Gold Easy Action/18 Xmas Riff/19 20th Century Boy/20 Free Angel

ZINC ALLOY AND THE HIDDEN RIDERS OF TOMORROW-01Venus Loon/02 Sound Pit/03 Explosive Mouth/04 Galaxy/05 Change/06 Nameless Wildness/07 Teenage Dream/08Liquid Gang/09 Carlisle Smith & the Old One/10 You'v Got to Jive To Stay Alive-Spanish Midnight/11 Interstellar Soul/12 Painless Persuassion vs the Meathawk Immaculate/13 The Avengers (Superbad)/14 The Leopards Featuring Gardenia and the Mighty Slug

BOLAN'S ZIP GUN-01 Light Of Love/02 Solid Baby/03 Percious Star/04 Token of My Love/05 Space Boss/06 Think Zinc/07 Till Dawn/08 Girl In the Thunderbolt Suit/09 I Really Love You Babe (Prescision Debating)/10 Golden Belt/11 Zip Gun Boogie (Live)/12 Do You Wanna Dance/13 Dock of the Bay/14 Solid Baby/15 Till Dawn (Marc's Guide)/16 Tll Dawn/17 Till Dawn/18 Girl In the THunderbolt Suit (Bluejean Bop)/19 Dishing Fish Wop (Golden Belt)

LIVE AT THE BBC-01 Hot Rod Mama/02 Deora/03 Pavillions of the Sun/04 Dove/05 By the Light of the Magical Moon/06 Elemental Child/07 The Wizard/08 Ride a White Swan/09 Summertime Blues/10 Jeepster/11 Cadillac

MARC BOLAN & T REX DISC 1-01 The Road I'm On (Gloria)/02 Blowin in the Wind/03 The Wizard/04 Beyond the Risin' Sun/05 The Third Degree/06 San Francisco Poet/07 Eastern Spell/08 Hippie Gumbo/09 Misfit/10 Jasper C DeBussey/11 Desdemona/12 Midsummer Night's Scene/13 Sara Crazy Child/14 The Lilac Left Hand of Menthol Dan/15 Sleepy Maurice/16 Highways (Alias Misty Dust)/17 Child Star/18 Chateau In Virginia Waters/19 Puckish Pan/20 Lunacy's Back/21Debora/22 Hot Rod Mama/23 Scenscof/24 One Inch Rock/25 Salamanda Pal/26 Consuela/27 Juniper Section/28 Nickelodeon/29 Pewter Suitor/30 The Seal of the Seasons/31 Catblack (the Wizard's hat)/32 Chariots of Silk/33 Iscariot

MARC BOLAN T REX DISC 2-01 King of the Rumbling Spires/02 Do You Remember  ALternate Vocal)/03 Do You Remember/04 Once Upon the Seas of Absinniya/05 Ill Starred Man/06 Demon Queen/07 By the Light/08 Lofty Skies/09 Elemental Child/10 Dove/11 The Prettiest Star/12 Oh Baby/13 Ride a White Swan (Intro)/14 Ride a White Swan/15 Ride a White Swan (Outro)/16 Untitled Poem/17 Jewel/18 Diamond Meadows/19 Beltayne Walk/20  Suneye/21 Childe/22 The Children of the Rarn/23 Hot Love/24 King of the Mountain Cometh/25 Mambo Sun/26 Cosmic Dancer/27 Get It On/28 There Was a Time -Raw Ramp/29 Rip Off

MARC BOLAN AND T REX DISC 3-01 Jeepster/02 Life's a Gas/03 Sailors of the Highway/04 Telegram Sam/05 Cadillac/06 Baby Strange/07 Metal  Guru/08 Thunderwing/09 Spaceball Ricochet/10 Children of the Revolution/11 Jitterbug Love/12 Xmas Flexi Message/13 Solid Gold Easy Action/14 Born To Boogie/15 20th Century Boy/16 Highway Knees/17Electric Slim and the Factory Hen/18 Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys/19 The Groover/20 Blackjack/21 Truck On (Tyke)/22 City Port/23 Teenage Dream

MARC BOLAN & T REX DISC 4-01 Venus Loon/02 Painless Persuassion vs the Meathook Emmaculate/03 Change/04 Till Dawn/05 Light Of Love/06 Zip Gun Boogie/07Think Zinc/08 Solid Baby/09 New York City/10 Chrome Sitar/11 Dreamy Lady/12 Christmas Bop/13 Jupiter Liar/14 Dawn Storm/15 London Boys/16 I Love to Boogie/17 Laser Love/18 Life's an Elevator/19 To Know Him Is To Love Him/20 Teen Riot Structure/21 The Soul of My Suit/22 Dandy In the Underworld/23 Celebrate Summer

LIVE LONDON 3/18/77-01 Jeepster/02 Visions of Domino/03 New York City/04 Soul of My Suit/05 Groove a Little/06 Telegram Sam/07 Hang Ups/08 Debora/09 I Love to Boogie/10 Teen Riot Structure/11 Dandy In the Underworld/12 Hot Love/13 Get It On (With the Damned)/14 Jeepster (bonus)/

LIVE LONDON 3/18/77 DISC 2-01Telegram Sam (Bonus)/02 Token of My Lov (Bonus)/03 Teenage Dream (Bonus)/04 Zip Gun Boogie (Bonus)



Death From Above 1979

The fucking band is CALLED "Death From Above 1979", the album didn't come out in 1979....actually it came out in 2004 or 2005 or something.....from Toronto Canada, they were a noisy sort of dance/punk act with some grungy riffs thrown in there, they made but one full length (the also made a handful of EP's that I don't have)...however, the on album they did have in them, "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine", is pretty damn good, I must say, just gave it a re-listen on this morning's commute, and it is not bad at all.....any of you Canadians (paging Mark E?) have any of the EP's? Or, do they (quite possibly) suck? All I know is I found this disc to my liking, perhaps my friend Anonymous has some clue as to the members' sexuality (he seems to worry a GREAT deal about this subject, and is of course always welcome to chime in with his evaluations of the various artists' level of masculinity. (He SAID he was going away, but seemed awfully interested in Marc Bolan's sexual preferences, frankly  something that 99% of people could give three shits about, in particular with Bolan being, you know, dead and all.)

Death From Above 1979 were Jesse Keeler on bass and vocals, and Sebastian Grainger on drums and vocals......the bass serves as the "lead" instrument as it often does in "pure noise" stuff like this, and it works well, very fine bass playing and drumming, often indecipherable lyrics; smooth as silk track transitions, and some really fine moments, really, such as "Blood on Our Hands", "Sexy Results", "Pull Out", and really most of it.....works well as an album as a whole, if you know what I mean....NOT NOT NOT for everyone, but maybe if you liked the Big Black stuff I put up a while back (this is tamer than that, by far), you may enjoy this.

You gotta love people, really, you do.......the comments I've been getting of late.....WHAT are they supposed to be accomplishing......I KNOW I don't provide artwork, tag all tracks, only use the bitrate I GOT the thing in, etc, etc, I KNOW THIS and point it OFTEN......I DO NOT CARE IF ANYONE ALIVE DOES NOT LIK THIS BLOG......really......certainly it's not for everyone. It's NOT supposed to be a "big time" blog like the marvelous work done by ChrisGoes, or the amazing "Twilight Zone".....and the reason, as I've stated so many times, is simple....I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT MUCH WORK......my drill is I think of a band or act that I think might be of interest to a handful of people.....I walk to my CD room (maybe 15-20 ft away), grab their discs, write some nonsense about them, check maybe Wikipedia for my facts, use I TUNES to upload the disc, THEN FUCKING FORGET ABOUT IT. That's it......that's ALL there is.....if you want artwork, go find it......if you want the tracks "tagged", great, do it yourself.......I am not about to change a fucking thing. If you don't like it, there are probably AT LEAST 1000 OTHER blogs out there that will suit your needs much more than this one.....I have NEVER, not onc, claimed that this blog was "good".......have I? Fuck no, I ADMITTEDLY say it's a minor league effort, generally thrown together when I'm half wasted.......it gave me something to do when I had my health issues, and it's fun for me to maybe hear a disc I haven't heard in a while and maybe share it with some folks who might like it......but if you don't like this blog, for WHATEVER the reason (you want artwork, or tags, or a different bitrte, or, the latest one, you think I "support the gay agenda" (the strangest one yet by a HUGE margin), PLEASE avail yourself of one of the infinite number of internet blogs which I WILL FREELY ADMIT are better than this one. I will sleep just fine at night, one way or the other......thanks to the kind people who DO appreciate what I am attempting to do here, but this is MUCH MORE addressed to the OTHER folks, who tell me regularly how much they dislike the blog, yet seem to turn up fairly regularly to comment on the reasons as to why........just seems to me there would be better places to spend your time, but, as always, EVERYONE is welcome here, even if it, by the creator's own admission, is FAR, FAR from the "best" blog on the web, and will NEVER BE CLOSE......one more time, the reason is I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT MUCH WORK!

YOU'RE A WOMAN, I'M A MACHINE-01 Turn It On/02 Romantic Rights/03 Going Steady/04 Go Home, Get Down/05 Blood on Our Hands/06 Black History Month/07 Little Girl/08 Cold War, Listen/09 You're a Woman, I'm a Machine/10 Pull Out/11 Sexy Results

See ya'll tomorrow......be back with something else WITHOUT artwork, without track tags (unless that's how it comes), and in whatever fucking bitrate I got it in....don't like it? Tough shit.

A pretty good Veruca Salt post, at least I think so, maybe some won't

Think of "Nuggets", the original......now, think of a similar creation, made in, say, the year 2030 with the great singles of the 1990's "alternative rock" (what a nauseating term) movement......it'd be pretty cool, right? The Breeders'"Cannonball"......Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot"......Flaming Lips'"She Don't Use Jelly"......and of course, the epitomy of the early  1990's one-shot wonder, Veruca Salt's fantastic "Seether".......

Veruca Salt were guitarist/vocalists Louise Post and Nina Gordon, drummer Jim Shappiro, and bassist Steve Lack....look, I am NOT going to pretend this was some great overlooked band, but "Seether" is one of the absolute greatest singles of that era, hard rocking, catchy, and with cryptic lyrics (what the fuck is a "seether" anyway?).......one of my favorite singles of the early 1990's, no kidding......all that sweet feedback guitar, "I try to keep her on a short leash, I try to calm her down"....don't know why but it works fine for me, and when someone makes "90's Nuggets", this should be the leadoff track, perhaps.

"Seether" became a minor hit on alternative radio stations ca.1994-5, and was followed up with/included on  the debut album "American Thighs"....."Thighs" is a pretty fair album, featuring not only "Seether" but also "All Hail Me" and "Sleeping Where I Want", not a classic by any means but a really pretty fair album......really, the only one they had in them......this expanded edition includes a few bonus cuts, including a goofball rendition of "My Sharona"

To capitalize on the surprising success of the album, they released the EP "Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt", which is a decent 4-song effort.....album #2, "Eight Arms To Hold You" is, well, not great, save for the clever single "Volcano Girls" with it's smart "Glass Onion" reference......and, for me, this is where Veruca Salt and I part ways. Nina Gordon and Louise Post had some sort of falling out, leading to Post leaving the band and releasing the quite listenable solo effort "Tonight and the Rest of My Life".

The post-Gordon lineup released an album or two, can't say I've ever heard them though....thought what I would post instead would be Gordon's aforementioned album with it's lovely title track and the rocking "Bad Way".....also have a live set from 1994 at The Chocolate Factory, it's pretty damn good as well.....

I was reading that the original lineup has reunited and were working on new material, but I just have a feeling, this is one whose moment (and they had one), has passed.......just a hunch and I wish them all the best

AMERICAN THIGHS-01 Get Back/02 All Hail Me/03 Seether/04 Spiderman 79/05 Forsythia/06 Wolf/07 Celebrate You/08 Fly/09 Number One Blind/10 Victrola/11 Twinstar/12 25/13 Sleeping Where I Want BONUS TRACKS-/14 She's a Brain/15 Bodies/16  Aurora/17 My Sharona/18 Sundown

BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS IT'S VERUCA SALT-01 Shimmer Like a Girl/02 I'm Taking Europe With Me/03 New York Mining Disaster 1996/04 Disinherit

EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU-01 Straight/02 Volcano Girls/03 Don't Make Me Prove It/04 Awesome/05 Last Time/06 With David Bowie/07 Benjamin/08 Shutterbug/09 The Morning Sad/10 Sound of the Bell/11 Lonliness Is Worse/12 Stoneface/13 Venus Man Trap/14 Earthcrosser

LIVE AT THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 1994-01 Pale Green/02 All Hail Me/03 Stoneface/04 Forsythia/05 Straight/06 Sleeper Car/07 Seether/08 Spiderman 79/09 Victrola/10 25/11 Straight/12 She's a Brain/13 All Hail Me/14 Stacey Please

TONIGHT AND THE REST OF MY LIFE (NINA GORDON)-01 Now I Can Die/02 2003/03 Tonight and the Rest of My Life/04 Badway/05 Horses in the City/06 Hold On To Me/07 New Year's Eve/08 Fade to Black/09 Number One Camera/10 Got Me Down/11 Too Slow To Ride/12 Hate Your Way/13 The End of the World

Links In a little while.............

Reprising "Random Blondie Rarities", by request

Couple years ago I put up a bunch of my Blondie boots and demos, not sure if it was all of em or not, but that was ancient history, in blog terms, and at least one if not a couple have requested that I reupped them, which I usually don't do, unless the mood hits me....went back and checked and the original post was 11/19/11, in the Mediafire era, so of course none of the links are reuseable (MORE work for me)......but looking back on the post, hell, I know I have a BUNCH more Blondie boots than just those......so what i will do is, paste the original text of the post here, because it includes a sentimental story (for me ONLY) of a now-departed friend who lived to tell anyone within earshot of the time he had drunken sex with Deborah Harry, and this will give me a starting point.....I will reup the album that went with that post, and then tomorrow, we'll get to the rest of em.....sort of an oversight on my part I guess, that I never put up the remainder of this stuff, I assume a good bit of it is kinda hard to find.......so, here, is the text of the original post:
Just felt like putting up some Blondie, no particular reason....always did enjoy their work and I think it has REALLY held up well over the decades. They played near my home last year or the year before (I think with Cheap Trick, even) but I wasn't able to attend....wonder what the crowd was like....God, I hope not screams of "Do RAPTURE!".....prefer if it were the senile ones like myself singing along with "Youth Nabbed as Sniper"....anyway, as I said, one of my favorite bands of the 1970's, I have quite a bit of material and I decided on these selections, I think they are relatively hard to locate and they are all quite good and listenable. I hope that you enjoy them, I know the band are still out there somewhere, and if they play a club near you, don't make the same mistake as me and miss them. A good friend of mine,a musician now deceased, claims to have had sex with Debbie Harry, he swore by this story until the day he died.....yes, I'm sure I missed it, having attended a threesome with Liz Phair and Lita Ford......anyway, Chuck (my friend) rest in peace and if they have music blogs wherever you are, I hope you can access these rarities:
(as always, links in comments section, as always, I'll get them up tonight if Mediafire cooperates)(2013 EDIT-Of course,  Mediafire is no longer a part of this thing):
1975 DEMOS-This is the oldest recording af the band I can find, at least a year before their debut album came out. The sound quality is good, the songs are unfamilar to me, but they are quite enjoyable. The claim is this is a demo tape, if so, it is certainly good enough that I would have signed them given the option: 01 Out In the Streets/02 Platinum Blonde/03 Puerto Rico/04 The Thin Line
QUARTERS TO DOLLARS-This is a vinyl bootleg, probably from around 1978 or so, and as vinyl boots go, this is a good one as well. I don't think I remember ever seeing it online before, basically a live rendering of their first album, I threw a couple of "Alternate Versions" of a couple studio tracks at the end:
01 German Lullaby/02 In the Sun/03 Look Good In Blue/04 Little Girl lies/05 In the Flesh/06 Man Overboard/07 Rifle Range/08 Moonlight Drive/10 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/11 Kung Fu Girls/12 X Offender/13 In the Sun (alternate version)/14 X Offender (alternate version)
Now, a couple of high quality, ear-popping concerts....the first 12/23/76 at the legendary CBGB:
01 Money Go Love/02 Poet's Problem/Little Girl Lies/03 Rifle Range/04 Bermuda Triangle Blues/05 Banter/06 Banter/07 Contact In Red Square/08 Presence, Dear/09 Rip Her to Shreds/10 Kung Fu Girl/11 In the Sun/12 X Offender/(2nd set) 13 Fan Mail/14 Poet's Problem/15 Look Good In Blue/16 Banter/17 Contact In Red Square/18 Moonlight Drive/19 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/20 Presence, Dear/21 Band Intros/22 X Offender
And finally, an awesome set from the San Francisco Old Waldorf, 9/12/77. Of the four sets, here, this one is the best, an awesome performance and fabulous sound quality. Of the four, also, this is most likely the most acessable, and you may have heard it before. If you have not, though, HIGHLY worthwhile
01 X-Offender/02 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/03 Fan Mail/04 Cautious Lip/05 I'm on E/06 Detroit 442/07 I Didn't Have the Nerve to Say No/08 Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)/09 Presece, Dear/10 Contact In Red Square/11 A Shark in Jets Clothing/12 In the Sun/13 Heart Full of SOul/14 Playing With Fire/15 Moonlight Drive.
Let's cast these upon the waters and see how many hits/comments they generate, I have LOTS moer of them, of carying vintages and qualities. As always, leave a comment should you be inclined, and should you desire more rare Blondie, there is more to be had, simply for the asking!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then.
OK, I actually put up only four albums, my work ethic at that time was nothing like the Herculean efforts I turn in anymore (guys, IT IS SARCASM, again, I AM NOT saying this is a good blog, nor that I am willing to do the work to make it one), hell I probably have 15 more or so, so I guess we may as well put up a few more of them in order to balance tomorrow's/today's volume of stuff......I haven't listened to a lot of these in a while, so the sound quality may vary, if I get a chance I will carpet bomb them and point out some of the better ones.......
In addition to the four sets outlined above (1975 Demos, Quarters To Dollars, San Francisco 1978, and CBGB 1976), for today, lets add a couple of more VERY early (1975) CBGB shows, they are short sets, one from 7/18 and one from 8/15 and will both fit on a single CD, they cover "Femme Fatale" which I think is the only version of that great song that I have by Blondie.
Let's also go with a two disc set, from the Palladium, New York, 11/12/78, by now of course they had a wealth of classic material to perform......Hell, ALL of my favorites, "Fan Mail", "Detroit 442", "11:59", the encores ("Sister Midnight", "Heroes", and "Bang a Gong" feature guest performer Robert Fripp, if I recall correctly this may be an audience recording which I generally don't like much, but I'm going to put ALL of this stuff up and let you guys decide.
Finally for today, a good one from Boston, 11/4/78, great, great stuff, even "Heart of Glass" (not my favorite by any means but the first of Deborah's adventures into the worlds of other musical stylings......
OK, got a bunch more of these for tomorrow also......I really should have done this whole thing up a couple years ago, but what did I know? I was just a kid.......anyway, see above for the track lists for the first four albums, and here are the track lists for the remaining ones:
CBGB 7/18/75-01 Little Girl Lies/02 In the Flesh/03 Moonlight Drive/04 Charlotte the Harlot/05 Platinum Blonde/06 Man Overboard/07 Thin Line/08 Heat Wave/09 Attack of the Giant Ants (End Cut)/ CBGB 8/15/75-10 Heat Wave/11 Man Overboard/12 Little Girl Lies/13 A Girl Should Know Better/14 I Cover the Waterfront/15 Femme Fatale/16 Lullaby (An early version of "Just Go Away"), 17 Attack of the Giant Ants (end cut)
THE PALLADIUM NYC 11/12/78 DISC 1-01 Intro/In the Sun/02 X-Offender/03 Hanging on the Telephone/04 Detroit 442/05 Fan Mail/06 Picture This/07 11:59/08 Pretty Baby/09 Touched By Your Presence Dear/10 Sunday Girl/11 Denis/12 I'm One/13 I'm Gonna Love You Too/14 Will Anything Happen/15 Fade Away and Radiate
THE PALLADIUM NYC 11/12/78 DISC 2-01 I Know But I Don't Know/02 One Way Or Another/03 Be My Only/04 Kung Fu Girl/05 Robert Fripp Intro/06 Sister Midnight/07 Heroes/08 Bang a Gong
BOSTON 11/14/78-01 In the Sun/02 X Offender/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 11:59/05 Pretty Baby/06 I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear/07 Sunday Girl/08 Denis/09 Fade Away and Radiate/10 Fan Mail/11 Picture This/12 One Way Or Another/13 Kung Fu Girls/14 Heart of Glass/15 Bang a Gong/16 Studio 54
Plenty more coming your way tomorrow! Hope you guys like these, they are pretty great for the most part!

Am I missing something?

So this Hardee's/Carl's Junior ad was banned from the Super Bowl telecast? What a nation of prudes we have become....


A young lass enjoying a new breakfast treat is OFFENSIVE to someone? Isn't advertising supposed to grab and hold one's attention? Well, this one did for me.......the photography, the music, the very skilled physical performance, the high-quality direction......I must be getting old, because whatever offends the masses about one of the most respectable ads I've seen in some time is completly over MY head!

Blondie rarities wrap up


Wrapping up this stack of Blondie rarities, all of these
from 1978-80.....mind you it's been several years since I have listened to some of these, some may be less than great audience recordings, but if my memory doesn't fail me (and it often DOES), seems like most of them are pretty good.

Starting with a Boston set from 5/27/78, what can we say? The band had released, by this point, three of the four classic albums they had in them ("Eat to the Beat" was not around yet), so they had three nearly flawless albums from which to draw matearial, it's amazing the fine quality material that got left out of each set (actually this Boston set must have been pre-"Parallel Lines" as well).....most of my faves make this one...."Fan Mail", "Youth Nabbed as Sniper", "Detroit 442", "Look Good In Blue"......on and on we could go. For those first four albums, this was a band with a TON of classic material, and in general it was peformed to perfection. All of it sounds as good today as it did in high school. This set encores with the New York Dolls "Jet Boy" as they often did ("Blondie was my baby!")

Next up, a set from the Paradise, 4/4/78, just listened to this one, and a fine one it is, with excellent sound, a fine set list, etc....also from 1978, a show from the El Mocambo in Toronto 3/8/78.....lesser sound, similar (great) set list.

Moving to 1979, we have a set from Pawtucket Rhode Island....quite heavy on the "Parallel Lines" stuff, but still room, at least for "Fan Mail" and "Youth Nabbed as Sniper". A show from Dallas later in the year begins to incorporate some "Eat to the Beat' era stuff ("Dreaming", at least)....."Picture This Live" combines two shows, interspersed with one another, Dallas (1980) and Philadelphia (1978)......Finally from 1980, two disc set from Hammersmith, with LOTS of "Eat to the Beat" material, the great "Living in the Real World", "The Hardest Part", "Accidents Never Happen".....GOD what a great band. If there were a demand, I'd put up the four "original" classic albums (all FOUR of them 5-star efforts), but why would you be interested in these and not already own them?

One of the greatest of all American rock bands, seriously......one of the truly GREAT bands of the 1970's....after "Eat to the Beat" they attempted to become more musically diverse, and biff bang pow, it was all over, but even at that I give them credit for "trying".....these live shows kick total serious ass. Please enjoy them.

LOOK GOOD IN BLUE (BOSTON 5/27/78)-01 X-Offender/02 Detroit 442/03 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/04 In the Sun/05 Presence, Dear/06 Denis/07 Fan Mail/08 Look Good In Blue/09 Man Overboard/10 Cautious Lip/11 I'm On E/12 I Didn't Have the Nerve to Say "No"/13 In the Flesh/14 Kidnapper/15 Rip Her To Shreds/16 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/17 I'm Gonna Love You Too/18 Jet Boy/19 Kung Fu Girls

THE PARADISE BOSTON 4/4/78-01 In the Sun/02 X-Offender/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 Detroit 442/05 Fan Mail/06 Picture This/07 11:59/08 Pretty Baby/09 Presence, Dear/10 Sunday Girl/11 Denis/12 I'm On E/13 Will Anything Happen/14 Fade Away And Radiate/15 One Way Or Another/16 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/17 Heart of Glass/18 Bang a Gong

PAWTUCKET RHODE ISLAND 7/5/79-01 Dreaming/02 One Way Or Another/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 Look Good In Blue/05 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/06 Pretty Baby/07Slow Motion/08 Sunday Girl/09 In the Flesh/10 Man Overboard/11 Heart of Glass/12 11:59/13 Rip Her to Shreds/14 In the Sun/15 X-Offender/16 I'm On E/17 Kung Fu Girls/18 A Shark In Jet's Clothing

TORONTO 3/8/78-01 In the Sun/02 X-Offender/03 Detroit 442/04 A Shark In Jet's Clothing/05 Fan Mail/06 Look Good In Blue/07 Man Overboard/08 Rip Her To Shredsw/09 Fade Away and Radiate/10 Presence Dear/11 Denis/12 I'm On E/13 Little Girl Lies/14 Kidnapper

PAWTUCKET RI 7/5/79-01 Dreaming/02 One Way Or Another/03 Hanging On the Telephone/04 Look Good In Blue/05 Youth Nabbed as Sniper/06 Pretty Baby/07 Slow Motion/08 Sunday Girl/09 In the Flesh/10 Man Overboard/11 Heart of Glass/12 11:59/13 Rip Her to Shreds/14 In the Sun/15 X-Offender/16 I'm On E/17 Kung Fu Girls/18 A Shark In Jet's Clothing

DALLAS 12/1/79-01 Dreaming/02 In the Sun/03 11:59/04 Slow Motion/05 Sunday Girl/06 In the Flesh/07 Jam/08 Fun Time

PICTURE THIS LIVE (TRACKS 1-6 & 13-15 DALLAS 1980, TRACKS 7-12 PHILADELPHIA 1978-01 Dreaming/02 In the Sun/03 Hanging on the Telephone/04 Look Good In Blue/05 Slow Motion/06 Sunday Girl/07 X-Offender/08 Picture This/09 Denis/10 Fade Away and Radiate/11 A Shark In Jets Clothing/I Know But I Don't Know/12 One Way Or Another/13 Heart of Glass/14 11:59/15 Bang a Gong/Funtime

HAMMERSMITH 1/20/80 DISC 1-01 Dreaming/02 Slow Motion/03 Shayla/04 Union City Blues/05 The Hardest Part/06 Atomic/07 Living In the Real World/08 Denis/09 Picture This/10 Die Young Stay Pretty/11 Accidents Never Happen/12 Love Victim

HAMMERSMITH 1/20/80 DIC 2-01 Heart of Glass/02 Eat to the Beat/03 Hanging on the Telephone/04 Louie Louie/05 I Feel Love/06 Heroes/07 I Feel Good/08 Sunday Girl/09 Pretty Baby/10 One Way Or Another

If there are any of my older posts you'd like to see reprised speak up.....I traditionally haven't liked doing that, but I will start doing so now......speak now!

A Bikini Kill post, its relative merit in the eye of the individual, as it should be

Better known, I'd guess, but in my opinion not quite as good as Le Tigre (see previous Le Tigre post), from Olympia Washington came these radical riot grrrrl rockers, who certainly had a moment of two.

Bikini Kill were vocalist Kathleen Hanna, guitarist Billy Karren, bassist Kathi Wilcox, and drummer Tobi Vale. They first surfaced on a pair of early EP's 1992's "Bikini Kill" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah", which was a split EP with  band called Huggy Bear from 1993 (I've never heard the Huggy Bear tracks, anyone else?)....the self titled and Bikini Kill's half of the split are paired as "The CD Version of the First Two Records", and it's rough, loud, sloppy, and pretty damn cool.....it contains the earliest version of their best known track, "Rebel Girl", as well as other short blasts of semi-classic girl punk such as "Suck My Left One", "Double Dare Ya", and a bunch more......if you're looking for a sampler, don't come here, this is for fans of the band or historians, I happen to like it, but the definitive Bikini Kill album was their first full-length......

I think "Pussy Whipped" is one of the better albums of 1993. It's much better done than the early EP's, simillar, but better......"Rebel Girl" shows up here as well, but also "Star Bellied Boy", "Sugar", and other 90 second blasts of riot grrrl greatness. Their finale was 1996's "Reject All American", a somewhat similar album, which is I'd say a bit under-appreciated (although really, not as good as "Pussy Whipped"), again, a batch of 90-second or so snarls, "Bloody Ice Cream" and "Capri Pants" are the standouts.

After their dissoluton, Kill Rock Stars Records released a collection of their singles, imaginatively entitled "The Singles", with Joan Jett appearing on three tracks (including another version of "Rebel Girl", but this disc completes the picture, you wouldn't want to be without "Rah Rah Replica" especially "I Like Fucking"........

Pretty good stuff, in particular if you liked my Le Tigre post a while back, or say Red Aunts or Frightwig. Odd to think of this stuff as "period piece" already, but that is certainly what it is....

THE CD VERSION OF THE FIRST TWO RECORDS-01 Double Dare Ya/02 Liar/03 Carnival/04 Suck My Left One/05 Feels Blind/06 Thurston Hearts the Who/07 White Boy/08 This Is Not a Test/09 Don't Need You/10 Jigsaw Youth/11 Resist Psychic Death/12 Rebel Girl/13 Outta Me

PUSSY WHIPPED-01 Blood One/02 Alien She/03 Magnet/04 Speed Heart/05 Lil Red/06 Tell Me So/07 Sugar/08 Star Bellied Boy/09 Hamster Boy/10 Rebel Girl/11 Star Fish/12 For Tammy Rae

REJECT ALL AMERICAN-01 Statement of Vindication/02 Capri Pants/03 Jet Ski/04 Distinct Complicity/05 False Start/06 RIP/07 No Back Rub/08 Bloody Ice Cream/09 For Only/10 Tony Randall/11 Reject All American/12 Finale

THE SINGLES-01 New Radio/02 Rebel Girl/03 Demirep/04 In Accordance To Natural Law/05 Strawberry Julius/06 Anti-Pleasure Disertation/07 Rah! Rah! Replica/08 I Like Fucking/09 I Hate Danger

Links should be along pretty quckly, these are very short albums, should upload quickly.

BF Trike

Digging down deep for a forgotten semi-classic, the sole effort from BF Trike, which as those of us "in the know" know stands for BIG FUCKIN TRIKE! How clever. Nonetheless, this is a fucking fantastic album of early 1970's heavy pscyh, YOU WANT THIS if you are unfamiliar.....

BF Trike was formed from the remnants of Hickory Wind, bassist Alan Jones, drummer Bobby Strehl, and guitarist/singer Mike McGuyer.....this is, once again, a somewhat unknown classic as many of the heavy psych albums of the early 70's (see: Stray Dog, Dark-E, others) tend to be.....

The album opens with a superior version of one of the Hickory Wind tunes, "Time and Changes", but nearly every track is a fuzz-guitar monster ("For Sale Or Lease", "Lovely Lady", "Magic Makin' Music Man".......hell, it's ALL great)

Only one they had in em I guess....but don't miss this one, it kicks serious ass.

01 Time and Changes/02 For Sale or Lease/03 Wait and See/04 Lovely Lady/05 Sunshine/06 Bench of Wood/07 Three Piece Music/08 Six O'Clock Sleeper/09 Magic Makin' Music Man/10 Be Free

Think I be slackin with just one album? So what?


Kinda annoying that there is SO LITTLE information available about the dudes who gave us this fairly ass-kicking album, I will do the best I can.......The and is Omnibus, and sounds for all the worlde like the Doors, had the Doors added  bass player AND replaced Robbie Krieger's flamenco stuff with a legit FUZZ-guitarist......get he pictcha?

Best I can tell, the lads realeased but ths single effort (could be wrong)...my point is I enjoy it TREMENODOUSLY, as it REALLY DOES sound like a fuzzed-up Doors....the singer has the Morrison thing about 98% down, the rest of the band are no slouches either...it is unfortunate that SO LITTLE info exists about these brothers who released a true, semi-unknown-classic album of early 70's semi-psych.....give this a listen, most people whom I have turned onto this have REALLY enjoyed it, but as I said, as far as I know, THIS IS IT FOR these guys.....dunno.....I have scrapped together their personell, without even the benefit of instrutmentation......J. Polt A. , A. Raimond, and .AR Wegrezyn A, I am assuming that they hailed from New Milford New Jersey, and the album was realeased sometime in th early 70's......it's a DAMN fine disc, if a fuzzed up and less-self imporant Doors is appealing to you, (BY GOD it is to ME)......you should REALLY check this one, "Shake It OFf", "Bogus Black and Blues", "Shake it off".....the entire album is filled with Doors/fuzz combos......and it rates at least 3.5 stars on the BigMan's scale.....god album I like it......see what you thing and leae a comment, I'd ike to know what people think of this unknonwn semi-gem!

01The Man Song/02 It's All In Your Heart/03 Shake It Off/04 Understand/05 Above Me/06 Den Of Sin/07 Bogus Black and Blues/08 Spring/09 Winding Thru Your Heart/10 Harmony/11 Big Daddy Slave/12 Tired of Screaming........link in just a little tiny while.....if you are oneof the hadfull of fans of early 1970s hard-psych (see yesterday for example, as well as (maybe) tomorrow's Dark, and etc, an untappd and underappreiated scene in my estimation....anyway, dig upon this Omnibus, it is the shit, like I said I might do Dark tomorrow, or not, I've got some bigger posts coming up (planned) , such as Siousxie and the Banshees Yo La Tengo, Motorhead,.....but, those things , unfortunatley require time and work.....but I will get em to ya eventaully, I always do,right? Got a big Strangless mega-post in the works to, maybe you'll enjoy that it 's is just that sometimes I have to do these single album posts so I don;'t hve to invest so much time in this.....I know many of you don't enjoy the blog, you've made that clear, but PLEASE understand that some DO enjoy it, and I am basically working for THEM.....simple concept, right? Not to some, but I'd hope it works out here....

By the way the "gay agenda" guy has checked back in on the Blondie posts, shaking my head......ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome here, even him, and I am glad he offered an apology....DOES NOT explain, though, why he wnt out of his way to tell us how "bad" ths blog is, and to share with us that I really only use the pictures of chicks (since day ONE!)
to fool you guys coz I'm secretly gay or somethin...it's stupid of course, interent-tough guys  TEND TO BE stupid,.......I hope that he stays true to himself and frankly, JUST LEAVES ME ALONE, which will b e just fine with me. As I've said 100000 times, EVERYONE is welcome here, as long as they can act like at least a sembelance of a reasonalbe human being......this is about music we share, NOT about you idiot's political agendeas........PERIOD........there are other places you can go for THAT!

It's a damn fine album, really, one that You'd be proud to have on your shelves! Trust the Big Guy!


As you might see I have  a soft spot for the relatively untapped early 1970's heavy-psych scene, coupla good albums the past coupld days from Ominibus and BF Trike, perhaps the best album of this genre is "Round the Edges" by Dark, an absoulte masterpiece of fuzz-guitar, heavy rock, and just a WONDERFUL experience.....I LITTERALLY have never met a person who disliked this disc, it kicks serious, TOTAL ass, was years ahead of it's time, all that good shit.....MUCH like Omnibus, personnel information is nearly impossible to get my mitts of, so I don't really know what to say (perhaps someone can help us out with this), but the album? A legendary slab of fuzzeut-heavy rock blues......(late edit: Found the personell: Colin Bush, bass, Steve Giles Guitar, Clive Thorneycraft, drums, Ronald Johnson, bass (TWO bassists?), and Martin Weaver, guitar)

If you love fuzz guitar, if you love late 60's psych morphing into soemthing else, this is for you.... a mind melting experience, LOADED with fuzz guitar spasms and spaced out lyrics: "Maypole turns into the joystick, of an aeroplane.....your hair is free, you're wearing specs, you look like Michael Caine"........whoa, and that is maybe tenth of it ("Maypole" is perhaps my favorite track  but they are ALL worthwhile, trust me......if this is a album with which you are unfamiliar, dig in and than me later, it's a fine, fine disc.......been lacking a bit with these single disc posts of late, don't worry, some BIG posts comine, Strangelers, Siouxsie, Motorhead, Yo La Tengo and mor, all of which just take a LOT of time to work thorough....for now, this is fun though, scraping up an album or 2 from the early 1970's, which was a great time!

AROUND THE EDGES-01 Darkide/02 Maypole/03 Live For Today/04 RC8/05 Cat/06 Zero Time


OK a couple of more things: Dave Sez, are you finished sending me the Au Pairs stuff? I was thinking there was anohter to come, and when I get them all, I will create a SUPER A PAIRS post which will chill everyone to the bones....in the future Dave, I'll handle things YOUR way....rather than posting them as soon as I get them, I will wait until you notify me that you have compeleted an act/band, and THEN I will create a "new" post with all your goodies and anything else I might have.....for some reason I was posting the links as soon as you sent them to me, and that is PROBABLY not the best way to get stuff to the target audience of people that  wish to hear it.....live and learn, what can I say......I'll do you better in the future, you'll see......I did the Jam up fine , remember?

Now another couple of words about these asinine comments  have been recieving daily.....OK, I am NOT gay, never have been gay, and likely never will be.....I have been married to the lovely Carla for some 27 years now, we have a great son named Grant, so where it comes from that am "gay" is ridiculous......quite frankly, though, I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE GAY, than be as idiotic as the person who continues to leave theses stupid comments here each day.......how much energy, how much effort, are you putting into a blog that you HATE SO MUCH? Does that not seem cunterproductive, even to someone like yourself who obviously isn't all that smart? why not go to one of the 1000's of sights where you will actually enjoy yourself.......they are probably run by teens/20's and I'm sure name calling is the norm......why then try to bringdown the enjoyment level (successfully) of the people who read/participate here daily? JUST WHAT IS YOUR POINT? spell it out, maybe we wil reach an understanding.....you keep saying you are "going away, forever", and then, guess what, the next day you are back with more idiocy?  WHY do you wish to waste EVERYONE's (including your own) time? I simply DO NOT GET IT.....Do you think calling me a "fag" makes me cry? Do you think it will make me stop blogging? WHAT THEN? What is your ultimate goal? It really makes NO sense, but carry on as you will, but PLEASE understnd that EVERYONE here is laughing AT you, and by no means WITH you!