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HELL YES another homemade comp!

FINALLY got my CPAP machine today and OH MY GOD I don't really know how I've lived
without it so long, feels like I have a new brain.....as my son has a basketball game this evening, what better time than to utilize the time-honored tradition of "guest posts" around here, especially when it is by guest-posting legend JonMan, and also since it features my favorite subject that it possibly could, CHICKS....in fact it is entitled "Chicks Kick Ass", which is exactly what I would have titled it.....I may carry this on a bit over the weekend too, I have some all chick comps, unsure if I've posted "Hellbound Honeys", "We're Not Marriaage Material", or the three disc "OK, This Time just the Girls".....good sets all, but as for today, let us focus on Jonman's work with "Chicks Kick Ass".....all credit goes to him, if you enjoy it please leave him a note of thanks, as I will be, as, I'm sure my perverted view of the fairer sex has slipped through in my typed words upon occasion.

OOOOH my God, it is fabulous, just from reading the titles! First of all, we obviously have some common ground as I've profiled The Runaways, Blondie, Heart, The Pretenders, Sahara Hotnights, The Donnas, and even the Gore Gore Girls before, if one of those pops your sausage in particular, look through the archives and see if they are still there.....aside from that we get vintage Jefferson Airplane, Shocking Blue, Frumpy, Sonic Youth, Sheryl Crow, the Paybacks, PJ Harvey, and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals......WOW an amazing creation, the creator has not only created a front and back cover which are inlcuded, he has sent along several pictures of the bambinas involved here as well, which I would have used to ornamate this post, but, of course, in my computer brilliance, I cannot figure out how to save them to my computer in a format everyone can see, so I'll have to "decorate" with some pics of these gals from the legendary "Visual Gallery of Perversion"... Lotsa and lotsa flat out HOTTNESS, that is what I love about out female musicians of course. But check out THIS stellar lineup:

01 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Eskimo Day Blue/02 EARTH & FIRE-Invitation/03 CRADLE-Last laugh/04 FRUMPY-Keep On Going/05 SHOCKING BLUE-Never Marry a Railroad Man/06 THE RUNAWAYS-Take It Or Leave It/07 HEART-Devil Delight/08 BLONDIE-I Know, But I Don't Know/09 PAT BENATAR-Little Paradise/10 THE PLASMATICS-Living Dead/11 THE PRETENDERS-The Adultress/12 SONIC YOUTH-Pacific Coast Highway/13 PJ HARVEY-Sheela Na Gig/14 SHERYL CROW-Superstar/15 THE DONNAS-I Didn't Like You Anyway/16 SAHARA HOTNIGHTS-No Big Deal/17 GORE GORE GIRLS-You Lied to Me Before/18 PAYBACKS-Dumb Love/19 GRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS-The Lion The Liar The Beast

< I miss Wendy O Williams, left this world FAR TOO SOON.....wish (seriously) that there was something I could have done for her. Sorry she felt she had to leave us. RIP Wendy

Excellent selections, Jonman! I have a huge Shocking Blue double disc anthology I've thought of putting up (remember "Venus", when everyone thought she was singing "I'm your Penis!"?)....also been thinking of a Plasmatics post, problem is that Wendy was SO DAMN SEXY and yet had such a sad life that she ended it, so I would have to be VERY CAREFUL with my words. Got lotsa Airplane, Youth, Crow, and Frumpy, enough to do full posts on THEM if anyone was interested, the other names are going to take a bit of investigation, but I'm sure they are up to the high standard of the rest! THANKS JONMAN, and, PLEASE, everyone else send him a word of thanks to, so hopefully he continues with the great homemade, nowhere else to be found compilations (his "Songs Three Dog Night Taught Us" was original, unique, and very enjoyable.)

This is a fine chance to tell everyone that should you make a themed compliation, such as this, I would LOVE to receive/post it for everyone. It's fun to do, basically make a mix-tape of your favorite tunes that fit a theme, program it so it sounds the best, bundle it and send it to me either via email or simply post in the comments section, what could be easier? (on homemade comps I prefer they be sent to me first so I can make sure it isn't "My Favorite Posion Songs" or something).....please help me and everyone else out by constructing an interesting compilation for us!

I am pretty sure that over the weekend I'll continue the Chick-comps thing a bit, and we'll see where we go after that. I appreciate the contributions to the blog of late, in particular the tireless work of Dave-Sez who seems to have a recording of every 1970's punk/new wave show that ever occured......thanks a million to him (see his recent Televsion and Adverts stuff, under their respective posts!)

But especially thanks to Jonman......two KILLER comps in a row, I'd post them even if they weren't great, but they ARE, and are a proud addition to MY comps shelf, and I imagine to anyone elses.....comments are very necessary in an instance like this, so the creator knows his work is appreciated, as i am sure it will be!

Welcome to another weekend, actually my last one before returning to work :(

The link is UP and WORKING and the cover art is included, so let's check this out and 1) give Jonman his due thanks, and get started on those comps of your own, so I can do LESS work, rather than MORE! Get on it ya hear? Anyway, THANKS JONMAN, all repeat!

Alright This Time Just the Girls (Redux!)

I posted this wonderful set a couple years ago, and, unfotunatly, it was right before one of Mediafire's "Sieg-Heil" music purges, so very very fwe of you caught this excellent set. With yesterday's tremendous creation by my friend Jonman, I think I owe it to everyone to give this excellent set another chance at some exposure, it's a fave of mine.....a lot of the text below will be from the original post unless I decide to change it, the main thing is this is some GREAT music from some great chicks, anyone of whom is free to, individually or collectively, come and try to whip some common sense into the BigGuy......LOOOOOOOOOOVE me some rockin' Chicks!
Origninally posted on Labor Day for all of the working men and (especially) women of the world today (love those working women). This set had been fairly readilly available, not terribly hard to find, but the three discs are a really fine cross-section of female fronted garage/punk stuff, both fairly well known and unknown.

Volume 1 is 2 disc set.....stuff everyone knows like Hole ("Retard Girl" is a pre -"Live Through This" Track), Lunachicks, Holly Golightly, Detroit Cobras,(whom I recently featured to surprisingly huge results!) and Red Aunts,(been meaning to do them as well, also "do" a post on them, heh heh.... also lesser knowns like the wonderfully named Banana Erectors, as well as Candypants, Supersnazz, Lo-Hi.....twenty four tracks in all, a fine piece of work.

The second disc of the same set contains 24 MORE tracks, I don't THINK anyone is repeated from disc 1, again, a mix of well-known ('s, Headcoatees, Free Kitten, and the pre-Donnas Electrocutes) as well as more obscure Pussy Crush, Satan's Cheerleaders, Fur, Shitbirds......wish I had pictures of all of them so we could have a babe-off, but too much work for a Labor Day. (Late edit: If the Best Donnas Post Ever is still active, the incredible "Steal Your Lunchc Money" by the Electro-Cutes is still there.......if so you owe it to yourself to check the amazing "roots of the Donnas!"

Along came Volume 2, a single disc with 30 tracks AGAIN with incrdible variety....there are some repeat performers from volume 1, but how about Wanda Jackson?!....Tina & the Total Babes.....Real Minx......The Beards.....I could go on and on but see the track lists.

I love to hear chicks sing rock n roll. This is as good a compilation as I can find of the known and the lesser known......Obviously I'm going to have to find some pictures of SOME of these ladies in order to fill up the blog page, I'm hoping the Banana Erectors don't disappoint!

Links up in a little while, as only three discs. Have a good remainder of your weekend, I hope I have covered sufficiently versatile materal this weekend. If not, sorry, but guys, PLEASE treat those women in your lives well, the world would be a MISERABLE place without them. Though they may be odd creatures at times, they are also God's finest work.....to any woman who reads this blog: thank you, just for BEING YOU! Love ya, BigScott62!

VOLUME 1 DISC 1-01 THE MUFFS-I Don't Like You/02 BANANA ERECTORS-Fed Up With Highschool Days/03 THE GROWN UPS-Nick and Nick/04 DETROIT COBRAS-I'll Keep Holding On/05 CANDYPANTS-Dishy/06 THE FRIGGS-Shake/07 SUPERSNAZZ-Baby Love/08 THE CHUBBIES-When I Was Your Girlfriend/09 SACRED MIRACLE CAVE-The Ghost of Elizabeth Shaw/10 THE BARARELLAS-Happy Daze/11 LUNACHICKS-Shit Finger Dick/12 EYELINERS-Six Years/13 LO-HI-Put a Sock In It/14 HOLLY GOLIGHTLY-Anyway You Like It/15 APRIL MARCH-Cet Air-La/16 BUCK-My Fascination/17 HOLE-Retard Girl/18 THE BAGS-Survive/19 STARPOWER-I'm Sorry/20 THE REVILLOS-Your Baby's Gone/21 APRIL MARCH/MAKERS-Sad Little Bug/22 NEPTUNAS-Davy Jones Liquor Locker/23 RED AUNTS-Terri Man/24 CALAMITY JANE-My Spit

VOLUME 1 DISC2-01 THE SHITBIRDS-I Want You/02 THE'S-Bomb The Twist/03 TRINKET-Happy Right This Second/04 FUR-I'm Not Coming/05 THEE HEADCOATEES-Ca Plane Pour Moi/06 THE HAVES-Coal Black/07 THE TRIP-Help me/08 INGER LORRE/MOTEL SHOOTOUT-Burn/09 THE GERALDINE FIBBERS-Toybox/10 PHENOBARBIDOLS-Theresa/11 THIRD GRADE TEACHER-Fear of a Boy/12 FREE KITTEN-Oh Bondage Up Yours/13 THE STOOL PIGEONS-I'm Into Something Good/14 APRIL MARCH/LOS CINCOS-Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind/15 THE COUGARS-Brain Cactus/16 HONEYMOON KILLERS-Mad Woman Blues/17 ELECTROCUTES-Eggnog/18 DARK CARNIVAL-Heaven Can Wait/19 LITTLE PORKCHOP-Mean Mean Man/20 THE PEBBLES-Sitting By The Phone/21 EARL LEE GRACE-Together/22 PUSSY CRUSH-Burn Your World Down/23 CANDY 500-Keep It In the Whole/24 SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS-I've Got Levitation

VOLUME 2-01 DOWNBEAT 5-Radiates That Charm/02 THE STUCK UPS-Anywhere But Here/03 TINA & THE TOTAL BABES-Tongue Tied/04 A-LINES-Four/05 THE FONDAS-Yeah Baby/06 THE BEARDS-My Pillow/07 KIRBY GRIPS-Washing Machine/08 TUULI-Tough Guys/09 LISA MARR EXPERIMENT-Little Red Bird/10 DETROIT COBRAS-Bye Bye Baby/11 THE BRISTOLS-The Way I Feel About You/12 CANDY PANTS-Nerdy Pants/13 MR AIRPLANE MAN-Loneome Road/14 MATSON JONES-A Little Bit of Arson/15 THE EXCESSORIES-See Me In/16 THE CHUBBIES-didjahhavtasaythat?/17 MISS DARINGER-Corpus Christi/18 WANDA JACKSON-It Happens Every Time/19 CHRISTA DEERYNN-Sweet Lies/20 KO & THE KNOCKOUTS-Go-Getter/21 SCARLING-City Noise/22 THE BANANA ERECTORS-You Got That Uh Uh/23 THE's-It's Rainy/24 THE COME ONS-Dollar In My Pocket/25 HOLLY GOLIGHTLY-Won't Go Out/26 THE MUFFS-Everywhere I Go/27HELEN LOVE-Debbie Loves Joey/28 REAL MINX-Heather Hotwheelz/29 LUDELLA BLACK-I've Just Seen a Face/30 SUPERSNAZZ-Our Favorite Feeling

Links coming up soon....like as soon as my erection when I see Tina of Tina and the Total Babes for example!

Sticking with ass-kicking chicks for a while

What subject could be better than rockin women who order men around and humiliate them and make them lick their boots and performal kinds of degrading sexual acts....huh? Oh, yeah, the blog, Scott, the blog.....anyway, Jonman started this with his magnificent self-created comp, "Chicks Kick Ass", and yesterday I expanded on it just a bit with "All Right This Time Just the Girls".....dug out a few more and hope to do full post on Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics, as I said before, it IS difficult to put into words how GODDAMN SEXY she was, while showing the proper RESPECT for the fact that she was so sad in her life that she ended it far too early.....I'll (hopefully) get it figured out sometime this week.

So, today let us venture to Japan for some bad-ass babes, I have not posted these before I don't think.....the series is "Girls Sazanami Beat", I have volumes 1 and 2, there seem to be as many as five but I don't have em, can't find em, and have never even seen a copy of one...if only Psyclist were aroud, I bet HE could help.....anyway, these two discs cram PLENTY of the "little-girl" sounding vocals that Japanese girls seem to specialize in, and these two discs are really quite enjoyable and fun.

As always, when we venture out of the English speaking world, lyrical twists are hilarious at times, these are no exception. No terribly well known names here (at least to me), we get, for example, "I Wanna Weekend Driver" by Velvet Go! Go!, and "Sugoi Ninki Desu" by (gotta love this) Delicious Sweet......actualy in the right mood, this is a damn fine comp, I hope a blog friend happens to have Volumes 3-4-5 to sahre with us.....we'll see I guess.

Volume 2 contains more of the same, The 50's High Teens take on "Till the End of the Day", Velvet Go! Go! return to tackle the classic "Fujiymama Mama", and the one that wakes me up in a cold sweat at night, Bigmama Shockin' 3 turning in the shoulda-been classic "EAT! EAT! EAT!"....I'd give up an appendage for Liz Phair to cover it!

Anyway, got a few more discs with some bad-ass babes on them, we'll see if I stay in this groove for a little while or not.....when ever there's time for music, I think, there is time for bad ass babes. Even when there's NOT time for music.

By the way I am going back to work Monday. Been off since Spetember 20, with the sleep-apnea near death experience.....feeling a LOT better now, better than (really) in years.....they won't get much WORK out of me, I can at any time say "Fuck You I Retire", and plan to keep that card handy at all times.......as for the blog, it will live on. It's been great for me while I've been off, and gives me some quiet, solitary time to myself. I love working on it, and as I say so often, Please not just comment, but CONTRIBUTE, ala the GREAT FRIENDS Jonman, Psyclist, DaveSez, Sean, Mark E, Jose, Doug Wofsey, and so many many others who have helped to make this blog the thing I want for it to be.....a community in which we share our music, and, at the end of the day, winding up one step closer to having the theoretical "perfect" customized music collection.

Be well......I'll do my best to keep on bloggin' every day, as long as I don't get to .....buried...ha....buried up in....ha ha....buired up in work..ha ha ha, I TRIED to do it with a straight face!

VOLUME 1-THE LET'S GO'S-Chou Gutsu Terrorist/02 BLUE HAWAII-Candy Bouquet/03 SIX-Sun of a Gun/04 THE MILKEES-Breakaway/05 ME & THE BYE BYE CATS-Let's Go!/06 THE CLOVERS-Ca Plane Pour Moi/07 THAT'S A NO NO-Surfin' Hootnenany/08 FLOWERMULU-Saike Na Rokku/09 TIGERLILY-Let's Go! Shake/10 KINOKO HOTEL-Makka Na Zeri/11 SONO NA WA SPADE-Koi No Untenmenkyoshou/12 DELICIOUS SWEET-Sugoi Ninki Desu/13 THE PORTUGAL JAPAN-Yeah Yeah/14 SMACKS-I Wanna Go Home/15 ITARIYAGATIA-Shiekena!/16 TIKI TIKI BAMBOOOOS-Ciao Bells/17 KIMAGURE CATS-Fed Up/18 CHOCOMATES-Alright/19 VELVET GO! GO!-I Wanna Weekend Driver/20 GOGGLE ACE-Shena Shena/21 NAPORITANZU-Koise Yo Otomo Chikyuu To Maware

VOLUME 2-01 THE HELLOES!-Hello Hello!/02 THEE 50'S HIGH TEENS-Till the End of the Day/03 THE SHANGHAI BAY-BEES-Po Box 9847/04 THE LET'S GO'S-Who Stoll My umbrella/05 BIGMAMA SHOCKIN' 3-EAT! EAT! EAT!/06 SIX-That Is Rock N Roll/07 SNAKEY & STORMY MONDAYS-My Boy Lollipop/08 THE MILKEES-Peach Pie/09 SONA NA WA SPADE/10 MONDO DAIYA MONDO-Doyoubi No Yoru Nanika ga Oki ru/11 THE TUESDAY-I Like It/12 GATAGATAGOS-Onnanoko Rashikudekinai/13 BLUE HAWAII-Ai No bi Tama/14 THE TRUMP-Just a Little Bit/15 SALOME LIPS-Atsui Suna/16 VELVET GO! GO!-Fujiyama Mama/17 THE MADAME CATS-Koshi Kudakerumade/18 THE FLOPPY-PINKIES-Ready To Break/19 SUPER ALL GO-Makka Na Kibun/20 6738-Bye Bye Darlin/21 GAIJUN-Yes, No Blues/22 TWINKLE TIMES-Doyubi no Hanabi

Links before you can translate all of those titles into English, not hillbilly English either,  mean the good kinds English like I talks.

Some more bad-ass babes

See, I've always preferred a BAD ASS chick to a sissy
 girl anytime....a woman who will stand up for herself, be her own person.....I know some guys prefer the meek little flower type, but that just ain't me.....I'm lucky that the long-time love of my life is her own woman, with opinions of her own (not afraid to voice them, beleive me), to me that is so much better, as well as so much sexier than a chick who just goes along with whatever her man says/thinks.....just my opinion.

Anyway these comps seem to focus more on "my" type of babes, driving the point home is the title of the first one "We Ain't Housewife Material-An International Collection of All-Girl Punk, Rock, and Garage", which leads off with, of all people, Betty Blowtorch, one band for sure we know are anything BUT "sissy girls", understatement if ever one was made. They're probably the most well-known name here, which isn't saying a WHOLE lot, but there is some fine, rare stuff here, if you like this kind of thing (and you KNOW I do)- Flowermulu, we know, turned up on the Japanese comps yesterday, they are back again here.....The Dirt Birds give us "Sick Bitch", The Blaire Witch Project turn in the great "Shut the Fuck Up", and what of "Fighting" by Shemale Trouble? A good collection.

Got another set here, unsure from where it came, "Today's Top Girl Groups",Holly Golightly and The 5-6-7-8's being perhaps the most familiar names here, alot of obscure names on this one as well, but some fine stuff, "Pass the Hatchet" by the Godzillas, "Ice Princess" by Poontwang, and "He Lied" From The Neanderdolls.....another set you'll want to enjoy, REALLY good companion piece for the others.

And as I strive for variety, let's go back a generation or so for this one, "Hey! Beach Girls! Female Surf and Drag 1961-66"...this is a REALLY excellent set, a true gem, a few names will jump out (The Angels, The Honeys, The Rebelettes (who team with Duane Eddy), The Supremes, and Dee Dee Sharp), it was a pretty novel idea at the time, it turned out quite well and is deliciously dated as a period piece today. I highly, highly recommend it, there simply was/is not a lot of female surf/drag stuff out there, and this rounds up some of the best of it.

WE AIN'T HOUSEWIFE MATERIAL-01 BETTY BLOWTORCH-Rock and Roll/02 MENSEN-Sandy Starlight/03 THE GEE STRINGS-Arrest Me/04 ELVIS MCMAN-Slow Children/05 FIRE & THE MACH 3-Have You Seen/06 ELECTRIC TURN ME ON-Wrestle With an Angel/07 FLOWERMULU-Upside Down/08 SHEMALE TROUBLE-Fighting/09 THE SOAP-Party/10 THE DIRT BURDS-Sick Bitch/11 THE TUTSIS-Dead of Night/12 CANDYRAG-Fight Back/13 CYCLUB-7 of 11/14 VENTRA-Fragile/15 RED BACTERIA VACUUM-Free Soul/16 BLAIRE WITCH PROJECT-Shut the Fuck Up/17 DEMOLITION-Punk Is Dead/18 ASTRO BABYS-Drunk Boogie/19 FRILL-Kaitsu/20 BELLY BUTTON-Sunny

TODAY'S TOP GIRL GROUPS-01 THE PEBBLES-Cavern Stomp/02 SIT N SPIN-Dance With My Baby/03 THE DIABOLIKS-I Can't Sleep At Night/04 THE GODZILLAS-Pass the Hatchet/05 POONTWANG-Ice Princess/06 HOLLY GOLIGHTLY-Run Cold/07 THE NEANDERDOLLS-He Lied/08 THE MEANIE GREENIES-Take Me Back/09 THE BOBBYTEENS-Baby Doll/10 THE 5-6-7-8'S-Oh Baby (We Got a Good THing Going)/11 THE PRISSTEENS-Wild Man/12 THE NEPTUNAS-Shapes Of Things To Come/13 THE GIRL BOMBS-Spellbond/14 THE FRIGGS-Juiced Up/15 THE MAYBELLINES-No Jive/16 THE PEBBLES-We Love You Beatles

HEY BEACH GIRLS!-01 DONA LOREN-Cycle Set/02 SUSAN LYNNE-Don't Drag No More/03 ANDREA CARROLL-Hey beach Boy/04 THE HONEYS-Shoot the Curl/05 THE HONEYS-Pray For Surf/06 LITTLE PATTI & THE STATESMEN-Drag Race Johnny/07 THE FLEETWOODS-Surfer's Playmate/08 LITTLE PATTI & THE STATESMEN-Drag Race Johnny/09 THE WAILERS WITH THE MARSHANS-We're Goin' Surfin'/10 THE KING PINS-Hot Rod Rod/11 DONNA LOREN-Beach Blanket Bingo/12 ELLIE GEE & THE JETS-Red Corvette/13 CAROL CONNERS-Lonely Little Beach Girl/14 LES GAM'S-Attention! Accident (Sur L'autoroute DeL'ouest) Shut Down/15 HAL BLAINE & THE YOUNG COUGARS-(Dance With the) Surfin Band/16 DUANE EDDY & THE REBELETTES-Your baby's Gone Surfin'/17 THE SURFER GIRLS-Draggin Wagon/18 THE ANGELS-You Can't Take My Boyfriend's Woodie (!)/19 THE ORLONS-Surfin/20 THE WESTWOODS-I Miss My Surfer Boy Too/21 THE WESTWOODS-Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer)/22 THE SUPREMES-Surfer Boy/23 THE SURFETTES-Sammy the Sidewalk Surfer/24 THE BEACH GIRLS-He's Mu Surfin Guy/25 DEE DEE SHARP-Riding the Waves

You should be able to access the links for these fine gems very very shortly.

The best Plasmatics post, EVER!

I wish I had been paid for each time I, uhh, had "impure"
thoughts about the late Wendy O Williams as a teenager....I'd be wealthy. A fairly hated band, and a misunderstood one as well.....how often I heard that they "sucked" or whatever, when, in reality, they were a freedom of speech statement, from the heat, to very bit the degree I attempt to make this blog to me. If Wendy O in her short life instilled some ideas in me that people should JUST EXPRESS WHAT'S ON THIER MINDS without fear of repercusion, God bless her, for being smart and foresightful as well as one of the sexiest women that ever took the stage......again, many don't think so, "she was "ugly"" , or "nasty', or a "slut"......anyone thinking so should REALLY revaluate this position, she was a sexy, beautiful woman who did things her own way, and lived a sad life in which she left us MUCH too soon. In short, I loved her, and I miss her.

The basic lineup in the early years (they went through a LOT of changes, Wendy O was the mainstay):Vocalist/saxaphonist/"chainsaw artist" Wendy O Williams, guitarist Richie Stotts, bassist Jean Bevouir, drummer Stu Deutsch, and guitarist Wes Beech.....they made an ear-crushing racket on record, basically, but it was their live shows for what they were known.....Wendy dressed in next to nothing with two slices of electrical tape covering her nipples (what I wouldn't have given to apply/remove them for her), blowing up automobiles onstage.....chainsawing televsions, destruction of instruments while being played.......you had to be there, but the more outrageous the better for the late, great Plasmatics.

The first studio release was 1980's "New Hope For the Wretched", a collection of screeching ugliness that attempted to replicate the bands stagae shows....."Tight Black Pants", "Butcher baby" and a cover of Bobby Darrin's (!) "Dream Lover" DO stand out, not for everyone, but try to understand what is going on here, and seek out some U-Tube video of the band on stage should you not understand. Lucky you, the version here includes several live bonus tracks for your consumption.

Next up came 1981's "Beyond the Valley of 1984", not really going to talk about "growth" or development here, but for fans of the band (and YES unquestionably, I was one), it was a welcomed second release....."Pig is a Pig", "Sex Junkie", "Incantation" and more were perfect period pieces....more or less unlistenable today, but for a lost 19-year old in 1981, trying to find rebel-type music to piss off the establishment and parents....the Plasmatics were the shit.

They gained a certain amount of popularity, due to the controversy that surrounded them, their frequent arrests for onstage antics, and Wendy's sex-appeal, so later in 1981, the released the EP "Metal Priestess", which is more yet of the same, "Lunacy", "Doom Song", a live "Sex Junkie".....kind of hard to find today, so yer welcome!

For most of us, these two discs/1 EP pretty much summarize the Plasmatics, my unrequited love for Wendy leads me to happen to have a few more items for your inspection here.....first, they released their fourth album "Coup d'Etat" in 1984, containing a Motorhead cover, as well as decent stuff in "Put Your Love In Me" and "Just Like on TV", hell the music was as powerful as ever, me thinks the novelty had worn off a good deal, though.

Their final official studio album was "Maggots The Record", an attempt at telling some kind of story about some kind of future-environmental thing, with human kind threatened by flesh-eating maggots.....it's kind of fummy, actually, but the sell-by date had passed.....my love of Wendy and my sense of humor call this one of the underappreciated discs of the 1980's......90% call it a piece of shit.

SO, ya got any rarities? I mean for the serious COLLECTOR? Well, a few.....a fairly rare live EP, "Bump N Grind", which adds a few must-hear "classics" ala "Fuck That Booty" and "Fuck N Roll". Also a couple of Wendy's "solo" efforts, "WOW" (It's her INITIALS Einstein) features "I Love Sex (And Rock N Roll)", as well as Kiss'"It's My Life", "Opus in cm7"....this is a fairly unknown disc, and Wendy fans will enjoy it. She also released the thrown together "Kommander of Kaos", odds and ends that sound totally pasted and sound like the end was near. I do have the classic (and I DO mean classic) single of her teaming with Lemmy from Motorhead on "Stand By Your Man", no household should be without one, that is for sure! "Fuck You!" is a collection of this and that, for the Plasmatics completionists (both of us, I guess)......

Wendy O Williams died from a self-inflicted gunshot in 1998. It was NOT her first attempt. It saddens me that (like Kurt Cobain, in a way) someone who brought SO MUCH enjoyment and excitement into my life was so sad and pained that she couldn't take life anymore. I (being honest here) wish there was something I could have done, Wendy was a personal herroine to me during my late teens, I loved her, and I wish she would have had a happier life. It means a good bit to me, so I wish to reprint a portion of her suicide note here. Again, I TRULY wish she would have been happier, simply because of all the happiness she brought me, for a while.....

"I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights that anyone in a free society should have. For me, much of the world makes no sense, but my feelings about what I am doing ring loud and clear to an inner ear and a place where there is no self, only calm."

Rest in Peace, my dear......you brought a good amount of pleasure to MY life, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, I like doing "mega-posts" about significant acts....to name a few, Sleater Kinney, The Clash, The Jam, the Rolling Stones, recently Radiohead and the Smiths among others. Do the Plasmatics belong in that company even for a second? Probably not, but we've been running with a theme of late, coined by Jonman, "Chicks Kick Ass", and NO chick could kick more ass than Wendy O Williams......a cartoon character to a degree, for certain, but a damn sexy and voluptuous one......for me, there was just something about her, a quality that made her special.....the music isn't great, but it fits the themes, and I know I spent a lot of my time in younger days, slobbering over Ms Williams pictures and fantasizing about grovelling at her feet and tasting her whip.......if that isn't an important memory in any sane young man's life, I don't know what is......hopefully this explains why the Plasmatics (and WOW in paraticular) meant so much to me for a while......hope some of you like the effort on this post, it's, again, one of the "labors of love" that I sometimes am prone to doing.

BigScott62 OUT!

MEET THE PLASMATICS EP-Sometimes I/02 Won't You/03 Want You Baby

NEW HOPE FOR THE WRETCHED-01 Tight Black Pants/02 Monkey Suit/03 Living Dead/04 Test Tube Babies/05 Won't You/06 Won't You/07 Concrete Shoes/08 Want You baby/09 Dream Lover/ 10 Sometimes I..../11 Corruption/12 Butcher Baby/13 Sometimes I (live)/14 Living Dead (Live)/15 Tight Black Pants (Live)/16 Butcher baby (live)/17 Corruption (live)/18 You Think You're Comin/19 Fast Food Service

BEYOND THE VALLEY OF 1984-01 Incantation/02 Masaterplan/03 Headbanger/04 Summer Night/05 Nothing/06 Fast Food Service/07 Hit Man/08 Living Dead/09 Sex Junkie/10 Plasma Jam/11 Pig is a Pig

METAL PREISTESS-01 Lunacy/02 Doom Song/03 Sex Junkie (live)/04 Black Leather Monster/05 12 Noon/06 Masterplan (live)

COUP d'ETAT-01 Put Your Love In Me/02 Stop/03 Rock N Roll/04 Lightning Breaks/05 No Class/06 Mistress of Taboos/07 Country Fairs/08 Path of Glory/09 Just Like On TV/10 The Damned/11 Uniformed Guards (Work-In-Progress)

MAGGOTS: THE RECORD-01 Overture/Introduction/02 You're a Zombie/03 The White's Apartment/Full Meal Diner/04 Day of the Humans Is Gone/05 Central Research Laboratory/Valerie and Bruce on the Phone/06 Destroyers/07 White's Apartment/Bruce's Bedroom /08 Brain Dead/09 White's Apartment/Bruce's Bedroom II/10 Propagators/11 White's Bedroom/ Fire Escape/12 Finale

BUMP N GRIND-01 Goin Wild/02 Pedal to the Metal/03 You'll Succeed/04 No Class/05 Party/06 Jammin/07 Live To Rock/08 Jailbait/09 Aint None of Your Buisness/10 Bump N Grind/11 Fuck That Booty/12 Fuck N Roll

WOW-01 I love Sex (and Rock N Roll)/02 It's My Life/03 Priestess/04 Thief In the Night/05 Opus in cm7/06 Ready To Rock/07 Bump N Grind/08 Legends Never Die/09/Ain't None of Your Buisness

KOMMANDER OF KAOS-01 Hoy Hey (Live to Rock)/02 Pedal to the Metal/03 Goin' Wild/04 Ain't None of Your Buisness (Live)/05 party/06 Jailbait/07 Bad Girl/08 Fight For the Right/09 (Work That Muscle) Fuck That Booty

FUCK YOU!-01 Tight Black Pants (Rehearsal '77/Live '81)/02 Butcher Baby/03 Sex Junkie (live)/04 A Pig Is a Pig/05 It's My Life/06 Hoy Hey (Live to Rock)/07 Goin Wild/08 You're a Zombie/09 Propogators/10 Know Wa'm Sayin

ULTRAFLY- DEFFEST! AND BADDEST!-01 Rulers of Rock/02 $10,000,000 Winner/03 Super Jock Guys/04 Early Days/05 The Humpty Song/06 Know Wha'm Sayin?/07 On the IRT/08 La La land/09 Lies/10 Laffin and Scratchin

WENDY & LEMMY-01 Stand By Your Man/02 No Class

Links in a while......LOVE YOU and MISS YOU Wendy, you left us WAY TOO SOON. Hope you are at peace now

Love ya Wendy!

A REALLY good one...The Old Man and the Sea

Here is some excellent, little known prog rock from Denmark, ca. early 1970's......the prog scene at the time COULD BE exciting, if the emphasis was placed on the ROCK half of the equation, rather than the (sometimes stodgy and boring) PROG half.

Basically these guys made one proper album, but what an album it is! We hear the usual suspects having their fingerprints on this, LOTS of Hammond organ ala Atomic Rooster, some Tull, and even some harder Led Zeppelin-ish influences. The lead off track does it for me, "Living Dead" an excelent nearly 8-minute story of the bleakness of heroin addiction. The finale, "Going Blind" is also excellent, a 10 minute workout for all of the band members who really show off what they can do in this setting.....in between, we have some good stuff, Yes-like organ soloing, the interesting two-part "Monk Song", "Jingoism" is a fine hard rocker......this is a great album, 4 stars at least on the BigScott62 system, I'd recommend listening to it in it's entirety, seems more effective that way to me at least.

 1972-75 by OLD MAN & THE SEA, THE album coverWe also have a comp of sorts, "The Old Man and the Sea '72-'75" a bit of a hodgepodge of random tracks.....not nearly as coherent nor as good as the debut, but does include some interesting moments, notably the two-part "The Sea Of Green" from and abortive second album....naturally on such an album there will be some throwaways, and and there are, but at least half of it is good stuff,EASILLY half, "Down By The Sea" and "Roll the Dice" are other VERY fine tracks.

Why they didn't make a go of it, hard saying.....can't even really find a reliable personnel listing for them(Best I can tell: guitarist Benny Staley, keyboardist Tommy Hansen, drummer Lars Thygesen/and bassist Knud Lindhard, don't hold me to that!)... But that album #1 and parts of the comp are some vintage early 70's prog-ROCK, and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA-01 Living Dead/02 Princess/03 Jingosim/04 Prelude/05 The Monk Song 1/06 The Monk Song 2/07 Going Blind

THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA '72-'75-01 Setting back the Time/02 Lady Nasty/03 Elvira (The Night Rider)/04 Sadness/05 Through Your Hair/06 The Sea of Green (Part 1)/07 The Sea of Green (Part 2)/08 Nasty Backbone/09 Old Man Fishing/10 Roll the Dice/11 White Collar Worker/12 Down By the Sea/13 Love 77/14 The Jam/15 Money

Links in a few......please give these a try, if you are maybe a fan of some of the early 70's harder-Kraut rock (Krokodil, maybe, or the recently featured Kin Ping Meh), these may be for you. REALLY enjoy the first album, it's a keeper for certain!

Thanx to Jonman for the link to the Plasmatics video!


Some heavy rock n roll from Italy.....really good
stuff here. I don't have the whole catalogue thus no "best ever", sorry (hey even I have STANDARDS!), but I have three of the four, and they are pretty much of the kick-ass variety!

OJM are vocalist David Martin, drummer Max, guitarist Andrew Pozzey, and bassist/keyboardist Stefano Paski......they meld together heavy, MC-5ish guitars and psychedelic touches, if they were here in the USA we wouldn't hesitate to call them "stoner rock", but for whatever reason they seem to avoid that "badge of honor".

Thier debut album "Heavy" came to us in 2002, it's a VERY good one for lovers of heavy/stoner rock, the highlight being "The Sleeper", but there is a ton of good stuff here, a fine and deserving debut and frankly, I'm a little puzzled as to why it is not a bit more well known.

Thier secod disc "The Light Album:" is the one I can't locate, I've never heard it or seen one, and would love some help with this one....so, the next proper album I have is number #3, 2007's "Under the Thunder" which has significance to me because that was the very title of my radio show back in the late 1970's-80's......it's a good album, not as good as "Heavy" IMO, but not bad...."Stoned Love", "Give Me Your Money", "Everything Can Be Magic".....nice Italian-tinged stoner rock, reminiscent of maybe Nebula and Josiah, with touches of plain old rock n roll trash, such as the Stooges and even the Datsuns. Worthwhile album.

The most recent set I have from these Goombas is "Volcanao", form 2010, which is possibly their best work....rocking from word go, with a bit more rage than before, "Welcome", "Venus", "Cocksucker" and more drive the point home. This album rocks, and these guys should be more famous that they are, even in stoner circles....I'm guessing these are NOT the type of fellows to whine and cry about being featured here, I HOPE they realize I am trying to gain more exposure for their hard rocking band!

HEAVY-01 The Sleeper/02 Revelations/03 You Come/04 TV Eye/05 Mix Up!/06 As I Know/07 Strange Dreams/08 Follow My Leader/09 Theorum/10 Rumor Den

UNDER THE THUNDER-01 Everything Can Be Magic/02 Sixties/03 I'm Not an American/04 Stoned Love/05 Dirty Nights/06 Give Me Your Money/07 Lonelyness/08 Starshine/09 Spread Me/10 MCI/11 I Got Time/12 Starshine

VOLCANO-01 Welcome/02 Venus/03 Rainbow/04 Ocean's Heart/05 Wolf/06 I'll Be Long/07 Cocksucker/08 Disorder/09 Escort/10 2012

Links in a flash of an eye, or something!

The best (Men Of) Porn post ever

Porn American StyleYou know (Men of) Porn? So good, out there stoner rock from San Francisco, they've cranked out four pretty good ones you should hear. A sort-of side project for others,I guess most notably Melvin's drummer Dale Crover, they crank out similar, goofy-sludgy stoner rock on perhaps a more experimental, relaxed approach than the "mother act". The one constant over the years has been guitarist/vocalist Tim Moss, but the remainder of the lineup has been fleshed out with several bassists/drummers/guitarists, something of a semi-all-star band of lesser known lights of the West Coast stoner scene, if that makes any sense.

The band's various incarnations have cranked out four different albums between 1999-2008, the first, "Porn American Style", set the template.....focusing on Moss' guitar shredding, combining a stoner/metal/industrial type of stew/sludge, burying the vocals far down in the mix and often distorting them beyond recognition, it's a decent album, a good loud kick with outrageous, Melvins-like song titles ("Comin' Home (Smokin' Pot on a Sunday Afternoon While UFO's Drone)"(the lead off track that sets the stage instantly with a frenzied 16 minutes), also stuff like "Ballad of the Bulldyke" and "Dancing Black Ladies"......a good one to listen to for fans of stoner rock in general, also of 1990's grunge and even NIN/Filter type industrial crunch rock.

Experiments in FeedbackMuch more satisfying, to me, and much better, is 2001's "Experiments In Feedback", which I select as their best work, that is, the ONE (Men Of) Porn album to check, if you're only checking one....opening with a bulldozing 12 minute version of Pink Floyd's (!) "One of These Days", this is FAR more psychedelic than the debut, lots of tape-loops/effects, sort of out of place for such a slash and burn kind of band, but I think here they sound fine and give the Porn men some identity! Good album. Quite unique, an open mind can really find a good one here.

"Wine Women and Song" featured some fine drumming from Crover and a wierd album cover, depicting some kind of nude-alien-infant kind of thing......bizarre stuff, but what else would we expect from this crew. More of their semi-trademarked "long" numbers, "Succulento", "Last Song", and "The Five Books of the Arenas" take up the bulk of the album.
Wine, Women and Song
And finally, thier most recent offering...2008's "And the Devil Makes Three", in which the band (evidently now simply called Porn) collaborates with Japanese noise-God Masami Akita (aka Merzbow), whom is full credited in the collaboration. This is the most experimental album of the four by FAR, quite a departure actually from the other three....Some may be familiar with Merzbow from his collaborations with Boris which were sometimes interesting, it's an odd combination, but it works.....for a side-project, these lads have turned out four, at the very least INTERESTING albums, and there are LOTS of people I can think of that ought to turn themselves onto these if they've not had the pleasure!

PORN AMERICAN STYLE-01 Comin' Home (Smoking Pot on Sunday Afternoon while Ufo's Drome/02  Dancing Black ladies/03 Porch Song/04 Fat Trout/05 Teabaggin'/06 Ballad of the Bulldyke/07 Pyleven/08 Ode to Theodore's/09 Highlife/10 Ballad of the Bulldyke/11 Double Don/12 End

EXPERIMENTS IN FEEDBACK-01 One of These Days/02 Capp Street/03 Feedback II/04 Sister (Valium Mix)/05 Feedback IV/06 Outta Site/07 Sister/08 Feedback VII/09 Sister(Nod Mix)/10 Loop

WINE WOMEN AND SONG-01 Succuletno/02 Mastodon Entee/03 Glory Will Be Mine/04 (Untitled Track)/05 The Five Books of the Aeneas/06 Last Song

And the Devil Makes Three
AND THE DEVIL MAKES THREE-01 I/02 II/03 III/04 IV/05 V/06 VI/07 VII/08 VIII/09 IX/10 X/11 XI/12 XII (don't you love artists who put a LOT of thought into their song titles?)

Links will be up soon.....lemme know what ya think of the (Men of) Porn......pretty cool stuff says yer uncle, what do you wanna hear tomorrow and the next day? Anybody got anything funny to contribute? The Pat Boone Metal Album or any shit like that? Life is too short for us to be all serious about this here rock n roll ALL of the time! Compilations, contributions, drawings, videos, short stories, bar band demo tapes ........ANYTHING is welcome here at ANYtime.....get your creative on, dawg!

Couple of late edits here.....got a link for a band from Chile called "Bruto", who refer to themselves as "fuzzgressive"....I haven't listened to it yet, likely will tomorrow, but you too can check out their debut disc for free by going to their Bandcamp site or by simply clicking HERE:


You can also make a donation to them, any amount you desire, to pay for the disc, if you wish....please check them out, SUPPORT these start-up bands, I hope they are good, but even if not, it's cool, I WANT unknown bands sending me their discs or links......I promise any band if you send me such a link it WILL be put up here (within reason of course).....

Also I had a request for some Killing Joke, I have a enough to throw together a reasonably sized post, watch for it maybe over the weekend as I have also been working on a fairly large Mars Volta mega-post.....but the Killing Joke request WILL be honored, thanks to the requester(forget who it was honestly), but it's a decent idea and we'll get there in the next couple days!

Lemme know whatcha think of (Men of) Porn!

The best Mars Volta post,ever, PART I

These guys have so much material cluttering my shelves that I'm going to have to take it over two days, hope you either like/appreciate them, or get introduced to something different, becaue, if NOTHING ELSE, Mars Volta are certainly "different"!

From El Paso Texas, they formed from the remnants of At the Drive In, who were, well, not as good as I thought they'd be, how's that.....but Mars Volta? Wow. Some imaginative, creative, quite awesome concept albums, what ever could we compare them to? Nothing that I can think of, which , in and of itself if pretty impressive....from what I can tell the most recent of their lineups seems to have been guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez,vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala, bassist Juan Alderete,keyboardist Marcel Rodriguez Lopez and drummer Deantoni Parks....they have cranked out  a series of complicated concept albums which are all quite good, and are noted for exhilerating live shows (I have not seen them).

Today we will focus on the regular studio issues, these albums EACH stand on their own, they really must be heard in their entirety.....trust me, the rewards are evident. They got it right the first time out with the wonderful "De-Loused in the Comatorium", 2003. I am sure many won't care for this, it is fairly sprawling, and what the exact "concept" is I have to plead ignorance....but there is some fine, fine music on here, built into a structured concept album around titles like "Cicatriz ESP" and "This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed"....a quite weird, and also quite rocking and good album, one of the best of that year.

Next and almost as good came "Frances the Mute", which throws some latin and pure jazziness into the already complicated mix, with fine results again. Its confusing, again, with an 8 part opus, "Cassandra Gemini", and also the odd 4 -part "Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore"....at the end of the day, I have to admit once again that I have NO FUCKING CLUE as to what they are talking about, but the album rocks and sounds great. Highly recommended.

Perhaps as ambitious as the others, but maybe not as great, is "Amputechture", in which the jazz/fusion elements are amped up a bit, again to a concept of some sort, honestly I am in the dark again.....the entire disc flows together without any "real" track seperation, like all of the band's work there is no other way to listen but in entirety...this is not, I repeat, NOT a singles band, maybe as far from one as could be imagined. "Ampitechture" is for fans of the band, and, in my estimation, is not terribly essential.

Much better (and just as bizarre) to me, is 2008's "Bedlam in the Goliath".....I thought that it succeeded on the level that it seemed at the same time suscinctly orchestrated as well as raw and rocking.....kind of hard to do. Yet another conceptual piece which must be listened to in it's wholeness...just trust me on this. Mars Volta are a HARD band to get into, because you have to approach them on THEIR terms, but I swear to you, it is as rewarding as the best work of, say, Pink Floyd or Radiohead.....these guys are their own people. I haven't described the music much, at all, for the simple reason that I CAN'T!

To be honest, I am not wild about the next release, "Octahedron".....they are attempting to be smart-asses and release an album unlike anything they've done before, with a more "accessible" and "poppish" sound. Perhaps they succeed, you be the judge.....I do not enjoy this album, much at all.

A slight rebound is 2012's "Noctourniquet".....it was fairly obvious that this horse had run it's race, but there are some enjoyable moments here for fans of the band. "The Malkin Jewel" and "The Whip Hand" are worthwhile, I guess but i personally prefer the intellectual challenges of the earlier albums, that is just me.

OK......those are their 6 studio releases...get familiar, see what ya think. and tomorrow, we'll get to live stuff, demos, rare tracks, and all that stuff that your Uncle has at his fingertip disposal! Many may hate these, and IF YOU DO, I WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT! I LOVE when people bitch about the stuff I post, at least they have an opinion. This band is not for everyone, may leave some shaking thier heads, but for me those first few albums are really GREAT, not good but GREAT, once given a fair listening!

Links shortly.....personal message to Jenny McCarthy: I have a few hours Sunday in which I could pencil you in for a bit of sex if you are interested. Let me know.

DELOUSED IN THE COMATORIUM-01 Son et Lumiere/02 Intertiatic ESP/03 Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of)/04 Tira Me a las Aranas (Throw Me to the Spiders)/05 Drunkenship of Lanterns/06 Eriatarka/07 Cicatriz ESP/08 This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed/09 Televators/10 Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt

FRANCES THE MUTE-01 Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus/02 The Widow/03 L'Via L'Viaquez/04 Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Aymore (Vde Mecum/Pour Another Icepick.Pisacis (Phra-men-Ma)/Con Safo)/05 Cassandra Gemini Part 1/06 Cassandra Gemini Part 02/07 Cassandra Gemini Part 03/08 Cassandra Gemini Part 4/09 Cassandra Gemini Part 5/10 Cassandra Gemini Part 6/11 Cassandra Gemini Part 7/12 Cassandra Gemini Part 8

AMPUTECHTURE-01 Vicarious Atonement/02 Tetragrammaton/03 Vermicide/04 Meccamputechture/05 Asilos Magdalenea/06 Viscera Eyes/07 Day of the Baphomets/08 El Ciervo Vulnerado

THE BEDLAM IN GOLIATH-01 Aberinkula/02 Metatron/03 Ilyena/04 Wax Simulacra/05 Goliath/06 Tourniquet Man/07 Cavalettas/08 Agadez/09 Askepios/10 Ouroborous/11 Soothsayer/12 Conjugal Burns

OCTAHEDRON-01 Since We've Been Wrong/02 Teflon/03 Halo of Nembutals/04 With Twilight as My Guide/05 Cotopaxi/06 Desperate Graves/07 Copernicus/08 Luciforms

NOCTOURNIQUET-01 The WHip Hand/02 Aegis/03 Dyslexicon/04 Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound/05 The Malkin Jewel/06 Lapochka/07 In Absetia/08 Imago/09 Molochwalker/10 Trinkets Pale of Moon/11 Vedamalady/12 Noctourniquet/13 Zed and Two Naughts

For the most part, I enjoy these albums quite a bit.....I'm sure everyone won't, you REALLY have to be in the right frame of mind and have to REALLY listen, neither "good time party music", not very suitable as "background music".....hey I like these, get familiar, and tomorrow, I have a stack of rarities from these same hombres!

OK, popping this post up with the following caviat: discovered that most of my Mars Volta albums were created from FLAC files, meaning that they have to be split (MORE work for the worn-out big man), and like the Opeth post, with the Looooooong compositions they specialize in, we'll likely have to make multiple splits.....FLAC files ALSO take longer to upload, besides the fact that there will be more of them. All asie though, be patient. I'm doing the extra work, you can wait a bit longer. I'll get part 2 of this post up tomorrow, with some cool live and rare, just work with me a tiny bit if you can. I'm sorry for the delays, but to convert my stuff OUT of FLAC would take just as long, so I just go this route......the first batch of links for the part one link are ready, so if you see the comments section, there is enough to get you started, and I will work till the beer runs out to try to get MOST of the part 1 links up for ya on this snowy Ohio evening!





The best Mars Volta post ever, Part 2

Mars Volta Televators Album Cover, Mars Volta Televators CD Cover ...
If I'd had half an inkling as to how much work THIS one was gonna be, maybe I'd have gone with something a bit easier.....all my Mars Volta albums seem to be FLAC creations, which is a pain in the ass for your favorite uploader. Takes a lot more work, splitting them, and the upload process is slower......nonetheless, to bring you the best in quality/variety rock n roll, I go the extra mile, and lucky for you guys, Tara Reid said she couldn't get here for our monthly sex-romp due to the snow, so I guess I got nothing better to do.

Mars Volta : Scabdates cd - If Society shop
Yesterday's post was pretty straight-forward, the six studio releases from the truly original and "out there" Mars Volta, today we will delve into live and rare stuff, which of course is much more interesting.....let's shake the shelves and see what falls out, I think there is quite a bit and HOPEFULLY not as many in FLAC (YES I know I can convert them, but it takes just as long as splitting them so I am just crushed choosing between the two......if you had HALF my troubles, bitch!

The Mars Volta: Tremulant EP Album Cover ParodiesOK, lotta stuff here, both from my shelves and poking around the Bay (by the way I LOOOOOOVE the Bay in case I've never said as much, it is up there with Coke Zero, Gastraic Bypass Surgery, and Rose McGowan's ass as the greatest inventions of my lifetime)......let us start with a colection of singles that I will slap onto a disc, "BigScott62's Legendary Spectacular Collection of MARS VOLTA SINGLES".......some of these will be available on the albums above, some non-LP, but I put this together, because I thought THIS was interesting: of all  the bands in the universe, who is LESS fit to have a singles comp out there than Mars Volta? Can't think of ANYONE......so here is a collection of them, and shockingly, the disc sounds pretty damn good. The mind of a genius!

Summer Demo Sessions – The Mars Volta – Discover music at Last.fmNot feeling even close to describing each of these nuggets listed below for ya......more than you would ever need unless you worship Mars Volta......my singles comp, some EP's, some demo discs, some live shit.......dig in! If this is a favorite band of yours, you may think you have died and gone to heaven.....if not, well, threre's always another day....this one HAS been a good bit of work though, os I'd appreciate commentary if available!

BIGSCOTT62'S LEGENDARY, SPECTAUCLAR COLLECTION OF MARS VOLTA SINGLES-01 Frances the Mute/02 The Widow (live)/03 Inertiati ESP/04 Roulette Dares (live)/05 The Bible and the Breathalyzer/06 L'via L'viaquez/07 Frances the Mute/08 The Widow (edit)/09 Viscera Eyes (Radio Edit)/10 Wax Simulcara/11 Pulled to Bits

TELEVATORS EP-01 Televators/02 Roulette Dares (the Haunt of)/03 Drunkship of Lanterns/04 Cicatriz ESP/05 Televators

AUSTRALIAN TOUR BONUS DISC (From Deloused album)-01 Roulette Dares (XM Broadcast)/02 Drunkenship of Lanterns (XM Broadcast)/03 Cicatriz ESP (Live)/04 Televators (Live)

The Mars Volta - Asilos Magdalena [Live] - Taringa!SCABDATES (LIVE BOOT 2005)-01 Abrasions Mount the Timpani/02 Take the Veil Cerpain Taxt/03 A. A Gust of Mutts/04 B. And Ghosted Pouts/05 Caviglia/06 Concertina/07 Haruspex/08 Cicatriz/09 A Part 1/10 B Part 2/11 C Part 3/12 D part 4

TREMULANT EP-01 Cut That City/02 Concertina/03 Eunuch Provacatuer

DEMOS ALBUM-01 This Apparatus Must be Unearthed/02 Drunkenship of Lanterns/03 Cut That City/04 Amubluetz/05 Demo/06 In Case of evidence/07 State Your Preference/08 Tira Me A las aranas/09 Untitled Demo #2/10 A Plague Upon Your Hissing/11 Cicatriz (demo)/12 Cicatriz (demo)/13 Drunkenship (demo)/14 Eritarka (demo)/15 Eunuch Provacatuer (demo)/16 Intertiactic (demo)/17 Roulette Demos #1/18 Roulette Demos/19 Take the Veil Serpentax (album)/20 Take the Veil Serpentax (demo)/21 Televators (Demo)/22 Televators (Edit)/23 Concertina (Album demo) 24 Drunkenship (Summer Demo)/25 haunt of the Roulette Dares (album demo)/26 Inertiatic ESP (album demo)

The Mars Volta – Live in Hong Kong | Dinosaur PhotographyDEMOS AND INTERVIEWS-01Volta Inartiaticah/02 Interview 1/03 Cut That City/04 Interview 2/05 Concertina/06 Interview 3/07 Eunuch Provacature/08 Huant of the Roulette Dares/09 Interview 4

OST INTERVIEWS-01 Interview 01/02 Interview 01/03 Inteerview 03/04 Interview O4

The Mars Volta - Live At Bonnaroo, Which Stage, Manchester, TN 06-13 ...
File:The Mars Volta live 2005.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DEMOS, INTERVIEWS, LIVE TRACKS-01 Omar and Jon/02 Interview 1/03 Interview 2/04 Omar and Jon/05 Omar and Jon/06 Interview/07 Interview/08 Interview/09 Interview/10 Cedric Interview/11 Drunkship/12 Interview/13 Roulette Dares/14 Take the Veil/15 Interview on total rock/16 Osterochnacht/interview/17 Osterochnacht /Interview/18 Osterochnacht/Interview/19 Oserocknacht/Interview/20 Mars Volta and Sparta Interview/21 Mars Volta Interview BBC/22 Thermasvolta Interview

LIVE 08/29/03 (D1)-00 Vivaplus Overdreive Intro/01Intro/02 Drunkship of Lanterns/03 Cicatriz ESP/04 Criatriz ESP Part 1/05 Cicatriz ESP Part 2/06 Drunkneship of Lanterns

LIVE 08/29/03 DISC 2-01 Roulette Dares/02 Roulette Dares/03 Prelude to Citraciz ESP/04 Televators

LIVE 04/04/03-01 Apparatus/02 Inertiatic/03 Drunkenship/04 Eriatarka/05 Cicatriz/06 Roulette Dares/07 Eunch provacatuer/08 Inermission/09 Take the Veil

TORONTO -7/21/03 D1-01 Intro/02 Son El Lumicre/03 Interiatic ESP/04 Roulette Dares (The Huant Of)/05 Tira Me A Las Aranas/06 Drunkshipof Lanterns/07 Eritarka

TORONTO 7/21/03 D2-01 Cicatriz ESP/02 This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed/03 Televators/04 Take the Veil Cerpin Text

LInks may take a w....lot of em, some of em flacs....just worship me for the work I do!

Automatic Man

Not sure what to do today......that hug Mars Volta thing bout wore me down.....I know  have some Killing Joke in the pot for sometime this week, but it (and also a huge Yo La Tengo (HUGE) post ) that I've been trying to get sorted out are there, but not feeling those today at all......I had an email today that told of the place to get the New Barbarians "Drug Dealer Tapes", checked the link and indeed they are there, problem is they want you to pay eight bucks for the File Service......I don't know, it's probably legit, I just feel funny doing it. If any of you are familiar with File Factory, or in fact use it yourselves, check this link and let me know if it is legit and there is a way of getting around the eight buck fee? Really like to have them, and wouldn't mind paying the eight bucks if I KNEW for sure this is a legit service.

So, I need to go find something easy for today anyway.....HOW EASY? Well, I was going to put up a couple albums from Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, but they are out in my truck, so I would have to walk 30-40 feet to get them......too DAMN much trouble. SO what I do in such cases is, in general, check the data base and grab at something that has a smaller catalouge in there (hopefully with limited FLAC files too).......be right back........

Here we have a wonderful one-shot wonder by the early 1970's San Franciscan prog-metal Automatic Man, sporting an album of the same title....this is fairly forgotten, and I think pretty rare, but, let me tell you, this is one of those unknown classics. Check this one out for sure you will not be disappointed.

Former Santana drummer Michale Shrieve, singer/keyboardist Bayete,bassist Doni Harvey, and
session-guitarist whiz Pat Thrall put together an exciting lineup, and produced this one fine album (I realize there is another album credited to "Automatic Man", it is an almost completely different lineup and I have never heard it). This album is wonderful, in my opinion, a fine period-piece one shot combination of layered synthisizers, hard, edgy guitar work, and especially, Bayete's light as air vocals......it works to perfection, lots of lyrics about outter space and the like, but this stuff WORKS. One of the most underappreciated albums of the early 1970's, and era from which there are many.....I would love to hear comments on this one,is a long time fave of mine. ....the album needs to be heard as a whole, but "Comin'Through", "My Pearl", and "Atlantis Rising Theme" are among the highlights......four 1/2 star album, you will like it I think.

Due to a number of reasons (of which I was unaware until looking up), the band dissolved, pretty much after this album.....as I said earlier, they released a disc under the same moniker ("Visitors") on which Thrall and Bayete appear......asI said I have never heard it, and have no idea as to it's quality, but I'm assuming that as rare as the debut is, probably a VERYfew folks have heard the sophomore effort.

Anyway, hope you like this one. I enjoy dragging out a ton of albums sometimes to give a complete picture of, say, Mars Volta, or Opeth, or whomever......but I also love bringing out the occasional gem such as this, and hope to introduce this lesser know great album to a new generation who may enjoy it. Check it out, it' REALLY good, and I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on it.

AUTOMATIC MAN-01 Atlantis Rising Fanfare/02 Comin' Through/03 My Pearl/04 One and One/05 Newspapers/06 Geni-Geni/07 Right Back Down/08 There's a Way/09 I.T.D. (Interstellar Tracking Devices)/10Automatic Man/11 Altlantis Rising Theme /Turning of the Axis

Link will be up in just a few, hope you like this little unknown gem, may do a couple more before diving into the hard core Killing Joke or Yo La Tengo posts which will be serious WORK!

Just a thank you......

It's 1:00 AM on Monday morning (Holiday so no     

work for me)......and  have
been thinking about his blog and how much I LOVE doing it......no, really, LOVE doing it.....I hope that some of you guys love it as much as I love doing it. It is theraputic for me, it gives me somthing to focus on (other than Strat-o-matic baseball) all year round, aves me the feeling that I am DOING SOMETHING that is helping other people. I've always loved my rock n roll, often to the point that it drives my wife crazy trying to find a place to sthast yet MORE CD's.....but I hAVE always loved new sounds, old sounds, just whatever sounds good to ME that I hope someone else will enjoy too.....I plan on keeping this blog running as long as possible, as I AM retiring this year, but this blog became a bigger "part" of me than I anticipated.......I have lots of friends, all over the world, thanks to blog, who are genuinley grateful for the music I try to supply each day.....Oh, once in a while someone bitches about somthing,but that is life, you cannot please EVERYONE. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who reads, contributes, comments, tells me I suck, or whatever. I was apprehensive about starting this 3 years ago, and a lot has changed in my life, but this blog has become an IMPORTANT piece of my life, a piece of WHO I AM, and I plan on continuing it until they  bury me in the ground (as they nearly DID this past September)......PLEASE, all I ask: make requests, submit homemade comps (ala Jonman). contribute rare/interesting albums,  but there is SO MUCH MORE we can do....contrbute pictures of your kids.......short stories.....video projects......bar bad sets....amatuer demos.....hel contribute RECIPES if that is your thing.....let us be as one, a
COMMMUNITY, who share the good things in our lives......we may be worlds apart, but we common ground on which we can base excellent converstations......hope ypu enjoy some of the sounds I've tried to provide for you, if not, I know that NEXT TIME AROUND it will be something different!o all my readers and contributors, I LOVE you all, and I wish nothing but the best for you and your families! please, all I ask of you is to comntribute to this blog, I think it's pretty good for what it is, but let us try to  it (with YOUR help) to make it FUCKING great.....see ya tomorrow with a post on stoner rock greats Altamont! Sleep well and I love you, especially, of course, you ladies!

The best Altamont post ever

Yet another side project of Melvins' drummer Dale Crover,
who teams with some members of Acid
bath to provide us with three fine albums (four actually, but I have never heard the rare debut).....at the end of the day, after all of the scholarly shit has been laid down, for THIS guy at least, STONER ROCK FUCKING RULES.......it is the music I've been waiting for my whole life, a combination metal/grunge that TOTALLY works for me........Mark Eveligh, if you have that hard to find debut album (1997's "Wanted Dead or Alive"), please share it with all yer bruthas here....if not, well here are the OTEHR three albums they created, and all three are DEFINITLEY worth a listen!

Crover plays guitar, sings, and also does some drumming on these albums, could we perhaps think of him as a "poor man's" Dave Grohl? Certainly no offense intended by that label. Wish I could hear the debut album, really, with so I'd have a total complete picture, but the first thing I have here is 1998's "Civil War Fantasy", which rocks like a mofo, just as one would expect a bastard child of Acid Bath and the Melvins to come up with.....ten tracks, not a loser in the bunch, a cover of hendrix'"EZ Rider", but lots of short blasts of HARD rock n roll (the avoid the sometimes stoner mistake of 15-minute tracks).....check out "Bitch Slap", "Whips", and the title track, fuck it, check them all, they all rock.

Next up was 2001's "Our Darling", also a fainely crafted, hard-stoner rock album......again, fine and almost criminally underappreciated, this album rocks the joint.....the stoner scene sometimes gets muddled with the members of various bands teaming up for various projects such as this, but trust me, the work of Altamont more than stands on it's own....."Our Darling" contains a Johnny Thunders cover, a long, rocking "Young Man Blues", and shorter blasts such as "Saint of All Killers" and "Our Darling"......another excellent album.

I guess they called it a day with 2005's "The Monkee's Uncle", which makes them 3 for three in finely crafted hard rocking stoner albums.....argueably the best of the three, leading off with the slamming "Frank Bank", which I assume is a tribute to the actor who played Lumpy Rutherford, but there is lots n lots of good stuff here as well....."The Bloodening", "El Stupido"......if you are a fan of the kind of stoner/fuzz/hard psych stuff that I post on here at times, you'll be wanting to hear these.....don't let the fact that it is a side project (hell, LOTS of good side projects, right? Down, (Men of ) Porn, Atomic Bitchwax......these stoner guys just like to ROCK and God bless em!)

Check these out and let me know how you feel about them.....Mark if you (or anyone) have the debut, please share it with us if you can. Three good, loud, hard rocking albums here, hope you enjoy......tomorrow is another day, and what it will bring I have no clue!

CIVIL WAR FANTASY-01 Civil War Fantasy/02 EZY Rider/03 Bitch Slap/04 Whips/05 My One Sin/06 Makers Mark/07 Black Tooth Powder/08 Up River/09 Down Wind/10 Smoke

OUR DARLING-01 Saint of All Killers/02 Short Eyes/03 Our Darling/04 Pirate Love/05 Chicken Lover/06 Dead Car/07 Swami/08 Peace Creep/09 Stripey Hole/10 Young Man Blues/11 Untitled

THE MONKEES UNCLE-01 Frank Bank/02 Bathroom Creep/03 Dum Dum Fever/04 El Supido/05
laughing Boy/06 Pedigree/07 Monkee's Uncle/08 The Bloodening/09 Easter Sunday/10 Bull ramus/11 In a BetterWorld

Links soon, talk to me about Altamont (the BAND smart ass).......I think these are three good albums, and as always I try to mis up the music on this blog a bit, rather than post JUST stoner rock or JUST punk or whatever.....I've loved ALL kinds of rock in my life and I try to reflect that in my blog.....but I'm always open to suggestions and requests.....the guy who requested the Killing Joke post, you WILL be satisfied sometime this week, I have a quite a bunch of it!

Sleep well my children......and as long as I have a face, Christina Aguliara will never, ever have to worry about finding a place to sit. Promise.

By request: the best Killing Joke post, ever (part 1)

Never dreamed I had so much stuff by these guys, they haven't really been a huge favorite over the years,enjoyable enough, but they came along at just the wrong time, for me, the early 1980's, when I was thinking (correctly) that rock n roll was headed into a huge slump to say the least.....but today, in reviewing the muisc of Killing Joke, we can see that their gloomy, synth-alt-post punk stuff would certainly be influential on MANY acts of the later 80's and 90's.....there have been dozens of personel changes, but the constants have been keyboardist/singer Jaz Coleman and guitarist Geordie Walker.

Mind you, this is a band that eveidently tredges on today....I often have difficulty knowing where to draw the line on such bands, certainly I haven't heard any Killing Joke work since, what, 1995-6? So my knowledge of their latter day work will be non-existant, and I highly doubt that they were one of the few bands to stay off the downhill road to Suck City......so we'll focus on the 80's-90's, with ome live/rare/stuff thrown in, and if the original requestor wants something different I'll see what I can do.......as I said before, my familiarity with this band is not as great as it might be with others.

Earliest thing I can find here (other than a sludgy live tape which I will put up) is the 1980 debut "Killing Joke". It is a very good album, rocking and filled with intellectual, topical lyrics......"Wardance" and "Requium" were fine rockers and there are more. Good album.

1981's "What's THIS For?" is not quite as good, never really liked it that much, in fact I may have listened to it only once or so until starting this project....I kind of remember "Butcher" and "Follow the Leaders", but just vaguely......the third album "Revelations" (1982) sported a bit more gothic-sound, and I like it a bit better....."Chop Chop" and "Empire Song" being highlights.

"(Let's All Go to the) Fire Dances" and "Feast of Blaze" highlight the next studio LP "Fire Dances"....this band knew their formula for sure, I assume they had a serious hard-core following. Wish I'd have known a big fan of them to grab a bit more info, but just one of those things, never knew a HUGE fanatical obsessor of the band, as I do with so many other bands.....I must have downloaded a Pirate Bay Discography Torrent at some point to pile up so much material!

Next came "Night Time", with a fact I never knew, the song "Eighties" is similar enough to Nirvana's "Come As You Are" that at one point there was talk of legal action against Nirvana, until Kurt Cobain's death. It's quite a good album, one of their better, as "Eighties", "kings and Queens" and "Love Like BLood" are all quite good tracks.

1986's "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns" changes the sound quite a bit towards a more standard rock sound and way from the trademarked gothic-post punk noise sound....to me it doesnt work at all, but as I said, som fan of the band may hold it sacred. .....apparently searching hard for identity, they came up with 1988's "Outside the Gate", an album with VERY little guitar, almost a pure-synth record, which, a least to my memory, was timed fairly poorly as well. This closed out their 1980's efforts......lot o albums here, we'll hit the 90's tomorrow and maybe the live rare stuff too, don't know if it'll take 2 parts or 3, we'll see.......hope you guys like this one, NOT really one of my faves, but good enough, and something I haven't listened to in some time. See ya tomorrow.

KILLING JOKE-Requium/02 Wardance/03 Tomorrow's World/04 Bloodsport/05 The Wait/06 Change/07 Complications/08 S.O.36/09 Primitive

WHAT'S THIS FOR?-01 The Fall of Because/02 Tension/03 Unspeakable/04 Butcher/05 Follow the Leaders/07 Madness/08 Who Told You How?/09 Exit
REVELATIONS-01 The Hum/02 Empire Song/03 We Have Joy/04 Chop-Chop/05 The Pandys Are a Coming/06 Chapter III/07 Have a Nice Day/08 Land of Milk And Honey/04 Good Samaritan/05 Dregs
FIRE DANCES-01 The Gathering/02 Fun and Games/03 Rejuvenation/04 Frenzy/05 Harlequen/06 Feast of Blaze/07 Song and Dance/08 Dominator/09 Let's All Go (to the Fire Dances)/10 Lust Almighty
NIGHT TIME-01 Night Time/02 Darkness Before Dawn/03 Love Like Blood/04 Kings and Queens/05 Tabazan/06 Multitudes/07 Europe/08 Eighties
BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS-01 Adorations/02 Sanity/03 Chessboards/04 Twilight of the Mortal/05 Love of the Masses/06 A Southern Sky/07 Wintergardens/08 Rubicon
OUTSIDE THE GATE-01 America/02 My Love of This Land/03 Stay One Jump Ahead/04 Unto the Ends of the Earth/05 The Calling/ 06 Obsession/07 Tiahuanaco/09 Outside the Gate


The best Killing Joke post, ever, Part 2

As little knowledge as I have of Killing Joke in the 1980's (yesterday), I have even less of their 1990's body of work, and even LESS inner-workings of their live/rare stuff.....but, luckily for the requestor, I DO have a bunch of this stuff, so, while this isn't one of my favorite posts, for someone else it's gonna be a mother.......You gotta love how I aim to please  ALL the minions!

The 1990's saw the return to the raw, guitar based sound, forgoing some of the more synth based sounds of the albums of the late 1980's. In fact, I DO enjoy "Extremities, Dirt, and Various Repressed Emotions" as much, maybe, as anything they'd done, they sounded kind of revitalized to me with stuff like the cool "Money Is Not Our God".....all in all a pretty good album (listened this morning!)

They took a rather extended break, which seemed to do some good as well, because "Pandemonium" has some good, early-90's grunge-influenced rockers, such as the title track and "Whiteout".....again, just listened today, don't know if I have before or not, but this is a band/era that deserves another serious listen from the BigMan!.

In 1998 they released "Democracy".....checked that one out today to bu sure, and it sure sounde like the end of the road to me......not such a good album, desperate for the "next" sound.....just didn't like it....and with THAT, I am going to stop the studio albums HERE. If you are a huge fan, clammoring for a more recent album, just ask, I'm sure I have it in this monsterous torrent, but I just don't feel like listening to ALL of them.

So, other stuff.....what have we? WEEELLLLL....."The BBC In Concert 1995", can't say I've listened. "Chaos For Breakfast", an inersting 4-disc set of singles and stuff. The live "Gulf War Dance". A live audience tape from 3/13/85. The "Sessions" collection, covering a lot of odds and ends. A self-explanatory "Singles and Rarities" (3 discs!). A live 1979 set, "The Unperverted Pantomime". And if ALL THAT weren't enough, blog-super-friend Dave Sez hs come through with some of HIS stuff, I assume it's great, we'll talk about that a bit later, his knowledge and fondness for this particular band, one which I guess maybe I need to catch up with at least a bit.......sorry, men of Killing Joke, You just weren't my thing first time around.......hate when that happens!

EXTREMETIES, DIRT, AND VARIOUS REPRESSED EMOTIONS-01 Money Is Not Our God/02 Age of Greed/03 The Beautiful Dead/04 Extremeties/05 Intravenous/06 Inside the Termite Mound/07 Solitude/08 North of the Border/09 Slipstream/10 Kaliyuga/11 Struggle
PANDEMONIUM-01 Pandemonium/02 Exorcism/03 Millennium/04 Commotion/05 Black Moon/06 Labyrinth/07 Jana/08 Whiteout/09 Pleasures of the Flesh/10 Mathematics of Chaos
DEMOCRACY-01 Savage Freedom/02 Democracy/03 Prozac People/04 Lanterns/05 Aeon/06 Pilgrimmage/07 Intellect/08 Medicine Wheel/09 Abent Friends/10 Another Bloody  Election
BBC IN CONCERT 1995-01 Twilight of the Mortals/02 Chessboards/03 Kings and Queens/04 Darkness Before Dawn/05 Love Like Blood/06 Sanity/07 Love of the Masses/08 Requium/09 Complications/10 Wardance/11 Tabazan/12 Tension/13 Pssyche
LYON 3/13/85-01 Night Time/02 Sun Goes Down/03 Tabazan/04 Unknown/05 Darkness Before Dawn/06 Kings and Queens/07 Complications/08 Requium/09 Unknown/10 Love Like Blood/11 Unknown/12 Eighties/13 Unknown/14 Unknown/15 Unknown
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D1-01 Nervous System/02 Turn To Red/03 Are You Recieving/04 Almost Red
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D2-01 Wardance/02 Pssyche
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D3-01 Requium/02Change (Single Version)/03 Requium (malicious demo)
CHAOS FOR BREAKFAST D4-01 Follow the Leaders/02 Tension/03 Follow the Leaders (Dub)/04 Follow the Leaders (Original Lyrics)
GULF WAR DANCE (LIVE)-01 ITTM/02 Money Is NotOur God/03 Extremities/04 War Dance/05 Intravenious/06 Beautiful Dead/07 Change/08 Age of Greed/09 Requium/10 Wait/11 Empire Song/12 Pssych
"Sessions" disc progrmmed as one disc, didn't know of a better way of doing it, remember I am NOT overly familiar with these lads! If they DON'T all fit on one disc, SPLIT EM LAZY ASS!
SESSIONS-DISC 1 CAPITAL RADIO-01 Are You Recieveing/02 Change Capital/03 Complications/DISC 2-JAZ WITH PYR IN ICELAND 1982-04 Guess Again/05 Take What's Mine/06 The Catalyst/DISC 3 PEEL 12/16/81-07 Chop Chop/08 We Have Joy/09 Empire Song/10 The Hum/DISC 4-PEEL SESSIONS-11  Complications/12 Tomorrows World Bums Rush/13 Change/DISC 5 PEEL 10/17/79-14 Wardance/15 Malacious Boogie/16 Psyche/17 Nuclear Boy/DISC 6-PEEL 4/27/81-18 Butcher/19 Fall of Because/20 Tension/DISC 7-KID JENSEN 5/29/84-21 All Play Rebel/22 Blue Feather/23 New Culture/DISC 8-MARK  RADCLIFFE 4/26/84-24 Communion/25 Whiteout/26 Exorcism/27 Psyche
SINGLES AND RARITIES DISC 1-01 Nervous System/02 Almost Red/03 Wardance 7"/04 Psych 7"/05 Change/06 Requium 12"/07 Brilliant/08 Birds of a Feather/09 Flock the B Side/10 Fall Live B Side/11 Eighties Coming/12 A New Day/13 A New Day Dub/14 A New Day 12 on 7/15 Blue Feather Version/16 Ilbgstalt/17 Kings and Queens Right Royal
SINGLES AND RARITIES DISC 2-01 Adorations Instrumental/02 Ecstacy/03 Adorations Extenstion/04 Adorations Supernatural/ 05 Ilb86 Remix/06 Sanity Roman/07 Sanity Insane/08 Wardance Raf/09 Wardance Naval/10 Jihad/11 Beautiful Dead Flexi/12 Money Hideous Remix/13 MINOG Video Edit/14 Termite Mound Chainsaw
SINGLES AND RARITIES DISC 3-01 Change Spiral Tribe/02 Change Spiral Chance/03 Requium Malicious Damage/04 Requium Acapella/05 Change Instrumental/06 Requium Instrumental/07 Exorcism Full/08 Exorcism Mandragora Edit/09 Another Cult Goes Down/10 Millenium Aotearoa/11 Millenium Aotearoa Edit/12 Pndomonium Aotearoa Edit/13 Pandemonium Original/14 Mathematics of Chaos Aotearoa
THE UNPERVERTED PANTOMIME LIVE 1979-01 Psyche/02 Nervous System/03 Animal/04 Change/05 Nuclear Boy/06 Turn To Red/07 Malicious Boogie/08 Wardance/09 Are You Recieveing/10 You're Being Followed/11 Bodies
Lotta links here, not gonna get em all up tonight, sorry.....also see the comments section for DAVE SEZ great contribution to this post

The Bangs

Bangs: Tiger Beat CD | Kill Rock Stars | Online Store & MerchandiseAss kicking girl-punk from Olympia Washington, criminally underappreciated and hard to locate......I love these albums to death (no surprise, taking into account my soft spot for chicks that can kick my ass, ie, most of them). Formed in 1997 by guitarist Sarah Utter, Jesse Fox on drums,  and Maggie Vail on bass. These lassies kept some fine company, hangin/opening gigs for, among others, the Donnas and Sleater Kinney, whom you know are two of my very favorites......

Anywy, they released three full length albums, all of which are pretty damn hard to locate. I have only tow of them here, and a hand full of bonus tracks (I have no idea where I got these or where the bonu tracks come from, hey, at least they are "here")......

In 1998 they released their debut, "Tiger Beat", cleverly named after the teen-chick magazine of the 60's-70's......it's fairly loaded, a good album with short blasts of rrrrriot grrl-ish loud, fast short anthems, and hey, what in the FUCK is wrong with that? Geez, I need to hear these after two days of Killing Joke at least (Sidebar: That was a true learning experience, the Killing Joke thing.....just one of those bands I never really got into, they were pretty damn good......I hope that in the course of doing this blog, I come to learn of more bands that I missed out on the first time.....KillingJoke, of course I had heard some stuff, but to really analyze them, listen to all their albums, etc, it was as though they were a new to me.....sometimes this happens, and I really enjoyed the experience.)

Bangs - Sweet Revenge . mp3 - Download Classic Rock, Oldies"Tiger Beat".......what can I say......plenty of good hard rock n roll blasts, try "Chocolate Cobwebs", "Baby's Day Out", "He's a Groupie" ( rumour has it they wrote that one about me), "Death By Guitar"....good album, 3-star on the BigScott scale.

The second album, "Sweet Revenge", is better yet, released in 2000, which was their second and final full length......similar to the first al stuff like "Fast Easy Love", "Licorice Whip", and "Schick Shadel", but the stunning highlight (for me) is a cover of one of my all time favorite songs, Cheap  Trick's "Southern Girls", (LOVE that song), they do it justice and make it their own (they do NOT, of course, change the gender lyrics)....wonderful track.

I have a bunch of other tracks here. DO NOT know where they came from, the band put out a couple of EP's ("Call and Response" and a 7" mailorder only effort.....perhaps these tracks came from those, hell, perhaps they aren't even the Bangs for all I know, but I'll throw em on here anyway, what the hell difference does it make? These babes really had next to no success......I'm sorry, I like both of their albums quite a bit, for what they are. See what ya think, please check em out and make a comment, and maybe we can start a renewed round of interest in a band that I think is underappreciated. Or, maybe it's just my soft spot for ocker chicks?

Links in  a little while.

TIGER BEAT-01 Chocolate Cobwebs/02 Vintage Piranha/03 Baby's Day Out/04 Burnout/05 SOS/06 He's a Groupie/07 Ferocious Pocket/08 Tiger Beat/09 Lend Me Crumpets/10 Death By Guitar

... Pizza Party at the old Kill Rock Stars office in Olympia! For Bangs 10SWEET REVENGE-01 Fast Easy LOve/02 Sweet Revenge/03 Train Wreck/04 Docudrama/05 Undo Everything/06 Telephone Game/07 Into You/08 Schick Shadel/09 Licorice Whip/10 Scorpi-Oh/11 Southern Girls

BONUS TRACKS OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN-01 No Mag Commercial/02 Getting Out of Hand/03 Tender Thunderbolt/04 The Magician's Assistant/05 Get Electric/06 Bitchin' Summer

Informatin about this band is nearly impossible to dig up, so we have what we have.....The bonus tracks may even be someone else for all I know, but I threw up everything I have labeled "The bangs".....tell me what ya think, this is a FAIRLY obcure one, but I think one we should give a listen to.

By the way......WOW! PARTY DOWN OLD STYLE and a couple of others have commented that they have had difficulty emailing me directly......my email has always been csgmiller@sbcglobal.net, use it anytime if you wish to reach me privately, in particular if you want to discuss a blog contribution.

Be Your Own Pet

Two wonderful albums, trashy and innocent at the same time, from Nashville Tennessee's Be Your Own Pet.....guitarist Jonas Stein, drummer John Eatherly, bassist Nathan Vasquez, and of course, in the continuing "Growing Bored" tradition of "Kick Ass Chicks", vocal heroine Jemina Pearl.

The self titled debut came out in 2006, I know many who hated it passionately and likely still do, but some people, ya know......this is fun stuff here. Sort of like, maybe, a poor-man's Yeah Yeah Yeah's with Pearl playing the "roll" of a "junior" Karen O? Something like that maybe. Amatuerish as hell, slopy, short. blasts of garage punk, the LONGEST track clocking in at 3:00, we get gem after amatuerish gem, such as "Fuuuuuuuun", "Bunk Trunk Skunk", and "Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)".....this is a fine album, if you are one of them there "haters" then go piss up a rope!

And guess what? The second album, "Get Awkward" is way much better! (yes, I DID say "way much").....this great, a future classic which is so fuckin great that THREE tracks were left off the US release for being "too violent" (YEAH!): "Black Hole", "Blow Your Mind", and the teen revenge classic "Becky" (I'd be doing you an injustice if I didn't give you the proper UK version).....

These kids released a few EP's as well before calling it a day.....I have one of them, at least, "Summer Sensation" which repeats a couple of tracks, but also gives us a couple more semi-classics.....

Be Your Own Pet were destined for a short shelf life. They did not enjoy much commercial success, but frankly, I loved them, and these are great fuking records. Punk-ass kids who can barely play their instruments, fronted by a potty-mouthed teen-slut queen? What in the FUCK could be better than THAT? If you are an old timer like me, check these out with an open mind,and see what the fuck I am talking about. This is the shit that rock n roll SHOULD fucking be, and thanks to Be Your Own Pet for some FUCKING GOOD TIMES!

BE YOUR OWN PET-01Threser's Flail/02 Bunk Trunk Skunk/03 Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle/04 Wildcat!/05 Adventure/06 Fuuuuuuun/07 Stairway to Heaven/08 Bog/09 Girls On Tv/10 We Will Vacation You Can Be My Parasol/11 Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)/12 October, First Account/13 Love Your Shotgun/14 Fill My Pill/15 Ouch

SUMMER SENSATION EP-01 Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle/02 Girls On TV/03 Fire Department/04 Take That Walk/05 Hillmont Avenue

GET AWKWARD-01 Super Soaked/02 Black Hole/03 Heart Throb/04 Becky/05 Kelly Affair/06 Twisted Nerve/07 Blow Yr Mind/08 Bummer Time/09 Bitches Leave/10 You're a Waste/11 Food Fight/12 Zombie Graveyard Party/13 What's Your Damage/14 Creepy Crawl/15 Beast Within

Links in a little bit......you 50 year olds like me, please comment on this.....I love these discs and hope I am not the only one who still feels rock n roll can be fun, dirty, amatureish, obnoxious,  and FUN (yes, dickweed, I know I said "fun" twice)

The best Silverhead post ever

Who's up for some Silverhead? I like these albums a good bit in a goofy sort of period-piece kind of way. They never caught on, and I think are pretty much completely forgotten today.....early 1970's glitter/glam, maybe a minor league T Rex, perhaps.

Silverhead were vocalist Michael Des Barres, bassist Nigel Harrison, guitarist Stevie Forest, keyboardist/drummer Pete Thompson, and guitarist/percussionist Rod Davies. Their first, self titled effort is a wonderfully dated sleeze fest, with "classic" material such as "Ace Supreme" and (my fave) "Long Legged Lisa". The follow up, 1973's "16 and Savaged" is equally hilarious with (wait for it) "More Than Your Mouth Can Hold"  as well as "Rock Out Claudette Rock Out" and the very ironically titled "This Ain't a Parody".......I think that, between the two of them they sold about 54 copies, I think somebody gave me these, if you are a fan of that fabulous glitter scene of the early 70's (say, T Rex, Slade, even the New York Dolls) you may get a kick out of these.

One thing I didn't know was Des Barres fronted up the later-70's/80's decent hard rock band Detective who released a pair of albums that were ALMOST as succcessful as these, I have them here somewhere too, on vinyl yet, so this guy probably can thank me for about 10% of his career sales. Detective was not at all like Silverhead, so I won't post THOSE discs right now, because I don't want to confuse you, nor do I wish to break theme. I take this shit fucking seriously and expect you to do so as well.

BONUS also found a live release from these lads that I never even knew existed, I was surprised as hell that Pirate Bay had ANY Silverhead, but here I have unearthed a new gem for my stash, "Live at the Rainbow 1973", haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but of course I'll happily share it with ya, just so you throngs of Silverhead completists can stay current

ALSO, I almost forgot to thank the great Dave Sez for providing us with another fine Au Pairs rarity, this one a live set from 1980, really good one too, check the comments section of THIS post for the links to it......guess I DID break theme.

Is anyone as sick and tired of this goddamn cold and snow as I am? This is one of the most miserable months (January) that this lifelong Buckeye can recall, and it just isn't letting up. I used to snow and shit like that but I think I am starting to understand why my mom retired to Arizona years ago, always hated that place (When I was last there for her funeral it was 107 degrees), but this MISERABLE subzero weather day after day is just insufferable. So ironic that my wife has family in Anchorge Alaska where it has been about 25 degrees warmer than here for most of the month. Just felt like bitching. It's like there's nothing to do but dick around on line, drink beer, watch movies, and, uh, what was I missing out on again?

Stay warm, links for both Silverhead AND the Au Pairs (THANKS again Dave!) are on the way!

SILVERHEAD-01 Long-Legged Lisa/02 Underneath the Light/03 Ace Supreme/04 Johnny/05 In  Your Eyes/06 Rolling With My Baby/07 Wounded Heart/08 Sold Me Down the River/09 Rock and Roll Band/10 Silver Boogie/11 Ace Supreme/12 Oh No No No

16 AND SAVAGED-01 Hello New York/02 More Than Your Mouth Can Hold/03 Only You/04 Bright Light/05 Heavy Hammer/06 Cartoon Princess/07 Rock Out Claudette Rock Out/08 This Ain't a Parody/09 16 and Savaged

LIVE AT THE RAINBOW-01 Hello New York/02 James Dean/03 Sold Me Down the River/04 Rock Out Claudette Rock Out/05 Only You/06 Ace Supreme/07 Rolling With My Baby/08 Will You Finance My Rock and Roll Band (Could I POSSIBLY make THAT up?)/09 Leon/10 New Moon Tonight (These last 2 tracks are listed as bonus tracks, as I said I havn't listened to this one yet so I'm unsure whether they are live tracks of unearthed studio classic rarities.....in either case, it's almost as big a deal as double coupon day at Kroger's

Bob Dylan's Songs in Garageland

I recently (last few months) downloaded this set, and I swear I don't remember from where (honestly, I aways try to allocate proper credit, although my organizational skills are similar to that of a 12 year old, and not bright one at that. If I swiped this off of your blog and you see it here, please let me know so I can credit you.

This is a combination made in heaven, so to speak, the lyrical genius of Dylan in the context of amatuerish rock n roll......it's so perfect. Every track here has it's merits, but I'll point out a couple.....please don't think of this as "disrespectful" of Dylan or any of that shit, he'd probably like this set. Somehow they missed out on the Shadows of Knight's super-great version of "Ballad of a Thin Man", but beleive me there are plenty of tunes here, reinterpereted for either a Dylan fan OR a garage rock fan (or, both, as those of us of higher intellect tend to be)...

Let's  start by mentioning The Soup Green's take on "Like a Rolling Stone"......what could be better than a bunch of garage-rockers getting all "serious" and taking on the complex lyrics of that classic.....The Byrds' version of "My Back Pages" is fairly well known and probably cuts the original, The Mark 5 take on (my fave) "Maggie's Farm" (I must confess, I have NO IDEA what that song is supposed to be about, don't tell me I don't want to know, it used to scare me when my Dad played it when I was a kid, and Rage Against the Machine's version was pretty scary too)....Chocolate Watchband, who were better than they are often given credit for, turn in "It's All Over Now baby Blue" (I think without checking that the 13th Floor Elevators may have done that one up as well), Jack Bedient DARES to take on the complex "Subteranian Homesick Blues" with mixed results, and The Barbarians, in my opinion another garage band that was more skilled than their reputation, treat us to their version of "Mr Tambourine Man".........and on and on.

This is album, REALLY enjoyed listening to it and HOPE the creator steps forward so I can credit him/her (I don't even know if it's a homemade internet creation or a "legit" release), but it is damn great and thanks  a million to whomever compiled it.

BOB DYLAN'S SONGS IN GARAGELAND-01 THE FELLOWSHIP-Just Like a Woman/02 ERIK-She Belongs To Me/03 THE BECKETT QUINTETT-(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue/04 BLUE THING-Girl of the North Country/05 NOVAS-On the Road Again/06 BAD OMENS-Chimes of Freedom/07 MAD HATTERS-Blowin In the Wind/08 THE SOUP GREENS-Like a Rolling Stone/09 DAVE & THE CUSTOMS-He Was a Friend of Mine/10 THE MARK 5-Maggies Farm/11 THE WHAT -Escape (All Along the Watchtower)/12 JACK BEDIENT-Subterranean Homesik Blues/13 CHRISTOPHER & THE CHAPS-It's Alright Ma I'm Only Bleeding/14 THE LEAVES-Love Minus Zero/15 THE BYRDS-My Back Pages/16 PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-Girl From the North Country/17 THE BOWS AND ARROWS-I Don't Beleive You/18 CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue/19 THE MUSTANGS-All I Really Want to Do/20 THE MYDDLE CLASS-Gates of Eden/21 THE BARBARIANS-Mr Tambourine Man/22 ERIK-One Too Many Mornings/23 JOHNNY CASH & JUNE CARTER-It Ain't Me babe/24 Despidida

I am neither disrespecting Dylan NOR garage rock with this coupling, it just seems to work and I enjoyed the album......comments are DEMANDED.

The best Deep Purple post ever

My opinion of this band has changed several times since their era of greatness, they were my first really "favorite" band when "Machine Head" came out (I was 10).....sometimes lumped in a category with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, but they always seemed a bit more mainstream, a bit too poppy, and then, "Smoke on the Water" good lord, likely on nearly EVERYONE'S list of songs they can liv without ever hearing again.....they went through lineup changes at a blurring rate, and evidently tredge on even today in some form or another (REALLY some stuff I never need to hear, there, as well).....So I was kind of down on them for a while, they were very popular in my Junior High School (even then mainstream popularity was a red-flag of sorts for moi). So after a while I kind of shelved their albums for a while.....but, ya know, in retrospect, they WERE pretty damn good for a while there, they were frequently bootlegged and their live shows sounded like the could go "on" a bit too much (similar to Zeppelin in that regard), but really that was the order of the day.

OK, so the first effort, "Shades of Deep Purple" featured a lineup of vocalist Rod Evans, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, keyboard whiz Jon Lord, bassist Nick Simper, and drummer Ian Paice.....in my opinion, not really much of an album, kind of prog-ish and actually containing a version of that rarely covered obscure chestnut "Hey Joe" (also the Beatles "Help!", God), and contained a minor hit in "Hush"......album #2, "The Book of Taliesyn doesn't do much for me either, they did manage another minor hit with "Kentucky Woman"....same for the third disc "Deep Purple", keyboard dominated stuff that remindedone more of ELP than any of the heavy rock to come......all three of these albums are here if you are curious.

It's here where things get interesting, when they got the idea to heavy things up......Evans was replaced by Ian Gillan and Simper by Roger Glover, and THIS, to me is where their "golden era" begins.....Blackmore taking a stepped-up roll, the tension between his guitar work and Lord's organ mastery produced a unique new sound, and Gillan was a MUCH better fit as singer. The resulting album "In Rock" is my favorite, a great hard rock album with stuff like "Speed King", "Child In Time", and the uner appreciated "Flight of the Rat".....this lineup also created the pretty good "Fireball" album with it's speedy title track.

I played "Machine Head" so much in 1972-3 that it can still grate on me a bit......the less said about "Smoke on the Water" the better, but there really are some great tracks here, notably "Highway Star" and "Space Truckin"....the live "Made in Japan" also came out that same year, with a never-ending version of "Space Truckin'" and of course the obligatory "some stupid with a flare gun" anthem, it's weird, back in those days we used to think these type of live albums were really cool, MAN they can be numbing to sit through, what with the drum solos and all.......

One more good studio album "Who Do We Think We Are" with the great "Rat Bat Blue" and "Woman from Tokyo" was released in 1973 (MAN bands cranked out the albums in those days) before Gillan and Glover left the band, and I pretty much did as well, I think I might have a copy of "Burn" (1974) here but from what I recall it's pretty bad.

Anyway, I actually had forgotten that the classic Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Gillan/Glover lineup actually reunited in 1984, never heard a note they played honestly......I wonder about them though, if they continued with the classic sound of "In Rock" or "Machine Head" (which would most likely have sounded stale as hell in 1984), or whether they incorporated any more modern elements into their stuff in an effort to reclaim a "hippness" factor which rarely works. For me, Deep Purple in 1984, HAD TO BE a "done deal"......maybe I'm wrong but like I said until I looked I forgot they ever DID the reunion thing at all.

File:Machine Head album cover.jpgBunch of live albums here, yes, sometimes they can be rough but they also their moments, there are probably too many of them here given their similarity, but there ya go. There here if ya want em. Also, I opted not to use my vinyl rips of the originals, but instead downloaded the "Anniversary Editions" of most of these from the Bay since they all have bonus tracks and stuff, seemed like the better option to me.....let me know if you prefer one of them with that well-worn vinyl sound and I'll put it up as well!

SHADES OF DEEP PURPLE-01 And the Address/02 Hush/03 One More Rainy Day/04 Prelude: Happiness/I'm So Glad/05 Mandrake Root/06 Help!/07 Love Help Me/08 Hey Joe/09 Shadows (Abum Outtake)/10 Love Help Me (Instrumental Version)/11 Help! (Alternate Take)/12 Hey Joe (BBC Session)/13 Hush (Live US TV)

THE BOOK OF TALIESYN-01 Listen Learn Read On/02 Wring That Neck/03 Kentucky Woman/04 (a) Exposition (b) We Can Work It Out/05 Shield/06 Anthem/07 River Deep Mountain High/08 Oh No No No (Studio Outtake/09 It's All Over (BBC Session)/10 Hey Bop a Re Bop (BBC Session)/11 Wring That Neck (BBC Session)/12 Playground (Remixed Instrumental Outtake)

DEEP PURPLE-01 Chasing Shadows/02 Blind/03 Lalena/04 Fault Line/05 The Painter/06 Why  Didn't Rosemary/07 Bird Has Flown/08 April/09 The Bird Has Flown (Alternate A Side Version/10 Emeretta (Studio B Side)/11 Emeretta (BBC Session)/12 Lalena (BBC Session)/13 The Painter (BBC Session)

IN ROCK-01 Speed King/02 Bloodsucker/03 Child In Time/04 Flight of the Rat/05 Into the Fire/06 Livin Wreck/07 Hard Loving Man/08 Black Night (Single Version)/09 Studio Chat/10 Speed King (Piano Version/11 Studio Chat/12 Cry Free (Roger Glover Remix)/13 Studio Chat/14 Jam Stew (Unreleased Instro)/15 Studio Chat/16 Flight of the Rat (Roger Glover Remix)/17 Studio Chat/18 Speed King (Roger Glover Remix)19 Studio Chat/20 Black Night (Unedited Roger Glover Remix)

FIREBALL-01 Fireball/02 No No No/03 Demon's Eye/04 Anyone's Daughter/05 The Mule/06 Fools/07 No One Came/08 Strange Kind of Woman (A Side Remix)/09 I'm Alone (B Side)/10 Freedom (Album Outtake)/11 Slow Train (Album Outtake)/12 Demon's Eye (1996 Remix)/13 The Noise Abatement Society Tapes/14 Fireball (Take 1 Instrumental)/15 Backwards Piano/16 No One Came (1996 Remix)

MACHINE HEAD-01 Highway Star/02 Maybe I'm a Leo/03 Pictures of Home/04 Never Before/05 Smoke on the Water/06 Lazy/07 Space Truckin'/08 When a Blind Man Cries (B Side)/09 Maybe I'm a Leo (Quadrophonic Remix)/10 Lazy (Quadrophonic Remix)

WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE-01 Woman From Tokyo/02 Mary Long/03 Super Trouper/04 Smooth Dancer/05 Rat Bat Blue/06 Place In Line/07 Our Lady/08 Woman From Tokyo (1999 Remix)/09 Woman From Tokyo (Alternate Bridge)/10 Painted Horse (Studio Outtake)/11 Our Lady (1999 Remix)/12 Rat Bat Blue (Writing Session)/13 Rat Bat Blue (1999 Remix)/14 First Day Jam (Instrumental)

1972 LIVE DENMARK DISC 1-01 Highway Star/02 Strange Kind of Woman/03Child In Time/04 The Mule

1972 LIVE DENMARK DISC 2-01 Lazy/02 Space Truckin'/03 Fireball/04 Lucille/05 Black Night

1972 LIVE JAPAN DISC 1-01 Highway Star/02 Child In Time/03 The Mule/04 Strange Kind of Woman/05 Lazy/06 Space Truckin'/07 Black Night

1972 LIVE JAPAN DISC 2-01 Highway Star/02 Smoke on the Water/03 Child In Time/04 The Mule/05 Strange Kind of Woman/06 Lazy/07 Space Truckin'

1972 LIVE JAPAN DISC 3-01 Highway Star/02 Smoke on the Water/03 Child In Time/04 Strange Kind of Woman/05 Lazy/06 Space Truckin/07 Speed King

1970 LIVE AACHEN-01 Wring That Neck/02 Black Night/03 Paint It Black/04 Mandrake Root

1970 LIVE STOCKHOLM DISC 1-Intro/02 Speed King.03 Into the Fire/04 Child In Time/05 Wring That Neck

1970 LIVE STOCKHOLM DISC 2-Paint It Black/02 Mandrake Root/03 Black Night

1968 LIVE INGLEWOOD-01 Hush/02 Mandrake Root03 Kentucky Woman/04 Help Norah/05 Wring That Neck/06 River Deep Mountain High/07 Hey Joe