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The minions take over, Au Pairs redux and MORE!

For whatever reason have got a spate of emails today, WITH contributions to the blog, which is FUCKING EXCELLENT (less work for your uncle).......I am working on a Mega-post of the Jam, also one of Yo La Tengo, both of which I have MUCH more material than I thought and am going to have to break into multiple posts (more work than I need at this time of year with the yultide festivities and all that shit)........anyway, for whatever reason my Au Pairs post drew a HUGE response, lots of hits, lots of downloads, and a couple "blog friends" contributing some extra goods from that act.

Our first contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, contributes a pair of links for us, "Live in Berlin":


As well as the Au Pairs final show from 1983, with  (evidently, I haven't had the chance to listen yet) includes some demos, live stuff, lots of stuff which sounds GREAT to me.....check it HERE:


He also shares with us what he refers to as "very rare Dutch 1984 12" EP from Dojoji, produced after Leslie Woods had left the Au Pairs, breaking up the group. With Dutch funk musicians Dojoji, she does vocals - very good, including a version of one of the 1983 demos."

Sounds pretty awesome to me, don't know about you, but here it fucking be:


"Anonymous" also provides us with a track list for the Berlin show, and here IT fucking be:

01 Game *
02 Let's Make Love *
03 Sex Machine (Dear John)
04 Love Song
05 She's Nothing *
06 It's Obvious *
07 Headache For Michelle
08 Music *
09 Armagh
10 Repetition (Written by David Bowie)
11 So Cool
12 Come Again
13 Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)
14 (Domestic) Departure *
15 (Kerb) Crawler *

* = omitted from later official release
I thank "anonymous" SO FUCKING MUCH for this share, he says he has a bunch more, if he does, BRING IT OUT! The benefits are twofold....one, we ALL get to share in these great tunes, and two, it's less work for Da Big Guy! What could be better? This guy also says he has a bunch of Jam and Gang of Four rare/live/whatever stuff, which would be amazing when we get around to THOSE great bands (as I said, working on The Jam even NOW).....so hit his shit hard, APPRECIATE IT, say "thanks" and maybe he will share MORE of his fine collection with the rest of us, as we all grow closer and closer to our own "personal perfect music collection"!
Now, another of "my" minions, Howlinwolf0864 ALSO has some Au Pairs stuff and has generously agreed to share it with the rest of us....he offers up what is evidently a DIFFERENT Berlin show than the one above, as well as an awesome sounding BBC sessions set (really,, I can't WAIT to hear all this shit, you guys are amazing and this is EXACTLY the way I wish for this lame-ass blog to work)....I am uploading his shares to Zippy as we speak and they will be available soon, check the comments section. Here is the track list for the BBC Sessions:
01 Monogamy.mp3
02 Pretty boys.mp3
03 Come again.mp3
04 Ideal woman.mp3
05 Dear John.mp3
06 The love song.mp3
07 It_s obvious.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 Unfinished business.mp3
And 11 more... (sorry, you'll hafta figue out those "11 more" on yer own, I don't have all fucking night!)

and here is the track list for the Berlin show:
01 Diet.mp3
02 Headache For Michelle.mp3
03 Dear John.mp3
04 Love Song.mp3
05 Set Up.mp3
06 Inconvenience.mp3
07 Armagh.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 We're So Cool.mp3
And 2 more...
 Again, dunno bout the "2 more" do a little research for Drew Barrymore's sake! (she's with child again, how I only wish it had been my seed to have done the job....nevermind)

Now,OK FOR THESE LINKS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, they will be there soon. I'm not a huge "artwork" guy (bare bones white labels for this guy) BUT our friend Howlinwolf has provided links for those as well, so if ya check the comments section in a little while, they will be there as well.

Now, another friend (Cody Kushner to be specific) sent me an email today, for no other reason than to say he enjoys the blog, which is great, IT'S WHY I DO IT......here it is, simple and to the point:

"Fantastic work there. Keep it up!".....thanks, I will try to......so, I asked Cody if he had anything to contribute, and he sends us the following:


To be honest, I have never heard of the Kashmere Stage Band in my life......don't know if it fits my niche or not, but whatever....I will post ANYTHING here that ANY of my dawgs deems acceptable......so someone check this out and report back, pronto!

By the way, if any of you care, I FINALLY found out what "happened" to me when I had that scary experience in September.......a stroke? Nope.....seizure? nope.....what they call fucking "complex sleep apnea", which is REALLY GREAT because it is relatively treatable.....so the BigGuy is gonna be around, postng his esoteric tastes in music on this site for a FUCKING long time.....only problem is I'm gonna hafta go back to work in a couple of weeks now (fuck).......if I get the first part of The Jam post ready tomorrow, it'll be here, and I promise you, it'll be a motherfucker.

And again, I implore of you, PLEASE share anything interesting any of you might have.......we can ALL help EACH OTHER to develop the "perfect" music collection, and isn't that fucking GREAT?!?......I have a shitload of stuff from The Jam, for example, and I have a 2-day post coming up soon on them, BUT if some of my "blog-dawgs" can hook me up with some MORE shit, WE ALL fucking win.....right? Thanks for reading and contributing....YOU FUCKERS "are" the blog, I'm nothing but the "middle man"......God bless you all, I love you!

Here Comes THE JAM.....Part 1

Late Edit :Was going this as a single post an discovered that I have WAY too much stuff for that. I'll spilt it in two, another poster says he has a bunch of Jam too that he'll share after I put mine up at the end of this we should have TONS of Jam rarities, boots, demos, etc, coz I know I have a BUNCH....Today, just the obvious stuff.....their six studio albums, the live "Dig the New Breed", and the compilation Snap!"......that is still a LOT of shit, but it's essential and if we are going to do this we must do it right. Also had to decide between re-upping my scratchy vinyl rips or some nice clean FLAC files found on the Bay, gonna go with the FLAC's to save a little time...I know they are a bit of a pain in the ass for you, but with SO MUCH material here, manually uploading it would take a serious amount of my time! OK, here is the post as I originally wrote it, before deciding to split it apart:

The Jam were an important element of the punk/new wave movement of the 1970's, not as popular in the US as many of the other English bands, due being, for lack of a better terminology, "too" English. They were a motherfucker though, kicking out some damn great albums that still sound magnificent today. Headed up by leader/vocalist/guitarist Paul Weller, who was joined by bassist-extraordinaire Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler, they slammed out some great mod-influenced punk, ranking with the Pistols and Clash on the "angry" scale.

The first release was 1977's fine "In the City"...a good but not great beginning, full of short, smart numbers like the title track and "Non-Stop Dancing" (they also covered the theme from "Batman").....MUCH better was the followup, "This Is the Modern World", on which the band begins to create an identity for itself, define what it's sound would become, and give foreshadow to the great albums yet to come. "Modern World" is stunning, the title track, "In the Street Today" and "Tonight at Noon" standout among others, their by-now obligatory  cover version on this LP was a fine version of "In the Midnight Hour".

Better, yet, even, is 1978's "All Mod Cons".....argueably their best record (we can argue also for "Modern World" as well as "Setting Sons", to me a testamony to their excellence), it is filled with standout tracks, and the anger by this point is boiling: "Mr. Clean" and "Down In the Tube Station at Midnight" best exemplify this, there is also a very good cover of "David Watts" by the Kinks who are an obvious influence. Tremendous album.

I think most music critics would disagree with me (preferring "All Mod Cons), but I will take 1979's "Setting Sons" as my favorite Jam album, generally the one I will pull out today. Maybe it was just where I was in 1979, but that album was a HUGE part of the soundtrack....."Burning Sky", "Smithers-Jones", (especially) "Saturday's Kids", "The Eton Rifles"......about every track a standout. The one clunker in my estimation is their fairly listless over of "Heat Wave". Nonetheless, this is a great album, ***** for my money, and as I said before, to me still sounds tremendous today.

The decline phase began with "Sound Affects", which is by no means a "bad" album, just not as excellent as its predecessors......"Set the House Ablaze" is probably the hardest rocker they ever recorded, "Start!" and "That's Entertainment" standout as well. "Dig the New Breed" is a decent live disc which doesn't feature the same numbers I would have selected, there is a smoking version of "Set the House Ablaze". Sounds as though they were a hell of an energetic live crew and I wish I could seen em.

1982's "The Gift" was their final studio effort, and I'd call it their weakest effort.....I will say there are STILL some good songs here ("Just Who Is the Five O'Clock Hero", "A Town Called Malice"), but by this point they were pretty much a done deal.

"Snap!" crams a bunch of their better songs onto a greatest hits package, in my estimation the album stand on their own and should be heard as such, I'll put "Snap!" here in case we have some dabblers.

Tomorrow, I'll start with some rare stuff, including the five disc box "Direction Reaction Creations", lots of live, demos, rare, all kind of shit! Be there or be, uh, somewhere else.

Lotta links to upload, snce there is first of all a lot of great material,and also because I split the FLAC files in half....Zippy is JUST NOW beginnng to start the upload process, so they'll probably be popping up all night long.....I'll  add them as I  can, and put the rest of them up in the morning....this is going to be a good series, I think, I love the Jam and a "friend of the blog" has promissed lots of rare material as well. I'm pretty excited about it, at least.

IN THE CITY-01 Art School/02 I've Changed My Address/03 Slow Down/04 I  Got By In Time/05 Away From the Numbers/06 Batman Theme/07 In the City/08 Sounds of the Street/09 Non-Stop Dancing/10 Time For Truth/11 Takin My Love/12 Bricks and Mortar

THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD-01 The Modern World/02 London Traffic/03 Standards/04 Life From a Window/05 The Combine/06 Don't Tell Them You're Sane/07 In the Street Today/08 London Girl/09 I Need You (For Someone)/10 Here Comes the Weekend/11 Tonight at Noon/12 In the Midnght Hour

ALL MOD CONS-01 All Mod Cons/02 To Be Someone (Didn't We have a Nice Time)/03 Mr Clean/04 David Watts/05 English Rose/06 In the Crowd/07 Billy Hunt/08 It's  Too Bad/09 Fly/10 The Place I Love/11 A-Bomb in Wardour Street/12 Down In the Tube Station at Midnight

SETTING SONS-01 Girl On the Phone/02  Thick As Thieves/03 Private Hell/04 Little Boy Soldiers/05 Burning Sky/09 Smithers-Jones/10 Saturday's Kids/11 The Eton Rifles/12 Heat Wave

SOUND AFFECTS-01 Pretty Green/02 Monday/03 But I'm Different Now/04 Set the House Ablaze/05 Start!/06 That's Entertainment/07 Dream Time/08 Man in the Corner Shop/09 Music For the Last Couple/10 Boy About Town/11 Scrape Away

THE GIFT-01 Happy Together/02 Ghosts/03 Precious/04 Just Who Is the Five O'Clock Hero?/05 Trans-Global Express/06 Running On the Spot/07 Circus/08 The Planners Dream Goes Wrong/09 Carnation/10 Town Called Malice/11 The Gift

DIG THE NEW BREED-01 In the City/02 All Mod Cons/03  Be Someone (Didn't We Have a  Time)/04 It's Too Bad/05 Start!/06 Big Bird/07 Set the House Ablaze/08 Ghosts/09 Standards/10 In the Crowd/11 Going Underground/12 Dreams Of Children/13 That's Entertainment/14 Private Hell

SNAP! DISC 01-In the City/02 All Around the World/03 Away From the Numbers/04 The Modern World (single version)/05 News of the World/06 Billy Hunt/07 English Rose/08 Mr. Clean/09 David Watts/10 A-Bomb In Wardour Street/11 Down In the Tube Station at Midnight/12 Strange Town/13 The Butterfly Collector/14 When Your Young/15 Smithers-Jones/16 Thick as Thieves

SNAP! DISC 02-01  The Eton Rifles/02 GoingUnderground/03 Dreams of Children/04 That's Entertainment/05 Start!/06 Man in the Corner Shop/07 Funeral Pyre (remixed version)/08 Absolute Beginners/09 Tales From the Riverbank/10 Town Called Malice/11 Precious (single Edit)/12 The Bitterest Pill Ever had To Swallow)/13 Beat Surrender

Good albums, all......like the Kinks and thte Who, each album made a "statement" and stood well on it's own.....that is why "Snap!" is fairly redundat, but I know some dabblers would make it their top choice, so what can you do? Anyway, this is the OBVIOUS stuff......check back tomorrow for the "fun" stuff, you'll not want to miss it!

"Saturdays boys live life with insults, drink lots of  beer for halftime results......." always DID love that lyric!

Here Comes THE JAM Part 2

Thursday was some predictable and obvious suff, nonetheless it was important to get these fine
albums up, in their original form, for anyone who missed them the first time......great albums from a great band.....and of course, as with MOST legitimately "great" bands the official releases are about 20% of the total picture.....you dig a little deeper, you find some harder to locates stuff, and it "unites" you with the band, you're NOT just some kid who got "Sound Affects" from the Columbia House Record Club because you forgot to send your card in....the Jam WERE the fucking deal on record, on stage, wherever you want to hear em......one of the greatest of all bands of thier era, while I assume they got their "just do" in the UK, they sure as FUCK never got it here. We're here to change some of that, hopefully.

The "centerpiece" here is the exhaustive "Direction Reaction Creation", a very comprehensive FIVE disc box set.....overlaps a lot with the "original" studio LP's, BUT includes a treasure chest of alternate version, demos, live cuts, interviews.....it's a dilema, really....listen to the original Lp's in the form they were intended, or listen to this and an even 'fuller" picture of what these lads were about.....for an intersted novice, it'd be a remarkable introduction, for a full blown Jam-atic, it is a gift from above (wonder what it retailed for?)

We have a fine double disc of BBC sessions, not released until 2002, but some hard-ass shit.....It's wonderful, FULL of great shit, even some interviews. Highly recommended, Jam-sters!

In case we have any OTHER "dabblers" (and you are making a huge mistake), we ALSO have "The Jam Collection", again, these are great songs....they are BETTER heard within the context of their original albums....but if this is your "thing", it IS a  excellent effort. Enjoy it if you wish, I find it to be more enjoyable/comprehensive than "Snap!", just my opinion though....

So what say we get to some RARE stuff? That's why you folks come here anyway, right? (that and you BABES who hope it gets you a better chance at getting in my pants).....here's a rare one, "When We Were Young"....tracks dating back to '75 and '76, before the "were" The Jam.....interesting as hell to hear tracks like "Got By In Time" and "Non Stop Dancing" in their infant versions, there are also tracks here that didn't make the legit "albums".....hunting for rare shit? This is it!

"Celluloid Heroes" is a fine collection of "Live in the Studio" efforts, again, some smoked out versions of some of their early works, "London Girl" in particular goes full bore, HIGHLY recommended!

We have, also, a fine set of demos/rarities, entitled "Saturday's Kids Demos & Sessions".....it's another set you'll want to get your mitts on, there is a LOT of shit here.....Couple of Weller solo demos ("Saturday's Kids", "Hey Mister").....hell of a find here, also highly recommended for fanatics.

A finally, three live boots......oldest being "The Night at The Theatre", from 12/19/79, LOTS of good shit here, a smoking performance (where? unsure).....Lots of "Setting Sons"-era faves like "Smithers-Jones" and "Saturday's Kids", as well as classics such as "Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" and "Mr Clean"......a fine set, what can I say? I recommned this one as well

At from Dortmund (11/30/80) entitled "Set the Skies Ablaze" is a damn fine set as well......actually more "Sound Affects"-era stuff, with  killer renditions of "Set the House Ablaze" and "Start!", as well as greatly refined classic numbers such as "In the City" and "Going Underground".....These guys COOKED on stage, one of many who I never saw but certainly wish I could have.

Last one I got for ya is 3/22/82 Bingley Hall, by this time, they were on the downside, of the three boots here, this is the weakest. Not even a great set list, as though the songs they elected to perform were any of MY buisness, but how did they miss on "Set the House Ablaze" or "Saturday's Kids"? Hey, good health to you, guys......you cranked out five GREAT studio albums ("The Gift"?, ehhhhhh), as well as demonstrating your significant live chops on the work featured here. I love Bruce Foxton's bass playing, one of the best, often nearly a lead instrument in these unique-sounding songs.

Just never made it big in USA, so much, "too English" the Yanks would say.......in this they were full of shit, the Jam were one of the VERY best bands of their era, musically energetic, lyrically angry and creative, capable of brining GREAT songs to the arguement (such as "Saturday's Kids", "Going Underground", "The Modern World"......lots more too), can we maybe consider the Jam the most underappreciated of the UK punk/new wave bands of that era? At least I think in USA we can......too bad, though.....the Jam were, as I said earlier, "a motherfucker", and not about to change my mind on that.

Certainly do hope my new "blog friend" who has said he will come through with some MORE Jam rarities, so we can have a "Part 3", it's all in HIS hands now.........to the members of the Jam: THANK YOU for all the great music......I loved it at the time, and continue to love it today. Great job......fines songs, fine albums, fine live performances.....and what else is there? Thank you gents!

THE COLLECTION-01 Away From the Numbers/02 I got By In Time/03 I Need You/04 To Be Someone/05Mr Clean/06 English Rose/07 In the Crowd/08 It's Too Bad/09 The Butterfly Collector/10 Thick as THieves/11 Private Hell/12 Wasteland/13 Burning Sky/14 Saturday's Kids/15 Liza Radley/16 Pretty Green/17 Monday/18 Man in the Corner Shop/19 Boy Abut Town/20 Tales From the Riverbank/21 Ghosts/22 Just Who Is the Five O'Clock Hero/23 Carnat/24 The Great Depression/25 Shopping

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG-01 Non-Stop Dancing (May 1976)/02 Left Right and Centre (May '76)/03 Again (Oct '75)/04 One Hundred Ways (march '76)/05 Forever and Always (March '75)/06 I Will Be There (March 75)/07 When I Needed You (Dec. 75)/08 Please Don't Treat Me Bad (Dec 75)/09 Soul Dance (May 76)/10 I Got By In Time (May 76)/11 Wonderful World (Apr '80)/12 Isolation (Apr 80)

SET THE SKIES ABLAZE (DORTMUND 11/30/80)-01 Dreamtime/02 Thick as Thieves/03 Boy About Town/04 Going Underground/05 Pretty Green/06 Man in the Cornershop/07 Set the House Ablaze/08 Private Hell/09 Liza Radley/10 Dreams of Children/11 The Modern World/12 Little Boy Soldiers/13 But I'm Different Now/14 Start!/15 Scrape Away/16 Strange Town/17 When You're Young/18 In the City/19 To Be Someone/20 David Watts/21 Eton Rifles/22 Down in the Tubestation at Midnight

NIGHT AT THE THEATER (12/29/79)-01 Girl on the Phone/02 It's Too Bad/03 Burning Sky/04 Away From the Numbers/05 Smithers-Jones/06 Mr Clean/07 The Butterfly Collector/Private Hell/08 THick as THieves/09 When You're Young/10 Strange Town/11 The Eton Rifles/12 Down in the Tubestation At Midnight/13 Saturdays Kids/14 All Mod Cons/15 David Watts

BINGLEY HALL 3/22/82-01 Strange Case/02 Carnation/03 Town Called Malice/04 Happy TOgether/05 Boy About Town/06 Ghosts/07 5 O Clock Hero/08 That's entertainment/09 Tales From the Riverbank/10 Precious/11 Running  the Spot/12 Move On Up/13 In the Crowd/14 Private Hell/15 Pretty Green/16 Transglobal Express/17 The Gift/18 Circus/19 Pity For Alfie/Fever/20 Funeral Pyre/21  The Butterfly Collector/22 When You're Young

SATURDAYS KIDS DEMOS AND SESSIONS-01 Time For Truth/02 In the City/03 Sounds From the Street (demo)/04 All Around the World/05 Carnaby Street (Peel Session)/06 Billy Hunt(alt. version)/07 To Be Someone (demo)/08 Worlds Apart (demo)/09 The Night/10 Best of Both Worlds/11 Innocent Man (unreleased Foxton)/12 Hey Mister (Weller Solo)/13 Thick as Thieves (Peel Session/14 Eton Rifles/15 Saturday's Kids (Weller Solo Demo)

DIRECTION REACTION CREATION DISC 1-01 In the City/02 Takin My Love/03 Art School/04 I've  Changed My Address/05 Slow Down/06 I Got By In Time/07 Away From the Numbers/08 Batman Theme/09 Sounds From the Street/10 Non-Stop Dancing/11 Time For Truth/12 Bricks and Mortar/13 All Around the World/14 Carnaby Street/15 The Modern World (Album Version)/16 London Traffic/17 Standards/18 Life From a Window/19 The Combine/20 Don't Tell Them You're Sane/21 In the Street Today/22 London Girl/23 I Need You (For Someone)/24 Here Comes the Weekend/25 Tonight at Noon/26 In the Midnight Hour

DIRECTION REACTION CREATION DISC 2-01 News of the World/02 Aunties and Uncles (Impulsive Youth)/03 Innocent Man/04 David Watts (Album Version)/05 A-Bomb In Wardour Street (Album Version)/06 Down in the Tube Station at Midnight (Album Version)/07 So Sad About Us/ 08 The Night/09 All Mod Cons/10 To Be Someone (Didn't We Have a Nice Time)/11 Mr Clean/12 English Rose/13 In the Crowd/14 Billy Hunt/15 It's Too Bad/16 Fly/17 The Place I Love/18 Strange Town/19 The Butterfly Collector/20 When You're Young/21 Smithers-Jones (single Version)/22 The Eton Rifles (album version)/23 See-Saw

DIRECTION REACTION CREATION DISC 3-01 Girl on the Phone/02 Thick as Thieves/03 Private Hell/04  Little Boy Soldiers/05 Wasteland/06 Burning Sky/07 Smithers-Jones (album version)/08 Saturday's Kids/09 Heat Wave/10 Going Underground/11 The Dreams of Children/12 Start!/13 Liza Radley/14 Pretty Green/15 Monday/16 But I'm Different Now/17 Set the House Ablaze/18 That's Entertainment/19 Dream Time/20 Man in the Corner Shop/21 Music For the Last Couple/22 Boy About Town/23 Scrape Away

DIRECTION REACTION CREATION DISC 4-01 Funeral Pyre/02 Disguises/03 Absolute Beginners/04 Tales From the Riverbank/05 Town Called Malice/06 Precious (12" Version)/07 Happy Together/08 Ghosts/09 Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?/10 Trans-Global Express/11 Running On the Spot/12 Circus/13 The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong/14 Carnation/15 The Gift/16 The Great Depression/17 The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow)/18 Pity Poor Alfie/Fever/19 Beat Surrender/20 Shopping/21 Move On Up/22 Stoned Out of My Mind/23 War

DIRECTION REACTION CREATION DISC 5-01 In the City (8-track Polydor band Demo)/02 Time For Truth (8-track Polydor band Demo)/03 Sounds From the Street (8 Track Polydor Band Demo)/04 So Sad About Us (band Demo)/05 Worlds Apart (Demo)/06 Billy Hunt (Alternate Version)/07 It's Too Bad (band Demo)/08 To Be Someone (Band Demo)/09 David Watts (Band Demo)/10 Best of Both Worlds (Band Demo)/11 That's Entertainment (Band Demo)/12 Rain (demo)/13 Dream Time (demo)/14 Dead End Street (Demo)/15 Stand By Me (Demo)/16 Every Little Bit Hurts (Demo)/17 Tales From the Riverbank (Alternate Version)/18 Walking In Heaven's Sunshine (Demo)/19 Precious (Demo)/20 Pity Poor Alfie (Swing Version)/21 The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had to Swallow) (First Vesion)/22 A Solid Bond In Your Heart (Demo)

THE JAM AT THE BBC DISC 1-01 In the City/02 Art School/03 I've Changed My Address/04 The Modern World/05 All Around the World/06 London Girl/07 Bricks and Mortar/08 Carnaby Street/09 Billy Hunt/10 In the Street Today/11 The Combine/12 Sounds Frm the Street/13 Don't Tell Them You're Sane/14 The Modern World/15 A-Bomb In Wardour Street/16 News of the World/17 Here Comes the Weekend/18 All Around the World

THE JAM AT THE BBC DISC 2-01 Thick As Thieves/02 The Eton Rifles/03 Saturday's Kids/04 When You're Young/05 Absolute Beginners/06 Tales From the Riverbank/07 Funeral Pyre/08 Sweet Soul Music/09 The Gift/10 Down In the Tube Station At Midnight/11 Ghosts/12 Absolute Beginners/13 Tales From the Riverbank/14 Precious/15 Town Called Malice/16 In the Crowd/17 Circus/18 Pretty Green/19 Start!/20 Boy About Town

So, there it is, a LOT of material, it's taken me longer to do than I expected.....and yet, emails pour in from fellow Jam-lovers who wish to send me MORE, and I'll happily do a THIRD part of the series..I've already recieved a couple other Jam goodies via email, I will wait a couple of days and post whatever I have recieved by then (I have some more Au-Pairs to post as well, I'll do a combo Au-Pairs/Jam post (assuming I have enough, which it sounds like I will)....and remember I'll post ANYTHING you guys send me and wish to share, unless it is something I personally find unbearable (hair metal, for example, or Journey)......so bring it on.....this is a blog for EVERYONE! I have a great music collection, and each gem you guys help me add makes it that much closer to perfection.....and that goes for EVERYONE.....the more we share this great stuff, the closer we ALL come to having out personalized, customized "perfect" music collection.....

So, something different (and SHORTER) for tomorrow, I'll wait a few days for any Jam and Au pairs stuff to drift in, then we'll do another "Minions take over" post.....but PLEASE, anything you would like to share with the rest of the blogosphere, please do so and I WILL get it put up. Sharing, as i continually tell anyone who will listen, is NOT "stealing" nor is it "piracy"....."sharing" is simply that, "sharing" what we have with other human beings, and anyone who thinks that is a BAD thing, I feel incredibly sorry for, truly.

Might take all night to get all these links up, first of all there are a lot of em, and secondarilly there are a bunch of the dreaded FLAC files as well which needed to be split.

Christmas Music For "the rest of us"!

Busy, busy, busy.....getting ready for the holidays, getting ready to go back to (sigh) work soon,
working on the huge, on going Jam post (great reaction, also great reaction to the Au-Pairs, and I continue to struggle with how I'm going to do the Yo La Tengo post, I just have SO MUCH material, more than I thought....I'll get it figured out at some point)......so today, let me have a breather. (I've been working on the Jam post today too, finally got it up, but SO MANY links with all the FLAC files.....anyway the links are still uploading, it'll take a while.),

I don't THINK I have posted this before, sorry if I have, but it's a good one, full title: "Santa Claus and the Power Pop Criminals-A Collection of Power Pop Christmas Songs"....one would assume that it likely came from the great "Power Pop Criminals" site (http://powerpopcriminals.blogspot.com/), probably 2-3 years ago, but I don't think I've used it before on the blog.....if I have, enjoy it AGAIN, cause I'm not checking.

Standing out, to me, is one band you know I love, The Len Price Three, who check in with "It's Christmas Time, Ebeneezer". Other well known acts giving us some yuletide wonderment include Redd Kross, Weezer, Dwight Tilley, and the Smithereens, all stirred together with other less luminous lights of the power pop
universe, such as The Montgomey Clifts, Carpet Frogs, Nudge Em All, and Barely Pink.....TWENTY SEVEN Christmas nuggets in total, ALL worth a listen and ALL at the very least a refreshing change of pace from the "regular" Christmas music you've heard 1000 times by now......let this be a private, personal change of pace for ya, a gift from BigScott62 to yourself! I think I have a few more Christmas comps (punk, metal, don't recall), so maybe while I wait on "minion assistance" on the Jam/Au pairs, I may just take the lazy road and pop up another one or two in the next few days.

In all sincerity, I hope all the readers of this blog have a wonderful, happy, and joyous Christmas season. Myself I am happy that I am alive after the incident of September 20, and to find out now that it's pretty treatable stuff ("Complex" Sleep Apnea), I am overjoyed that I may have some years left!

Any of you guys got any rocking Christmas comps to share? Be a wonderful thing to do......the door is open for them until the big day, either send to me via email or simply convert and post in comments section, I'm sure EVERYONE here will appreciate the shares.......Christmas.....what BETTER time for SHARING the good things we have with OTHERS?

01 BLACK HALO-Homeless For Christmas/02 BARELY PINK-Come On Christmas/03 WEEZER-Christmas
Celebration/04 THE MONTGOMERY CLIFTS-Don't Feel Much Like Christmas/05 DWIGHT TILLEY-Snowman Magic/06 PUGWASH-Tinsle and Marzipan/07 DOUG POWELL-Mary Christmas/08 REDD KROSS-Mary Christmas/09 JOE ALGERI-Xmas Stockholm/10 THE SPRING COLLECTION-Christmas With You/11 MARK BACINO-Merry Christmas I Love You/12 CARPET FROGS-Christmas Would Not Be Christmas/13 EPICYCLE-Xmas/14 LOVE NUT-It's Christmas Time So What/15 THE LEN PRICE THREE-It's Christmas Time Ebeneezer/16 THE WELLINGTONS-I Guess It's Christmas/17 FUTURE CLOUDS AND RADAR-Christmas Day 1923/18 JEREMY-Christmas Spirit/19 SUPER DELUXE-A Wonderful Christmas Time/20 AIMEE MANN & MICHAEL PENN-Christmastime/21 NUDGE EM ALL-Christmas/22 JEFFERY FOSKETT-Christmas Time Is Here/23 THE SMITHEREENS-Merry Christmas Baby/24 THE YULE LOGS-Christmas From Berlin/25 THE CHEVELLES-Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls/26 HUNTINGTONS-It's Always Christmas Time At My House

PLEASE, contribute/share GOOD ROCKING Christmas Comps to the blog the next couple of days....ones like this or if you're ambitiuos enough make your own! Love to hear any that you guys have, I'll try to dig up a couple more!

By request a small dose of Flipper

Don't really have their entire catalogue, or even most of it, wasn't a huge fan of the band, really, luckily, my brother was, and he sold all his albums to me long ago for, well, long story, sure you an imagine....they weren't awful by any means, and quite influential actually, with their sludgy, grungy, noise-punk. Anyway, the other day someone requested some Flipper, and while I cannot be comprehenisve about them, I can offer up a few nuggets and perhaps some of the outstanding "friends of the blog" can fill in the gaps.....if not, I have what I have!

From the same San Francisco scene that spawned the Dead Kennedys etal, Flipper orginated in the late 1970's, releasing a few singles ("Sex Bomb" and "Love Canal" are the ones that come to my recollection)......by the time of their release of their first, "definitive" album ("Album-Generic Flipper"), their lineup was bassist/vocalist Bruce Loose, bassist/vocalist Will Shatter, guitarist Ted Falconi, and drummer Steve DePace, with some additional sax players and others brought aling for the ride.....the result is a unique sound, quite heavy and punky, actually a portent of the "grunge rock" phenomenon of years later. Each side ends with a long, sludgy number, "(I Saw You) Shine)"and hte capper and album  highlight  "Sex Bomb".

There used to be a vinyl copy of "Gone Fishin'" around here somewhere, my brother confirms that he used to own a copy (you could make a paper sculpture of the band and their van from the die-cut pieces on the album cover!).....I simply CANNOT find it now, been through all my vinyl as well as all my vinyl rips, could use some help with this one, any "friends" out there with this one?

The only other thing I have here is the compilation "Sex Bomb Baby", which features singles, B-sides, and all sorts of odds and ends for your approval. I would, if it were me, grab this one and maybe "Generic" and call it a day, I think they disbanded/reformed a few times in the interim and likley I have never heard any of that stuff.....I have heard "Gone Fishin" though, and it is not bad at all, fits in with the rest of em pretty well.....

One of those bands that  I was not terribly "into" at the time (my brother's fondness for them could have had something to do with that), but in light of the influence they weilded over future acts and sounds, they were in actuality a far more significant band than I ever would have imagined. Guys, ya done damn good!

SEX BOMB BABY-01 Sex Bomb/02 Love Canal/03 Ha Ha Ha/04 Sacrifice (live)/05 Falling (live)/06 Ever (Live)/07 Get Away/08 Earthworm/09 The Game's Got a Price/10 The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly/11 Brainwash/12 Lowrider (live)/13 End of the Game (live)
 Gonna TRY to scrape together another Christmas album or two, hope you enjoyed my "Power Pop Christmas" and especially Tiltingsuds fantastic post of Bob Dylan's Christmas radio shows, a GREAT post and quite a find! Anyway, enjoy the Flipper, hope the small taste of it fulfills the request, and I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with some more seasonally oriented material! Happy holidays to all of you!

HOLD THE PRESSES! Just located a copy of "Gone Fishin" on Pirate Bay, just figured there'd be no Flipper material there and lo and behold:

GONE FISHIN: 01 The Light, the Sound, the Rhythm, the Noise/02 First the Heart/03 In Life My Friends/04 Survivors of the Plague/05 Sacrifice/06 Talk's Cheap/07 You Nought Me/08 One By One

Some more Christmas music for the REST of us

Because, of course, traditional Christmas music not only sucks ass, the repetitive NON STOP mind-
numbingness of it turns it from mindless irritant to bullet-to-the-temple material....even the "respectable" parties are not immune to my wrath when it comes to thi particular subject....Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town?" Gag. The Pretenders "2000 Miles" at least a partial gag.....and WORST OF ALL IS JOHN FUCKING LENNON'S "SO THIS IS CHRISTMAS" I would prefer to drink a gallon of house paint to EVER hearing that thing again......uuuuughhhh.

So, anyway.....I have a few albums here to offer some relief, I have probably posted some/all of them before, but 90% of you won't remember my doing so.....I thought about making a "Depressing Christmas" compilation, didn't get around to it, but it could include stuff like the Who's "Tommy Doesn't Know What Day It Is", Axl Rose's mangling of "White Christmas" (ever heard it?), Ben Folds Five's "Brick" (TECHNICALLY not about Christmas as it takes place the day AFTER Christmas, but is one of the most depreessing songs ever written and is about taking his girlfriend to get an abortion),  and of course Elliott Smith's immortal "King's Crossing" which IS THE most depressing song ever written, wittness, at least to me, the fact that he committed suicide shortly afterwards ("It's Christmas time, and the needle's on the tree, a skinny Santa is bringing something to me, his voice is overwhelming, and his speech is slurred, and I only understand every other word")....anyways I never got around to making that Ativan-inducing collection, and I did dig out these goodies, along with the WAY COOL "Power Pop Christmas" set from the other day (and if you didn't check it out you are doing yourself a disservice if you didn't download blog friend Tiltingsud's very great and I assume rare two-part Bob Dylan Christmas radio show, it is excellent and you SHOULD hear it!

So what have I got for you on this Christmas Eve? Well, a few things.....I have a pair of comps, one titled "A Punk Rock Christmas", the other titled "A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas".....these two sets are VERY similar, and I am going to do something I rarely do.....I am going to reprogram this, making it a two disc set without repitition...in general, I like for you to hear things as they were intended to be heard at the time of release, but I think in this case it was most likely issued and updated the following year, or something like that (if it is something else, don't correct me because I don't care, just appreciate the EXTRA WORK your uncle has done for ya here, so you get the WHOLE ENTIRE COMPLETE MASTERWORK! And there are some good uns on here.....Something Corporate, Bink 182, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Descendents, as well as lesser knowns as Punchline, Cousin Oliver, The Humpers, and LOTS LOTS MORE, in fact, so much more, that, as I said before, I need to make it into a pair of discs.....APPRECIATE the fucking work I do damnit!

Next up is a simple set entitled only "Merry Christmas", a short (10 track) collection of tracks from
The Sonics, The Wailers, and The Galaxies. I like this one probably better than any, other than maybe the power pop set of the other day, dunno why really, I assume it's rare, and I really enjoyed it when listening to it today.

"Midnight Christmas Mess Again", part of a series of which I unfortunatly do not have the others, is a some fairly unknown/obscure garage-punk type bands, Cheepkates, Vipers, Psycho Daisies, Dementia 13 check in with some sounds-o-the season, listened to some of this one today and enjoyed it quite a bit as well......

Not EXACTLY a Christmas album, I thought I'd put up the fairly obscure "Holy Fuzz Compilation" as well, while not "Christmas" stuff per se, it DOES come from some Christian metal bands of the 1970's-80's that at least I've never heard of, figured Christmas/Christianity, it's all the same hog trough, right?

And, now, get this, Skippy.....I was gonna quit here, but decided to see if there was anything of interest on the Bay, most of it is the usual swill, but a couple DID pique my interest, so I grabbed em for all of us: First, I found "Indie Rock Christmas Playlist", and I kind of wish I hadn't because it is ONE HUNDRED fucking tracks, but, I DO LOVE YOU GUYS, and I am going to split it into five discs, and I hope some of you download and tell me how great I am for giving you this gift and etc....The Ravonettes (whom you know I LOVE), Dropkick Murphys, The Darkness, The Killers, Bad Religion, and enough legit acts here that I think I should post it. Merry Christmas, minions, this is a bit of work, and this proves how much I love my massiv audience.....as usual, ALL i ask in return is if you have anything cool, anything rare, anything you think is of interest, PLEASE share it..not just with ME, but with the other good folks who make this blog what I want it to be....a place for music lovers to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.....I won't give speech again just yet, but, simply, that is what it is all about.

"Christmas Rock" ovelaps the "Punk Rock" set a bit, but it includes some other stuff too, including
Lemmy kilmister, Dandy Warhols, Mew, No Doubt and some others, so basically I deem it worthy of inclusion here as well.....

Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time on this fucking blog.....my wonderful wife questions it as times as well...but the reason is, I know what a joy it is to FINALLY find that impossible-to-get bootleg, it's exhilerating to say the least.....and if I've ever provided that feeling for EVEN ONE of you, it is worth it.......just please, please please, EVERYONE, continue to share all this great music with the rest of us, it makes the world such a MUCH better place.....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families. May this holiday season be a wonderful, loving experience for you, and may you all come to appreciate LIFE and FAMILY as much as I have come to in 2013. God bless you all! Love ya!

A PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS REPROGRAMMED DISC 1-01 THE AKA'S-Christmas In Hollis/02 SOMETHING CORPORATE-Forget Decemeber/03 THE MATCHES-December Is For Cynics/04 BLINK 182-I Won't Be Home For Christmas/05 FAR (FEATURING CHINO MORENO)- Feed the World (Do They Know It's Christmas)/06 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot You Eye Out/07 MXPX-Christmas Night of the Zombies/08 FROM FIRST TO LAST-X12 or XXXMASX/09 ACCEPTANCE-So This Is Christmas/10 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/11 JASON GLEASON (OF FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER)-Sleigh Bells and Wine/12 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/13 MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES-This Time Of Year/14 STAND STILL-I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus/15 THE BEAUTIFUL MISTAKE-A Cradle In Bethlehem/16 PUNCHLINE-Icicles

the Halls/02 COCA COLA-White Christmas/03 COUSIN OLIVER-Naked Christmas/04 DESCENDENTS-Christma Vacation/05 DI-Mr Grinch/06 FLIGHT 180-O Come All Ye Faithful/07 GOB-Very Shitty Christmas/08 HOMEGROWN-Christmas Crush/09 HUMPERS-Run Run Rudolph/10 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/11 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex-Miss/12 SAOSIN-Mookie's Last Christmas/13 THE RED WEST-It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/14 UNKNOWN-Christmas Bells/15 UNKNOWN-Bonus Track

MERRY CHRISTMAS-01 THE SONICS-Santa Claus/02 THE WAILERS-She's Comin' Home/03 THE GALAXIES-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer/04 THE WAILERS-Christmas Spirit/05 THE SONICS-The Villiage Idiot/06 THE SONICS-I Don't Beleive In Christmas/07 THE GALAXIES-Please Come Home For Christmas/08 THE WAILERS-Maybe This Year/09 THE GALAXIES-Christmas Eve/10 THE GALAXIES-Christmas Eve

MIDNIGHT CHRISTMAS MESS AGAIN-01 THE SLICKEE BOYS-Hazy Shade of Winter/02 THE VIPERS-Christmas I'll Be Home/03 CHEEPSKATES-Star/04 THE PSYCHO DAISIES-Santa Is Comin' Down Again/05 WOOFING COOKIES-Santa Aint Santa/06 THE LOVE PUSHERS-Jesus Christ/07 DAS FURLINES-O Tannenbum Now/08 THE RAVENS-Blue Christmas/09 HOWARD & JAG'S XMAS VACATION-Wreck These Halls/10 THE HOLIDAYS-Sleighbell Bop/11 THE BACKBONES-Coal In My Stocking/12 THE IGUANAS-Christmas Eve at KNI (Kansas Neurological Institute)/13 DEMENTIA 13-Snow Is Falling

Jesus/04 THE SEARCH PARTY-The News Is You/05 PRE-AGAPE-In the Light/06 STONEWOOD CROSS-Majic Man/07 ALL SAVED FREAK BAND-All Across the Nation/08 THE SEARCH PARTY-You And I/09 THE EXKURSIONS-Dry Ground/10 THE CONCRETE RUBBER BAND-Christian/11 PRESSED DOWN, SHAKEN TOGETHER, AND RUNNING OVER-Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over/12 AGAPE-Rejoice

INDIE ROCK CHRISTMAS DISC 1-01 DON CROLL-A Guardian Christmas/02 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO-A Happy Christmas Baby/03 GLASVEGAS-A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss)/04 THE NEW MENDICANTS-A Very Sorry Christmas/05 HAPPY FANGS-All I Want For Christmas is Halloween/06 !!!-And Anyway It's Christmas/07 BAD RELIGION-Angels We Have Heard On High/08 BRIGHT EYES-Blue Christmas/09 THE LAST BISON-Carol of the Bells/10 ORBITAL-Christmas Chime (Stocking Filler)/11 GERMANY GERMANY-Christmas Club Banger/12 CRYING DAY CARE CHOIR-Christmas Day Care Choir/13 LATCH KEY KID-Christmas Everyday/14 THE RAVEONETTES-Christmas Ghosts/15 THE KILLERS-Christmas In LA/16 THE TUTS-Christmas Is in the Air/17 YELLOWCARD-Christmas Lights/18 THE ROCKET SUMMER-Christmas Madness/19 DR DOG-Christmas party/20 THE GARLANDS-Christmas Song

INDIE  ROCK CHRISTMAS DISC 2-01 THE DARKNESS-Christmas Time (Don't let the Bells End)/02 AM & SHAWN LEE-Christmas Time Is Here/03 DOG IS DEAD-Christmas Wrapping/04 BETA RADIO-Coventry Carol, King Without a Mountain/05 STRANGEJUICE-Deck the Halls (Bad Christmas Carol)/06  THE POLYPHONIC SPREE-Do You Hear What I Hear/07 CHARLIES HAND MOVEMENTS-Don't You Love Christmas Time/08 I  WAS ONCE A DINOSAUR-Drugs For Christmas/09 THE OH HELLOS-Every Bell On Earth Will Ring/10 EELS-Everything Gonna Be Cool This Christmas/11 MAN OVERBOARD-Father Christmas/12 HAP-Frosty the Snowman/13 PATCH & THE GIANT-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/14 PURE BATHING CULTURE-Good King Wenceslas/15 EXPO-Good Night, Sleep Tight, Christmas/16 HELLO GOODBYE-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/17 CITIZENS-Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/18 CHARLES WILLIAMS-ave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/19 DANIELSON & LILLYIDEALIN-Holly Jolly Christmas Cookie/20 THE FAMILY CREST-Home For Christmas

Christmas (I Don't Want Socks)/02 THE GARLANDS-I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You/03 YOUNG STATUES-I Don't Wanna Know What's Under Your Tree/04 THE READY SET-I Don't Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You/05 ECHOSMITH-I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day/06 JULIAN CASABLANCAS-I Wish It Was Christmas Today/07 YAST-If Santa Aint Real/08 THE BRIDGES-I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus/09 THE WINTER EXPERIMENT-It Feels Like Christmas/10 SHY NATURE-It's Christmas (Close Your Eyes)/11 FRIGHTENED RABBIT-It's Christmas So We'll Stop/12 SUGAR & THE HI LO'S-Jingle Bells/13 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO-Jingle My Bells/14 CITIZENS-Joy to the World/15 SUMMER CAMP-Last Christmas/16 OWL CITY-Light of Christmas/17 ANDY BURROWS-Light the Night/18 SANDI THOM-Little Donkey/19 FOR KING AND COUNTRY-Little Drummer Boy/20 SARA BARIELLES-Love Is Christmas

INDIE ROCK CHRISTMAS DISC 4-01 BESTIE-Merry Christmas/02 WYATT FUNDERBURK-Merry Christmas (I'm In Love With You)/03 SIDEWALK PROPHETS-Merry Christmas to You/04 SLOAN-Merry Xmas Everybody/05 TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA-Midnight Christmas Eve/06 WORK DRUGS-Never Gonna Be Alone on Christmas/07 KYE KYE-Noel/08  NEW FOUND GLORY-Nothing For Christmas/09 BAD RELIGION-O Come, O Come, Emmanual/10 BEHIND SAPPHIRE-Picture a Christmas/11 A FINE FRENZY-Redribbon Foxes/12 PARENTHETICAL GIRLS-Rejoice! Rejoice!/13 BEN & VESPER-Rest Is All Normal Ones Want/14 ROYAL ALBATROSS-Ring the Bell Noel/15 HAP-Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer/16 JOE INNES & THE CAVALCADE-Santa Says Relax/17 LOW-Santa's Coming Over/18 EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS-Saving Christmas/19 ERASURE-Silver Bells/20 SHEL-Sleigh Ride

LUMBERJACK-SoCal For Xmas/03 CAMERA OBSCURA-The Blizzard/04 NATALY DAWN-The Christmas Ballad/05 ERASURE-The Christmas Song/06 THE RAVEONETTES-The Christmas Song/07 THE HONORARY TITLE-The City On Christmas/08 LEFT WITH PICTURES-The Coldest Night/09 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO-The First Snowlake/10 LOS CAMPASINOS!-The Holly and the Ivy/11 BRAINPOOL-The Last Christmas/12 DROPKICK MURPHYS-The Season's Upon Us/13 EIGHT TO INFINITY-There's Nothing Interesting to Say about snow/14 LAZY FLIES-Time and Tide/15 THE CIVIL WARS-Tracks in the Snow/16 RUSTY & SAVANNA-Under the Missletoe/17 POMPLAMOOSE-Up On the Housetop/18 BAD RELIGION-What Child Is This/19 A FINE FRENZY-Winter White/20 SLEEPER AGENT-Winter Wonderland

CHRISTMAS ROCK-01 GATSBY'S AMERICAN DREAM-Christmas Time Is Here/02 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-All I Want For Christmas Is You/03  WEEZER-Christmas Song/04 FALL OUT BOY-Yule Shoot Your Eye Out/05 THE DARKNESS-Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End)/06 STREET DRUM CORPS FEAT. BEN MCCRACKEN (THE USED)-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/07 NO DOUBT-Oi To the World/08 MATCHBOOK ROMANCE-I'll Be Home For Christmas/09 LESS THAN JAKE-Frosty the Snowman/10 IN MEMORY-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year/11 FROM FIRST TO LAST-12 Days of Xmas/12 THE DANDY WARHOLS-Little Drummer Boy/13 ZAKK WYLDE-White Christmas/14 BON JOVI (gawd)-I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas (gawd)/15 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Christmas Eve/16 EL VEZ-Feliz Navi-Nada/17 SIMPLE PLAN-My Christmas List/18 FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE-I Want an Aline for Christmas/19 MEW-Snow Brigade/20 BLINK 182-I Wont Be Home For Christmas/21 NEW FOUND GLORY-Ex Miss/22 KORN-Jingle Bells (Death Metal Version)/23 LEMMY KILMISTER-Run Run Rudolph/24 LINKIN PARK-My December

well as BIGCARLA66 (Mrs BIGSCOTT) and BIGGRANT97 (BIGSCOTT JR)........thanks for reading and listenting and contributing and EVERYTHING.....hope the new year finds you happy and healthy and in good spirits, from my family to yours!

The best Opeth post, ever

Kind of a weird one here, a bit hard to take for some.....others love these progressive rockers from Swden to death.....the band has been through a blurry of personnel changes, but remain pretty much the playground of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Lars Mikael Akerfeldt. Sort of like a more "out there" version of Tool (a mouthful to be sure), these guys traditional will incorporate nearly any musical style into their lengthy compositions, often featuring "standard" rock vocals and just as often utilizing nearly unlistenable "death vocals" (that is my opinion of them).....the music is at times amazing though, amazing enough that many of their more ardant supporters refer to each individual album as a "masterpiece"....I'm not quite ready to do that, but this is something that I do occasionally enjoy, and really is "different" from most anything else out there.....

The formula was set from the first release, 1995's "Orchid", long (10 minute plus) epics, a combination of "clean" and groweled "death metal" vocals.....personally I find it one of their btter efforts, "In the Mist She Was Standing" and "Triumph of the Apostle" give us every indicator of whet we  expect down the road.

Even better, for my cash is "Morningrise", which takes the first albums concepts and builds on them....more lengthy epics, more combinations of folk/acoustic and black-death metal, more vocals sometimes sounding like aman being, others sounding like the Cookie Monster....."To Bid You Farewell" is the essence of the album, there are PLENTY more epic length bashers like "Advent" and "Black Rose Immortal".....possibly their best album.

Growth continued on 1998's "My Arms Your Hearse"....lyrically a conceptual affair about a dead guy who becomes a ghost......the music has a harder edge than the previous efforts, with a reduction of the acoustic parts which were trademarks earlier.....the album also includes three instrumental tracks, which work VERY well in this kind of setting, the songs are SOMEWHAT shorter (7-8 minutes), "April Ethereal" and "Karma" work the best.....for what it portends to  be vs what it IS, I have to say this is quite a successful album as well.

"Still Life" was released in 1999, and evidently contains anit-Christian sentiments conceptually, once again, they paint the picture they desire, creepy shit like "The Moor" and "Face of Melinda" could have been written to order. Have to say, although this isn't my favorite kinda shit always, this album accomplishes what it sets out to do, as well, which makes them, what 4 for 4 at this point?

Many fans argue for 2001's "Blackwater Park" as their top effort, I can see the point there as well.....these guys REALLY set the scene they desire, painting UGLY sonic landscapes that are pure, sludgy, metalic wondement......fortunately, I have the bonus disc which includes the fab "Still Day Beneath  the Sun", and  there are plenty of  other classic-uglies here, "The Leper Affinity", and "The Funeral Portrait" notably......gotta say this for Opeth, these guys knew their formula and flipped the bird to anyone wishing any diversification.

"Deliverance" was released in 2002, and is perhaps the band's "heaviest" album.....another fine work, really, hard rocking and totally "opeth", tracks like "Master's Apprentices" and "By the Pain I See In Others" drive the point home......man, have I underrated these guys? This is an excellent disc as well.....It's just that I dislike the "growled" vocals SO much that they detract from the brilliance of the music......that is MY problem, I guess, but honestly, these are some fine prog-metal albums when you take the vocals with a grain of cocaine.....

So, what a shock it would be when "Damnation" was released in 2003.....no more death-metal growling, no more heavy riff-rock, a TOTAL departure.....and it DOES work. MUCH shorter songs and less-complex structures drive the point home that this is a radical departure....I can imagine HUGE fans of the band accused them of "selling out" on this one, but what can you do? It's a decedisc as well.

"Ghost Reveries" went back to the traditional Opeth "sound", and I personally a not crazy about the disc, perhaps from a band a bit past it's "sell-by" date.....far from unlistenable, "The baying of the Hounds" recalls classic Opeth as do a few others......but I wonder if this ship had sailed by this point....

In 2008 they released "Watershed", as I am prone to doing with bands that I think have run their course, i basically forget about em.......don't think I've ever HEARD "Watershed", likley downloaded it and never gave it a listen......here it is in all it's glory nonetheless......

They've put out several live discs (don't have em....blog friends?) and stuff, the most recent release I have here is 2011's "Heritage" which I also have never listened to, wht do ya want me to do, lie? Anyways, it is here too, and should complete the picture for these guys, they are fairly easy to encapulate.....they were what they were, and while I prefer Tool's "symphonic gloom metal" to Opeth's, Opeth is a treat that some of us might enjoy in the proper frame of mind......

A few live discs here also, from 2003 "Live at Shepard's Bush Empire", as you might imagine, these fellows have a propensity to noodle a bit on stage, some like thatme personally, well......We also have 2007's "The Roundhouse Tapes" and 2010's "Live at Royal Albert Hall".....natcherlly all three are double disc sets so's ya can get the FULL EFFECT of Opeth on the stage.

OK, these guys are not The Mothers of Invention or the Darkness, which is to say that maybe they don't have the world's keenest sense of humor......in fact, they make Tool sound like Blink 182......but, there is a place for music like this....this is dark, dreary, atmospheric music, for a proper time and place, to be sure, but there can be some rewarding stuff here......trying, as always to present VARIETY, and to be certain, NOONE is quite like Opeth, on that we can all agree.

ORCHID-01 In the Mist She Was Standing/02 Under the Weeping Moon/03 Silhouette/04 Forest of October/05The Twilight Is My Robe/06 Requimum/07 The Apostle in Triumph

MORNINGRISE-01 Advent/02 The night and the Silent Water/03 Nectar/04 Black Rose Immortal/05 To Bid You Farewell

MY ARMS, YOUR HEARSE-01 Prologue/02 April Etheral/03 When/04 Madigral/05 The Amen Corner/06 Demon of the Fall/07 Credence/08 Karma/09 Epilogue

STILL LIFE-01 The Moor/02 Godhead's Lament/03 Benighted/04 Moonlapse Vertigo/05 Face of Melinda/06 Serentiy Painted Death/07 White Cluster

BLACKWATER PARK-01 Leper Affinity/02 Bleak/03 Harvest/04 The Drapery Falls/05 Dirge For Movember/06 Funeral Portrait/07 Patterns In the Ivy/08 Blackwater Park/09 Still Day Beneath the Sun

DELIVERANCE-01 Wreath/02 Deliverance/03 A Fair Judgement/04 For Absent Friends/05 Master's Apprentices/06 By the Pain I See In Others

DAMNATION-01Windowpane/02 In My Time of Need/03 Death Whispered a Lullaby/04 Closure/05 Hope Leaves/06 To Rid the Disease/07 Ending Credits/08 Weakness

GHOST REVERIES-01 Ghost of Perdition/02 The Baying of the Hounds/03 Beneath the More/04 Atonement/05 Reverie/Harlaquin Forest/06 Hours of Wealth/07 The Grand Conjuration/08 Isolation Years

WATERSHED-01 Coil/02 Heir Apparnet/03 The Lotus Eater/04 Burden/05 Porcelain Heart/06 Hessian Peel/07 Hex Omega

HERITAGE-01 Heritage/02 The Devil's Orchard/03 I Feel the Dark/04 Slither/05 Nepanthe/06 Haxprocess/07 Famine/08 The Lines In My Hand/09 Folklore/10 Marrow of the Earth

LAMENTATIONS-LIVE AT SHEPPARD"S BUSH EMPIRE 2003 DISC 1-01 Windowpane/02 In My Time of Need/03 Death Whispered a Lullaby/04 Closure/05 Hope Leaves/06 To Rid the Disease/07 Ending Credits/08 Harvest/09 Weakness

2003 DISC 2-01 Master's Apprentices/02 The Drapery Falls/03 Deliverance/04 The Leper Affinity/05 A Fair Judgement

THE ROUNDHOUSE TAPES DISC 1-01 When/02 Ghost of Predition/03 Under the Weeping Moon/04 Bleak/05 Face of Melinda/06 The Night and the Silent Water

THE ROUNDHOUSE TAPES DISC 2-01 Winowpane/02 Blackwater Park/03 Demon of the Fall

01 The Leper Affinity/02 Bleak/03 Harvest/04 The Drapery Falls/05 Dirge For November/06 The Funeral Portrait/07 Patterns In the Ivy/08 Blackwater park

LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL DISC 2-01 Forest of October/02 Advent/03 April Ethereal/04 The Moor/05 Wreath/06 Hope Leaves/07 Harlequin Forest/08 The Lotus Eater...

Perhaps you think Opeth sucks.....I think they served a purpose....nonetheless this was a good bit of work and  bet that some of you never even heard of these lads......explore new territory, and expand you horizons......How was your Christmas? I would LOVE to hear about it, really.....Personally my own was fantastic. Great day with family, lots of good food (ham, tur-duck-hen, buffalo), lots of good gifts given AND received (classic Vikings Starter jacket, the "satiny" kind like people used to shoot ach other for back in those crazy 1990's!).....a LOT of good times today, glad my wife and my son had a good time (the main thing), and would LOVE to hear any of you guys' stories of Christmas.....

What'll it be tomorrow? You probably have as much of an idea as I do, really....I'll really try to think of something a little less "serious" than this stuff though!

Some Random (heh heh) Grand Funk rarities

Gonna  be a while (all day, likely) before I get all those Opeth links up, there are SO many of them, coupled with the fact that I had a computer crash, but I figured why not tredge on, we'll get everything caught up soon....and ya wouldn't wanna wait anudder day for some goodies from Homer Simpson's favorite band, FUCKIN GRANDFUNK RAILROAD......guitarist/singer Mark Farner, bassist Mel Schacher, and drummer Don Brewer!

OK, let's get this out in the open, Grand Funk were sloppy, amatuerish, and often unintentionally hilarious......and when me and my circle were 10-13 years old, we would slip these on in between the Sabbath and the Zeppelin and the Deep Purple......my fave, personally, was the "Red Album", simply called "Grand Funk".....looking at my vinyl copy, there is a note scribbled on it: "Call me and you can fuck me-Debbie xoxox", with her number! I don't remember Debbie, nor do I remember if I called her, nor, did I rememeber the half-smoked joint that came falling out of the sleeve.....1973-4-whenever was quite a little while ago......anyway, I listened to the vinyl copy of this (NOT included here) and literally could not stop laughing at songs like "Paranoid". So, if any relatives of the band are reading this, I enjoyed these albums earlier in life, and I enjoy them in a different way now......LOTS of enjoyable rock is not exactly "technically proficient", it is NOT an insult to refer to the sloppy amatuerism or the dated humor of the music, as I have done before, and wrinkled a few feathers, with my comments about Steppenwolf, and of course the infamous Seeds post........

So, posting the original studio albums, well, let's not......they had some decent singles ("We're an American Band""I'm Your Captain", a few others) so if you were really gaga over these guys a "Greatest Hits" package would maybe suffice, but I don't seem to have one of those, and it'd be too much effort to put up the (honestly, awful) stuido albums like "E Plurrbis Funk" and "Phoenix"....you either have em, or don't want to sift through them to get to the especially humorous parts.....I think the best thing to do, here, is put up the following live efforts, we can get the REAL feeling of what the band was all about....loud, sloppy, sweaty, pot-smoking demi-Gods to those of us lucky enough to be 13-14 during those years......give these a listen, it is 1973 again, and Debbie, if you still got the same phone number 40 years on, LOOK OUT Baybeeeee, coz here I cummmmmmmm!

OK, first up an unreleased live set from 1971, unsure of the locale, but with loud, long, sweaty versions of "Footstompin Music", "Paranoid""I'm Your Captain", fun covers of "Gimme Shelter" and "Inside Lookin Out", and a stuff-of-legend, 17 minute version of "T.N.U.C."......for what more could you ask?

Also from 71, this one in Hawaii, a shorter set (not sure if it's complete or not), not as great as the previous, but still "Paranoid" never fails to elicit a laugh from me. A pair of sets from 1974 round this out, one from Los Angeles ("We're an American Band" hit and is featured, as is perhaps the most vomit inducing single in the history of the universe "The Loco Motion".....perhaps your brain has erased your memory of this "song", of just how horrifically awful it is, but listen up.....it is THAT bad and worse, and LIVE? Oh, my ("A Chug-a-chug-a-motion-like a railroad train"........listen on an empty stomach, please.....((Literally) featured in the hilarious book "The Fifty Worst Rock n Roll Records of All Time", if you can scrape up a copy, it's great, features 50 albums AND 50 singles, as well as an "Enemies List" and more.....If I had it in digital I'd put i up for you guys, any blog friends have an EBook version of that classic to share? Don't know if it was ever released digitally I think it came out in about 1991-92)

I think I understand that GFR "mastermind" Mark Farner eventually got religion.....I would assume that in reunion gigs, then, that he refrains from performing "T.N.U.C."? Inquiring minds wanna KNOW!

1971 UNRELEASED LIVE-01 Intro (Also Sprach Zarathustra)/02 Are You Ready/03 Footstompin Music/04 Paranoid/05 I'm Your Captain/06 Hooked On Love/07 Get It Together/08 TNUC/09 Inside LookingOut/10 Gimme Shelter/11 Into the Sun

1971 HAWAII-01 Are You Ready/02 Paranoid/03 In Need/04 Mean Mistreater/05 I'm Your Captain/06 Hooked on Love/07 Get It Together

1974 LOS ANGELES (6/2/74)-01 Footstompin Music/02 Rock N Roll Soul/03 Heartbreaker/04 Shinin On/05 The Loco-Motion/06 We're an American Band/07 TNUC/08 Inside Looking Out

Comments? Anyone for more of the great 1970's, say, like some Uriah Heep, or some Slade? Play nice or don't think I won't do it!

A few words of explanation

Hello.....hope everyone's post-Christmas finds them well. I had a joyous one myself, one of the best
in my memory, for a variety or reasons.....BUT what I want to talk about is this here blog. In general, I take pride in trying to post at least a LITTLE something every single day.....once in a while, say, if I'm hospitalized with some mystery ailment or something, I'll miss a few days, but I DO like to offer SOMETHING up for you guys to share almost everyday......

On Christmas Eve, I wrote up the Opeth post, dragged out my CD's.......and discovered that everyone of them (except one, I think) was created from FLAC files.....That is a pain, because most FLAC albums have to be split in half, ie 2 seprate uploads, and in the case of someone like Opeth, who specialize in 15+ minute opus-like material, it can require three splits......now, Opeth has like ten studio albums (maybe more, I'd count but I don't care), and I had the three double Live albums as well, so we had about 16 discs worth of material, afer splittng them to get them under the maximum allowable 200mb/upload limit, I was at over FORTY uploads for this post.

OK, didn't give it a LOT of thought, BUT THEN my internet connection went screwey.....slow as hell
for uploads......finally got someone to look at it Saturday (all the while uploading slowly the Opeth), it still isn't as fast as it SHOULD be but it's useable......right now, sunday night, I have EXACTLY TWO more files to upload and Opeth will be in the books.....anyway, for some reason, I had a Grand Funk Railroad thing written up, and in thinking I could keep the daily posting going, I put THAT up on Xmas night......well, I'm still dicking around with Opeth....want to get THAT finished before the GFR (NOT Flac files, MP3's which should be painless and I hope to get up yet tonight....I still have ONE more week off of work!).....so, by the time I take my sleeping pills tonight, I am hoping both Opeth and GFR are DONE and ready for your consumption, should you so desire......

Now, here's the exciting part, a new blog friend "Dave Sez" is sending us a BUNCH of great Jam stuff, he's already sent some, when he gets it all sent, he'll be guesting over PART THREE (!) of "Here Comes the Jam", and all of us need to thank him profusely for all the great Jam stuff that I didn't have to share with everyone.....as I've said before that is HOW I WANT this to work.....bunch of people who WANT TO SHARE their music collections, if SHARING isn't your thing. you are, I think, in the wrong place. SHARING is what this site is ALL ABOUT, and PLEASE, if you personally have anything interesting, PLEASE post it in my comments section (or email to me if you prefer).....By now everyone knows the turf this blog hits upon.....punk, metal, stoner, psych, garage, and, really, anything weird.

Got another sleep study tomorrow night, as they attempt to cure my apnea (it's "complex" apnea,
YAY!)......and then we have New Years Eve, etc, but I will get, by then, Opeth, GFR, hopefully the Jam Part 3 all done, and get on to the next thing, which may (or may NOT be) Blodwyn Pig (just a thought!)

I AM still working on the blog, have not abandoned you guys......love you all, and hope you don't stop visiting simply due to a combination of circumstances that has slowed me down just a hair.....thing should get back to normal soon, and all will be you know, like way cool and stuff!

Tonight for photo-decoration of the blog I feature Vikki Blows.....I have NO IDEA who she is but obviously that name is HARD HARD HARD to resist.......Hi Vikki! Love ya!~

A Quick One!

Well I got all the links caught up....waiting to prepare some more Jam material, "Part 3" of "Here Comes the Jam" promises to be exciting in that I will, also, be getting my hands on some "new" (for me) material...gotta love that! Tonight I have another sleep study, to try to find the proper remedy for the sleep apnea that nearly killed me in September.....but I got time for a QUICK post, you guys deserve something for waiting out the Opeth posting fiasco.....

Just scanning the shelves, and why not put this one up? I don't THINK I've ever posted this one before, if I did it's been a long time.....it is my fellow Buckeyes Devo, live in their home  of Akron, from February 1977....this was before the band's first album ("Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo") had made much of a dent, they seemed to be developing a cult following with their electronic "rock" and de-evolutionary schtick......to be honest, it got quite old quite quickly (for my money at least), jokes are generally funny only once or so, and the fact that they actually scored a huge "hit" ("Whip It") numbs the mind.....however, at the time of THIS performance, the joke WAS funny and the bit was fresh, there is some stuff here that didn't crack the album's tracklist.

Check this one out, I don't think we see too many vintage live Devo recordings at all, and this is one band that TRULY peaked early (and if your father or uncle or babysitter was in the band and don't like my less-than-reverent attitude towards them, please get a life).....

We'll get the Jam stuff done here in the next couple of days, unil then, sleep well, and "crank up" this live Devo set!

01 Praying Hands/02 Social Fools/03 Be Stiff/04 Uncontrollable Urge/05 Secret Agent Man/06 Shrivel Up/07 The Last Time I Saw St. Louis/08 Fraulien (glitches)/09 Too Much Paranoias/10 Huboon Stomp/11 Space Junk/12 Mongoloid/13 I Think I'm Falling In Love Again/14 Soo Bawlz/15 Blockhead/16 Jocko Homo (fades)/17 The Words Get Stuck In My Throat

Wish they'd have included their "Satisfaction" cover, or, better yet, their version of "Working In a Coal Mine", but I guess we can't have everything.

Closing out 2013 with some guest links

2013, a few hours from being over....good or bad year for you? I'd really like to know.....for me it couldn't possibly have been more mixed.....reaching the 30-year mark on my job meaning I can retire if I so wish, followed by, just a few weeks later, nearly dying in a freakish sleep-apnea thing and being off on disability ever since September 20.....went through some other some other personal stuff too, but I really think that you only get thrown at you what you can handle....

This time last year, I was doing this blog thing every day, to be specific I was wrapping up the "USA Garage Greats 1965-67" thing, it was a massive project that I took on, using discs which originally appeared on the great "Twilight Zone" blog ( http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/ ), it was extremely popular with the folks who frequent this blog and missed it the first time, most of the files are still available as they still get hits on a semi-regular basis.

During this year I have tried, REALLY tried to keep things here fresh and interesting, I posted a number of garage, psych, and punk comps, some pretty large, multi-episode posts featuring some rarities from the Stones, the Who, the Clash, Radiohead, and the Jam......I tried to post something almost non-existently rare, the WOXY "Unsigned" series, put up some "guest posts", tried to feature some less than hugely-popular bands (Opeth, No Use For a Name, Pussy Galore, among others), some of which really surprised me with thier popularity, others, with their lack of it......I came as close to (deliberately) generating controversy as I guess I could with posts on Skrewdriver and other racist rockers, also a seemingly out-of-context (unless you are paying attention) Pubic Enemy post.

I have encouraged others to contribute ANYTHING they wish to this blog.....an interesting album, a homemade comp, a rare bootleg.....but it doesn't HAVE to be music, send me whatever you want.....write a short story, send your photography, artwork, anything you wnt, good or bad, and at least we can show it to a small fraction of the blogosphere......I just want this thing to have a LITTLE bit of unique personality, rather than be restricted to posting ONLY punk, ONLY stoner rock, ONLY classic garage/psych.......I just want it to be about whatever I'm feeling that day, but ALSO about whatever YOU happen to be feeling that day......

I have some more Jam rarities here, (I hope I have them all sorted out) compliments of DaveSez, which I will get to in a minute, but first let me thank the others who have contributed to the blog this year (and I HATE that I know I'm going to forget someone): Jonman, Mark Eveligh, Sean, HowlinWolf, TiltingSuds, Psyclist.....there are others, and if I forgot you I'm sorry, maybe in a little while I'll make a COMPLETE list of outside contributors and post them in the comments. Thanks also to Deanna Mitchell of Frightwig for the personal e-mail actually THANKING me for doing a Frightwig post (rather than complaining about it....and I don't THINK anyone did this year, unlike in previous years (Hi, Green Day, Sublime, Corrosion of Conformity, and Molly Newman of Bratmobile))......

Please continue to make requests, I'll fill them if I can....just the other day a guy requested Flipper and seemed pleasantly surprised that I had some.....I have a BUNCH of stuff, and if I don't have it, often a blog friend WILL, so let's ALL venture toward helping each other to SHARE (the most important word here) our way to the perfect music collection. Hope everyone enjoys good health and happiness in 2014, I most likely will be retiring and moving on to a "post-retirement-double-dip secondary income", so THAT will be good......lots of good stuff happens in life, too, sometimes we concentrate/focus on the negativae so much that we don't realize that.

From Dave Sez, here is a link to The Jam Live 1977 at the 100 Club, already posted (by him) on another site:


Also, as we speak, I am starting the uploads of the magnificent "Jam Demos, 1975-82" which is being generously shared with us from the "Dave Sez" archive, I think if you guys like them (and I don't see how you couldn't), you should take a minute to thank DaveSez, because he seems to have a tremendous archive of great stuff that he is willing to share, having already shared some rare Au Pairs, and, also, if you will check his comment in the "Comments" section of yesterday's Devo post, you will find another slew of links which will direct you to a bunch more very cool live Devo stuff....I know I for one am grateful for all of this stuff, and if you are as well, please thank him for sharing and hopefully he will share some more of his tremenodous archive with us! The links for the Jam Demos should be ready here pretty shortly, check the comments section in just a little while......here are the track lists for this magnificent four disc collection:

THE JAM-STUDIO DEMOS 1975-76 "NON STOP DANCING"-01-100 Ways/02 Forever and
Always/03 I Will Be There/04 Non Stop Dancing/05 Left Right and Centre/06 Again/07 When I Needed You/08 Please Don't Treat Me Bad/09 Soul Dance/10 I Got By In Time/11 Wonderful World

THE JAM-STUDO DEMOS 1975-81 "WHERE'S WORKING" DISC 1-01 Walking the Dog/02 Takin' Back My Love/03 Back In My Arms Again/04 Sounds From the Streets/05 This is the Modern World/06 Art School/07 In the City/08 Change My Address/09 All Around the World/10 London Girls/11 Bricks And Mortar/12 Carnaby Street

THE JAM-STUDIO DEMOS 1975-81 "WHERE'S WORKING" DISC 2-01 Worlds Apart/02 Billy Hunt/03 To Be Someone/04 Saturdays Kids/05 The Night/06 My Girl/07 But I'm Different Now (version 1)/08 But I'm Different Now (version  #2)/09 Korina/10 Out on the Weekend/11 Unknown/12 Unknown/13 Unknown

THE JAM-DEMOS AND OUTTAKES 1976-82 "MAMA WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT NOW"-01 Left Right and Center/02 So Sad About Us/03 It's Too Bad/04 David Watts/05 See-Saw/06 Liza Radley/07 And Your Bird Can Sing/08 But I'm Different Now/09 England I Miss You Now/10 Dream Time/11 Dead End Street/12 No One In the World/13 Rain/14 Get Yourself Together/15 We've Only Started/16 Walking In Heaven's Sunshine

THE JAM-DEMOS 1979-81 "SKIRT"-01 Skirt /02 We've Only Started /03 Get Yourself Together/04 Not Far At All/05 Skirt/06 Not Far at All/07 My Mind's Eye/08 Not Far at All/09 Instrumental/10 Wasteland/11 Eton Rifles/12 Little Boy Soldiers Part 1/13 Little Boy Soldiers Part 2/14 Little Boy Soldiers Part 3/15 The Eton Rifles/16 See-Saw/17 Pretty Green/18 Circus/19 Happy Together

So, an early "Happy 2014" to you from BigScott62, also my wonderful, incredible, beautiful, best in the world bride of 27 years, Carla, an my hulking, scholarly, athletic, well-mannered, best in the world son, Grant......the two most important people in the world to me, thank you so much for being there for me back in September, literally saving my life and helping me with life ever since then, it's been a strange three months to be certain.....thanks to EVERYONE who reads my incoherent thoughts here, who listens and shares and comments and lurks and whatever else.....ojne more thing, thanks to "Scott Andridge" who may or may not have been the son of Seed's drummer Rick Andridge (and who really cares?) for posting some of the most idiotic comments ever composed, which of course makes my day complete......isn't it great when you DON'T HAVE TO HELP someone to look so stupid, all you have to do is reprint their exact words? I hope ol'"Scott Andridge" (if you missed all that stuff, go check the archives and read it, it WILL be worth it I promise), who held such a fascination with the size of my penis, is doing well, and, hopefully, even composing MORE words of brilliance for or consumption......we can only hope, obviously wisdom of that level takes some time to compose.

Happy New Year to everyone!

The Best Patti Smith Group post, ever....

Kicking off 2014 with a bang, a slew of albums and a few rarites from the legend that is Patti Smith....I have a disc of here performing on stage  (Cleveland) with Television, but I have not only already posted it (Best Television post ever), it is unfortunately near unlistenable. But, the remainder of the catalogue, for my money, is pretty great......her melding of bizarre poetry and punk/new wave rock was a natural for fans of more "intellectual" rock of the Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, et al, and ALSO for the Ramones/Blondie crowd at CBGB's......unique and trail blazing, Deborah Harry did for Smith what Alice Cooper did for Iggy Pop....swipe a good concept/idea and then beat it to death.

In 1974 Smith formed the Patti Smith Band, with Lenny Kaye on guitar, Ivan Kral on bass, Jay Dee Daugherty on drums, and pianist Richard Sohl. Their first single was a cover of "Hey Joe", backed with "Piss Factory".....as much as I have made fun of various bands for "covering""Hey Joe", a Patti Smith cover not only remakes the song, it turns it inside out and stands it on it's head.....the version of "Hey Joe" included a spoken section regarding then-topical Patricia Hearst ("Patty Hearst, you're standing there in front of the Symbianese Liberation Army flag with your legs spread, I was wondering were you gettin' it every night from a black revolutionary man and his women..."). Which, is not exactly the traditional version, one must admit.

In 1975, the group released the amazing debut album "Horses", a classic by any measure which includes a cover (really) of "Gloria" as well (I've made fun of bands covering THAT one a bunch as well, but this one chills to the bone: "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine......", as well as "Land", a frantic, psychotic rewrite of "Land of 1000 Dances" which is maybe only one of my five or so favorite album tracks ever (I would to describe it or cite portions, but there is no way in hell I could do it justice)....a must hear "cassic", I'm going to include the CD version rather than the vinyl rip that I prefer, the CD containing Smith's take on "My Generation"

Next came "Radio Ethiopia", not quite as good as "Horses" but for my cash at least a four-star disc: "Ask the Angels", "Pissing In a River", and "Pumping (My Heart)" are all great tracks that stand the test of time,easilly.....it pails, however, in comparison to the stunning "Easter", her best work and one of my ten favorite albums of all.....containing her best known song, the Bruce Springsteeo-written "Because the Night", a great song but about a tenth of the genius here.....ALL "must hear" tracks, "Till Victory", the psychotic "Rock N Roll Nigger", the stunning "Privlege (Set Me Free)" and perhaps the higlight (although they are many) the incredible "25th Floor/High on Rebellion".....if you have never heard this album I won't speak to you until you do so.

The original Patti Smith Group would record only one more album, 1979's "Wave", not great but by no means awful, "Frederick", "Dancing Barefoot" and (another stunning cover) "So You Want to be a Rock N Roll Star" could be placed on one of the earlier discs without stickin out too badly.

At this point Smith went into semi-retirement, marrying Sonic Smith of the MC5.....she resumed recording again in the late 1980's, there are several albums available for completists/fanatics in a complete Pirate Bay torrent.( ..http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9190664/Patti_Smith_-_Discography_-_(1975-2012)_-_320_kbps)

..I am not crazy about them, for the most part, they are decent, but nowhere near as spectacular as the 1970's stuff, thus I am not posting it here. With one exception, in 2007 Smith released "Twelve" which is a covers album.....her brilliance as a cover artist guarenteed at least an interesting effort, tunes like "Gimme Shelter", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", and "White Rabbit" seem to have been written for her alone to cover......unfortunatly, this SOUNDS a lot better than it actually IS, and, trust me, I WANTED it to be great.......it's here though I think it needs to be to complete the picture, while the other discs are nowhere near essential (1988's "Dream of Life", 1996's "Gone Again", 1997's "Peace and Noise", 2000's "Gung Ho", 2004's "Trampin'", and 2012's "Banga".....as I said before all are easilly attainable from Pirate bay should you wish to hear/have them.

Now, a few of the rarities that I had mentioned, I found somewhere online the first "Hey Joe"/"Piss Factory" single, certainly you must hear this.........."Live Horses" is undated (at least my copy), but it is just what it sounds like, a live performance of the entire "Horses" album....we round his out with a pair of double disc live boots, both from 1979. The first comes from CBGB's, contains a lot of the stuff I'd want (leans a bit heavilly on the then-current "Wave") including covers of "All Along the Watchtower"and "Twist and Shout".....the second set if from Essen Germany, a somewhat similar set list but time the covers include a smoking "Gloria" as well as "Jailhouse Rock".....There were actually some WAY cool looking boots on Pirate Bay that I wanted to grab and post here, but they aren't being seeded.....reminds me that if you use Pirate Bay or another Torrent Site, PLEASE seed what you download, it is important to the overall cause of sharing and completing the music collections of all of our online friends! If any of you perchance have any of those Smith Group boots that are sitting there on Pirate bay unseeded, PLEASE share them, either here (in the comments section where everyone can evaluate them) or email them to me and I'll upload them......lotta cool stuff over there that I wish could have been included in this post.

Wasn't sure how I wanted to do this....I don't have those 1988-2012 albums, have heard them and as I said they don't much get it done for me.....I guess I coul ahve downloaded them and presented a "complete" picture, but I think the stuff I have put up here is truly "classic" material of the era, and of the scene....these discs are still in fairly heavy rotation around here, please comment and enjoy the hell out of these as much as I do!

I know of at least two songs of which Smith is the subject, "In Thee" by Blue Oyster Cult, and "Crow" by the Jim Carroll band......there are probably others. A true artist, and a great one.

Happy New Year and may the odds be ever in your favor!

1974 SINGLE-01 Hey Joe/02 Piss Factory

HORSES-01 Gloria/02 Redondo Beach/03 Birdland/04 Free Money/05 Kimberly/06 Break It Up/07 Land: a) Horses b) Land of  a Thousand Dances c) La Mer (De)/08 Elegie/09 My Generation (live bonus track)

RADIO ETHIOPIA-01 Ask the Angels/02 Ain't It Strange/03 Poppies/04 Pissing In a River/05 Pumping (My Heart)/06 Distant Fingers/07 Radio Ethopia/08 Abyssinia/09 Chiklets

EASTER-01 Till Victory/02 Space Monkey/03 Because the Night/04 Ghost Dance/05 Babelouge/06 Rock N Roll Nigger/07 Privlege (Set Me Free)/08 We Three/09 25th Floor/10 High on Rebellion/11 Easter/12 Godspeed

WAVE-01 Frederick/02 Dancing Barefoot/03 So You Want To Be a Rock n Roll Star/04 Hymn/05 Revenge/06 Citizen Ship/07 Seven Ways of Going/08 Broken Flag/09 Wave/10 Fire of Unknown Origin/11 54321/Wave

LIVE HORSES-01 Gloria/02 Redondo Beach/03 Birdland/04 Free Money/05 Break It Up/06 Land/07 Elegie/08 My Generation

CBGB 3/11/79 DISC 1-01 Land: Horses/Land of 1000 Dances/02 Redondo Beach/03 Fire of Unknown Origin/04 Kimberly/05 Dancing Barefoot/06 Space Monkey/07 Privelege (Set Me Free)/08 25th Floor/09 Cold Turkey/10 For Your Love

CBGB 3/11/79 DISC 2-01 Revenge/02 Frederick/03 Seven Ways of Going/04 Poppies/05 All Along the Watchtower/06 Spider and Fly 1985/07 So You Want to Be a Rock N Roll Star/08 54321/Wave/09 Twist and Shout/10 My Generation

ESSEN GERMANY 4/21/79 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Rock N Roll Star/03 Hymn/04 Rock N Roll Nigger/05 Privelege (Set Me Free)/06 Dancing barefoot/07 Redondo Beach/08 25th Floor/09 Revenge

ESSEN GERMANY 4/21/79 DISC 2-01 54321/Wave/02 Pumping (My Heart)/03 Seven Ways of Going/04 Because the Night/05 Frederick/06 Jailhous Rock/07 Gloria/08 My Generation

TWELVE-01 Are You Experienced?/02 Everybody Wants To Rule the World/03 Helpless/04 Gimme Shelter/05 Within You Without You/06 White Rabbit/07 Changing of the Guard/08 The Boy in the Bubble/09 Soul Kitchen/10 Smells Like Teen Spirit/11 Midnight Rider/12 Pastime Paradise

Putting up the links right now, should get most if not all of them up tonight, hopefully!

The best Smiths post ever

Seated next to Patti Smith (yesterday) on my shelf, we have one of the most consequential bands of the 1980's here, and I know/knew people who simply despised this bunch, and not a little bit......again, like some others (I cited the Jam recently), so overwhelmingly "British" that some of my fellow yanks couldn't really take them.....lots of good stuff her, though, some good albums, especally good singles, and some rare and live stuff there for the taking if one is inclined.

The Smiths were guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, drummer Mike Joyce, and vocalist Morrisey (no joke, when I was a kid I knew another lad, right here in Ohio, whose name was REALLY Morrissey....why he never took a hatchet to his parents I will never know,but you can imagine how much he loved being compared to the "real" Morrissey once the band got popular)...thier sound was a unique rock/pop melding, quite simple actually, and thier lyrics were often beyond bizarre, moping stuff which at times could make Joy Division sound like "The Ramones Leave Home".

The debut album (1984) was controversial in that the lyrics to some of the songs, notably "Rally Round the Fountain" as well as "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" seemed to deal with the topic of pedophilia (kind of sounded that way to me as well, you judge for yourself)......this was followed with a string of exceptional singles, most notably "How Soon Is Now" and "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", which for the most part are collected on "Louder Than Bombs", "Hatful of Hollow" is another singels collection from around the same era.

The second album, "Meat Is Murder", is not nearly as good in my opinion, but the band stuck by their guns and continued the controversial themes with the title track, "Nowhere Fast", and "Barbarism Begins at Home"......the US version of the album contains "How Soon Is Now", the one included here does not (it's the originl UK track sequence). One could have retired the Smiths as a decent, semi-controversial singles band, except.....

1986's "The Queen Is Dead" was one of the decade's best. The title track, I think, is going away the band's best, the album also includes good stuff such as "Frankly Mr Shankley", "Cemetery Gates" and"There is a Light That Never Goes Out".....classic, 5-star album.

It was pretty much thier last gasp, the follow-up, "Strangeways Here We Come" is perhaps the weakest of the four studio albums....."Rank" is a fair live disc, and I have a pretty large batch  of rarities and stuff, a LOT more than I have for a lot of bands that I prefer to The Smiths. Rather than go out of my way to talk about all of them, take a look at the track lists for each of them below, and download the ones that interest you, lazy-ass. There is also a "tribute" album, "The Smiths Is Dead", which features the rather odd concept of various bands covering the "Queen Is Dead" album in the same sequence....file under "Not Terribly Great".......

LOTTA stuff here, why I have SO MUCH of this stuff I don't know, I liked em OK but not really one of my very faves......anyway, suppose they ARE one of your faves, I'll bet there is something here you are unfamiliar with, give me a little while to get all these links ready though, gonna take a little while......

THE SMITHS-01 Reel Around the Fountain/02 You've Got Everything Now/03 Miserable Lie/04 Pretty Girls Make Graves/05 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle/06 This Charming Man/07 Still Ill/08 Hand in Glove/09 What Difference Does It Make?/10 I Don't Owe You Anythinb/11 Suffer Little Children

MEAT IS MURDER-01 The Headmaster Ritual/02 Rusholme Ruffians/03 I Want the One I Can't Have/04 What She Said/05 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore/06 Nowhere Fast/07 Well I Wonder/08 Barbarism Begins at Home/09 Meat Is Murder

THE QUEEN IS DEAD-01 The Queen Is Dead/02 Frankly Mr Shankley/03 I Know It's Over/04 Never Had No One/05 Cemetery Gates/06 Bigmouth Strikes Again/07 The Boy With the Thorn In His Side/08 Vicar In a Tutu/09 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out/10 Some Girls Are BiggerThan Others

STRANGEWAYS HERE WE COME-01 A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours/02 I Started Something I Couldn't Finish/03 Death of a Disco Dancer/04 Girlfriend In a Coma/05 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before/06 Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me/07 Unhappy Birthday/08 Paint a Vulgar Picture/09 Death at One's Elbow/10 I Won't Share You

LOUDER THAN BOMBS-01 Is It Really So Strange/02 Shelia Take a Bow/03 Shoplifters of the World Unite/04 Sweet and Tender Hooligan/05 Half a Person/06 London/07 Panic/08 Girl Afraid/09 Shakespeare's Sister/10 William, It Was Really Nothing/11 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet , Baby/12 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now/13 Ask/14 Golden Lights/15 Oscillate Wildly/16 These Things Take Time/17 Rubber Ring/18 Back To the Old House/19 Hand In Glove/20 Stretch Out and Wait/21 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want/22 The Night Has Opened My Eyes/23 Unloveable/24 Asleep

HATFUL OF OF HOLLOW-01 William, It Was Really Nothing/02 What Difference Does It Make/03 These Things Take Time/04 This Charming Man/05 How Soon Is Now/06 Handsome Devil/07 Hand In Glove/08 Still Ill/09 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now/10 The Night Has Opened My Eyes/11 You've Got Everything Now/12 Accept Yourself/13 Girl Afraid/14 Back to the Old House/15 Reel Around the Fountain/16 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

RANK-01 The Queen Is Dead/02 Panic/03 Vicar In a Tutu/04 Ask/05 Rusholme Ruffians/06 The Boy With the Thorn In His Side/07 What She Said/08 Is It Really So Strange/09 Cemetery Gates/10 London/11 I Know It's Over/12 The Draize Train/13 Still Ill/14 Bigmouth Strikes Again

DEMOS & OUTTAKES-01 Reel Around The Fountain (July 1983, Troy Tate final version)/
02 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (October 1983, John Porter monitor mix)/03  This Night Has Opened My Eyes (June 1984, unreleased studio recording)/04 Rusholme Ruffians (July 1984, John Porter first take)/05 I Misses You (December 1984, instrumental)/06 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (September 1985, take 1, early lyric)/07  The Queen Is Dead (Fall 1985, original unedited version)/08 Frankly, Mr Shankly (November 1985, Stephen Street 'trumpet' take)/09 Ask (June 1986, early take)/10 Is It Really So Strange? (June 1986, unreleased studio recording)/11 Shoplifters Of The World Unite (December 1986, instrumental)/12  Sheila Take A Bow (January 1987, John Porter original version)/13  Girlfriend In A Coma (January 1987, early take)/14  Death Of A Disco Dancer (April 1987, first take)/15  Paint A Vulgar Picture (April 1987, early take)/16  Heavy Track (April 1987, instrumental)/17  How Soon Is Now? (Italian 12", studio outtake version)

LONDON 1987-01 The Queen Is Dead/02 Panic/03 Vicar In a Tutu/04 Take Me Out/05 Ask/06 Frankly Mr Shankley/07 The Boy With the Thorn In His Side/09 Is It Really So Strange?/10 I Know It's Over/11 How Soon Is Now/12 Bigmouth Strikes Again

LOS ANGELES 1986-01 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want/02 Still Ill/03 I Want the One I Can't Have/04 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out/05 How Soon Is Now/06 Frankly Mr Shankley/07 Panic/08 Stretch Out and Wait/09 The Boy With the Thorn In His Side/10 Is It Really So Strange/11 Cemetery Gates/12 Never Had No One Ever/13 Rubber Ring/What She Said/14 That Joke isn't Funny Anymore/15 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now/16 The Queen Is Dead/17 Money Changes Everything/18 I Know It's Over

PARIS 1984-01 Hand In Glove/02 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now/03 Girl Afraid/04 This Charming Man/05 Barbarism Begins At Home/06 Pretty Girls Make Graves/07 This Night Has Opened My Eyes/08 Still Ill/09 You've Got Everything Now/10 Handsome Devil/11 Miserable Lie/12 These Things Take Time/13 What Differece Does It Make/14 Barbarism Begins at Home

THE SMITHS IS DEAD-01 THE BOO RADLEYS-The Queen Is Dead/02 THE HIGH LLAMAS-Frankly Mr Shankly/03 TRASHCAN SINATRAS-I Know It's Over/04 BILLY BRAGG-Never Had No One Ever/05 THE FRANK AND WALTERS-Cemetery Gates/06 PLACEBO-Bigmouth Strikes Again/07 BIS-The Boy With the Thorn In His Side/08 THERAPY?-Vicar In a Tutu/09 THE DIVINE COMEDY-There Is a Light That Never Goes Out/10 SUPERGRASS-Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

The Nina Hagen Band

Wouldn't be able to come close to a "Best Ever" on Nina, she's been at it for so long I don't have but a small sampling of her stuff, and frankly I am not familiar with anything she's since mid-80's albums and the collections that I will unveil here.

Sometimes it's fun to dig out stuff like this, in particular when in the mood for some vintage 70'/80's German language goth/punk/psycho-disco stuff.....I recall first learning of Nina from Creem Magazine (the source of SO MANY introductions in the 1970's), the freaky pictures pretty much did it for me, but the description of the music made it sound fairly appealing as well.

So, 1978 saw the release of "The Nina Hagen Band", which I think I had to order fom Trouser Press or something, but which features "TV-Glotzer" which is a German cover of the Tubes "White Punks on Dope" (no, REALLY), with a totally rewritten set of lyrics (technically, is it still  cover?).....listened to it this morning for the first time in several years, and while it's not about to go into heavy rotation, it rocks pretty hard and Nina's highly theatrical vocals are at the very least "different"....an besides, for fans of foreign-language rock which I have no idea as to what the lyrics are, there are some pretty good tracks here: "Superboy", "Auf'm Bahnof Zoo",and more, for my money one of the underappreciated albums of the late 1970's.

A few years later she released "Unbehagen", which is nearly of the same quality....a cool cover of Lene Lovich's "Lucky Number" entitled "Wir Leben Noch". "African Reggae". Again, this MAY be a bit "much" for some of ya, but as you know I do strive for VARIETY.

"Unbehagen" was the end of the Nina Hagen Band, she's operated as a solo act afterwards.....can't find "Nunsexmonkrock", her solo debut which I thought I had, an after that I fairly lost track of her....checke on the Bay for  copy of "Nunmonksexrock" as I remember it being pretty cool too, but you'll ave to settle for the two albums from the "Band" and this pair of collections:

And, really....if you are not familiar with this music, you will PROBABLY wish to start with these collection....."Very Best of Nina Hagen" rounds up the best tracks off of the two albums above, also "Smack Jack" and "Dread Love" from "Nunmonksexrock", her version of Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky"......this is likely where will wish to start. "Definitive Colletion" is farily similar and adds on a few tracks the other collection leaves out, why I have both of them I'll never know, but e your pick I guess....

Special thanks to Wow Party Down Old Style for the additional Patti Smith Band boots, they are linked in the comments section of Wedensday's "Best Patti Smith Band Post,  Ever"....good stuff, and as always THAT is how I WANT this thing to work.....not just me, but EVERYONE involved sharng their music, especially, of course, that which is nearly impossible to get without some "help", such as these boots......

Got a weird email from a guy called Christopher C, in the subject line it says Cringe-Spit on Your Grave, and the text of the email is:

Hey Scott. Could you email this mp3 to me please?

Well, Chris, no, I really can't.....for one thing, I've never heard of it, that I know of, and for another, that is not exactly how this works.....I'm not operating an online flea-market where I take orders from you and do all the work to find the stuff, while you sit on your ass, if that is what you're saying.....if you are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING, leave a comment ON THE BLOG .....that way either myself or any of the many "Friends of the Blog" who see it may be able to provide a link or whatever....but, no, just emailing and thinking that I will hook you up with MP3's I don't even have by email.....that's really not the "Sharing" thing I strive to achieve......it's more like freeloading.

THE NINA HAGEN BAND-01 TV-Glotzer/02 Rangehn/03 Unbeschreiblich Weiblich/04 Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo/05 Naturtrane/06 Superboy/07 Heib/08 Fisch im Wasser/09 Auf'm Friedhof/10 Der Spinner/11 Pank

UNBEHAGEN-01 African Reggae/02 Alptraum/03 Wir leben immer....Noch/04 Wenn ich ein Junge war/05 Hermann heiss er/06 Auf'm Rummel/07 Wau Wau/08 Fall In Love mit mur/09 No Way

VERY BEST OF NINA HAGEN-01 TV-Glotzer/02 Superboy/03 African Reggae/04 Universelles Radio/05 Unbeschreiblich/06 Smack Jack/07 Auf'm Bahnof Zoo/08 Dread Love/09 Auf'm Rummel/10 New York/NY/11 Wir Leben Noch/12 Change/13 My Way/14 Heiss/15 Gott in Himmel/16 Zarah  (Ich weiss das mak ein Wunder geschiehe)

ULTIMATE COLLECTION-01 Unbeschreiblich Weiblich/02 Naturtrane/03 TV-Glotzer/04 Heiss/05 Rangehen/06 African Reggae/07 Aufm Rummel/08 Smack Jack/09 Cosmo Shiva/10 Zarah (Ich weiss das mak ein Wunder geschiehe)/11 New York/12 Was es ist/13 The Change/14 My Way/15 Universelles Radio/16 Vater Unser/17 World Now
Links coming so....be quite interested in how popular this one is.

Having a bit of trouble with "Unbehagen" but I THINK Ill be able to get that one up there too!

Skip Spence "Oar"

This is a sort of an oddball rarity, it's a decent one to listen to and a strange hitorical curiosity....Skip Spence was a founding member of Moby Grape, who made exactly ONE good album ("Moby Grape") and a bunch of shitty ones.....anyway, Spence had a lot of mental problems, which led to his physical attack on a pair of his Moby Grape bandmates. He spent six months in Bellvue Mental Hospital, where he wrote this collection of songs. The releasesd recordings,on which Spence plays all instruments, were originally intended as a demo, to be fleshed out later.....the sparse, bare sound, however, evidently appealed to someone, and it was released as is......this is not going to be for everyone, a not all that rocking, folkish kind of thing.....but listen carefully, and you can actually hear the pain of Spence, and the sounds of a mind that was not well....another rocker whose demons got the better of him, not unlike Roky Erickson or Syd Barrett, both of whom made some very interesting recordings while "not well" also.

I don't even remember where I got this one, it's a download from somewhere, not sure how many of you will have heard it, heard of it, or even care much.....but I do, at times, enjoy this recording....I considered bundling this together with perhaps an album each by Roky and Barrett, but did not, as I did not wish to give the appearance that I was treating their mental problems as some sort of novelty, because I am not.

Please comment on this recording, I am interested in your thoughts on it.....I doubt it goes into anyone's heavy rotation, but without question, you may find it of interest, and it keeps alive my desire to provide variety on this blog.

OAR-01 Little Hands/02 Cripple Creek/03 Diana/04 Margaret/Tiger Rug/05 Weighted Down (The Prison Song)/06 War In Peace/07 Broken Heart/08 All Come To Meet Her/09 Books of Moses/10 Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang)/11 Lawerence of Euphoria/12 Grey/Afro
Spence passed away in 1999.....his main legacy being the classic first Moby Grape album, which is must-hear material.
Also, I understand there is a "tribute/cover" album, "More Oar, a Tribute to Skip Spence" I have never seen one.....does it really exist? I would like to hear it if you happen to have one!

With my son playing tournament basketball tonight as well as the NFL playoffs, you didn't expect me to go all out and do a huge Smiths-like post did ya? Come on, I'm not a public utility. By the way thanks to the legend that is DaveSez for providing a link to a cool Televsion rarity, you'll have to dig back through the archives a ways ("The Best Televsion Post Ever"), but it is worth it, outtakes from the "Adventure" album....Televsion is one of my all time favorite bands, so ANY additional rarities I can get a hold of from them is worth it, if you feel the same way, you'll want to go find it! Thanks DaveSez!

The best James Gang post, ever

Had intended to post Kin Ping Meh today, a trio of albums from the semi-legendary German prog-metal band with the Chinese name (?) having some issues with the CD from the debut album, which was thier best and would make for a BAD post without it....once in a while, I have a perfectly good CD that will play in my stereos, but can't be read by my computer....thus I can't upload them. I think I have a copy of it on my IPod which I can rip to another CD, (What a tremendous amount of work I do for you slugs!) and if so we'll do that one tomorrow, so you throngs of Kin Ping Meh fans can hopefully breathe easy.

So let's go with some hard-rockin' stuff not only from "my" era (1970's), but also from "my" home state (Ohio), the James Gang......oh shut up, you snobs have probably never even heard these, and they rock like you wouldn't beleive.....of course they were the playground of guitar virtuoso Joe Walsh, later of Barnstorm and the Eagles, and in this incantation also featured bassist Dale Peters and drummer Jim Fox.

The first album, "Yer Album", was released in 1969 and is a Walsh showcase, featuring a cover of Buffalo Springfield's "Bluebird" and of "Lost Woman", as well as Walsh originals "Take a Look Around" and "Funk #48". Not bad, but the second album, "Rides Again" features some outstanding stuff such as "Tend My Garden" and the hit "Funk #49".....they even do a so-serious-it's-unintentionally-hilarious epic with a portion of Ravel's Bolero, and....OK you get the idea I'm sure.

No question they put weeks of thought into the title of their third album ("Thirds"), which was Walsh's last studio effort with the band and features the single "Walk Away" and "Yadig?".....I think it was becomming fairly apparent that the power-trio limiations were becoming stagnating to Walsh (although, winding up in the hardly super-creative Eagles might lend one to question this)....the last album with Walsh, is the live "Live In Concert" which features a numbingly long "Lost Woman" and for some odd reason no "Funk #49" which one would think would have been a concert staple for these gents.....

Anyway, Walsh left, and they continued for a few years to crank out a series of hard-rock albums that I have not included here, mainly because I don't have em, and THAT is mainly because they suck for the most part....well, "suck" might be a bit much, but as we look at their body of work in 2014, obviously Walsh WAS the James Gang.....one final tidbit.....one of the later album covers shows the four band members, whomever they happened to be at the time, seated,on a bed, with an attractive, groupie-type babe seated in the midst of them.....the album's title? "Bang" (GANG Bang, get it? get it?). Imagine the uproar, not completely unjustifiable, if someone were to try THAT nowadays......

Anyway hope to get the Kin Ping Meh up tomorrow, I guess you'll have a sleepless night wondering.....

YER ALBUM-01 Introduction/02 Take a Look Around/03 Funk #48/04 Bluebird/05 Lost Woman/06 Stone Rap/07 Collage/08 I Don't Have the Time/09 Wrapcity In English/10 Fred/11 Stop

RIDES AGAIN-01 Funk #49/02 Asshton Park/03 Woman/04 The Bomber: Closet Queen/Bolero/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/05 Tend My Garden/06 Garden Gate/07 There I Go Again/08 Thanks/09 Ashes, the Rain and I

THIRDS-01 Walk Away/02 Yadig?/03 Things I Could Be/04 Dreamin' in the Country/05 It's All the Same/06 Midnight Man/07 Again/08 White Man/Black Man/09 Live My Life Again

LIVE IN CONCERT-01 Stop/02 You're Gonna Need Me/03 Take a Look Around/04 Tend My Garden/05 Ashes, the Rain and I/06 Walk Away/07 Lost Woman

Links before ye know it....................

A weird one today!

Something like a bizarro world, latter day Gang of Four (best I can do), the Liars first album (and only one I have) "They Threw Us All In a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top" came out in 2001, featuring bare, stripped down noise-dance-punk with some of the strangest lyrics and song titles ever cooked up. The Liars were guitarist/singer Angus Andrews, drummer Julian Gross, and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Hemphil. This is not going to be for everybody, trust me, I don't know too many people who are even familiar with this disc, but it is a pretty good one, give it a shot if totally unfamiliar.

Highlights, for me, are the way cool "Mr You're On Fire Mr"and " Nothing Ever Is Lost or Can Be Lost, My Science Friend" (warned ya!)......they check in with "Why Midnight Walked, But Didn't Ring Her Bell" which runs less than one minute, they also crack the THIRTY MINUTE mark on the finale, "This Dust That Makes Mud", out there stuff for sure.

I never heard anything else by them....I remember their second disc getting a horrible review somewhere, I see that they've released  a bunch of stuff....if by some slim chance you know much about their post-"Trench" work, describe it for us. They have a discography Torrent on the Bay, but I don't want to grab it unless it is worthwhile. Anyone know?

01 Grown Men Don't Fall In the River, Just Like That/02 Mr, You're On Fire Mr/03 Loose Nuts on the Veladrome/04 The Garden Was Crowded and Outside/05 Tumbling Walls Buried Me In the Debris With ESG/06 Nothing Is Ever Lost or Can Be Lost My Science Friend/07 We Live NE Of Compton/08 Why Midnight Walked, But Didn't Ring Her Bell/09 This Dust Makes That Mud

Now a couple of words.....I appeciate the living hell out of the people who contribute here, they are what makes this thing work....but, I wonder if I an ask a fvor of them? As an example, I got a comment today on the Boomtown Rats post, which was long ago, featuring som new material with a link to the same.....problem is, I doubt mny people will SEE IT THERE, as the original post is so old....if you do something like that, and it's GREAT that many do, could you please take a couple of extra mintues and, say, after posting you link THERE, come to the most RECENT post, and just make a note there, "Hey, just a note to tell everyone I posted some Boomtown Rats stuff on the Boomtown Rats post, go check it out if you're interested", something like that. My reason is I want as many people as want the material to know it's there.....PLEASE? I COULD notfy everyone each time someone does that, and will continue to, but it would save me SO MUCH time, and I would apprciate it greatly..because agin, this blog is NOT simply about ME trying to accumulate a mountain of music (already have one trust me), it's about EVERYON accumlating not just "a" mountain of music, but THEIR custom designed, PERFECT mountain of music.....and if a Boomtown Rats fan KNOWS who looks here everyday SEES that he can pick up some additional stuff he/she wants, that is great.....I WILL continue to notify everyone of such postings, it is THAT important to me to get the stuff in the hands of those who desire it, but you generous people who share files here, files that are relative to OLDER posts, it would help me a TON if you'd notify people in the current comments section.

Now, a couple of other things.....every day, I am inundated wih requsts for re-ups.....as much as I
would love to fulfill all of them, I simply can't.....there are TOO MANY. I'm sorry, someone today wants me to reup a bunch of the Sleater-Kinney stuff from two years ago.....that was a HUGE, 7 part post, and of course the links are dead.....if a BUNCH of people requested a Sleater-Kinney re-up, I'd redo the whole thing (I did for the Monster Magnet post), but I simply don't have time to put up a new post everyday AND reup (literally) HUNDREDS of files tht people want.....or, here is an alternative we can put to a vote. Would you want me to take a break from new posts, and do a couple weeks of re-up requests? I COULD do that, if enough people woul benefit from it. Please tell me if that would be the best thing to .....if you guys want it I will give maybe a week's notice, to give everyone a chance to check the old, dead-link posts, and request them, then I would spend two weeks or however long fulfilling re-up requests. I can't halp everyone out unless I know what you want (DO NOT START sending reup requests NOW, I get more than enough of them as it is)......just let me know (comments section) if that would be something you would like me to do.

And ONE more thing, this jut came up the other day, but it happened again.....do not email me
requesting that I email files to you, in particular ones I've never even heard of/have never posted. Frankly, who, exactly, do you think you are? If there is something you are looking for, ASK ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, if there is interest and I am able I will post it (see: recent Flipper post) and EVERYONE ELSE can see it, and possibly help out as well....but again, this is not an MP-3 flea market. I want to help everyoneout, but PLEASE do it RIGHT, so the highest amount of people can HELP OUT the highest amount of people......that is how it SHOULD work, NOT thinking I will dig through my stuff and look for something just for YOU.....and ALL I am asking is no emails thinking I will email you something.....ALL I ask is use the comment section of the blog, doesn't seem like that much to ask!

Kin Ping Meh

I'll force you to call me "musically diverse" should even kill me.....
these couple albums are favorites   of mine, from the fab early 1970's...don't ask ME from where their name came, but these are a pair of damn good German blues/prog/rock, good stuff....in general, the lineup consisted of the following:
Werner Stephan (lead vocals), Joachim Schafer (guitar, piano, vocals), Fritz Schmitt (organ, piano), Torsten Herzog (bass) and Kalle Weber (drums). Werner Stephan (lead vocals), Joachim Schafer (guitar, piano, vocals), Fritz Schmitt (organ, piano), Torsten Herzog (bass) and Kalle Weber (drums).
The first album, as is often the case, is the one I prefer, with the great, long "Fairy Tales" and the rocking "Too Many People".....a fine album and a great "period piece", rock n roll sounded great in the early 1970's, everyone wanting to be Deep Purple and all, and that is NOT a slam at Deep Purple.

OK, the second album, imaginatively entitled "No. 2", is quite good as well, "Come Down to the Riverside" and "Don't Force Your Horse" are fne guitar/keyboard driven rockers that, like album #1, make me miss the 1970's. The centerpiece of the album, though, is a long, oddball version of the Beatles'"Come Together", which is the kind of cover that I find "acceptable", ie, DOING SOMETHING with the original song, rather than making a slavish, and pointless, carbon copy (pet peeve of mine if you failed to notice the previous 325 times I have mentioned it.

They made a few more albums.....the third one is entitled (wait for it) "III", and a few more.....I have "III" here, the drop in quality is huge, I'll put it up just because I have it....te subsequent albums, I'm not sure whether or not I've even heard them, if I have, they certainly weren't memorable

Anyway, two fine albums of EARLY 1970'S (the greatest of musical decades for THIS non-expert's money) prog/blues are enough, if you are a fan of the music of that era, as you KNOW I am, and haven't heard these, give em a listen, they rock the fucking house! Consider "III" a "bonus disc" or something!

KIN PING MEH-01 Fairy Tales/02 Sometime/03 Don't You Know/04 Too many People/05 Drugens Trip/06 My Dove/07 Everything/08 My Future/09 Everything's Mine/10 Woman/11 Every Day/12 Alexandra/13 Too Many People (version)

No. 2-01 Come Down to the Riverside/02 Don't Force Your Horse/03 Come Together/04 Together Jam/05 Liveable Ways/06 Day Dreams/07 Very Long Ago/08 I Wanna Be Lazy/09 Sometime (single version)/10 Sunday Morning Eve

III-01 Come On In/02 Random/03 Love is the Day/04 Rock is the Way/05 Circus/06 Mrs Holmes

Links shortly.....snow/rainstorm in Ohio today, followed by below zero temperatures....sounds like a day for some NFL playoffs on TV to me, and tomorrow when it actually IS below zero, maybe movie marathon or something?

The best Lightning Bolt post, ever

Noise-rockers supreme from Rhode Island, one of those bands that I have enjoyed as they bring the noize without the use of much guitar twanging at all, which takes a minimum of skill at least.....they are composed of drummer/vocalist Brian Chippendale and bass-whiz Brian Gibson (not kidding, some of the best bass playing I've heard.....some bands mix their bass playing down so low it is hardly even audible, I guarentee you NOT A SOUL will have THAT complaint here!

So anyways....doesn't seem like these lads are especially well known, perhaps because they are SO UNLIKE anyone else.  The vocals are distorted to the point of being indecipherable, the drumming is absolutly frantic, and the excellent bass playing I've already touched upon.....I could not DREAM of comparing them to anyone else, perhaps the "closest" (and it is really NOT THAT close as they use guitars and have a MUCH more accessible sound are A Place to Bury Strangers, whom I've done a post on before and really like, but Lightning Bolt has to be taken on their own, don't base a prediction of what they will sound like based on APTOBS).

Thier first, self-titled album (1999) is a bit of a mess, the sound had not really developed (can't beleive that this is the terminology I am using) as it would.....the album, when recorded on record, required purchasers to send three dollars for a cassette with a pair of other tracaks to complete the picture ("Zone" and "And Beyond", "Zone" being one of those 30 minute epics we all enjoy so much, these tracks are included on the CD version (here).

"Ride the Skies" (2001) is MUCH better, with shorter tracks (they are still PLENTY chaotic, trust me), the title track and (especially) "Forcefield" stand out to me, the way this stuff is, someof you might think of them as the worst . Often I describe a band I like and profile as "not for everyone", but that is understatement when used to describe most bands in comparison to these guys, be forewarned.

The next to albums were the highlights of these guys tour of duty for me, in particular album #3, "Wonderful Rainbow".....this album is a classic of noisy rock n roll, and even though, again, consists simply of bass and drums, rocks the fuck out. I call this at least a four-star album, could possibly give it 4.5, as every track is worthwhile. As is always the case with albums I think of as "classics that noone has heard of", I am TREMENDOUSLY interested in what you think of this, please comment, I know a few who love this album, and a few who hate it (and everything Lightning Bolt has done).

Nearly as good is "Hypermagic Mountain" (2005).....some like it more than "Wonderful Rainbow", basically it's an extension of the same....."Dead Cowboy" and "2 Morrow Morrow Land" stand out to me, again, this is best listened to in its entirety rather than picking/choosing tracks, at least that is how I find it the most effective way of absorbing it (not really all that radio-friendly, to say the least).

This was their peak period......if you don't want their whole catalogue, try these two albums and go from there. Since that time they have released "Earthly Delights" and "Oblivion Hunter" (as recently as 2012).....I have never heard them, tried to find them on the Bay to download em for anyone desiring a "complete picture", but couldn't find them.....anyway, as there are some DEFINITE limitations to their style/sound, I'm not going to knock myself out looking for them......while I was there, I DID locate a Peel Session from 2004 which is a 38 minute FM simulcast of a total noise-fest, and a "Live Tour 7 Inch", three live tracks that I have also included here. Perhaps if you really LOVE these, maybe someone will contribute the two latter day discs for ya, myself, I think the first four albums and the newly added "rarities" are gonna be enough for me at least!

I don't know, rock n roll can ALWAYS use something different, Lightning Bolt don't sound like Pearl Jam, or like the Rolling Stones, or like Sleater Kinney, the White Stripes, Kyuss, or anyone else.....they sound like Lightning Bolt. Perhaps someday in the future someone will make some pure-noise-rock albums as good as the above listed pair, and THOSE will be compared to the best work of Lightning Bolt.

If you are unfamiliar with these guys, please check them out, (albums 3 and 4), see what you think....and in this case REALLY I want comments, please. These guys are unique as well as not especially well known, a combination that BEGS for comments (at least on a band such as this that I enjoy)......hope ya like some of this, if not, well, there is always tomorrow!

LIGHTNING BOLT-01 Into the Valley/02 Murk Hike/03 Caught Deep in the Zone/04 Fleeing the Valley of Whirling Knives/05 Mistake/06 Zone/07 And Beyond

RIDE THE SKIES-01 Force Field/02 Saint Jacques/03 13 Monsters/04 Ride the Skies/05 The Faire Folk/06 Into the Mist 2/07 Wee Ones Parade/08 Rotator

WONDERFUL RAINBOW-01 Hello Morning/02 Assasins/03 Dracula Mountain/04 2 Towers/05 On Fire/06 Crown of Storms/07 Longstockings/08 Wonderful Rainbow/09 30000 Monkies/10 Duel in the Deep

HYPERMAGIC MOUNTAIN-01 2 Morrow Morrow Land/02 Captain Caveman/03 Birdy/04 Riffwraiths/05 Megaghost/06 Magic Moutain/07 Dead Cowboy/08 Bizarro Zarro Land/09 Mowhawkwindmill/10 Bizarro Bike/11 Infinity Farm/12 No Rest For the Obsessed

TOUR 7"-01 Conan/02 Behemouth/03 Into the Mist


Links will be up in a little while don't rush me.....and have you given any thought to the question "Should BigScott62 have a special 'reup' week for the latecomers who missed the stuff the first time, or rather, should he ignore their pitiful pleas and laugh in their faces?" The choice, as always, is YOURS!


Whatver led these ladas to name their combo "Lesbian" I will never know, I suppose they have a witty answer about how they "like sex with women" or something.....anyway, it ranks with one of the odder band names that I recall, inparticular for a band determined to crank out some Opeth-lengthed magnum-opi of doomy, stoner , sludge creations.....three albums for ya here, all decent, and from the U S OF A!

The original lineup of Lesbian were lead guitarist Arran McInnis, guitarist Daniel La Rochelle, bassist/vocalist Dorando Hodous and drummer Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy.....they have cranked out three fine albums of sludgy/stoner-doom, maybe a cleaned up Opeth, perhaps, or something like that.

The first album, 2004's "Power Hor", features but four tracks, as short as 8:38 and as long as 24:51, so you understand right now what kinda turf you are on. Me? Fuck, I love this shit to death, great Ipod music for grocery shopping, fantastic "annoy the annoying neighbors shit", VERY purposeful...the highlight of this disc (and, again, there are only four tunes) would have to be "Powerwhorses" simply because the title is so daggone clever, but trust me, it's a sludgy-doom classic!

The second disc, "Stratospheria Cubensis" was released 6 years later with the same? a different? lineup......oh, I just don't care.....it's a fairly similar album, FIVE tracks here instead of four, all of them worthwhile, the sludgy doom of the first disc carries over immediatly to long grooves such as "Poisonous Witchball" and "Poverty and War Forever".....these two albums are semi-classics of their genre/era, ('00's stoner/doom/sludge), I enjoy them quite a bit, you will to if you like Opeth. Or Sleep. Or Kyuss. Or, well, you get the idea....

WOWWEE they have a new album, a 2013 release.....one that I haven't heard. Just discovered it and listened to it today, it's pretty cool, entitled "Forrestelevision", and features but one 40+ minute track over the entire disc....this has been done before, Atomic Bitchwax's "local Fuzz", and Sleep's "Dopesmoker", I don't know, honestly I think it gets a little boring, but there ya go......it's NEW and it's HERE, grab it up should ya desire it......

Striving for variety, variety, variety, variety......TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT and I'll see what I can do, as long as it is not something I would have made fun of you for listening to had we went to high school together....

Hey, ya don't like these discs? No worries, we'll be back with something that perhaps you will LOVE TO DEATH tomorrow!

POWER HOR-01 Black Forest Ham/02 Powerwhorses/03 Loadbath/04 Irreversible

STRATOSPHERIA CUBENSIS-01 Poisonous Witchball/02 Poverty and War Forever/03 Raging Arcania/04 Stropharia Cubensis/05 Black Stygian

FORESTELEVISION-01 Forestelevision

Links in a little bitty while.....tomorrow is friday and I have to go back to work.......someone cheer me, up, tell me I'll find a new job soon and can retire from this gay-ass one! Meanwhile, let me know what you think of Lesbian (the BAND, perv, not two of em rolling around on the floor!)