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Like it or not kiddies, I am stuck currently in a groove of early 1970's-hard-psych-morphing-into metal, to me , an underappreaciaeted "scene", if it even was a "scene" (getting cautht between so many "legit" secenes).......but Arzachel belongs with the recent postings of Dark, BF Trike, and also maybe some others that I may get to yet such as Stray Dog.......these were IMPORTANT bands in gettting us from "there" to "here", and should be appreciated as such.

Arzachel were Guitarist/vocalist Steve Hillage, Organist Dave Sewart, drummer Clive Brooks, and Bassist Mony Campbell....they cranked out but thisone fine album of hard prog-psych, what fits the era's prog-rock sounds, thing Egg or Caravan for example (and yes I have pently of both, should you be enticed....this was a metammorphasis point for the hard rock we love, several styles/types blending together to become........well, I don't know, really, but it WAS an important and overlooked step in the evolution of the rock n roll that the REST OF US listen to.......in other words, and trying to be , this did NOT melph into Nickleback or something.........check this out and see what you think, the heavy psych of the early 1970's has been seriously overlooked/underappreciated, and should not have been........WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND, A LONG ONE YET!

ARZACHEL-01 Garden of Earthly Delights/02 Azathoth/03 Queen St. Gang/04 Leg/05 Clean Innocnet Fun/06 Metempsychosis

Althougyou may not be familiar with it, it is quite a good album, you will be suprised and I suspect will enjoy it a good deal.....if not? Well, that is why Baskin-Robbins has 31 Flavors, ain't it?

Stray Dog

Still on the lazy side before hopping on one of those mega-post things, still waiting for Dave-Sez to give me the go-ahead to release ALL the Au Pairs gems in one handy location (rather than the lame way I have done so)........and STILL knocking around with unknown hard/semi-psych bands of the early 1970's, a wierd passion of mind......I think what I like is that THESE bands never had thier own "Nuggets", nor did they necessarily deserve one due to the lack of recognizable material, but if you've enjoyed Omnibus, Arzachel, and the rest, give Stray Dog a try.......I DO NOT have their total output, only the first two efforts, they also had a third (I love the title "While You're Down There, as well as a live album, I have never seen a copy of either, online or otherwise).

But the first tow efforts are pretty well-known and pretty decent as well.....Stray Dog were fro Denver Colorado via Texas, and were basically composed of guitarist/singer WG Snuffy Walden, bassist/keyboaordist Alan Roberts , drummer/percussionist Leslie Sampson, guitarist/vocalist Tim Dulaine, keyboardist Luis Cabaza, and drummer Randy Reader......I think there were various combinations over time, doubtful that they had 2 drummers for example, but with bands like these, as I've said before, information is almost IMPOSSIBLE to dig up.......

So, the first album 1972's "Stray Dog", as three tracks produed by Greg Lake, and for the most part are smoth, hard blues/rock, nothing spectacular, but "Tramp (How It Is)" and "Chevrolet", and "Speak of the Devil" are worth a spin......they followed it up with the kind of confusing "Fasten Your Seatbelts" (1973) seems to be fairly thrown together, with remixes of stuff off of album #1 ("How it is (The Sacred Mix)", "Tramp" (Fat and Sassy Mix), buttresssed by live versions of "Tramp" and "Dog's Blues"......frankly, it's kind of a mess, and I'd bet TRUE fans of the band (both of ya) probably prefer "While You're Down There" as the legitimate follow up.......sure would like to hear it, sending out an SOS as the Police might say........as I said before there was also a live disc that I have NEVER in all my experience encountered.

At the end of the day, it's pretty good stuff.....not the greatest, but something perhaps we hae not ore and a new experience, and that is what we be here for.

STRAY DOG-01 Tramp (How It Is)/02 Crazy/03 A Letter/04 Chevrolet/05 Speak of the Devil/06 Slave/07 Rocky Mountain Suit (Bad Road)/08 Worldwinds/09 /10 Chevrolet (live)

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT-01 How It Is (The Sacred Mix)/02 Tramp (Fat and Sassy Mix)/03 You Know/04 Crazy ('Bout To Lose My Mind)/05The Journey/06 Drive My Car/07 Tramp (Live)/08 Dog's Blues (Live)

About the whole troll comment thing......first of all, I KNOW I could easilly stop it by enabling comment moderation.....it isn't REALLY something I wish to do, I think that people have every right to show the world how stupid they are, especially in a cowardly, anonymous manner.......personally, I have nothing to hide from anyone.....My name is Scott Miller, I live in Springfield Ohio USA, my email is csgmiller@sbcglobal.net......   I am not foolish enough to provide my phone number or addss for the saftey of my family, but there you go......I have no need to mask myself behind ridiculous internet names, taking shots at the respectable readers here, and above all, avoiding the question that you have been avoiding forever.....you dislike this blog. You have made that clear. OK by me, WHAT do you want now? REALLY. Perhaps we can reach common ground. Do you wish I stop blogging? Maybe, with reasonalbe discussion, that is a possiblity.......is there a change you would like to see in the blog? again, let ME KNOW.......I am 51 years old, and your comments seem to be those that would be made be a teenager, which is fine, I was a teenager once myself. Everyone is welcome here, but NOONE is "forced" to be here, and to hang out on a blog daily that you claim to despise so much REALLY cannot make THAT MUCH sense, even to the likes of YOU. I wish no evil upon you, really, I hope you have a happy life. I wish the blog were more to your liking, but we cannot please everyone.......why not start a blog of your own, I'm sure it will be wonderful. But you just seem to waste SO much time here, ande I simply don't get your ultimate goal......if it is semthing I can help you with, please let me know and I will try to do so.

Young and Fabulous

Young and Fabulous! The Greatest Album in the History of Music Album ...Since, of late, so many of us seem to fancy ourselves hilarious jokesters, here are a couple of uproariously hilarious albums that some of you among the audience may enjoy.......of course, some may file a ten-page report on the sexual preferences of the band members, like I always say though, NOT ONE BIT OF ANY OF IT lowers my cholesterol numbers, nor my morgtage rate.

Young And Fabulous released a pair of (I think just these two records, could be wrong), not to be taken seriously as "great" stuff, right down to the title of the first disc "The Greatest Album In the History of Muisc", to the band members' monikers, vocalst/guitarist Chauncey R Fabulous!, Vocalist Excessa Vain, vocalist Stiletta Starr, bassist (wait for it) Victoria Van Gogh Gogh (OK, THAT ONE'S pretty funny), lead guitarist Sir Oliver Twisted, and drummer The Magnificent Elegonzo....so, you can see just from this little bit of information, these guys likely won't be opening for the Smiths or Portishead anytime soon......from 1996, this is hard-edged glammy pop-rock, (the musiscians REALLY DO display some chops), but this is a goof-ball party record, and a pretty fair one. They bring to the party song titles such as "Sphincter Boy", and "That Man's Nuts.......Grab Em!", and more.....if you enjoy the occasional non-serious rocking party album, you may enjoy this.

PayPlay.FM - Young & Fabulous! - Young & Fabulous! Mp3 DownloadThey followed it up in 2000 with a similar album, similar enough that at least FIVE of the tracks from the first album appear here as well, hinting toward a possibility of fresh ideas, but on this one we also get "Go Go Psycho Barbie Dolls", "Black Madonn", and of course the obligatory "Fight For Your Right (To Party).......(not to mention "I Get More Pussy Than Frank Sinatra").

This might not be quite your cup of tea, and to be honest I wouldn't want to listen to it every day either, but there you be.......we have so many people around here who think  they are simply hilarious, why not provide them with some background music for their hilarity? As I've said many times, I'm willing to put ANYTHING on this blog, ANYTHING, if it's what the readers want......ALL one has to do is tell me......this by request, but more of a "gift" to a person who thinks he is very, very, funny, and of course, most of the others who have commented on him think so as well, they just interperet "funny" differently.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, be well.

THE GREATEST ALBUM IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC-01 Your Fifteen Minutes are Over/02 Pick You/03 Daddy's Money/04 We're here, We're Fabulous, Get Used To It/05 We're Going Shopping/06 Sphincter Boy/07 That Man's Nuts....Grab Em/08 Salad Bar/09 Young and Fabulous/10 Fairies in the Military

YOUNG AND FABULOUS-01 Your Fifteen Minutes Are Over/02 Go Go psycho Barbie Dolls/03 The Party Starts Now/04 Young And Fabulous/05 Daddy's Money/06 Black Madonna/07 Pick Me/08 I get More Pussy Than Frank Sinatra/09 We're Going Shopping/10 We're Here, We're Fabulous, Get Used To It/11 Fight For Your Right (To Party)/12 Hail to the Fabulous

Links will be up in a little while


Gonna guess you mighta never been familiar with this one, from NYC Ca. 1996, they had in them but this one album of alt/metal.........it's REALLY not bad, not as bad as many of my pals and cronies think,  it a shot, it sank virtully without a trace.

Drill were vovalist/super-hottie Lucia Cifarelli, guitarist Dan Harnett, bassist John DeServio, drummer Marcus Farney, and guitarist Paul Alves......well, it's not classic by ANY means, but once in a great while, I enjoy Lucia's sexy tones and hard core lyrics, such as on the opener "Go To Hell" in which she announces "then again I fucked the king", and also "And all the chicks that you know, they just line right up to blow, blow, blow".......come on man. WHAT is NOT to here? I consider this a three-star album, and an underappeciated one at that.....there are othr winners here "Screamer", and "You Suck (The Life Out of Me)", and the lengthy workouts, "Could You Care" and "What You Are".......thy never did anything else, (De Servio went on to Black Lable Society), but the rest of em are anyones guess.........Lucia is completley welcome to park her stillettos under my bed anynight, even twenty years after the fact doesn't really change THAT much sexiness.

Every era has its forgotten albums such as this.......I don't think it's too bad at all, but I DO find it all but forgotten.......give it a listen and a tell me what ya think, I listen to it  again and really, there are worse ways you might spend an hour.

01 Go to Hell/02 Innuendo/03 I Like You/04 Over and Out/05 Wave Of Change/06 All He Wanted To Know/07 You Suck/08 Screamer/09 What You Are/10 Butterfly/11Painted Pictures/12 Could You Care

Just one link so not to long......tell me what ya think about DRILL, a "great" unknown band of the mid 1990's!

Continuing to do what I can to bring you so stuff you might not have heard before, I love so many of the grat bands that I have done NOTHING on in 3 years (Nirvana, Hendrix, Roxy Music, all of wich I probably have 200 discs each of), but I just love dragging out an album like this that noone ever heard of, giving it a second chance, and seeing where the chips land.........as Ive said repeatedly, Iwant this blog to be DIFFERENT.......NOT "better" than anyone else's, coz it ISN'T, but I want it to be DIFFERENET! Hope you all are well!

Banana Erectors

Well, I had hoped to get the super-mega Au Pairs thing posted today, but it's not quite ready for public consumption yet......a lot of stuff there and I want Dave Sez to be able to say I done him proud. Plus, my son had a basketball game this evening, so obviously that would take priority over you slugs. Fear not, though, I bring to you a short, fun, and wonderful album from the terrifically named Banana Erectors.

If you took down the "Alright, This Time Just the Girls" set a couple months or so back, you'll be familiar with these lassies, drummer Hottie, bassist Takashi Okutaki, guitarist Takashi Okazaki, and singer Masumi Toshikawa.....the more enlightened among you may have acertained that these ladies hail from the land of the rising sun......give this a shot, it is a real hoot.

Imagine, if you will, a garage-full of Ramones wanna-be's backing up a vocalis who sounds something like Yoko Ono, and you'd about have it......thirteen Ramones-length tracks, each guarenteed to bring a smile to one's face. The covers are awesome ("I'm Henry the  VIII, I Am" and especially "Fun at the Beach" and "I Woke Up In Love This Morning"), and, as often happen with music from distant far away lands, sometimes the language barrier creates a funny moment or two ("Jenny Is) Looking For Flavor", "Disagreeable Sensation")........every single track here is a winner, unless you are one of those "I take my rock n roll SERIOUSLY, MAAAAN" types, and if you are what ever would you be doing here? Waiting for the "Best Emerson Lake and Palmer post, ever"?

Link in a minute, hopefully the full wealth of Au Pairs will be ready tomorrow!

01 Pretzel Eatin' Rocke/02 Teenage 3k Worker/03 Fed Up With High School Days/04 Get Married To Your Job/05 I Woke Up In Love This Morning/06 Danger Zone/07 (Jenny Is) Looking For Flavor/08 Pierrot le Fou/09 Im Henry the VIII I Am/10 Break My Heart/11 Fun at the Beach/12 I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight/13 Disagreeable Sensation

From 1999, by the way.......

Goodnight Marilyn Milian, wherever you are!

A pretty gosh-darn good Spooky Tooth post

For a shortwhile in the late 60's-early 1970's they didn't come much "heavier" than Spooky Tooth.....not exactly "metallic" heavy, just plain ol' HEAVY......their twin keyboard/twin vocal attack was fairly unique, and they blasted out blusey numbers for a while there that, while many have forgotten today, REALLY DO sound good in 2014 (I was actually fairly surprised).

The original lineup: keyboardist/vocalist Michael Harrison, keyboardist/vocalist Gary Wright (later of "Dream Weaver" fame), guitarist Luther Grosvenor, bassist Greg Ridley, and drummer Mike Kellie (rising from the remnants of the band Art).....this lineup would give us 1968's pretty fair period piece, "It's All About'' (which, for some reason, was later re-released with the title "Tobacco Road")....it's pretty much a mish mash, they were developing their sound, as it were, with dopey moves like covering Janis Ian's "Society's Child" (Gawd), and, honestly, pretty much ANYONE can make "Tobacco Road" sound good and heavy.

The real winner is "Spooky Two" (1969), LOVED this record as a kid, pulled it out the other night and you never know about such things, but FUCK YEAH......the blusey "Feelin' Bad", the rockin'"Better By You Better Than Me" (later covered by Judas Priest), and more, all of which are window dressing for the monsterous nine minute "Evil Woman".......one of the truly forgotten classic songs of that era, the dueling blues vocals, droning organ and heavy guitar make it a classic piece of HEAVY music (although, again, NOT exactly "metal").

A lot of music from these discs appears on the "1968 Masters Series", which I am going to include here so you can also enjoy thier versions of "The Weight" and "I Am the Walrus", among others.....hey you aren't PAYING me for this!

OK.....then came 1970's "Ceremony".......it, uh, sucks in my opinion, I am including it here just to show how pretentiously BAD this kind of thing can be (as wonderfully dated as "Spooky Two" is, this one is equally horrifically dated)......French electronic musician Pierre Henry joined the boys for this one, and I guess it is supposed to sound like a church service or something.....guess what? It does......a very, very bad idea, check it out, sometimes it is FUN in retrospect to document the "Road  Suckville", no question where it began for Spooky Tooth.

Later in 1970,the band released "The Last Puff", which sucks as well....Wright is long gone, and the cover actually credits the album to "Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison", a clue to "suckville" if ever there were one......Harrison, Gosnover, and Kellie were all that were left of the "Evil Woman" crew, and Gosnover would leave after this (actually to change his name to Ariel Bender and join Mott the Hoople in time for "The Hoople", not the greatest effort in that band's category, but compared to the crap Spooky Tooth was churning out it was "Forever Changes" or something. He was replaced by Mick Jones who eventually founded Foreigner, OBVIOUSLY not a positive sign, and the reformed Spooky Tooth (Harrison, Jones, Wright who returned, bassist Chris Stewart, and drummer Bryson Graham) released the horrendously titled "You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw" (what WERE they thinking?), a bit more psychedelic, and actually, quite forgettable.

Original drummer Mike Kellie returned for 1973's "Witness", but the stain of future-Foreigner members was by now ingrained......so let's wrap this up......basically these guys made one kickass album ("Two"), and maybe another hour worth of decent material, despite some fine musicians. Harrison left after this, they released something called "The Mirror" in 1974 which I don't have, but, trust me, it doesn't matter much.

These talented musicians evidently could put out on stage, as "BBC Sessions (Live In Europe)" which was recorded in 1966 verifys, with good early versions of "Feelin' Bad", "Better By You", and more......we also have 1970 "Live at Berlin Wall", a really good one with what should be an obligatory live "Evil Woman"......

I've been pretty hard on them here, I guess, BUT so fucking what? Suckville is suckville, and sometimes the documentation of the downhill road to that place is interesting (OBVIOUS,even, when you're hiring guys who are going to wind up in Foreigner)......but the first album has its moments, "Spooky Two" is fairly essential for  of early 1970's hard rock, and both live albums are worth your time.......they are (deservedly) relatively forgotten today, and I tried to paint a picture of them from start to "finish" (even though evidently some of them try to go on with it even today, pity them they know not what they do)........so, the first two, the two lives are some good blues-rocking stuff, and there is almot a comedy factor in the rest of it.......grab what you want, but play "Evil Woman" LOUD, it's part of my Junior High soundtrack "WOOOOOOOOOOOMAN, I offer to ya My SOOOOOOUL".........ahhhhhhhhh!

IT'S ALL ABOUT-01 Society's Child/02 Love Really Changed Me/03  Here I Lived So Well/04 Too Much Of Nothing/05  Sunshine Help Me/06 It's All About A Roundabout/07 Tobacco Road/08 It Hurts You So/09  Forget It, I Got It/10 Bubbles

SPOOKY TWO-01  Waitin' for the Wind/02  Feelin' Bad/03  I've Got Enough Heartaches/04 Evil Woman/05  Lost in My Dreams/06  That Was Only Yesterday/07  Better by You, Better Than Me/
08  Hangman Hang My Shell on a Tree

THE MASTER SERIES-01 The Weight/.02 Love Really Changed Me/03 I Am The Walrus/04 Feelin' Bad05 Tobacco Road/06 The Wrong Time./07 Do Right People/08 Something To Say/09 Sunshine Help Me/10 Down River/11Things Change/12 Nobody There At All/13Society's Child/14 That Was Only Yesterday/15Son Of Your Father/16 Cotton Growing Man.

CEREMONY-01 Confession/02 Have Mercy/03 Credo/04 Offering/05 Hosanna/06 Prayer

THE LAST PUFF-01 I  Am the Walrus/02 The Wrong Time/03 Something To say/04 Nobody There at All/05 Down river/06 Son of Your Father/07 The Last Puff

YOU BROKE MY HEART SO I BUSTED YOUR JAW-01 Cotton Growing Man/02 Old As I Was Born/03 This Time Around/04 Holy Water/05 Wildfire/06 Self Seeking Man/07 Times Have Chagned/08 Moriah

WITNESS-01 Ocean of Power/02 Wings On My Heart/03 As Long As the World Keeps Turning/04 Don't Ever Stray Away/05 Things Change/06 All Sewn Up/07 Dream Me a Mountain/08 Sunlight of My Mind/09 Pyramids

1970 LIVE AT THE BERLIN WALL-01 Something To Say/02 I Am the Walrus/03 The Wrong Time/04 I Wanna Be Free/05 Son Of Your Father/06 Better By You Better Than Me/07 Along/08 Soulful Lady/09 Love Really Changed/10 Pretty Woman/11 Feelin' Bad/12 I Can't Quit Her/13 Evil Woman

BBC SESSION LIVE IN EUROPE-01 Sunshine Help Me/02 Too Much of Nothing/03 Feelin' Bad/04 The Weight/05 I Can't Quit Her/06 Blues Town/07 Pretty Colours/08 Sunshine/09 How/10 Better By You Better Than Me/11 Soulful Lady

Been pretty much stuck in an early 70's groove for a little while, still working on the Au Pairs mega-post (patience, tomorrow or Friday), but anyway, so WHAT? We can make the arguement that the rock n roll music of the early 1970's (1970-75 roughly) was the BEST five year period.....there is no "right" or "wrong" answer, here, obviously, and it depends on many subjective factors, such as where you "were" in life during the given period, but for me, personally, with a gun to my head, give me the 70-75 era......much MORE interesting to discuss would be the WORST such period, one might argue we are in such a period currently, but I'll go mid-1980's on this one (hair-metal is a HUGE points deduction, regardless of whatever the positives.

Sleep well, my lovely ladies and my wonderful friends......it is because of all of YOU that this blog exists!

Three Man Army

A Third of a LifetimeHowza bout, for a change, something from those hard rocking early 1970's? Last one for a while I promise, the updated and super-energized BigScott62/DaveSez colloboration on the truly best Au Pairs post EVER will finally be ready for tomorrow! But for today, examine these discs from Adrian Gurvitz, Paul Gurvitz, and a variety of drummers (Carmine Appice, Buddy Miles, Mike Kellie of Spooky Tooth,  et al)......not exactly Led Zeppelin or anything, but reinforcing my point that the five year span that began the 1970's produced an almost embarrassing volume of HARD ASS MOTHERFUCKING ROCK N ROLL.......some good, some not so good, but point being that the "not so good" stuff is at least fun, unlike say the  hair metal of the dreaded kidney stone of a (musical) decade, the 1980's, which is not only "not so good", but "boring beyond belief"......

Three Man ArmyRising from the ashes of Gun, the first album credited to Three Man Army was 1971's "A Third of a Lifetime"......pretty basic power trio rock n roll, nothing spectacular by any means, but an interesting track or two, "See What I Took", "Daze" (perhaps the highlight),and the oddball "Butter Queen" (sample lyric: "If your name is Barbara, how come the call you butter queen?"....the question, unfortunately, is never satisfactorilly answered)......maybe at best a (very) poor man's Cream....

Spending a couple years to think up a title for the follow up, they finally settled on "Three Man Army", recruiting a permanent drummer (Tony Newman) and cranking out a fairly generic set of hard rock tunes,  notably "Hold On" and "Come Down to Earth".....again, it's nothing spectacular, but I do have a soft spot for the minor league hard rockers of this era, as you may have determined.

Three Man Army TwoTheir third and final effort sports perhaps the most hilarious album title in history, wait for it, "Three Man Army Two" (?), it's a fair to decent Led Zeppelin imitation, if you've heard anything off of it, likely it is "Polecat Woman", after which Three Man Army would march off in a blaze of non-glory.....

Well. My encyclopedia-like mind must have failed me once again, for better or worse as we shall see (and remember, sniff, I nearly died from sleep apnea and suffered some minor brain damage in the incident. Please send me money).....I thought for certain that I had these three gems of the Nixon era on my shelf, so very certain that I wrote this thing up without checking......I'm usually right about these things, but this time, no thai-stick. However, gentle reader, you will be releived to discover that what i DO have is the (are you ready for this) TWO DISC BEST OF/COMPILATION (I wonder what the level of demand for such an item was), which pretty much DOES contain damn near everything on those three albums, certainly all of the highlights I alluded to above......knowing these dopes it's a wonder they didn't insist on calling it "Three Man Army III" or something, actually it goes by the much funnier "Soldiers of Rock", includes everything I could possibly ever want to here from these boyos, and is actually programmed quite well (randomly and not chronologically, but it works), probably (one of the somewhat rare cases) in which I'd recommend such a comp over the original albums....now, who knows what happened to my three original discs? (I found "A Third of a Lifetime", where are the other two?) Anyone know? I am about to go into ass-kicking mode.....I wonder if Scott Andridge or the gay agenda guy took them just out of pure meanness.

SOLDIERS OF ROCK DISC 1-01 Polecat Woman/02 Mahesha/03 Another Day/04 Flying/05 Travellin/06 Woman/07 Three Man Army/08 In My Eyes/09 Take Me Down the Mountain/10 What's My Name/11 Daze/12 I Can't Make the Blind See/13 Burning Angel/14 Take a Look at the Light/15 My Yiddishe Mama/16 Hold On

SOLDIERS OF ROCK DISC 2-01 Irving/02 The Trip/03 Butter Queen/04 Together/05 Come Down to Earth/06 Agent Man/07 Today/08 Nice One/09 A Third of  a Lifetime/10 Can't Leave the Summer/11 Midnight/12 See What I Took/13 Space is the Place/14 Doctor/15 You'll Find Love/16 Don't Wanna Go Right Now

OK, Au Pairs bonanza tomorrow, maybe something over the weekend that will be far from the early-70's hard rock groove I've been in this week......we can only wait and see, I suppose, but you know it will be earth shattering.

At last, the ultimate Au Pairs

OK, I know I have fucked this up to a degree......the story is thus. A couple months ago or whenever, I did a little Au Pairs post (actualy it was 12/17/13, and I had all of two albums, "Playing With a Different Sex" and "Sense and Sensuality".....the links for both are still good, as far as I know):


Anyway, after posting, I got material from a couple of people, notably Dave Sez but also HowlinWolf0864 flooded me with killer stuff from the band the very next day......I wrote them up as such, and these links should all be just fine as well here too:


For whatever reason have got a spate of emails today, WITH contributions to the blog, which is FUCKING EXCELLENT (less work for your uncle).......I am working on a Mega-post of the Jam, also one of Yo La Tengo, both of which I have MUCH more material than I thought and am going to have to break into multiple posts (more work than I need at this time of year with the yultide festivities and all that shit)........anyway, for whatever reason my Au Pairs post drew a HUGE response, lots of hits, lots of downloads, and a couple "blog friends" contributing some extra goods from that act.

Our first contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, contributes a pair of links for us, "Live in Berlin":


As well as the Au Pairs final show from 1983, with (evidently, I haven't had the chance to listen yet) includes some demos, live stuff, lots of stuff which sounds GREAT to me.....check it HERE:


He also shares with us what he refers to as "very rare Dutch 1984 12" EP from Dojoji, produced after Leslie Woods had left the Au Pairs, breaking up the group. With Dutch funk musicians Dojoji, she does vocals - very good, including a version of one of the 1983 demos."

Sounds pretty awesome to me, don't know about you, but here it fucking be:


"Anonymous" also provides us with a track list for the Berlin show, and here IT fucking be:

01 Game *

02 Let's Make Love *

03 Sex Machine (Dear John)

04 Love Song

05 She's Nothing *

06 It's Obvious *

07 Headache For Michelle                                            

08 Music *

09 Armagh

10 Repetition (Written by David Bowie)

11 So Cool

12 Come Again

13 Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)

14 (Domestic) Departure *

15 (Kerb) Crawler *

* = omitted from later official release

I thank "anonymous" SO FUCKING MUCH for this share, he says he has a bunch more, if he does, BRING IT OUT! The benefits are twofold....one, we ALL get to share in these great tunes, and two, it's less work for Da Big Guy! What could be better? This guy also says he has a bunch of Jam and Gang of Four rare/live/whatever stuff, which would be amazing when we get around to THOSE great bands (as I said, working on The Jam even NOW).....so hit his shit hard, APPRECIATE IT, say "thanks" and maybe he will share MORE of his fine collection with the rest of us, as we all grow closer and closer to our own "personal perfect music collection"!

Now, another of "my" minions, Howlinwolf0864 ALSO has some Au Pairs stuff and has generously agreed to share it with the rest of us....he offers up what is evidently a DIFFERENT Berlin show than the one above, as well as an awesome sounding BBC sessions set (really,, I can't WAIT to hear all this shit, you guys are amazing and this is EXACTLY the way I wish for this lame-ass blog to work)....I am uploading his shares to Zippy as we speak and they will be available soon, check the comments section. Here is the track list for the BBC Sessions:

01 Monogamy.mp3
02 Pretty boys.mp3
03 Come again.mp3
04 Ideal woman.mp3
05 Dear John.mp3
06 The love song.mp3
07 It_s obvious.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 Unfinished business.mp3
And 11 more... (sorry, you'll hafta figue out those "11 more" on yer own, I don't have all fucking night!)

and here is the track list for the Berlin show:
01 Diet.mp3
02 Headache For Michelle.mp3
03 Dear John.mp3
04 Love Song.mp3
05 Set Up.mp3
06 Inconvenience.mp3
07 Armagh.mp3
08 Repetition.mp3
09 We're So Cool.mp3
And 2 more...
Again, dunno bout the "2 more" do a little research for Drew Barrymore's sake! (she's with child again, how I only wish it had been my seed to have done the job....nevermind)

Now,OK FOR THESE LINKS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, they will be there soon. I'm not a huge "artwork" guy (bare bones white labels for this guy) BUT our friend Howlinwolf has provided links for those as well, so if ya check the comments section in a little while, they will be there as well.



Back to the present time for a moment, there were on that date in the comments section some more links and track lists, sorry if I'm repeating them, but, you know my adversity to work of course:

BBC artwork


Berlin artwork

Tracklist :

01 Monogamy
02 Pretty Boys
03 Come Again
04 Ideal Woman
05 Dear John
06 The Love Song
07 It’s Obvious
08 Repetition
09 Unfinished Business 
10 Diet
11 We’re So Cool
12 Armagh
13 The Set-Up
14 Headache
15 Intact
16 Shakedown
17 Slider (Instant Touch)
18 America
19 Steppin’ Out Of Line
20 Sex Without Stress

The "and 2 more" on the Berlin offical release are:

10 Cum Again
11 Piece Of My Heart (written by Ragovoy)

Cheers, Dave Sez.

Hell, I thought that was the end of it......but, still the good stuff came......erroneoulsy I would just stick it with another band's work, which, as Dave Sez correctly pointed out, isn't the most effiecient use for when wants to do a search.....with which I agree wholeheartedly. He's talking of sending some Television and other stuff, and I promise I will do it RIGHT this time, I'm just used to doing this without any help!!


Next time I got any Au Pairs from Dave Sez would be January 23, a Live set fom 1980, and here are the links for that:

ON January 28th, I recieved some MOREgreat stuff from Dave Sez, stuck the links with some other band (NEVER again, we need maximum exposure for each band we take on!).....Dave Sez sent me a set of 1983 demos AU PAIRS 1983 DEMOS:

An incredible bonus rarity from the Devil Dykes


And a 3 Part Au Pairs 1981 Demo (FLAC)

AU PAIRS 81 Part 1




Then on February , Dave Sez provided us with a1981 Rotterdam show from the au Pairs:



THis is where things went sort of askew thanks to the "funny" trolls and a misunderstanding between Dave Sez and Julian, which I hope has been resolved........anyway, we're all on the same team here, let's not get mad at each other.....I hope you guys worked it out and all is good now.

So,recently, today or yesterday, Dave Sez sends me the remainder of the Au Pairs stuff, and he has ALSO written some text, God love him.......take it, Dave Sez:

Au Pairs 1980-84 megapost - live and demos (FLAC/mp3@320)
From the Dave Sez archive.
80.09.13 SDB Birmingham Golden Eagle [AUD B+ FLAC]
Come Again
It's Obvious
Unfinished Business
Thanks to StevieD !
81.00.00 demos, Balsal Heath, Birmingham [STU A- FLAC]
We're So Cool
Unfinished Business
Set Up
Dear John
It's Obvious
We're So Cool
Headache (For Michele)
Thanks to StevieD !
1983 Demos for unfinished album @192, thanks to saltyka!:
Beat Of A Machine
Lion Love
Two tracks only released on out-of-print 1993 RPM CD 16-track release of "Sense and Sensuality", see http://www.discogs.com/Au-Pairs-Sense-Sensuality/release/391473.
They were excluded from Castle's 2002 10-track CD re-release, which corrected speed problems. The four remaining 1983 demos are included on the 2006 Au Pairs anthology,
Stepping Out Of Line, listed below.
Special bonus:
Devil's Dykes, a group that only produced two tracks on the Vaultage '78 compilation LP produced by Attrix Records of Brighton.
Plastic Flowers
Jen Green - vocals, rhythm guitar
Stella Morgan -keyboards
Heather de Lyon - drums
Pete Clarke - bass
Sal Horne -reggae scraper
Both essential Au Pairs compilations - Stepping Out Of Line (the two studio albums, rare singles and 1983 demos) and the Complete Peel Sessions have been kindly provided in both FLAC and mp3@320 here, thanks to voixautre:
81.06.20 Berlin Tempodrome, International Women's Festival [SBD B+ @ 320]
A partial version was widely bootlegged and later officially released as Live in Berlin. This is the fullest version of the gig, missing only Diet and Set-Up, taken from the German cassette bootleg (Fight Back Produktion, 1981)
Game *
Let's Make Love *
Sex Machine (Dear John)
Love Song
She's Nothing *
It's Obvious *
Headache For Michelle
Music *
Repetition (Written by David Bowie)
So Cool
Come Again
Piece Of My Heart (Written by Berns/Ragovoy)
(Domestic) Departure *
(Kerb) Crawler *
* = omitted from later official release
Find it here thanks to http://433rpm.blogspot.com/2010/07/au-pairs-live-tape-fight-back.html
1981.08.16 Rotterdam New Pop Festival [SBD A- FLAC]
Headache (For Michelle)
Dear John
It's Obvious
Thanks to StevieD !
81.08.23 Sterrenbos, Groningen [FM A- FLAC]
Headache for Michelle
Dear John
It's Obvious
Thanks to darkcircleroom3.blogspot.com!
81.10.03 Berkeley Square Theatre, Berkeley CA [SBD A- FLAC]
Set Up
We're So Cool
Headache (For Michele)
Instant Touch
It's Obvious
Thanks to StevieD !
82.09.23 Stockholm Lund [AUD B+ FLAC]
That's When It's Worth It
Instant Touch
Headache (For Michelle)
Sex Without Stress
Don't Lie Back
Set Up
Steppin' Out Of Line
We're So Cool
Dear John / It's Obvious
Thanks to StevieD !
83.02.00 Au Pairs' last gig - probable date and venue: 03-05.02.83, Frauenklang Festival 1983, Arena, Vienna, Austria [SBD B+ @ 320].
I Make You (aka Music)
Sex Without Stress
This Country (aka Runs With Honey)* ***
Lion Love**
Communication (aka Headache for Michelle)
Beat Of A Machine**
Get Out Of The Way (?)
From the Land Of The Setting Sun (aka Hokka He Ha)*
Starred tracks were also recorded in the studio in 1983-4 and released on *"Stepping Out Of Line" anthology **1993 RPM CD 16-track out-of-print release of "Sense and Sensuality" ***Dojoji, 1984 Dutch mini-LP with Lesley Woods
Find it here thanks to http://433rpm.blogspot.com/2010/09/au-pairs-live-1983-tape-1983.html or here thanks to http://auralsculptors.blogspot.com/2014/02/20-from-83-18-au-pairs-frauenklang.html
84.00.00 Dojoji, Dutch mini-LP with Lesley Woods on vocals on all tracks [vinyl rip @320]
A1 Quincunx (Look Out) 6:41
A2 Peh Peh Ook 6:06
B1 Fer Micello (Leaving Her Dreams Behind) 3:16
B2 Kiets Lorren (Runs With Honey) 4:37
B3 Katchakali 6:38

NB: Track B2 is a reprise of an Au Pairs song. The lyrics to tracks A1 and B1 to B3 are by Lesley Woods. All artwork included. On Dojoji, see http://www.discogs.com/artist/815689-Dojoji.
Thanks to missmondo!
Cheers, Dave Sez. He has since sent me shows from Lund, which I am currently uploading and the comments section shortly......NOW, if I could ask a favor of any of you to help this post stay alive and current? PLEASE? A lot of the links above that Dave has generously provided are to other sites/blogs, which  fine, I have no problem with that......but right now, with as badly as I screwed this post up, combined with a high-school basketball playing son and some other stuff, I WOULD LIKE to individually download them all, and create my own links so should they go bad on the other sites, we will still have ALL this Au Pairs greatness here for prosperity.....problem is I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO IT, neither does Dave.....can a few of you, if you download the files anyway, could you upload one or two of them to Zippy and post them in the comments section of this post? If you need help as to how to do it I will help you, but if a few of would do just one or two each, we can make this hopefully a more permanent thing......ONLY the links that take you to other sites mind ya....I know this post is very confusing, Dave and myself plan on collaborating on some future posts (Television next, and I have a TON of Television, so with what he has, that is really going to be something)......and in those future posts, things will be done correctly so the post will be a more "permanent"thing for anyone who wants it.....but if we could get some help with this one, JUST on the links to other sites, the remainder can be found either above or in the comments section. Sorry for the mess I've made of this, but it's something new, these collaborative efforts, and something that I think will be great for everyone.

OK, I'm starting to upload links now......probably some will be here twice, and if I forget one or two, let me know.....I am NOT well organized, nor was I prepared for this, future collaborations will be MUCH better I promise....thanks to Dave Sez, Howlin Wolf, and anyone else who has helped or will help with this post.......when we get the Television one ready, I personally promise you I will be FAR more ready and it will be a real intestine popper.....enjoy this one, and if I need to fix something, let me know please......

Putting me in MY place!

A lot of hard work and thought obviously went into the following comments, so I wanted to make sure you didn't miss them......ok, what would you guys prefer that I do, and I will do it.....I mean, if the stuff were actually FUNNY it would be a lot different, but when one actually thinks calling the Doors "The Bores" is funny, well, that is really just wasting YOU GUYS' time, which I'd not desire to do.....this will be the final time I point stuff like this out to you, because I'm going to have to do one of the following, I suppose: 1) use comment moderation 2) simply delete this fellow's comments when they appear 3) continue to allow the comments to appear, without comment of my own.....personally, I don't care much for the first two options, as I have always maintained that ANYONE should be allowed to say whatever they want here, and I want to remain true to my beliefs.......but if it is too much of a pain in the ass to you guys, the ones who enjoy the blog, speak up and I will use the most favored method.....I mean, I've tried reasoning with the gentleman and it is ALWAYS the same thing, he's just kidding and won't do it anymore and then a couple days later, we are back to square one. He flat out refuses to explain what it is exactly that he wants me to do, I am ALWAYS open to suggestions to improve the blog, but none are ever forthcoming. I suppose that just leaving this person's comments as they are (WITHOUT follow up comment from me) sort of allows him to "speak for himself", so to speak, I think it IS fun to observe "tough guys" on the internet, but the main concern is you guys who actually DO like some of the stuff I do, I have an obligation to try to deliver you a (somewhat) quality effort (within reason, meaning, as I've said before, that I don't have to do too much work)......and you guys REALLY shouldn't have to sift through all of this person's ramblings......Sir, we all KNOW you don't care for the blog, and we KNOW you don't approve of homosexuals......NOW what? As I've said before, I need to know what it is you WANT ME TO DO before I can do anything to make this a more enjoyable experience for you.......I just do not for the life of me understand why you would want to annoy/bother the fine people who DO enjoy the blog and the music that I choose to put on it.....as always, EVERYONE is welcome here, myself if I disliked a site (or ANYTHING) as much as you obviously do, I'd avoid it like the plague, but different strokes, I guess......the people who read/share/contribute/whatever here DO NOT deserve your deluges of idiocy......so, I implore you, PLEASE make it easy on all involved and just stay away. I DON'T WANT to use comment moderation or begin censoring people's comments......not really what I am about, but I guess if I have to, I will, out of consideration for the guests who really LIKE what I'm trying to do here.

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At least, one of the 12 best Steve Miller Band posts, ever

First of all, I've always had a soft spot for the Steve Miller Band, because my name is Scott Miller and people are CONSTANTLY, mistakenly, calling me "Steve", been going on my whole life, I must "look like" a "Steve".....whatever, there was also a band called SCOTT Miller and the Commonwealth....they sucked, pretty much, so perhaps it  is better, actually, to be called "Steve". Anyfuckingway......

The Steve Miller Band had a sort of odd career, IMO.....kind of like Fleetwood Mac, maybe, or Bob Seger, they put out tons of good shit that a very small niche of people actually HEARD, biding their time I guess until the market was "right" for their stuff......the first a lot of people heard of the Steve Miller Band was around 1973, when "The Joker" was a big hit, and they followed it up with a BUNCH of other AOR-type hits, some decent ("Jungle Love"), some, "not as much" shall we say ("Abbracadabra", "Fry Like a Beagle").......thing is they had been putting out superior shit for quite some time, and for whatever reason, the time wasn't quite right for it......the first 5-6 albums are quite good, really good, jamming blues/psych, stuff that a LOT of folks are unfamiliar with......so let us remedy that.....I'm not going to put up the post-"Joker" stuff, you guys can find that easy enough if you wanted and if you care probably already own it.

The debut, 1968's "Children of the Future" is quite a fine album, actually, and has stood up very well over the years. If you've never heard this, PLEASE check this out, it's a really fine piece of psychedelic blues, (original lineup: singer/guitarist Steve Miller, guitarist Boz Skaggs, bassist Lonnie Turner, keyboardist Jim Peterman, and drummer Tim Davis).....highly recommended and quite a bit ahead of it's time, in my opinion, if you are only familiar with the later AOR stuff, you might get quite a pleasant surprise here.

Later the same year (MAN bands really used to crank out the "product") was the also very good "Sailor", really fine stuff....some may know "Living in the USA", maybe not as much "Song For Our Ancestors" and some of the rest, again, a top notch effort.

"Brave New World" came out in 1969, with the fab "Space Cowboy" and title track, Glyn Johns replaced Scaggs for this one....another good effort, for my money.....next, and later the same year, came "Your Saving Grace", maybe not as great as the others, but which still has it's moments, "Baby's House" and "Little Girl".

1970 saw release of the lads' fifth album, as always, I wonder how much time/effort went into titleing it "Number 5", still, though, a decent effort with some good keyboard work from Nicky Hopkins. 1971's "Rock Love" (such a bad title that "Number 6" would have been preferable) has a live side and a studio side, for the first time on record, these boys show off their considerable live chops, the studio side is pretty good as well with the very fine "Deliverance".....

OK, after this they would hit it "big", whatever, if you like the stuff, great, I like some of it as well.....but like the aforementioned Fleetwood Mac and Bob Seger, once mass popularity struck, the quality dropped off a bit in my opinion......ONLY my opinion, if you are a big fan of Miller's "big hits", hunt Pirate Bay for the (pretty good) "Greatest Hits" or "Book of Dreams" which contains the kick ass "The Stake"......that isn't what I'm trying to document here, though, I MUCH prefer the old stuff, and, again, if you are not familair, please check it out, you may be surprised.

Since I am such a cool guy though I will contribute what I think is a pretty hard to find boot, Winterland SF 3/17/73, which is really good, touches on a lot of the highlights of the earlier albums JUST before "The Joker" made Miller a "star"......please listen and let me know what you think.

CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE-01 Children of the Future/02 Pushed Me To It/03 You've Got the Power/04 In My First Mind/05 The Beauty of Time Is that it's Snowing (Psychedelic BB)/06 Baby's Calling Me Home/07 Steppin Stone/08 Roll With It/09 Junior Saw I Happen/10 Fannie Mae/11 Key to the Highway

SAILOR-01 Song For Our Ancestors/02 Dear Mary/03 My Friend/04 Living in the USA/05 Quicksilver Girl/06 Lucky Man/07 Gangster of Love/08 You're So Fine/09 Overdrive/10 Dime-A-Dance Romance

BRAVE NEW WORLD-01 Brave New World/02 Celebration Song/03 Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heatbeat/04 Got Love Cause You Need It/05 Kow Kow/06 Seasons/07 Space Cowboy/08 LT's Midnigt Dream/09 My Dark Hour

YOUR SAVING GRACE-01 Little Girl/02 Just a Passin Fancy In a Midnight Dream/03 Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around/04 Baby's House/05 Motherless Children/06 The Last Wombat In Mecca/07 Feel So Glad/08 Your Saving Grace

NUMBER 5-01 Good Morning/02 I Love You/03 Going to the Country/04 Hot Chili/05 Tokin's/06 Goin' To Mexico/07 Steve Miller's Midnight Tango/08 Industrial Military Complex Hex/09 Jackson-Kent Blues/10 Never Kill Another Man

ROCK LOVE-01 Intro/The Gangster Is Back/02 Blues Without Blame/03 Love Shock/04 Let Me Serve You/05 Rock Love/06 Harbor Lights/07 Deliverance

WINTERLAND SF 3/17/73-01 Kowkow Calqulator/02 Going to the Country/03 The Sun Is Going Down/04 Come On In My Kitchen/05 Brave New World/06 Motherless Children/07 I Love You/08 Welcome/09 My Dark Hour/10 Jackson-Kent Blues/11 Living In the USA/12 Space Cowboy/13 Unknown/14 The Gangster is Back/15 Sugar Baby/16 Crossroads/17 Evil/18 Shu Ba Da Du Ma Mu Ma/ 19 Going to Mexico/20 Seasons

By request Wayne/Jayne County

Someone requsted this a couple of days ago, sorry I can't locate who it was......I really DON'T have a lot of his/her stuff, any additional contributions are welcome.....but as this stuff is fairly hard to locate, I hope this at least provides a starting point for whomever requested it. Can hardly wait for the comments posted over this one.

OK, Wayne County, in case you are unaware, was an early regular at Max's and CBGB, this prior to the punk scene actually being referred to as such, thus, acquiring at least partial "pioneer" status, should that be the term for which I search. Some of the earlier material, creditted to "Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys", appears on the album "Wayne County at the Trucks"....ok, keep in mind that this is one act with which I lack a LOT of familiarity, I could get some "facts" wrong here, I beleive that "At the Trucks" was released in the 2000's sometime, but music comes from the early 1970's......sample titles, which as in the case of say GG Alin, say almost as much as the music...."Fucked By the Devil", "Surrender Your Gender", "Queenage Baby"......as interesting  historical document as one could hope for.

The next (chronologically) thing I have here is an EP creditted to Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, with the singles "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night", "Fuck Off", "Trying to Get on the Radio", and "Evil Minded Momma"....release date 1976/7?

Then comes a gap for which I don't have the material....a self titled LP, also an EP "Blatently Offensive" (I MAY know someone who has that one, I will check....update: found it!)......Now, at some point here, Wayne underwent a sex change operation, began identifying herself as a female, and performing under the name Jayne County. She has released a fair amount of stuff on various smaller lables, what I have here is a live "Rock N Roll Resurrection", featuring some updated versions of a lot of the more familiar early stuff ("Fuck Off", "Are You a Boy"), also some newer material I guess......to me this is not really great stuff, interesting, however, most would say it is. Best I can tell "Resurrection" dates to the early 1980's......

We have a couple of efforts from the 1990's here, "Deviation", which has a cover of "Cherry Bomb"(!), "I'm In Love With Dusty Springfield", "Transgneder Rock N Roll", maybe (argueable) the strongest set that I have......"Goddess of Wet Dreams" dates to around the same era, a couple Dolls covers and yet another version of "Fuck Off".

What else, what else.....Pirate bay turns up one I've never heard of "Let Your Backbone Slip", release date of 2004, but I haven't listened to it, and am unsure if it's older or newer material, live or studio, sample titles reveal the continued deliberatly "shocking" flair: "When Queens Collide", "Waiting for the Marines"......I looked it up on Amazon, some of the stuff is referred to as demos, this might be an odds and ends collection, I simply don't know.

As I said, I am not terribly familar with her stuff, at first glance I would throw it in a category with GG Alin (with whom I am VERY familar and did a huge megapost on), material designed to shock, and, honestly, I like that to a degree, it's been a theme that runs through rock n roll forever, how far can we push the envelope.....

Late update Pirate Bay also turns up "The Safari Years", a set of three albums, none of which are among the above: 1978 "Storm the Gates of Heaven", 1978 "The Electric Chairs", and 1979 "Things Your Mother Never Told You"......I am rushing to get this stuff bundled and uploaded, so again, this is material I have not heard, see track lists below......since it's Pirate Bay stuff, any artwork or text will be included so as to help should you be interested in piecing together this puzzle.

I don't really like doing stuf like this, stuff that I have not listened to in years and had a limited familiarity with anyway.....I do try to fill requests though, if I can, so whomever asked for this stuff, I hope this is at least a starting point for you. As for the stuff that I took from the Bay, I guess we'll all find out together.....please keep any requests coming, the stuff I already had was nowhere to be found on the bay or elsewhere, so I'm guessing it IS hard to locate......glad to help out.....fire away with the "comments'

WAYNE COUNTY & THE BACKSTREET BOYS-AT THE TRUCKS-01 (Intro) Man Made Woman/02 Wonder Woman/03 Queenage Baby/04 Stick It In Me/05 Stuck On You/06 Got Time If You Got the Place/07 Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl/08 You Gotta Get layed To Stay Healthy/09 Man Enough To Be a Woman/10 Putty/11 Fucked By the Devil/12 Prostitute With a Parachute/13 Surrender Your Gender/14 Max's Kansas City

WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS-SINGLES-01 I had Too Much to Dream last Night/02 Fuck Off/03 Trying To Get on the Radio/04 Evil Minded Momma

JAYNE COUNTY-ROCK N ROLL RESURRECTION-01 Night Time/02 Rock N Roll Cleopatra/03 Are You a boy Or Are You a Girl/04 Bad In Bed/05 Hanky Panky/06 Rock N Roll Resurrection/07 Fucked By the Devil/08 Cream In My Jeans/09 Stuck On You/10 Fuck Off

DEVIATION-01 Transgender Rock N Roll/02 That's What the New Breed Say (Punk Mix)/03 Cherry Bomb/04 Deviation/05 I'm In Love With Dusty Springfield/06 Everyone's an Asshole But Me/07 That's What the New Breed Say (Psych Mix)/08 Texas Chainsaw Manicurist/09 Little Star/10 Come on Down To My Boat/11 Nuclear Age Vampires

GODDESS OF WET DREAMS-01 Night Time/02 Cream In My Jeans/03 Paranoia Paradise/04 Looking For a Kiss/05 If You Don't Want To Fuck--Fuck Off!/06 Johnny Gone to Heaven/07 Private World/08 Brainwashed/09 Take a Detour/10 Party Till Armageddon

LET YOUR BACKBONE SLIP-01 Max's/02 Are You a boy Or Are You a Girl/03 28 Model T/04 Berlin/05 Lady Dye Twist/06 Time Machine/07 Mr Normal/08 Fun In Amerika/09 When Queens Collide/10 No One Woman Can Satisfy No One Man All the Time/11 Tomorrow Is Another Day/12 Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl (Demo)/13 Plain of Nazca/14 I Fell In Love With a Russian Soldier/15 Love Lives On Lies/16 Big Black Window/17 Fun In Amerika (Demo)/18 Midnight Pal/19 Waiting for the Marines/20 Bad In Bed

STORM THE GATES OF HEAVEN-01 Storm The Gates of Heaven/02 Cry of Angels/03 Speed Demon/04 Mr Normal/05 Man Enough to Be a Woman/06 Trying To Get On the Radio/07 I had Too much To Dream Last Night/08 Tomorrow Is Another Day/09 Evil Minded Momma

THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS-01 Eddie & Sheena/02 Bad In Bed/03 Hot Blood/04 Worry Wart/05 28 Model T/06 Out of Control/07 Max's Kansas City/08 On the Crest/09 Plain the Nazca/10 Big Black Window/11 Take It/12 Rock N Roll Resurrection/13 Fuck Off/14 Night Time/15 Toilet Love/16 Mean Mutha Fuckin Man

THINGS YOUR MOTHER NEVER TOLD YOU-01 Wonder Woman/02 Wall City Girl/03 Boy With the Stolen Face/04 Un-Con-Troll-Able/05 Things Your Mother Never Told You/06 Berlin/07 C3/08 Midnight PAL/09 Waiting For the Marines/10 Think Straight/11 So Many Ways/12 J'attends les Marines

BLATENTLY OFFENZIVE-01 Fuck Off/02 Night Time/03 Eddie & Sheena/04 Bad In Bed/05 Hot Blood/06 Out of Control/07 Toilet Love/08 Mean Mutha Fuckin Man/09 On The Crest/10 Big Black Window/11 Take It/12 Rock N Roll Resurrection

Geez, thought this one would be pretty easy, never imagined there would be much of ANYTHING on Pirate bay, and there's a good bit....I've not heard a LOT of this stuff, there's a good bit of overlap, but I'll try to give it all a listen in the next couple days, since I am not really as familar with this as most of the stuff i post, I am extra-interested in the opinions/reviews of others in this case (I ALWAYS am, of course)

Mystic Siva-a very good one!

Some excellent early 70's heavy psych, Mystic Siva were from Detroit Michigan, guitarist Al Tozzi, drummer Dave Mascarin, keyboardist/vocalist Mark Heckert, and bassist/vocalist Art Theinel. The self titled debut album (1971) is something of an overlooked masterwork, wonderfully spooky organ playing, lashing acid fuzz guitars, drugged out lyrics....I could, I suppose, point out some "highlights", ("Sunshine is Too Long", "Keeper of the Keys"), but really the whole thing is pretty damned awesome, don't know why I've never posted this before actually, I guess I just figured that I had, it's long been a favorite of mine.

The follow up, "Under the Influence" is not quite as good as the debut, it features live recordings of a bunch of the tracks from the debut as well as a bunch of cover versions, interesting, but not nearly as essential as the first album.

Not much to say, you want this album (the first one), it's as good as this stuff gets......something else tomorrow, God knows what.

MYSTIC SIVA-01 Keeper of the Keys/02 And When You Go/03 Eyes Have Seen Me/04 Come On Closer/05 Sunshine Is Too Long/06 Spinning a Spell/07 Supernatural Mind/08 Find Out Why/09 Magic Luv/10 Touch the Sky/11 In a Room

UNDER THE INFLUENCE-01 Keep Your Head/02 Spinning a Spell/03 Come On Closer/04 Supernatural Mind/05 Come Together/06 Magic Luv/07 Find Out Why/08 I'm a Man/09 Tobacco Road/10 Sitting In a Room/11 Black Sheep

Maquina! And a day or two away........

A fantastic one today from early 1970's prog-psych
 legends Maquina!......hard to find a lot of serious information about them, they operated under Franco's dictatorial reign in Spain, just guessing they were not a favorite of the Generalisimo's. The phemnominal debut "Why?" is a great one, wonderful Hammond-organ driven psych stuff with some fine guitar work as well, from what I read the album in 1970 was considered such a blow against the empire that a rival band (Tapiman) issued an album track called "Don't Ask Why"......nonetheless, this is a total kickass album/period piece.....the nearly 1/2 hour title track is a bit much, but please consider the time /place, and I think we have a monumnetal "fuck you" to a dick weed dictator, always a good thing.....TOTAL period/place piece, but no doubt enjoyalbe, the rest of the album seem to be quite Beatles influenced ("Let Me Born", "Earth's Daughter")......recently listened to this one with some friends, the opinions were WIDELY divergent, (ie some love it, some hate it, what ya gonna do?).....I recommend it highly, not a "classic" by any means. but a good album and VERY indicative of a VERY specific place and time in the history of this planet we call earth.

The follow up "En Directo" is not really as good, in my opinion, a jazzier, more prog, less rock-prog rock, not bad but not the work the debut is.......the highlight is perhaps the long "Chains", but this is far less rocking than the debut......so, basically, if you like it, fine, if you only want one as a sampler, no contest , go for "Why?"

Kinda hard to get much information about these hombres, but the albums ARE enjoyable (Even the second one should you be in the right frame of mind)......."Why?" though, is a sort of "semi-classic", which comes highly recommended ny your uncle. If you do not consider ME the "king of absolute variety", just what DO you consider me? (Actually, never mind, fuck it!)

WHY-01 I Beleive/02 Why/03 Why (continued)/04 Let Me Born/05 Earth's Daughter/06 Look AwayOur Happiness

EN DIRECTO-01 Could That Time/02 All Right Under the Rain/03 Chains/4 Sunrise Horse/05 Wild Side of Life/06 Time Is Over/07 Blues En F/08 Look Away Our Happiness/09 Sonata/10 I Can Only Fly But Very Well

Enjoy this, get caught up, myself and the lovely Mrs BigScott62 (BigCarla66) are going to take a couple of days to cash in the casino comps, win big at the tables, and enjoy a little bit of that hard-core adult lovin' time now that BigGrant97's basketball season is over.....take it light for a day or two and likely I'll see everyone this weekend, refreshed by my huge winnings at the blackjack table, and with lots more fab rock n roll to share with everyone.......all have a good Wed/Thur and I'll try to get another post up Friday......hope ya can stand the absence!

For my good friend Jose, the Vinyl Garage Underground Series

THE PRETTY THINGS / THE SMALL FACESAway for a couple days, had a great time, won enough at the blackjack table to just about offset my wife's losses in the slot machines (generally my goal), but with all we've been through the past few months, excellent to just get away and kick back for a few days....I had thought my sonBigGrant97 was to guest here, thought it might be interesting to get some of HIS favorite stuff, thought it might be interesting to get a 16 year old's viewpoint on some stuff, but you know how kids can be......

Anyway I recieved an email from my wonderful friend Jose Kortozirkuito, carekeeper of the wonderful blog Tommenton en la cuadra (Jose was the creator of the Garage Bands/Dylan comp a while back, which is great, and has helped out with lots of other stuff around here that I didn't have.....he requested a couple volumes of "The Vinyl Garage Underground" that he had lost, it is a sprawling 21 volume, internet-only creation (I think it appeared on the now-defunct "Psychedelic Lion" blog)......so, not only happy to help out my amigo Jose, why don't we just put up the whole series for any of you who may have missed it the first time......so,at 21 volumes, let's do 7 a day now till Sunday, Jose needed volume 15/16 I think, so he has to wait until Sunday for them, I guess.

If you have tons and tons of comps already of this type of thing, you could certainly program it differently and wind up with 7 or 8 GREAT discs instead of 21 good ones, depending on what you already have, but as a whole these are good, in particular if you DON'T have a lot of comps such as these.....as I said before NOT a lot of lame tracks here, and some inclusions that ususally miss the comps (Rolling Stones, SRC, Johnny Winter)

So, today volumes 1-7......and be certain you visit http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.es/, a fine blog (ie a LOT better one than this, although it is in el Espanol, but rock n roll is (check this scholarly observation) the UNIVERSAL language......I know, gag.

There is a lot of great stuff on these discs, NOT a lot of REALLY rare stuff, but some, and the relative absence of dog cuts is a plus, making these into, at the very least, a fine listening experience.
Volume 1 features such easy (but good) picks as "Hey Joe" by the Leaves and the (great) "Midnight to Six Man by the Pretty Things (which for whatever reason, seems to be fairly rarely comped), mixed in among fine stuff from First ow to the Moon, Mourning Reign, Nova Local, The Creation.....33 tracks and hardly a bad one in the bunch.

Volume 2 goes a little bit less obvious, there is a Remains track but NOT "Don't Look Back" and compilation semi-regulars Zakary Thaks and Moving Sidewalks, but also stuff from the Starfires, The Tree, Blackrock, Kare Takers.....lots of good stuff here.

The obvious tracks on Volume 3, again, are fairly great ones ("You're Gonna Miss Me" by the 13th Floor Elevators, "Too Much to Dream" by the Electric Prunes, "Liar Liar"), but the Hollies "Hey Willie" doesn't turn up often, nor does the Young Rascals "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" (anyone remember the cover by the glam band Angel on the "White Hot" album? Pretty good I think. Fuck you.)....we get the Yardbirds, Maxine Sellrs, Rex Garvin, Nashville Teens, Ohio Express.....a fine blend of frequently comped and not-so-comped material

por Chiflágoras » 09.02.07 10:49Moving on to Volume 4.....The Rolling Stones hardly EVER make this kind of comp, probably due to record label politics on commercially created endeavors, but they be here, couple of tracks from Jeff Beck, also some lesser-available stuff as Heinz, Strawberry Children, Amen Corner, London Fog.....another winning disc.

Volume 5 hits us with the Stones again, Johnny Winter, The Iguanas, Us Too, the under apprecaited Jelly Bean Bandits......this guy did a fairly masterful job of creating this com, spreading out the easy pickings  (ie "Nuggets" tracks) with lesser known stuff, as well as well known but less-comped stuff (sounds ODD, really, to hear the Stones on one of these, but but who made crude, punky singels any better?

Blues Project Reunion?Moving along to Volume 6, the magnificent SRC ("Black Sheep") appears, Terry Knight and the pack, the Stones again, a fairly rare Standells track ("Peppermint Beatle"), The Kinks.....lesser knowns would include Noel Odom & the Group, Moanin' Glories, the Cavedwellers, and the sort of admittedly odd inclusion of Big Brother  the Holding Company's "Combination of the Two" (I don't know, good song, just doesn't quite "feel right" here at least to me)

And for today we shall wrap this up with Volume 7, there are some not-as-great tracks here from Syndicate of Sound and Strawberry Alarm Clock (although to the creator's credit NOT their well known stuff), Spirit is rarely comped in this sort of grouping, and you have to forgive a LOT for the inclusion of Moby Grape's positively smoldering "Omaha", an old favorite of mine.

This is a good set....as I said you MAY wish to reprogram, or not, but either way, you get some good stuff here.....hats off to the guy who created this (and I SHOULD know his name, I'll try to find it for tomorrow), he took a few risks and also threw in some safe material......fine, fine job......of course there is some slack material, but any 21-disc set is going to include a few clunks......

Volumes 8-14 tomorrow, and Sunday, Volumes 15-21 especially for my amigo Jose......please visit and patronize his blo, he does a fne job and has some tremendous music there. And this is a good set, really....Psychedelic Lion is no more, but thanks a zillion to the creator (GOTTA go find his name), thanks for leaving a great legacy.......

Jeff Beck )For whatever reason, taking a bit longer to upload these discs than usual (been having some computer issues, may have to finally break down and purchase a new one), so the links probably WILL NOT be up tonight, likely tomorrow morning (Saturday). Tomorrow being the first day of March, HOPEFULLY this completely MISERABLE winter is nearing it's end.....even though a snow/ice storm is predicted for Sunday in Ohio.....between the brutal cold and the tons and tons of snow, this has been one of the absolute WORST winters I can recall, I hope it has been better wherever you find yourself on the globe, but it sure has sucked one here.

By the way, the tracks ARE NOT TAGGED, be forewarned...they weren't taged when I downloaded them, and as you know IT IS TOO MUCH WORK FOR ME. If you are going to bitch at me about it, sorry, but this is what you're getting. You are most welcome, here are the track lists, tag em however you want to.

Don Covay & The Goodtimers - Temptation Was Too Strong (Atlantic 2357)VOLUME 1-01 THE TASMANIANS-Baby/02 THE BEEFEATERS-Don't Hurt Me/03 THE MONOCLES-I Can't Win/04 THE DEARLY BELOVED-I've Got a Girl/05 WIMPLE WITCH-Save My Soul/06 LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHTSHADOWS-So Much/07 THE LYNX-You Lie/08 THE CONTEMPORARIES-Fool For Temptation/09 BO ALLEN-I Hope You're Proud/10 THE SILVER FLEET-Look Out World/11 THE QUESTS-Shadows in the Night/12 FIRST CROW TO THE MOON-Spend Your Life/13 THE BROTHERS GRIM-You'll Never Be Mine/14 THE SHADOW CASTERS-But Not Today/15 THE NOVA LOCAL-Games/16 THE THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/17 THE PRETTY THINGS-Midnight to Six Man/18 THE SIX PENTS-She Lied/19 THE APOLLOS-Thats the Breaks/20 CLOCKWORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/21 THE NORSEMEN-Can't You Fall In Love/22 DANNY & THE OTHER GUYS-Hard Times/23 THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-I'm Not Like Everybody Else/24 THE MOURNING REIGN-Our Fate/25 DR SPECS OPTICAL ILLUSION-She's the One/26 THE CREATION-Through My Eyes/27 APOLLOS APACHES-Cry Me a Lie/28 THE LEAVES-Hey Joe/29 THE GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/30 THE TURTLES-Outside Chance/31 THE ROMANCERS-She Took My Oldsmobile/32 THE DIRTY WURDS-Why/33 THE ZARAKY THAKS-Bad Girl

VOLUME 2-01 THE ROOKS-A Girl Like You/02 IT'S US-Don't Want Your Lovin'/03 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/04 THE LEGENDS-I'll Come Again/05 THE MOVING MORFOMEN-Run Girl Run/06 ZAKAKRY THAKS-Won't Come Back/07 MG & THE ESCORTS-A Somebody Fool/08 MOVING SIDEWALKS-Every Night a New Surprise/09 THE KARE TAKERS-Have You Seen My Baby/10 THE ACTION-I'll Keep Holding On/11 THE MENERALS-My Flash On You/12 KINGS RANSOM-Shame/13 BAD SEEDS-A Taste of the Same/14 THE FANTASTIC DJ'S-Fight Fire/15 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Help Murder Police/16 THE CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/17 THE TREE-No  Good Woman/18 THE OUTSIDERS-Touch/19 BLACKROCK-Yeah Yeah/20 SHADES OF NIGHT-Fluctuation/21 THE OTHERS-I Can't Stand This Goodbye/22 STARFIRES-I Never Loved Her/23 THE REMAINS-Once Before/24 THE BANSHEES-They Prefer Blondes/25 THE BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/26 CHAZ & THE CLASSICS-Girl of the 13th Hour/27 DEGENITES-I Don't Want To  Try it Again/28 TONTO & THE RENEGADES-Little Boy Blue/29 ROBBI CURTICE-Soul of a Man/30 HUMANS-Warning/31 THE LIVE WIRES-Love

VOLUME 3-01 MOVING SIDEWALKS-99th Floor/02 ED WOOL & THE NOMADS-I Need Somebody/03 LEATHER BOY-Soulin'/04 MICHAEL & THE MESSENGERS-Romeo & Juliet/05 REX GARVIN-I Gotta Go Now/Up On the Floor/06 THE GOLDEN TOADSTOOLS-Silly Savage/07 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/08 THE PARAGONS-Abba/09 THE YARDBIRDS-Evil Hearted You/10 THE CASTAWAYS-Liar Liar/11 NASHVILLE TEENS-Last Minute/12 SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS-Ju Ju/13 THE HOLLIES-Hey WIllie/14 YOUNG RASCALS-Ain''t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/15 MAC PHADENS PARACHUTE-Fall of the Queen/16 LITTLE BOY BLUES-I Can Only Give You Everything/17 5 CANADIANS-Never Alone/18 SIXTO RODRIGUEZ-Sugar Man/19 THE POPPY FAMILY-Where Evil Grew/20 OHIO EXPRESS-Beg Borrow and Steal/21 BLUES MAGOOS-Gotta Get Away/22 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice/23 SUSAN BARRETT-Chico's Girl/24 THE TRUTH-Hey Gyp/25 EDDIE FLOYD-Big Bird/26 ELECTRIC PRUNES-I Had Too Much To Dream last Night/27 MAXINE SELLERS-Some Kind of Fever/28 POETS-Fun Buggy/29 TENDERFOOT KIDS-Intoxication/30 TONY JACKSON-Cause My Baby/31 BLUES PROJECT-No Time Like the Right Time

SRC Reunites 40 Years LaterVOLUME 4-01 JULIEN COVEY & THE MACHINE-A Little Bit Hurt/02 LONDON FOG WITH THE CONTINENTALS-Easy Mover/03 HEINZ-Heart Full of Sorrow/04 JOHNS CHILDREN-Just What You Want Just What You'll Get/05 DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-Okay/06 STANDELLS-Sometimes GoodGuys Don'tWear White/07 BUDDY RICH-Beat Goes On/08 JOHNS CHILDREN-Go Go Girl/09 JEFF BECK-Hi Ho Silver Lining/10 STRAWBERRY CHILDREN-Love Years Coming/11 BEAU BRUMMELS-One Too Many Mornings/12 LONNIE YOUNGBLOOD-Soul Food/13 DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-Bend It/14 WYNDER K FROG-Green Door/15 AMEN CORNER-High In the Sky/16 JOHN HAMMOND-Mellow Down Easy/17 LULU & THE LOVERS-Surprise Surprise/18 THE  PRETTY THINGS-Cry To Me/19 BEVERLY-Happy New Year/20 THE PRIDE & JOY-If You're Ready/21 DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS-Mercy Mercy/22 THE ACCENT-Red Sky at Night/23 JEFF BECK-Tallyman/24 SPIRIT-Dark Eyed Woman/25 THE ROLLING STONES-Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In the Shadows/26 THE MIDNIGHTERS-Jump Jive and Harmonize/27 THE CRYIN SHAMES-Nobody Waved Goodbye/28 SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS-Ring Dang Doo/9 TIM HARDIN-You Upset the Grace of Living When You Lie

The Standells Interview with Larry TamblynVOLUME 5-01 THE IGUANAS-California My Way/02 ILL WIND-Dark World/03 THE ROLLING STONES-Torn and Frayed/04 US TOO-The Girl With the Golden Hair/THE BRITISH NORTH-AMERICAN ACT-Don't Run Away/06 FOCAL POINT-Hassle Castle/07 GROWING CONCERN-Other Side of Life/08 THE NOCTURNS-Hay, That's What Horses Eat/09 FLEUR DE LYS-I Walk the Sands/10 AMBOY DUKES-You Better Find Yourself Somebody/11 THE DONNIE ELBERT BAND-A Love I Beleive In/12 DOC THOMAS GROUP-I'll Be Doggone/13 AMBOY DUKES-More And More/14 STEVE HOWE-So Bad/15 THE FAVOURITE SUNS-That Driving Beat/16 THE LOVE AFFAIR-Satisfaction Guarenteed/17 TRULY SMITH-This is the First Time-Truly Smith/18 JELLY BEAN BANDITS-Say Man/19 THE HUBBELS-Candlelight/20 THE SOUNDS OF FURY-I Don't Need You/21 ZEN-Hair/22  BRITISH-NORTH AMERICAN ACT-I'll Find a Way/23 SIX FEET UNDER-In Retrospect/24 THE NICKEL BAG-Lovers Litany/25 JOHNNY WINTER-Birds Can't Row Boats/26 PEARL DIVERS-Riding on a Rainbow

VOLUME 6-01 THE BACHELORS-3 O'Clock Flamingo Street/02 THE LEGENDS-Alright/03 SRC-Black Sheep/04 THE BEAZERS-Blue Beat/05 NOEL ODOM & THE GROUP-Come On Down to Earth/06 THE KINKS-Days/07 TANGERINE ZOO-Farther Down the Road/08 CHAPTER IV-Fear/09 ORCHESTRA HOLLOW-Freak Off/10 JOHN  ENGLISH III & THE HEATHENS-I Need You Near/11 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-I Told You Once Before/12 WILMER & THE DUKES-I'm Free/13 RON PRICE-It Will Arrive/14 RANDY FULLER-It's Love Come What May/15 THE OUTER LIMITS-Just One More Chance/16 THE STANDELLS-Medication/17 BLUES PROJECT-No Time Like the Right Time/18 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Numbers/19 THE BURLINGTON EXPRESS-One Day Girl/20 THE STANDELLS-Peppermint Beatle/21 KILT HOUSTON RADIO AD-Poverty's Project 1967/22 NEIL FORD & THE FANATICS-Shame On You/23 MOANIN GLORIES-She Took The Rain Right Out of the Night/24 CAVEDWELLERS-Sinking Feeling/25 THE ROLLING STONES-Stoned/26 PRETTY THINGS-Walking Through My Dreams/27 BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY-Combination of Two

Moby Grape: parte 2VOLUME 7-01 SPIRIT-Animal Zoo/02 THE POOR-She's Got the Time (She's Got the Changes)/03 STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK-Tomorrow/04 MOBY GRAPE-Omaha/05 BUFFOONS-Sunday Will  Never Be the Same/06 BUBBLE PUPPY-Lonely/07 UNDERDOGS-Love's Gone Bad/08 HUMBLEBUMS-My Apartment/09 THE ROOSTERS-She Sends Me/10 IMPACTS-Thunder Chicken/11 SYNDICATE OF SOUND-Big Boss Man/12 WILLIE MITCHELL-Bad Eye/13 TIMEBOX-Beggin'/14 CARAVAN-Love to Love You/15 CRYIN SHAMES-Please Stay/16- THE LOVE AFFAIR-She Smiled Sweetly/17 THE MEGATONS-Shimmy Shimmy Walk Part 1/18 CHAD & JEREMY-Teenage Failure/19 THE REGENTS-Russian Spy And I/20 KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On

LOTTA typin', hope y'all appreciate this...love to everyone!

The Vinyl Garage Underground Part 2

OH GOD the disc problems I am having with the early volumes of the series.....listened to Volume 1 in the van, to Volume 6 in the kitchen, Volume 3 in the rec room......all played fine, sounded great. Put them in the computer and THEY WILL NOT UPLOAD, THECOMPUTER WON'T READ THEM. FORTUNATELY, great blog friend DavidWolfsonnc ("Sonic" as I call him as I was originally illiterate enough misread his name originally) has promised to come to my aid with the defective discs....That is what I love about this blog, we are all helping each other out, as this was originally an attempt for ME to help another great blog friend, Jose, with a few volumes HE was missing.....at the end of the day, we will ALL have the full series and NOONE will be out anything. That is how i WANT it to work, and how it IS working.....as we all continue to strive to compile our own personal "perfect" music collection, the best way doing so is just ty we are doing it here, by SHARING. THAT is the key word here anyway, ANYONE out there is welcome to anything I have, just ask, glad to be of help, and many friends world wide are just wonderfully generous with their stuff.....I got another lame email about "file-stealing", GEEEEEZ it is 2014........here is how stealing works.....you awaken in the morning and your car is gone. Here is how sharing works....there has been a way devised to completely, accurately copy a car completely......I "copy" my car, you do the same, and we trade the copies, now we BOTH have our original car, PLUS an exact replica of the OTHER GUY's car......if there is ANYONE too dense to understand that there is a difference there, they are probably busy making racist and homophobic "tough guy" comments on internet blogs.

Today, volumes 8-14 of this fine internet created comp, originally from the now defunct Psychedelic Lion blog.....if ya checked out part 1, you can see exactly what I mean in my description.....not much "super rare" stuff, but not many lame tracks either, and a lot of stuff that SHOULD but doesn't often make these type of comps due to (probably) record label politics (Rolling Stones, Kinks)......

So, Volume 8......not much "obvious" material here, Electric Prunes and Pretty Things check in with less-than super-well known tracks, some Q-65, Them, and Jelly Ben Bandits, mixed amongst more obscure stuff ala Timebox, Complex, Spur, and The Contents Are....arguaealby the most "obscure" collection of the series.

Volume 9 features "Liar Liar" by the Castaways which appeared earlier in the series, which is a bad thing when compiling comps, couple tracks from the recently-featured-HERE Steve Miller band, some (for whatever reason) rarely comped Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels (the great "Ce Ce Rider"), often comped but still wonderful "Journey to Time" from Kenny & the Kasuals, Music Explosion's cover of '96 Tears".....a good set, with a lot of west coast stuff (Quicksilver, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape).....a  good collection

Volume 10 contains an odd selection, Three Dog Night's "Family of Man" (good tune, not certain it belongs HERE though), the Grateful Dead's maybe only good tune ("Dark Star"),some less obvious stuff from fat Mattress, John Mayall, Procol harum, Summerhill and more, like Volume 8, generally an obscure grouping. The creator of this set (and I COULD NOT locate his name) did if nothing else, do his homework in combining the obscure and the obvious

So  on to Volume 11......well, not your typical "Nuggets" knockoff by any means....The Guess Who, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, Cream, not to mention Bo Diddly and the Everly Brothers....really, this guy did a great job with this series, seems like he'd be fun to have a cold one or 12 with.

Volume 12 has the great but easy to locate "Heart Full of Soul" from the yardbirds, a couple tracks from Left Banke, Music Explosion's WAY over comped "Little of Soul", Gary Lewis and the Playboys (less than spectacular, IMO) "This Diamond Ring", a track from Neil Diamond (!), and (an odd choice, good tune, but odd choice), the Jefferson Airplane's "She has Funny Cars".....I don't now this MIGHT be the weakest disc here, and it DOES have it's moments.

Volume 13 goes again for the obscure, perhaps the most obscure of the series, stuff from the Vikings, Marshmallow Way, Teddy Robin & the Playboys, The Loot, Inside Looking Out, and lots more obscure-o's.......good stuff, rarely comped and very cool.

We wind up today's post with Volume 14, also fairly obscure, Jimmy Stokely & the Escorts, Arthur Brown, The Patriots, Peter & the Wolves, The Pilgrimage.....again, hats off to the creator......some stuff here that doesn't get comped every day....and that is significant.

We are now 2/3 of the way through this series, tomorrow, we get to the POINT, the discs that my amigo Jose has lost (Volumes 15-16 I think), which is the reason for posting this series......Good Lord, between doing these LONG posts AND preparing (rigorously) for the Strat O Matic baseball draft (in my best estimation, about the third or fourth most important thing in life) I have VERY VERY little spare time in which to watch TV or any of THAT important shit......honestly, after  I die, one of you needs to start a NEW blog documenting my greatness and dedication!

VERY IMPORTANT, CHECK DAVEWOLFSONNC'S post of the damaged volumes in the comment section, either today or yesterday's or tomorrow's.....I WILL point you in the rght directon.

VOLUME 8-01 SEL-SYNC-The Fire Is Gone/02 THE NIGHTCRAWLERS-A Basket of Flowers/03 LES BAROQUES-I Was Wrong/04 THE CONTENTS ARE-In Trouble/05 JUJUS-I'm Really Sorry6 THE NOMADDS-Don't Cheat on Me/07 TIMEBOX-Walking Through the Streets of My Mind/08THE HONEYCOMBS-Love In Tokyo/09 BOHEMIAN VENDETTA-Riddles and Fairytales/10 COMPLEX-Josie/11COMPLEX-Mr Creep/12 THE JELLY BEAN BANITS-Happiness Girl/13 MICHAEL YONKERS BAND-My House/14 MORNING DISASTER-Black Lether Books/15 NEW COLONY SIX-Let Me Love You/16 Q'65-So High I'veBeen So Down I Must Fall/17 THE CHILDREN-Help I'm Lost/18 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Wind Up Toys/19 THE KINKS-Look For Me Baby/20 THE MASTERS APPRENTICES-Buried and Dead/21 THE OUTSIDERS-Won't You Listen/22 THE PRETTY THINGS-Get the Picture/23 ZAKARY THAKS-Face to Face/24 THEM-Waltz of the Flies/25 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Not For Long

VOLUME 9-01 THE TURTLES-Eve Of Destruction/02 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE-Dino's Song/03 MOBY GRAPE-MrBlues/04 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Flying High/05 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-We Can Be Together/06 THE HOLLIES-On a Carousel/07 THE STANDELLS-Little Sally Tease/08 THE CASTAWAYS-Liar Liar/09 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/10 DAVE CLARK FIVE-Glad All Over/11 THE TROGGS-Give It To Me/12 BRENTON WOOD-Gimme a Little Sign/13 THE GOLLIWOGS-Fight Fire/14 DAVE CLARK FIVE-Concentration Baby/15 STEVE MILLER-Your Old Lady/16 MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS-Ce Ce Rider/17 KIM FOWLEY-Bubblegum/18AESOP'S FABLES-What Is Love/19 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey To Time/20 THE MUSIC EXPLOSION-96 Tears/21 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE-Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/22 STEVE MILLER-Mercury Blues/23 THE YOUNGBLOODS-Get Together/24 MOTHER EARTH-Revolution

VOLUME 10-01 FAT MATTRESS-All Night Drinker/02 THOMAS & RICHARD FROST-She's Got Love/03 BEAU BRUMMELS-In Good Time/04 RAY COLUMBUS & THE ART COLLECTION/05 SEATRAIN-13 Questions/06 DAVE MASON & CASS ELLIOTT-Glittering Facade/07 THE COWSILLS-Signs/08 THREE DOG NIGHT-Family of Man/09 ERNAN ROCH-The Train/10 SUMMERHILL-My Way (Hard For You)/11 THE YARDBIRDS-Glimpses/12 1966 Trips Festival Promo/13 DARK STAR-Grateful Dead/14 THE TIMEBOX-Walking Through the Streets of My Mind/15 SOUNDS OF MODIFICATION-Darkness Fills my Lonely Heart/16 KEITH MANSFIELD-Exclusve Blend/17 JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS-I'm Your Witchdoctor/18 THE UNITED  STATES OF AMERICA-Coming Down/19 PROCOL HARUM-Homburg/20 NORMAN GREENBAUM-Spirit In the Sky

VOLUME 11-01 BO DIDDLEY-Do the Frog/02 TRIPSICHORD-Black Door/03 EVERLY BROTHERS Gone Gone Gone/04 THE COWSILLS-River Blue/05 BOB DYLAN-If You Gotta Go Go Now/06 SMITH-Let's Spnd the Night Togther/07 THE GUESS WHO-8:15/08 GORDON JACKSON-Sing To Me Woman/09 JOSHUA-Open Your Mind/10 UGLY DUCKLINGS-JustIn Case You Wonder/11 THE CLIQUE-Stay By Me/12 TEE SET-What Can I Do/13 THE WALKER BROTHERS-Saturday's Child/14 LEMON PIPERS-Stragglin Behind/15 EARTH ISLAND-Ride The Universe/16 JEFF SIMMONS-Wonderful Wino/17 LEMON PIPERS-Fifty Void/18 DEEP PURPLE-Listen Learn Read On/19 CREAM- Those Were the Days/20 OUTCASTS-The Finchley Boys/21 TURTLES, LEAVES, IDES OF MARCH-WQAM FLORIDA THE HULLABALOO

VOLUME 12-01 NEIL DIMOND-Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon/02 FALLEN ANGELS-Introspective Looking Glass/03 HERMANS HERMITS-Moonshine Man/04 THE GURUS-Roads To Nowhere/05 THE YARDBIRDS-Heart Full Of Soul/06 SUNSHINE COMPANY-A Stitch In Time SavesNone/07 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-She Has funny Cars/08 THE BYRDS-I Knew I'd Want You/09 LEFT BANKE-I haven't Got the Nerve/10 THE LORDS-Valley of the Moon/11 THE YOUNG RASCALS-Just a Life/12 ACTION USA PROMOTIONAL RADIO SPOT/13 THE HONEYCOMBS-Have I the Right/14 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-This Diamond Ring/15 MUSIC EXPLOSON-Little Bit Of Soul/16 SIMON STOKES & THE NIGHTHAWKS-Voodoo Woman/17 FORMYULA-My Mama George/18 THE ROADRUNNERS-LSD/19 THE PLEASURES-Mona/20 ABDULLAH'S REGIME-Sally I D/21 THE NERVOUS SYTEM-Bones/22 THE LEFT BANKE-Lazy Day/23 FREE ACTION INC-Nice Angel

VOLUME 13-01 ELECTRFIED PEOPLE-Electrified People/02 THE CHANGIN TYMES-Blue Musc Box/03 THE NIGHT MIST-last Night/04 INSIDE LOOKING OUT-Morning Sun/05 THE BUCKET-I can't Help Thinking Of You/06 MARSHAMALLOW WAY -I Wish I Was/07 PETER TILBROOK-All Mine To Play With/08 THE BUNCH-We're Not What We Appear To Be/09 THE LITTER-Soul-Searchin/10 THE LOOT-I Got What You Want/11 THE VIKINGS-I'm Trying/12 THE THYME-Love To Love/13 IDOLS-Wanted By the Law/14 MIKE EVANS-Gruesome/15 JOE SWIFT'S INTERNATIONALS-Bell Bottoms/16 DAVE DAVANI FOUR-Top of the Pops/17 BOBBY & LAURIE-Every Second Day/18 TEDDY ROBIN & THE PLAYBYS-Magic Colors/19 LONG GRASS-Sunshine to Burn/20 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Vox Wah  Spot

VOLUME 14-01 KHJ BOSS RADIO-Humble Harve Hello Happenings/02 JIMMY STOKELY & THE ESCORTS-It's Alligator Time/03  THE BARRACUDAS-What I Want You To Say/04 THE MESSENGERS-I'e Seen You Around/05 THE JUJUS-You Treat Me Bad/06 THE YO YOS-Gotta Find a New Love/07 THE PILGRIMMAGE-Bad Apple/08 FALLEN ANGELS-Bad woman/09 PETER & THE WOLVES-Only Everything/10 CONVERTS-Don't LeaveMe/11 OSCAR &THE MAJESTICS-Got To Hav Your lovin/12 BLUE THINGS-Twist and Shout/13 THE QUESTS-I'm Tempted/14 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Street Song/15 MYSITC TIDE-Mystic Eyes/16 ARTHUR BROWN-I Put a Spell On You/17 LANCE FOX & THE BLOODHOUNDS-You Got Love/18 THE PATRIOTS-TheProphet

OK, remember I am having trouble with some of the uploads, bad discs I guess.....DaveWolfSonnc, bless him, has vowed to bail me out, so the links for this enitre series WILL get up, just maybe not on the timetable I originaly intended.....but we'll GET IT and that is the main thing, right? I want to thank all the friends of the blog who have been there for me when I needed a bit of help with something, in particular Psyclist who is currently missing in action in Southeast Asia,  waiting for his Internet servie to be connected.......he'd REALLY enjoy this set, THAT is fact......bet he already has it though!

The Vinyl Garage Underground Part 3

What  a mess......listened to these many times over the years great stuff, listened to a bunch of them the llast two days, sound great, and then, for whatever fucking reason, MY FUCKING COMPUTER won't read a bunch of the discs.....I KNOW the links are behind, Davewolfsonnc ("sonic" to me, due to my illiteracy) is going to bail me out and provide links to the discs that I can't get to upload, we all owe him a big debt of gratiitude, but especially, I DO.......so many blog problems lately what with raist/homophobic comments and of course the guy who wants to beat off to pictures of my wife (my best guess is my wife could kayo him with one punch, she's a bad-ass, NOT a sissy girl, TRUST ME), I don't need DISC PROBLEMS of all thimgs, too.....Sunday I have the Strat-O-Matic baseball draft and we're looking at 12" or so of FUCKING snow, which will put Ohio over the all time FUCKING record for total snow......while I do not claim knowledge on the sbject, I would advise "Global Warming" advocates to try not to convert me right now.......

OK, got Volumes 8-14 up yesterday (if the links aren't available they will be soon), I venture forward, trying to keep this from becoming a total disaster and staying with my committment to help my amigo Jose to fill out his set of these gem-laden comps......and gem-laden they are!

Volume 15 gives us an always welcome Music Machine track (tho not a Great one), some Fever Tree, some more Turtles (the Turtles have long gotten the short end of the stick on comps of this sort), we get Episode Six, Lovin' Kind, Cat's Meow.......it's hard to be consistently great over a series of this many discs, this, as well as 16, while containing a gem or two, is really not the stuff of greatness.

Volume 16 has some odd stuff thrown in, such as Donovan fab "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (I've always thought that was a CREEPY ass song, anyone agree?), Johnny & hte Hurricanes "Red River Rock" (!), Jimmy Gilmer the Fireballs "Sugar Shack (!!!), Hollywood Argyles "Alley Oop".......what the hell is this? of course it is salvaged by The Myddle Class, Spider, The Strangers, and more, NOT the strongest set of the series by any means...

For my money, 17 picks up the pce  bit, Neal Ford and the Fanatics are always welcome, as are the great Rationals, and Human Expression.....also lessser knowns from the Cords, Knight's Bridge, Headstones, and  Driving Stupid.....this disc gets the set back on TRACK!

Any disc, such as Volume 18, that includes ? and the Mysterians to be ok too, and Human Expression turn up here as well.....Barrett Strong's "money" seems like kind of an odd choice but who am I to judge? The Johnny Winter track is a repeater from an earlie disc (pet peeve)and the disc wraps up with hat I think is a good and ballsy choice, Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra with the theme from "The Good The Bad and The Ugly".....talk about adding period-piece specifics to a set! Great choice!

So what we have next of course, is volume 19, The Move's fab "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" is the highlight, the Brood (the Brood?) make an appearance, the Hollies "Bus Stop" is a one, we also get Gasoline Powered Clock, The Sound System, George Baker Selection, Tony's Defenders.....not sure I understand the Brood's inclusion, but all in all, a good disc here too, with a good mix of tunes

Volume 20 goes all out obscure, pretty much......and a gd direction to go in.....The Athenians, Mike Cotton Sound, Jacqueline Taieb, Harmony Grass, Traffic Jam and more are hardly household names, we do also get the great "Shakin all Over" from Johnny Kid and the Pirates, and the Animals great "Don't BringMe Down"......one of the better discs here for my money!

Volume 21 will do it for today, then I will go back and see if I can find Volumes 22-25, I know I have em somewhere, dont want "sonic" to have to do any more work that necessary......this disc inclues the wonderful "Pictures of Matchstickmen" by Status Quo, some more Human Instinct, Larry & the Blue Notes, and a cover of "Eight Miles High" by, of all folks, INDEX......lotta obscure-o's on this one too, see the track list......now I will go and see if Ican find volumes 22-25, I know the volumes that Jose needs are in this cluster, so happy birthday mi amigo, hope you enjoy........we WILL, between Dave and myslef, get these damn links posted SOON!

VOLUME 15-1 KHJ BOSS RADIO-Second Annunal Appreciation02 WOLVES-At the Club/03 BAR-KAYS-Bar Kays Boogaloo/04 THE SEARCHES-Western Union/05 FEVER TREE-I Can Beat Your Drum/06 EPISODE SIX-MorningDew/07 THE EGYPTIANS-Suzanne/08 RICK DURHAM & THE DYNAMICS-I Got My Eyes On You/09 COPS & ROBBERS-It's all Over Now baby Blue/10 MUSIC MACHINE-Absolutely Positively/11 MOVING SIDEWALKS-What Are You Going To Do/12 DUTCH MASTERS-The Expectations/13 THE IVY LEAGUE-That's why I'm Crying/14 WHETHER BUREAU-White and Frosty/15 THE CATS MEOW-Confusion/16 THE LOVIN KIND-I'm Free/17 THE TUTLES-You Showed Me/18 FRESHMEN-Make It Wit You

VOLUME 16-01 THE LANCASTERS-Satan's Holiday/02 THE STRANGERS-Mary Mary/03 THE IVY LEAGUE-Tossin and turnin/04 THE GRAY THINGS-Charity/05 THE CHARLTANS-The Shadow Knows/06 THE MYDDLE CLASS-I Happen To Love You/07 ELFSTONE-Louisiana Teardrops/08 6 FEET UNDER-Inspiration In My Head/09 THE SHADES-Ballot Bachs/10 CATHY RICH-Wild THing/11 SPIDER-The Comedown Song/12 LIZ CHRISTIAN-Call My Name/13  DONOVAN-Hurdy Gurdy Man/14 JOHNNY & THE HURRRICANES-Red River Rock/15 JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS-Sugar Shack/16 HOLLYWOOD ARGYLES-Alley Oop/17 KIM D-Come On baby/18 CHARLATANS "Alabama Bound" LP Promo/19 ORCHESTER HUGO STRASSER-Black magic Woman

VOLUME 17-01 NIEGHB'RHOOD CHILDR'N-Feeling Zero/02 NOBODY'S CHILRN-Good Times/03 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Shame On You/04 THE CORDS-Ghost Rider/05 GALAXIES IV-Don't Lose Your Mind/06 PACK-Harlem Shuffle/07 UNCALLED FOR-Do Like Me/08 YELLOW PAYGES-Jezebel/09 RATIONALS-Leavin Here/10 DRIVING STUPID-Horror Asparagus Stories/11 MIKE LONDON & THE ENGLISHMEN-Gypsy Lady/12 THE HAUNTED-1-2-5/13 PLATO & THE PHILOSPOPHERS-Thirteen O'Clock Flight to Psychedelia/14 THE LEMON DROPS-It Happens Everyday/15 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/16 THE KNIGHTS BRIDGE-Make Me Some Love/17 THE BAD SEEDS-A Taste of the Same/18 HEADSTONES-Bad Day Blues/19 THINGIES-I'm Going Ahead/20 THE LIBERTY BELLS-I Can See

VOLUME 18-01 DANTES, EXCEPTIONS, ROVING KIND-At the Chetah WCFL Chicago 267/02 ? & THE MYSTERIANS-Midnight Hour/03 PENTHOUSE 5-You're Gonna Make Me/04 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Love At Psychedelic Velocity/05 THE LIVIN END-Makin Time/06 THE WILD THINGS-Tell Me/07 THE EXOTICS-Come With Me/08 SJ & THE CROSSROADS-Darkest Hour/09 BARRETT STRONG-Money/10 GREAT BELEIVERS-Comin Up Fast/11 MOVING SIDEWALKS-Need Me/12 PANDAS-Walk/13 THE BYRDS-It Won't Be Wrong/14 KNICKERBOCKERS-High On Love/15 JOHNNY WINTER-Birds Can't Row Boats/16 BIRDWATCHERS-Girl I Got the News For You/17 HUGO MONTENEGRO & HIS ORCHESTRA-Theme From "The Good The Bad and the Ugly"

VOLUME 19-01 THE VENTURES-The Creeper/02 THE US TOO-The Girl With the Golden Hair/03 KILROY-Lake Orangatanga/04 THE BROOD-Since He's Been Gone/05 THE MISUNDERSTOOD-Children of the Sun/06 THE MOVE-I Can Hear the Grass Grow/07 LES FLEURS DE LYS-Circles/08 THE HIGH SPIRITS-I Believe/09 THE SOUND SYSTEM-Take a Look at Your Self/10 THE HOLLIES-Bus Stop/11 GASOLINE POWERED CLOCK-Forest Fire On Main Street/12 THE THYME-Love To Love/13 THE SUGAR SHOPPE-The Attitude/14 GEORGE BAKER SELECTION-Little Green Bag/15 JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES-Beatnik Fly/16 THE HERD-From the Underworld/17 TONYS DEFENDERS-Yes I Do/18 THE DEEJAYS-In the Minight Hour/19 THE LOOSE ENDS-I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/20 THE VENTURESight Walk

VOLUME 20-01 TRAFFIC JAM-I Don't Want You/02 THE DRAG SET-Day and Night/03 THE TORNADOS 66-No More You and Me/04 LORD SUCH-The Cheat/05 HARMONY GRASS-I've Seen to Dream/06THE ELECTRIC FLAG-Groovin Is Easy/07 JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES-Shakin All Over/08 THE ATHENIANS-Louie Louie/09 JACQUELINE TAIEB-7 AM/10 THE FAVOURITE SONS-That Driving Beat/11 PHIL UPCHURCH COMBO-You Can't Sit Down/12 THE ANIMALS-Don't Bring Me Down/13 THE MIKE COTTON SOUND-I Don't Wanna Know/14 PHASE 4-Think U'll Sit Down and Cry/15 THE ECCENTRICS-What You Got/16 THE UNTAMED-I'll Go Crazy/17 THE BATS-You'd Better Beleive It Baby/18 THE HI NUMBERS-Heart of Stone/19 JAMES ROYAL-Work Song

VOLUME 21-01 THE BYRDS-Rose Palce Concert Promo/02 INDEX-Eight Miles High/03 THE ATTACK-Colour of My Mind/04 TINTERN ALLEY-Vacuum Cleaner/05 STATUS QUO-Pictures of Matchstick Men/06 HUMAN INSTINCT-A Day In My Mind's Eye/07 ADAM & EVE-Desert Song/08 RAMASES & SELKERT-Crazy One/09 PENTARD-Silver Dagger/10 THE FENMEN-I've  Got Everything You Need Babe/11 KARL STUART & THE PROFILES-Love Of My Eyes/12 REY ANTON & THE PEPPERMINT MEN-Don't Treat Me Bad/13 THE JYNX-Don't Worry What They Say/14 BRIAN HOWARD & THE SILHOUETTES-The Worryin' Kind/15 SOUL AGENTS-Seventh Son/16 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In & Out/17 BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY W/ JULIE DRISCOLL-Indian Ropeman/18 WYNDER K FROG-I'm a Man/19 DAVE DAVANI-Tossin and Turnin/20 SHOCK  ABSORBERS-It's Your Thing

As you've seen and I've outlined, Haing some trouble with some of the uploads....the links for VOLUMES 1-7 are now up on the first part of the , thanks to DaveWolfsonnnc, the SONIC MAN, and I am working on the links for VOlume 2 right now, they'll be up Monday morning......the third part, the ones Jose wanted to start with, should be up Monday night.....sorry for the delay, just one of those things. Sorry for the mess I've made, Dave give me tomorrow to see if I can sort through my stuff and find Volumes 22-25, if not I may enlist your aid again.....and of course thanks to Ronnie D for creating this very comprehensive and tremendous compilation......sorry for all the glitches, but we are getting there, just a bit slower than i anticpated

I've had a request, can you help me fill it?

My new, great friend Spyros, from the land of Greece, is in search of Lyres, Chesterfield Kings, and DMZ...I have aTINY bit from each, and its a little hard to find, especially the KIngs, but I KNOW someone out there has a huge stash of at least one of these great bands, please help ME and SPYROS out.....if you do, I promises to post an unbeleivably gigantic post of Greek Punk shit which Spyros which Spyros hopefully can help me translate it, but IF someone hlps him out with the C Kings, or Lyres, or DMZ, I will bet ya that he is a cool enough guy to provide some guidance on this HUGE (multiple day Greek Punk Project), which I've been meaning to do for a while, it would just be SO HARD without a Greek-speaking assistant, so help my new friend out, and be rewarded with a mountain of great Greek punk.......hslp out,help out, share share, share.......please let's keep this thing going!

The MC5 Semi-Complete Rarities

Purity Accuracy [Box Set]Well, I love the MC5, one of my faves.....only three proper albums to their credit (all 3 classics, "Kick ot the Jams", "Back in the USA", and "High Time" and like my other favorite cultish bands of the early 70's, such as the Stooges and the Dolls, there is PLENTY of obscure material available, problem being, many of them are not so great, sound quality varies, etc......still this is THE FIVE, and I probably have something of an obligation to get a bunch of this stuff out to you, quality be damned.....I have (long ago) done what I think, at least was an interesting post, "The MC5 Next Generation", which included some great stuff like the Wayne Kramer Band,  Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Rob Tyner Solo, and the DTK band (Michael Davis, Rob Tyner, and the late Dennis Thompson)......enjoyable stuff all, but this is a LITTLE different, this is stuff that the FIVE did while active......a lot of it AIN'T GREAT, but it is INTERESTING and significant........see what you think, but this stuff is for MC5-junkies only (sort of like myself?)

Where do I begin? Well, we have a four-disc set, the "Purity accuracy Box Set", which attmepts to include anything the boys ever committed to vinyl, INSTRUMENTAL versions of "Over and Over", "Teenage Lust" and more, lots of alternate versions "Shaking Street'" with Sonic on vocals, and rarities such as "What is Zenta?" and "Baby Won't Ya"......for lovrs of the Five (like ME) it's a treasure trove, others might think of it as sloppy mess, but a laobur of love for one of the greatest of American rock bands. Disc 2 delves deeper.....rehearsal tapes from Mrs Kramers basement, ("Little Red Riding Hood", "Baby Please Don't Go", more).....tons of early live tracks, ("Born Under a bad Sign", eg).....Look if you are a fan of the Five, YOU WANT THIS......PLENTY of gems here, you ARE going to love this, if you love obscure MC5 material (be forewarned, all of this is NOT top-notch quality stuff, more interesting than enjoyable)

Disc 3 is a live set from the Grande Ballroom from 1968 before the band had broken, it is still frantic as hell and check "I'm Mad Like Eldridge Cleaver" and "Ice Pick Slim", not the greatest sound quality, but the FIVE is the FIVE! Disc 4 is a gem, who wouldn't KILL for a version of "Sister Anne" with LEMMY (!) guesting, also "Gotta Keep Movin" wiwth Nick from the Hellacopters.....THis is from 2003, Sonic and Tyner were gone by this point, but again the Five is the Five!

From 1968 we have a sludgy livt from 1968 "Srugis Armory", not bad if you can deal with the sound, the "energy" as they say, is certainly there.....it's easily available but I thought I'd throw it up here too.

"Babes in Arms" was a ROIR cassette only release, this is a cassette-rip of the original, unsure it was ever released on CD or not (Guessing it was....) there are a LOT of good sounding alternate versions here, but be forewarned, while they are INDEED "alternate" versions, some of them are SO close to the originals that you may not notice without CAREFULL listening....a  few tracks...."one of the GUys", "Gold", etc, are unique to this set.

 A REALLY early, and sloppy set is "1966 Breakout!", quite hard to listen to, actually, it would be a couple more years until the developed thier political stance, but his is NOTHING if not an intersting "stepping stone" type piece.

We have another "odds and sods" type comp, "The Human Being Lawnmower", outtakes, live stuff, an alternate "Borderline" that I don't THINK I have anywhere else, for completists! The Five were baddassese, and "fans" (ME!) will take anything!

Another sludgy live set, "Phun City  Festival 1970"....it's a bit rough, but the material is from aFTER they became the FIVE, interresting versions of "Rama Lama Fa fa Fa" and "Sister Anne" as well as the liv-only "Black to Comm".......LOooooooooove Me some Motor City Five!

"1972 LIVE IN THE STUDIO Thunder Express" is a decent one, alternate versions of "Kick out the Jams" and "Ramblin Rose", kind of sloppy here and there, but as a FAN of this band (can ya tell?) I really enjoy THIS set as well......

The two-disc "Shakin Street' Is not spectacular, lots of repeats from the three "legit" albums, with a few unavailable elsewhere live tracks on disc 2 ("Lemmy" guesting on "Sister Anne", a lot of crossover with some of the other stuff here, but these lads had a pretty limited material base....

"The Motor City Burning" is another collction, not much you couldn't find in better company, but still, a  version of "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "Black to Comm" gotta make it worth a spin, right?

OK, what else "The Motor City Kicks out the Jams", a live set from somewhere/sometime in which they tear through their normal set, with extra versions of "ramblin Rose" and "Kick out the Jams", I Know this stuff overlaps a good bit, bit let us put ALL our cards on the table shall we?

OK, one more "Greatest Hits Live" God knows what THAT is, pretty much their standard repertoire, with a few oddities thrown in there ("Cold Sweat/I Can't Stand Myself"/There Was a Time", It's a Man's World"....it is in a word unlistenable, but if you "gotta' you gotta".....

OK, enjoy if you dig the Five......go back and see if my links for Sonic's Rendezvous Band and Rob Tyner and DKT are still active, if not, lemme know, and we'll put em up again......one of america's finest bands, The MOTOR CITY FIVE, deserve to be heard, and I'm here to help as best I can!

OK, quality here is sporadic, but I love me some FIVE, and check the archives and if your are lucky some coll stuff from Wayne Kramer or Sonic's Rendezvous Band or even DTK are there......they were fantastic musicians, period, years ahead of thier time.....some of their political stances seem a bit odd these days ("dope, guns, and fucking in the streets"), but what the hell, at least they gave us a soundtrack for should such of a scenario occured.....perhaps my favorite band of the era, and as you know I like a BUNCH of music from that era. Sift through these and find whatever buried nuggets you may find, there are one or two here, amongst the sludge.....again, like the Dolls or the Stooges, MANY rarities EXIST due to their rabid cult following, BUT due to the technical limitations of the era, the sound can be limited (especially "Greatest Hits Live", listened today and WHOA, rough, as are other things here)......nonetheless, they are the 5....legends, and deserve to have EVERY note that we can scrape up on their behalf to be heard. One of my very favorite bands growing up, RIP to Rob Tyner, Sonic Smith, and Machine Gun Thompson, great musicicans all, and best of health and happiness to the two survivning memebers, Michael Davis and Brotha Wayne Kramer, thank you for the loud, rocking, ANGRY music.......loved you guys wok, and wish I had some better rarities with with which to tribute you, sorry.......anyway, you guys were the greatest!

PURITY ACCURACY DISC 1-01 Skunk/02 Poison/03 Gotta  Keep Movin/04 Baby Won't Ya (Sonic Vocals), 05 Sister Ann/06 Future/Now/07 Over and Over (Inst)/08 Train Music (unreleased)/09 The Pledge Song (early version of "Sister Anne")/10 Power Trip (Early Version of "Skunk")/11 Tutti Fruitti/12 Tonight/13 Teenage Lust (inst)/14 Looking at You (alt Version)/15 High School (inst)/16 Call Me Animal (inst)/17 The American Ruse/18 Shakin Street (Sonic Vocal)/19 Human Being Lawnmower/20 Back In the USA/21 Looking at You (inst)/22 What Is Zenta?/23 Kick Out the Jams

PURITY ACCURACY DISC 2- 01 Looking at You/02 Borderline/03 Looking at You (inst)/04 I Can Only Give You Everything/05 I Just Don't Know/06 One of the Guys/07 Little Red Riding Grmph/08 I Don't Mind/09 Look What You've Done Done/10 Baby Please Don't Go/11 Break  Time/12 I'm a Ma/13 Looking at You/14 Black To Comm/15 I Put a Spell On You/16 Born Under a Bad Sign/17 I Want You Right Now/18 I Beleive To My Soul

PURITY ACCURACY DISC 3-01 Brother JC Intro/02 Motor City Is Burning/03 I Beleive to My Soul/04 Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rma Lama Fa Fa Fa)/05 I'm Mad Like Eldridge Cleaver/06 Ice Pick Slim/07 Black to Comm

PURITY ACCURACY DISC 4-01 Sister Anne (With Lemmy)/02 Gotta Keep movin (with Nick From the Hellacopters)/03 Looking at You (With Dave Vanian)/04 Skunk

1968 STURGIS ARMORY-01 Kick Out the Jams/02 Come Together/03 Revoulutionary Blues/04 Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/05 James Brown Medley/06 Upper Egypt/07 Tutti Frutiit/08 Borderline/09 Born Under a Bad Sign/10 I Want You/11 Starship/12 Black To Comm

BABES IN ARMS (ROIR CASSETTE RIP)-01 The American Ruse/02 Future/Now/03 Gold/04 Gotta Keep Moving/05 I Can Only Give You Everything/06 I Just Don't Know/07 Kick Out the Jams/08 Looking at You/09 One of the Guys/10 Poison/11 Shakin Street/12 Sister Anne/13 Skunk (Sonically Speaking)/14 Tonight/15 Tutti Fruitti

1966 BREAKOUT!-01 Looking at You/02 Black to Comm/03 I Just Don't Know/04 Little Red Riding Grmph/05 I Don't Mind/06 Break Time/07 One of the Guys/08 Look What You've Done/09 Baby Please Don't Go/10 I'm a Man/11 I Can Only Give You Everything

THE HUMAN BEING LAWNMOWER-THE BADDEST AND MADDEST-01 Skunk (Outtake)/02 Brother JC Intro/03 Motor City Is Burning/04 I Beleive to My Soul/05 Looking at You (Inst/alt)/06 Gotta Keep Movin (outtake)/07 Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/08 Borderline (Studio Flat Mix)/09 Over and Over (Inst/demo)10 Over and Over (inst/demo)/11 James Brown Medley/12 I'm Mad Like Eldridge Cleaver/13 Human Being Lawnmower (Outtake)/14 What is Zenta?/15 Thunder Express/16 I Just Don't Know/17 Rock N Roll People

PHUN CITY FESTIVAL 1970-01 Rambling Rose/02 Tonight/03 Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/04 Miss X/05 Looking at You/06 I Want You/07 Sister Anne/08 Kick Out the Jams/Black to Comm

THUNDER EXPRESS LIVE IN THE STUDIO 1972Kick Out the Jams/02 Ramblin Rose/03 Thunder Express/04 Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/05 Motor City Is Burning/06 I Can Only Give You Everything/07 I Just Don't Know

SHAKIN STREET DISC 1-01 KIck Out the Jams (Original Uncensored Version)/02 Shakin Street/03 The American Ruse/04 Skunk/05 Tutti Fruitti/06 Poison/07 Gotta Keep Moving/08Tonight/09 Sister Anne/10 Future/Now/11 Gold/12 I Can Only Give You Everything/13 I Just Don't Know/14 Looking at You (Original A-Square Single Version)/15 I Don't Mind

SHAKIN STREET DISC 2-01 One of the Guys/02 Black to Comm/03 High School (Instrumental)/04 Come Together (live)/05 Rocket Redeucer No. 62 (live)/06 Baby Please Don't Go (live)/07 I'm a Man (Live)/08 Look What You've Done (live)/09 Ramblin Rose (live)/10 Sister Anne (Live with Lemmy)

THE MOTOR CITY IS BURNING-01 Kick Out the Jams/02 Come Together/03 Revolutionary Blues/04 Human Being Lawnmower/05 Tonight/06 Teenage Lust/07 Looking at You/08 Shakin Street/09 Ramblin' Rose/10 Tutti Fruitti/11 Borderline/12 Born Under a Bad Sign/13 I Want You/14 Starship/15 I Beleive My Soul/16 Black To Comm

THE MOTOR CITY KICKS OUT THE JAMS-01 Ramblin Rose/02 Kick Out the Jams/03 Empty Heart/04 Motorcity Is Burning/05 Black To Comm/06 Ramblin Rose #2/07 Kick Out the Jams #2/08 Looking at You/09 Tonight

GREATEST HITS LIVE-01 Ramblin Rose/02 Kick out the Jams/03 Come together/04 Revolutionary Blues/05 Rocket Reducer No. 62/06 Looking at You/07 Cold Sweat/I Can't Stand Myself/There Was a Time/08 Human Being Lawnmower/09 Tutti Fruitti/10 Borderline/11 Born Under a Bad Sign/12 I Want You/13 Tonight/14 I Believe To My Soul/15 Black To Comm/16 It's a Man's World

SOoooooo, one of America's finest rock bands, with a VERY small out, nonetheless, all GREAT......these rarities are VERY hit-and miss, likely you'll find 20 dogs for each gem......nonetheless, the MC5 were bad ass, and even this stuff, as bad as it can be, deserves to be heard at least once.........SONIC, BOB, and MACHINE GUN, RIP, and Michael/Brotha Wayne, thanks for being a part of a revolutionary, and great band, often copied, NEVER equalled.......one of the moost important and influential bands ever cranked out by the US of A, and one of which I at least, will NEVER grow tired! Baby Baby hlep me, you really really must I need a healthy outlet.....for my teenage LUST!


Couple of REALLY good albums today from Spanish stoner-rockers Neubat, as with many other non-English language stoner rock (in particular), it is maddening to try and find much information about them, which is a real shame because these are really really good. Here is the information that I have at hand (have had these for a while and can't even recall from where they camae)......the band consists of keyboardist/vocalist Libe, drummer/vocalist Ima, Atxux on bass/vocals, and guitarist/vocalist Kanda......

Apparently they have issued two albums, 2004's "Dantzaldiko Erreginak" and 2006's "Stereosaurus"....my Spanish is VERY rusty (I took it last period my sophomore year in high school, what did you expect me to do, like, GO or something? Anyway, maybe I should have, I might understand what these folks were singing about, sounds good though, one of them is a chiquita with a very fine voice, the guitar playing is top-notch and the use of keyboards on this type of stoner rock is almost even innovative.

Wish I could tell ya more because I really do like these discs, perhaps Jose from http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.es/ who hails from Spain knows something about them and, if so, would be kind enough to share something about them? Anyway, they are fine albums and I recommend them highly to both fans of stoner-rock and of non-English language rock n roll.

DANTZALDIKO ERREGINAK-01 Felson/02 Dantzaldiko Erreginak/03 Blancoman/04 Hanken Artean/05 Basamortu Motela/06 Topper Harley/07 El Demonio/08 Gorrotoa Naiz/09 Deusezezinak/10 Ikusten Zaitut/11 Sua/12 Megalodon/13 Entzun Haizea

STEREOSAURUS-01 Tunelaren Buruko Argia/02 Shanghai/03 Carrandi/04 Chupacabras/05 Planeta Militarra/06 Zapiaren Dantza/07 Supertubo/08 Elur Bola Infernuan/09 Naide/10 Pozoina/11 Azal Gorriak/12 Ohe Azpiko Munstroa/13 Erzin da Azaluda/14 Jack Boy

Please report back......I like these discs a good bit and would like to know if you do as well.....what are your feelings (talking to the Yanks right now) on foreign language stuff that I post from time to time.....I'm quite a fan of it, but I know a lot of folks don't care for it......I just think that when we can make NOTHING of the lyrics then the music REALLY has to drive the point home, right?

Still upping the MC5 Links, there are a lot and it's going slowly, I'll get these up as soon as the 5 is done!

By the way thanks again.....

Thanks to everyone who helped bail me out of the could-have-been disaster "Vinyl Garage Unerground"......started out bad when I couldn't locate volumes 22-25 (FINALLY found em), and got worse when volumes 1,2,3,4,and 6 were on bad discs which I could play but for whatever reason my computer would not read......but as usually happens, blog friends came through, Jose with the late volumes, Dave Wolfsonnc ("Sonic" to me!) with the early ones, and it has been a VERY popular series, likely for the people who missed it or never even knew of the great "Psychedelic Lion" blog to begin with.....hell, even that blog's gatekeeper/"Vinyl Garage Underground" series creator Ronnie D honored this meager blog by stopping in and even hinting at a possible volume 26 sometime? Le me know if I can have the honor of helping you with it or anything else Ronnie D!

Just plain, thanks for everyone's help with this one, thanks for coming through in spades. Angelina and me BOTH send our thanks!