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Super Mega Yo La Tengo Part 4

Well, I guess we will allow this section to concentrate on the many EP's that YLT has released over
the years.....never realized there were so many until, well, now.......gonna be a lot of overlap, feel free to reprogram if it suits ya! (No particular order)

DANELECTRO (2000)- Take three quirky Yo La Tengo instrumentals, all with interwining themes, and then have them remixed by Q-Unique, Kit Clayton, and Nobukazu Takemura....and the result is a totally original effort, what more can we expect from Yo La Tengo.......for fans of the band, but, by now, shouldn't we all be?  01 Danelectro 3/02 Danelectro 2/03 Danelectro 1 (Q-Unique Remix)/04 Danelectro 3 (Kit Clayton Remix)/05 Danelectro 1/06 Danelectro 2 Nobukaza (Takemura Remix)

CAMP YO LA TENGO (!995)-01 (Thin) Blue Line Swinger/02 Can't Seem To Make You Mine/03
Mr Ameche Plays the Stranger/04 Tom Courtenay (Accoustic)

TODAY IS THE DAY (2003)-01 Today Is the Day/02 Styles of the Times/03 Outsmartener/04 Needle of Death.05 Dr Crash/06 Cherry Chapstick

FROM A MOTEL 6 EP-01 Ashes on the Ground/02 From a Motel 6/03 Shaker/04 For Shame of Doing Wrong (Slide Version)/05 Nutrica/06 What She Wants

HERE COMES MY BABY EP-01 Here Comes My Baby/02 The Story of Jazz/03 Barstool Blues/04 Compromise/05 At the River's Edge/06 Ecstacy Blues/07 Speeding Motorcycle

LITTLE HONDA EP-01 Little Honda/02 Be Thankful For What You Got/03 No Return /04 Black
Hole/05 How Much I've Lied/06 By the Time it Gets Dark/07 Little Honda (Live)/08 We're the Champions (Live)

MERRY CHRISTMAS-01 Rock N Roll Santa/02 It's Christmas Time/03 Santa Claus Goes Modern

NUCLEAR WAR EP-01 Nuclear War, Version 1/02
Nuclear War, Version 2/03 Nuclear War, Version 3/04 Nuclear War Version 4

UPSIDE DOWN EP-01 Upside Down /02 (the) Farmers Daughter/03 Out of Control/04 Upside Down (One More Time)/05 Sunsquashed

Some fantastic stuff on these EP's don't neglect
them........ya think I'm done? HELL no, tomorrow, live stuff, and maybe even a few collaborative efforts........anyway these are going like hotcakes, but with very little commentary, come on, you know I like to hear from you guys!

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