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growing bored for a living super mega yo la tengo part 5

Well, here we have a variety of live material from our heroes, I have never caught them live, but
obviously (like the Dickies and Husker Du) in concert they pile on the cover material......it can be most amusing, on record, but I will say this: There is SO MUCH of it here that you may or may notwish to delve into large doses of it.......I'll give you a few sample titles on each of the cover sets so you can see the outrageous diversity, it'll work for you, most likely, unless you OD on it. At the end of all these I have a super-ultra rare available nowhere else set from my WOXY Lounge Acts collection (more on that series later, I am disappointed in the numbers, but we'll talk).....so here is Yo La Tengo Live, in all thier glory, hope you've been enjoying THIS series, it's been a good bit of work but they really are badass!

First up we have "Live at Bell House" from 2011....NOT all covers (though thye are there), this includes versions of classics like "Autumn Sweater" and "86 Second Blowout"......if you want a straight-up live representation of one of thier shows, I'm guessing this to be it.

Now, WFMU Hoboken 3/5/10 is LOADED with covers, best, as I said, perhaps taken in small doses....just as a sampling: "Smokin In the Boys Room", "To Sir With Love", "Marquee Moon".....ANYTHING goes as cover material with these guys, you'll get the idea soon.

Next, we have the aptly titled "Live Covers", which includes NO (I don't think) overlap with the previous set......how about, for example, "Mr Soul", "Werewolves of London",  "No Sleep Til Brooklyn", "Tangled Up In Blue".......and TONS more, go at your own pace, while humorous, still overwhelming.

We have another WFMU set, this one from 2001, heavy on the covers as well, here's a few h'ors
d'ourves for this one......"Billy Don't Be a Hero", "Jet", "I Wanna Be Sedated", "Draggin the Line".......they aren't shy about what they take on, no question.

Believe it or not, we have our THIRD WFMU set, as well as our FOURTH mostly covers set, this one titled "WFMU Covers Set"........samples? "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "Meet the Mets Jingle", "Jailbreak", "Dancing Barefoot"........gotta say, if you listen to all of these, I can't imagine you lacking in a Yo La Tengo cover version of ANYTHING.......all good fun, just take your time uncovering these.

My final offering is the WOXY Lounge Acts session, a single, 20-minute unsplit track, with lovely versions of "The Weakest Part", "Big Day Coming", "I Should Have Known Better", and some promo/interview stuff, really good music but better for the rarity factor as I know noone else who would possibly have a copy, spread it at will, make sure any fans of the band hear it.

(Note: I do not have these on disc, they are on hard drive, I don't know how

LIVE AT BELL HOUSE-01 Game Show Intro/02 Artificial Heartbreak/03 Autumn Sweater/04 If It's True/05 I'm On My Way/06 (banter)/07 Alyda/08 86 Second Blowout/09 Outsmartener/10 I Heard You Looking/11 It's Alright (The Way That You Live)/12 Walking Away/13 More Stars Than There Are In Heaven/14 False Alarm/15 (banter)/16 The Weakest Part/17 (banter)/18 Mr. Tough/19 Big Day Coming/20 Tom Courtenay/21 Little Honda/22 (encore break)/23 Whatcha Gonna Do/24 Come On Baby/25 Dog Meat/26 Detouring America With Horns

WFMU 3/5/10-01 Old Time Rock N Roll/02 Rain/03 For Shame of Doing Wrong (I Wish I Was a Fool For You)/04 Secret Blood/05 Ripple/06 Neanderthal Man/07 Second hand News/Indian Giver/08 Drug Test/09 Smokin In the Boys Room/10 TV Eye/11 Add It Up/12 To Sir With Love/13 When My baby's Beside Me/14 Sex Drive/15 Can't Forget/16 Be My Baby/17 Caravan/18 Not Fade Away/19 Marquee Moon/20 Roadrunner/21 Midnight Confessions/22 96 Tears/23 Love is the Drug/24 Wooly Bully/25 A Man's Coconut/26 Blue Line Swinger/27 Moulty/28 Cinnamon Girl/29 Le Freak/30 I Think We're Alone Now/31 Summer Breeze/32 White Light White Heat/33 Ring Of Fire/34 That's When I Reach For My Revolver/35 Sex Bomb (medley)

LIVE COVERS-01 Favorite Thing/02 All Tomorrow's Parties/03 Scissors/04 Happiness Is A Warm
Gun/05 Werewolves of London/06 Across the Universe/07 Moving In Your Sleep/08 Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/09 Sympathy For the Devil/10 Baby's On Fire/11 Mr Soul/12 Hold Your Head Up/13 Hey War Pig/14 Charmed Life/15 Little Willy/16 Count Me In/17 Truckin'/18 Don't Worry Kyoko/19 Uncontrollaable Urge/20 What's So Funny Bout/21 Sea of Love/22 Suffragette City/23 I've Got Levitation/24 No Sleep Til Brooklyn/25 Ice Cream Man/26 I Want To Be With You/27 Tangled Up In Blue/28 Nuclear War Medley

LIVE ON WFMU 2001-01 DJ1/02 Agitated/03 Time Fades Away/04 Outsmartener/05 Jet/06 DJ2/07 Cherry Chapstick/08 Transfussion/09 No Matter What/10 Route 66/11 DJ3/12 Red Rubber Ball/13 Red Rubber Ball/14 bang A Gong/15 The Door Into Summer/16 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/17 DJ4/18 Solitary Man/19 The Edge of Reality/20 Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands/21 Gods Children/22 I Wanna Destroy You/23 DJ5/24 Billy Don't Be a Hero/25 Hot Skillet Mama/26 Getting Older/27 Dj6/28 Superman/29 Me and Julio Down By the School Yard/30 Here Comes My Baby/31 Draggin the Line/32 DJ7/33 See No Evil/34 Medley/35 Do Ya/36 DJ8

WFMU COVERS SET-01 Johnny THunders/02 You're No Good/03 Dancing Barefoot/04 Raised Eyebrows/05 Know It's Alright/06 Rockaway Beach/07 Twentieth Century Boy/08 Pleasant Valley Sunday/09 Do Ya Think Im Sexy/10 Mama Told Me Not To Come/11 Search and Destroy/12 Meet the Mets Jingle/13 Cheese and Onions/14 Starry Eyes/15 Thing With a Hook/16 I Think We're Alone Now/17 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/18 jailbreak/19 September Gurls/20 When Doves Cry/21 Build Me Up Buttercup/22 You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet/23 I Want You To Want Me/24 Medley/25 Sudden Organ

WOXY LOUNG SESSION-01 (unsplit track)

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