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Super Mega Yo La Tengo Part 3

Well, I think we have all the "regular" issue LP/CD's posted......now's to the fun stuff, the more rare
and essoteric releases, and, sister Christian, there are a LOT of them.

I think this portion will feature the compilation albums which feature rarities, and this and that......fans of a band such as this will swoon for such stuff, and there is some wonderful material here.Why not begin with the three disc "Prisoners of Love (A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003)".....what these discs feature are TONS of rare tracks from our heroes, I'm not gonna list em all here (that is what the track list is for), check these out, there is some overlap, but it is outweighed by the unearthed gems you will locate here.....feel free to preprogram if you wish,

Next up is the clssic "Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics", the title says it all......Oh, my God......a sampling: "The Night Chicago Died"....."The Hokey Pokey"......."Oh! Sweet Nuthin!"......."Roundabout"....."Raw Power"......"Murdering" is the correct terminology, and this essential album shold be on your shelf yesterday. hilarious and listenable at once, this one is a MUST. Seriously, one of the most hilarious albums ever created, many have TRIED, but NONE have pulled it off to this point of perfection.

"They Shoot We Score" is an album of soundtrack work the band has done, I REALLY enjoy this one for some reason, the existing versions of the old standards are MUCH different, and there is music they contributed to four different films.......this is a fine album, don't miss it, the shrot version of "Spec Bebop" is almost worth the price of admission.

"Genius + Love= Yo La Tengo" is a wonderful two disc set or rarities, alternates, outtakes, and is a must have for fans of this band........WONDERFUL stuff here ("The Blitkreig Bop"? "Surfing With the Shah?")......another winner, by now you know whether this band is "for you" or not (obviously, they are for ME), but if they are for you, this rarities double disc is no question  essential to your collection as well.

OK, I am trying to work quickly, if I forget something I'll stick it on th end or something........these are great comps that ANY self-respecting Yo La Tengo fan MUST have, tomorrow, I will get to some live stuff, and a bunch of EP's also......this is one of America's great underappreciated indie bands, they are great and let us PLEASE recognize them as such!

PRISONERS OF LOVE DISC 1-01 Shaker/02 Sugarcube/03 barnaby, Hardly Working,/04 Little
Eyes/05 Stockholm Syndrome/06 Our Way to Fall/07 From a Motel Six/08 Swing For Life/09 Tom Courtaney/10 Lewis/11 I heard You Looking/12 You Can Have It All/13 Did I Tell You

PRISONERS OF LOVE DISC 2-01 The River of Water/02 Autumn Sweater/03 Big Day Coming/04 Pablo and Andrea/05 Drug Test/06 Season of the Shark/07 Upside Down/08 The Summer/09 Tears Are In Your Eyes/10 Blue Line Swinger/11 The Story of Jazz/12 Nuclear War/13 By the Time It Gets Dark

PRISONERS OF LOVE DISC 3-01 Stay Away From Heaven/02 Pencil Test/03 Almost True/04 Tom Courtenay/05 Big Day Coming (demo)/06 Dreaming/07 Bad Politics/08 Blue Green Arrow/09 Decora (Acoustic)/10 Out the Window/11 Weather Shy/12 Dreams/13 Autumn Sweater (remix).14 Ashes on the Ground/15 Mr. Ameche Plays the Stranger/16 Magnet

YO LA TENGO IS MURDERING THE CLASSICS-01 Tighten Up/02 The Night Chicago Died/03 Raw Power/04 Sea Cruise/05 Favorite Thing/06 Baseball Altamont/07 Meet the Mets/08 Oh Bondage Up Yours!/09 Ding Dang Interplanetary Music/10 Captain Lou/11 Oh! Sweet Nuthin!/12 Route 66/13 Roadrunner/14 Tijuana Taxi/15 Mendocino/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/16 Aweet Dreams (Are made of These)/17 Baby's On Fire/18 Mary Ann With the Shaky Hand/19 The Hokey Pokey/20 You May Be Right/21 Mama Told Me Not To Come/22 Roundabout/23 You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet/24 Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her hand In the Snow)/25 Downtown/26 Let the Good Times Roll/27 Never on Sunday/28 20th Century Boy/29 Rock The Boat/30 Shotgun+Me

THEY SHOOT WE SCORE-01 Leaving Home/02 Getting Lost/03 Path to Springs/04 Driving
Home/05 Leaving Home (alternate Version)/06 Old Joy End Credits/07 Ashley/08 Meerkat/09 Madaeline/10 A Roomfull of Ladies (Outtake)/11 David Wark/12 Aftermat (Outtake)/13 George/14 This Could Be It/15 The Phantom Who haunts Broadway/16 Game Time/17 Pharoah Blues/18 zoo Chant/19 Love Chant/20 Asbestos/21 Return of the Pharoah/22 Spec bebop/23 Buckner's Bone/24 Isolation Tank/25 Panic In Central Park (outtake)/26 Panic In Central/27 Wizard's Sleeve

GENIUS + LOVE= YO LA TENGO (DISC 1)-01 Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop/02 Demons/03 Fog Over Frisco/04 Too Late/05 Hanky Panky nowhow/06 Something To Do/07 Ultra-powerful Shortwave Radio picks up//08 Up To You/09 Somebaody's baby/10 Walking Away From You/11 Artificial Heart/12 Cast a Shadow/13 I'm Set Free/14 Barnaby, Hardly Working/15 Some Kinda Fatigue/16 Speeding Motorcycle

GENIUS + LOVE=YO LA TENGO (DISC 2)-01 Nutricia/02  Her Grandmother's Gift/03 From a Motel 6/04 Gooseneck Problem/05 Surfin With the Shah/06 Ecstacay Blues/07 Too Much Part one/08 Blitzkreig Bop/09 One Self; Fish Girl/10 Enough/11 Drum Solo/12 From a Motel 6/13 Too Much Part II/14 Sunsquashed

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