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Very Rare Punk Singles/EP's Collection Part 1

From my good friend Gary comes a stack of pretty obscure punk singles and EP's, actually not a "stack", I mean, like, it WOULD be if they were on vinyl, but either he found this torrent somewhere (I've never seen it on the Bay or elsewhere), or he made into a torrent himself.....I have no idea, but he sent it to me a couple days ago.....my problem is trying to figure out how to present it here, I could probably "make" a 2-CD set out of it, but I think I would rather presesnt it as a series of singles/EP's so you are free to pick and choose. So the track lists below will give you the names of both A & B sides, and EACH will have it's own download link......I think that's better than me trying to program it as a "rarities" disc and not doing a good job of it. I have to admit, most of these releases I was NOT familiar with before Gary sent them to me, as well, you may not be They come from all over the globe and in general eminate from the early 1980's, a few a bit earlier......I am WILD about this submission and will be hitting it hard the next few days, as should you.......THIS is no joke, this is a true rarity (I think so, at least), and you guys who are loyal to me, this is for YOU! Just remember to thank Gary, he's an old high school buddy of mine so we go back aways, it was great of him to submit this for us
........as such, I will include as much info (year, country of origin if available) with each of these......there will be the rest of them tomorrow or so, but listen hosers, if you are a fan of punk rock that no one has ever heard of, like me, well, this will be a blessing to you......it's just sas exciting for ME as it is for anyone who downloads, because this is NEW stuff to myself, as well as you!  I wish MORE OF YOU would send me stuff like this, Gary is an old pal, if more people would send me obscurities like this, I'd have the most eccentric, individualized blog on the internet.........not that it matters, I just want people to enjoy the stuff I put up, no matter from where it comes, as I look for employment (another interview Monday!)

HERE'S what we got:

THE ACES (UK 1981) (One Way St., 7") 01 One Way St./02 Should It Be Mine

AQUI D'EL ROCK-01 (Portugal 1979) (single)-01 Eu Nao Sai/02 Dedicada

ART OBJECT (Self Titled 7" EP) (USA 1980)-01 Ride the Metro/02 Confused/03 Delinquent/04 So Enlightned/05 USA NRK

Girls/02 SVDB-Chain Reaction

 THE BLITZZ (1978 Holland) (single)-01 You Got What You Want/02 Go Now

BOYS BOYS (1980 Japan) (single)-01 Monkey-Monkey/02 Control Tower

BRAINIACS (Self Titled 7" EP, 1979 USA)-01 Don't Tell Me Why/02 Take Me To Paris/03 So Unsure/04 Stunned

THE CRETINS- (Samem Im Darm 7") (1980 Germany)-01 Samen Im Darm/02 Heimkind/03 Walter

DEAF AIDS (Self Titled EP, UK, 1979)-01 Do It Again/02 Peep Show/03 Aren't People Strange

DEAF AIDS (Heroes? 1980 UK)-01 The Heroes/02 Bored Christine

DEZERTER-(1983 Poland) (Ku Pryzszloski 7")-01 Ku Przyszloski/02 Spytaj Milicjanta/03 Szara Rzeczywistosc/04 Wojna Glupcow

DUNDAS-(Canada 1979) (single)-01 Bloodshot In Your Eyes/02 Can't You Hear Me

EXPLODING SEAGULLS-(1980 UK) (single)-01 Johnny Runs For Paraegoric/02 Take Me To the Cinema

FALSE PROPHETS (1982 USA) (single)-01 Good Clean Fun/02 Functional

GLO- (1981 Sweden) (Self Titled 7" EP)-01 Nerv/02 Pin-up/03 Det Kan Jag Garantara/04 1980

GYLLENE DIVOR (1981 Sweden)(Ni har Ingen Tunnelbanna 7")-01 Ni Har Ingen Tunnelbana/02 Mucka/03 Jag Ar kar I John Travolta

INOCENTES (1983 Brazil) (Misera e Fome 7" EP)-01 Apenas Conto O Que Eu Vi O Que Senti/02 Morte Nuclear/03 Aprendi A Odiar/04 Calado

ISM (1983 USA) (single)-01 I Think I Love You/02 A7

OK, folks, anyone of you must admit that this is a
HELL of a contribution, TOTALLY obscure punk shit from around the globe, most/all of which even I am not familiar with.......and THAT, chillens, is why we be here......grab these, amaze yerself, and hope tomorrow comes soon enough when I post the rest of these gems.......thanks to Gary for sending them to me, dunno where he found em, and frankly don't care, this is some BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKING SHIT from what I have listened to (about half).......if you don't appreciate THIS, then you don't appreciate share blogging or what ANY of us are trying to do here......this shit is (1) awesome, (2) rare as fuck, and (3) available, to my knowledge, NOWHERE ELSE (right now) BUT HERE!.........this is a bad ass share, and I hope that if you indulge in some/all of it, PLEASE comment on it, I know DAMN WELL that 98% of you simply DO NOT have this stuff laying around the house....THIS is a FIND, and should be appreciated as such.....and tomorrow's second half will be JUST AS BADASS, I promise!

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