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Some stuff from Brian's blog in case you missed it

In case you haven't visited http://rustbeltoutpost.blogspot.com/ of late, here are a couple of things of interest that you might wish to investigate, none of which I have a lot of knowledge (comedy has never been my thing), so here they are submitted for your approval......I will say this, the Tape Beatles thing intrigued me and I listened to a good bit of it and it's a REAL winner for my money, HIGHLY recommended by myself (as if my judgement means much, but it really is different, interesting, and unique)

The Tape Beatles - the Grand Delusion
The Tape Beatles - The Grand Delusion

I can't even remember how I heard of these guys - I think I was looking for tape-collage or plunderphonics stuff somewhere. And what a classic this is! This is a brilliant deconstruction of America, it's dreams, it's lies....give this one a chance.

Constructed of political speeches, sermons, snippets of classical music, and other things I can't identify. The middle of the album is awesome: Reagan, Eisenhower, Carter, instrumentals, snippets of "Also Sprach Zarathustra". This is an amazing album, especially on headphones. Imagine Negativland without the goofy. Great stuff, and it'll make you think.

Happy Memorial Day.....
SCOTT: I was not really familiar with Ken Nordine, either, until Brian shared some of his stuff, while not exactly my kind of thing, it IS really good and different, and that of course is what we strive for around here......I'll let Brian tell ya about it, but this might be of interest to you as well:
The Ken Nordine Word Jazz post went over well, so I now present to you Nordine's oddest creation, as well as probably his most accessible.

If you're an odd music aficionado, maybe you've heard tracks from this on the Incredibly Strange Music CDs. The story of this album is well documented, but a quick summing up is needed.

Nordine recorded ten radio ads for a paint company in his particular style. The ads ended up having a life of their own, getting requested on the radio as well as winning an award. Piqued by this, Nordine went back to the studio and recorded 24 more vignettes covering the color spectrum. Again backed by a great jazz group, he creates one of the true oddities...

What could a man have to say about all these colors? A lot, actually. On some of them, Nordine explores the emotional aspects of a color (Yellow, Green), uses the alliterative aspects of a color (Chartreuse, Olive) and sometimes just goes down some strange paths ("Burgundy....is fat").

You've never listened to anything like this, so you gotta hear it!
SCOTT: As I've said before many times, I have about as much knowledge of recorded comedy as I have on Chinese metrophysics, I DO enjoy a lot of it (Firesign, Lenny Bruce)........Brian is a HUGE comedy guy and FAR FAR more knowledgeable about it than myself, so once again, he can tell you about it..........I know these have been pretty popular previously when he's had me post them here, and I am glad to do so........remember, all of you: ANYTHING goes here, no pigeonholing, I am always open to anything you wish to educate me about. That is why we are here, in my opinion........
A Comedy Repost (Sort Of)

As I said before, comedy posts get sniped easy. But I still want to put up stuff. So I'm reposting some of the Pryor/Carlin oddities from before. Whereas before I had uploaded them to zippy myself, here I'm putting the download links from Archive.org. Since they're "public" and everything, don't think I'll piss anybody off.

1983 Cardinal Hayes Dinner LINK
George speaks at a reunion dinner for the high school he didn't graduate from. He tells some great stories about going to the school. Class Clown fans will like this. Has a false start. Oh, and the MC for the dinner is Regis Philbin (!)

"George Carlin - A Comedian In Transition"LINK
Recorded at the Playboy Club in 1970. George discusses changing his act from his nightclub schtick into a more free-thinking kind of comic. This is a great add-on to FM & AM. Note: has 18 minutes of dead air at the end.

George Carlin and Richard Pryor LINK
The first part of this is an interview with George from 1997. It's cool - he talks quite a bit about his radio days. The second track is really interesting - A recording of Richard Pryor hosting a public radio show in 1972. He talks pretty deeply about the Attica prison riots, as well as playing some great Last Poets songs. (We'll get to them someday)

The page for this download on Archive.org says this is the second disc from the "Radical Comedians Box Set", but I've never found any info on such a thing

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