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The best Ridge post ever

Another of those bands of which it is difficult to track down much information, thees guys from Sweden released (to the best of my knowledge), simply this one very good album "A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In a Columbian Supremo"......can't even find the band's personel list or anything (PLEASE don't name your band something like "Ridge" so when it is Googled all you find is the Oak Ride Boys).....anyway, this album is in the same vein as, say, Dozer or Astrosoniq, nothing wrong with that......a solid album (from 2001) all the way, I'd place it as one of the better "unknown" classics of stoner rock (check the awesome track "Fuelle").

I don't recall where I got em but I do have some other stuff from them, a single with some traks that aare not on the album, some "Rehesal Recordings" with a few OTHER tracks, and "The Cayuga Sessions", whatever that is, but it DOES contain another version of my fave "Fuelle".

Can't tell ya a lot about these guys, but they did give us one kick ass album and a smattering of other rarities. Crank this up, fairly unknown and highly worth your while.

A COUNTRYDELIC AND FUZZED EXPEPRIENCE IN A COLUMBIAN SUPREMO-01 Afro/02 Ano Way Near/03 Rancho Relaxo/04 Como Un Toro/05 Avalanche/06 Cayuga 240/07 Fuelle/08 Zeb/09 Godspeed/10 Silver Dragon

LE RODEO SINGLE-01 Avalanche/02 Firetruck/03 Silver Dragon

2001 REHEARSAL SESSIONS-01 Probably Some Cowboy Name/02 The Baquero/03 Rodeo Exelencio

THE CAYUGA SESSIONS-01 Fuelle/02 Cayuga 240/03 Speedball Mind/04 Afro

Nearly impossible to find even any PICTURES of these guys other than the album, I did finally scrape up a picture of the single.....I'll  add a UTube clip, seems to be a pretty good un too:


Shouldn't be TOO hard to get these linky-dinks up hopefully by tonight.........hope you guys like this one and leave a comment if you do, even if you don't. And like Nirvana said "Spring is here Again"......myself I just love March Maddness and some fucking MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (since my son plays baseball no longer, which saddens me, I was a baseball coach for over 25 years).....anyway, I plan on keeping the tunes coming to ya, as lonas there is interest, I got one email from some douche the other day "why don't you do this and this and stop doing this and that, and do this the way I would prefer you to do it and......." Dear Douche: Please BLOW ME. I am not your goddamn employee and will do this EXACTLY the way I see fit. Should it not be acceptable to you, please do feel free to go fuck yourself. Love Always, BigScott1962

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