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The best My Bloody Valentine post, ever

Back to mega-post mode, and this one will be kind of difficult considering the recorded history of this particular band......incredibly, they have released a new album VERY recently, their first since their 5 star classic "Loveless" many, many years ago. strange history, I'll try my best to recap.

Formed in the late 1970's in Dublin Ireland by singer/guitarist Kevin Shields, drummer Colm O Ciosoig, singer/guitarist Bilinda Butcher, and bassist Debbie Googe, thess guys created a semi-psychedelic shoe-gaze kind of sound that was/is fairly a unique niche for them, the High Violets a couple decades later would make an attempt to cop their groove, but My Bloody Valentine are the originals.

They released a TON of EP's in the 1980's, I THINK I have collected most of them for your inspection, they are, at worst, interesting, at best, unique and influential. As far as I can tell, the first "proper" LP they released was the not-that-well received "Isn't Anything", which is worth a listen.....in general, this is one of those bands that I have a diffiuclt time talking about because there is really NOTHING to compare them to. Multi-layered guitars, dreamy vocals, swirling, hypnotic, psychedelic passages. I love it myslef.

In 1991 they released "Loveless", a simply brilliant album, one of the best of the era.....the edition I have posted below is a special two disc version with alternate versions and the like......this is one of my favorite albums of the early 1990's, see what you think and leave a comment should you agree/disagree.......

It would be over  twenty years before they would follow up with "m b v", JUST recently.....in genreal, I don't put new releases up, and I ahve NOT listened to this yet, BUT I think it might be necessary to paint a complete picture of their work, and it's not like I'm putting up a new Aerosmith album or some such nonsense.

For a band with such a small body of "real" work, I have a MOUNTAIN of material from them.....if all you have heard is "Loveless", you will wish to check t of this stuff, if you've never even heard "Loveless", strat from there and work back.......this is a unique band with a unique sound, and if you dig into this stuff you will be highly rewarded......PLEASE let me know what you think of this post, it's really a good bit of work to sort through all their EP's and stuff to get a HUGE post out of a band whose true lagacy is ONE great album!

ECSTACY EP-01 She Loves You Not/02 The Things I Miss/03 I Don't Need You/04 (You're) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl)/05 Clair/06 You've Go Nothing/07 (Please) Lose Yourelf In Me

STRAWBERRY WINE EP-01 Strawberry We/02 Never Say Goodbye/03 Can I Touch You

SUNNY SUNDAE SMILE EP-01 Sunny Sundae Smile/02 Sylvies Head/03 Paint a Rainbow/04 Kiss the Eclipse

GEEK! EP-01 No Place To Go/02 Moonlight/03 Love Machine/04 Sandman Never Sleeps

THIS IS YOUR BLOODY VALENTINE EP-01 Forever and Again/02 Homelovin Guy/03 Don't Cramp My Style/04 Tiger In My Tank/05 The Love Gang/06 Inferno/07 The Last Supper

THE NEW RECORD EP-01 Lovely Sweet Darlene/02 By the Danger In Your Eyes/03 Another Rainy Sunday/04 We're So Beautiful

LIVE VANCOUVER CANADA JULY 1992-01 When You Sleep/02 I Only Said/03 Only Shallow/04 Slow/05 Nothing Much To Lose/06 Noise/07 You Never Should/08 Feed Me With Your Kiss/09 Soon/10 To Here Knows When/11 Honey Power/12 You Made Me Realise

LOST TRACKS AND RARE CUTS-01 Sugar/02 Cowboy Song/03 Good For You/04 Glider (long)/05 Just Like Us/06 The Time of Day/07 Map Reference 41 N 93 W/08 Instrumental No. 1/09 Instrumntal No. 2/10 We Have All the Time In the World

THINGS LEFT BEHIND-01 No Place To Go/02 Moonlight/03 Love Machine/04 Sandman Never Sleeps/05 By Danger In Your Eyes/06 On Another Rainy Saturday/07 Lovelee Sweet Darlene/08 We're So Beautiful/09 Sunny Sundae Smile/10 Paint a Rainbow/11 Kiss the Eclipse/12 Silvie's Head

ISN'T ANYTHING-01 Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)/02 Lose My Breath/03 Cupid COme/04 (When You Wake) You're Still In a Dream/05 No More Sorry/06 All I Need/07 Feed Me With Your Kiss/08 Sueisfine/09 Several Girls Galore/10 You Never Should/11 Nothing Much to Lose/12 I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)

LOVELESS DISC 1-01 Only Shallow/02 Loomer/03 Touched/04 To here Knows When/ 05 When You Sleep/06 I Only Said/07 Come In Alone/08 Sometimes/09 Blown a Wish/10 What You Want/11 Soon

LOVELESS DISC 2- 01 Only SHallow (Alt.)/02 Loomer (Alt)/03 Touched (Alt)/04 To here Knows Why (Alt)/05 When You Sleep (Alt)/06 I Only Said (Alt)/07 Come In Alone (Alt)/08 Sometimes (Alt)/09 Blown a Wish (Alt)/10 What You Want (Alt)/11 Soon (alt)

MBV-01 She Found Now/02 Only Tomorrow/03 Who Sees You/04 Is This and Yes/05 If I Am/06 New You/07 In Anotehr Way/08 Nothing Is/09 Wonder 2

There are a BUNCH of links here (19 to be exact as I had to split the FLAC files.....anyway, the links may not be totally up until after work tomorrow, SOME should be up in the morning, but this is a big-time mega-post, from a significant band with a limited library of work.......if nothing else DO NOT miss out on "Loveless", one of the greater albums of the 1990's, and there is a LOT of other, good, unique work here that needs to be heard..........My Bloody Valentine did things their own way, and for that I congratulate them......but they did produce one certifiable masterpiece in "Loveless", and anyone smart enough to be reading this blog is smart enough to make certain they are familair with "Loveless"......and congrats to the band for finally getting the follow up, "m b v" out there, I plan on listenting to it tomorrow, and I hope it doesn't dissappoint. As always, rock on, and I'll think of something else for tomorrow!


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