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A little more Ultravox

MAN, have I been having trouble with Zippyshare, Dave Sez probably thinks I forgot to post his links, but weird stuff been going on with the ZIP.....anyway, seems a little better today, I have a huge backlog of stuff to do (Greek Punk #9, Swans #2, Magazine #2), but I can't do much without zippyshare....anyway, I SHOULD get the rest of Dave Sez' Ultravox/John Foxx stuff up, and I'd like to add another Ultravox show from my stash (Stockholm 1977), and may as well throw up "The Collection", kind of a mishmash but it DOES include the awesome "Voice"......hope everyone stays patient as I try to figure out the zippy problem, I AM trying, so please bear with me.

I know I had a few more of thier discs than these, perhaps I should consult someone who is related to me who has a history of stealing my discs, etc, consider the intelligence behind this effort when they can be copied at an overhead cost of about 2 cents each, while, on the other hand, I could kick his ass with equal effort that I would need for, oh, perhaps Po, the red Telletubby.

STOCKHOLM 9/77-01 I Want to be a Machine/02 Slip Away/03 Frozen Ones/04 Distant Smile/05 Young Savage/06 My Sex/07 Artificial Life/08 Wide Boys/09 Saturday Night In the City of the Dead/10 The Wild the Beautiful, and the Damned/11 Rockwrok/12 Fear in the Western World

THE COLLECTION-01 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/02 Hymn/03 Thin Wall/04 Voice/05 Vienna/06 Passing Strangers/07 Sleepwalk/08 Reap the Wild Wind/09 All Stood Still/10 Visions In Blue/11 We Came to Dance/12 One Small Day/13 Love's Great Adventure/14 Lament

LATE EDIT........Dave Sez, perhaps the most generous man in the world, sent the Ultravox/Foxx stuff to myself, as well as to SilentWay at Floppy Boot Stomp........he also sent us both part 2 of the mega post by the great Magazine.......Floppy boot stomp has posted the Magazine stuff today, and he and I agreed that he will direct his readers here for Ultravox/Foxx, and if anyone here is interested in Part 2 of the Magazine mega-post (and you DO WANT IT, it is great), please go to:


the whole thing is there, and his blog is great, great music, hot babes, etc.......please patronize it, and like myself, he's getting a bit peeved about the ratio of downloading to commentary....so please work with us both on this.......his blog operates a bit differently from this one (not quite like my "everything but the kitchen sink" approach), but we all would like for you to please leave a note of commentary should you download music, isn't it the leasta ya can do?

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