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Greek Punk Part 9

And another guest who works tirelessly to give us thorough and enjoyable posts is the great
Apantabapanta, who has now wrapped up the NINTH chapter of my Greek Punk onslaught (there will be ONE more!).......as before, the format he uses doesn't allow me to copy/paste for whatever reason, so I will just reuse his words to the best of my ability.......he really does a spectacular job on these, I never could have done it without him, unless I woulda learnt to read Greek, not terribly likely.

OK, we begin with:

Stigma 90......from Vyronas Athens. The band originally consisted of three women and one man, but have reorganized/formed in latter days. This is a demo created with the collaboration of Michael Papathanasiou of Goin' Thru, and included "Jessica" which achieved some success. They released in 1994 an album, "Hello I'm Leaving", which led to a successful tour.

album link

01 Road/02 Jessica/03 Rocker/04 Trip/05 The Ballad of John/Death Game/Logic/Grown Up/Blues/Cry In Town

in addition, here are some other links, a couple from YouTube






Next we have Panikos, or Panic, a hardcore/punk band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1988. Their format is described as "Lyrically angry anarcho-punk, musically street punk with hardcore elements. On 5/3/94 they performed live at Amfitheatro Nomikis with Moot Point and Sunsteps

We have two albums from the band, first is the 1990 release, "The War Continues"

01 Visions of Death/02 Liars/03 Nothing New/04 Shitbellies/05 20 Century Age/06 The War Continues/07 Silent Death/08 Marionette of the System/09 The Rich Get Richer/10 Live For Tomorrow/11 Night of Riot

and this self-titled effort

01 The Day of Wrath/02 Last Generation/03 When Will Learn/04 All For Money/05 Death Is Ignorance/06 Where is the Freedom?/07 Fear/08 Wounds/09 Dead/10 Riot Night/11 Resist/12 Liars/13 20th Century

BOTH of these albums are hooked to THIS link


In addition, Apantabapanta found something else from the band:


Thanks for the EXTRA stuff my Greek brother


Next, we have a band called "Nuclear Winter", a crust/metal band from Athens, formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003. This is a self titled release from 1997.

01 Castle of Storms/02 Arena/03 Always Confused/04 Gates/05 Fresh Start

check this out HERE



Next is Radiation, a band from Kastoria Greece....they have performed with noted Greek punks Panx
Romana....another self-titled effort.....

01 Polluted Air/02 Socio Scum/03 Saftey/04 Fuck You/05 Radiation/06 Dumb Child/07 Song of Bastards/08 Not War

find this one HERE



And finally this evening, we have Toxic Waste. Checking in with a self-titled album from 2002,
01 Blind Obidience/02 Hero of Dimes/03 Just Before I Go/04 Perfume Luxury/05 Cement/06 Antonis/07 The Big Chair/08 Surrender



Lotta stuff here, and Apantabapanta did a TON of work on this.......we have one more chapter that I will send him to finally wrap this up, and, if you are reading this Apanta, I will get your requested stuff out this week......BTW THAT is how it works......if you want something I posted 3 years ago or something, PLEASE think of something FIRST that YOU can do to make this blog better for everyone.......I get FAR too many re-up requests to honor them all so I HAVE TO limit it to people who make the effort to at least meet me halfway.........this in turn (more participants) makes it a MUCH more enjoyable experience, for me, and for everyone else.

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