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A triumphant and dignified return for the great Dave Sez

Always great news when I see that Dave Sez has taken a bit if his valuable time to remember us all by
 guy on matters of 70's punk/new wave, especially of the UK variety, but that is by no means his limits, as he has helped me out with stuff as wide and diverse as Wilko Johnson or Focus.
sharing some of the more epically rare great music in his tremendous stash,,,,,,he's basically my "go to

Anyway, ALWAYS a great thrill to see that Dave Sez has another submission to share with the world, and I am only happy enough to share with anyone else who wishes......most often it is of the VERY rare variety, and is always of top-notch quality. Take it away, Dave Sez, and thank you for your presentation of a live 1979 show from Ultravox, as well as three discs of John Foxx rarities. Thought Ultravox were one of the better of the early new wave bands, PURE period piece synth-driven "space-pop", influenced to a huge degree by David Bowie and Roxy Music (not that they measure up to either).

First , here are Dave Sez' notes on the first recording here, Ultravox 2/23/79 at Philadelphia's Hot Club:
Ultravox - Philadelphia Hot Club 23/02/1979

From the Dave Sez archive: the crown jewels of Foxx-era Ultravox, a FLAC recording of an FM broadcast by WIOQ. Full cover art, band history and live links to further Ultravox recordings included. Bonus: the 1975 single as Tiger Lily.

1. The Man Who Dies Every Day
2. Slipaway
3. Slow Motion
4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
5. Artificial Life
6. Just For A Moment
7. He's A Liquid
8. Quiet Man
9. I Can't Stay Long
10. Someone Else's Clothes
11. Blue Light
12. My Sex

Thanks to qualitybootz and soundaboard.

An 192-256 mp3 version offered by the great garychching includes two extra tracks and is still available at http://www.mediafire.com/?lmknzx4twgx
13. Young Savage
14. The Wild, The Beautiful, and the Damned

And, as if that fine set and all the bonuses weren't enough, Dave Sez knocks it out of the park with a bunch of John Foxx rarities of the era immediately post-Ultravox......as you can see, this collection features a rarities collection, a set of demos, etc, and a bunch of BBC material.......here are the details:

John Foxx

From the Dave Sez archive: three bootlegs of demos, live and alternate versions by John Foxx, erstwhile leader of Ultravox. Not my kind of thing, but I know someone will like it ... and say thanks in the comments. Full cover art and texts included.

John Foxx – Demos, Live & Unreleased

Live on Spanish TV ("La Edad De Oro") and "The Golden Section" tour of 1983.

01 - A Different Kind Of Man (demo)
02 - He's A Liquid (demo)
03 - He's A Liquid (demo 2)
04 - Twilight's Last Gleaming (live on "La Edad De Oro")
05 - The Hidden Man (live on "La Edad De Oro")
06 - Pater Noster (live on "La Edad De Oro")
07 - Systems Of Romance (live on "La Edad De Oro")
08 - Your Dress (live on "La Edad De Oro")
09 - Morning Glory
10 - In Mysterious Ways
11 - In Mysterious Ways (interview)
12 - Hanging In The Air
13 - Instrumentals
14 - Golden Section (interview)

Thanks to electronicallyyours.blogspot.com.
John Foxx - Endlessly (the Rarities)

01 Musique D'Ameublement
02 Young Love
03 A Long Time
04 Swimmer 1
05 Young Man
06 Endlessly (Original Version)
07 My Face (Smash Hits Flexi)
08 Swimmer 2
09 What Kind Of Love (Single Mix)
10 Endlessly (Extended Version)
11 Like A Miracle (Extended Version)
12 Stars On Fire (Extended Version)
13 Enter the Angel (Extended Version)
14 Stairway
15 Glimmer

Thanks to louissyfer of symphonyofghosts.blogspot.com
John Foxx BBC Sessions

First 3 tracks: BBC Saturday Live, December 1983; second 3 tracks: BBC Saturday Live, September 1985. Quirks is probably from the free 7" with Ha! Ha! Ha!.

01 Hiroshima Mon Amour
02 Shadow Of Your Smile
03 Twilight's Last Gleaming
04 Morning Glory
05 In Mysterious Ways
06 Hanging In the Air
07 Music From Video Game
08 Quirks (Abrupt Ending)

Thanks to louissyfer of symphonyofghosts.blogspot.com.


OK, I'm going to leave this here to make this a "pure" Dave Sez contribution, however, I KNOW I have one or two more Ultravox boots back there that I'll go try and find and post here in "Part 2" of this post, hopefully in an hour or less.......see comments for links to these, and look for another Ultravox surprise or two yet tonight.

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