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Ah, why not an extra post this evening?

Since I've been slacking a couple days, why not throw up something additional (provided, of course, that you ALL listen to that bad-ass Lucuma album, if you DON'T, I will KNOW!)......

So what the fuck, let's dip into that seemingly endless batch of psych discs that line my shelves, I will never deny loving my psych, the dated/innocent/flat-out goofiness of it is just to much to resist.....Again, THIS is one of those things, that, if you have some bizarre, obscure psych album from 1969 or so, THIS IS THE PLACE where it should be shared for EVERYONE who will appreciate it.....

OK, so anyway, let's go with this album from The Rose Garden, 1967......it's not like they are totally obscure as they did score a  rather large single with "Next Flight to London" (really fine single).....I am unsure if this is their only full-length, I guess it doesn't matter much.....Rose Garden were Diana DeRose on vocalas/acoustic guitar, James Groshong on lead guitar, William Flemming on bass guitar, and drummer Bruce Bowdin.

Honestly, an underappreciated album of So-Cal-styled psych/folk, a bit odd as the band was from West Virginia, but hey....the previously mentioned single (good song, really) is here, and the rest of the material  is pretty good as well......Gene Clark actually wrote a couple of the tunes here, "Till Today" and "Long Time", trust me, this is one of the more under appreciated efforts of late 60's psych/folk......if you like Byrds-type janggling psych folk, please do not overlook this one, it's a dandy overlooked semi-classic.

01 Next Plane To London/02 I'm On Second/03 February Sunshine/04 Coins of Fun/05 Rider/06 She Belongs To Me/07 Flower Town/08 Till Today/09 Look What You've Done/10 Long Time

Just another attempt at throwing some variety out there, as you all know, I just like to share whatever kinda music I am in the mood for on a given evening, or whatever.......drug this one out today and remembered what a great track "Next Plane to London" is, and the rest of the album is pretty Goddamn good as well........I think that if you've liked some of my other lighter-psych type things, you'll freak over this......PLEASE let me know, though, OK?

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