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Real quick contribution

The band A Cat has submitted me stuff before, they sent me some more today.....might as well put
them up for you as well.....I think they are kind of good, they call it "Digirock-techno-dream-afro-disco", and while it's not EXACTLY my favorite kind of thing, the songs they have sent me before have sound original and energetic, worth a listen should this kind of music appeal to you......and this is my favorite type of contribution, an up and coming band wishing for a bit of exposure, and a blog such as this are a good match up.........good luck to A Cat, here's their email in total:


We're called A Cat, we make digirock-techno-dream-afro-disco (or you could just call it indie), and we've got a new song out. It's loud and angry, and it'll make you twist and shout.
This is our third single this year, in which we continue to explore the uncharted wilderness between good songs, electronic sound, and West-African grooves.
The songs are all available to download for free from our Soundcloud page, but here are the download links all together:
Rip Out - WAV, MP3, FLAC
Inside Out - WAV, MP3, FLAC
Disconnect - WAV, MP3, FLAC
The songs are also up for sale on iTunes for whoever would like to support us.
If you like us and decide to post about us please send us a link, we're curious to read what you have to say.

Many purrs,
A Cat

They also include a You-Tube video link of the most recent song, "Rip Out", right here:
===Rip Out - Our new song on YouTube===

More stuff like this please, this is fantastic stuff and a great way to get your local band or whatever a BIT more exposure anyway

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