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Greek Punk, Part 7!

As my great blog friend ApantaBapanta continues to work tirelessly on translating these Greek punk
albums for us, all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU repeated over and over, it's one of the features that gives this blog something of the uniqueness and individuality and personality that I wish it to have.......thanks so much to Apantabapanta, he is one of my all-time great blog friends (although I DO have many), but he has helped me out with this project for likely the last year or so, AND he has created a special surprise post that is very, very cool, and which I will unleash on you later this week......listened to it today, and it is imaginative, creative, and kick ass......

anyway......here are the links and Apantabapanta's commentary for each...please check these out, and comment on them pro or con......COME ON, I am attempting to do something different here, wouled you prefer, say, the best of Journey or something?     Dig in and ENJOY this unique and hard to locate shit!

This band's name, apparently, translates to Solitude.....Theys started as "Desert" in 2001 Kastoria Greece...The Same Year they released a demo cd entitled "Aged City", with seven tracks....in 2004 they released a DIY CD, "Valley of Solitude"...with ten pieces....In this CD thier composition was Christos (voice/bass), Venos (Guitar), and Christos (drums and Voice)....later with some changes in the composition, renamed "Death Rattle". Late in 04, they recorded some songs which they did not release. The Band, based most in Thessaloniki, continues to give concerts in different cities in Greece in self-organized spaces...In '06 they released the split with the " The Path In Margin" (with DIY)...That same year, they participated in the collection "Disturbing the Consciouness" , a "piece" (?).....In 08 they participated in diy collection., "Greek Crust Mayhem", piecework "Perpetual Frost", and in '11, yet another DIY collection of financial solidarity, entitled "War For Freedom", with the song "Where the Truth Kills"

01 Feast of Shadows/02 Happy World/03 Aged City/04 Cemertary for Live/Dead/05 Valley of Solitide/06 Group Burial/Days of Sorrow/07 Sunk In Misery/08 Behind the Walls/09 Wrath of times

Now, how about THAT one? I listened to it today and it is a real fish-scaler!.......next up.....

Apantabapanta found nothing on this band, other than the album translations:

Apparently the band is called Basement, and the album is called Audio Chaos-In, of course.it could very well be th other way round.....Here is the track list, should you venture:

01 Black Days/02 Easy Solution/03 Shit For Trendy and Poses/04 In Basement/05 Blank/06 Technological Death/07 1000 Times Dead

Don't know bout you, but it sounds pretty fucking cool to me, we'll have to give this a listen tomorrow!

This band was formed in 2001 in Xanthi...the original composition was Peter, voice, Oulit Bass, Costas guitar, and John Drums. In February 02 they released a demo cd entitled "False Life". After the completion of  the demo drums comes Theo and a second voice dimitri. Thier first live is "Arion", In Xanthi, recorded September '02, and imediately after Kavela....Since the band leaving Kostats, Theo, and Dimitris, and come the Diakos guitar and drums Makis...In '04 they released thier second CD entitled "Rage"...New second guitarist Micha, but in an accident is not allowed to continue. The band comes the Basalica as a second guitarist. In February 07 they released thier thrid CD, "Put the World Fire"....they have given concerts in Xanthi, Kavala, Drama, Komotini, Serres, Alexandroppolous, Thessaloniki, Athens, and Kozani.

FALSE LIFE-01 Impasse/02 Why/03 Remote Generation/04 Fake Life/05 Ten Yearas/06 Schiessegal/07 Chaos-Palestine/08 Non-Acceptable/09 Finally/10 White Lie/11 Bastardokratia


I Guess this band's name translates to "Death Penalty", they were a hardcore/punk ensemble formed in athens in 1992, and who are now disbanded....on 7/1/95 they performed live at Viologiko, (Thessaloniki) along with Dead Silence and Late Night Movies. on 4/22/98 the performed at Villa Amalias (Athens) along with No Future, Infected Insects, Catastrophic Voyage, and Eternity.

We have from them a pair of demo tapes, first from 1993:

01 Brain Decay/02 Dominant Mode/03 Instrumental/04 Panic/05 Death Penalty

and a 1995 Promo Tape:

01 Clergy, Police, Tv
02 Optical Stupefaction


And one more.....


This is an album from 2004 from a band called Landing......not much info availaable, but here is the track listing:

01 I Have Much To Say/02 Writes/03 I Exists/04 Loneliness/05 Reveloution/06  Why Do You Want As Dead/In Planes & Ships

So there ya go, five more albums of Greek Punk Greatness, thanks to the dedication and skills of ApantaBanpanta, one of the very key friends of this blog, as I think the Greek Punk series is great, and allows me to put some stuff up which we just can't find "anywhere", and if we can, we can't get a translator.........ApantaBapanta has also created a super Bowie surprise comp, which I will unleash later this week sometime, but trust me, it is cool and imaginative, and I LOVE it, and that should be enougn for you...........don't forget, Boris is coming VERY soon, and LOTS more......this blog lives on, I am eternally greatful for those who will help me, but I'll get some stuff done one way or another.....really, I DO want to say thanks to Apantabapanta, DaveSez, BrianPhillips, Zigzagwanderer (for that awesome Pony Up! share), and ao many more, if we all share JUST A LITTLE, we can ALL have the PERFECT collection that suits our needs..............

I love all you guys, my readers and contributors, EVERY ONE of you, because you guys GET
IT....you understand what this is about.....it is about sharing music, and memories, and rare stuff, besides, literature, photography, graphic art, short storys, essays.....I'd welcome any damn one of them and I am not kidding.......pictures of your kids.grandkids.? hell yeah, put em up......this is NOT one of those stodgy blogs that has 10000000 rules, if you wish to be a part of our "outsider/loser" community, ANYONE is welcome....ANYONE.......bring your self and your (musical? non musical?) contribution, and you IMMEDIATELY will become a "Friend of the Blog", and honor if ever there were one!

Again, thanks so much to Apantabapanta for his wonderful help on translating these posts....there are STILL a few more parts to come, but he has done a stelar job on these thus far......ALL of my contributors, Aantanbapanta, DaveSez, BrianParker, Jon Man, (RIP?) Psychlist.....Jonman, zigzagwanderer, and ALL THE REST, I LOVE that yoa understand what we are attempting to here, we are NOT doing the 10000th post of Foreigner II, rather, we are all tryingto get the rest of you interested in some music (and stuff) that MAYBE you might not have heard before........this Greek Punk is the SHIT, there are a few more chapters yet to come,  to miss out is to say "Wait, no Van halen?"......come on......open your horizons.......this shit is ROCK N ROLL and I thought that's what you guys WANTED........RIGHT?

Tomorrow probably brings the first portion of the VERY LARGE BORIS mega-post , on which Brian Parker has put in a ton of work, for which I thank him, Boris is BAD ASS, and Brian has been a world of help with this one.......it'll probably be 2-3 parts, but a comprehensive Boris post here has been LONG over due.......so please say "hey" at least to my old homeboy Apantabapanta, and my NEW protege, BrianParker (Brian, please come up with a snappy new scree name I can call you by!!!!!!        :) !!!!!!!! both Brian and Apantanbapanta have more stuff to contribute this week, tomoorow, perhaps we'll get part one of the mega-BORIS post, the next day, an awesomely cool Bowie creation from Apantabapanta......I am glad I have such great friends to help me, without them, I simply could NOT do this without them the way I want........THANKS GUYS, EVERY ONE OF YOU who reads, listens, contributes, shares, or just wishese to contribute ANYTHING for the better of the blog........GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, no kidding!

Always looking for helpers, guest bloggers, and requests, I DON'T WANT TO do this alone.....I want INPUT INPUT INPUT, you guys are the lifes blood of this blog........don't let me down, keep sending me STUFF.........music? literature? photography? artwork? short stories?  SEND IT ALL HERE as long as it doesn't SUCK, and we can all enjoy it.......this is "Facebook" for the REST OF US, where we can share our creations among each other.......please, please, please.......hsare and understand what we are doing here!

Again, I LOOOOOOVE all my readersa nd followers, and will do ANYTHING you suggest to make this blog a better place........I want you guys to come here, have a good time, and hopefully discover something that you were unaware of before.......you know what I'm saying........see ya soon and Often, I hope.....


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