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Say, how about some funny stuff, second attempt?

As I said yesterday, i have quite a backstash of guest material, and there is NOTHING I love more
than guest material (more variety, less work for me).....so this week there will be a load of good stuff, let's begin by clearing up the recent comedy album controversy.....to recap, last week I recieved an email from a very nice youn man named Brian Parker (although he needs a snappy screen-name, he IS from Ohio, so how bad can he be?) who contributed some links to some classic comedy albums, including Firesign Theater and Lenny Bruce, both of which I just love to death, and a rarity involving the TV classic "Twin Peaks".....I THINK they were up overnight, but I do recall they had a LOT of hits. Anyway, later I recieved an email from the currator of another blog (no need to name it because it doesn't really matter) who pointed out that these links were taken directly from his own blog.....now, this is SOMETHING of a common practice, I have done so myself on occasion, but I try to secure permission, just in case....and as I've always made clear, any link that I post is fair game for anyone else to re-use, I don't care, but there are VERY valid reasons why someone SHOULD care, which we don't need to discuss right here......

Anyway, after the better part of the day going back and forth, trying to figure out the problem, I finally just deleted the entire post, which of course I would do for ANYONE who took issue with material on my blog....short version: NO ONE, not Brian, not the other blogger, and CERTAINLY not me really knowingly did anything "wrong", Brian just didn't understand that in such cases, we need to secure permission, and, failing that, re-up the material so a "new" link is created, one that will not have effect on the original link, should something "go wrong" with the new one.....I think all parties here understand the situation better, now, the other blogger understood, eventually, that Brian REALLY wasn't trying to "steal" his material, he is just new to the blogging thing.....and, hell, I'm glad he is, he wants to help me out with some serious mega-posts (we are working on a great one on Japansese stoner leegends Boris, a multi-day effort which will appeaer sometime this week)......hell, you gotta learn the ropes SOMEWHERE, and I am happy to take any help anyone wants to give me.....I had a si,ilar problem a while back with someone copping Dave Sez links, it's just something that happens, and I'd like to tell anyone reading that if YOU DO THIS, either obtain permission from the original source OR download the file and Re-up it to create a nwe link. Exception: If they area MINE, no need to get permission or re-up, and THAT, too is part of the problem, as I have no idea where contributed links might come from....so guys, PLEASE let us all cooperate with each other on this, we ARE, really supposed to be on the same team here. I think I will paste Brian's email to me from January 8th, let him say it himself.

Hello all. Apparently I have a few things to learn about blogger etiquette. So, to make up for my faux
pas...here is some of the comedy albums from the other day's post. Enjoy. The Firesign Theater stuff is great on headphones!
All four of these Firesign Theater albums are the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Remasters. Two albums are in one post, hence there are only three Firesign links.

Their first album, and amazingly accomplished. By the end of the 9 minutes of "Temporarily Humbolt County", you've laughed, been disgusted, and also touched. Years ago, I found this one in a Goodwill LP pile and bought it completely cold!
(Tracks: 1.Temporarily Humboldt County/2.W.C. Fields Forever/3.Le Trente Huit Cunegonde/4.Waiting For the Electrician or Someone Like Him)

Contains the long title piece, as well as the first adventure of FS's classic detective, Nick Danger!

Their indescribable masterpiece...seriously, I can't. Just listen to it, OK?

A compilation of FS's radio show. While not as multilayered as their albums, there's still hilarity aplenty here!

TO IS A PREPOSITION; COME IS A VERB (year?)(BigScott edit: 1961)
It's only 25 minutes long and it's almost bootleg quality, but this is a historic document. Released posthumously, these are actually the tapes Lenny wanted to use for his defense in court. Poor bugger....Lenny really did die for our comedy sins...

Remember Twin Peaks? Well fuck, anyone even remember David Lynch? Anyway, Kyle Maclachlan played an FBI agent who was investigating Lynch's creep town...and he was constantly making voice memos to his never-seen assistant Diane. This is a Simon & Shuster Audio Works tape of all of those recordings. Definitely an odd listen, but a vital one for fans of the show.

Fs 1
Fs 2
Dear Friends
Lenny Bruce
Twin Peaks

Well, to me, that's a prefectly acceptable apology, and a fine effort to make things up  to everyone.....I LOVE the three original Firesign Theater albums, they are simply thte greatest comedy albums ever made, the Lenny Bruce thing is a true piece of trag-icomic history that everyone owes it to him/herslf to listen to, and "Twin Peaks" (!!!!) Now THAT is an ODDITY! I think Brian did a fine job with this, and I hope he will be a fine addition to our team here......so, hopefully, these links are clean and safe, I'll check em myself later but I'm sure they will be fine. Thanks Brian, and, as requested, I will get some of the Firey Furnaces bootlegs headed your way later this week.

Nothing much really more to say, Brian pretty much covered all the bases, so, enjoy, comment,
request, and mostly LAUGH, I have never posted comedy discs before, (well, except "unintentional" comedy albums like a Queen Tribute or something.....I do want to state one more time that Firesign Theater albums are IMO the best comedy albums ever made, and the reason being for this is that the stereo LP was their ONLY medium, thusly, they stand up to literally hundreds of listenings (unlike, say, the work of a standup comic on record, Pryor or Carlin, say.....funny stuff, but not something you want to hear over and over again......Firesign Theater will introduce you to something new EACH TIME you listen to the records, and they remain funny 45 years later, after the fact. Tremendous accomplishment.

In about an hour the Ohio State Buckeyes will attempt to become the first playoff champion of college football.....I am excited, my hunch is they lose a close, high scoring affair, but I can see ways that they could pull it out.....been a Buckeyes fan as long as I've been a Vikings fan (since 1969, cough), and this (win or lose tonight) has been one of the most incredible seasons in the long deep annals of Buckeye football.....best of luck BUCKEYS........and, yeah, might as well.....O-H........I-O.......OH........I-


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