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Motorhead Part 2

OK here is some more of my Motorhead stash, really, what good would it do to go into a hell of a lot of detail on these? Ya KNOW what they sound like! They sound a LOT like the ones I posted yesterday, these pick up in 1995, going through more recent years, and of course there are a smattering of rarities and such coming tomorrow (betcha can probably guess what THEY sound like!)......phenominal response to the first part of this one, I am OFTEN surprised one way or the other as to how popular these are going to be.....but glad to be of service, as Motorhead rocks the fuck out and always has! No question, if I ever hear a LOUDER band than when I saw them in 1981-2 or so, it will likely be fatal!

SACRIFICE-01 Sacrifice/02 Sex & Death/03 Over Your Shoulder/04 War For War/05 Order/Fade to Black/06 Dog-Face Boy/07 All Gone to Hell/08 Make Em Blind/09 Don't Waste Your Time/10 In Another Time/11 Out of the Sun

OVERNIGHT SENSATION-01 Civil War/02 Crazy Like a Fox/03 I Don't Believe a Word/04 Eat the Gun/05 Overnight Sensation/06 Love Can't Buy You Money/07 Broken/08 Them Not Me/09 Murder Show/10 Shake the World/11 Listen To Your Heart

SNAKE BITE LOVE-01 Love For Sale/02 Dogs of War/03 Snake Bite Love/04 Assassin/05 Take the Blame/06 Dead and Gone/07 Night Side/08 Don't Lie To Me/09 Joy of Labour/10 Desperate For You/11 Better Off Dead

Your Feet Or On Your Knees/04 Over Your Shoulder/05 Civil War/06 Burner/07 Nothing Up My Sleeve/08 I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)/09 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/10 Take the Blame/11 Take the Blame/12 No Class/13 Overnight Sensation/14 Sacrifice

EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE DISC 2-01 Born to Raise Hell/02 Lost in the Ozone/03 The One to Sing the Blues/04 Capricorn/05 Love For Sale/06 Orgasmatron/07 Going to Brazil/08 Killed By Death/09 Bomber/10 Ace of Spades/11 Overkill

WE ARE MOTORHEAD-01 See Me Burnin'/02 Slow Dance/03 Stay Out of Jail/04 God Save the Queen/05 Out To Lunch/06 Wake the Dead/07 One More Fucking Time/08 Stagefright/Crash & Burn/09 Wearing You Heart on Your Sleeve/10 We Are Motorhead

HAMMERED DISC 1-01 Walk a Crooked Mile/02 Down the Line/03 Brave New Word/04 Voices From the War/05 Mine All Mine/06 Shut Your Mouth/07 Kill the World/08 Dr. Love/09 No Remorse/10 Red Raw/11 Serial Killer

HAMMERED DISC 2-01 Shoot You In the Back(live)/02 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.(live)/03 The Game

We Are Motorhead/02 No Class/03 I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)/04 Over Your Shoulder/05 Civil War/06 Metropolis/07 Overnight Sensation/08 God Save the Queen/09 Born to Raise Hell/10 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/11 Stay Out of Jail/12 Dead Men Tell No Tales

LIVE AT BRIXTON ACADEMY 2003 DISC 2-01 You Better Run/02 Sacrifice/03 Orgasmatron/04 Going to Brazil/05 Broken/06 Damage Case/07 Iron Fist/08 Killed By Death/09 Bomber/10 Ace of Spades/11 Overkill

INFERNO-01 Terminal Show/02 Killers/03 In the Name of Tragedy/04 Suicide/05 Life's a Bitch/06 Down on Me/07 In the Black/08 Fight/09 In the Year of the Wolf/10 Keys to the Kingdom/11 Smiling Like a Killer/12 Whorehouse Blues

KISS OF DEATH-01 Sucker/02 One Night Stand/03 Devil I Know/04 Trigger/05 Under the Gun/06 God Was Never On Your Side/07 Living In the Past/08 Christine/09 Sword of Glory/10 Be My Baby/11 Kingdom of the Worm/12 Going Down/13 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Man, I wouldn't have guessed I have quite as much as I do, been rocking this shit pretty hard the last couple of days.......got another big dose tomorrow, which includes some singles, rarities comps and more live stuff (for me Motorhead was one

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