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Motorhead Part 3!!!!

Well, OK, I will clean off my Motorhead shelf today......once again, I have very little intention of waxing poetic about the Motorhead legacy...it's loud, it's fast, it's brutal, it's fucking UGLY and I love every Goddamn second of it......Motorhead, ironically, were a UNIQUE band, in that they were LOUDER, HARDER, FASTER than ANYONE, almost (ALMOST but not quite) to the point of being self-satiric)....Motorhead were/are the shit, the REAL fucking deal, thanks mostly to resident  "genius" Lemmy whose fingerprints were all over Hawkwind (great), the Pink Fairies (great), maybe even the Deviants (not sure, but STILL GREAT)......so anyway, here is the REST of my Motorhead shit.....download it if ya want, but if ya do, PLEASE FUCKING PLAY IT SUPER LOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD..........THAT is fucking Motorhead, taken seriously or not IT DOES NOT MATTER, NOT in the fucking LEAST......GET IT? I am thrilled/happy/whatever that these have been as popular as they have been , I swear to GOD I just never know........but so goes this shit........here is the rest of my Motorhead stuff......rarities, etc, are included in  THIS post, so have at it.......MOTORHEAD forever, MOTHAFUCKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BETTER MOTOHEAD THAN DEAD D1-01 Dr Rock/02 Stay Clean/03 Shoot You In the Back/04 Love Me Like a Reptile/05 Killers/06 Metropolis/07 Love For Sale/08 Over the Top/09 No Class/10 I Got Mine/11 In the Name of Tragedy/12 Dancing On Your Grave

BETTER MOTORHAD THAN DEAD D2-01 R.A.M.O.N.E.S./02 Sacrifice/03 Just Cos You Got the Power/04 (We Are) the Road Crew/05 Going To Brazil/06 Killed By Death/07 Iron Fist/08 Whorehouse Blues/09 Bomber/10 Ace Of Spades/11 Overkill

MOTORIZER-01 Runaround Man/02 Teach You How To Sing the Blues/03 When the Eagle Screams/04 Rock Out/05 One Short Life/06 Buried Alive/07 English Rose/08 Back on the Chain/09 Heroes/10 Time is Right/11 The Thousand Names of God

THE WORLD IS YOURS (LIMITED EDITION)-01 Born To Lose/02 I Know How To Die/03 Get Back In Line/04 Devil's In My Head/05 Rock N Roll Music/06 Waiting For the Snake/07 Brotherhood of Man/08 Outlaw/09 I Know What You Need/10 Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

THE WORLD IS OURS VOLUME 1 DISC 1-01 We Are Motorhead/02 Stay Clean/03 Get Back In Line/04 Metropolis/05 Over the Top/06 One Night Stand/07 Rock Out/08 The Thousand Names of God/09 I Got Mine/10 I Know How To Die/11 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/12 In the Name of Tragedy/13 Just Cos You Got the Power

THE WORLD IS OURS VOLUME 1 DISC 2-01 Going To Brazil/02 Killed By Death/03 Ace Of Spades/04 Overkill/05 Rock Out/06 The Thousand Names of God/07 Killed By Death/08 We Are Motorhead/09 Stay Clean/10 Be My Baby/11 Get Back In Line/12 I Know How To Die/13 Born To Raise Hell

THE WORLD IS OURS VOLUME 2 DISC 1-Iron Fist/02 Stay Clean/03 Get Back In Line/04 Metropolis/05 Over the Top/06 One Night Stand/07 Rock Out/08 The Thousand Names of God/09 I Know How To Die/10 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/11 In the Name of Tragedy/12 Just  Cos You Got the Power/13 Going To Brazil/14 Killed By Death/15 Bomber

THE WORLD IS OURS VOLUME 2 DISC 2-01 Ace of Spades/02 Overkill/03 Iron Fist/04 I Know How To Die/05 In the Name of Tragedy/06 Killed By Death/07 Ace Of Spades/08 Overkill/09 Stay Clean/10 Over The Top/11 The Chase Is Better The Catch/12 Going to Brazil/13 Killed By Death

AFTERSHOCK-01 Heartbeaker/02 Coup de Grace/03 Lost Woman Blues/04 End of Time/05 Do You Believe/06 Death Machine/07 Dust and Glass/08 Going to Mexico/09 Silence When You Speak To Me/10 Crying Shame/11 Queen of the Damned/12 Knife/13 Keep Your Powder Dry/14 Paralyzed

BBC AND IN SESSION DISC 1-01 Keep Us On the Road/02 Louie Louie/03 I'll Be Your Sister/04 Tear Ya Down/05 Stay Clean/06 No Class/07 White Line Fever/08 I'll Be Your Sister/09 Too Late, Too Late/10 (I Won't) Pay Your Price/11 Capricorn/12 Limb From Limb

BBC AND IN SESSION DISC 2-01 Fast and Loose/02 Live to Win/03 White Line Fever/04 Like a Nightmare/05 Bite the Bullet/06 KIlled By Death/07 Ogasmatron/08 Doctor Rock/09 Deaf Forever/10 Orgasmatron (Spoken Word)

LIVE EXTENDED VERSIONS-01 Orgasmatron/02 Metropolis/03 Killed By Death/04 Bomber/05 Born to Raise Hell/06 No Class/07 Ace of Spades/08 Overkill/09 Ace of Spdes/10 Stay Clean

LIVE IN ATHENS (ORIGINAL RARE 45")-01 Acropolis/02 Orgasmatron

OVER THE TOP-THE RARITIES-01 Tear Ya Down (instrumental)/02 Louie Louie (Alt)/03 Over theTop/04 Please Don't Touch (Motorheadschool)/05 Emergency (Moorheadschool)/06 Over the Top (alt)/07 Capricorn (alt)/08 Train Kept-A-Rollin/09 Don't Let Em Grind Ya own (alt)/10 Lemmy Goes To the Pub/11 Same Old Song, I'm Gone/12 Don't Need Religion

TEAR YA DOWN-THE RARITIES-DISC 1-01 Hump On Your Back/02 Shoot You In the Back/03
Dirty Love/04 Dirty Love (Full Version)/05 Love Me Like a Reptile/06 Fast and Loose/07 Waltz of the Vampire/08 Ace of Spades (Rare Version)/09 Bastard/10 Godzilla Akimbo/11 We Are the Road Crew

TEAR YA DOWN-THE RARITIES-DISC 2-01 Like a Nightmare/02 Treat me Nice/03 Stone Dead Forever/04 Sharpshooter/05 You Ain't Gonna Live Forever/06 The Hammer/07 Bomber/08 Lve Me Like a Reptile/09 Fun On the Farm/10 Tear Ya Down/11 Fire Fire/12 Louie Louie/13 Jailbait/14 Stepdown

LOTTA FUCKING SHIT HERE........make FUCKIN SURE and play it FUCKIN LOUD if this is your shit......it's been a kick reliving my teen years the past few days with some MOTORHEAD (anybogot any fucking QUAALUDES? doubtful, I guess)......this wraps up the extensive MOTORHEAD post......I hope GOD knows what is next coz I DON'T!!!!!!

C'est la Vie! !!! ! !!!! !!

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