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Motorhead Part 1

OK, Motorhead....perhaps you don't like em? Well, tough shit, cause I DO......for one they were the
absolute LOUDEST fucking band I ever experienced live (not even close, the Who, Iron Maiden, the Stooges really should all hang their heads in shame compared to Motorhead from an extreme LOUDNESS standpoint......

Motorhead were more or less the playground of bassist/vocalist Lemmy Kilmister, and at thier peak, drummer Philthy Animal Taylor, and Guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, although they have encompased several other members, basically this is Lemmy's joint.....Loud, fast, obnoxious, that is Motorhead....I have referred to MANY other bands that I love as "joke bands", at least partially so: Blue Oyster Cult, the Dictators, Wolfmother, Soundgarden, and others, bands that may OR BE NOT casting a wink and giving a chuckle to the "fans" of said band....myself, I could giver 3/8 of a fuck, as Motorhead rock the motherfucking house, always hve, and always will.....you don't like em? Sorry bout your luck, go find a blog who is posting the greatest (ha ha) of Journey or something.

Motorhead rocks it hard core, 100% ampheamine rage, basically every song sounds a LOT like the
last one, but SO FUCKING WHAT? Motorhead are one of the GREAT crash and burn bands of our time, and i am THRILLED that I got to see them live once, not kidding here, this is a serious experienc seeing these boyos live...loud Loud LOUD and that is all I can say about it.....they set out to so something, and they fucking DO IT.......here is my Motorhead collection.....you don't dig this shit? Sorry about your luck, but this is ROCK N ROLL, I love it, always have and always will....loud, fast, sweaty, ugly....for certain, they all sound a LOT alike, but for the uninititated, please check out the wonderful live "No Sleep til Hammersmith", bout as close as we can get to the "live" Motorhead experience......"Ace of Spades"and "Iron Fist" are also albums you may dig should you be ready to dive into THIS genre!........part 2 tomorrow, either ya LOVE IT, or ya HATE IT, either way, it is all it promises to be: loud, fast, ugly........motherfucking MOTORHEAD, a favorite band of mine..rock on if ya like it, if ya don't all I can say is, well, FUCK OFF, right???????

ON PAROLE-01 Motorhead/02 On Parole/03 Vibrator/04 Iron Horse/05 City Kids/06 The Watcher/07 Leaving Here/08 Lost Johnny/09 Fools/10 On Parole (Alternate)/11 City Kids (Alternate)/12 Motorhead (Alternate)/13 Leaving Here (Alternate)

MOTORHEAD (1988 GermanReissue)-01 Motorhead/02 Vibrator/03 Lost Johnny/04 Iron Horse/05White Line Fever/06 Keep Us On the Road/07 The Watcher/08 Train Kept-A Rollin/09 City Kids/10 Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers/11 On Parole/12 Instro/13 I'm Your Witch Doctor

OVERKILL-01 Overkill/02 Stay Clean/03 (I Won't) Pay Your Price/04 I'll Be Your Sister/05 Capricorn/06 No Class/07 Damage Case/08 Tear Ya Down/09 Metropolis/10 Limb From Limb/11 Too Late, Too Late/12 Like a Nightmare/13 Louie Louie/14 Tear Ya Down (Instrumental Version)/15 Louie Louie (Alternate Version)

BOMBER-01 Dead Men Tell  Tales/02 Lawman/03 Sweet Revenge/04 Sharpshooter/05 Poison/06
Stoned Dead Forever/07 All The Aces/08 Step Down/09 Talking Head/10 Bomber/11 Over the Top/12 Leaving Here Living/13 Stone Dead Forever (Live)/14 Dead Men Tell No Tales (Live)/15 Too Late Too Late (Live)

ACE OF SPADES-01 Ace of Spades/02 Love Me Like a Reptile/03 Shoot You In the Back/04 Live To Win/05 Fast and Loose/06 (We Are) the Road Crew/07 Fire Fire/08 Jailbait/09Dance/10 Bite the Bullet/11 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/12 The Hammer/13 Dirty Love/14 Please Don't Touch/15 Emergncey

NO SLEEP TIL HAMMERSMITH-01 Ace of Spades/02 Stay Clean/03 Metropolis/04 The Hammer/05 Iron Horse/06 No Class/07 Overkill/08 We Are the Road Crew/09 Capricorn/10 Bomber/11 Motorhead/12 Over The Top/13 Capricorn (alt)/14 Train Kept a Rollin

IRON FIST-01 Iron Fist/2 Heart of Stone/03 I'm the Doctor/04 Go To Hell/05 Loser/06 Sex and Outrage/07 America/08 Shut It Down/09 Speedfreak/ 10 (Don't Let em) Grind Ya Down/11 (Don't Need) Religion/12 Bang To Rights/13 Remember Me, I'm Gone/14 (Don't Let em) Grind Ya Down/15 Lemmy Goes To the Pub/16 Same Old Song, I'm Gone/17 Young And Crazy (Instr.)

ANOTHER PERFECT DAY-01 Back At the Funny Farm/02 Shine/03 Dancing On Your Grave/04 Rock It/05 One TrackMind/06 Another Perfect Day/07 Marching Off To War/08 I Got Mine/09 Tales of Glory/10 Die You Bastard/11 Turn You Round Again/12 Hoochie Coochie Man (Live)/13 (Don't Need) Religion (Live

Horse/Born To Lose/03 On Parole/04 White Line Fever/05 Keep Us On the Road/06 Leaving Here/07 I'm Your Witchdoctor/08 Train Kept a Rollin/09 City Kids

ORGASMATRON-01 Deaf Forever/02 Nothing Up My Sleeve/03 Aint My Crime/04 Claw/05 Mean Machine/06 Built For Speed/07 Ridin With the Driver/08 Doctor Rock/09 Orgasmaton/10 On the Road (Live)/11 Steal Your Face (Live)/12 Claw (alt.)

ROCK N ROLL-01 Rock N Roll/02 Eat the Rich/03 Blackheart/04 Stone Deaf in the USA/05 Blessing/06 The Wolf/07 Traitor/08 Dogs/09 All For You/10 Boogeyman/11 Cradle to the Grave

NO SLEEP AT ALL-01 Doctor Rock/02 Traitor/03 Dogs/04 Ace of Spades/05 Eat the Rich/06 Built For Speed/07 Deaf Forever/08 Just Cos You Got the Power/09 Killed By Death/10 Overkill/11 Stay Clean/12 Metropolis

1916-01 The One To Sing the Blues/02 I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care/03 No voices In the Sky/04 Going To Brazil/05 Nightmare-The Dreamtime/06 Love Me Forever/07 Angel City/08 Make My Day/09 Ramones/10 Shut You Down/11 1916

MARCH OR DIE-01 Stand/02 Cat Scratch Fever/03 Bad Religion/04 Jack the Ripper/05 I Ain't No Nice Guy/06 Hellraiser/07 Alysum Choir/08 Too Good To Be True/09 You Better Run/10 Name In Vain/11 March or Die

BASTARDS (GERMAN REISSUE)-01 On Your Feet Or On Your Knees/02 Burner/03 Death or
Glory/04 I Am the Sword/05 Born To Raise Hell/06 Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me/07 Bad Woman/08 Liar/09 Lost in the Ozone/10 I'm Your Man/11 We Bring the Shake/12 Devils/13 Jumpin' Jack Flash

LIVE AT BRIXTON 1994-01 Doctor Rock/02 Stay Clean/03 Traitor/04 Metropolis/05 Dogs/06 Ace of Spades/07 Stone Deaf In the USA/08 Eat th Rich/09 Built for Speed/10 Rock N Roll/11 Deaf Forever/12 Just Cos You Got the Power

Got a bit more MOTORHEAD to present to ya tomorrow......obviously, if you didn't know it by now, these lads ROCK THE FUCK OUT, like em or not, this is not Barry Manhole or someone....I'll give ya rest of my Motorhead collection tomorrow, but for now please feel free to rock the fuck out to some ugly, sweaty, loud, nasty pure ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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