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Mott the Hoople Part 3

Lots more stuff from the deep vaults of the legendary Mott the Hoople.....we'll start off with "Hoopling Furiously", which has a good bit of overlap with the BBC set posted yesterday, however, it DOES include a couple of other items that don't appear there, ("It'll Be Me", "Midnght Lady"), for the completionist.

I have an undated King Biscuit Flower Hour recording, not sure if it is "Mott" per say as there is a lot of Ian Hunter solo materal here, but nonetheless fine versions of "Just Another Night" and "Once Bitten".

I have got something here called "Mott the Hoople: The Collection".....NO IDEA what it is supposed to be, has a lot of Hunter post-Mott stuff as well, but also happens to include "Golden Opportunity" and "Stiff Upper Lip", certainly not commonly compiled.

Also undated is "Greatest Hits Live", the set list hints it's "Dudes" era, with a version of "Honky Tonk Women", and a peculiar encore choice of "Laugh at Me.

"Very Flash, Very Rude" is a "Mott" era boot, and to wrap up today, a couple of short sets, the Fillmore East in 1970 with a raveup "You Really Got Me" finale, and Portland Maine 1973, which concludes with a fine "Rock N Roll Queen"

Got a whole lotta more live sets for tomorrow, and don't forget Hunter's often great solo work still to
come......glad these have been so popular, a favorite band of mine, and I'm happy to share thier stuff.....APB for anything I don't have, one of my very very favorite bands!

HOOPLING FURIOUSLY-01 Thunderbuck Ram/02 WhiskeyWoman/03 Original Mixed Up Kid/04 Darkness Darkness/05 The Moon Upstairs/06 The Moon Upstairs/07 Whiskey Woman/08 Your Own Backyard/09 Darkness Darkness/10 The Journey/11 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/12 One of the Boys/13 Midnight Lady/14 All The Young Dudes/15 It'll Be Me

KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR-01 Marionette/02 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 One of the Boys/04 All the Way From Memphis/05 Once Bitten Twice Shy/06 Just Another Night/07 Cleveland Rocks/08 All the Young Dudes

THE COLLECTION-01 Golden Opportunity/02 All The Way From Memphis (Live)/03 One of the Boys/04 Roll Away the Stone/05 Sucker/06 You Nearly Did Me In/07 Sweet Jane/08 All The Young Dudes (LIve)/09 Crash Street KIds/10 Stiff Upper Lip/11 Jerkin Crokus/12 Violence/13 Once Bitten, Twice Shy/14 Ready For Love/15 Marionette/16 Saturday Gigs

GREATEST HITS LIVE-01 Jerkin Crocus/02 Sucker/03 Hymn For the Dudes/04 Ready For Love/05 Sweet Jane/06 Sea Diver/07 Angeline/08 One of the Boys/09 All the Young Dudes/10 Honky Tonk Women/11 Laugh At Me

Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 HymnFor the Dudes/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Rose/08 All the Young Dudes/09 Jerkin Crokus/10 Rock N Roll Queen/Get Back/11Walking With a Mountain

FILLMORE EAST 6/11/70-01 Darkness Darkness (Fades In)/02 Laugh At Me/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 At the Crossroads/05 Half Moon Bay/06 You Really Got Me

PORTLAND MAINE 8/10/73-01 Intro/Drivin Sister/02 Sucker/03 Sweet Jane/04 Hymn For the Dudes/05 Ready ForLove/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 All the Young Dudes/08 Jerkin Crocus/One of the Boys/09 Rock N Roll Queen

Lots more yet to come, great stuff, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having some computer issues, making post go a bit slower, please bear with me?

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