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Mott the Hoople Part 4

Well, might as well clean out the rest of the boots, be advised some are not of the greatest audio
quality....nonetheless, it IS Mott, one of the truly great bands of the 1970's, and when I say great, I mean tremendous, influenial, AND significant, on par with The Clash, or the Pistols, or Led Zeppelin, or Roxy, or the Stones, or whomever......unique sound, harder rocking than 90% of the other bands of the 70's, introspective, informed lyrics.....what can I say? One of my favorite bands, Mott, Roxy, and Bowie, among a few others, got me through my early teen years, and by Jesus it sounds every bit as great in 2014 as it did upon release.

Anyway, longlist here (Sweet Jane Richards, the Hunter solo albums will be coming tomorrow (maybeSaturday, my son and I are going to see Cage the Elephant and the Black Keys tomorrow night!).....for now here is a slew of live boots, sample them or grab them all!

Starting with a 2 disc set from 1971, Wolverton UK.....a lot of the greatest early material, including (my fave) "The Moon Upstairs", and fine, haunting versions of "The Journey" and "Darkness Darkness".....

Moving on to 1973, the "Dudes" era, we have a show from NY's Felt Forum, pretty much "All the Young Dudes" performed live, with the addition of "Rose" and "Angeline" ("Angeline" was always a live staple)......highlight: an energetic "Drivin Sister"

Another 1973 set comes one from Boston, similar set list to the previous, save for an always welcome
"Hymn For the Dudes"......later that same year we have a set from Hollywood, a prettygood one with a bit more "Mott" material, including  a fine "All the Way From Memphis".

On to 1974 and back to Portlan Maine for another double disc set, some "Hoople" material begins to creep into the setlist, always good to hear "Marionette" of course. I have an undated Los Angeles set, similar setlit again, this closing with a "marionette" encore, and a fine wlk-through of most of their best post-"Dudes" stuff......

Lund, Sweden is our next stop (1974) and is of interes mostly due to the inclusion of some lesser performed stuff, "Lounge Lizard", "Saturday Gigs" (which cuts out abruptly....tapeflip, maybe).....not a bad set if you're a fan like myself.

It was near the end of the Hunter era, we have a set from Santa Monica (1974), which covers most of the same material which was performed on this tour ("Dudes" though "Hoople"), and wrapping thing up is "European Ending 1974", with, "Lounge Lizard", "Angel No. 9", and the odd encore of "Saturday Gigs".........hey, it's all Mott, it's all good and as "The Hoople" showed they were going downhill anyway....so what IS he final tally? Well, I call THREE absolute classic albums, "Mott", "Dudes", and "Brain Capers" as well as the very good debut album, an the not so bad "Mad Shadows"and "The Hoople".......pretty good track record for anyone........some of Hunter's solo work is of nearly the same quality, but, boys, ya done damn
good.......for certain, an all time favorite of mine, never get tired of listening to this phenominal rock n roll.....hope you hae enjoyed it as well....tomorrow, we'll explore Ian Hunter's solo work (at least the good ones, he mixed a clunker or two in there!)

WOLVERHAMPTON DISC 1-01 The Moon Upstairs/02 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/03 In Your Own Backyard/04 Walkin' With a Mountain/05 Whiskey Woman/06 The Journey

WOLVERHAMPTON DISC 2-01 Sweet Angeline/02 Darkness Darkness/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 Midnight Lady/05 Keep A Knockin'

NY FELT FORM-01 Intro/02 Drivin Sister/03Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 Hymn For the Dudes/06 Ready For Love/07 All The Way From Memphis/08 Rose/09 All the Young Dudes/10 Jerkin Crocus/One of the Boys/11 Rock  N Roll Queen/12 Angeline

BOSTON 1973-01 Drivin Sister/02 Sucker/03 Sweet Jane/04 Hymn For the Dudes/05 All the Way From Memphis/06 Ready For Love/07 All The Young Dudes/08 One of the Boys/09 Rock N Roll Queen/10 Angeline

HOLLYWOOD 1973-01 Jupiter Theme/02 Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 HYmn For the Dudes/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Angeline/08 Rose/09 All the Young Dudes/10 Jerkin Crocus/11 One of the Boys/12 Rock N Roll Queen/13 Walkin With a Mountain

PORTLAND MAINE 1974 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 Sucker/04 Roll
Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/05 Rest In Peace/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Born Late 58/08 One of the Boys

PORTLAND MAINE 1974 DISC 2-1 Hymn For the Dudes/02 Marionette/03 Drivin Sister/04 All the Young Dudes/05Walkin With a Mountain

LOS ANGELES-01 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/02 Sucker/03 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/04 Jerkin Crocus/05 Rest In Peace/06 Here Comes the Queen/07 One of the Boys/08 Born Late 58/10 All the Young Dudes/11 Walkin With a Mountain/12 Hymn For the Dudes/13 Marionette

LUND SWEDEN 1974-01 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/02 Sucker/3 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/4 Rest In Peace/05 Born Late 58/06 One of the Boys/07 All The Way From Memphis/08 Rose/09 Saturday Gigs (cut)/10 Angel #9/11 Medley: Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/Crash Street Kids/12 Audience/13 All th Young Dudes/14 Lounge Lizard

SANTA MONICA 1974-01 American Pie/02 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 Sucker/04 Roll Away the Stone/05 Rest In Peace/06 Here Comes the Queen/07 One of the Boys/08 Born Late 58/09 Hymn For the Dudes/10 Marionette/11 Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/12 All the Way From Memphis/13 All the Young Dudes

EUROPEAN ENDING 174-01 American Pie/02 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 Roll Away the Stone/04 Lounge Lizard/05 Rest In Peace/06 Angel #9/07 Born Late 58/08 One of the Boys/09 All the Way From Memphis/10 Rose/11 Angeline/12 Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/13 All the Young Dudes/14 Saturday Gigs

Lotta work went into this here one children, as it does with bands like this of which I have copious amounts of material (which is why I haven't YET taken on those Roxy Music or Yo La Tengo projects yet one of these days......)......bands that I really LOVE like Mott, though, I want to do them up RIGHT for established fans and newcomers as well....if you take a listen to any of these fine discs here, please offer up a comment if you have time......Mott were one of the greatest of all bands to come out of the greatest of rock n roll decades (the 1970's), there were so may great bands back then that we an often forget a bunch of em........I have a bunch of Ian Hunter stuff too, we'll get startedon it tomorow, and, before I forget to mention it, a friend sent me a HUGE 4-disc XTC comp with LOTS of stuff that wasn't in my post, so onc we finish with Ian/Mott, we'll have a "return of XTC" post, and it is a GOOD one.......love to you all, as I said, me and my son are stoked about going to see the Black Keys Friday night, so don't be surprised if some of THEIR stuff (I love "Chulahoma") pops up here this weekend as well.......love you all once again, and PLEASE let me know what you'd like to see here, it is trulyMY pleasure! Goodnight! Links for this post won't be up until Friday morning EST!

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