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Mott the Hoople Part 2

Mott has a ton of rare material in the vault, might as well get stared covering the bases......"Very
Sticky Fingers" is a mishmash of this and that, a good  outtakes from "Mott" and "Dudes", a version of "All th Young Dudes" with Bowie on vocal, a version of "Sweet Jane" with Reed on vocal, an ancient version of "Loung Lizard" which would not turn up until Hunter's solo albums......not totally the greatest listening experience but a goldmine of rarities.

We have also for your inspection a remastered "All the Young Dudes" (yesterday's original was a vinyl rip), which is fleshed out with some demos, the UK single version of "One of the Boys, the title track with Bowie and Hunter sharing vocals, and one of the VERY few live "Sweet Jane" versions I think I have ever heard from Mott.

Along the same lines exists a three disc box, the "All the Young Dudes" box, with EVERYTHING you could imagine....an impromptu "Like a Rolling Stone".....tons of demos and 45 versions, "Midnight Lady" with Steve Marriott on vocal.....that's disc 1. Disc 2 serves as a sort-of "greatest hits" thing, pulling from "Dudes", "Mott" and "The Hoople", finding place for previously unreleased "Saturday Gigs" and "Foxy Foxy", also a live "Ballad of Mott" and a remix of "I Wish I Was Your Mother". Disc 3 is back to demo/live/singles mix, hard to imgine so much exists, check the track lists below for the complete contents.

Yet another "Dudes" themed comp is "Essential Young Dudes, Live and More", 2 discs of live tracks from here and there, and a trio of rare demos.

"Backsliding Fearlessly" is an commercially released comp of earlier material, including the great "Road to Birmingham", as well as digital versions of, say, "Thunderbuck Ram" and "The Moon Upstairs" if you didn't like my vinyl rips.

I don't think I'm going to include "Rock N Roll Queen", a collection of early single, due to overlap factor, I don't THINK there is anything there you can't find elsewhere here, if I am wrong just ask.

"Two Miles From Heaven" contains some rare stuff from the pre-Dudes, a vocal "You Really Got Me", a discarded mix of "Thunderbuck Ram", some other early versions of stuff that would turn up on "Dudes"

So much stuff.....how about a set of BBC recordings, from various vintages, but featuring some killer
takes on "Darkness Darkness" and "The Moon Upstairs", two of each of them actually.....gotta stop somewhere, so let's end with a digital version of ysterday's vinyl rip of "Live", the 30 year aniversary edition, expanded to a double disc with some extra material, notably from "The Hoople"......

LOTS more tomorrow, hope you guys make up a market for this kind of thing, because there is more to come.....good stuff, enjoy this!

VERY STICKY FINGERS-RARITIES AND OUTTAKES-01 Long Red ( Outake)/02 It'll Be Me (3rd LP Outake)/04 Sunset Summer/05 Chosen Road (Unreleased Hunter Tune)/06 Whole Lotta Shakin/07 Your Cheatin Heart/08 I Could Never Be Ashamed of You/09 What'd I Say (Studio Jam1974)/10 Sweet Jane (Original DEmo w/Lou Reed on Vocal)/11 It's All Right, (Unreleased, ca. Mott LP),12 Till I'm Gone (Alternate with Hunter on vocals)/13 Saturday Kids/14 Saturday Gigs/15 Saturday Gigs/16 It Would Be a Pleasure (Ronson)/17 All the Young Dudes (Demo w/Bowie on vocals)/18 Henry & the H-Bombs (1969 era)/19 Lounge Lzard (1974 outake w/ Ronson on guitar)/20 I'll Tell You Something (demo of Overend Watts song w/Hunter on vocals

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES REMASTERED AND EXPANDED-01 Sweet Jane/02 Momma's Little Jewel/03 All the Young Dudes/04 Sucker/05 Jerkin Crocus/06 One of the Boys/07 Soft Ground/08 Ready For Love/After Lights/09 Sea Dive/10 One of the Boys (demo)/11 Black Scorpio (demo of Momma's Little Jewel)/12 Ride on the Sun (demo of Sea Diver)/13 One of the Boys (UK Single Version)/14 All the Young Dudes (Bowie/Hunter vocal)/15 Sweet Jane (Live)

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX DISC 1-01 Like a Rolling Stone (Impromptu Jam)/02 Rock N Roll Queen (45 RPM Version)/03 You Really Got Me (vocal version)/04 Wrath N Wroll (1998 Mix)/05 Find Your Way (Backtrack/demo)/06 Moonbus (Baby's Got a Down) (Live Demo 1998 Mix)/07 It Would Be a Pleasure (demo)/08 Ohio (Live/1998 Mix)/09 Midnight Lady (Steve Mariott Vocal)/10 Debt/11 Downtown (1998 Mix)/12 Long Red (1998 Mix)/13 It'll Be Me (1998 mix)/14 Until I'm Gone (1998 mix)/15 One of the Boys (Alternte Version 1998 Mix)/16Journey (Alternative Version/1998 Mix)/17 Mental Train (The Moon Upstairs) (Demo 1998 Mix)/18 How Long? (Death May Be Your Santa Claus Demo)/19 Ride on the Sun (Early Sea Diver Demo/1998 Mix)/20 Movin On (Demo/1998 Mix)/21 Hunchback Fish (Backtrack)

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX DISC-01 All The Young Dudes/02 One of the Boys (UK Single Version)/03 Sweet Jane/04 Ready For Love/05 Honaloochie Boogie/06 Ballad of Mott the Hoople (March 26 1978, Zurich)/07 I Wish I Was Your Mother (1998 mix)/08 I'm a Cadillac/09 All The Way From Memphis/10 Hymn For the Dudes/11 Violence/12 Roll Away the Stone/13 Crash Street Kids/14 Marionette/15 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/16 Rest In Peace/17 Born Late 58/18 Foxy Foxy/19 (Do You Remember) The Saturday Gigs?

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX DISC 3-01 All the Young Dudes (Bowie/Mott)/02 It's
Goodbye/03 Just Can't Go To Sleep/04 Transparent Day (Demo Version)/05 Shakin All Over (Demo Version)/06 Please Don't Touch (Demo Version)/07 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad (Demo Vrsion)/08 Honaloochie Boogie (Demo 1998 Mix)/09 Hymn For the Dudes (Demo 1998 Mix)/10 Nightmare (Demo/1998 Mix)/11 Saturday Kids/12 Lounge Lizard/13 Shout It All Out/14 It Don't Come Easy (Demo 1998 Mix)/15 Barking Up the  Wrong Tree/16 To Short Arms (I Don't Care)/17 Get Rich Quick (Demo 1998 Mix)/18 International Heroes (45 RPM Mix)/19 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock N Roll (Live 1998 Mix)/20 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane (Live 1998 Mix)/21 Rock N Roll Queen (Live 1998 Mix)/22 Blowin in the Wind (Live 1998 Mix)

ESSENTIAL YOUNG DUDES LIVE AND MORE DISC 1-01 Walkin With a Mountain/02 Long Red/03 The Original Mixed Up Kid/04 Thudnerbuck Ram/05 Keep a Knockin/06 Bowie Intro/Jupiter/07 Jerkin Crocus/08 Sucker/09 Hymn For the Dudes/10 Sea Diver/11 One of the Boys/12 Midnight Lady/13 All the Young Dudes/14 Honky Tonk Women

ESSENTIAL YOUNG DUDES LIVE AND MORE DISC 2-01 Drivin Sister/02 American Pie/03 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/04 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/05 Rest In Peace/06 Here Comes the Queen/07 Born Late 58/08 Marionette/09 All the Way From Memphis/10 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/11 Ballad of Billy Joe/12 If Your Heart Lay With a Rebel/13 It Would Be a Pleasure

BACKSLIDING FEARLESSLY-01 Road To Birmingham/02At the Crossroads/03 Laugh At Me/04 Backsliding Fearlessly/05 Angel of Eighth Avenue/06 The Journey/07 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/08 The Moon Upstairs/09 Thunderbuck Ram/10 Walkin With  a Mountain/11 Going Home/12 Rock N Roll Queen/13 Little Christine/14 WhiskeyWoman/15 When My Mind's Gone/16 Lay Down

TWO MILES FROM HEAVEN1 You Really Got Me (Vocal Version)/02 The Road to Birmingham/03 Thuderbuck Ram/04 GoingHome/5 Little Christine/06 Keep a Knockin/07 Black Hills/08 Mama's Little Jewel/09 Ride on the Sun/10 Grown Man Blues/11 Until I'm Gone/12 One of the Boys/13 (There's An)Ill Wind Blowing/14 The Debt

BBC RECORDINGS-01 Whiskey Woman/02 Darkness Darkness/03 The Moon Upstairs/04 Original Mixed Up Kid/05 Thunderbuck Ram/07 Your Own Backyard/08 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/09 Darkness Darkness/11 The Moon Upstairs/12 Whiskey Woman/13 The Journey

LIVE-30 YEAR ANNIVERSAY REISSUE DISC 1-01 Intro-Jupiterfrom "the Planets"/02 American
Pie/The Golden age Of Rock N Roll/03 Sucker/04Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/05 Rest In Peace/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Born Late 58/08 One of the Boys/09 Hymn For the Dudes/10 Marionette/11 Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/12All the Young Dudes/13 Walking With a Mountain

LIVE-30 YEAR ANIVERSARY REISSUE DISC 2-01 Intro-Jupiter from the Planets/02 Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 Sweet Angeline/06 Rose/07 Roll Away the Stone/08 All the Young Dudes/09 Jerkin Crocus/One of the Boys/Rock N Roll Queen/Get Back/Whole Lotta shakin
/10 Walking With a Mountain

OK...... rare stuff, GREAT stuff, you guys need to discuss this stuff with me......a favorite band ofmine, oneof my faves EVER.....they were FUCKING great........if you have any other material to add PLEASE do, this is one of the greatest of all rock n roll bands!

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