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Music For Your Brain Volume 5

Well, here it is, the fifth volume of this fine series, the volume I didn't even know existed when I
startd posting this series......released as recently as 2012, after I had acquired the other volumes, thanks to several of you for pointing this out to me, and thanks to Darryl for sending me the files....this volume is in FLAC so I will have to split the discs, should be not much of  a big deal.

Really have loved posting this set, and dicovering a new volume was a nice surprise.....perhaps there will even be more Volumes in the future, if ya hear of them let me know. Haven't listened to all of this yet, let's check on some familiar tracks and artists........

Disc 1 features good ones from Bainticket and Amon Duul II, "Morgendammerung" by GAA is a good one, and a late welcome addition to the set from Erna Scmidt, whose lone album I posted on the blog recently. Virus and Amon Duul II bring the goods to Disc 2, along with some more obscure (to me) acts like Tibet, Panther, and Tetragon who contribute the fine "Snowstorm"..

Disc 3 brings the first appearance of the set by Toad, other newcomers (Passport, Haboob) turn in some worthwhile stuff, as well as a few other unknowns to me that I am looking forward to checking out. Mostly lesser-knowns (to me), also on Disc 4, other than Amon Duul II, and one of my very faves, the great Krokodil. Have to wait to hear Zyma, Satin Whale, and Wintergarden.

The great Krokodil appears again on disc 5, Triumvarat and Abacus are solid repeaters, can't help but
wonder what Missus Beastly will sound like. The final disc brings us a mix of repeat performers (Virus, Neu!, and Thirsty Moon), and more late comers (Chris Braun Band, Madison Dyke, Kalackra)....sorry I didn't get to listen to the whole thing for review,  but, really if Volume 5 is even half as good as the other volumes, there will be no problems........thanks for reading/listening

DISC 1-01  AMON DUUL II- Archangels Thunderbird/02  MESSAGE - Smile/03  KATHAGO - Pacemaker/04  WIND - What Do We Do Now/ 05  BRAINTICKET - Brainticket/06 EFENDI'S GARDEN- The Garden/07 GAA - Morgendammerung/08 EMMA MYLDENBERGER - Lenyas Fantasie/09  MCOIL - This Time Should Never End/10 ERNA SCHMIDT - Pass - weites Luftmeer

DISC 2- 01 PANTHER - Wodka Lemon/02  UDO LINDENBEG - Daumen im Wind/03 - GRAVESTONE- Hascher-Blues/04 AMON  DUUL II - Deutsch Nepal/ 05 VIRUS - Nur noch zwei Lichtjahre/06 - MICHAEL BUNDT - The Brain Of Oskar Panizza/07  TRITONUS - Mars Detection/08 TIBET- Eagles/09 - SHICKE FUHRS FROHLING - Pictures/10  TETRAGON-Snowstorm

DISC 3- 01 OMEGA- Help To Find Me/ 02 CHRIS  BRAUN  BAND - The Narrator/03 KATHAGO - String Rambler/04  TOAD - Life Goes On/05  NIAGARA - Sangandongo/06 - SAMETI - I’m Not A Loser/ 07   HABOOB - Israfil/08  EMBRYO - Music Of Today/09   PASSPORT - Abracadabra/
10  BRAINSTORM- Hirnwind

DISC 4- 01  WINTERGARDEN - Swan Song/02  KROKODIL - Odyssey In Om/03 
 AMON  DUUL II - Kanaan/04  ICE - To A Fair Young Lady/05  SIDDHARTHA - Weit we/06  ZYMA - Law Like Love/ 07  SATIN  WHALE - Lost Mankind/08  DA CAPO - A Day In The Rest Of My Life/ 09  NOVALIS - Atlanto

DISC 5-01   TRITONUS - The Day Awakes/02 - EBERHARD  SCHONER - Falling In Trance/03  OMEGA - House Of Cards-Time Robber/04  LA DUSSELDORF - Silver Cloud/05  KROKODIL- The Creator Has A Master Plan/06   TRIUMVARAT- The School Of Instant Pain/07  ABACUS - Herman The German/08   LILY - In Those Times/09  LIGHTSHINE - Lory/10   SUN - Ohne Titte
11  MISSUS  BEASTLY - Geisha

DISC 6-01 THIRSTY MOON- Lord Of Lightning/02  ARKTIS - Is It real/03  CHRIS  BRAUN BAND - Icy Shades/04  EPITAPH - Big City/05  DA CAPO - Future/06   KALACAKRA- September Full Moon/07   VIRUS - Mankind, Where Do You Go To/08 THINK- Watercorps/09   FARGO - Silent Summernight/10  MADISON DYKE- Next Conception/11  POSEIDON - How Heavy The Days/12  ERKUNIG- Thoughts/13  NEU! - E-Musik

Hope ya enjoyed this set as much as I did.......any other Krautrock comps/classic albums always welcome of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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