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Music For Your Brain, Volume 4

How is everyone finding is set? Slighty lower numbers than I'd though maybe I'd see, all I can say is trust me, this is fine, hard rocking, wildly varied, and great.......simply a tremendous set....I'm off to see Buddy Guy tonight, our finest living blues guitarist, so I may interrupt this series briefly to put up some of the great BG, likely I'll just wait until Sunday.......haven't spoken of my trademarked variety in a while, but a segue from Krokodil/Jane/Frumpy directly into some monster blues guitar and then to my NEXT "super-mega-comp" (not tellin ya yet), defines VARIETY.......hell, if you want an all "Lynyrd Skynyrd" blog or something feel free to start one, there are likely few zillion versions of "Free Bird" some of don't have...........

Let's check a highlight or two from each of the six discs from Volume 4 of this stunner of a series, thusfar there has been no letdown......Disc 1 features stuff from Out of Focus (not to be confused with Focus), Mythos gives us the great "Neutron Bomb", and the always welcome Embryo and Guru Guru make return visits.......missing from the set so far has been Neu!, who welcomly lead off Disc 2, and Nine  Days Wonder, Nektar, and Anyone's Daughter contribute winners.

Disc 3 also features Neu!, the great "Negativeland", newcomers Flaming Bess check in with the very good "Tanz der Gotter", "Big City" from Thirsty Moon is a good one, and "Opal" is one of Embryo's best.

Moving onto Disc 4, loaded with lesser knowns who for the most part get it done, Checkpoint Charlie, Parzival, Sonny Hennig, and Ihre Kinder are hardly household names,but for the most part are worth a listen. Disc 5 also has some of the more obscure names, Octopus, Straight Shooter, Sreetmark and others bring to the set more of the fine balance between well- and lesser-known acts.....

Disc 6 winds up Volume 4 features a good one from Brainticket, a return from Tangerine Dream,
plus series "regulars" Faust, Eloy, and Franz K.

And this is where I thought the set ended, but as I said yesterday, we now have a Volume 5, I've got it, haven't listened to all of it yet, but this set is spectcular and I expect no less from Volume 5.....we shall see.

DISC 01-01  TON STEINE SHERBEN- Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht/02 - OUT OF FOCUS- Blue Sunday Morning/03  PERCEWOOD'S ONAGRAM - Cause Me Pain/04- MYTHOS - Neutron Bomb/05  DROSSEBART - Engel Des Todes/06  MICHAEL ROTHER-Feuerland/07 - MURPHY BLEND- First Loss/08 PELL MELL- City Monster/09 MESSAGE- Before The Dawn/10 - HANUMAN- Taue Der Fremdheit/11  EMBRYO - Es Ist Wie's Ist/12  GURU GURU- Electric Junk

DISC 2-01 NEU! - Isi/02 - LIED  DES TUEFELS - Nichts/03 OUT OF FOCUS- Tsajama/04 - NINE DAYS  WONDER - Moss Had Come/05 - RUFUS ZUPHALL - Portland Town/06  DROSSEBART - Jemima/07 - PARZIVAL - Black Train/08 - NEKTAR - King Of Twilight/09  MICHAEL  ROTHER - Katzenmusik 9/10 - ANYONE'S DAUGHTER- Blue House/11  ARMAGEDDON - Open/12 - THE PETARDS- Blue Fire Light/13  IHRE  KINDER - Wurfelspiel/14 - ERNST SCHULTZ-XY

DISC 3-01 FLAMING BESS- Tanz Der Gotter/02 NEU! - Negativland/03 THIRSTY MOON - Big
City/04 -OUT OF FOCS- Hey John/05  WITTHUSSER & WESTRUPP - Orienta/06 - LIED DES TEUFELS - Das Lied Des Teufels/07 - EMBRYO - Opal/08 - DEUTER - Babylon/09 - A. R. & MACHINES - I'll Be Your Singer, You'll Be My Song/10 - RUFUS  ZUPHALL - I'm On My Way/11 - IMPROVED SOUND LTD - Catch A Singing Bird On The Road/12 - EMTIDI - Traume

DISC 4 01 - A. R. & MACHINES - Globus/02 MURPHY BLEND- Speed Is Coming Back/03 PARZIVAL - Groove Inside/04 - MICHAEL ROTHER - Sonnenrad/05 - TON STEINE SCHERBEN - Der Traum ist aus/06 - SONNY HENNIG- Pik As/07 - IHRE  KINDER - Hexenhammer/08 - CHECKPOINT CHARLIE- Smogalarm/09 JERRY BERKERS - Es wird morgen vorbei sein/10 - IMPROVED SOUND LTD. - Rio Bravo 59/11 - HOEDERLIN - Peter/ 12  DROSSELBART - Liebe Ist Nur Ein Wort/13 - ARMAGEDDON - Round/14  DEUTER - The Key

DISC 5 01- STRAIGHT SHOOTER- My Time - Your Time/02 - STREETMARK- Dreams/03 -
HARLIS - Runnaway/04 - RAMSES - Time/05 - BULLFROG - A Housepainter's Song/06 - SHAA KHAN- The World Will End On Friday/07 REICHMANN - Silberland/08 CLUSTER - Sowieso/09  OCTOPUS - The First Flight Of The Owl/10 - RAMSES - La Leyla/11 - STREETMARK - Lovers

CKET - Black Sand/02 - TANGERINE DREAM- Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender/ 03  FAUST- Jennifer/04 - TRIUMVARAT- Illusions on a Double Dimple/05 - KRAAN - Wintrup/06 - OUGENWEIDE - Der Fuchs/07  OREXIS - Unter-Rock/ 08 - ELOY - The Sun Song/09 - FRANZ K  - Sensemann

Quite a set thusfar, no? One more fabulous 6 disc collection yet to go!  This set is a true fave of mine, and, yet, I was unaware of the existence of Volume 5.......I have it now and will post it tomorrow (it's in FLAC, too, unlike volumes 1-4.....) PLEASE download and enjoy, but PLEASE tell me what you think......I have another (very different) huge comp in the works for next week, I need to know that you folks enjoy them, face it, they ARE a bit of work (for me), it's much EASIER to simply post a single album or so each day, but I WANT to put up interesting stuff like this......so, all yo folks that are grabbing it, please leave a note.....seems like a pretty good deal to me anyway!

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