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Music For Your Brain, Volume 3

Well, we learn something new each day.....had a friend call and inform me that in 2012 they issued a
"Volume 5" of "Kraurock, Music For Your Brain", ANOTHER six disc set....I thought the series was complete a 4 volumes (24 discs), but I looked into it, and yep....downside: I don't have it....upside: my friend will be sending my a copy across cybespace in the next few days, so YOU (hell, and ME) will be able to enjoy the complete 30 disc set in all its brlliance. (Thanks for the offer, also, Big Bad Buddah, but like I say I HAVE located one!)

So here we are at Volume 3......did you like the first two? I love them, I've alway enjoyed the Krautrock, and (other than individual classic albums by Jane or Krokodil or whomever) I think this is the epitome of Krautrock greatness!

Well let's spot check a few higlights of THIS great set.....Disc 1 features the GREAT "The Executioner" by My Solid Ground, chilling and highly original song.....D'schinn gives us a good on with "Rock N Roll Dschinny"...Virus were featured on this blog recently, from them comes the fine "King Heroin".....Hairy Chapter and Fashion Pink are new arrivals to the series and sound just great.

Disc 2 features maybe the least-known stuff from the set so far (at least for me)......still PLENTY of solid tracks (Nektar's "Do You Believe in Magic", "Lady Blue" from Et Cetera, and the previouly unknown to me "Goodbye Guns, Be By Gones" by Coupla Prog......the disc doesn't miss a beat, in case you wondered.  One of my faves, Krokodil, makes thier first apperance on Disc 3, also great stuff fom "new arrivals" Dies Irae and Frame (the awesome "Frame of Mind").......one wonders if this set will ever feature a sub-par dic.

Disc 4 features the great "Der LSD-Marsch" from Guru Guru, Tiger B. Smith's fine "Help For a
Blind Man", and continues to pile on great stuff from the likes of Walpurgis and Franz K.....another winning disc. Krokodil return for Disc 5 ("Marzipan"), and adds some newcomers (to the series) such as Haze, Nine Days Wonder, and Epilon.

So, we close out Volume 3 with the 6th disc, don't you agree with me that they have all (EVERY DISC) been fairly spectacular? I could listen to this whole colection in one day, coming from me, rare praise. So a few of the tried an true return for Disc 6, Eloy, Faust, Tangerine Dream, and Birth Control, also the excellent Sweet Smoke and Passport......my hat is off to whoever programmed and compiled this, it's a magnificent piece of work and I'm thrilled to discover that there is a Volume 5, that's something to REALLY look foward to!

DISC 1-01  DSCHINN - Rock'n Roll Dschinny/02 HAIRY CHAPTER- It Must Be An Officer's Daughter/03 MY SOLID GROUND- The Executioner/04 ODIN- Make Up Your Mind/05 BIRTH CONTROL- Just Before The Sun Will Rise/06 VIRUS - King Heroin/07  FLOH  DE COLOGNE-Die oberen Zehntausend/08 SAHARA- The Mountain King Part I & Part II/09 - FRANZ K. - Bock auf Rock/10 SUBJECT ESQ - Mammon/11 -FASHION PINK- Brainstorming

DISC 2-01 NEKTAR - Do You Believe In Magi /02 -WITTESER & WESTRUPP - Das Mдrchen
vom Kцnigssohn/03  ET CETERA - Lady Blue/04  GILA - Kommunikation/05 COUPLA PROG- Goodbye Guns, Be By Gones/06 APOCALYPSE - Let It Die/ 07 WALLENSTIEN - Golden Antenna/08  WOLFGANG DAUNER- Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun09  THRICE MICE - Jo Joe/10  MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM  - What Are You Doin'/11 - FLOH  DE COLOGNE - Ford Capri

DISC 3-01  FRAME - Frame Of Mind/02 ANYONES DAUGHTER- Anyone's Daughter/ 03 ANALOGY - Analogy/04 TOTO BLANKE- Ppg/05  DIES IRAE- Trip/06 - KROKODIL-And I Know /07  JUDS GALLERY- Follow Me/08  MYTHOS - Harry Chanceless/09  JERUSALEM - Moon's New Way/10 - MAMMUT - Mammut Opera

DISC 4-01  WALLENSTEIN - Braintrain/02 MESSAGE - Heaven Knows/03  GURU GURU- Der LSD-Marsch/ 04 TIGER B SMITH- Help For A Blind Man/05  WALPURGIS - Disappointment
/06  ANNEXUS QUAM- Trobluhs El E Isch/ 07  BRUESELMASHINE -Gedanken/08 NOSFERATU - No. 4/09 DZYAN-Back to Where We Come From/10 FRANZ K-Peterlied

DISC 5-01 RUFUS ZUPHAL- Freitag/02 KROKODIL - Marzipan/03  EPSILON - 2-Four-4/04  PACIFIC SOUND- Gates Of Hell/05 PELL MELL- Friend/06  VIOLENCE FOG- Rolli Zink/ 07 HAZE - Fast Career/08  ET CETERA- Mellodrama Nr. 2 A/09  THIRSTY MOON- Black Clouds/10  NINE DAYS WONDER- Drag Dilemma/11  BRAND WITTHBSER - Wenn ich ein wenig frцhlicher wдr'

DISC 6-01 ELOY - Future City/02 EULESPYGEL - Die Wunde bleibt/
    03  EULESPYGEL-Staub auf deinem Haar/04 FAUST - The Sad Skinhead/05  HOLDERLIN - Nьrnberg/06 PETER BAUMAN- Bicentennial Present/07 SWEET SMOKE- Kundalini/08  TANGERINE DREAM- Coldwater Canyon (Live)/09 BIRTH CONTROL- Trial Trip/10 UDO LINDEBERG - Cowboy Rocker/11  PASSORT - Uranus

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