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Music For Your Brain Volume 2

Well, if you've had a chance to check out Volume 1 of this set, you'll understand my admiration for it,
its just really, really excellent, 24 total discs of totally classic Krautrock......there is no let up in this volume either.....plenty of GREAT shit here if you love that 1970's hard-prog sound that so often was so great......let's check a few highlights here....

Disc one is fine fom beginning to end, mostly with repeaters from Volume 1 such as Eloy, Guru Guru, and Electric Sandwich....Kraan's "Mind Quake" and "My Last Illusion" from Walpurgis are a couple of obvious standouts.

Some welcome newcomers join us on Disc 2....Amon Duul II and My Solid Ground turn up with some very fine additions. A good one from Popul Vuh, "Ich Mache einen Spiegel".....Faust and Mythos also turn in their normal winners....another nearly flawless disc.

My favorite, Jane, returns on Disc 3 with the great "Spain", Annexus Quam give us "Osmose III", and Gronschnitt contributes the lengthy "Symphony" on this collction of mostly very long tracks, often a Krautrock tradition.

On to Disc 4, Tangerine Dream is a name that has been absent, they clock in with "Stratosfear" (a very good one), Improved Sound Limited give us "Doctor Bob Dylan", in additon to some good stuff from Faust and Os Mundi....

This is a wonderfully programmed set, the next disc, 5, remains just as consistent......mostly "repeater" bands, Guru Guru, Scorpions, Lucifer's Friend, and Frumpy.......hardly a miss in the bunch though......finally Disc 6 leads off with Jane's phenominal "Here We Are" and ends with Sitting Bull's cool "Trip Away", and in between a full compliment of good stuff from Os Mundi, Eloy, Kravetz, and more......

Volume every bit as good as Volume1......hope you guys are liking it as well, to me this is one of my
favorite comp series of any genre!

DISC 1-01 SCORPIONS-I'm Going Mad/02 ELOY-Today/03 CRAVINKLE-Sitting in the Forrest/04 SILBERBART-Chub Chub Cherry/05 GURU GURU-Tango Fango/06 EMBRYO-Warm Canto/07 ELECTRIC SANDWICH-Devil's Dream/08 ATLANTIS-Living At the End of Time/09 WALPURGIS-My Last Illusion/10 KRAAN-Mind Quake/11 KIN PING MEH-Drugson's Trip

DISC 2-01 AMON DUULL II-Dem Guten, Schonen, Wahren/02 MY SOLID GROUND-BBB/03 MYTHOS-Oriental Journey/04 NOVALIS-High Evolution/05 OS MUNDI-Overture/06 LILIENTAL-Adel/07 FAUST-No Harm/08 EPITAPH-Crossroads/09 RUFUS ZUPHALL-Schupfner/10 TRIUMVARAT-Spartacus/11 KRAVETZ-Ann Toormuch/12 POPUL VUH-Ich Mache einen Spiegel

DISC 3-01 EMTIDI-Die Reise/02 BROSELMASCHINE-Schmetterling/03 WITTHUSER & WESTRUPP-Der Rat Der Mottem/04 NOVALIS-Laughing/05 JANE-Spain/06 GROBSCHNITT-Symphony/07 AGITATION FREE-Haunted Island/08 ANNEXUX QUAM-Osmose III

DISC 4-01 KLAUS SCHULZE-Stardancer/02 LILIENTAL-Stressemannstrasse/03 OS MUNDI-
Kyrie/04 TANGERINE DREAM-Stratosfear/05 FAUST-It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl/06 WALLESTEIN-Mother Universe/07 WONDERLAND BAND-The Hill/08 CORNUCOPIA-Spot On You Kids/09 IMPROVED SOUND LIMITED-Doctor Bob Dylan

DISC 5-01 GOMORRAH-Opening Of a Sealed Book/02 SILBERBART-Brain Pain/03 TOPAS-Lemon Boy/04 LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Thus Spoke Oberon/05 SCORPIONS-Lonesome Crow/06 PROESSOR WOLFFF-Das Zimmer/07 FRUMPY-I'm Afraid Big Moon/08 CRAVINKLE-Garden of Loneliness/09 EPITAPH-Stop Look and Listen/10 GURU GURU-Salto Mortadella

DISC 6-01 JANE-Here We Are/02 MADE IN GERMANY-The Arrow and the Song/03 OS MUNDI-Sanctus/04 KOLLEKTIV-Rapunzel (Live)/05 KRAVETZ-I'd Like to Be a Child Again/06 RANDY PIE-Luie/07 HALLELUJAH-Sings of Strange/08 ELOY-Something Yellow/09 SITTING BULL-Trip Away

Another wonderful set, intellgent, psychedelic, hard rocking, and compehensive.....like to hear your thoughts on it, in particular if you are sampling classic Krautrock for the first time. Enjoy, and be back tomorrow with the next fine volume.

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