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Music For Your Brain Volume 1

I've meant to get this posted for a long time now, it's massive, but so VERY worthwhile.....there are four six-volume sets involved here, with some of the absolute best in 1970's Krautrock......many of the great bands which pop up here have been profiled on this blog before, notably one of my veryfavorite Krautrock bands, Jane, and also Frumpy, Guru Guru, Birth Control,Krokodil, and much more.....the hard-rocking-progressive sounds of the early 70's are a joy to behold, and if you are unfamiliar, you certainly won't be after this......so, today, released in the early 2000's is Volume 1 (six discs) of "Krautrock: Music For Your Brain".......may as well touch on a highlight or two before the official rundown......

The highlight of disc one is the live "Hangman" by Jane (told ya I love that band!), but also "The Work Is Done" by Birth Control, the fine "Tears Are Goin' Home" by Lava, plus stuff from Scorpions, Electric Sandwich, Cravinkle, and a lot more too......check this out if uninitiated and be blown away, and there are 23 more discs in this mammoth series.

Jane appears again on Disc 2 "Daytime", along with Kin Ping Meh (fairly recently profiled here), Guru Guru, and the excellent "How the Gypsy Was Born"by Frumpy (not sure if I've done a post on Frumpy or not, they had a lot of good stuff). Disc 3 is maybe just a touch more obscure (depending on your level of fandom), it does include the thrilling "No Freak Out" by Sperrmull, "Hollywood" from Cluster, and "So Far" by Faust, among other gems.

On to Disc 4, the great Jane, Frumpy, and Guru Guru all return, but the highlight for me would be
"Moscow" by Wonderland......"Impression" by Novalis is also a semi-classic. Can makes their first appearance of  the set on Disc 5 with the epic "Mother Sky", "Gamma Ray" by Birth Control is a great one, and "Ooga Booga" from Guru Guru is a fine one as well......

So the final disc of Volume 1 features yet another winner from Jane, "Hell and Booze" by Curly Curce, and other good ones from Lava, Dull Knife, and Cravinkle........

This is a TREMENDOUS set, I hope it is popular with you guys, some of the Krautrock stuff has done well, some not so much, but this is, to me, the definitive set to learn about and enjoy the genre.....Six more discs tomorrow, Volume 2!

DISC 1-01 LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Ride The Sky/02 BIRTH CONTROL-The  Work Is Done/03 CAVINKLE-Two Circles/04 OS MUNDI-Question of Decision/05 RADIO MARRIKESH-Orient Express/06 SPERMULL-Pal Casey/07 LAVA-Tears Are Goin' Home/08 JANE-Hangman (Live)/09 PROFESSOR WOLFFF-Hans im Gluck/10 SCORPIONS-It All Depends/11 GORBSCHNITT-Drummer's Dream/12 ELECTRIC SANDWICH-China/13 WEED-Sweet Morning Light

DISC 2-01 THE RATTELS-The Wich/02 FRUMPY-How the Gipsy Was Born/03 GOMORRHA-I
Turned to See Whose Voice It Was/04 GORBSCHNITT-Jupp Vader Schmidt'sWandertag/05 GURU GURU-Samantha's Rabbit/06 KIN PING MEH-Fairy Tales/07 HOLDERLIN- Requium fur Einen Wicht/08 JANE-Daytme/09 WEED-Lonely Ship/10 ABACUS-Song For Brunhilde/11 ODIN-Tribute to Frank/12 YATHA SIDRA-A Meditation Mass Part 3

DISC 3-01 ELOY-Castle In the Air/02 KRAAN-Nam Nam/03 ATLANTIS-It's Getting Better!/04 KLAUS SCHULZE-Mental Door/05 CLUSTER-Hollywood/06 FAUST-So Far/07 ARMONNIA-Watussi/08 CURLY CURVE-Queen Of Spades/09 GOMORRHA-Dance On a Volcano/10 SPERMULL-No Freak Out

DISC 4-01 WONDERLAND-Moscow/02 FRUMPY-Take Care of Illusion/03 FAUST-Why Don't You Eat Carrots/04 EPITHAP-Fly/05 GURU GURU-Der Elektolurch/06 EROC-Norderland/07 TOPAS-Train To An Island/08 NOVALIS-Impressionen/09 JANE-Air and the End

DISC 5-01 RANDY PIE-Highway Driver/02 BIRTH CONTROL-Gamma Ray/03 CAN-Mother Sky/04 TOPAS-Hurricane/05 GURU GURU-Ooga Booga/06 ATLANTIS-Friends/07 GROBSCHNITT-Traum and Wirklicheit/08 EMBRYO-A Place to Go/09 LUCIFER'S FRIEND-Lucifer's Friend/10 NOVALIS-Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hort

DISC 6-01 CURLY CURCE-Hell and Booze/02 LUCIFER'S FRIENDS-Sorrow/03 LAVA-Holy
Fool/04 GROBSCHNITT-Anywhere/05 LA DUSSELDORF-Rheineita/06 HARMONIA-Dino/07 RANDY PIE-Wintersong/08 JANE-Windows/09 CRAINKLE-About Mother and Son/10 DULL KNIFE-Tumberlin' Down/11 EROC-Wolkenreise/12 UDO LINDENBERG-Alles Klar auf der Andria Doria/13 WALLENSTINE-Charline

Guys, I am fucking around here, this is an absolutley TREMENDOUS set...if you are a fan of Krautrock, you'll weep with joy, an if unfamiliar, this set willlow you away....it is called "Music For Your Brain" for a specific reason, you will see why....this is great, great music,and it is my pleasure and privelege to be able to share it with you.

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