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For my good friend Jose, the Vinyl Garage Underground Series

THE PRETTY THINGS / THE SMALL FACESAway for a couple days, had a great time, won enough at the blackjack table to just about offset my wife's losses in the slot machines (generally my goal), but with all we've been through the past few months, excellent to just get away and kick back for a few days....I had thought my sonBigGrant97 was to guest here, thought it might be interesting to get some of HIS favorite stuff, thought it might be interesting to get a 16 year old's viewpoint on some stuff, but you know how kids can be......

Anyway I recieved an email from my wonderful friend Jose Kortozirkuito, carekeeper of the wonderful blog Tommenton en la cuadra (Jose was the creator of the Garage Bands/Dylan comp a while back, which is great, and has helped out with lots of other stuff around here that I didn't have.....he requested a couple volumes of "The Vinyl Garage Underground" that he had lost, it is a sprawling 21 volume, internet-only creation (I think it appeared on the now-defunct "Psychedelic Lion" blog)......so, not only happy to help out my amigo Jose, why don't we just put up the whole series for any of you who may have missed it the first time......so,at 21 volumes, let's do 7 a day now till Sunday, Jose needed volume 15/16 I think, so he has to wait until Sunday for them, I guess.

If you have tons and tons of comps already of this type of thing, you could certainly program it differently and wind up with 7 or 8 GREAT discs instead of 21 good ones, depending on what you already have, but as a whole these are good, in particular if you DON'T have a lot of comps such as these.....as I said before NOT a lot of lame tracks here, and some inclusions that ususally miss the comps (Rolling Stones, SRC, Johnny Winter)

So, today volumes 1-7......and be certain you visit http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.es/, a fine blog (ie a LOT better one than this, although it is in el Espanol, but rock n roll is (check this scholarly observation) the UNIVERSAL language......I know, gag.

There is a lot of great stuff on these discs, NOT a lot of REALLY rare stuff, but some, and the relative absence of dog cuts is a plus, making these into, at the very least, a fine listening experience.
Volume 1 features such easy (but good) picks as "Hey Joe" by the Leaves and the (great) "Midnight to Six Man by the Pretty Things (which for whatever reason, seems to be fairly rarely comped), mixed in among fine stuff from First ow to the Moon, Mourning Reign, Nova Local, The Creation.....33 tracks and hardly a bad one in the bunch.

Volume 2 goes a little bit less obvious, there is a Remains track but NOT "Don't Look Back" and compilation semi-regulars Zakary Thaks and Moving Sidewalks, but also stuff from the Starfires, The Tree, Blackrock, Kare Takers.....lots of good stuff here.

The obvious tracks on Volume 3, again, are fairly great ones ("You're Gonna Miss Me" by the 13th Floor Elevators, "Too Much to Dream" by the Electric Prunes, "Liar Liar"), but the Hollies "Hey Willie" doesn't turn up often, nor does the Young Rascals "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" (anyone remember the cover by the glam band Angel on the "White Hot" album? Pretty good I think. Fuck you.)....we get the Yardbirds, Maxine Sellrs, Rex Garvin, Nashville Teens, Ohio Express.....a fine blend of frequently comped and not-so-comped material

por Chiflágoras » 09.02.07 10:49Moving on to Volume 4.....The Rolling Stones hardly EVER make this kind of comp, probably due to record label politics on commercially created endeavors, but they be here, couple of tracks from Jeff Beck, also some lesser-available stuff as Heinz, Strawberry Children, Amen Corner, London Fog.....another winning disc.

Volume 5 hits us with the Stones again, Johnny Winter, The Iguanas, Us Too, the under apprecaited Jelly Bean Bandits......this guy did a fairly masterful job of creating this com, spreading out the easy pickings  (ie "Nuggets" tracks) with lesser known stuff, as well as well known but less-comped stuff (sounds ODD, really, to hear the Stones on one of these, but but who made crude, punky singels any better?

Blues Project Reunion?Moving along to Volume 6, the magnificent SRC ("Black Sheep") appears, Terry Knight and the pack, the Stones again, a fairly rare Standells track ("Peppermint Beatle"), The Kinks.....lesser knowns would include Noel Odom & the Group, Moanin' Glories, the Cavedwellers, and the sort of admittedly odd inclusion of Big Brother  the Holding Company's "Combination of the Two" (I don't know, good song, just doesn't quite "feel right" here at least to me)

And for today we shall wrap this up with Volume 7, there are some not-as-great tracks here from Syndicate of Sound and Strawberry Alarm Clock (although to the creator's credit NOT their well known stuff), Spirit is rarely comped in this sort of grouping, and you have to forgive a LOT for the inclusion of Moby Grape's positively smoldering "Omaha", an old favorite of mine.

This is a good set....as I said you MAY wish to reprogram, or not, but either way, you get some good stuff here.....hats off to the guy who created this (and I SHOULD know his name, I'll try to find it for tomorrow), he took a few risks and also threw in some safe material......fine, fine job......of course there is some slack material, but any 21-disc set is going to include a few clunks......

Volumes 8-14 tomorrow, and Sunday, Volumes 15-21 especially for my amigo Jose......please visit and patronize his blo, he does a fne job and has some tremendous music there. And this is a good set, really....Psychedelic Lion is no more, but thanks a zillion to the creator (GOTTA go find his name), thanks for leaving a great legacy.......

Jeff Beck )For whatever reason, taking a bit longer to upload these discs than usual (been having some computer issues, may have to finally break down and purchase a new one), so the links probably WILL NOT be up tonight, likely tomorrow morning (Saturday). Tomorrow being the first day of March, HOPEFULLY this completely MISERABLE winter is nearing it's end.....even though a snow/ice storm is predicted for Sunday in Ohio.....between the brutal cold and the tons and tons of snow, this has been one of the absolute WORST winters I can recall, I hope it has been better wherever you find yourself on the globe, but it sure has sucked one here.

By the way, the tracks ARE NOT TAGGED, be forewarned...they weren't taged when I downloaded them, and as you know IT IS TOO MUCH WORK FOR ME. If you are going to bitch at me about it, sorry, but this is what you're getting. You are most welcome, here are the track lists, tag em however you want to.

Don Covay & The Goodtimers - Temptation Was Too Strong (Atlantic 2357)VOLUME 1-01 THE TASMANIANS-Baby/02 THE BEEFEATERS-Don't Hurt Me/03 THE MONOCLES-I Can't Win/04 THE DEARLY BELOVED-I've Got a Girl/05 WIMPLE WITCH-Save My Soul/06 LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHTSHADOWS-So Much/07 THE LYNX-You Lie/08 THE CONTEMPORARIES-Fool For Temptation/09 BO ALLEN-I Hope You're Proud/10 THE SILVER FLEET-Look Out World/11 THE QUESTS-Shadows in the Night/12 FIRST CROW TO THE MOON-Spend Your Life/13 THE BROTHERS GRIM-You'll Never Be Mine/14 THE SHADOW CASTERS-But Not Today/15 THE NOVA LOCAL-Games/16 THE THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/17 THE PRETTY THINGS-Midnight to Six Man/18 THE SIX PENTS-She Lied/19 THE APOLLOS-Thats the Breaks/20 CLOCKWORK ORANGE-Your Golden Touch/21 THE NORSEMEN-Can't You Fall In Love/22 DANNY & THE OTHER GUYS-Hard Times/23 THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-I'm Not Like Everybody Else/24 THE MOURNING REIGN-Our Fate/25 DR SPECS OPTICAL ILLUSION-She's the One/26 THE CREATION-Through My Eyes/27 APOLLOS APACHES-Cry Me a Lie/28 THE LEAVES-Hey Joe/29 THE GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/30 THE TURTLES-Outside Chance/31 THE ROMANCERS-She Took My Oldsmobile/32 THE DIRTY WURDS-Why/33 THE ZARAKY THAKS-Bad Girl

VOLUME 2-01 THE ROOKS-A Girl Like You/02 IT'S US-Don't Want Your Lovin'/03 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/04 THE LEGENDS-I'll Come Again/05 THE MOVING MORFOMEN-Run Girl Run/06 ZAKAKRY THAKS-Won't Come Back/07 MG & THE ESCORTS-A Somebody Fool/08 MOVING SIDEWALKS-Every Night a New Surprise/09 THE KARE TAKERS-Have You Seen My Baby/10 THE ACTION-I'll Keep Holding On/11 THE MENERALS-My Flash On You/12 KINGS RANSOM-Shame/13 BAD SEEDS-A Taste of the Same/14 THE FANTASTIC DJ'S-Fight Fire/15 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Help Murder Police/16 THE CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/17 THE TREE-No  Good Woman/18 THE OUTSIDERS-Touch/19 BLACKROCK-Yeah Yeah/20 SHADES OF NIGHT-Fluctuation/21 THE OTHERS-I Can't Stand This Goodbye/22 STARFIRES-I Never Loved Her/23 THE REMAINS-Once Before/24 THE BANSHEES-They Prefer Blondes/25 THE BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/26 CHAZ & THE CLASSICS-Girl of the 13th Hour/27 DEGENITES-I Don't Want To  Try it Again/28 TONTO & THE RENEGADES-Little Boy Blue/29 ROBBI CURTICE-Soul of a Man/30 HUMANS-Warning/31 THE LIVE WIRES-Love

VOLUME 3-01 MOVING SIDEWALKS-99th Floor/02 ED WOOL & THE NOMADS-I Need Somebody/03 LEATHER BOY-Soulin'/04 MICHAEL & THE MESSENGERS-Romeo & Juliet/05 REX GARVIN-I Gotta Go Now/Up On the Floor/06 THE GOLDEN TOADSTOOLS-Silly Savage/07 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-You're Gonna Miss Me/08 THE PARAGONS-Abba/09 THE YARDBIRDS-Evil Hearted You/10 THE CASTAWAYS-Liar Liar/11 NASHVILLE TEENS-Last Minute/12 SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS-Ju Ju/13 THE HOLLIES-Hey WIllie/14 YOUNG RASCALS-Ain''t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/15 MAC PHADENS PARACHUTE-Fall of the Queen/16 LITTLE BOY BLUES-I Can Only Give You Everything/17 5 CANADIANS-Never Alone/18 SIXTO RODRIGUEZ-Sugar Man/19 THE POPPY FAMILY-Where Evil Grew/20 OHIO EXPRESS-Beg Borrow and Steal/21 BLUES MAGOOS-Gotta Get Away/22 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice/23 SUSAN BARRETT-Chico's Girl/24 THE TRUTH-Hey Gyp/25 EDDIE FLOYD-Big Bird/26 ELECTRIC PRUNES-I Had Too Much To Dream last Night/27 MAXINE SELLERS-Some Kind of Fever/28 POETS-Fun Buggy/29 TENDERFOOT KIDS-Intoxication/30 TONY JACKSON-Cause My Baby/31 BLUES PROJECT-No Time Like the Right Time

SRC Reunites 40 Years LaterVOLUME 4-01 JULIEN COVEY & THE MACHINE-A Little Bit Hurt/02 LONDON FOG WITH THE CONTINENTALS-Easy Mover/03 HEINZ-Heart Full of Sorrow/04 JOHNS CHILDREN-Just What You Want Just What You'll Get/05 DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-Okay/06 STANDELLS-Sometimes GoodGuys Don'tWear White/07 BUDDY RICH-Beat Goes On/08 JOHNS CHILDREN-Go Go Girl/09 JEFF BECK-Hi Ho Silver Lining/10 STRAWBERRY CHILDREN-Love Years Coming/11 BEAU BRUMMELS-One Too Many Mornings/12 LONNIE YOUNGBLOOD-Soul Food/13 DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-Bend It/14 WYNDER K FROG-Green Door/15 AMEN CORNER-High In the Sky/16 JOHN HAMMOND-Mellow Down Easy/17 LULU & THE LOVERS-Surprise Surprise/18 THE  PRETTY THINGS-Cry To Me/19 BEVERLY-Happy New Year/20 THE PRIDE & JOY-If You're Ready/21 DON COVAY & THE GOODTIMERS-Mercy Mercy/22 THE ACCENT-Red Sky at Night/23 JEFF BECK-Tallyman/24 SPIRIT-Dark Eyed Woman/25 THE ROLLING STONES-Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In the Shadows/26 THE MIDNIGHTERS-Jump Jive and Harmonize/27 THE CRYIN SHAMES-Nobody Waved Goodbye/28 SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS-Ring Dang Doo/9 TIM HARDIN-You Upset the Grace of Living When You Lie

The Standells Interview with Larry TamblynVOLUME 5-01 THE IGUANAS-California My Way/02 ILL WIND-Dark World/03 THE ROLLING STONES-Torn and Frayed/04 US TOO-The Girl With the Golden Hair/THE BRITISH NORTH-AMERICAN ACT-Don't Run Away/06 FOCAL POINT-Hassle Castle/07 GROWING CONCERN-Other Side of Life/08 THE NOCTURNS-Hay, That's What Horses Eat/09 FLEUR DE LYS-I Walk the Sands/10 AMBOY DUKES-You Better Find Yourself Somebody/11 THE DONNIE ELBERT BAND-A Love I Beleive In/12 DOC THOMAS GROUP-I'll Be Doggone/13 AMBOY DUKES-More And More/14 STEVE HOWE-So Bad/15 THE FAVOURITE SUNS-That Driving Beat/16 THE LOVE AFFAIR-Satisfaction Guarenteed/17 TRULY SMITH-This is the First Time-Truly Smith/18 JELLY BEAN BANDITS-Say Man/19 THE HUBBELS-Candlelight/20 THE SOUNDS OF FURY-I Don't Need You/21 ZEN-Hair/22  BRITISH-NORTH AMERICAN ACT-I'll Find a Way/23 SIX FEET UNDER-In Retrospect/24 THE NICKEL BAG-Lovers Litany/25 JOHNNY WINTER-Birds Can't Row Boats/26 PEARL DIVERS-Riding on a Rainbow

VOLUME 6-01 THE BACHELORS-3 O'Clock Flamingo Street/02 THE LEGENDS-Alright/03 SRC-Black Sheep/04 THE BEAZERS-Blue Beat/05 NOEL ODOM & THE GROUP-Come On Down to Earth/06 THE KINKS-Days/07 TANGERINE ZOO-Farther Down the Road/08 CHAPTER IV-Fear/09 ORCHESTRA HOLLOW-Freak Off/10 JOHN  ENGLISH III & THE HEATHENS-I Need You Near/11 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-I Told You Once Before/12 WILMER & THE DUKES-I'm Free/13 RON PRICE-It Will Arrive/14 RANDY FULLER-It's Love Come What May/15 THE OUTER LIMITS-Just One More Chance/16 THE STANDELLS-Medication/17 BLUES PROJECT-No Time Like the Right Time/18 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-Numbers/19 THE BURLINGTON EXPRESS-One Day Girl/20 THE STANDELLS-Peppermint Beatle/21 KILT HOUSTON RADIO AD-Poverty's Project 1967/22 NEIL FORD & THE FANATICS-Shame On You/23 MOANIN GLORIES-She Took The Rain Right Out of the Night/24 CAVEDWELLERS-Sinking Feeling/25 THE ROLLING STONES-Stoned/26 PRETTY THINGS-Walking Through My Dreams/27 BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY-Combination of Two

Moby Grape: parte 2VOLUME 7-01 SPIRIT-Animal Zoo/02 THE POOR-She's Got the Time (She's Got the Changes)/03 STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK-Tomorrow/04 MOBY GRAPE-Omaha/05 BUFFOONS-Sunday Will  Never Be the Same/06 BUBBLE PUPPY-Lonely/07 UNDERDOGS-Love's Gone Bad/08 HUMBLEBUMS-My Apartment/09 THE ROOSTERS-She Sends Me/10 IMPACTS-Thunder Chicken/11 SYNDICATE OF SOUND-Big Boss Man/12 WILLIE MITCHELL-Bad Eye/13 TIMEBOX-Beggin'/14 CARAVAN-Love to Love You/15 CRYIN SHAMES-Please Stay/16- THE LOVE AFFAIR-She Smiled Sweetly/17 THE MEGATONS-Shimmy Shimmy Walk Part 1/18 CHAD & JEREMY-Teenage Failure/19 THE REGENTS-Russian Spy And I/20 KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On

LOTTA typin', hope y'all appreciate this...love to everyone!

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