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Mystic Siva-a very good one!

Some excellent early 70's heavy psych, Mystic Siva were from Detroit Michigan, guitarist Al Tozzi, drummer Dave Mascarin, keyboardist/vocalist Mark Heckert, and bassist/vocalist Art Theinel. The self titled debut album (1971) is something of an overlooked masterwork, wonderfully spooky organ playing, lashing acid fuzz guitars, drugged out lyrics....I could, I suppose, point out some "highlights", ("Sunshine is Too Long", "Keeper of the Keys"), but really the whole thing is pretty damned awesome, don't know why I've never posted this before actually, I guess I just figured that I had, it's long been a favorite of mine.

The follow up, "Under the Influence" is not quite as good as the debut, it features live recordings of a bunch of the tracks from the debut as well as a bunch of cover versions, interesting, but not nearly as essential as the first album.

Not much to say, you want this album (the first one), it's as good as this stuff gets......something else tomorrow, God knows what.

MYSTIC SIVA-01 Keeper of the Keys/02 And When You Go/03 Eyes Have Seen Me/04 Come On Closer/05 Sunshine Is Too Long/06 Spinning a Spell/07 Supernatural Mind/08 Find Out Why/09 Magic Luv/10 Touch the Sky/11 In a Room

UNDER THE INFLUENCE-01 Keep Your Head/02 Spinning a Spell/03 Come On Closer/04 Supernatural Mind/05 Come Together/06 Magic Luv/07 Find Out Why/08 I'm a Man/09 Tobacco Road/10 Sitting In a Room/11 Black Sheep

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