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By request Wayne/Jayne County

Someone requsted this a couple of days ago, sorry I can't locate who it was......I really DON'T have a lot of his/her stuff, any additional contributions are welcome.....but as this stuff is fairly hard to locate, I hope this at least provides a starting point for whomever requested it. Can hardly wait for the comments posted over this one.

OK, Wayne County, in case you are unaware, was an early regular at Max's and CBGB, this prior to the punk scene actually being referred to as such, thus, acquiring at least partial "pioneer" status, should that be the term for which I search. Some of the earlier material, creditted to "Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys", appears on the album "Wayne County at the Trucks"....ok, keep in mind that this is one act with which I lack a LOT of familiarity, I could get some "facts" wrong here, I beleive that "At the Trucks" was released in the 2000's sometime, but music comes from the early 1970's......sample titles, which as in the case of say GG Alin, say almost as much as the music...."Fucked By the Devil", "Surrender Your Gender", "Queenage Baby"......as interesting  historical document as one could hope for.

The next (chronologically) thing I have here is an EP creditted to Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, with the singles "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night", "Fuck Off", "Trying to Get on the Radio", and "Evil Minded Momma"....release date 1976/7?

Then comes a gap for which I don't have the material....a self titled LP, also an EP "Blatently Offensive" (I MAY know someone who has that one, I will check....update: found it!)......Now, at some point here, Wayne underwent a sex change operation, began identifying herself as a female, and performing under the name Jayne County. She has released a fair amount of stuff on various smaller lables, what I have here is a live "Rock N Roll Resurrection", featuring some updated versions of a lot of the more familiar early stuff ("Fuck Off", "Are You a Boy"), also some newer material I guess......to me this is not really great stuff, interesting, however, most would say it is. Best I can tell "Resurrection" dates to the early 1980's......

We have a couple of efforts from the 1990's here, "Deviation", which has a cover of "Cherry Bomb"(!), "I'm In Love With Dusty Springfield", "Transgneder Rock N Roll", maybe (argueable) the strongest set that I have......"Goddess of Wet Dreams" dates to around the same era, a couple Dolls covers and yet another version of "Fuck Off".

What else, what else.....Pirate bay turns up one I've never heard of "Let Your Backbone Slip", release date of 2004, but I haven't listened to it, and am unsure if it's older or newer material, live or studio, sample titles reveal the continued deliberatly "shocking" flair: "When Queens Collide", "Waiting for the Marines"......I looked it up on Amazon, some of the stuff is referred to as demos, this might be an odds and ends collection, I simply don't know.

As I said, I am not terribly familar with her stuff, at first glance I would throw it in a category with GG Alin (with whom I am VERY familar and did a huge megapost on), material designed to shock, and, honestly, I like that to a degree, it's been a theme that runs through rock n roll forever, how far can we push the envelope.....

Late update Pirate Bay also turns up "The Safari Years", a set of three albums, none of which are among the above: 1978 "Storm the Gates of Heaven", 1978 "The Electric Chairs", and 1979 "Things Your Mother Never Told You"......I am rushing to get this stuff bundled and uploaded, so again, this is material I have not heard, see track lists below......since it's Pirate Bay stuff, any artwork or text will be included so as to help should you be interested in piecing together this puzzle.

I don't really like doing stuf like this, stuff that I have not listened to in years and had a limited familiarity with anyway.....I do try to fill requests though, if I can, so whomever asked for this stuff, I hope this is at least a starting point for you. As for the stuff that I took from the Bay, I guess we'll all find out together.....please keep any requests coming, the stuff I already had was nowhere to be found on the bay or elsewhere, so I'm guessing it IS hard to locate......glad to help out.....fire away with the "comments'

WAYNE COUNTY & THE BACKSTREET BOYS-AT THE TRUCKS-01 (Intro) Man Made Woman/02 Wonder Woman/03 Queenage Baby/04 Stick It In Me/05 Stuck On You/06 Got Time If You Got the Place/07 Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl/08 You Gotta Get layed To Stay Healthy/09 Man Enough To Be a Woman/10 Putty/11 Fucked By the Devil/12 Prostitute With a Parachute/13 Surrender Your Gender/14 Max's Kansas City

WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS-SINGLES-01 I had Too Much to Dream last Night/02 Fuck Off/03 Trying To Get on the Radio/04 Evil Minded Momma

JAYNE COUNTY-ROCK N ROLL RESURRECTION-01 Night Time/02 Rock N Roll Cleopatra/03 Are You a boy Or Are You a Girl/04 Bad In Bed/05 Hanky Panky/06 Rock N Roll Resurrection/07 Fucked By the Devil/08 Cream In My Jeans/09 Stuck On You/10 Fuck Off

DEVIATION-01 Transgender Rock N Roll/02 That's What the New Breed Say (Punk Mix)/03 Cherry Bomb/04 Deviation/05 I'm In Love With Dusty Springfield/06 Everyone's an Asshole But Me/07 That's What the New Breed Say (Psych Mix)/08 Texas Chainsaw Manicurist/09 Little Star/10 Come on Down To My Boat/11 Nuclear Age Vampires

GODDESS OF WET DREAMS-01 Night Time/02 Cream In My Jeans/03 Paranoia Paradise/04 Looking For a Kiss/05 If You Don't Want To Fuck--Fuck Off!/06 Johnny Gone to Heaven/07 Private World/08 Brainwashed/09 Take a Detour/10 Party Till Armageddon

LET YOUR BACKBONE SLIP-01 Max's/02 Are You a boy Or Are You a Girl/03 28 Model T/04 Berlin/05 Lady Dye Twist/06 Time Machine/07 Mr Normal/08 Fun In Amerika/09 When Queens Collide/10 No One Woman Can Satisfy No One Man All the Time/11 Tomorrow Is Another Day/12 Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl (Demo)/13 Plain of Nazca/14 I Fell In Love With a Russian Soldier/15 Love Lives On Lies/16 Big Black Window/17 Fun In Amerika (Demo)/18 Midnight Pal/19 Waiting for the Marines/20 Bad In Bed

STORM THE GATES OF HEAVEN-01 Storm The Gates of Heaven/02 Cry of Angels/03 Speed Demon/04 Mr Normal/05 Man Enough to Be a Woman/06 Trying To Get On the Radio/07 I had Too much To Dream Last Night/08 Tomorrow Is Another Day/09 Evil Minded Momma

THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS-01 Eddie & Sheena/02 Bad In Bed/03 Hot Blood/04 Worry Wart/05 28 Model T/06 Out of Control/07 Max's Kansas City/08 On the Crest/09 Plain the Nazca/10 Big Black Window/11 Take It/12 Rock N Roll Resurrection/13 Fuck Off/14 Night Time/15 Toilet Love/16 Mean Mutha Fuckin Man

THINGS YOUR MOTHER NEVER TOLD YOU-01 Wonder Woman/02 Wall City Girl/03 Boy With the Stolen Face/04 Un-Con-Troll-Able/05 Things Your Mother Never Told You/06 Berlin/07 C3/08 Midnight PAL/09 Waiting For the Marines/10 Think Straight/11 So Many Ways/12 J'attends les Marines

BLATENTLY OFFENZIVE-01 Fuck Off/02 Night Time/03 Eddie & Sheena/04 Bad In Bed/05 Hot Blood/06 Out of Control/07 Toilet Love/08 Mean Mutha Fuckin Man/09 On The Crest/10 Big Black Window/11 Take It/12 Rock N Roll Resurrection

Geez, thought this one would be pretty easy, never imagined there would be much of ANYTHING on Pirate bay, and there's a good bit....I've not heard a LOT of this stuff, there's a good bit of overlap, but I'll try to give it all a listen in the next couple days, since I am not really as familar with this as most of the stuff i post, I am extra-interested in the opinions/reviews of others in this case (I ALWAYS am, of course)

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