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The Best Amplified Heat post, ever

Straight oughta Asutin Texas come Amplified Heat, fuzzed-out grungy psychedelic stoner-blues......what else can I say? They remind me a bit of Alabama Thunderpussy, maybe a bit more of Five Horse Johnson or Dixie Witch,  and, well, you get the idea.....You know I love this shit and I know lots of you guys too can't get enough of it either.......Three good full-lengths and a good EP, I'll have to double check to see if I hae any boots and the like....however, what we DO have here is mighty good stuff. We begin with the self-titled EP "Amplified Heat", fully loaded with great stuff like "Bi-Polar" and "Dead Man Walking", this is a fine EP that any stoner fan will enjoy.

Next was "In For Sin"(2004), a more "mature" musical statement if you will, and a fine album as well......the band really stretches out and delivers some good tunes ala the longer, trippier tracks such as "Just a Junkie" and the closer "Reflections....I think this is one of the more unappreciated albums of stoner metal of the 2000's, appropriate for one of the more unappreciatd genres to begin with.

In 2007 they released yet another winner "How Do You Like The Sound of That?"....shorter, punkier tunes such as "Tough Guy" and "Sickness" rule out, but these guys really DO have  syle all their own while staying withn the confines of the somewhat limiting (but still beloved) genre.

Thier most recent release, "On the Hunt" is PROBABLY my least favorite, but don't be scared off, it's a good one to listen to also. These guys were not GIANTS of Stoner Rock, but they sure as hell were at the top of the second line, as I said before, I'd compare them to MTHunderpussy, Five Horse Johnson, and Dixie Witch, and that is some pretty good company.

I guess I should mention that the band is made up of a trio of brothers, guitar/vocalist Jim Ortiz, bassist Gian Ortiz, and drummer Chris Ortiz, I an't really think if another band that was strictly made up of three brothers, although the incredibly little amount about which I care would preclude me from researching it. Good stuff here though, My stoner-rock minions will be loving me again (after Pavement, I'm sure they be ready for some good ol' rock-a-rama!)

SELF TITLED EP-01 Heart Attack/02 I Don't Care/03 Bi-Polar/04 Morning Warning/05 Contraband/06 She Drank That Wine/07 Dead Man Walkin'

IN FOR SIN-01 In FOr SIn/02 Roadrunner/03 Wagon Wheel/04 Just a Junkie/05 Fever/06 Drivin/07 The Gunny/08 All the Aces/09 Trapped/10 Reflections

HOW DO YOU LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT-01 Tought Guy/02 Rambler/03 Man on the Road/04 She Drank that Wine/05 What Went Wrong/06 S.A.P.O./07 Moonshine/08 Through And Through/09 How DO Yo Like the Sound Of That/10 Amplified Boogie/11 Sicknesss

ON THE HUNT-01 Give It To Me/02 Dirty Love, No ROmance/03 Lost/04 What's It GOnna Be Will Be/05 Louisiana Hobo Blues/06 Aint Tryin To Deny/07 Anasuya/08 Stop Drop and Roll/09 Strong Arm/10 On the Hunt

Please please please leave a comment.....let me know what ya think of these lads.....I try to get at least a relatively representative corss section out there of the shit I listen to, sometimes it takes off, sometimes not.....ALWAYS interesting for me though, to see how my tastes rack up against others out there....stoner rockers, rjoice, you ARE going to like this one!

Since this is only FOUR discs and I had MUCH less trouble with the Pavement post than I anticipated, I'm gonna go ahead and put this one up for ya, and with only 4 links I can practically PROMISE they will be up by morning......I know I said I was going to wait until all the links were ready, but that policy may be reserved for "mega-posts".....by the way, I was a bit disappointed in the numbers for Pavement.....come on guys, it's PAVEMENT! One of the greatest EVER. Oh, well, what are ya gonna do? I hope Amplified Heat goes over well, generally these loud stoner bands do, as they should.....I love this stuff, but I also love me some Pavement, and some Joy Division, and 10000's of other bands......PLEASE leave a comment if you are down with this stuff, or if ya think it sucks as well.......not gonna hurt MY feelings, and we'l all understande each other better!  And, please, it's only music, NOTHING more......please don't judge others by the type of music they listen to......that is stupid (although sometimes somewhat accurate)........we all like what we like, and in this wonderful era of SHARING, we can ALL hear, whatever we like....whenever we like......not like when I was a teen, spending hour after hour searching through crates of used LP's tryingto find those hidden gems (found  a BUNCH of em too).....we often think our youth was the best period in the history of the world, but when it comes to the accessibility of music, the 2010's are to Drew Barrymore what the 1970's(MY era) were to maybe oh, Rosie Odonell.....I know I use her as an example alot in this type of comparison but I think it fits......and once again my obsession/worship of Drew Barymore, that I try so hard to keep so secret, comes through once again!

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