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The best Pavement post ever

Before I begin to pontificate about the great 1990's band Pavement, I have a request.....ANYONE have the album "Chinese Burn" by The Len Price Three? Seemingly at least a hard one to find, certainly SOMEONE out here could help a brotha out......

Now as for Pavement....one of the truly great bands of the so-called "alternative" 1990's, Pavement were basically guitarist/vocalist Steven Malkmus, guitarist vocalist Scott Kanneberg, bassist Mark Ibold, drummer Steve West, and percussionist/vocalist Bob Nastanovich. They released five full-lengths in their era, as well as a handfull of EP's.....I THINK that most of the EP tracks have been included on the "expanded/deluxe" reissue versions of the original LP's......

The debut album, "Slanted and Enchanted" is nothing short of a five-star classic, a slacker masterpiece that sums up an entire era....."Summer Girl", and especially the fab "Conduit for Sale" highlight a genuinely classic, representative album of the early 1990's......do not miss it. The EP "Watery, Domestic" was released afterwards, I THINK I have a copy of it around here to put up (I'll check), the next full length "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain", is nearly a classic as well, featuring the amazing "Range Life" ("Out On tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, nature's kids, they ain't go no function, I don't udnerstand what they mean and I could really give a fuck").....YES!.....Stone Temple Pilots get slammed as well, gotta LOVE that. Also included is their minor hit "Cut Your Hair" which is a brilliant single that follows "anyband" from the classifieds ("NO BIG HAIR!") to the big time ("Tension and fear.....a career!")....fine album, must hear. Along with "Slanted and Enchanted, these are two of the top twenty albums of that decade.

The three remaining full lengths "Wowee Zowee", "Brighten the Corners", and "Terror Twilight" have their moments (especially parts of "Wowee Zowee"), but do not be fooled, it is those two GREAT albums previously mentioned if you ahve limited experience or shelf space.....then it is fair to investigate further. I also have a cool 1999 BBC Sessions disc, and a 1995 show from Lolapalooza in Ontario. In addition, the full lengths have all (at least I THINK all) been reissued with bonus stracks, I see tham on Pirate Bay and am going to gab them and post them in THAT format, so you can get all the Pavement that is available. I'm not sure I've heard everything on them, knowing those guys, there had to be a hidden gem or three on there.

Great, underappreciated band......sort of a "Talking Heads for the 1990's", just TOO DAMN SMART for the rest of us. But taken from ANY vantage point, "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain", and "Slanted and Enchanted" are great, great albums, 5-star classics (technically I'd say "Crooked Rain" is more of a 4.5 star album), and if you like them, there is plenty more to investigate, in particular if you like snotty, smart-ass rock n roll (I do).

LOTTA material here.....under my "new" upload policy, God knows how long it will take to get these up,but whenever it is I hope you like these!

WESTING (BY MUSKET AND SEXTANT)-01 You're Killing Me/02 Box ELder/03 Maybe Maybe/04 She Beleives/05 Price Yeah!/06 Forklift/07 Spizzle Trunk/08 Recorder Grot/09 Internal K-Dart/10 Perfect Depth/11 Recorder Grot (Rally)/12 Heckler Spray/13 From Now On/14 Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent/15 Drive-By Fader/16 Krell Vid-User/17 Summer Babe/18Mercy Snack: The Laundromat/19 Baptist Blakctick/20 My First Time/21 My Radio

SLANTED AND ENCHANTED-LUXE AND REDUXE EDITION (DISC 1)-01 Summer Babe (Winter VErsion)/02 Trigger Cut/03 No Life Singed Her/04 In the Mouth a Desert/05 Conduit For Sale!/06 Zurich Is Stained/07 Chelsey's Little Wrists/08 Loretta's Scars/09 Here/10 Two States/11 Perfume-V/12 Fame Throwa/13 Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era/14 Our Singer SLANTED SESSIONS-15 Summer Babe (7" Version)/16 Mercy Snack: The Laundromat/17 Baptist Blacktick/18 My First Time/19 Here (ALternate Mix)/20 Nothing Ever Happens PEEL SESSION 7/23/92-21 Circa: 1762/22 Kentucky Cocktail/23 Secret Knowlede of Backroads/24 Here

SLANTED AND ENCHANTED-LUXE AND REDUXE EDITION (DISC 2)-WATERY, DOMESTIC EP-01 Texas NEver Whispers/02 Frontwards/03 Lions (Linden)/04 Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)-WATERY SESSIONS-05 Sue Me Jack/06 So Stark (You're a Skyscraper)/07 Greenlander-PEEL SESSION 12/16/92-08 Rain Ammunition/09 Drunks With Guns/10 Ed Ames/11 The List of Dorms-LIVE AT BRIXTON ACADAMEY LONDON 12/14/92-12 Conduit For Sale!/13 Fame Throwa/14 Home/15 Perfume-V/16 Summer Babe/17 Frontwards/18 Angel Carver/Mellow Jazz Docent/19 Two States/20 No Life Singd Her/21 So Stark/22 Box Elder/23 Baby, Yeah/24 In the Mouth a Desert

CROOKED RAIN, CROOKED RAIN-LA'S DESERT ORIGINS EDITION DISC 1-01 Silence Kit/02 Elevate Me Later/03Stop Breathin/04 Cut Your Hair/05 Newark Wilder/06 Unfair/07 Gold Soundz/8 5-4=Unity/09 Range Life/10 Heaven Is a Truck/11 Hit the Plane Down/12 Fillmore Jive/-CUT YOUR HAIR SINGLE-13 Camera (REM Over)/14 Stare-RANGE LIFE SINGLE-15 Raft/16 Coolin By Sound-GOLD SOUNDZ SINGLE-17 Kneeling Bus/18 Strings of Nashville/19 Exit Theory-GOLD SOUNDZ AUSTRAL/NZ FRENCH MICRONESIA 94 TOUR EP-20 5-4 Vocal/CROOKED RAIN CROOKED RAIN BONUS 7"-21 Jam Kids/22 Haunt You Down/NO ALTERNATIVE COMPILATION TRACK-23 Unseen Power of the Picket Fence/HEY DRAG CITY! COMPILATION TRACK-24 Nail Clinic
CROOKED RAIN, CROOKED RAIN DISC 2-VARIOUS LIVE RECORDINGS-01 All My Friends/02 Soiled Little Filly/03 Range Life/04 Stop Breathing/05 Ell Ess Two/06 Fux=Rad/07 Bad Version of War/08 Same Way of Saying/09 Hands off the Bayou\/10 Heaven is a Truck (Egg Shell)/11 Grounded/12 Kennel District/13 Pueblo (Beach Boys)/14 Fucking Righteous/15 Colorado/16 Dark Ages/17 Flood Victim/18 JMC Retro/19 Rug Rat/20 Strings of Nashville (Instrumental)/21 Instrumental-PEEL SESSION 2/26/94-22 Brink of the Clouds/23 Tartar Martyr/24 Pueblo Domain/25 The Sutcliffe Catering Song

BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS-NICENE CREEDENCE EDITION DISC 1-01 Stereo/02 Shady Lane/J Vs. S/03 Transport is Arranged/04 Date W/IKEA/05 Old To Begin/06 Type Slowly/07 Embassy Row/08 Blue Hawaiian/09 We Are Underused/10 Passat Dream/11 Starlings of the Slipstream/12 Fin-OUTTAKES-13 And Then (The Hexx)/14 Beautiful as a Butterfly/15 Cataracts-SINGLES-Westie Can Drum/17 Winner of the/18 Birds in the Majic Industry/19 Harness Your Hopes/20 Roll With the Wind

BRIGHTEN THE CORNERS-NICENE CREEDENCE EDITION DISC 2-SHADY LANE SINGLE-01 Slowly Typed/02 Cherry Area/03 Wanna Mess You Around/04 No Tan Lines-BBC RADIO ONE EVENING SESSION 1/15/97-05 And Then (The Hexx)/06 Harness Your Hopes/07 THe Killing Moon/08 Winner of the-OUTTAKES-09 Embassy Row Psych Intro/10 Nigel/11 Chevy (old to Begin)/12 Roll With the Wind-A TRIBUTE TO THE CLEAN COMP-13 Odditty/TIBETAN FEEDOM CONCERT COMPILATION-Type Slowly/14 KCRW MORNING BECOMES ELECTIC2/25/97-15 Neil Hagerty Meets Jon Spencer in a Non-Alcholic Bar/16 DEstroy Mater Dei/17 It's a Rainy Day, Sundhine Girl/18 Maybe Maybe/BBC RADIO ONE PEEL SESSION 8/21/97-19 Date w/IKEA/20 Fin/21 Grave Architecture/22 The Classical-WFNX STUDIOS 2/12/97-23 Space Ghost Theme I/24 Space Ghost Theme II

WOWEE ZOWIE SORDID SENTINELS EDITION DISC 1-01 We Dance/02 Rattled By the Rush/03 Black Out/04 Brinx Job/05 Grounded/06 Serpentine Pad/07 Motion Suggests Itslef/08 Father to a Sister of a Thought/09 Extradition/10 Best Friend's Arm/11 Grave Architecture/12 AT&T/13 Flux=Rad/14 Fight This Generation/15 Kennel District/16 Pueblo/17 Half a Canyon/18 Western Homes/19 Sordid (Outtake)/RATTLED BY THE RUSH EP-20 Brink of the Clouds/21 False Skorpion/22 Eaily Fooled-FATHER TO A SISTER OF THOUGHT SINGLE-23 Kris Kraft/24 Mussle Rock (Is a Horse In Transiton)/-PACIFIC TRIM EP 25 Give It a Day/26 Gangsters & Pranksters/27 Saganaw/28 I love Perth/29 Sentinel (Outtake)

WOWEE ZOWIE SORDID SENTINELS EDITION DISC 2-01 Senstive Euro Man ("I Shot Andy Warhol" Soundtrack)/02 Stray Fire (Outtake)/LIVE TRACKS-03 Fight This Generation/04 Easilly Fooled/05 Soul Food (Wowee Zowie Session w/Doug Easly Piano)/DESCENDENTS TRIBUTE ALBUM06 It's a Hectic World/STEVE LAMACQ EVENING SESSIONS 3/15/95-07 Kris Kraft/08 Golden Boys/Serpentine Pad/9 Painted Soldiers/10 I Love Perth-MEDUSA CYCLONE/PAVEMENT SPLIT 7"-11 Dancing With the Elders/LIVE AUSTRALIA 1994-12 Half a Canyon/13 Best Friends Arm/14 Brink of the Clouds/Candylad/15 Unfair/16 Easily Fooled/17 Heaven is a Truck/18 Box Elder-SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK COMPILATION-19 No More Kings/20 KIDS IN THE HALL BRAIN CANDY SOUNDTRACK-20 Painted Soldiers/21 We Dance (Alternate Mix)

TERROR TWILIGHT-01 Spit on a Stranger/02 Folk jam/03 You Are a Light/04 Cream of Gold/05 Major Leagues/06 Platform Blues/07 Ann Don't Cry/08 Billie/09 Speak, See, Remember/10 The Hexx/11 Carrot Rope

BBC SESSION EVENING SESSION 5/15/99-01 The Hexx/02 You Are the Light/03 Here/04 Cream of Gold/05 Ann, Don't Cry/06 Stereo/07 Father to a Sister of Thought/08 Carrot Rope/09 Cut Your Hair/10 Trigger Cut/11 Shady Lane

LOLLAPALOOZA ONTARIO 7/23/95-01 Grounded/02 Gold SOunds/03 Counduit For Sale!/04 Black Out/05 AT&T/06 Rattled by the Rush/07 Stop Breathing/08 Range Life/09 Father to a Sister of Thought/10 Two States/11 Cut Your Hair/12 Fight This Generation/13 In the Mouth of a desert



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