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"Two Minutes Hate" Part 1

Ok I've thought about doing this for a while, let me explain why......The next two posts will feature
some extremely vile, offensive, and overtly racist music.....and not especially GOOD music at that. There sill likely be people who will stop reading my blog, and who will think that this music should NEVER see the light of day. And with that, I disagree. Freedom of speech, you see, extends to EVERYONE in my opinion, even those whose opinions we find to be abhorrent. Skrewdriver (and the other related racists/skinheads that we'll look at the next two days) DO hold views that I find horrible.....but does that alone determine that they should not be heard? It is MUCH easier to advocate the "rights" and "freedoms" of those with whom we agree than those we find offensive, even sub-human.

For the record, I have featured MANY bands on this site, of a leftist nature, whose politics I do not necessarily agree with either......bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Le Tigre, The Tom Robinson Band and others have graced this site, would THEY be offended by being profiled on the same site as Skrewdriver or Bully Boys? They might be, but would they not be being hypocritical to their own stated beliefs in freedom, when NOT willing to allow the "freedoms" of those they oppose to be shunned/censored?

I would guess that many of you have heard OF  Skrewdriver, but
not actually HEARD them.....if that is the case, it is MUCH worse than you are imagining, these were some hateful human beings, frankly, the very type of people who would detest ME personally......but we must all know our enemies......we must KNOW THEM, not IGNORE them......I am posting these "hate bands" in order to both make a persona statement on freedom of speech FOR ALL, as well as to expose to the unknowing that these people ARE out there......download on or two of these, listen, (among the most outright shocking  tracks would be "White Power" and  "When the Boat Comes In") and delete, if you wish, but do not pretend that these people are not out there.

As for the music, it's not much, third rate hard rock with a punkish edge, most of it fairly interchangeable......obviously it is the lyrics which will offend many people (including myself), but I think it is necessary for these to be heard, rather than to pretend they don't exist......so as for today, the works of Skrewdriver, and tomorrow, some MORE hatred-filled bands including much of Skrewdiver founder Ian Stuart's side-project work and some bands that are actually musically (and, terrifyingly, lyrically) WORSE than Skrewdriver.....I won't comment on each album, as I  said, they are fairly interchangeable, although the "Live in Germany" album I think is extremely rare.....I am posting this, after a lot of thought, in order to stimulate conversation, and thought.....I hope that you don't think that by posting this I am advocating the beliefs of Skrewdriver or anyone else, hardly the case and never has been the case with anyone I've profiled.......but I absolutley AM advocating their rights to think and feel the way they do and express it musically. Argue with me if you wish, I am prepared for it, but keep it on an intellectual level, no name calling and the like. And if you honestly have never heard any of this, take a listen, as I said, most likely it is WORSE than you imagined. Also, if you are in agreement with the philosophies of Skrewdriver and the like, please comment as well, as long as, as I have asked of the other end of the spectrum,be respectful and civil and no name calling. Thank you.

ALL SKREWED UP-01 Where's It Gonna End/02 Governement Action/03 Back Street Kids/04
Gotta Be Young/05 I Don't Need Your Love/06 I Don't Like You/07 An-Ti-So-Cial/08 (Too Much) Confusion/09 9 Till 5/10 Jailbait/11 We Don't Pose/12 The Only One/13 Won't Get Fooled Again

HAIL THE NEW DAWN-01 Hail the New Dawn/02 Our Pride Is Our Loyalty/03 Before the Night Falls/04 Justice/05 R & N/06 Flying the Flag/07 If There's a Riot/08 Tomorrow Belongs to Me/09 Europe Awake/10 Soldier of Freedom/11 Skrew You/12 Pennies From Heaven/13 Power From Profit/14 Free My Land/15 Don't Let Them Pull You Down/16 Tearing Down the Wall

BLOOD AND HONOUR-01 Blood and Honour/02 Mr. Nine to Five/03 Don't Be Too Late/04 When the Storm Breaks/05 Prisoner of Peace/06 Poland/07 Tomorrow Is Always Too Late/08 The Way It's Got To Be/09 The Jewel of the Sea/10 One Fine Day/11 Searching/12 Needle Man/13 Open Up Your Eyes/14 I Know What I Want/15 Street Fight (1986)/16 Friday Night

WHITE RIDER-01 White Rider/02 Where Has Justice Gone/03
Strikeforce/04 Behind the Bars/05 Pride of a Nation/06 New Nation/07 The Snow Fell/08 I Can See the Fire/09 Thunder in the Cities/10 We Fight For Freedom/11 White Warriors/12 Built Knocked Down

AFTER THE FIRE-01 After the Fire/02 Mean Streets/03 Win or Die/04 Land of Ice/05 Eyes Full of Rage/06 As Life Bleeds Away/07 Forty Six Years/08 European Dream/09 Retaliate/10 A Time of Change/11 Sweet Home Alabama/12 Green Fields of France

WARLORD-01 Warlord/02 One In a Million II/03 Out in the Cold (Big Deal)/04 Their Kingdom Will Fall/05 The Evil Crept In/06 Simple Man/07 Soar Aloft/08 Back In Black/09 Glory (For Thorstens Schedes and Krekeler)/10 Excalibur/11 The Warrior's Song/12 Suddenly

THE STRONG SURVIVE-01 The Strong Survive/02 Voice of Evil/03 From the Land/04 In the Wasteland/05 Stand Proud/06 Paranoid/07 Hail and Thunder/08 Backstabber/09 United/10 Warzone/11 Shining Down/12 Mist on the Downs

Bang/02. I Don't Like You/03. Built Up Knocked Down (1979)/04. A Case Of Pride/05. Breakout/06. Tearing Down The Walls/07. Boots And Braces/08. Antisocial/09. White Power/10. Smash The I.R.A./11. Shove The Dove/12. Sick Society/13. Voice Of Britain/14. On The Streets/15. Invasion

FREEDOM WHAT FREEDOM-01 Mother Europe's Sons/02 What Price Freedom/03 This Little Piggy/04 This Feeling/05 Blood Of Kings/06 One Land (Re-Unification)/07 Stolz/08 Retur to Camelot/09 (Oh No) Here Comes a Commie/10 When the North Wind Blows/11 God Of Thunder/12 The Road to Valhalla
HAIL VICTORY-01 Hail Victory/02 Vampire/03 White Noise/04 House of Treason/05 Mother Europe/06 Old Albion/07 European Battle Song/08 We March to Glory/09 Renegade/10 Fools No More/11 Time to Die/12 Night Trains
1983 DEMO-01 Don't Let Em Pull You Down/02 Europe Awake/03 Hail the New Dawn/04 If There's a Riot/05 Midnight Train/06 Pennies From Heaven/07 Race and Nation/08 Sick Society/09 Streetfght/10 Tomorrow Belongs to Me/11 Voice of Britain (demo)/12 Voice of Britain (original versio)/13 Voice Of Britain (alt verion)/14 When the Boat Comes In
LAND ON FIRE-01 Land On Fire/02 The New Boss/03 I'm a Free Man/04 Judgement Day/05 One In a Million/06 Don't Let Them Pull You Down/07 Friday Night/08 Streetfight/09 Deep Inside/10 Tearing Down the Wall
THE SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 1-01 You're So Dumb/02 Better Off Crazy/03 Antisocial/04 19th Nervous Breakdown/05 Streetfight '77/06 Unbeliever/07 Built Up Knocked Down/08 A Case of Pride/09 Breakouit/10 Back With a Bang/11 I Don't Like You/12 White Power/13 Smash the IRA/14 Shove the Dove/15 Voice of Britain/16 Sick Society
THE SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 2-01 When the Boat Comes In/02 Invasion/03 On the Streets/04 After the Fire/05 Sweet Home Alabama/06 Land of Ice/07 Retaliate/08 Their Kingdom Will Fall/09 Simple Man/10 The Evil Crept In/11 Glory/12 The Showdown/13 Deep Inside/14 Stand Proud/15 Backstabber/16 Warzone/17 Shinging Down
LIVE-LAST GIG IN GERMANY-01 Voice of Britain/02 Tomorrow Belongs To Me/03 Europe Awake/04 Our Pride Is Our Loyalty/05 Blood and Honour/06 Strikeforce/07 Hail the New Dawn/08 Back With a Bang/09 Johnny Joined the Klan/10 46 Years/11 Free My Land/12 The Snow Fell
So what do you think? I wish to start reasonable discussion on the rights of individuals to speak their minds, not matter what their beliefs......IF THIS IS so offensive to you that yo discontinue to patronize this blog, I apologize, although you truly DID miss the point
("2 Minutes Hate" comes from Orwell'"1984" (my favorite book) and refers to the practice of BLINDLY "hating"others, simply because we are TOLD TO DO SO. I think it fits here. I will be back tomorrow with MORE "hate-rock", some more outrageous than this.
Hey, some have said I've been playing it safe of late, and Bush? Alice Cooper? The Clash? The Stones? Maybe I have been, but I want this blog open to ALL kinds of rock n roll, and this stuff, no matter YOUR vantage point, qualifies and is at the very least worthy of discussion.

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