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The best Bush post, ever

Don't want to hear it.....I liked the music of Bush, sort of for my money a Brit, poor man's Nirvana,
one of the better of the second-line of grunge acts of the  1990's......actually quite a good singles band as well, and Gavin Rossdale, of course, is my idol, as he has had his lucky face between the thighs of Gwen Steffani and I have not, at least as of yet.......

Besides Rossdale, Bush were guitarist Nigel Pulford, bassist Dave Parsons and drummer Robin Goodridge, more or less, there have been some comings and goings and Bush has basically been the playground of Rossdale. Spotty albums, actually,but in general featuring some fairly strong material, their singles were a staple on the playlists of whatever almost-tolerable rock radio stations existed in the early 1990's.

The first most of us heard of Bush was 1995's "Sixteen Stone", which I and most others woul call their strongest effort.....though there are some fairy weak Nirvana knockoffs as filler, the album featured five outstanding singles, "Everything Zen", "Little Things", "Machine Head", "Comedown" and "Glycerine", all of which you are unquestionably familir with if you happened to be anywhere near a radio in 1995. Still, good, very listenable tracks, still sound good today in particular if you are a fan of that early 90's grunge rocking sound (I am as you may have ascertained).

The followup album, "Razorblade Suitcase" also featured a pair of over-exposed singles, "Greedy Fly" and "Swallowed", neither of which is of the quality of "Everything Zen" or "Little Things", however, the non-single-album tracks feature some strong material; "Mouth", "Personal Holloway", and my favorite track from the disc, "A Tendency to Start Fires". In a somewhat unusual move for this particulr genre the band
released a re-mix album, "Deconstructed", which remakes various Bush tracks over in a techno-dance mix style......FAR more "interesting" than listenable, it WAS a fairly unique move (imagine, say, Pearl Jam doing the same? I can't really....)

So, for the most part, the rest of the career was more or less garbage time, with occasional highlights. Album #3, 1999's "The Science of Things", is weaker than its predecessors, but does feature good tracks like "Warm Machine"and "The Chemicals Between Us". "Golden State" was released in 2001, and it was pretty obvious the party was over......the standout track for me being "The People That We Love (Speed Kills)". This spelled the "end" of the band, yet in 2010 a "reconstructed" Bush released "Sea of Memories", I think I've listened to it once, if ya want it it's here, it is one of those albums that I would refer to as "not great".

Saw them live once, really a pretty good live band at last on that night, and have a few boots here for
your inspection, right from thier 1995 peak come shows from Toronto and Hollywood, and also their very good "Woodstock '99" set, which includes an energized version of Neil Young's "Fuckin' Up"(also, less spectacularly, REM's "The One I Love")....this (Woodstock) set is MUCH better than it has any right to be given the timing, all evidence, at least to me, indicates that they were a rocking-good live act to the end. Also, released in 2005 was "Zen X-Four", with a few acoustic verions of some vintage songs, and a live set from KROQ's "Almost Accoustic Christmas", 12/16/95.

From looking around on the web, I see that my idol Rossdale (have I mentioned that he has achieved my lifelong goal of getting in Gwen Steffani's panties?) has released a  solo effort, "Wanderlust",  haven't heard it and likely won't (although maybe I should, actually Bush was pretty much the Rossdale show anyway), but I'll put it up here for ya should ya be inclined to hear it.

Spanning the last 50 years to bring you on back to back days early 1970's glam-metal and mid 1990's grung rock, truly I am a"man for all decades".....I bet some of you HATE this post, but such is life, I like what I like, what can I say? Who knows what tomorrow my bring us?

LATE EDIT: Found a big Bush torrent on Pirate Bay, with lots of singles and stuff, I'm sure you won't care if I "create" an album out of these and post it as well? See last item below for BigScott62's Incredible Bush Rarities Comp!

SIXTEEN STONE-01 Everything Zen/02 Swim/03 Bomb/04 Little Things/05 Comedown/06
Body/07 Machinehead/08 Testosterone/09 Monkey/10 Glycerine/11 Alien/12 X-Girlfriend

RAZORBLADE SUITCASE-01 Personal Holloway/02 Greedy Fly/03 Swallowed/04 Insect Kin/05  Cold Contagious/06 A Tendency to Start Fires/07 Mouth/08 Straight No Chaser/09 History/10 Synapse/11 Communicator/12 Bone Driven/13 Distant Voices

DECONSTRUCTED-01 Everything Zen (The Lhasa Fever Mix)/02 Mouth (The Stingray Mix)/03 Swallowed (Goldie/Toasted Both Sides Mix)/04 Synapse (Philip Stier/My Life In the Bush of Ghosts Mix)/05 History (Dub Pistols Mix)/06 Personal Holloway (Fabio Paras/Soundclash Republic Mix)/07 Bone Driven (Mekon/Beat Me Clever Mix)/08 Insect Kin (Jack Dangers/Drum and Bees Mix)/09 Comedown (Lunatic Calm Mix)/10 Everything Zen (Derek DeLarge Mix)/11 In a Lonely Place (Tricky Mix)

THE SCIENCE OF THINGS-01 Warm Machine/02 Jesus Online/03 The Chemicals Between Us/04 English Fire/05 Space Travel/06 40 Miles From the Sun/07 Prizefighter/08 The Disease of the Dancing Cats/09 Altered States/10 Dead Meat/11 Letting The Cable Sleep/12 Mindchanger

GOLDEN STATE-01 Solutions/02 A Headful of Ghosts/03 The People That We Love/04 Superman/05 Fugitive/06 Hurricane/07 Inflatable/08 Reasons/09 Land of the Living/10 My Engine Is With You/11 Out of This World/12 Float

THE SEA OF MEMORIES-01 The Mirror of the Signs/02 The Sound Of Winter/03 All My Life/04 The Afterlife/05 All Night Doctors/06 Baby Come Home/07 Red Light/08 She's a Stallion/09 I Believe In You/10 Stand Up/11 The Heart of the Matter/12 Be Still My Love

ZEN X-FOUR-01 Comedown (Acousitc)/02 Glycerine(Acoustic)/03 Everything Zen (Acoustic)/04 Machinehead (live)/05 Comedown (live)/06 Bomb (live)/07 Glycerine (live)/08 Everything Zen (live)/09 Little Things (live)

THE ROXY 2/10/95-01 Radio Promo Spot/02 DJ Intro/03 Monkey/04 Body/05 Comedown/06 DJ/07 Broken TV/08 Swim/09 DJ/10 Testosterone/11 Everything Zen/12 DJ/13 Glycerine/14 Revolution Blues/15 Greedy Fly/16 DJ/17 Janie Jones/18 Little Things/19 DJ/20 Bomb/21 Swallowed/22 Machinehead/23 DJ Outro

TORONTO 8/15/95-01 Intro/02 Monkey/03 Old/04 Testoterone/05 Bomb/06 Little Things/07
Swim/08 Comedown/09 Machinehead/10 Bubbles/11 Everything Zen/12 Glycerine (incomplete)

WOODSTOCK 1999-01 Machine Head/02 Personal Holloway/03 Greedy Fly/04 Warm Machine/05 Everything Zen/06 Insect Kin/The Chemicals Between Us/07 "FUCK" Cheer/40 Miles From the Sun/08 Glycerine/09 The Disease of the Dancing Cats/10 Fuckin Up/11 Comedown/12 Swallowed/13 The One I Love/14 Little Things

WANDERLUST-01 Can't Stop the World/02 Frontline/03 Forever May You Run/04 The Skin I'm In/05 Drive/06 Future World/07 Love Remains the Same/08 If You're Not With Us You Are Against Us/09 This Is Happiness/10 Another Night In the Hills/11 The Trouble In/12 Beauty In the Beast/13 This Place Is On Fire/14 I Don't Want To Lose Myself Tonight/15 You Can't Run From What You Forget

BIGSCOTT62'S INCREDIBLE BUSH RARITIES COMP DISC 1-01 Revolution Blues (live)/02 Bubbles (from Mall Rats OST)/03 Bud/04 Solomons Bones/05 Greedy Fly (radio mix)/06 Insect Kin (live)/07 Old/08 Personal Holloway (Live)/09 Cold Contagious (demo)/10 Homebody/11 The Chemcals Between Us (Radio Edit)/12 The Chemicals Between Us (Super Collider Vapor Version)/13 The Chemicals Between Us (Mainstream Mix)

BIGSCOTT62'S INCREDIBLE BUSH RARITIES COMP DISC 2-01 The Chemicals Between Us (original demo)/02 Letting the Cables Sleep/03 Letting the Cables Sleep (apocalyptica remix)/04 Letting the Cables Sleep (Galdiator remix)/05 Letting the Cables Sleep (Nightmares on Wax Remix)/06 Letting the Cables Sleep (Original Demo)/07 American Eyes/08 The People That We Love (Golden Dub Remix)/09 The People That We Love (instrumental)/10 Headful of Ghosts (live)/11 Hurricane (Live)/12 Inflatable (Radio Remix)

Links in a little while, still open to requests and "guest" projects, make our own compilations and I'll put em up, if you're in a band, send your demos/tapes we'll put em up, ANYTHING.....poetry, writin, photography, artwork, ANYTHING, bring the goods and it can be viewed by literally TENS of people on this remarkable site!

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