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Two Minutes Hate, Part 2

Wrapping up this series of hatred laced rock n roll, we've had a few good comments, one of which I'd
like to share (paraphrasing) from Styeneboy, who logically asks WHY I have SO MUCH of this stuff, thus enriching the practitioners......truth be told, I never spent a nickle on ANY of getting all of it from PirateBay torrents.....I explained in my answer to him that I ALSO have all the works of Public Enemy, with whose politics I wuld almost certainly disagree as well, and aquired them by the same means.......I think the INERESTING (not necesarily the "best") is created by people who are MAD about something, passionate about something, as both, obviously, Skrewdriver and Pybklic Enemy both are.....aakes for thought provoking, constructive conversations on the rights of EITHER of them to think/advocate their ideas......I'd hate to live in a society in which Skrewdriver, or Public Enemy, or Bratmobile, or Jayne County, or ANYONE who attempted to express themselves throuugh thier music were prohibited from doing so......THAT's why it is important to me to post these.

Today, we will focus on the non-Skrewdriver work of Skrewdriver founder Ian Stuart, his work with The Klansmen, with Stigger, with White Diamond, as well as a couple of acts that are FAR MORE hatred-laced than Stuart/Skrewdriver's, The Angry Aryans and the Bully Boys......this is NOT NOT NOT "let's get down and party" music, this are hatred filled rants which offend me personally to a great degree. However, I will go to my death fighting for the rights of the practitioners to produce it, as I would hope someone would fight for MY rights of expression, however unpopular THOSE might sometime be.

BALLADS DISC 1-01 Tomorrow Belongs To Me/02 Phoenix Rising/03 Gone With the Breeze/04 The Red Thread/05 The Land Is Ours/06 Sand By Your Own/07 The Green Fields of France/08 Who Cares/09 Suddenly/10 White Blues/11 Something To Beleive In/12 The Snow Fell

IAN STUART & STIGGER-PATRIOTIC BALLADS DISC 2-01 Another Prayer For the Dying/02 The Lion's Roar/03 We Stand Alone/04 One In a Million/05 Wasted Life/06 Never Give In/07 Glory/08 Left To Drown/09 Why Worry/10 Europe On  My Mind/11 Our Time Will Come/12 Tuesday's Gone

IAN STUART & THE KLANSMEN-FETCH THE ROPE-01 Reich and Roll/02 Son of Dixie/03 Fetch the Rope/04 Outlaws/05 Souhern Boy/06 Stand Up and Be Counted/07 Gook Ears/08 White Power/09 Faith Hope and Charity/10 Dixie (Instrumental)/11 Johnny Joined the Klan/12 Napalm In the Morning/13 Arkansas Air

IAN STUART & THE KLANSMEN-REBEL WITH A CAUSE-01 Rebel With a Cause/02 It's Good To Be Back Home/03 Still Burning/04 The Betrayed/05 Pulling the Wool/06 Join the Klan/07 Whiskey Rock N Roller/08 Bad News/09 The Land Is Ours/10 Southern Belle/11 Gone With The Breeze

66/03 Get It Right/04 Better Days/05 Freedom (What Freedom)/06 Rock N Roll Patriots/07 Coming Up To Midnight/08 Drinking on Your Own/09 Motorway Daze/10 The Devil's Right Hand

IAN STUART & WHITE DIAMOND-THE POWER & THE GORY-01 Rise Up/02 Refugee/03 Outlaw/04 Politician/05 Take No Prisoners/06 No Man's Land/07 Jumping Jack/08 The Only One/09 To Freedom We Ride/10 Aint Got the Time/11 The Power & the Glory

REAPER-01 On the Wings a Storm/02 Judge/03 Hands of a Stranger/04 Talisman/05 Hard Memories/06 Memories/07 The Reaper/08 A Friend is a Friend/09 Wishing Well (Free)/10 Living On the Edge/11 Bright City Lights

THE ANGRY ARYANS-TOO WHITE FOR YOU-01 Snitch/02 North of 8 Mile/03 Miscegenation/04 Slick Willie Clinton/05 Advocation of Violence/06 Enemy Within/07 Bomb Isreal/08 Committed Revolutionary/09 Still Just a Nigger/10 Aryan Rage/11 Joe 6 Pack/12 Nigger Lovong Whore/13 Asian Invasion/14 Long Way Home/15 Lock the Closet Door/16 Let's Start a Racial War/ 17 Aim and Fire

01 Brown Town Buning Down/02 White Minority/03 White Nigger Loser/04 Negrodation of Character/05 Nigger Loving Whore/06 Can I Sit Next 2U/07 Race Mixing Is Treason/08 Mud Man/09 Do the Hale Bop/10 Condemned/11 Extinction is Forever/12 Matter of Race/13 Islam (Religion of Whores)/14 Bashing Queers/15 NAACP/16 Faggots  (Give  Rainbows a Bad Name)

BULLY BOYS BEST OF (1984-1999)-01 Fire Up the Ovens/02 Jigrun/03 Hammerskins/04 Don't Run Away/05 Six Million/06 Sick Society/07 Anger Inside/08 Can't Stand/09 No Compromise/10 I Believe/11 Keep Fighting/12 White Pride/13 Hold Tight

BULLY BOYS-WHITE KIDS GONA FIGHT-01 Lion's Heart/02 White Kids Gonna Fight/03 Breaking Away/04 Rage on This!/05 Thought Control/06 100% Bully/07 You Whine Too Much/08 You're  Gonna Fail/09 Natural Disasters/10 Forever Defiant/11 Faded Dream/12 Nobody's Heroes/13 Heart Belongs To Me/14 Hate to Survive

Should you take it upon yourself to listen to an of this stuff, take it from me, this is genuinely TERRIFYING stuff, no other way to put it.....that people exist with so much rage and so much hatred in their hearts/minds, targeted at ANYONE is not a positive statement on our species.......I am greatly
offended by basically every word of it, and yet, as I've said before, it is thier right to think and feel the way they do, regardless of others' opinions......I am an Amercian, and as such, the Bill of Rights and Constitution of my country basically STAND FOR the ability to freely produce offensive thought such as this......and I am glad that it does, far more preferable is it to selective censorship and "thought policing"........remember to (as abhorrent as it may be) speak up for the rights of these racists, because there may come a time when YOUR OWN thoughts are deemed "unacceptable" to someone.......and hopefully, someone will be there (I will, at least) to speak up for your right to speak your mind.

Ok, that is the end of this.......something much different tomorrow

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