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The Story of the CLASH Part 12

So, how about I give up the remaining boots of the ONLY BAD THAT MATTERS, from 82/83/84, the end of the glorious trail.......the greatest of bands, with some exceptions, implode before their time, and the Clash were no exception (see: NY Dolls, Sleater Kinney, The Beatles, Nirvana,The MC5, and on and on, compared to bands that make maybe 5% of the quality music of the greats in 30 years or more (say, Aerosmith or Rush or, to be honest, the Rolling Stones).

So, tying up the boots.....this has been, truly, one of those "Labors of love" that I talk of sometimes, I really hope you guys are enjoying it, hearing some new shit, maybe even learning something. What I have left from 1982 are: A set from the LA Coliseum, with a weird juxtaposition of "The Magnifcent Seven" and "Aramagideon Time"......A Set from Buffalo New York, curiously called "Who's Next" (Late edit: they were opening for the Who, duh), a fine 2 disc set from Pittsburgh that is a nice career cross section, another double disc, one from Houston, a good set and fairly similar to the Pittsburgh set, and another Jamaica show, QUITE similar to the one posted yesterday (I think it may have been the next day)....

So, wrapping this up, we go to 1983 (NO FUCKING WAY that was 30 years ago), we have a 2 disc set from Witchita Falls, which happens to include "Lost in the Supermarket", which they rarely performed live (not that it was especially one of my favorites), a fine set from Shea Stadium, and the real gem of 1983, the complete "Us Festival" show, documented so well in Creem Magazine back in the day......the boys were PISSED on that day....."Aren't you tired of hearing 'it's so groovy'?"....."Those people in east Los Angles aren't going to stay there forever".......and they turned in a SMOLDERING set, this one I think is fairly rare (could be wrong) but i recall being thrilled to find it years after reading the Creem summarization.

Couple more from the end days. This is against my better judgement, but I'll let you decide, they are post-Mick Jones, post-Topper Headon shows....maybe I'm not honoring the spirit of the band properly by including them, I don't know, but here are a few if you wish to hear them......Stockholm 2/17/84, has a few songs that never made it to vinyl, "The Dictator", "Are You Ready For War?", "Sex Mad War", "Glue Zombie".....maybe these appear on "Cut the Crap", I don't know (Ive literally never heard it), but it's good and fitting to know that the lads were angry to the end...also have a Chicago show from 1984  some of the songs mentioned aas well as "Three Card  Trick" and "In the Pouring Rain "......the end was at hand.

That will about do it for my Clash boots......hope you've liked em, obviosuly there is some "sameness" involved, but I REALLY did love the Clash......I hope this series of posts is worthy of their greatness.......tomorrow, I have some tribute albums and stuff, and then we'll be about finito......but man, I hope you guys have enjoyed it, it's been a lot of work, and I am MOST grateful to the "blog friends" who have helped get thing on track! Love you all and PLEASE let me know if I can help hook you up with anything!

SHEA STADIUM-01 Kosmo Vinyl Introduction/02 London Calling/03 Police on my Back/04 The Guns of Brixton/05 Tommy Gun/06 The Magnificent Seven/07 Armagideon Time/08 The Magnificent Seven (return)/09 Rock the Casbah/10 Train In Vain/11 Career Opporunites/12 Spanish Bombs/13 Clampdown/14 English Civil War/15 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/16 I Fought the Law

LET'S RIOT WICHITA FALLS DISC 1-01 Garageland/02 This Is Radio Clash/03 Train in Vain/04 Rock the Casbah/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Lost in the Supermarket/07 Spanish Bombs/08 Death or Glory/09 The Guns of Brixton/10 Clampdown/11 Know Your Rights/12 Somebody Got Murdered

LET'S RIOT WICHITA FALLS DISC 2-01 Sound of the Sinners/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Police on My Back/04 I Fought the Law/05 London Calling/06 Straight To Hell/07 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/08 The Magnificent Seven/09 Police and Thieves/10 Hate and War/11 I'm So Bored With the USA

LOS ANGELES COLISEUM 10/29/82-01 London Calling/02 Police on My Back/03 The Guns of Brixton/04 This Is Radio Clash/05 Spanish Bombs/06 Rock the Casbah/07 The Magnificent Seven/Armagideon Time/The Magnificent Seven/08 Janie Jones/09 Train in Vain/10 Tommy Gun/11 Clampdown/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/14 I Fought the Law

WHO'S NEXT BUFFALO NY 9/26/82-01 London Calling/02 Career Opportunites/03 Guns of Brixton/04 Police on My Back/05 Rock the Casbah/06 The Magnificent Seven/07 Train In Vain/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Armagideon Time/10 Should I Stay or Should I Go/11 Clampdown/12 Fought the Law

HOUSTON WE HAVE THE CLASH DISC 1-01 Introduction/02 Jimmy Jazz/03 London Calling/04 Safe European Home/05 Car Jamming/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Train in Vain/08 Wrong Em Boyo/09 The Magnificent Seven/10 Junco Partner/11 Know Your Rights/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go

HOUSTON WE HAVE THE CLASH DISC 2-01 Career Opportunites/02 Rock the Casbah/03 Janie Jones/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Clampdown/06 Armagideon Time/07 Police on My Back/08 I Fought the Law/09 Straight To Hell/10 Police and Thieves/11 Bankrobber

PITTSBURGH 8/18/82 DISC 1-01 Introduction/02 London Calling/03 One More Time/04 Rock the Casbah/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Know Your Rights/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Police On My Back/09 Car Jamming/10 This Is Radio Clash/11 The Magnificent Seven/12 Train in Vain

PITTSBURGH 8/18/82 DISC 2-01 Wrong Em Boyo/02 The Call Up/03 Brand New Cadillac/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Pressure Drop/06 I Fought the Law/07 Armagideon Time/08 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/09 Safe European Home/10 Straight To Hell/11 I'm So Bored With the USA/12 Career Opportunites

JAMAICA 1982-01 London Calling/02 Police on My Back/03 Guns of Brixton/04 The Magnificent Seven/Justice Tonight/05 The Magnificent Seven (Reprise)/06 Junko Partner/07 Spanish Bombs/08 One More Time/09 Train In Vain/10 Bankrobber/11 This Is Radio Clash/12 Clampdown/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/14 Rock the Casbah/15 Straight To Hell/16 I Fought the Law

THE "US" FESTIVAL 1983-01 London Calling/02 Somebody Got Murdered/03 Rock the Cabah/04 Guns of Brixton/05 Know Your Rights/06 Koka Kola/07 Hate and War/08 Armagideon Time/09 Sound of Sinners/10 Safe European Home/11 Police on My Back/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 I Fought the Law/14 I'm So Bored With the USA/15 Train In Vain/16 The Magnificent Seven/17 Straight To Hell/18 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/19 Clampdown

STOCKHOLM 1984-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Know Your Rights/04 Are You Ready For War?/05 Rock the Casbah/06 Sex Mad War/07 Clampdown/08 Guns of Brixton/09 The Dictator/10 Complete Control/11 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/12 This Is England/14 Police and Thieves/15 Three Card Trick/16 Garageland/17 This Is Radio Clash/18 Janie Jones/19 I Fought the Law/20 Glue Zombie/21 Brand New Cadillac/22 Justice Tonight

CHICAGO 1984-01 Are You Ready For War?/02 Complete Control/03 In the Pouring Rain/04 Clampdown/05 The Sex Mad War/06 Janie Jones/07 Straight to Hell/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Clash City Rocker/10 Three Card Trick/11 Safe European Home/12 White Riot

"Know Your Rights! All Three of 'em!"

"Ya Could have been a physicist"

"NOTHING stands the pressure of the Clash City Rockers!"

What a great career......tomorrow some odds and ends, tribute albums and stuff,and thanks in advance to EVERYONE who has helped to make this THE comprehensive Clash series, I hope, in particular thanks to Psyclist, DavidWolfSonic (I renamed him that because I can't read I guess, but I like it, he's like named in memory of Sonic Smith!), and Gobshyte, you are all in my debt! Remember to check out Gobshyte's cool site for lots of Clah goodies, including a promised "Outside Broadcasts" Part 9 and 10 (can't fucking wait for that!).....http://mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com/......and also THIS place which has got to have every Clash bootleg known to man:


The Clash's career was well documented. Deservedly so. If asked to name my all time ten "favorite" bands the list would change day to day, hour to hour depending upon my mood.....I doubt that I'd ever make such a list, however, without the Clash. Joe is gone, of course, and missed, but thanks Joe/mick/Paul/and Topper, the world is a MUCH better place thanks to your contributions!

God LOrd, the Vikings vs Dallas......1:00 PM kickoff, game over by 1:15. Only a couple of times since I became a Vikes fan in 1969 have they been in the running for "worst team in the NFL", really only 1984, and we could argue for 2011 but that team was competitive. There have been some DISAPPOINTING teams, lots of them, 1981, 1995, 2001, but those teams had their moments....only 1984 was TRULY an abomination upon the sport.

Until 2013.......

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