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The Story of the CLASH Part 11

Well, the Clash were busy in 1982 as I have a shitload of shows from all corners of the world......it was great to be twenty years old back then, these were "our" Beatles, our "Elvis"(or was COSTELLO our "Elvis"?)........such wonderful music, such meaning, I feel fortunate that my "coming of age" background music was the Clash......"anger can be power"........perhaps younger kids whose worlds were soundtracked by Rage Against the Machine or even Public Enemy has similar memories. We learned that the world was NOT all chicks and drugs and lyrics about demons and outer space.......it was just music for "grown ups" and without a shred of doubt has stood the test of time, nearly every note of it

I have so much from 1982 and not a whole bunch from 83/84 so I'll split 1982 up and run the rest of them with 83/84.......great stuff all. Well, let's start with my home state of Ohio.....they played, highly significantly, at Kent State University, of course the site of student protesters being gunned down by National Guardsmen years before......leave it to the Clash. It's from later in the year and some "Combat Rock" stuff by now is slipping into the setlist, including my favorite track from that album (bet ya wouldn't guess this one) "Car Jamming". It's a nice 2-disc set, covering a good cross section of all five albums as these latter tours would do. Another Buckeye State 2 disc set comes from Akron, 8/17, unfortunatley the end of the "Garageland" encore is cut short, decent set, not as good as some.

Another double disc set that really smokes is from Hong Kong...."Koka Kola" was sort of a concert rarity, and they encore with a true smash-up "Safe European Home" (always thought that should have been their standard encore, no idea why).....

Home in London we have a show from the Lochem, quite a bit of "Combat Rock" stuff now, and "Clampdown" really makes for a fine encore as well. How about a set before an adoring audience in Jamaica, in which they actually AVOID "Safe European Home" (good idea!), and a set from Tokyo with "Justice Tonight" which is kind of an onstage rarity.....also a version of "Fujiama Mama", which has turned up on some earlier sets.

OK hope you guys are loving some Clash......some good live shows, luck would have it that I never got to see them (they played down the road in Dayton on my 24th birthday and couldn't make it, one of them things.......

One more day of boots, then some odds n ends, and we'll be looking at something else. One guy requested some Hawkwind, which is about as "opposite" the Clash as I can think of, so I likely will do that.....WHAT ELSE you guys want to hear? My great blog friends have basically saved me the work of memorializing Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground with a landslide of links (THANKS GUYS!), I know I spoke of doing a Roxy Muic, Hendrix, Nirvana, or Radiohead post the size of this Clash "thing", but not right away (these things ARE a good bit of work!)

Anyways, enjoy, and see ya tomorrow!

KENT STATE 4 LIVE IN OHIO 10/17/82 DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Car Jamming/03 One More Time/04 The Guns of Brixton/05 Somebody Got Murdered/06 Spanish Bombs/07 The Magnificent Seven/08 Junco Partner/09 Rock the Casbah/10 Train In Vain/11 Straight to Hell/12 Janie Jones

 KENT STATE 4 LIVE IN OHIO 10/17/82 DISC 2-01This Is Radio Clash/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Police on My back/04 English Civil War/05 Tommy Gun/06 Charlie Don't Surf/07 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?/08 I Fought the Law/09 Police and Thieves/10 London's Burning/11 Clampdown/12 White Riot

AKRON 8/17/82 DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 The Leader/03 Radio Clash/04 Clash City Rockers/05 Know Your Rights/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Train In Vain/08 The Call Up/09 Rock the Casbah/10 Police and Thieves/11 Police on My Back

AKRON 8/17/82 DISC 2-01 The Magnificent Seven/02 Wrong Em Boyo/03 Career Opportunites/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Brand New Cadillac/06 I Fought the Law/07 Armagideon Time/08 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/09 Clampdown/10 Straight To Hell/11 Janie Jones/Garageland (cut)

HONG KONG DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Washington Bullets/03 Tommy Gun/04 Guns of Brixton/05 Train In Vain/06 Know Your Rights/07 The Magnificent Seven//08 Ivan Meets GI Joe/09 Wrong Em Boyo/10 Koka Kola/11 Broadway/12 I Fought the Law/13 Career Opportunites

HONG KONG DISC 2-01 Janie Jones/02 The Call Up/03 Brand New Cadillac/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Clampdown/06 Charlie Don't Surf/07 Police and Thieves/08 Stay Free/09 Armagideon Time/10 Safe European Home

TOKYO-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/04 Brand New Cadillac/05 Charlie Don't Surf/06 Clampdown/07 This Is Radio Clash/08 Justice Tonight (Kick It Over)/09 Jimmy Jazz/10 Tommy Gun/11 Fujiama Mama/12 Police On My Back/13 White Riot

JAMAICA-01 London Calling/02 Police On My Back/03 Guns of Brixton/04 The Magnificent Seven/05 Junko Partner/06 Spanish Bombs/07 Ghetto Defendant/08 Train In Vain/09 Bankrobber/10 This Is Radio Clash/11 Clampdown/12 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/13 Rock the Casbah/14 Straight to Hell/I Fought the Law

LOCHEM LONDON-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Guns of Brixton/04 Train In Vain/05 Clash  City Rockers/06 Know Your Rights/07 Magnificent Seven/08 Ghetto Defendant/09 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/10 Police and Thieves/11 Brand New Cadillac/12 Bank Robber/13 Complete Control/14 Career Opportunites/15 Clampdown

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