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The Story of the CLASH Part 13

Various Artists | This Is Rockabilly ClashWell, never thought I'd say I'd be tired of the Clash, but......this has been a REAL experience, remembering stuff I had long forgotten, hearing stuff I haven't heard years, the FUCKING FAILURE OF THE "OUTSIDE BROADCASTS" discs that I had meant to  be the centepiece of this series (We'll get em for ya yet, my man "sonic" is up to the task!)

Well, what have I got left? I should have put this up maybe in part 1, but didn't know if it REALLY fit there......it's a 2 disc set, documenting the 1976 "Anarchy Tour"......basically it showcases the Pistols which is wh I didn't post it earlier, but the Clash turn in some wonderful, rare performances as well (as do the Buzzcocks, for that matter), so we'll stick it on here at the end.

Quite an interesting set is "This is Rockabilly Clash" in which several rockabilly artists (of note? I am not expert in the genre) take on various Clash tunes, The Pistoleers example, taking on the reggae number "Bankrobber", or the Caravans take on "Jail Guitar Doors".....quite interesting indeed, and perhaps some material for "Outside Broadcasts 9/10 whenever they are created!)

Whle searching around the net I happened to find what is allegedly the first public appearance by the Clash, 8/29/76....no idea if this is true or not, but it has to be CLOSE to thier first and actually I'm quite surprised I didn't already have it.....haven't even had a chance to listen to it yet, but as a historical curiosity, it would seem essential

"The Sandinista Project" is a two-disc tribute album.....you know I'm not a huge fan of most tribute albums, but this one is of interest because the Clash were just so damn influential. Most of the performers here are ones I havne't heard of, with an occasional Wreckless Eric or Smithereens track thrown in just to make sure you're still paying attention.

"Burning London" is a more traditional tribute album, with covers from artists as diverse as Ice Cube, No Doubt, Rancid (who literally would NOT EXIST were it not for the Clash, and that is not a put-down of Rancid, a band I really liked), Cracker, and Third Eye Blind.....interesting, interestin, interesting......entertaining? Well, you be the judge.

OK, to review, I'v given you all the CLASH I have I think......hope I didn't forget anything.......there is one more little surprise I've been saving  back, lets just call it "The Surprise", if you want to know what it is, download it, you'll see why I don't want to let on HERE as to what it is.......I've shared a few links with you also, where you can get even MORE Clash stuff, I evenan on getting a bit more myself, so if you stumble on one that is especially good or interesting, send it along......this Clash series can be a semi-ongoing thing for as long as there is more good interesting Clash material out there.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves.....I hope I did at least a FAIR job of telling the "story" of one of my very favorite bands (and as I've said, SOMETIME I'll do the same with Hendrix, with Roxy Music, with Nirvana, and with Radiohead, all of whom I have at least as much music from, and all of whom served significant roles in my life as did the Clash......but the Clash are special, my "coming of age" band, and, of course, THE ONLY FUCKIN BAND THAT MATTERS!

See ya soon with something else, (Hawkwind, actually!)

/02. I Wanna Be Me/03. Seventeen/04. Stepping Stone/05. Satellite/06. Submission/07. Substitute/08. No Feelings/09. Stop Gobbing/10. Liar/11. Pretty Vacant/12. God Save The Queen/13. Problems THE CLASH-14. White Riot/15. Bored With The usa/16. Londons Burning/17. Hate & War/18. Protex Blue/19. Career Opportunities/20. Cheat/21. 48 Hours/22. Janie Jones/23. 1977

THE ANARCHY TOUR DISC 2 LEEDS POLYTECHNIC 12/6/76- SEX PISTOLS-01  Derby Statement/02. Mc laren Yorkshire tv/03. Dean Of Leeds Polytechnic/04. Anarchy In The UK /05. I Wanna Be Me/06. Seventeen /07. Stepping Stone /08. God Save The Queen /09. Substitute /10. No Feelings /11. Liar /12. Pretty Vacant /13. Problems /14. Caerphilly segment THE BUZZCOCKS-MANCHESTER ELECTRIC CIRCUS 12/6/78-15. Orgasm Addict/16. Breakdown/17. Times Up/18. Boredom/19. Tear Me Up/20. Friends Of Mine/21. Love Battery/22. Big Dummy/23. Oh Shit/24. Can`t Control Myself

THIS IS ROCKABILLY CLASH-01 THE HONEYDIPPERS-Guns of Brixton/02 FARRELL BROTHERS-Career Opportunites/03 THE HYPERJAX-Capitol Radio/04 THE CARAVANS-Jail Guitar Doors/05 THE SABERJETS-Train in Vain/06 THE LONG TALL TEXANS-SHould I Stay Or Should I Go/07 XX CORTEZ-I'm So Bored With the USA/08 FRANTIC FLINTSTONES-Jimmy Jazz/09 THE CHARLES NAPPIERS-Whats My Name/10 THE PISTOLEERS-Bankrobber/11 THE ACCELERATORS-Brand New Cadillac/12 THE FARRELL BROTHERS-Janie Jones/13 THE CARAVANS-Know Your Rights/14 RANCHO DELUXE-The Guns of Brixton

THE SANDINISTA PROJECT DISC 1-01 JOE GRUSHECKY & THE HOUSEROCKERS-The Magnificent Seven/02 KATRINA LESKANICH-Hitsville UK/03 JON LANGFORD/SHIP  PILOT/SALLY TIMMS-Junco Partner/04 JASON RINGENBERG/KRISTI ROSE-Ivan Meets GI Joe/05 AMY RIGBY-The Leader/06 THE COAL PORTERS-Something about England/07 RUBY ON THE VINE-Rebel Waltz/08 JIM DUFFY-Look Here/09 WRECKLESS ERIC-The Crooked Beat//10 MATTHEW RYAN-SOmebody Got Murered/11 HAALE-One More Time/12 HAALE-One More Dub/13 TED HARRIS-One More Time (One More Time)/14 LONDON CALLING OF CHICAGO-Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/15 THE SMITHEREENS-Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)/16 ETHAN LIPTON-Corner Soul/17 STORYBOX-Lets Go Crazy/18 STEVE WYNN-If Music Could Talk/19 BILL LLOYD-The Sound Of Sinners

THE SANDINISTA PROJECT DISC 2-01 WILLIE NILE-Police on My back/02 SOUL FOOD/MICK GALLAGHER-Midnight Log/03 SUNSET HEROES-The Equaliser/04 THELOTHARS-The Call Up/05 PHIL ROCKROHR & THE LIFTERS-Washington Bullets/06 STEW-Broadway/07 JIM ALLEN-Lose This Skin/08 CRUNCHIEST OF TACOS-Charlie Don't Surf/09 BEE MAIDENS-Mensforth Hill/10 MARK CUTLER-Junkie Slip/11 CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN-Kingston Advice/12 DOLLAR STORE-The Street Parade/13 TIM KREKEL-Version City/14 LOU CARLOZO-Living In Fame/15 THE BLIZZARD OF 78/MIKEY DREAD-Silicone on Sapphire/16 JON LANGFORD/SHIP & PILOT-Version Pardner/17 SEX CLARK FIVE-Career Opportunites/18 THE HYPHENS-Shephereds Delight

BURNING LONDON-THE CLASH TRIBUTE-01 NO DOUBT-Hateful/02 THE URGE-This Is Radio Clash/03 ICE CUBE AND MACK 10-Should I Stay Or Should I Go/04 RANCID-Cheat/05 THIRD EYE BLIND-Train In Vain/06 INDIGO GIRLS-Clampdown/07 THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES-Rudie Cant Fail/08 311-White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 AFGHAN WHIGS-Lost In the Supermarket/10 CRACKER-White Riot/11 SILVERCHAIR-Londons Burning/12 MOBY FEATURING HEATHER NOVA-Straight To Hell/13 UNWRITTEN LAW-Guns of Brixton/14 RANKING ROGER AND  THE PATO BANTON-Rock the Casbah/15 FACE TO FACE-Tommy Gun

SCREEN ON THE GREEN 8/29/76-01 Deny/02 I Know What To Think About You/03 I Never Did It/04 How Can I Understand the Flies/05 Janie Jones/06 Protex Blue/07 Mark Me Absent/08 Deadly Serious/09 Whats My Name/10 Sitting At My Party/11 48 Hours/12 I'm So Bored With the USA/13 London's Burning/14 1977

THE SURPRISE DOWNLOAD-No track lists, no information AT ALL....you will see why once you download it, but you will be thanking ME!

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