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More Randlom Rolling Stones rarities, Part 4

Looking like five parts will bring it on home, hope it hs been a fairly comprehensive slice of
shomewhat hard to find Stones goodies.....next up (for Jonaman) a complete sensory overload of Monster Magner, should kickoff this weekend! Anyway, had trobule with Zippyshare a bit. MORE trob f my discs not wishing to upload, reulting in a few of them not makng the final cut.....such as it is the Stones made good sloppy bluesy/punkish rock n roll, which can be fabulous, in some cases, when it turns up in rough mixes.......as an update: It is Wedensday.....I am writing Wed's blog and will likely post without links till tomorrow.....I am currently uploading the discs for part 2 as they have failed a couple times (due to my computer, not really Zippy so much), Il pop them up as they come AND I am transerring the discs for Part 3 getting them ready for upload, should be ready for tonight for the most part......end of the week PROMISE......ALL these great stones raritiies will b availabe......fun fun fun till Google takes my Blogger Awaaaaaay!

"The Black Boxbootleg" is a BUNCH of rare stuff someone crammed together as a labor of love.....Disc 1 includes scores of alternakes of stuff you know, and stuff you don't.....seem to be from 1964-66 so you really get to hear them at their sloppy amatuerish best.....you want the best in Stones' rarities, you GOTTA have these discs. The second disc is more of the same from 1966-68, ("Give Me a Hamburger to Go?") the whole thing sounds relaxed and informal and makes for some fine listening....the thrid discs are moore slick and record ready, still good, and I for one always love another version of "Sympathy for the Devil", or "Gimme Shelter"......don't say I've never done anything for ya, stones fans! Disc 4 is similar to the first 2, different takes on different songs, I like hearing this stuff......you? Well......

Next we have the three disc series "The Pro-Masters Se Outtakes and Alternate Versions 1960's-1978.....some stuff never made those awful albums of the 1980's (or if they did I forgot out it, or at least  I WANTED to!)......also varied vversions of "Sister Morphne", Wild Horses", lots of stuff.....casual fans stay away from these sets....they sound like hell to you. Intense fans, this is for you.....and we KNOW the Stones have some serious FANS in their arsenal!

Wel that is seven discs for today, how bout a few more before I wrap this up tomorrow......a show
from Hawaii, 1966, a good radio simulcast runs through a standard set of their stage-show at the time, they crank it up and turn in a good show, hell I wish I was there, just to  see the Stones earlier than I did PLUS to be in Hawaii!

And one more....."Acetates/Outtakes/REmixes/1970-74", pretty obvious from title what your gettting here......different mixes of a bunch of "Sticky Fingers" era greats!

Gettin bored yet? I kinda am.....I know guys who are gonna FREAK this, but for a non-STONES fanatic, I am sure it is too much......the upcoming Monster Magner thing is going to be bigger than this, badder than this, and truly THE BEST MONSTER MAGNET POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it until the weekend and ye shall see the light!

BLACK  BOX D1-01 Hear of Stone (take v)/02 Not Fade Away (Take I)/03 Aftermamth/04 Andrew's Blues/05 Don't Lie TO Me/06 Hi Heel Sneakers/07 Stewed and Keefed/08 Look What You''ve Done/09 Tell Me Baby/10 Down In the Bottom/11 We're Wastin Time/12 Hear It (Take I)/13 Sleepy City/14 Try a Little Harder/15 Somthing Just Stick in Your Mind/16 As Time Goes By/17 Bue Turns to Grey/18 Satisfaction (Take II)/19 Looking Tired/20 Paint It Black (Take II)/21 Lady Jane (Take I)/22 Can''t Beleive (Take III)/23 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Take II) /24 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Take III)/25 Let's  Spend the Night Together (Take Ib)

BLACK BOX D2-01 Can't Believer (Take1)/02 Let's Spend the Night Together (Take IA)/03 All Sold Out (Take I)/04 Yesterday's Papers (Take 2)/05 Ruby Tuesday (Take I)/06 Compliacted (Take I)/07 Please Go Home (Take 1)/08 My Obsession (take I)/09 Cosmic Christmas/10 Family (Take I)/11 Downtown Suzie (Take II)/12 Give Me A Hamburger To  Go/13 And I Was a Country Boy/14 Memo From Turner (take IV)/ 15 Memo From Turner (take I)/16 Sister Morphine (take III)/17 Still a Fool /18 You Got the Silver (Take II)/19 Highway Child

BLACK BOX D3-01 Sympathy For the Devil/02 Country Honk/03 Gimme Shelter/04 Lovin Cup/05 Jivin Sister Fannie/06 Honky Tonk Woman/07 All Down the Line (Acoustic)/08 All Down the Line (Electric)/09 I Don't Know the Reason Why/10 I'm Going Down/11 You Gotta Move/12 Brown Sugar #1/13 Brown Sugar #2/14 Bitch/15 Good Time Woman/16 Sway/17 Schoolboy Blues

BLACKBOX D4-01 Confessin the BLues (Stereo)/02 I've Been Loving You Too Long  (To Stop Now)/03 Poison Ivy (Take II) 04 Fortune Teller-(take III)/05 Time Is On My Side (Take II)/06 Con Le Nie La Crime /07 Da Doo Ron Ron/08 We Love You (Take 1)/09 Dandelion-(Take  1)/10 19th Nervous Breakdown-(Take 1)/11 Yeserday's Papers (Take 1)/12 Gimme  Shelter (Disc 2)/13 Sister Morphine (take II)/14 Brown Sugar (take III)/15 Wild Horses (Take III)/16 Sister Morphine /17 March 1968 Interview With Mick Jagger

PRO MASTERS SERIES DISC 1-01 Brown Sugar/02 Jiving  Sister Fanny/03 Good Time Woman/04 I'm Going  Down/05 Shine a Light/06 Dance Little Sister/07 Criss-Cross Man/08 Dead Flowers/09 Stop Breaking Down/10 Dear Doctor/11 Memo From Turner (Version 1)/12 Family/13 Fiji Jim/14 Do You THink I Really Care (aka Yellow Cab)/15 Drift Away/16 Downtown Suzie (Version 2)/17 Travelling Man/18 You Got the Silver/19 Living In the Heart of Love/20 I Ani't Lying

PRO MASTERS SERIES DISC 2-01 Brown SUgar/02I Don't Know Why/03 Sister Morphine (Accoustic)/04 Get a Line on You/05 All Down the Line (Version 2)/06 Brown Sugar/07 Let the Good  Times Roll/08 Child of the Moon/09You Can' Always Get What You Want/10 Wild Horses (Acoustic)/11 Too Many Cooks/.12 Pay Your Dues 13 Memo Fom Turner(Version 2)/14 Parachute Woman (ALternate Mix)/15 Family (retake)/16 All Down the Line (Acoustic)/17 Stuck Out All Alone (aka Give Me a Hamburger)

PRO MASTERS SERIES DISC 3-01 Evrything's Turning To Gold/02 Sweet Virginia/03 Cocksucker Blues/04 If You Can't Rock Me/05 Brown Sugar/06 I Don't Know the Reason Why/07 Sympathy For the Devil

ACETATES-OUTTAKES-REMIXES 1970-74-01 Ain't To Proud To Beg (Alernate Mix)/02 Criss
Cross Man (unreleased version 1)/03 Criss Cross Man (Unreleased version 2)/04 Hide Your Love (Different Mix)/05 100 Years Ago (differet Mix)/06 Silver Train (Different Mix)/07 If  You Can't  Rock Me(Different Mix)/08 Till the Next Goodbye (Different Mix)/09/Drift Away(unreleased)/10 Dance Little Sister (Different Mix)/11 Fingerprint File (Differrent Mix)/12 Brown Sugar (mono Mix)/13 Bitch (mono Mix)/14 Let It Rock (mono)/15 Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Edited VErsion)


01 Intro-Not Fade Away/02 The Last Time/03 Paint It Black/04 Lady Jane/05 Mother's Little Helper/06 Get Off Of My Cloud/07 19th Nervous Breakdown/08 I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)

You notice not so much live stuff here? Odd, but the stones boots tend to be kinda sludgy......anyway
sme more tomorrow, as welll as some other rarities and I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS ARE LIKING THESE, PLEASE, leave a comment and tell the rest of us what you are about. More Stones tomorrow and MAYBE Friday too, I can easilly fill five more days but I wnat QuALITY material, or, at least, REQUESTED Material

Sleep well my hildren and remember "I'ts Always Sunny In Philadelphia" has a new epsiode tonight, please dont miss TV's FUNNIEST showFAR!!!!!!'

Ignore the blog and see what dregs of humaity are up to this week.....Dnnis, Deandra, Mack, Charile ,but also Rickey Cricket, Ben the Soldier, The Waitress, Charlies Mom Mac's Mom, the McHoyles.....funniest show ever on TV......aND Gail the Snail is sipposeo be making a comeback this yearm YAAAAAY!

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